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  • Bryan james
    Bryan james 8 seconds ago

    OK he is good the top 10 big boys will knock him clean out make no mistake about it 😜

  • Matthew Wheatley
    Matthew Wheatley 6 minutes ago

    Dylan whyte as his next opponent? Personally I think whyte would take the w

  • Jr Cunningham
    Jr Cunningham 10 minutes ago

    Bad performance from usyk

  • marek borcz
    marek borcz 10 minutes ago

    Więcej zwodów ,markowanych ciosów.Więcej haków na szczękę.Dobra walka.Z Ursykiem trzeba wejść w półdystans.Ma wysoką gardę.

  • Daley Francis
    Daley Francis 10 minutes ago

    Usyk has crazy skills, but not convinced just yet. Marked up a little too much for my liking. That said, I could see him making AJ miss all night long and then taking him out once that stamina ran out. It's going to be a fun ride either way.

  • sàmoT ssennelliB
    sàmoT ssennelliB 11 minutes ago

    Wtf is crumpets

  • bunetoff
    bunetoff 12 minutes ago

    Is it me... Or is Dave Allen just a bit shit?

  • Ongo Gablogian
    Ongo Gablogian 16 minutes ago


  • Nigel Angel
    Nigel Angel 16 minutes ago

    Joshua Buatsi got nothing to worry about after this performance... bring it on now !!

    • Nigel Angel
      Nigel Angel 2 minutes ago

      Golden Movies Absolutely ! 2020 is gonna be a good year for Buatsi !

    • Golden Movies
      Golden Movies 5 minutes ago

      Nigel Angel Joshua would murder this guy I promise you

    • harry fraud
      harry fraud 14 minutes ago

      that would be a good fight that

  • Ibrahim Yusuf
    Ibrahim Yusuf 17 minutes ago

    Only 3 comments and one of them is somebody begging

  • t3mp17
    t3mp17 18 minutes ago

    I would love to see Vidal smack that let's go champ dickhead

  • Grimescene City
    Grimescene City 19 minutes ago

    Why such an easy fight? This is the unified cruiserweight world champion not a 7-0 newbie..

  • andrew wyatt
    andrew wyatt 20 minutes ago

    The oversized punch bag had no chance

  • Liam Pitcher
    Liam Pitcher 20 minutes ago

    For people saying he isn’t for heavyweight: He boxed at heavyweight as an amateur. He has had a long time out the ring. He’s only put in 15lbs since bellew fight so he can certainly put more on. He isn’t a one punch man anyway, it’s about footwork and punch output. He never came out of 1st gear. Give him a chance

  • lincoln ogumede
    lincoln ogumede 22 minutes ago

    He ain't gonna do shit to ruiz, wilder and certainly not fury

  • Darth Lomachenko
    Darth Lomachenko 23 minutes ago

    Usyk should fight the guy who Fury just fought

  • Ongo Gablogian
    Ongo Gablogian 24 minutes ago


  • Calum Mac
    Calum Mac 24 minutes ago

    Great fight but goddam fix that music in between rounds what the fuck

  • Susie Sweeting
    Susie Sweeting 27 minutes ago

    At the end when KSI was the only one on stage he looked like my 4 year old trying to fight

  • t3mp17
    t3mp17 29 minutes ago

    If is wasn't for jj Logan's career would be dead Which is a shame because both of the paul brothers are absolute cunts

    JAMBOSS ! 32 minutes ago


    • JAMBOSS !
      JAMBOSS ! Minute ago

      @Golden Movies 😂😂

    • Golden Movies
      Golden Movies 6 minutes ago

      JAMBOSS ! I punch harder than him so I’m not liking your comment

  • TTRattlez
    TTRattlez 37 minutes ago

    all these stupid fucks saying wilder would have ko usyk. any of you watch the usyk vs tony bellew fight, tony through some fucking huge shots and his chin took it

  • John Johnston
    John Johnston 46 minutes ago

    He ain't troubling shit!

