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  • Aman Tukue
    Aman Tukue 35 seconds ago

    Hi tifany i am so poud of coz of eritrea(ጋል ዓደይ ምካንኪ ሕቡን ኢየ) keep it up going

  • cat988t
    cat988t 2 minutes ago

    Ellington is a great name

  • Alena
    Alena 4 minutes ago


  • Shereen Collington
    Shereen Collington 4 minutes ago

    'These are tendrils.'

  • Tessa S
    Tessa S 5 minutes ago

    Who's the boss in the house? ME 😄

  • not cats
    not cats 10 minutes ago

    Please! Bring it backkkk!

  • Ricky Beans
    Ricky Beans 11 minutes ago

    They missed a good idea just for shits n giggles, but we would all buy this. I worked at Ritas water ice n the way they serve peanut butter is with a pump like this 1 but for big containers. Theres definitely a market

  • Whoops! Wrong Planet.
    Whoops! Wrong Planet. 11 minutes ago


  • ebzianaaa Xo xo
    ebzianaaa Xo xo 12 minutes ago

    Cute man

  • Patricia Lawton
    Patricia Lawton 14 minutes ago

    I love Jackie in this. LOL

  • Belarouci Amina
    Belarouci Amina 16 minutes ago

    she looks like oprah !

  • moosy fate
    moosy fate 18 minutes ago

    I waited patiently through the song to see the flounder everyone was commenting on I was not disappointed🤣🤣🤣

  • marlin adrow
    marlin adrow 23 minutes ago

    Damn she is Gorgeous 😍

  • Tanique Mason
    Tanique Mason 24 minutes ago

    Technically If Maggy didnt operate n the other doctor did....then the protocol wouldve been mayb saby wouldve had a greater chance of living......but what nurse sits there, knows that something is wrong, realise that the doc didnt ask and just stays silent? Ur not a robot that just follows orders regardless of other factors.....ur human, be human.

  • Imaginative Snake
    Imaginative Snake 29 minutes ago

    It astounds me at how wonderful Freddie is at acting. Truly remarkable

  • scoopitywoopity Woopityscoop

    Mark signs off anything that has food involved

  • wildflower
    wildflower 31 minute ago

    Why does this show preach about not needing a guy but Alex needs a women to save him? (Izzie, jo)

  • flore Lantsoght
    flore Lantsoght 33 minutes ago

    They used the audience as the water that's so creative I'm impressed

  • Ser Robert Templeton
    Ser Robert Templeton 33 minutes ago

    that ziggy kiddo gonna have hard times in high school. I hate when parents give their kids weird ass names.

  • Imaginative Snake
    Imaginative Snake 36 minutes ago

    Breathe in for four seconds, hold your breath for seven seconds, breathe out for eight seconds.

  • Clotilde Pino carrasco
    Clotilde Pino carrasco 37 minutes ago


  • Carol Gibson
    Carol Gibson 39 minutes ago

    Still miss the show

  • K.T
    K.T 39 minutes ago

    I agree with Lori, this guy's arrogance got the best of him. He's not even speaking to me directly and I can sense the arrogance he's giving off. As a woman, you can usually detect this with men and other women. It's as though he doesn't value her input. He showing little interest in what she has to say by looking at everyone else when she speaks. Good job Lori!

  • XxSoraGirl99xX
    XxSoraGirl99xX 40 minutes ago

    Kind of annoyed how there are these pity deals. I bet if she was born American they would've been kicked out without a deal, but since she's a refugee she ended up getting a deal.

    • Eric P
      Eric P 10 minutes ago

      XxSoraGirl99xX they work harder.

  • Gabriela Petris
    Gabriela Petris 42 minutes ago

    Wonderfull. I need to see this live here in Rio de Janeiro. 😍😍😍

  • Tyrelle Franklin
    Tyrelle Franklin 43 minutes ago

    Who else think Tiffany would make a great mom one day?

  • Shayla Jimenez
    Shayla Jimenez 47 minutes ago

    Yassssssss queen!!!!

  • Saint of God!
    Saint of God! 48 minutes ago

    WHAAAT THAAA !!!😯😯😯😐😐😑😣

  • Gaven Tovar
    Gaven Tovar 48 minutes ago

    Auli make up your mind do you wanna live on land or in the ocean decide b4 Moana 2 comes up

  • xime Reyes
    xime Reyes 52 minutes ago

    Soy la única que se dió que cuenta que la letra de la canción está en español cuando en la versión latinoamericana está en inglés 😂

  • Denise Smith
    Denise Smith 54 minutes ago

    Aaa aww 1k haters must be the poor unfortunate souls lol

  • Saint of God!
    Saint of God! 56 minutes ago


  • mary janes baby
    mary janes baby 57 minutes ago

    This is ridiculous!😂😂😂😂😂

  • Have Faith
    Have Faith 58 minutes ago

    Perry Ellis, gon' pimp named slickback!

