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  • Jaebo TV
    Jaebo TV 13 minutes ago

    I remember putting other tapes in Teddy Ruxpin..... I didn't get an NES til 88. It wasn't even on my radar. My parents got it for Christmas that year. Yes Super Mario Bros was Mind Blowing. That was my first game. Didn't even know it was missing in my life. I was cool with Ninja Turtles, Legos, wrestling, comic books and drawing.

  • RetrO GameBeard
    RetrO GameBeard 20 minutes ago

    Yep , Blizzards is full of it . This guy shouldn't have even gotten a week suspension to many people these days getting heat for absolutely no real reason .

  • Jayme Thysell
    Jayme Thysell 28 minutes ago

    If you're really upset about this then the only thing you can do to take action is withhold your dollars and stop using their software. That means you can't play Blizzard games anymore. If you're pissed off, but you keep playing, then they won't change.

  • White Noise
    White Noise 38 minutes ago

    You did the Genesis vs Super Nintendo that was done very well. I wish you had used that format to tell this story, rather than just sitting there and talking.

  • Catsupy
    Catsupy 39 minutes ago

    I have to ask! I think I've had problems with drifting on all my nintendo consoles, starting with the N64 Has anyone else also been through this? Same drifting problems as I get with the joy cons. I think the only system I haven't had problems with, is the DS line (Though I know people broke theirs playing Sm4sh). My original left joy-con analog tends to grind as well as drift, and have since moved over to a pro controller, which I've had no problems with in the year I've had it so far.

  • Mayank Verma
    Mayank Verma 56 minutes ago

    This is why I don't use aim bot.

  • andy wingfield
    andy wingfield Hour ago

    Mine drifts too

  • King Ubayd
    King Ubayd Hour ago

    I am a pro gamer but still waiting to get ps5 aaaaàaaa so cool

  • Xemnin
    Xemnin Hour ago

    I can't wait to see the chaos at blizzcon this year. It's gonna be hilarious

  • Val Alvarez
    Val Alvarez Hour ago

    Dam Microsoft is gonna get crushed on release!

  • civicpride1986
    civicpride1986 Hour ago

    Who cares for crossplay there is plenty of online users on PlayStation.. this was a bad move from Sony, Microsoft needs Sony not the other way around.

  • Jackson Connolly

    I highly doubt you could buy a "high end graphics card" for 300 dollars

  • DawnOfTheOzz
    DawnOfTheOzz Hour ago

    I would kill for a Killzone collection on PS5. Can you imagine the original Killzone remade with a modern engine, faster and smoother gameplay, better controls and better looking cutscenes? I'm creaming just thinking about it!

  • CentreSwift
    CentreSwift Hour ago

    I used to be an e sports veteran like you, but then I took a Blizzard to the speech.

  • David Sillers
    David Sillers 2 hours ago

    Father like son both fat crooks from New York City Richie you are a pirate don’t tell us you’re anything else 🏴‍☠️

  • Steven Smith
    Steven Smith 2 hours ago

    Joy-Con Drift is not real. Defective units in the 1st run of a new product are real. Stop making stupid videos on a non-issue

  • D
    D 2 hours ago

    Who actually wants to see him eat a couple Oreos dipped in krisco?

  • im a loser boss can
    im a loser boss can 2 hours ago

    Nice video what colour if I do buy this

  • jgfjgfify
    jgfjgfify 2 hours ago

    *Playing Combat on the Atari 2600.* Even back in the day, having experienced nothing better, i thought those graphics & sounds were *WEAK.* Moving up to an NES was HUGE! The nintendo fanboys always try to say Graphics don't matter. Horsecrap! *The 8-Bit NES was the XBOX of it's day!!* Super Mario Bros. 1 absolutely blew away the entirety of the Atari 2600 library! And other games like NES Contra & Double Dragon ports were animated crack.

  • Digital Bitch Slap
    Digital Bitch Slap 2 hours ago

    Don't feel too bad about the first Mario game. I finally beat Sonic 3 & knuckles yesterday.

