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Who is Joker?
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  • rocking plays today
    rocking plays today 9 minutes ago

    i hate tobey and andrew like tom

  • Freddie Stokes
    Freddie Stokes 15 minutes ago

    The Spider-Man who's was in the middle and Spider-Man on the right

  • Scott Howie
    Scott Howie 18 minutes ago

    I see Jennifer laurence ass i click 😍😍😍

  • Пакетик Чайа

    Я теперь поняла почему полная дама в последующих фильмах изменилась....

  • Sivert Ødegård

    Tom Holland

  • Pockndeckl Spendiserov

    He doesn’t have aj Audi a8? What a Shame

  • Rakesh Bharia
    Rakesh Bharia Hour ago

    Vin Diesel

  • Arceli Lanuza
    Arceli Lanuza Hour ago

    Sino chikoy dito ?

  • mute SkirZ
    mute SkirZ Hour ago

    Spider-Man is should be should be 15 in infinity war because it was released in 2018 and when Spider-Man ffh was released in 2019 flash was 16 and the. He got the champagne taken away from him on the plane

  • Sandy Stupidity
    Sandy Stupidity Hour ago

    I'm not really a fan of Kylie but why do most of the people shame someone just because he/she had a plastic surgery? What if they just want to get over with their insecurities? Hmmm..

  • Rezi
    Rezi 2 hours ago

    I love hermione

  • manohara murthy
    manohara murthy 2 hours ago


  • Madison Nunez
    Madison Nunez 2 hours ago

    The poor nures she has seen enough

  • :s o u r o m i:
    :s o u r o m i: 3 hours ago

    Tobey is of course the best no doubt

  • takeo kaiko
    takeo kaiko 3 hours ago

    All of them

  • Conny Slabbers
    Conny Slabbers 3 hours ago

    Keanu Reeves, he is the Best Actor and Person.

  • zeynomm savaç
    zeynomm savaç 3 hours ago


  • gio minecrafter
    gio minecrafter 3 hours ago

    tom hardi

  • Iron Márk
    Iron Márk 4 hours ago

    Tom Holland

  • sophia rowan
    sophia rowan 4 hours ago

    Andrew will always be my favourite, he captured the geekiness of Peter Parker without falling into the high school nerd trap. Many people think Spider-Man was the dorky nerd when if you read the comics he was more of a loner, someone who was really smart but never really showed it off. Andrew did that the best, in my opinion. And his suit was dope

  • LGSaikou
    LGSaikou 4 hours ago

    I thought Tom and Zen was made up

  • hardi tamboi
    hardi tamboi 4 hours ago

    I cry because now Paul Walker has died, he is a figure that makes me so excited to watch.😢

  • Goat Digger
    Goat Digger 4 hours ago

    Tobey Maguire is the best even after Homecoming IMO

  • Can katmanoğlu
    Can katmanoğlu 4 hours ago

    Dave bautista

  • samja sadath
    samja sadath 4 hours ago

    Tom Holland The Great

  • Matti Nurmi
    Matti Nurmi 4 hours ago


  • Sam Taba
    Sam Taba 4 hours ago

    The greatest spider man is tom holland

  • Thaneindra Naidu
    Thaneindra Naidu 5 hours ago


  • Jayden Soriano
    Jayden Soriano 5 hours ago

    I like tobey

  • Its All About ML
    Its All About ML 5 hours ago

    Kristian ph introooo

  • Nikolas Kratsas
    Nikolas Kratsas 5 hours ago

    Chris Evans shouldn't count,if it wasn't for the super-soldier serum he wouldn't be like that

  • Cinderella Kim Heechul

    Kendall got some work done too, in her face. The difference between the two of them is that Kendall's smart for the work she's done. The thing I love Kendall is that she didn't do anything about her body.

