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  • Heta Suokivi
    Heta Suokivi 2 hours ago

    we don’t want this 1d bullshit, please delete and focus on his solo career next time

  • *CrZy GAchA*
    *CrZy GAchA* 2 hours ago

    the host IS FUCKING BAD

  • Pampi Devi
    Pampi Devi 2 hours ago

    ooo God why so handsome😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍

  • Minorza
    Minorza 3 hours ago


  • Dria Woods
    Dria Woods 3 hours ago

    “Is finally asked”? You people are constantly asking him that same question tho and he’s giving the same answer. Can we stop asking

  • فراشة الامل

    𝕄𝕚𝕤𝕤 𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕞 ☹♥

  • Nora Little Mix
    Nora Little Mix 3 hours ago

    İ love you Anne - Marie ♥️👍♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Bích Ngọc Trần
    Bích Ngọc Trần 3 hours ago


  • kaycee lagmay
    kaycee lagmay 3 hours ago

    im not getting my hopes up we already know what hes gonna say 😭

  • Jana Milojević
    Jana Milojević 3 hours ago

    "that's my friend" Me in 2019: HMMM I WOULDN'T SAY SO.

  • Jeonlous Jams
    Jeonlous Jams 3 hours ago

    This is why ARMY loves her :)

  • DILEK Karakuza
    DILEK Karakuza 3 hours ago

    Türk yokmu sayımızı belli edelim ya

  • christian achahui
    christian achahui 3 hours ago

    Buen tema! 👍👍👍

    SUNIL BIRHADE 3 hours ago

    song is beautiful but she is more more more beautiful,🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Dhriti Narsaria
    Dhriti Narsaria 3 hours ago


  • Georgia
    Georgia 3 hours ago

    Worst interviewer, never diss BTS mate

  • Georgia
    Georgia 3 hours ago

    Fuckin love her!! Served him right !

  • 김태형이ᅵ
    김태형이ᅵ 3 hours ago

    I used to not like her because of her shampoo scandal and music about drugs, but when I heard her sing with BTS, I fell in love with her. I saw her happy side, I saw her being friendly and having funs, and I saw our boys having fun, and not feeling left out. I'm really glad that they met each other ❤ I'm also about to beat this interviewers a$$ like come on who the hell is he.

  • photo light studio
    photo light studio 3 hours ago

    pitbull the man of man

  • jen willis
    jen willis 3 hours ago

    Is anyone else just going through all of Liam's recent interviews and stuff he has been doing lately? 😂

  • Crazy Tima
    Crazy Tima 3 hours ago


  • too wild for life
    too wild for life 3 hours ago

    noo i will be at school at that time

  • Sanjana Rachel Stephen i won't be able to sleep for 2 days..

  • Нурлан Долдоев

    Качан бизде ушундай стадион болот экен😁😊

  • zahida saeed
    zahida saeed 4 hours ago

    not fair

  • Z Silver
    Z Silver 4 hours ago

    I let my mom show this, she is now a warrior of Tomora.

  • Corneliu Pacurar
    Corneliu Pacurar 4 hours ago

    Came here from TheXvid Music to read the comments

  • tommo the tease
    tommo the tease 4 hours ago

    y'all pulling a liam by making us wait TWO DAYS

  • Weetabigs
    Weetabigs 4 hours ago

    What's her vibe ?

  • mariamkamran
    mariamkamran 4 hours ago

    Hall Sea

    DAMIEN ESPINOZA 4 hours ago

    Ji vigtil.

  • mehrzad enjavi
    mehrzad enjavi 4 hours ago

    who like khalid?

  • Manika Warner31
    Manika Warner31 4 hours ago

    He has been asked about this many times and he's said that they will come but not sure when...He know Niall is ready the day they decide and he hasn't been in touch with Harry for a while so he doen't know about his stand on it....😊😊#directioners #awaiting #reunion

  • Apoorva Joshi
    Apoorva Joshi 4 hours ago

    Bro we all know that Liam's gonna say something along the lines of: *"We will be back together, the but question is when. Everyone is having their own successes right now and it wouldn't be fair to just take that away. I usually just say whatever date I think at the time so I'll just say 2020 hopefully."*

  • Cassiopeia azzah
    Cassiopeia azzah 4 hours ago

    Love you Halsey

  • Priscilla Ramos
    Priscilla Ramos 4 hours ago

    I am 9 and i love your songs i love like crazy. My big sister is a fan to

  • Xtyl Blyt Jyn
    Xtyl Blyt Jyn 4 hours ago

    So loving you Anne Marie!💖💖💖

  • Mai Eraky
    Mai Eraky 4 hours ago

    I Love you Anne

  • salo. mx
    salo. mx 4 hours ago

    I think Freddie and Bear should meet one day!!

  • Chadi Farah
    Chadi Farah 4 hours ago

    This is NOT FAIR !! Capital I thought we were from the same team !!

  • Linn Persson
    Linn Persson 4 hours ago

    If I have to wait 3 days I hope he dosent say: I dont know when OR that they won't come back.

  • chronic youth
    chronic youth 4 hours ago

    I love this because it shows how high leigh's notes can get even when she's talking. The talent!

    VALUEROGALL WTG 4 hours ago

    Legends never die

  • kavya vijayakumar
    kavya vijayakumar 4 hours ago

    Anyone after her marriage😍 All time favoo song😇 Love U Ellie mam❤ Love from Indian🇮🇳

  • Come to Brazil: Big Boy Rank

    *theres life in the old dick yet*

  • Luki Laki
    Luki Laki 4 hours ago

    Good job

  • john schawrz
    john schawrz 5 hours ago

    She's a cutie pie :3

  • caddilac19
    caddilac19 5 hours ago

    wtf is this shit

  • Chimmy Park
    Chimmy Park 5 hours ago

    Am i the one here read the comment first,because i thought Jesy is leaving little mix?