  • Dos Caffeine
    Dos Caffeine 2 hours ago

    This video is really how I found out about him. Back then I thought he was just socially awkward and mildly autistic. And then Fredrik Knudson's video came out and ooooh boy, it's bad, it's so bad, and just when you think it couldn't get any worse, it gets worse.

  • Scrambled Egg
    Scrambled Egg 2 hours ago

    I just saw the title and I said Not the lite...

  • Pizzles Tech Time
    Pizzles Tech Time 2 hours ago

    Rich why do you look like a floating head?

  • Bankhead 1
    Bankhead 1 2 hours ago

    A true gamer of the old school that remembers Karateka Priceless!!!!

  • Djgj69 Fukit
    Djgj69 Fukit 2 hours ago

    Guys, face the facts: while gaming is more accepted than ever, it's still considered a nerd hobby. And girls find it unattractive, unless they're also gamers.

  • Jay Kay
    Jay Kay 3 hours ago

    Any way you cut it, Stadia Pro is still cheaper than lifetime cost of an xbox, plus game pass ultimate. Or the lifetime cost of a console, plus xbox live, plus any combination of game pass offerings.

  • Co Pilots
    Co Pilots 3 hours ago

    As someone who doesn't watch TV or has any really any other forms of a hobby, I game for way more than an hour a day but I still don't let gaming get in the way of my responsibilities. (Or hygiene!) I still go to work, clean my house, take care of my dog, ect... Just because someone games excessively doesn't mean they're a lazy piece of trash.

  • Noel Ruiz
    Noel Ruiz 3 hours ago

    There is a glitch in the matrix!

  • Dustin Hipskind
    Dustin Hipskind 3 hours ago

    Poor Rich, I'm sorry to hear that you didn't keep your original NES. Mine gave me so many great memories that I just couldn't part with it...I still have it to this day (and is hasn't even yellowed)!

  • swellerace
    swellerace 3 hours ago

    Real soon because you companies like microsoft, google, nvidia, Amazon, and others are investing in cloud gaming.

  • the guy the name
    the guy the name 3 hours ago

    Any of the people that are extradited to China could face possible organ harvesting by the Chinese government, carried out by the Chinese military in military hospitals. And that is what blizzard is supporting.

  • TwoOne TV
    TwoOne TV 3 hours ago

    Ahhh, good ol bravado. Everybody thinks they are mightier than the next instead of just worryin about themselves. Video games are a mind exercise, a meditation device, a break from the “norm”, an imagination workout, even a training device(sims); I can go on and on and on. Plus the more the lines are blurred between video games and true to life tv/movies, the more those same people are gunna end up joinin the frey. Video games are apart of me. I don’t care who thinks what. 🤙🏼

  • MadLink
    MadLink 3 hours ago

    That is true Rich. Alex Jones products do have lead. Youngevity had enough lead, mercury, arsenic, aluminium, etc to cause real issues.

  • WigWoo1
    WigWoo1 4 hours ago

    I don’t understand how you think this video is lower production quality than any other video? You’re using the same camera in the same studio and you have the same lights turned on so I don’t understand what’s different

  • Hao Cai
    Hao Cai 4 hours ago

    So.. since this is not true, do you notice that there is a chance that other things you angry over Blizzard was misunderstanding? Just hope all nationalism and politics leave gaming world be

  • MEBby Marina
    MEBby Marina 4 hours ago

    I remember I had the same issue back with the wii. I mean, it's always been a thing, hasn't it?

  • poplopez
    poplopez 4 hours ago

    Keep speaking the truth man 👍🏽 good job

  • Ransom Messenger
    Ransom Messenger 4 hours ago

    Net Neutrality is not good!!!!!! keep the government out of my fucking internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rudyLuvs gaz144
    rudyLuvs gaz144 4 hours ago

    I just dropped the biggest dislike yet

  • Danny F
    Danny F 4 hours ago

    Theres probably one kid in this world who sadly thinks that fortnite is the best game ever. How time has change.

