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My New LED Light
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Check this out!
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Trying the DJI Spark
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Relaxing in Sussex
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A Stroll On Brighton Pier
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I Got Sent a Camera! & Q+A
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Boat Trip! *Reupload*
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YouTube Party!
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  • Jedi Yoda
    Jedi Yoda 6 days ago

    Just stumbled upon your channel Pablo and I find your videos easy to watch and very informative. My walk about street lens is the 40mm STM on a 5D. I find this focal length still places my subject within the environment, which I like about the 35mm, but also gives the portrait emphasis of the 50mm.

  • Piccoli Fiori
    Piccoli Fiori 6 days ago

    hi, i need a person who can take photos of myself in london at chrismas because i will visit the city aalone and i wannt wooonderfull photos!!!! help pleaseeee

  • Chris Turner Photographer

    Super interesting work man! Its crazy what happens when you just shut up and listen to strangers

  • P.N.D.R
    P.N.D.R 8 days ago

    can anyone explain to me why PAL region (UK specifically) kit only seems to film at 50fps? the quality of my videos looks amazing but why 50 and not full blown 60? my £50 apeman 4k can do 1080p60fps no problem but my £230 sony wx500 can't, HELP!

  • checkmate
    checkmate 8 days ago

    1:00 I see you've got your share of ugly freaks on your side of the pond, too...

  • Dylan Sheridan [Alternative Indien]

    This helped a lot, thank you!

  • Pat Ozmanov
    Pat Ozmanov 13 days ago

    Your review convinced me to buy it. So far I love it.

  • sbarronmd
    sbarronmd 13 days ago

    underexposing portra 400 not so great, to my tastes. enjoyed vlog

  • Charles Azevedo
    Charles Azevedo 13 days ago

    Do you post process the pictures? It is very hard to believe that the mk I produces better pictures then the mk IV straight out of the camera.

  • Mel Beasley
    Mel Beasley 15 days ago

    Using a 50mm 1.8 Canon lens on the 5D would improve its night shooting capability.

  • Nicholas Greene
    Nicholas Greene 16 days ago

    colors are beautiful but none of those photos are in focus

  • Loren Lloyd
    Loren Lloyd 17 days ago

    Very cool!

  • María Vic
    María Vic 18 days ago

    Hello! I have the same camera but not the same film. Is the color/filter of the photos because of the camera or film?

  • tenaciousbee
    tenaciousbee 19 days ago

    Wow...the set builder’s dad beat him because he was don’t know what you don’t know. I have empathy toward him. I’m happy he’s resilient. However I’m sad at his occasional depressed states. No kids because he’d pass it on to them. My heart goes out to him. Thanks Pablo. Wonderful stuff here...

  • reece gibbins
    reece gibbins 19 days ago

    I met this guy here's what he told me -

    PARADOX ! 20 days ago

    Andrew Philip was the guy who killed Versace.... ironicly enough he wore round glasses too

    PARADOX ! 20 days ago

    I love that guy haha

  • Rich Clark Photography

    Not true, 50mm is as the human eye sees.

  • J5G10
    J5G10 21 day ago

    Bravo to Pablo for crafting these interviews with thoughtfulness in such a way to provoke insight into another person's life without prying. So well done

  • Klynn khl
    Klynn khl 22 days ago

    i can't even effort a camera. Help me. @klynnkhl that's my instagram acc. you can see my works shooting with my ph.

  • 陈恩培
    陈恩培 23 days ago

    Do u support PayPal for buying these presets? I don't have a credit card to pay the bill.😭

    • 陈恩培
      陈恩培 23 days ago

      @Pablo Strong Whoops, it doesn't work for my China UnionPay debit card.

    • Pablo Strong
      Pablo Strong 23 days ago

      Hi, not currently. The payment method does work with debit cards though.

  • EipEidWep
    EipEidWep 24 days ago

    The quality isn't that good. But I like the cool, like retro look of the pics.