    BINDU K M 6 hours ago

    10:39 *ohhh finally i can see him with his 2 eyes*

  • Carlos Yael Rivera Marquez

    7:21 Oh What’s up Shark Boy 😂

  • Dinu Chettri
    Dinu Chettri 7 hours ago

    Tom Holland spider Man is best

  • mario dec
    mario dec 7 hours ago

    Tobey maguire is the best. Best for memes

  • Alisha Antaran
    Alisha Antaran 7 hours ago

    What is the tittle of the song

  • hi hi
    hi hi 7 hours ago

    Tobey and mguires great gatsby was awesome

  • Sui Lao
    Sui Lao 8 hours ago

    Tom ❤️😍

  • Nayansha Bhattarai
    Nayansha Bhattarai 8 hours ago

    money speaks..

  • Kalimuddin Siddique
    Kalimuddin Siddique 8 hours ago

    Andrew Garfield is best

  • Phlonda Davis
    Phlonda Davis 9 hours ago

    Jack is in it but in it movie his name is eddie

  • Cowdy
    Cowdy 10 hours ago

    i thought dobby was made by some effect lol

  • Ryan Danahy
    Ryan Danahy 10 hours ago

    Just saying 9:33 Thats Mary Jane, better known as MJ not michelle. just sayin

  • 김두한
    김두한 10 hours ago

    얼마나 됐다고 이렇게 컷냐

  • Miffet Blue
    Miffet Blue 10 hours ago

    Great video but it was more of a biography and not the display of wealth the title predicts.

    HINNY 4 LIFE 11 hours ago


    HINNY 4 LIFE 11 hours ago

    People who don't believe Ron Weasly | | \|/

  • Eliete Silva
    Eliete Silva 11 hours ago

    Nossa a bella gente eu não acredito

  • Abing Candelaza
    Abing Candelaza 12 hours ago

    But stormi has a resemblance with kylie when she is a baby girl

  • Spring Terry
    Spring Terry 12 hours ago

    whats the background song???

  • Diego Mendoza
    Diego Mendoza 12 hours ago

    My man Thor taking pics in a tablet

  • kiora unny
    kiora unny 12 hours ago

    *when her lips change from ----- to 👄👄💋👅👄 i felt that*

  • REALDualDesertEagle
    REALDualDesertEagle 12 hours ago

    For me it's gotta be Andrew Garfield! I think his acting was the most convincing, especially the argument with aunt May and uncle Ben. And the scene where he saved the little boy from the car hanging from the bridge was brilliant aswell. Tom Holland was a little too much of an excited teenager for my liking, but other than that his performance was great too. Tobey Maguire often had me like "meh, not exactly what I'd do in that situation", like who would go full send and jump off a building to test if their powers were coming back rather than concentrating real hard while trying to get ur hands to stick to the wall. But the move that killed it for me was when he showed off dancing with Gwen Stacey while MJ was watching.

  • Pogi ako Share mo lang

    Stark son spiderman

  • Romane
    Romane 12 hours ago

    9:24 hum .. that not kaya scodelario on the right .....

  • Cris Matos
    Cris Matos 13 hours ago

    Kendal é linda, Kylie artificial e parece mais velha.

  • World wide Gaming
    World wide Gaming 13 hours ago

    At 5:34 is what i look like on the toilet

  • •Ava BettY•
    •Ava BettY• 13 hours ago


  • Skellee-Ninja67
    Skellee-Ninja67 13 hours ago

    1 like is 1 respect for all the actors who have sadly passed 😥

  • amydwalters74
    amydwalters74 13 hours ago

    What thumbnail?