  • Gameplayer Vs
    Gameplayer Vs 4 hours ago

    Rich is confirmed a liberal

  • Joe Bernard
    Joe Bernard 5 hours ago

    And Anything anything free these days now or are you say one guy hire him as president rock Obama fired him and that the rock Obama now we can’t because of race of freedom speech on the news media or you can look that up

  • Asura Azoth
    Asura Azoth 5 hours ago

    Reality is an illusion. Gaming is just another illusion

  • derek thompsett
    derek thompsett 5 hours ago

    You apologised for your mistake which was he locked the game to 120fps and they cant even admit there mistakes now I'm a 1st time builder and I have found more mistakes than you have like wheres the fans for the radiator look I know hes only human and we all make mistakes but please learn,admit and correct those mistakes as others are going to potentially copy the advice and damage their hardware and that's wrong to post a video with so many way beyond amateur mistakes no one should copy this build or take advice when it's this wrong seriously the verge correct this and apologise to ReviewTechUSA and Kyle as there innocent and have only pointed out your mistakes and Kyle has not been racist in any way so take ownership of your mistakes and correct them

  • David Faustino
    David Faustino 5 hours ago

    This is far beyond depression. BUT what's abortion access like in her state?

  • asdaffewwerqa asafdaqwrad

    This should have been a Christmas special video.

  • David Faustino
    David Faustino 6 hours ago

    Have you actually done it though Rich? I did last year after a security issue. I had to get in to a back and forth with customer service over email to do it. Account deleted supposedly. Yet I was still somehow able to sign back in yesterday to download Diablo III. WEIRD SINCE I HAD THEM DELETE MY ACCOUNT THROUGH EMAIL!!! LOLOLOL oh the ticket was submitted? You know thats not the same thing right?

  • W0Y4K
    W0Y4K 6 hours ago

    Hey, WoW nerds, go download Guild Wars 2. It's free-to-play and alright.

  • derek thompsett
    derek thompsett 6 hours ago

    Your spot on you and Kyle have not broken any law and you both have not broken the fair use policy or copyright laws and kyle has not made racist comments regarding colour or any other racist remarks now its every humans right to freedom of speech and pointing out mistakes is not harassment it's legal to point it out and they dont like it as it damages there reputation and business but what's really damaging them is the fact they dobt know how to admit they made mistakes and could have damaged other people's hardware if they copied there build or took there advice and the point is they should never have posted a build video and claimed they knew what there talking about when someone more tech savvy would not have made those kind of mistakes and potentially caused people to damage their hardware without realising and they need to look at the video again and look at the mistakes and post a video explaining what they have learned from their mistakes and apologise to you and kyle for wrongfully and unlawfully claiming you and kyle breached copyright law plus you both could take them to court for potentially attempting to damage your reputation and business and I know I'm trained in the law on these kind of matters and they are in the wrong here not you and kyle shame on them

  • XioC652
    XioC652 6 hours ago

    Meh... Back in 2013 on the eve of the PS4 launch, allot of top heads at Sony were were running for the hills- like they couldn't wait to leave. The affects for us in the consumer base will probably be negligible. Look up Adam Sessler from that show extended play, on his own show at the time, he spoke at length about the turbulence within Sony at the time. Turns out, PS4 was a complete success. And the people who left didn't make a difference as far as I'm concerned. I don't expect much to be different this time around. Hopefully they don't hike up the price for PS plus lol.

  • osmacar
    osmacar 6 hours ago

    This is what i hear from ajit pai “put put ting ting, aaee aaee aaee, woga woga wog“ sounds stupid? Good, cause he is beyond that, this doesn't affect me much given am english

  • Simon48
    Simon48 6 hours ago

    They shouldn't be allowed to call themselves "people for ethical treatment of animals" they are not for "ethical treatment", they are for ridiculous and impossible treatment of animals

  • deonte hawkins
    deonte hawkins 6 hours ago

    "Ok you can lick the top of my head later" 😂😂😂

  • Xaelvik 1
    Xaelvik 1 6 hours ago

    I think if you'd titled this video "My History with Video Games" it might have been a bit more successful. Great vid though.

