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  • Couldn't think of a Youtube name.

    Hans is not appreciated enough, he will be remembered when we are long gone as the mozart of his time.

  • Couldn't think of a Youtube name.

    It disappoints me that there are 3 other results before this when u search time.

  • MrBucketlist
    MrBucketlist 3 hours ago

    Man this takes me back to the first time I saw this movie and heard this epic song......I havent been the same since ...

  • talimanwiz
    talimanwiz 4 hours ago

    Dajjal music

  • Lucas JAN
    Lucas JAN 9 hours ago

    Love it

  • Abo Dudenginski
    Abo Dudenginski 11 hours ago

    this is seriously the best random recommendation I've had in a while... just beautiful.

  • Christopher Lowe
    Christopher Lowe 11 hours ago

    I'm listening to this while bending Paris like an armature

  • Christian Jacq
    Christian Jacq 12 hours ago

    Une page symphonique intense et déchirante qui dialogue avec une forme musicale inspirée du baroque, c'est franchement réussi !

  • Tomáš Barát
    Tomáš Barát 15 hours ago

    We dont need Oscar...coz we have Mr. Zimmer.....

    NASTY HAM 16 hours ago

    My "What have I really done with my life" song

  • mick stevenson

    Feel like i should be running through the burning village of my enemy's in slow motion with this playing

  • Da WildBoyy
    Da WildBoyy Day ago

    Goddammit. It's 1:20am on Thursday night, I've got unfinished homework for Friday, and this is my 7th time back here.

  • Milja
    Milja Day ago

    I have not seen this movie (yet) but I absolutely love this sountrack - and actually all of Hans Zimmer's works. They're so beautiful!



  • Leigh Cornelissen


  • Celya Bachelard

    Ala gym j'ai fait une prestation au sol avec sa ça raconte tellement une belle histoire Je suis la seule francaise ??? 😂😂

  • Jennie Squad
    Jennie Squad Day ago

    Still don't get it why this masterpiece didnt get's like the best movie that ever created...

  • Deoclides Dahmer Mano


  • SuperLemon65
    SuperLemon65 2 days ago

    Sole people says that Hans Zimmer is the Beethoven, or the Mozart of our era. I say NO. HE IS HANS ZIMMER.

  • Drunk Monkey
    Drunk Monkey 2 days ago

    i finally found it, heard this first time from one piece amv fire fist ace. from wallpaper engine

  • Петр Фурманов

    Arnold Swarznegger brought me here))

  • 3000 Subscribers Without Videos

    *Time is money* - Benjamin Franklin

  • Zipo Nombayingana
    Zipo Nombayingana 2 days ago

    Who's with me listening to this Beautiful music even in 2019?

    • Sy
      Sy Day ago

      I am :)

  • Amit chaudhary
    Amit chaudhary 2 days ago

    Hans zimmer doesn't need voice to put on in his songs coz he put soul

    ΞLLΞИ 2 days ago

    Above 2.5 k views by only me.....

  • Fagachini Linguini
    Fagachini Linguini 3 days ago

    Das is good music

  • Emrah Bingöl
    Emrah Bingöl 3 days ago

    Yıllardır dinliyordum ve son zamanlarda eski zevkini vermediğini düşünmeye başlamıştım ki onu uzun aradan sonra yeniden rüyamda görünceye dek.. Bu müzik sadece onu düşününce sonsuz huzur veriyormuş meğer onu farkettim bugün.

  • XMaster
    XMaster 3 days ago

    This is amazing

  • Denil SVU
    Denil SVU 3 days ago

    Не дай бог бы оно случилось, но мы все знаем прекрасно что оно должно случиться, когда-то оно и наступит, потому что всё приходит когда-то концу

  • David rb
    David rb 3 days ago

    Do you think Zimmer is a genius? Yes: Like No: then fuck you

  • Tony Hanska BEATS
    Tony Hanska BEATS 3 days ago

    Christopher Nolan + Hans Zimmer= Masterpiece

  • MintGod
    MintGod 4 days ago

    mass effect 3

  • Miguel Catelli
    Miguel Catelli 4 days ago

    Hans Zimmer is a genius! His songs are life for my ears!

