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  • Worthless
    Worthless 14 minutes ago

    joe is crying xD

  • Terrence A. Gammage
    Terrence A. Gammage 46 minutes ago

    Really enjoyed the video! Thank you for your time.

  • proganingx9000
    proganingx9000 46 minutes ago

    When I try to Live stream it shows black screen

  • CoolieMonae
    CoolieMonae 47 minutes ago


  • Nathan the GOPRO Kid
    Nathan the GOPRO Kid 53 minutes ago

    great job

  • Joseph Warwick
    Joseph Warwick 2 hours ago

    Hi Dusty, We are trying to figure out how to redirect someone back to our website or to a google drive to download pdfs when they click the submit button.

  • Z
    Z 2 hours ago

    can you change the spot and size of each individual alert?

  • penneypeirce
    penneypeirce 3 hours ago

    Whew! Even with slowing playback, my head is reeling! Please slow down and be a little more organized about letting us know the basics of the process. You may know it well, but the way you're explaining is like speaking Greek.

  • Aditya Dharmani
    Aditya Dharmani 3 hours ago

    Hey, Is it possible to disable premiered feature after the video is published with premiere?

  • Rahul Nayyar
    Rahul Nayyar 4 hours ago

    Very informative.....Keep it up....

  • Daniel
    Daniel 5 hours ago

    Dusty,I have a problem with my screenflow. I would appreciate it if you could help. Here is the problem: After I recording Keynote slides vedio for teaching, I export the video as 1080p, but the quality is very low, it's blurred , even can not see the words clearly . But I do not know where is wrong . So I want to know how to adjust the export data so that I can get high quality video. Thank you Dusty!

  • Sam
    Sam 5 hours ago

    It wont detect my mouse or keyboard guess this is what i get for purchasing garbage from logitech.

  • Luis Angel Máster 180994

    Thanks you

  • Luis Angel Máster 180994

    No hay un tutorial en español

  • Ghaith Gamerbros
    Ghaith Gamerbros 6 hours ago


  • Gira fales
    Gira fales 7 hours ago


    JAKE AGULTS 8 hours ago

    Nice thanks so much this video

  • Hayes••Gaming TV

    after I go live on youtube using obs, where does my video go after im done streaming?

  • El Burén del Papi
    El Burén del Papi 9 hours ago

    Great Tutorial . . looking forward to more !

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  • Saurabh keshari
    Saurabh keshari 12 hours ago

    its not working,,,',,,,

  • Victoria H
    Victoria H 12 hours ago

    How i wish it were so easy! The actual editing oart wont show up for me!

  • Ahmed Salah
    Ahmed Salah 13 hours ago

    Wow, it's amazing job Dusty ! really thank you , keep it up

  • Banjo Skywalker
    Banjo Skywalker 14 hours ago

    You said connect the console to capture card to monitor but how can the PC identify the capture card? I mean, its plugged in the same monitor but on different hdmi in. How the card connect to the PC?

  • T I M E less
    T I M E less 15 hours ago

    thanks, it help a lot

  • 0102 ASMR
    0102 ASMR 16 hours ago

    I tried for one day still doesn't work for me.. So sad

  • Susan A
    Susan A 16 hours ago

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  • terry young
    terry young 18 hours ago

    I appreciate your video. Still stumped on how to link a doc to a form. I embedded the form on to the doc, and there was a very long url created. When I copied the url into a blank search engine. The launch came up as an error. Looking to place a photo on social media then have the interested party click on the link to fill out a response

  • Allen Allen
    Allen Allen 18 hours ago

    I did all that and leave the conversation doesn’t even show up, not even in gray! I have a iPhone 8 plus. So what’s up with that?

  • princess p
    princess p 18 hours ago

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  • Michael Kiteboarder
    Michael Kiteboarder 19 hours ago

    Excellent! Thank you!

  • ツPowerSerge2007
    ツPowerSerge2007 19 hours ago

    So If I wanna stream something else will my stream key be the same?

  • Ravenplyz
    Ravenplyz 19 hours ago

    thank you this helped alot i just got a new pc

  • spider rock 215
    spider rock 215 20 hours ago

    TheXvid are cunts !

  • Cer Bolton
    Cer Bolton 20 hours ago

    What if I don't have an OBS software, could I use a webcam to stream live?

  • Varvara Uru
    Varvara Uru 21 hour ago

    So I did the whole transform thing but now it’s like locked on that image, I’m using a Mac, and I can’t “untransform” what do I do?

  • Going Wild #99
    Going Wild #99 22 hours ago

    Dusty!! don't know this game but I like it, wish I could play multiplayer # enjoying it

  • Koreti Tovio
    Koreti Tovio 22 hours ago

    thank you for this! have been trying to get this effect for months awesome!!!

    BRYCE LOPEZ 22 hours ago

    thanks for the tips sir ..new subscriber

  • yuval158
    yuval158 23 hours ago

    I HAVE TO KNOW IF THIS HAPPENED TO ANYONE ELSE: i retracted the high bid i made by mistake and then made the right bid. after that, someone had outbid me and now if i want to increase my bid i have to bid more than the accidental bid i made at the begining!!!

  • Lilly Animates :3

    It won’t let me >:(

    GIRIIG MEDIA Day ago


  • GamingHigh Bro

    I got the go live button

  • Banjo Skywalker

    Right now, most of the themes are paid.

  • Tinted Shades
    Tinted Shades Day ago

    Hey Dusty will this work for Mixer if I stream from Xbox? If not how could I make it happen?