  • Simeon
    Simeon 25 days ago

    Thanks so much for this Pablo! As a design student that sometimes feels inferior to his peers for not always feeling completely immersed in my area of study, these tips have really helped lift some of the pressure and self doubt I sometimes feel. :-)

  • v.estriches
    v.estriches 25 days ago

    how do you save the picture from the camera

  • AmyTeilz
    AmyTeilz 26 days ago

    how do you get those pictures to the computer?

  • Pulemet Maxim
    Pulemet Maxim 27 days ago

    How come the video is out of focus at the beginning? Is it done on purpose?

  • Tom Heaton
    Tom Heaton 28 days ago

    Thank you superb job!

  • Khamalia Nawawi
    Khamalia Nawawi 28 days ago

    Hi Pablo! Miss your POV street photography videos. Can you make more? :)

  • Ghost
    Ghost Month ago


  • Danny Sierra
    Danny Sierra Month ago

    I can't stop watching this!! I love how you presented different views on the issue of nations, transitioning from the lady talking about campaigning for Brexit and then to the soundbite of the guy talking about not recognizing nations.

  • Danny Sierra
    Danny Sierra Month ago

    Just came across this! Love seeing and hearing the genuine human condition in all these videos!!

  • Sean Robert Ramuno

    So great to hear from you, Pablo! I hope all is smashing with you and Mrs. Pablo and your singing gig is going well. I am coming to London, from Atlanta, on November 11. Are you performing that week? I would consider it a treat to see you "live"! Please don't be such a stranger... Sean

    • Sean Robert Ramuno
      Sean Robert Ramuno Month ago

      @Pablo Strong I just purchased my ticket for the 7:30 show. I am looking forward to it!

    • Sean Robert Ramuno
      Sean Robert Ramuno Month ago

      @Pablo Strong Will do and I look forward to your talent!

    • Pablo Strong
      Pablo Strong Month ago

      Sean Robert Ramuno I didn’t know there is an early show!? Wrong theatre perhaps? Just be sure to see Orpheus in the Underworld at eno on st martins lane and you’ll be fine 👌🏼 😁

    • Sean Robert Ramuno
      Sean Robert Ramuno Month ago

      @Pablo Strong I am not sure my reply to this went through, but I am coming to see you, PS! So, I shall see you at the evening show. Thanks. I was told you would be at that early, casual show. So, see you that evening!

    • Sean Robert Ramuno
      Sean Robert Ramuno Month ago

      @Pablo Strong Then, I will see you at the evening performance. Evangeline thought you would be at the early, casual show. I am coming to see you, so evening it is! Sean

  • Lee Pulham
    Lee Pulham Month ago

    That’s great I’ve been thinking of getting the T or the F

  • Harry A
    Harry A Month ago

    hey mate you have really come along way in your videos... you need to get in television.

  • mano g
    mano g Month ago

    how much is in us $?

  • M Ib
    M Ib Month ago

    Thank you for releasing these, other presets look really gimmicky and don't work on many photos. These work well on all photos as they are so subtle but still add a lot to your photos. Great price too.

    GABRIEL CRAFT Month ago

    ⚡✊⚡Really happy to see you share your process with others and impressed with the affordable price too.

  • Huw Morgan
    Huw Morgan Month ago

    "Fuji really gets it". depends on the shooter. Personally, I find the idea of having dedicated hard-wired controls rather old school. With many modern mirrorless cameras (e.g. Sony, Canon, Nikon), you can keep looking in the viewfinder and adjust everything (mode, aperture, shutter, ISO). You don't need controls with olde fashioned writing on them -- you can see the settings in the viewfinder. Also, I couldn't help but see your awkward grip on the body. There's just nothing to hold on to. It's a brick. Compare that to other offerings that have decent grips and, in the case of Sony, long battery life. The thought of being stuck with a 35mm lens ad infinitem is also problematic for me. With other cameras (e.g. Sony a6100), you can walk around with a fixed 35mm if you want to, but you can also pop on a 28mm or a 50mm or even a telephoto. Heaven forbid, you can also pop on a compact zoom. Fuji doesn't get it for me.

