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  • aaron pryor
    aaron pryor 7 hours ago

    The bum fights a bum and ducked a little Carlos Takam claiming an injury..typical slav "LOL"

  • d w
    d w 7 hours ago

    Good luck God Bless One Love

  • reon barrett
    reon barrett 7 hours ago

    looks bad is bad

  • d w
    d w 7 hours ago

    Clips and dialog of guess which ass kicking Guile will not be included with this Gavin Andy...

  • d w
    d w 7 hours ago

    Get it???!!! STATS ANDY!!!!!!!

  • d w
    d w 7 hours ago

    Base camp sciences can NOT BE PRESENT ANDY!!!!

  • d w
    d w 7 hours ago

    See but look under the Christmas tree look that tag says.......... Refugees ANDY go on look inside!!

  • stephan harrison5ih5ygt


  • HondaMan Vtec
    HondaMan Vtec 7 hours ago

    Fuck that fat fuck Ruiz told everyone he would Knock joshua out faster than last time.Ruiz should work selling Tacos

  • d w
    d w 7 hours ago

    Its pick a side but not any side Andy get it???

  • Simon Woods
    Simon Woods 7 hours ago

    Bet he doesn't do a third fight 🀣 dude was scared the whole fight ⚰

  • d w
    d w 7 hours ago

    Its the modded Guiles after.... Troop death stat.... And you are no v10x

  • d w
    d w 7 hours ago

    VR mine field Andy eyes up

  • Tony Don
    Tony Don 7 hours ago

    Ok fuck this i want 258 to manage me. This is too good, marketing to a T.

  • d w
    d w 7 hours ago

    I hope you understand we are wanted... "In the battlefield Andy" get it??

  • d w
    d w 7 hours ago

    LA has tooooo.................. Shell as much money Guiles way it has to expand but WITH ALL OF ITS INVENTORY NOT just surrendered tier..

  • d w
    d w 7 hours ago

    Soooooo OPERATION is easy for you if...............!!?

  • austriadave
    austriadave 7 hours ago

    Ruiz Looks so Happy after He lost No Wonder He is getting 10 Millions Dollar for twenty Minutes doing nothing ..

  • d w
    d w 7 hours ago

    Its Stats Andy... It MOJO!!!

  • d w
    d w 7 hours ago

    F35 changes everything Andy

  • d w
    d w 7 hours ago

    Soo kings didnt expect a...... Euro sample response science of some kind.... A Guile????? "See"

  • Michael Davenport
    Michael Davenport 7 hours ago


  • Mentesha
    Mentesha 7 hours ago


  • d w
    d w 7 hours ago

    They fucked tech up knooooooowing............???????

  • d w
    d w 7 hours ago

    Seeeeeeeeee! The fuuuuuuuture!!???????????????

  • d w
    d w 7 hours ago

    Get it sooooo with out knowing brain tier modded weeeeeeeeeeeee......!!

  • d w
    d w 7 hours ago

    Elder is simply..............nooooooooooooooot.........??????

  • d w
    d w 7 hours ago

    "Intent" Andy "Intent"

  • d w
    d w 7 hours ago

    Your the one thats free oooooooooof................!

  • d w
    d w 7 hours ago

    Get it...."Wither"

  • d w
    d w 7 hours ago

    Get it..... !!!"Iran"!!!

  • d w
    d w 7 hours ago

    The behaviors the cameras are picking up stat stat stat stat ....statstatstat!!!

  • Kalinaki Lawrence
    Kalinaki Lawrence 7 hours ago

    Ya dono seh!

  • iFornix
    iFornix 7 hours ago

    No slow mo replays?

  • d w
    d w 7 hours ago

    Commando class humanoid pre dawn

  • Gulraj Powar
    Gulraj Powar 7 hours ago

    Everyone be hating on canelo calling him a drug cheat but real talk he's got more money than all of you πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  • Alexia Is On Fire
    Alexia Is On Fire 7 hours ago

    Maybe he should eat competitively instead

  • d w
    d w 7 hours ago

    Becaussse your reeeeally aaaaaaaaaa..!!