  • Colin Wilson
    Colin Wilson 47 minutes ago

    Agree with you all, he can’t mix it with the big punches he will get ko’d, stay at cruiserweight he will be unbeaten and go down as a great

  • kfuffle
    kfuffle 48 minutes ago

    Educated pressure without throwing punches is somewhat of an artform ... Usky does this so well and then adds in the jab aswell . He may not be an explosive puncher but my god if you like the sweet science he's a joy to watch ... Can clearly see him and Loma train together

  • The Wolfy
    The Wolfy 50 minutes ago

    So much hate for usyk. Remember fury had a sloppy fight as well. People thought he will get knock out by wilder but didnt. Btw. Fury doesnt have the power to knockout the big guys just like usyk.

  • Potatoes
    Potatoes 51 minute ago

    Usyk has the capability to beat the top heavyweights but he they also could beat him so it’s gonna be very interesting. By the way Wallin was ROBBED.

  • Cian Ford
    Cian Ford 53 minutes ago


  • Nallid7
    Nallid7 53 minutes ago

    Numero Uno Commento 😉🤙🏾

  • Craig Angus
    Craig Angus 55 minutes ago

    This is dreadful fight . Tim has got no minerals .

  • Rob Jennings
    Rob Jennings 58 minutes ago

    I’m a bit disappointed in Usyk, thought he’d be a lot faster. He will come unstuck with a few heavyweights, AJ fury parker Ruiz would be a massive problem. I’m not sure about wilder, height yes but there is a gulf in class.

    • John Roach
      John Roach 8 minutes ago

      Rob Jennings how would wilder do against Witherspoon

  • Rory Lyons
    Rory Lyons 59 minutes ago

    I know alot of people are saying he won't do anything to the top 5 but I honestly think the likes of chisora, Dubois, povetkin would cause him real trouble aswell, Dubois beats him late by ko in my opinion

  • Matt Doyle
    Matt Doyle Hour ago

    BT would have uploaded this when Usyks parents met

  • Aden Hunte
    Aden Hunte Hour ago

    If he fights aj or Wilder he's getting sparked out

  • raymak seranash
    raymak seranash Hour ago

    Chazz unfit dude TKO himself

  • Silent Shoebox
    Silent Shoebox Hour ago

    He will show up to this interview but not the face to face one

  • Kaydin york
    Kaydin york Hour ago

    its all about the bag

  • Cas
    Cas Hour ago

    i don't want him to win, but i think he will though...

  • Asif Javaid
    Asif Javaid Hour ago

    Usky is very good but he could of knocked him out but couldn't his got good foot work, his ok!!

  • Daniel Rhodes
    Daniel Rhodes Hour ago

    I wanna see him and furry that’s the fight!

    • Dave Dixon
      Dave Dixon 32 minutes ago

      Maybe if the WBO strips title off the winner of AJ Ruiz fight. They might order a usyk fury match. They're both ranked 1 and 2. It could happen because the IBF want the winner to fight Pulev so a belt will get dropped somewhere.

  • Doug Gunner
    Doug Gunner Hour ago

    can't wait 2 see logan knock that ugly bich out

  • The ranked beast The ranked beast

    Don’t look like he belongs in heavy weight category still good fight tho

  • Ryan Hopkins
    Ryan Hopkins Hour ago

    You ain't no heavyweight buddy slow it down

  • mula
    mula Hour ago

    Whyte is class with his counter punches

  • mrwogo goolies
    mrwogo goolies Hour ago

    Another cruiser weight who will get pounded by the bigger, fitter, heavy weights...... His "o" will definitely go. He looked so so dancing around the fat bear... I remember David haye thinking he'd do OK........ He didn't

  • Callum M
    Callum M Hour ago

    Watching this whilst drinking a cup of tea

  • The Car Guy
    The Car Guy Hour ago

    This Cunt has no respect for the English fuck you jake paul I use to cage fight & I'd fight you anytime 🖕

  • GoldStandard
    GoldStandard Hour ago

    lol ending is too funny

  • Jnr Lion.
    Jnr Lion. Hour ago

    What a pointless boxing match wetherspoon was absolutely shit I still reckon dillian Whyte Joshua Wilder even big Dell would knock him out