  • Hellzknight
    Hellzknight 6 hours ago

    I used it somewhere between 6-12 months. Most of it was junk. The shirts I admit were the best part. I was always disappointed when a box didn't come with a new shirt. I started getting boxes with nothing that I wanted, so I cancelled it. That was several years ago.

  • kirusmuffin the annoying one

    While WingsOfRedemption is a cockroach, DSP is a frickin' tardigrade.

  • Papu Papu
    Papu Papu 7 hours ago

    I thought the neanderthals died out many years ago.

  • The Commenter
    The Commenter 7 hours ago

    Let me just express how this makes me feel *Gasm face*

  • Bizkut Limau
    Bizkut Limau 7 hours ago

    I just burned my 128gb sd card. For me, don't put all your eggs in one basket. enough said

  • GuitarJester89
    GuitarJester89 8 hours ago

    I didnt know people still got embarrassed by playing video games. If anything, I feel like nerd culture has become main stream. I'll never be embarrassed about it. And, Fantasy Football is DnD for jocks. 100%. Lol. Also have kids. And I work a lot of hours. Gaming is my hobby. I dont have as much free time as I'd like. So I told my wife I am taking vacation from work the week FF7R comes out. She doesnt care. Because she knows I grew up with that game. And I cant wait. 👍

  • Web Weaver
    Web Weaver 8 hours ago

    Anyone watch episode 2 of the new season of South Park?..

  • Matt Gallant
    Matt Gallant 8 hours ago

    *is watching this on my japanese switch*

  • Rose-shrouded Confessor

    I didn't know Karateka was that bad but boy I was SUPER annoyed by how you moved in that game

  • RollingMaki
    RollingMaki 9 hours ago

    damnit Carl!

  • Imamanboy 777
    Imamanboy 777 10 hours ago

    Just hope that possibly when the switch pro comes out, they will eliminate joycon drift permanently or just make the sticks last longer.

  • Pat Carrillo
    Pat Carrillo 10 hours ago

    Populous was amazing it was definitely better on the PC though the SNES version sucked compared to the MS DOS version

  • ItsJustJesus 96
    ItsJustJesus 96 10 hours ago

    hahahah i fucking called it

  • Zobek LordofTheDead
    Zobek LordofTheDead 10 hours ago

    You lied about ur name and gave bad customer service in a customer service oriented job, u deserved to be fired

  • PhilChill
    PhilChill 10 hours ago

    Its so sad seeing a big and really popular game company do this its a disgrace, but this was already noticed since the diablo mobile fiasco. They cared more for the china market than their loyal player base that sticked to blizzard since the beggining.

  • Bryan Cyriel Ramo (Real Account)


  • Strabby Crabby
    Strabby Crabby 11 hours ago

    Everything that Winnie the Pooh touches becomes corrupted. Sad reality of 2019.

  • Zobek LordofTheDead
    Zobek LordofTheDead 11 hours ago

    the only reason a lot of ppl wants others 2 work is because they did, are sore about it and want that work and soreness to be inflicted on others. Intelligent, high class ppl tell their kids to start their own business not "get a job" thats what losers say

  • Strabby Crabby
    Strabby Crabby 11 hours ago

    That's actually funny that the video about the Winnie the Pooh commie party is sponsored by the service to overcome their restrictions on the internet.

  • Zobek LordofTheDead
    Zobek LordofTheDead 11 hours ago

    I wouldnt have to come home, turn the game on and pretend my wife doesnt exist because im not a sucker, i would never have a wife.

  • Strabby Crabby
    Strabby Crabby 11 hours ago

    Don't you all have human rights?

  • Zobek LordofTheDead
    Zobek LordofTheDead 11 hours ago

    Women dont like men doing anything that doesnt make money because they are w h o r e s who only care about resources they can leech off of

  • Sev Black
    Sev Black 11 hours ago

    Please stick to no music in the background. The particular track you decided to put in the background of this video as well as how low you decided to mix it keeps making me think there's an alarm going off in my neighbourhood. Background music is just trendy distracting TheXvidr BS. I'm here to listen to you Rich not royalty free music at annoying nearly inaudible volumes.