  • d w
    d w 7 hours ago

    Its way bigger then you know its not just a white money thing Andy

  • ronny lee
    ronny lee 7 hours ago


  • 99 Subscribers With No Videos

    The title of this video is clickbait to the max

  • d w
    d w 8 hours ago

    Egypt Knows how to fuck with war stats using humans andy by peeking and Maxing ELITE class but at class ranges ANDY!!! You guys are all navy seals buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...........

  • phillip carl Roberts

    Whyte did not win every round on my card, but he did win.

  • Adams Muideen
    Adams Muideen 8 hours ago

    This one just hate Aj

  • d w
    d w 8 hours ago

    SmH Dammn..

  • d w
    d w 8 hours ago

    So eyes up ANDY!!

  • d w
    d w 8 hours ago

    Hey Andy stats are stats good luck next fight

  • vraie congolais vraie congolais

    This man is from Congo πŸ‡¨πŸ‡© but the father from Nigeria

  • Nathan Pinch
    Nathan Pinch 8 hours ago

    Complete bullshit

  • d w
    d w 8 hours ago

    It needs to become really really really mixed Andy ...for noW enjoy fruits!!! But yeah!!! GREAT JOB !!!EASY OPERATION!!!

    SPANK TIME 8 hours ago

    2 TIME

  • d w
    d w 8 hours ago

    THE WEST OG!!!!!! Holy shit not bad!!

  • d w
    d w 8 hours ago


  • Anthony Hunter
    Anthony Hunter 8 hours ago

    won't fight Wilder and holding the belts... Scary to fight the best, he is not a legend!

  • d w
    d w 8 hours ago

    As for Andy.... Hey its starting to LoOoooook a little eeeeHHhhhhhhhhhh.....!!! Beeeeeeettrrrrrrrrr eeeeHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

  • billy b
    billy b 8 hours ago

    I want my money back from Sky mis-selling me this s*** Andy Ruiz did not train for the fight therefore give me my money back

  • rodrigo lopez
    rodrigo lopez 8 hours ago

    AJ is all class. What a good fella, him and Tyson fury are great role models for the younger generations coming through .. True gentlemen out of the ring and absolute warriors in it.. good on yas ae..πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Eamonn Sheehan
    Eamonn Sheehan 8 hours ago

    seems down

  • Baxa FCB
    Baxa FCB 8 hours ago

    Allahu AkbarπŸ‘†

  • Veronica Ronnie
    Veronica Ronnie 8 hours ago

    Eddie the comedian 😎 there's never a dull moment with Eddie πŸ‘ŠπŸ’šπŸ‘Š

  • rowan 3
    rowan 3 8 hours ago

    Now let's see if he will fight Wilder or Fury

  • mystic stylez
    mystic stylez 8 hours ago

    Pretty Lame that AJ didnt get the revenge KO. Im actually more Impressed by Andy going the full 12 rounds being heavier LOL.

  • C
    C 8 hours ago

    He is so in awe

  • Nahida Fama
    Nahida Fama 8 hours ago

    Carl Froch & David Haye voices sound really similar.

  • mikeraphone95820 1
    mikeraphone95820 1 8 hours ago

    Wilder finna knock that butt out

  • Frank Malimba
    Frank Malimba 8 hours ago

    Hongera sana

  • taraishot100
    taraishot100 8 hours ago

    People avoid this man now his one loss to Joshua shouldn't defined his career

  • Hf Bvc
    Hf Bvc 9 hours ago

    You came for 1:41 like so others can see

  • ZiNgZ ZiNgZ
    ZiNgZ ZiNgZ 9 hours ago

    Terrible headline, he called him over he didn't interrupt at all.

  • Pointless Minutes
    Pointless Minutes 9 hours ago

    I don’t see any interruptions from Andy, he got called for a question from Joshua

    V W WILSON 9 hours ago

    AJ fought masterclass at distance now he needs to fight masterclass up close like, Parker, Chisora and Whyte

  • Pointless Minutes
    Pointless Minutes 9 hours ago

    β€œIf you heard, we’re taking a turd” -AJ

    • Pointless Minutes
      Pointless Minutes 7 hours ago

      Rock girl well I do. I wouldn’t mind seeing Andy losing 40 lbs. imagine lighter Andy will make him quicker bound to be a k.o.