  • Juan Alfonso Solís

    the location is amazing

  • Bob Calderon
    Bob Calderon Month ago

    Buying it now to show support.

  • Trevor Weimer
    Trevor Weimer Month ago

    Thought you died or something.

  • Craig hawkins
    Craig hawkins Month ago

    I absolutely love the look Pablo not over the top just right for my taste

  • Jamie Windsor
    Jamie Windsor Month ago

    I think these are really great. Just the right balance of subtlety. They add a lot to your shot but they're not so full-on that they become gimmicky. I was trying them out on my holiday photos and they were working very well.

    • Pablo Strong
      Pablo Strong Month ago

      Jamie Windsor Thanks Jamie, I’m glad you like them! 👌🏼

  • Naendy Queiroz
    Naendy Queiroz Month ago

    great work ;)

  • xyzxyz
    xyzxyz Month ago

    I was expecting Zach Galafanakis to pop out

  • okinawapunter
    okinawapunter Month ago

    nice lens

  • Josh Owen
    Josh Owen Month ago

    Thanks for not editing the images like most of those blogs do. An average camera with a shocking price.

  • Emeralds
    Emeralds Month ago

    There are some wise hidden gems of people on our streets that have so much to give if we just stop and listen to them

  • Candela Vega
    Candela Vega Month ago

    did you always use the flash? I have one and I dont know when to turn it on :(

    • Alexandra Perez
      Alexandra Perez Month ago

      You just press button with the lighting icon while taking the picture

  • cxviello Films
    cxviello Films Month ago

    8:35 - 9:42 was powerful

  • rubenbinnendijk
    rubenbinnendijk Month ago

    Oh my god, mr. Smoothie McSlickface, Anarcho Capitalist. "The money on my bank account shows how much I did for the world" **laughing myself to death** I could not have kept a straight face as an interviewer... What a dangerous dummy.

  • Víctor Andía
    Víctor Andía Month ago

    Buen video

  • Sarah Berry
    Sarah Berry Month ago

    I'm kind of addicted to watching this series... 💚

  • Leandro Guerreiro

    I still love the 5d images. 5d "noise" @ 3200+ is more like the sound of ocean wind.

  • ines d.
    ines d. Month ago

    Amazing work ! I’m coming to visit London in tow weeks, and I really want to meet that poem guy! Where I can find him ( this is gonna be my first visit to london)?

  • Josh Owen
    Josh Owen Month ago

    I shoot dozens of rolls with the Stylus Epic in the 2000's. Really not worth. Not worth spending money to shoot with this camera, only a SLR or a rangefinder is worth shooting film considering how much film costs these days. All these online reviews use heavily modified pictures, what is the point of editing a film picture when using film for the sake of 'analog' photography ?

  • hopeworldian
    hopeworldian Month ago

    Can anyone pls tell me how they develop the photos and upload the photo?? :((( i wanna but this so bad

  • André Silva
    André Silva Month ago

    I have VSCO on cellphone but how do you get that presets of Lightroom?

    • Johan Borehed
      Johan Borehed Month ago

      André Silva Unfortunately they have shut down VSCO for Lightroom. Too bad, because I find it very useful.

  • Niclas Ericsson
    Niclas Ericsson Month ago

    What camera was used to shoot this video? The Lumix?

  • Carolanne Titmus
    Carolanne Titmus Month ago

    were you using the flash on some of the daylight pictures???

    • Carolanne Titmus
      Carolanne Titmus Month ago

      @Diego Mata Thank you.

    • Diego Mata
      Diego Mata Month ago

      Carolanne Titmus he was. it’s probably a better idea to keep flash on with these cameras since they don’t work too well with low light :P

  • tenaciousbee
    tenaciousbee Month ago

    Great acoustic rendition of Sam Smith “You know I’m not the only one” at the end. Poignant ... great again, Pablo

  • M Ib
    M Ib Month ago

    Insect on the Lens!