  • Giorgi Qoiava
    Giorgi Qoiava 4 days ago

    If You Sort Newest First like Comment ❤

  • Infinity Hamster
    Infinity Hamster 4 days ago

    Dont need to see the movie to know this song

  • Arindam Chatterjee
    Arindam Chatterjee 4 days ago

    A curved metal object with physical shape named Oscar does not define greatness of Hans Zimmer.

  • M CLAN
    M CLAN 4 days ago

    Just can`t stop listen to this masterpiece. Even not in December 2019'

  • MP South-Blue
    MP South-Blue 4 days ago

    Anyone december 2019 ?


    I m literally crying

  • Luis Fernando Zumaran

    Una vida contigo, un eternidad en mis sueños. Es lo que mas anhelo y quiero. Cuando estes aquí por fin nos reuniremos y asi nos amaremos.

  • Kimberly James
    Kimberly James 5 days ago

    Dec 1, 2019 - this is the theme that appropriately ends a decade. And starts the next one...

  • Zeyad Al-lami
    Zeyad Al-lami 5 days ago

    In my country Iraq people fighting the government and theirs militias in the streets, dying in dozens but wont retreats, no room to weakness or fear it is all about freedom and dignity, It is all about better future for their kids not for them. It is a blood and time battle.

    • guilty83
      guilty83 5 days ago

      Zeyad Al-lami - i hope you’re okay, stay safe my friend. <3

  • Felipe Abreu
    Felipe Abreu 5 days ago


  • just for fun
    just for fun 5 days ago

    Every day before sleep 😶

  • just for fun
    just for fun 5 days ago

    Dec 2019 ??????

  • Prince Eugène De Savoie

    This composition is immortal.

  • Farold BolzenwerfeR

    Just only for the Titel "Time" from the movie inception, he deserves a totaly new award maybe "German Donnerhammer"^^ in english "German Thunderhammer" he is such a genius!!! German Power!!!

  • VAN高
    VAN高 5 days ago

    In fact, the gyro was cobb's wife's totem, and cobb's totem was the ring on his finger. It is said in the film that totem is not to be known by people other than oneself. If you look at all the real world scenarios, cobb doesn't have a ring on his finger, but he does have a ring in his dream. But the film always emphasizes the gyro, ignores the ring, and keeps the audience's attention on the gyro, which is also an idea implanted by the director to the audience. When you notice if the gyro stops, you fall into a trap.

  • Bernhard Reck
    Bernhard Reck 5 days ago

    Schaurig 😱aber tolle Musik 👏👏👏

  • NXTLVL Gaming
    NXTLVL Gaming 5 days ago

    this is good shit really good shit.

  • Mr. Shin
    Mr. Shin 5 days ago

    Who will see this with me in December 2019?

  • Devyn Thomas
    Devyn Thomas 6 days ago

    There are only two types of people in the world, the ones who tear up during this song, or the ones who are either deaf, braindead, or simply have no soul.

  • Simo_ Aksachli
    Simo_ Aksachli 6 days ago

    December 2019 ?!

  • أمجد احمد
    أمجد احمد 6 days ago


  • Anurag Dhole
    Anurag Dhole 6 days ago

    This song can represents the beginning and the end of mankind.

  • CaptainR3x 117
    CaptainR3x 117 6 days ago

    Everything Hans touch turn to gold it’s impressive

  • green eyes
    green eyes 6 days ago

    Gives me goosebumps everytime. End of life

  • green eyes
    green eyes 6 days ago

    How can 12k not like it!

  • dule0512
    dule0512 6 days ago

    Best words about this song I have read was that this song explain how Hanz Zimmes saw born of universe 13 billion years ago

  • अर्धयोगी अर्धभोगी

    I want to live physically forever in this universe with happiness with everyone I know and doesn't know...........

  • Ventoza
    Ventoza 6 days ago

    Pearl Harbor and Inception! m?

    • Ventoza
      Ventoza 6 days ago

      Soundtrack for Inception is fake from H.Zimmer itself. And still its amazing track

  • suhail hussain
    suhail hussain 6 days ago

    What other pieces of music can rival this seriously I want to know trying to create ultimate playlist

  • Abdul Wasay
    Abdul Wasay 7 days ago

    World's best movie ..... i think this type of old movie more better than future movie

  • Keith Drummond
    Keith Drummond 7 days ago

    This remind,s me of how little time we have left according to bible prophecies that have came true and how we are living in the last day,s unless we do what god has ask,s of us ,and climate change,ect,praise, jah,,I feel so sorry for everyone who has lost love one,s , and how I look forward to see my mum and dad again x

  • happysayan
    happysayan 7 days ago

    this music makes me think of breathing and also big waves in the sea

  • Jana Fischerová
    Jana Fischerová 7 days ago

    The music, the melody - amazing! I have trembling on my body ...💗💖

  • chris.73 ed
    chris.73 ed 7 days ago

    Already listening in 2020

  • Belen Cires
    Belen Cires 8 days ago

    I make LOVE with this music yesterday. Heaven.