  • shinygirl sl
    shinygirl sl Day ago

    thank you♥

  • Lone raider
    Lone raider Day ago

    what was that thumbnail like really really man

  • T Black
    T Black Day ago

    Ok, so I'm a techtard...if I connect my TheXvid channel to Discord can EVERYONE see it? In other words I only want certain people in a live stream (problems with trolls is getting out of hand) or should I just set up a stand alone discord for a livestream? I hope I don't sound too stoopit!!😁😁

  • Arnab Baruah
    Arnab Baruah Day ago

    “As we can hear”........ . . . Put on your left earplugs too. Thank me later!

  • RealVideos
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  • hbmanowar Fortnite

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  • Rezently
    Rezently Day ago

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  • Rezently
    Rezently Day ago

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  • Dusty Porter
    Dusty Porter Day ago

    Here is direct link to the epic games store help page: www.epicgames.com/site/en-US/customer-service

  • TheRevengeGT
    TheRevengeGT Day ago

    if the font already installed can i delete the file?

  • Imran Emu
    Imran Emu Day ago

    Great Video

  • Juan Gaspar
    Juan Gaspar Day ago

    Great! Thanks.

  • MM Zaman
    MM Zaman Day ago

    Please let me know how to block an email id withch bother my hotmail inbiox. Is it possible to block the gmail ID of sender and is it also possible to let the sender know that I haven’t open ir read his email, those are wasting his time only. Thabk you

  • MoonAnimations Wolf

    Can you do a video how to screen record livestream on mobile device??

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  • Tracy Green
    Tracy Green Day ago

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  • Vedith Arsen
    Vedith Arsen Day ago

    Can we use use this tool for multiple pages because in my facebook account i have 5 different pages

  • Perspecto
    Perspecto Day ago


  • Mario Gaming
    Mario Gaming Day ago

    thnx Dude🤙

  • Bahama Mama
    Bahama Mama Day ago

    If someone sends me money, isn’t it supposed to show up in my Venmo account? I have a balance of $0 even though someone sent me $40. How do I receive the money and transfer it into my bank account?

  • Bahama Mama
    Bahama Mama Day ago

    Why aren’t you responding to people’s questions?

  • freedom77
    freedom77 Day ago

    this old is this still relv?


    i have no option of recovery previous option in recovery. How to downgrade without option?

  • Nurdiyana Shakina ameera

    THANKS!!! Very helpful

  • Square Brick Studio

    www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1607PIP8FQWM9?ref_=wl_share everythings semi cheap, I'm just broke.

  • LoshyBeGaming 1



    Thank you so much really its helps

  • TheFeniXxx
    TheFeniXxx Day ago

    My asdw is not working

  • Master Mind
    Master Mind Day ago

    i want my ppl on stream to listen to my youtube music but i dont want them to hear my teamspeak or discord how to do that

  • Supreme KING
    Supreme KING Day ago

    But how do I add some sound effects or audio at the specific time not the whole video also can't I cut out something that I don't want?

  • day by day K
    day by day K Day ago

    great video thank you super helpful just a question. Lets say I am posting a youtube video does it also take into account my thumbnail and my tag words etc? or it just posts the video. Not sure if that question makes sense. lol

  • Vincku
    Vincku Day ago

    How does Streamlabs monetize their products ?

  • Nursing with Professor B

    Really nice voice

  • Awoken
    Awoken Day ago

    Boys just use the DU recording app, it works for android and apple, You can live stream on apple I dont know about android tho

  • aalkeD
    aalkeD 2 days ago

    i had a question ive seen people showing small youtube videos on thier stream what source do i need to use,? my screen stays black as soon i share youtube

  • DenyRise
    DenyRise 2 days ago

    Can you add multiple music and does the music change by its self when you add multiple cause I don’t want to hear the same music over again

  • Naveed photo/video
    Naveed photo/video 2 days ago

    awesome,i have question regarding final formate the final project,i m editing wedding & i m new to final cut pro x,i just make one highlight & the formate i chose video & audio not computer i like to know is this best setting so people can watch on tv?

  • Cody Buhler
    Cody Buhler 2 days ago

    this killed me for stuff that could be in 5 minutes go work at walmart

  • quent
    quent 2 days ago

    where can i verify?

    PHOENIX ARCHERY 2 days ago

    great video guys

  • Jesse Langel
    Jesse Langel 2 days ago

    Great stuff, Dustin. Thank you.

  •  2 days ago

    Is there some icon which can be shown as a mod tool for deleting a chater message? I managed to find it when I use twitch on pc, but not on a android phone. Thanks.

  • ultimate gamerz
    ultimate gamerz 2 days ago

    8:42 makes more sense nice one

  • Heather Lovejoy MY FISH ADDICTION

    I sold something on Craig’s list and the gentlemen wants me to ship it, would this be a safe way to except his payment? When the money is added to my account is it available then?

  • Pomade
    Pomade 2 days ago

    e lalalalalalalala

  • Benny Pearson
    Benny Pearson 2 days ago

    what if there is no quite area to select???

  • M & G
    M & G 2 days ago

    Sketchica Ske chi chi ka

  • Kill Streak
    Kill Streak 2 days ago

    I’m trying to screen record.

  • Super Inggo
    Super Inggo 2 days ago

    Very helpful and informative vedeo

  • Travel to Go
    Travel to Go 2 days ago

    Where is the text adding option ?? Without text Adding All are Bogguss Valueless !

  • Team Black Draft
    Team Black Draft 2 days ago

    its helpful

  • Golden Productions
    Golden Productions 2 days ago

    Hey man thanks for your tutorial it really helped me out a lot with my videos so thank you so much