  • Chris Ramshaw
    Chris Ramshaw Hour ago

    For his sake I'm glad he didn't get the fury fight he was pretty bad

  • Jerry Taker
    Jerry Taker Hour ago

    Guys he wasn’t even trying, at one point he let him out of the corner, back to the centre. He’s been out for ages so he was trying to drag the fight out as long as possible. 6-12 rounds would do him good rather than finishing this guy early which would do nothing for him but a few headlines. When he wanted to step it up a gear he did. I can’t see anyone beating him besides fury once he gets going again

  • Harvey Specter
    Harvey Specter Hour ago

    34:47 you're welcome

  • Muhammed Khan
    Muhammed Khan Hour ago

    Can't believe this was the main fight with a journeyman who was never going to win. Promoters selling and cashing in with clowns. The reason people fall out love with the sport when they are fed crap. McDonald's boxing

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne Hour ago

    Clearly alot of people that dont know shit about boxing.. his first fight back after a long lay off in a new weight division fighting a guy that weights 2 stone more then him id say he did pretty dam well, he barely took a punch and hit and wasnt hit like all of his other fights, people need to relax his body woll grow in to the division for extra power but even thats not a necessity as tyson fury isnt a knockout artist and hes the best of them..

    • John Roach
      John Roach 53 seconds ago

      Bruce Wayne wilder wieghed 3 and a half stone less than fury

  • London G
    London G Hour ago

    Fuk the organisers that gave him someone so easy

  • remy bally
    remy bally Hour ago

    A win over a guy on 3 days notice and looks mentally disabled I understand hes a replacement but he should have cleared him early and I'm big usyk fan

  • Dean McAndrew
    Dean McAndrew Hour ago

    All these comments on this thread are a joke, OU doesn’t have the power (neither does TF) OU won’t hurt the top boys AJ (robot man who has ZERO footwork) OU won’t hurt the top boys DW ( one punch wonder/technically inferior) So that’s the top three scratched off, I only see AR Jr giving OU drama with his hand speed, So after those four are struck off, who else is there? The rest of the division are like punch bags with eyes to OU...... Haters need to wake up, he’s a far better boxer then people on this comments thread are dissing! 😴😴

    • Dean McAndrew
      Dean McAndrew Hour ago

      Stacey Elliot Maybe....... However, He does NOT have better footwork or handspeed though, styles make fights, can’t remember last time Fury KO,d anyone, he’s not a hard puncher at all!

    • Stacey Elliot
      Stacey Elliot Hour ago

      Fury has far more power than Usyk.

  • Harvey Specter
    Harvey Specter Hour ago

    way too many pauses in commentary...the fight was a snooze fest to be fair...takam would have been a superior scrap

  • john Dunleavy
    john Dunleavy Hour ago

    I personally thought it was a really good performance seeing he had a year out

  • K Bandz
    K Bandz Hour ago

    Hope Patrick day is ok

  • MudFlood Warrior2020

    I wonder if when Crawford steps up a weight, he will have the luxury of fighting an opponent on the level of Witherspoon???

  • Craig Brannigan
    Craig Brannigan Hour ago

    I really wonder what it is they cut from the start of this when the audio goes out, probably a bit of ass licking

  • Dominic Kearns
    Dominic Kearns Hour ago

    Usyk has been schooled to fight like this, he drains his opponents and demoralizes them he doesn't look for power punches like Wilder or Whyte. He's schooled the same as Lomachenko take a look at his style

  • Doc Morridge
    Doc Morridge Hour ago

    Ive said it before and i will say it again I want to see Usyk vs Joseph Parker.

  • James
    James Hour ago

    I love Usyk, and consider him my favourite fighter - that said, I’m really not convinced he dominates at heavyweight. Yes, he’s technically gifted, but he has minimal power, so to expect him to be razor sharp for 12 rounds (not taking one big shot) is asking a lot. Bellew was catching him at will early on. If AJ or Wilder catch him, it’s game over. I really want him to do well, but I’m a realist. Hopefully I’m proven wrong though.

      REVENONE 5 minutes ago

      You think he'd fight the same way fighting Wilder as he would Bellew? AJ is chinny and is scared of being hit, it wouldn't take a big puncher to rock him like Ruiz showed.