    R. WILSON Month ago

    Recently found your channel so playing catch up. Love the series. Those cars you mentioned had tail fins popular in the 50’s and early 60’s. Alcatraz closed as a Federal Prison on 21 March 1963. I’m also a big fan of William Eggleston so was happy to hear you know of his work. Thanks again and back to binge watching 😎

  • tae
    tae Month ago

    I love film camera. Used to have one when I was small but it went missing, might going to buy one bcs i freaking love the vintage feels

  • أحمد
    أحمد Month ago

    Silent Hill atmosphere.. just make it there at midnight

  • Giuseppe Dion
    Giuseppe Dion Month ago


  • luisdmatas
    luisdmatas Month ago

    6:50 song is “cuando estoy contigo “ by armando manzanero . Is anyone was wondering:)

  • Peter Foster
    Peter Foster Month ago

    This is a great series.

  • Rebecca Chen
    Rebecca Chen Month ago

    That’s surprisingly a great disposable. The one I got failed to develop any of my treasured memories it was sad

  • Rod F
    Rod F Month ago

    Hi Pablo, nice channel. I've never pushed Ektar, I liked your results I might give it a try. Thanks for the tip

  • Rod F
    Rod F Month ago

    Hola Pablo, What made you go for this f2 50mm when there are others like f1.2, f1.4 and f1.8 Could you tell us please. I know that I've noticed less distortion on my f1.8 than a borrowed f1.4 just wondering what you though and the rational for getting this f2. Thanks mate

  • Francesco Fasulo
    Francesco Fasulo Month ago

    Hi, what do think abaout the awb? I think it's too warm-yellow. Unusable in jpeg. Am I the only one?

  • Brian Walker
    Brian Walker Month ago

    You know what to do now ?? Just throw away that Leica M9.

  • SamTWG Official
    SamTWG Official Month ago

    It's really take nice pics but mine the lens already jammed out after 5yrs😭

  • dixy_ Di
    dixy_ Di Month ago

    I love the warm tone and vintage look the pictures give off. These disposable cameras are great quality and extremely cheap.

  • Kristian.
    Kristian. Month ago

    i love the colors of the photos that vibe is just so nice

  • Ali Rafiei
    Ali Rafiei Month ago

    Am I the only one or the X100 series actually take nicer photos than the X-T20 or 30? The photos look more vintage and more organic on the X100, where as the X-T20 takes more synthetic and digital like photos.

  • Ali Rafiei
    Ali Rafiei Month ago

    Hi I love the photos! Please tell me they're unedited

  • Life of Lin
    Life of Lin Month ago

    Could you please show us how to take out the film from mju ii and how to develop the film and scan it? Thank you so much :)

  • Sara
    Sara Month ago

    Just recently picked up a disposable, this one to be exact. I’m excited to see how they turn out. I love the look of the photos disposables turn out. It’s so nostalgic and beautiful for me and I’m sure many other people. I hope one day these cameras make a come back.

  • HarryVlogs
    HarryVlogs Month ago

    The night time shots looked amazing!

  • ThisIsWideAngle
    ThisIsWideAngle Month ago

    These videos are still my favorite thing in TheXvid. I don't watch them as soon as the notification pops up. I wait for the right time to enjoy. I had kind of a similar experience with a teacher, also someone not easy to be around. Got goosebumps when the poet told his story.

    • Pablo Strong
      Pablo Strong Month ago

      Thanks for your comment. I do the same with my favourite videos :)

  • Von Potatostein
    Von Potatostein Month ago

    TBH the color science of the 5D Mark I is so beautiful! The color rendition is so faithful (without overdoing the reds as the successors of this camera did) Skin tones in this camera and the 1Ds Mark II are beautiful.

  • Footprint of a Photographer

    This video filled me with different emotions and drew me right in. Thank you. Incredible what you do and how you manage to naturally get these people to open up. Thank you so much and please keep going.