  • Hans Gruber
    Hans Gruber 13 hours ago


  • MrPoutine
    MrPoutine 14 hours ago

    Andrew Garfield is my favorite character

  • Yamina Amirouche
    Yamina Amirouche 14 hours ago

    Omg 😯 I think Donny was a doll ??? Ok 👍 500…points that the one u liked remember get A like u will be AMAZED it switch different color !down here👇🏻

  • مطبخ أم صفاء Cucina da Safà

    اكلمك ان شاء الله بالتوفيق يا رب دوم تواصل بين اثنين يا رب 👍😍👏👌😙👍

  • Shayan Khan
    Shayan Khan 14 hours ago

    tbh im so inlove with emma

  • Mr.Skittles
    Mr.Skittles 14 hours ago

    topher grace is spiderman but black and "evil" while hardy is actually like what venoms supposed to be

  • Shayan Khan
    Shayan Khan 14 hours ago

    a movie that always make me cry

  • Filiz Özdemir
    Filiz Özdemir 14 hours ago

    Weasly family

  • John Emmons
    John Emmons 14 hours ago

    Thanks to this video I was able to make more connections to the the x men spinoff the gifted

  • guilherme pavão
    guilherme pavão 15 hours ago

    quem e esse filho da mãe com a mulher do Tony???

  • LoraK
    LoraK 15 hours ago

    Andrew Garfield is the best Spider-Man

  • Rusyaidi 04
    Rusyaidi 04 16 hours ago

    What song name this videos

    MUZ OĞLU MUZ 16 hours ago

    6:14 Cedric ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    MUZ OĞLU MUZ 16 hours ago

    Snape is dead!!!😭

  • Heppy Sabian Saga Tamdjid

    Joe Taslim Actor from indonesia

  • Gacha_Fox CZ
    Gacha_Fox CZ 16 hours ago

    What name is this song???

  • Alaizan Aljhanan
    Alaizan Aljhanan 16 hours ago

    in 2013 superman learned wear his brief inside

  • Miniproka11. 2
    Miniproka11. 2 16 hours ago

    Tom Holland

  • Mr Odenk
    Mr Odenk 16 hours ago

    Kok Tobey berasa lebih ganteng dari pada Leonardo

  • Junn Jn louis
    Junn Jn louis 16 hours ago


  • ютуб и игры
    ютуб и игры 16 hours ago

    Кто русь

  • Ishaan Chanda
    Ishaan Chanda 17 hours ago

    Peter Parker is the best

  • Nancy Apaza Ticona
    Nancy Apaza Ticona 17 hours ago


  • SGE Max07
    SGE Max07 17 hours ago

    What we wanted: Dramoine What is real:

  • Alexis Gibson
    Alexis Gibson 17 hours ago

    I like Tom Holland better because like he said in real life that he acts like his own character 💕❤️❤️🤩🤩he is prefect for the job and he has a lot of challenges in his lifetime and have difficult times over the past few years of his life ✌🏻✌🏻👍👍💕💕🥰🥰😘😘😍😍you are doing really good for the character.

  • Saraah Santos
    Saraah Santos 17 hours ago

    Cersei tá diferente

  • THE 4TH
    THE 4TH 17 hours ago

    What a shame that Daniel now is gay

  • Eric Adryanto
    Eric Adryanto 17 hours ago

    Zoe zaldana 👎

  • abdul wassay
    abdul wassay 17 hours ago

    chris hemsworth

  • Sofie Risvold
    Sofie Risvold 17 hours ago

    Welcome back to "why is this on my phone"

  • Alberto Chies
    Alberto Chies 17 hours ago

    Kylie looked so beautiful at 2:09

  • FourtzyYT
    FourtzyYT 19 hours ago


  • Eva Xx
    Eva Xx 19 hours ago

    8:32 that does not look like Kylie tbh <3

  • Tore Foncello
    Tore Foncello 19 hours ago

    Già da uno a sessanta come sei adeso di gana alimentare ti piace il formagio sardo cuelo dei pastori ti mete su di giri ti saluto un abracio con amore e fratellanza e ciauuuu meda

  • RM
    RM 19 hours ago

    Tobey Maguire is the best Spider-Man

  • Shubham Singhania
    Shubham Singhania 20 hours ago

    Tobey Maguire is always best

  • 101-ch ราฟาร่า


  • nela bulandrová
    nela bulandrová 20 hours ago

    Tom Holland ❤

  • Noah Hijazi
    Noah Hijazi 20 hours ago

    Crabbe did not change