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl 8 hours ago

      Ruiz snatches microphone: β€œWho wants to see the third fight?” Crickets

  • LR266
    LR266 9 hours ago

    Three names I want to see Katie fight in 2020. Serrano, Persoon and Braekhus.

  • PepeSpliff *
    PepeSpliff * 9 hours ago

    AJ would fuck this guy up

  • David me
    David me 9 hours ago

    Andy Ruiz stayed hungry even after he ate everything

  • Danny Diaz
    Danny Diaz 9 hours ago

    Am I the only one that thinks Anthony bought the belts back from ruiz? Idk it just crosses my mind

  • spencer raglan
    spencer raglan 9 hours ago

    wilder hits the hardest. thats why he can beat anyone on any night. and I'm not a big fan but his power cant be denied

  • Jj s
    Jj s 9 hours ago

    Till he gets hit again 🀣

  • Maximiliano Arellano

    I honestly was rooting for Andy Ruiz but he doesn't deserve a third fight. He didn't win a single round! He wasn't even close on points dude lost by unanimous decision. Came to the fight unprepared, overweight and openly admitted to not taking this fight serious and not preparing/training for this fight as serious as he should've. No one wants to see you get another that fight you obviously don't deserve. Anthony should fight Wilder next to get all belts.

  • Medwin X
    Medwin X 9 hours ago

    That was a masterclass performance from josh.. well done brother !

  • System Attic
    System Attic 9 hours ago

    He kinda did interrupt him after joshua invited him over

  • Chief9-10
    Chief9-10 9 hours ago

    Team Joshua BETTER do the RIGHT thing and do the trilogy with Ruiz Jr if they don't it's bullshit and Eddie Hearn is a giant P.O.S and a snake that needs to get his head cut OFF.

  • JJJ
    JJJ 9 hours ago

    As opposed to a dishonest interview? πŸ€”πŸ™„

  • Mo Rahadian
    Mo Rahadian 9 hours ago

    *Aj can not KO Ruiz*

  • Ayhan Cetin
    Ayhan Cetin 10 hours ago

    More like a cartel

  • Ayhan Cetin
    Ayhan Cetin 10 hours ago

    One racist den cleared one handed

  • Jonathan Isom
    Jonathan Isom 10 hours ago

    Fans are so fickle and bandwagonish. First everyone was high on Andy,AJ was trash. Now everyone is on the AJ train, and Andy's trash. Geez!

  • Ayhan Cetin
    Ayhan Cetin 10 hours ago

    How do they sound when you punch

  • Ayhan Cetin
    Ayhan Cetin 10 hours ago

    F.. traitor

  • Incognito 86
    Incognito 86 10 hours ago

    u fucked it off parting and eating u fucked off ur chance

  • Ayhan Cetin
    Ayhan Cetin 10 hours ago

    Grow some as white boys

  • AussieBattler46
    AussieBattler46 10 hours ago

    I think AJ is an overrated boxer and in my opinion nothing special in the ring however i like the guy and he is very marketable

  • Akhil Vijay
    Akhil Vijay 10 hours ago

    What a great lesson on RESPECT. All kids have got a great role model in Joshua

  • Ayhan Cetin
    Ayhan Cetin 10 hours ago

    We used to shadow fight these chuck norris

  • A JAY Uchiha
    A JAY Uchiha 10 hours ago

    Dumb headline all for the clickbait..

  • County Topper Rob
    County Topper Rob 10 hours ago

    I love you Dillian but you know AJ will knock you out again x2

  • Ayhan Cetin
    Ayhan Cetin 10 hours ago

    Why does a puta never become a musli

  • Ayhan Cetin
    Ayhan Cetin 10 hours ago

    Size matter

  • clyde ft
    clyde ft 10 hours ago

    He's more dangerous now than being undefeated! Wisdom!(I ain't waiting on yall)

  • Medium
    Medium 10 hours ago

    Thought he was talking to idris elba for a sec