  • WinstonS84
    WinstonS84 58 minutes ago


  • Have Faith
    Have Faith 59 minutes ago

    Anything that's customized can't be one size fits all! I love that crazy man! And who is the cover for? He only bought one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sharieann Pryce
    Sharieann Pryce Hour ago's how old you are when you ho to the restaurant 🤣🤣🤣

  • Manuel Bonilla
    Manuel Bonilla Hour ago

    How did mark noticed right awayv

  • Fortunate Fool
    Fortunate Fool Hour ago

    Was this as bad as all the clips made it seem? Just go watch the movie again. Trying to cash in on nostalgia.

  • TheLovelyDianne
    TheLovelyDianne Hour ago

    I call myself an egalitarian instead of a feminist because people who are feminists don’t all have the same opinions.

  • Yvette Parker
    Yvette Parker Hour ago

    Glad this clip is on TheXvid because the media player on the ABC site keeps buffering the show every 10 seconds while the commercials play normally.

  • Luv, theBookworm

    Its a shame I didnt get to see the entire performance. I would have loved to

  • Skyfoxx23
    Skyfoxx23 Hour ago

    John Stamos....the show stealer!!!!

  • Augustina Appah
    Augustina Appah Hour ago

    Tiffany: Do your parents know you are the boss of your house. Ellington: no Me: your parents already know cause the are in the audience 😜🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😍

  • Jeffrey Salvador

    I divorced my wife because of this problem. If this was around back then, we would still be a happy family not a broken one

  • Lindalee Law
    Lindalee Law Hour ago

    Just because shes academically blessed, doesnt mean she gas common sense or compassion. . this gifted b.s. geeze I'm special. No you aren't

  • Aijeleth Lee
    Aijeleth Lee Hour ago

    Oh my gosh I just got chills!!! Queen is QUEEN 😍😍😍

  • Saraholuwatoyin Ajayi

    This is the 10th time am watching this 😍😍😍💖💖💖💖

  • Tamires Frenandes

    Shaun is beautiful

  • Saint of God!
    Saint of God! Hour ago


  • Saraholuwatoyin Ajayi

    Oh my Gosh I can't stop laughing hard they are so cute and adorable, their bonding is so strong, smart kids!!

  • BxGirl Blazin'
    BxGirl Blazin' Hour ago

    I love when Oliver says; “I’ll never stop loving you” was beautiful.

  • Erick R
    Erick R Hour ago

    Because the other sharks were greedy

  • BxGirl Blazin'
    BxGirl Blazin' Hour ago

    I love Frank. Can I please bang him

  • Bethany Randall
    Bethany Randall Hour ago

    I don’t think they cast the right person, this actress reminds me too much of Moana

  • tinybrownin
    tinybrownin Hour ago

    LMMFAO soooo much stuff I’d say if this video was exactly the same but the boys were men

  • lisa199173
    lisa199173 Hour ago

    This that brother/ sister duo that ain't snitching about nothing,,, they going down together,,,, love it

  • Lay Royalty
    Lay Royalty Hour ago

    I don't see the problem with shaggy attire. The only thing i hate is flounder lol

  • Lady Noir
    Lady Noir Hour ago

    This was beautiful ❤️

  • Amanda Allen
    Amanda Allen Hour ago


    omg.. I love him ❤

  • Anas Dylan
    Anas Dylan Hour ago

    Can they keep running the show for anthor ten season

  • hazim .wae
    hazim .wae Hour ago

    new record boii!

  • Greg A
    Greg A Hour ago

    Drake has to be the corniest kid in the country

  • OneTruNuwind
    OneTruNuwind Hour ago

    This is the day we live in when this comes into the shark tank.. sjws to the rescue

  • Jacob Rivera
    Jacob Rivera Hour ago

    She gave an award worthy performance.Emmys next year will definitely have her as a nominee and win for best live show performance if they have that catagory.

  • dale mcghee
    dale mcghee Hour ago

    SEE THIS IS LITTLE MERMAID! This and Ursula are the only thingd that saved the shoe

  • Ekagr Mohan
    Ekagr Mohan Hour ago

    Manny has changed the mostt OMG🤣

  • charity njeri
    charity njeri Hour ago

    tiffany you are doing soooo well...I love Tiff..