  • Cuttyz On The Beat
    Cuttyz On The Beat 11 hours ago

    Happy console gamer gained some weight

  • fatcat
    fatcat 11 hours ago

    It's funny cause the California Address on the box is actually to an Arbys that I live by and eat at!

  • Hip hop Herbytown
    Hip hop Herbytown 11 hours ago

    Did you really delete my comment ? Are you serious?

  • ryuno2097
    ryuno2097 11 hours ago

    More Granpa Rich stories please.

  • JobyOnSaturn
    JobyOnSaturn 12 hours ago

    The balloon fight story really hits close home, I have many similar experiences to the story.

  • Balta Bueno
    Balta Bueno 12 hours ago

    Thanks for sharing man, so many good memories popped up in my brain because of this :')

  • Digital Existence
    Digital Existence 12 hours ago

    My mom Bought me the hottest console ever time one came out..... Thanks mom love you.

  • Julio Godoy Laparra
    Julio Godoy Laparra 12 hours ago

    You are not the only one who has not finished the original Super Mario game. Just don't let Bob Wulff know that.

  • Exocet
    Exocet 12 hours ago

    Great video but it would be even better if you could add videos of the games you talk about. Peace!

  • Alan
    Alan 12 hours ago

    Riot who is OWNED by China is handling this better than Blizzard and they have a team named Hong Kong Attitude in the World Championship.

  • koutian1xiaotu
    koutian1xiaotu 12 hours ago

    Do you really know / even care about what is happening in HK??? Shouldn’t speech of hate crime be prohibited in the game community??? You shame on Blizzard, and I shame on you. You are not evil, but stupid. It is not protest against the government; it is separatism and they beat people on streets who speak Mandarin not Cantonese. The one thing that is terribly misunderstood, and often ignored, by the western press and those critical of China is that 1.4 billion Chinese citizens stand united when it comes to the territorial integrity of China and the country’s sovereignty over her homeland. This issue is non-negotiable. When patriotism is American, it is bold, moral, charismatic and praiseworthy. When patriotism is Chinese, it is brainwashing, manipulation and dangerous. As if Chinese have no right to stand up for their country and accept western influences dividing it.

  • A King With His World, Productions

    Said Every Nerd Ever!

  • piss Off Driver G 30
    piss Off Driver G 30 13 hours ago

    If you are fat after you loose the weight you are left with loose skin . But you will feel a lot better so I'm getting ready to deal with that.

  • Derek Holt
    Derek Holt 13 hours ago

    Real reason production quality is low: Rich had to fire his caster this time for allowing him to talk on this subject at all...

  • Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez 14 hours ago

    Amazing point Rich, just like always.

  • alex monzon
    alex monzon 14 hours ago

    All i want is 1080p at 120-144 fps gaming. 60 fps in 2020 ... come on now

  • Everrick Rogers
    Everrick Rogers 14 hours ago

    Great video, I’m 46 and still game and like you family and work comes first it is an health safe hobby

  • Ryan Foy
    Ryan Foy 14 hours ago

    I fuckin hate sports, never saw the appeal, but I have nothing against people who like it.

  • Mike Oxlong
    Mike Oxlong 14 hours ago

    Everybody needs a milf like Mrs Carl.

  • Mike Oxlong
    Mike Oxlong 14 hours ago

    Why does this guy have a drumstick center stage? Does he think hes some kind of hefty gaming rockstar?

  • Professor Rob
    Professor Rob 14 hours ago

    maybe the few switch lites this happened to they may have done something to it. like with normal switches it takes a bit before it happens. they probably saw the video and started using fake accusations. also don’t buy a system at launch!!! give them time to work out the kinks.

  • Adster
    Adster 14 hours ago

    I remember the C64 fun days

  • Sanya Bennett
    Sanya Bennett 14 hours ago

    Yet when NN got repelled my internet prices went down and my speeds up??? ????? Local company