  • Nicole Peng
    Nicole Peng 5 hours ago

    3:15 *wE'Ll cArrY ON cUz IM a pROfesSioNaL* says the one that arrived late and dissed a boy band just outta nowhere

  • lorca lorca
    lorca lorca 5 hours ago

    the last part is my fav..😅😂

  • Veda Rao
    Veda Rao 5 hours ago

    One Direction is totally incomplete without Zayn

  • Nicole Peng
    Nicole Peng 5 hours ago

    2:50 your welcome

  • Nicole Peng
    Nicole Peng 5 hours ago

    he took quite a while just to know her name oml

  • Deeksha S
    Deeksha S 5 hours ago

    Capital FM knows how to draw viewers...

  • Andrea Tan
    Andrea Tan 5 hours ago

    how many times has liam been asked this question, ive lost count. but if youre going to make me wait 2 more entire days it better be well worth it. honestly liam is so patient in interviews at least ask him abt his music?

  • Genelle Campbell
    Genelle Campbell 5 hours ago

    Once Demi covers your song, you're done lol She literally improves EVERYTHING she touches. Insane talent!❤❤

  • Hannah Ridzuan
    Hannah Ridzuan 5 hours ago

    she forgot how to sing her own song?!

  • Kamal Syauqi
    Kamal Syauqi 5 hours ago

    Neyo and Pitbull looks so happy but cause living just shit going be happy

  • Nada
    Nada 5 hours ago

    Back in 2018 he said I bet my money it’s 2020 now they don’t know when

  • Kamal Syauqi
    Kamal Syauqi 5 hours ago

    He dance moves like mj chris brown the wekend just you but cause don't know what do what the hell

  • Nada
    Nada 5 hours ago

    Damn all for views

  • Afshan Khatoon
    Afshan Khatoon 5 hours ago


  • Tyler Music
    Tyler Music 5 hours ago

    Is it bad that as soon as I saw Luke with a guitar I grinned and I just miss fetus them

  • Tyler Music
    Tyler Music 5 hours ago

    Where's the jump? 😭

  • Sofia's Glitter Time TV

    Same story for me. Just when I got my first period.

  • Stevie Armando
    Stevie Armando 5 hours ago

    He’s a good performer! This was cool.

  • Duarte Taveira
    Duarte Taveira 5 hours ago


  • ShinChanVines
    ShinChanVines 5 hours ago

    madre mia que berridos

  • Евгений Лалыкин

    Уже бы без лифчик вышла

  • Jammyiii
    Jammyiii 5 hours ago

    I played this with my friend in class yesterday and we went back and forth till my teacher came back in the room and it was left on my turn and half way through my lesson I made contact with my friend leant back in my chair and in the dead silence of the room yelled bogies, he conceded after that 😌

  • Евгений Лалыкин

    Блядь как же вы заебали как шлюхи одеваться. А потом пиздите что мужикам только секс нужен

  • Venura Rashmi
    Venura Rashmi 5 hours ago

    What an audience!!+

  • Alicia Silva
    Alicia Silva 5 hours ago

    Wtf kk

  • ツイッターAndou12Andy


  • Suresh Singh Bohra
    Suresh Singh Bohra 5 hours ago

    who is watching now🌶🌶🌶😝😝😝😋😚😎

  • a cool cat
    a cool cat 5 hours ago


  • Mirabegira
    Mirabegira 6 hours ago

    Cada día me gusta más esta tía !!!

  • Sari Agus Priyanti
    Sari Agus Priyanti 6 hours ago

    beautiful vocal.. they are great

  • Patricia de Leon
    Patricia de Leon 6 hours ago

    I'm only 1:30min in, and this is feeling cringy af

  • JayTheRulerOf Monsters

    Just Plain ole Crazy Taylor 😂 Love you Taylor! 🖤🖤

  • koimi
    koimi 6 hours ago

    she so poor cant even bought pants..

  • the ginger biker
    the ginger biker 6 hours ago

    “There’s life in the old dick yet.” That’s what she said...

  • Achmad Noval
    Achmad Noval 6 hours ago

    I love cio adios

  • Lunar 342
    Lunar 342 6 hours ago

    Halsey be like:"Burn baby burn!"

  • Lana Phelps
    Lana Phelps 6 hours ago


  • Rabeya Rabeya
    Rabeya Rabeya 6 hours ago

    Love from Bangladesh 🥰

  • Nur Aaliyah
    Nur Aaliyah 6 hours ago


  • Jynaya Leota
    Jynaya Leota 6 hours ago

    It's very sarcastic 🤣🤣

  • Kalesha Kareem
    Kalesha Kareem 6 hours ago

    We want more songs

  • josh's journey site
    josh's journey site 6 hours ago


  • Rawan Ahmed
    Rawan Ahmed 6 hours ago

    اكو عرب

  • alms yf
    alms yf 6 hours ago

    I'm shook when liam said *"niall"* for *"name something you see at a football match..."*

  • Amberlynn Wix
    Amberlynn Wix 6 hours ago

    It's horse tack is attached!

  • Jessie Edmonston
    Jessie Edmonston 6 hours ago

    The Florida song that’s “pretty cool” is just a sample of an 80s song not made by him😂

    DANI REXHA 6 hours ago

    Good Jonh Newman

  • Leen Clyde_11
    Leen Clyde_11 6 hours ago

    "Bad Talk Show Host?" Yeahh burn gurllll we lit❤

  • yun maria
    yun maria 7 hours ago


  • Ragesh Pp
    Ragesh Pp 7 hours ago

    Halsey : bad talk show host Yoongi sees this video Yoongi : she Remembered What I teach her