  • Daniel Stephens-Hunt

    Go try that with landscape or wedding photos and let me know how you get on. The Mk i is 12 megapixels, the Mk ii is 22 megapixels with reduced noise. You'll never notice a difference with small prints and social media uploads, but if you start enlarging prints you will. The Mk ii was a great portrait and landscape camera, but it had only nine autofocus points of dubious accuracy, with only the centre point being the crossover type, and a slow continuous drive speed of 3.9 The Mk iii had a continuous drive speed of 6fps, forty or so crossover AF points, and locked on to moving subjects like a jet fighter, comparative to the mk i and mk ii Each generation represented a significant revolution from the previous model, until the mk iii was superseded by the mk iv, which was more of a slight evolution than a revolution. The 5D mk i is still a great camera for certain applications, but when the autofocus obtains less than a 50% success rate when tasked with jobs as simple as taking photos of running kids and dogs, it is dishonest to suggest it is just as good as the mk iv.

  • Photopathway
    Photopathway Month ago

    The guy at 11:23 reminded me of Jar Jar Binks :)

  • Photopathway
    Photopathway Month ago

    Amazing videos! Just discovered these series, and binge watching all of them. Thank you for your work!

  • Dirk Adams Jr
    Dirk Adams Jr Month ago

    I think im gone follow through with my heart and get this A7iii. Thank you for this art. Great instrumental as well.

    • Viktor
      Viktor Month ago

      Did the same a couple of days ago and this cam is Legendary. I think it will be relevant for a really long time.

  • David Perez
    David Perez Month ago

    Hi Pablo, are you still shooting your videos with the g80? I really like the colors what picture profile did you use here or the color corrections. I am having a hard time correcting the colors, any help is welcome. Great documentary on the street! Came here from Jamie.

  • Austin M
    Austin M 2 months ago

    Just found your channel. Your content is phenomenal. You deserve way more subscribers! I love this feeling of connection by hearing strangers unique stories. Keep up the great work.

  • theo delmonaco
    theo delmonaco 2 months ago

    The dude with the beard speaks so much truth you don’t even realize

  • Jamie Windsor
    Jamie Windsor 2 months ago

    That's me at 8:16 if you can spot me (not playing the flute, wandering through Pablo's shot) Hmmm. This video did not show up in my subscription feed and neither did I get a notification (as I have the bell clicked for your channel). What's going on there?

    • Pablo Strong
      Pablo Strong 2 months ago

      Haha I didn’t see that in the edit!😆. That’s strange about the missing notification... I’ll have a look into it.

  • triton62674
    triton62674 2 months ago

    Terrific and wonderful

  • Fran Centurión
    Fran Centurión 2 months ago

    What’s the name of the song???

  • Rae Rae
    Rae Rae 2 months ago

    Clearly this dude doesn't give a shit about the embarrasment of doing strange shit in public like taking random pictures of people or filming on a camera that's strapped to your belly

  • Don Mandley
    Don Mandley 2 months ago

    Been lucky & shot with the Sony for a few years now, just gone over to the a7rIII & enjoy shooting with it. As a tip 'never shoot it using the older slower sd cards'. Great content Pablo :)

  • Hacky
    Hacky 2 months ago

    I love this collection of film shorts which will certainly be something for the historical archives. A view on society, it wackiness and the pain we so often pass by. In todays voyeuristic world I am surprised it is still only a personal project for Pablo's and has not been scooped up by the mainstream media. Wonderful stuff and superb editing btw

  • The Disposable Photographer

    This is not uplifting but in a good way if you know what I mean. Nice work! //Erik

  • Rogan Richeart
    Rogan Richeart 2 months ago

    What video camera are you using while sitting at your desk in the intro?

  • Claire Newman
    Claire Newman 2 months ago

    I’ve been thinking about buying this camera. I really want to try film and didn’t want a really expensive camera.