    • Nathan West
      Nathan West 8 minutes ago

      Going to be fun to find out though

    • James
      James 9 minutes ago

      T K1 maybe so, but he was also 37, took the fight on short notice, and was never highly ranked. The Ruiz loss aside, AJ is still a very dangerous fighter.


    he's got the skills but not much power in hw division

  • weird flex
    weird flex Hour ago

    I'll give you 100$ if you can count how many times he said "let's go champ" and "champ"

  • Lenny Henry
    Lenny Henry Hour ago

    All the casuals here saying Usyk won’t be a top heavyweight have no idea what they’re looking at. His feet and boxing brain is immense. If fighters with poor stamina like Joshua can’t get him out early, he will make them gassed within 8 rounds and put it on them. It’s a different style to other heavyweights but it will be effective. Yeah it’s not always exciting, same as Fury, but if you know boxing, you see how they can offset fighters best attributes with their ring IQ. I know casuals want big idiots swinging away but that’s what got AJ knocked out, no ring IQ and too basic. Usyk beats all the heavyweights except Fury. Wilder has a chance to beat him because of the power and he’s not always easy to read. Guys like Joshua are far too orthodox, upright and basic to beat Usyk except for a punchers chance.

  • Allan Behn
    Allan Behn Hour ago

    All fights are bought and paid for. Boxing has become a joke. Fighting once a year or two years is pathetic. Witherspoon looked like a truck driver they pulled off the street to make a quick buck.

  • The Wolds Rider rides again

    What a crap fight, I thought Usk was supposed to be good. Witherspoon took the money and ran, I have seen more action on a pedestrian crossing. Hearn does it again

    • Danny Hawthorne
      Danny Hawthorne 31 minute ago

      olympic champ undisputed undefeated crusierweight champ, super series winner 'supposed to be good' 😂😂😂

    RIGHTOUS0NE86 Hour ago

    Usyk is highly skilled and would trouble anyone at any weight! . He is one of my favourite ever boxers his skill is on another level. At least give him a chance before all the negative comments.


    Usyk just needs a bit more weight that's it

  • David Wood
    David Wood Hour ago

    Good fight

  • David Hughes
    David Hughes Hour ago

    Usyk nothing special here not his division down down son.

    • David Hughes
      David Hughes 47 minutes ago

      @Smiggy Ballz agree

    • Smiggy Ballz
      Smiggy Ballz 50 minutes ago

      Far more skilled than the crop of HWs about now, bar Fury.

    DAVEY TRUMP Hour ago


  • Ross Taylor
    Ross Taylor Hour ago

    How the fuck is usyk WBO mandatory already....boxing is getting ridiculous

  • Aaran Chapman
    Aaran Chapman Hour ago

    This shannon briggs idm

  • GTVastSuperNova
    GTVastSuperNova Hour ago

    Not the best performance should a chill pint down witherspoons

  • Joseph Shields
    Joseph Shields Hour ago

    Was that a SPARRING session cos it will be alot harder than that but hes off with a win 👌

  • Akbar Zaman
    Akbar Zaman Hour ago

    Usyk is gna find it hard taking the power of the top 10 heavy weights

    KRAZY BOY Hour ago

    pubg mobile montages on my channel

  • Phil B. Jones
    Phil B. Jones Hour ago

    Can Tony Bellew be any further up Usyks arse? It's actual sickening. 🤢

    • Keith Robson
      Keith Robson Hour ago

      Phil B. Jones He has to though doesn’t he? To vindicate him getting his arse totally kicked.

  • Mc dice Richard
    Mc dice Richard Hour ago

    Boxing commentary is so shit.

  • Youhann Van damm

    In the battle of the unusual eyes, Usyk wins.

  • TrainRite Fitness

    Great fight

  • roddi733
    roddi733 2 hours ago

    His fitness, skill level, speed and movement are fantastic but he does give up so much in reach, height, frame and possibly power to the bigger guys in the HW, but to be fair this was his first fight after quite a lay off. Be interesting to see how he fairs against Fury, AJ, Wilder, Ruiz.