  • koalemos
    koalemos 8 days ago

    two words , “musical melancholy”

  • VDM
    VDM 8 days ago

    1:01 Tennessee Pearl Harbor?🤔

  • daylight living
    daylight living 9 days ago


  • Alca Beats
    Alca Beats 9 days ago

    Who will listen to this Masterpiece in 2050?

  • Ravi Rodriguez
    Ravi Rodriguez 9 days ago

    3 2 2

  • Tontzar
    Tontzar 9 days ago

    why is this in 240p lol

  • Jordane Andrade Soares

    Não entendi porque tudo flutua. Acho que é do lugar e pronto.

  • snappy
    snappy 9 days ago

    "Leaving Wallbrook On The Road" in Rain Man, that's when I discovered HZ who share the same initials with me btw ;)

    THE PRAKASH SHOW 9 days ago

    When villains become great they produce 1) Cobb 2) Joker 3) Vass

  • DiaReturns
    DiaReturns 9 days ago

    what is life?

    AMJH 4LAH 10 days ago

    This bonkers good.

  • paula chapel
    paula chapel 10 days ago

    This comment section. Is beautiful.

  • ꜱᴀᴅʜᴇᴀʀᴛ

    I imagine this playing when a nuke goes off and it shows the chaos of it all around the world.

  • cjthenoisemaker
    cjthenoisemaker 10 days ago

    Now go listen to Neil Cicierega - T.I.M.E.

  • Mika van Meeteren
    Mika van Meeteren 10 days ago

    Speed: 1,25

  • Lord Bailey
    Lord Bailey 10 days ago

    An Array nested inside of an Array inside of another Array.

  • Urban Snowbay
    Urban Snowbay 10 days ago

    This video is the most 240p quality that has gain more likes

  • God of Roar
    God of Roar 10 days ago

    Too bad this movie sucked.

  • Piano With Anant
    Piano With Anant 10 days ago

    Here from Peter buka's cover

  • TheFilmist
    TheFilmist 11 days ago

    This song might just be life.

  • 8 Bit Goan
    8 Bit Goan 11 days ago

    Mr. Zimmer we want you to compose a track to showcase a couple who are lost in their own dreams and are living a life in a world where no rules of physics apply and the plot of the movie is so mind bending it would screw with even the brightest of the lot, ultimately getting them into an argument about the main character if he is living in reality or in a dream. Is it too much to ask Mr. Zimmer? Hans: *plays the first 'ting' on the piano* it's already done.

  • Mehmet Şerif
    Mehmet Şerif 11 days ago

    📂Documents └📁Music └📁 Hans Zimmer └📁 Bad Songs └⚠️ This folder is empty

  • Mehmet Şerif
    Mehmet Şerif 11 days ago

    The Best

  • Oliver Evans
    Oliver Evans 11 days ago

    i listen to this whilst browsing Amazon

  • Not Stonks
    Not Stonks 11 days ago

    If you have a bad day listen this

  • доктор планктон

    GOOD 👍

  • Gustavo de Carvalho
    Gustavo de Carvalho 12 days ago

    A origem(inception) i love this song

  • joker rr6
    joker rr6 12 days ago

    1-turn off the lights. 2-wear your headphones. 3-close the door. 4-play the song. "now you are in a completely different world."

  • shaserdeses
    shaserdeses 12 days ago

    “Don’t watch the clock;do what it does, keep going”

  • Софія Ситнікова

    Геніальний композитор і фільм шикарний! Один з найцікавіших, що я бачила. Привіт from Ukraine!

  • David Tournier
    David Tournier 12 days ago

    Hans Zimmer est le plus grand compositeur de notre temps. Quel frisson à chaque écoute c’est magistral 👏

  • Fra Coro
    Fra Coro 13 days ago

    Mozart scansate !!