  • Kiara Mendez
    Kiara Mendez Hour ago

    🙈💌💌❣️❣️🙏🏽🙏🏽🥰 so precious ❤️

  • Taylor Mailer
    Taylor Mailer Hour ago

    Yeah Eddie has a type 😂😂😂😂

  • India La loca
    India La loca Hour ago

    I’m a Diabetic... So that reason I’m out 😂

  • B T
    B T Hour ago

    The problem with Juan Pablo is his ego is off the roof but many Latino men are like that. It’s very cultural. They do have soft spots, he obviously did with sharleen. She prob would have been that woman who would have whipped him.

  • GlitchVR
    GlitchVR Hour ago

    Surprised Robert didn't steal the dog to pet it.

  • Trunx Kraft
    Trunx Kraft Hour ago

    Now THAT is what you call not taking NO for an answer! This inspired me!

  • GlitchVR
    GlitchVR Hour ago

    I'm Deborah, I'm on the wrong show so I'm out.

  • Ben P
    Ben P Hour ago

    That prick doctor!! He acted like this is all about men and woman you need to stay out of this.

  • Untamed_Unicorn
    Untamed_Unicorn Hour ago

    Yessss Queen!!!!!

  • Adam West
    Adam West Hour ago

    She so goddamn hot

  • Olicity 123
    Olicity 123 Hour ago


  • Virginia Soto
    Virginia Soto Hour ago

    This problem no good

  • GlitchVR
    GlitchVR Hour ago

    Use this comment to let people know peanut butter does not belong in the fridge 🥜

  • GlitchVR
    GlitchVR Hour ago


  • Jack Sparrow
    Jack Sparrow 2 hours ago

    Why do you have hammer if you ain't going to use it 😠😠😠

  • ComfyyPillow
    ComfyyPillow 2 hours ago

    Who would buy this? I used to use peanut butter all the time, this just seems stupid because my knife worked fine and I didn't need a ridiculous pump in the process.

  • MusicMan1
    MusicMan1 2 hours ago

    Queen killed it!!! Chills!

  • jjsalt1982
    jjsalt1982 2 hours ago

    All You stop it with your funny comments about poor flounder. I sure it wasn't flounder fault to be design that way.

  • ghost
    ghost 2 hours ago

    i can't help but wonder if in that diner genders of the suspect and the victim were reversed (woman locked in the back room, and man complaining about lousy dating scene) would Lopez have given the same advice about the desert, or would she have scoffed at him to be a man? I mean the perp was going down no matter what, they had him red handed on the scene they most likely will connect him to his other cases, in the count of testimony of other victims he has scammed. there was no need and no cause to add possible perjury of evidence to muddy up otherwise clear cut case. It feels like Lopez was doing it out of some sort of personal petty revenge, and now is trying to shut up West about it by bringing up dirt she has on him. in my honest opinion all this seems like extortion and abuse of power, of a cop who feels they can bend the law where they see it justified in their own personal sense of morality.

  • axftyh
    axftyh 2 hours ago

    He got the same expression as Bill Cosby!! Or im Trippin!! 😂😂

  • Jack Sparrow
    Jack Sparrow 2 hours ago

    Radioactive trash

  • Alessandra
    Alessandra 2 hours ago

    That lil girl is a real life Sim

  • Emmanuella Alliali
    Emmanuella Alliali 2 hours ago

    So cuuuuuute

  • Edwina Barry
    Edwina Barry 2 hours ago

    So his parents told him to lie that he is 4 years old to cut the cost when he is actual age is 5 years old, most parents goes through that especially cutting your kid hair at the barber when they want to charge you adult full price to cut your kid hair or taking the bus ride and you realize you don't have enough money on the travel card, lucky now they made cheaper tickets for kids from 4 to 11 years old or even theme parks when you have to pay for a big family, also going to the movies with a big group of family is not easy 😂😂🤣😂 guilty as charged when your kid seems young and can pass for a 4 year old.

  • Emmanuella Alliali
    Emmanuella Alliali 2 hours ago

    I just been schooled 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mille Milli
    Mille Milli 2 hours ago

    This is hilarious lol 😂 .... the white boy tho. His feelings are like ... 🤔 ?????

  • Sebenzile Kunene
    Sebenzile Kunene 2 hours ago

    Lol lol 😂 😂 the laughter though

  • Jada P.Mensah
    Jada P.Mensah 2 hours ago

    *I really do not like this*

  • Natalee Boyd
    Natalee Boyd 2 hours ago

    I literally got chills

  • Nicole Salazar
    Nicole Salazar 2 hours ago

    😂i love this

  • ProGamer24-7
    ProGamer24-7 2 hours ago

    Omg so talented! Loved this!!