  • TheBrown1
    TheBrown1 2 hours ago

    Nice one Sky sports Not 1 Advert throughout 😊

  • ThE JoKeR
    ThE JoKeR 2 hours ago

    Top 5 heavy weights, usyk will struggle

  • Geraint Manu
    Geraint Manu 2 hours ago

    Everyone knocking Usyk, and saying he'd get beaten by the top heavyweights. Well at the moment duh. He hasn't got THAT experience yet like all of the top heavies do. They crept up bit by bit, Usyk has time to develop. He always starts slow and picks up the pace mid rounds, he has incredible stamina, footwork, and combinations. He needs more power, abit better defense when attacking. Hes honestly not very flawed. However, if you look at Anthony Joshua.. very flawed. Flat footed, slow. Every heavy weight has flaws, even Fury. Wilder also. We cannot compare him with the top 5 right now, but lets compare him with some others perhaps.

    • Geraint Manu
      Geraint Manu 2 hours ago

      @Boxing World You're right, and how old was George Foreman when he won the heavyweight championship? Hm. Usyk is still a pup.

    • Boxing World
      Boxing World 2 hours ago

      Hes 32 years old.

  • David a Smith
    David a Smith 2 hours ago

    Think the fight to make now is him against Joseph Parker after he pulled out of the chisora fight

  • Tafida Gadzama
    Tafida Gadzama 2 hours ago

    Usyk is too small for a heavy weight. He is fighting a super bum.

    • MLB.
      MLB. 16 minutes ago

      NLR 1996 facts

    • Levi Khani
      Levi Khani Hour ago

      NLR 1996 triggerd

    • NLR 1996
      NLR 1996 Hour ago

      Oh stfu, he ain’t a bum just because the media doesn’t talk about witherspoon 24/7, Ruiz wasn’t talked about constantly before the AJ fight and look what he did to him.

  • Tawana Sakuinje
    Tawana Sakuinje 2 hours ago

    Lets go champ at the end of the interview as expected

  • Tafida Gadzama
    Tafida Gadzama 2 hours ago

    Wilder would beat Usyk even though I don't like wilder.

  • nivek m
    nivek m 2 hours ago

    Man against boy

  • Alex theAlex
    Alex theAlex 2 hours ago

    Let's/Way to go champ: 10

  • Matt Roy
    Matt Roy 2 hours ago

    Worst interviewer ever... #facts

  • Tafida Gadzama
    Tafida Gadzama 2 hours ago

    I think Usyk should go back to his weight because I don't see him beating the big 5s.

    • Addyy Brown
      Addyy Brown 51 minute ago

      @NLR 1996 fixed fight

    • NLR 1996
      NLR 1996 Hour ago

      People didn’t see Ruiz beating AJ but he did....

  • futumpsh
    futumpsh 2 hours ago

    was a hostile crowd to say the least. Big respect to Chaz Witherspoon. And great performance by Usyk. #slowlyButSurely

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius 2 hours ago

    Boring as fuck

  • Jason Eagles
    Jason Eagles 2 hours ago

    My prediction: 1. Fury stops Usyk inside 5. 2. Wilder knocks him out cold. 3. Joshua not sure, could go either way. 4. Ruiz probably loses to Usyk, his feet are too slow.

    • Ross Cowan
      Ross Cowan Hour ago

      @Tafida Gadzama if usyk can take a punch he will be a massive problem for every heavyweight. Gassiev can bang and he boxed circles around him.

    • L M
      L M Hour ago

      Jason Eagles fury would not stop usyk

    • Tafida Gadzama
      Tafida Gadzama Hour ago

      @Ross Cowan you are 100% right.

    • Dominic Kearns
      Dominic Kearns Hour ago

      @Tafida Gadzama lol Wilder would smoke Fatboy Whyte, whytes a weight bully shit footwork he's a brawler, Wilder eats him for breakfast fat slow standstill target easy

    • Ross Cowan
      Ross Cowan Hour ago

      This man beats fury easily imo. Fury has great head movement but has slow feet and i think body shots will drain fury leading to a stoppage.