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  • dlewis11380 L
    dlewis11380 L Hour ago

    LEbron and Chainz such OG’s listening and observing.

    MHBULLSFAN Hour ago

    So he got mad, because the coach told him he could go home after he said he was banged up? 😂😂

    MHBULLSFAN Hour ago

    Can't wait to see what this clown does after football lol

  • Game Winning Drive

    Antonio browns voice sounds like Kendrick lamar a little bit

  • Jonathan King
    Jonathan King 2 hours ago

    Bron look like he was waiting for the camera to stop so he could knock the blonde of AB face lol

  • ChristopherTaylor XI

    AB sippin’ bleach

  • Olvin Fuentes
    Olvin Fuentes 4 hours ago

    Yellow mustache dumb fuck

  • Colt Loe
    Colt Loe 5 hours ago


    TARRION 5 hours ago

    Bruh I gained respect from AB 💯

  • James K
    James K 8 hours ago

    And these guys are the “leaders” of the entertainment and sports industries today you all created. Bahahahaha what complete joke our society has become. Terrible

  • Matt Garcia
    Matt Garcia 8 hours ago

    everyone except Marvin was uncomfortable lol

  • kakarot songoku
    kakarot songoku 8 hours ago

    Lmao Antonio brown right as hell they are controlled they are paid slaves I like how the black people give the master gonna get you face when you speak the truth

  • 38kal
    38kal 9 hours ago

    6th rounder damn how about that.. 💯

  • Ace Blah
    Ace Blah 9 hours ago

    AB dum af

  • Pt36915
    Pt36915 9 hours ago

    The walrus

  • micjakes1
    micjakes1 10 hours ago

    AMAZING. Thanks for the post. This is gold.

  • Hassan Jaber
    Hassan Jaber 10 hours ago

    What a fag AB is

    NESS DAGOD 10 hours ago

    I'm convinced ab is slow!

  • Got Bunnies
    Got Bunnies 11 hours ago

    Lebron, Jamie, AD and Meek: AB:"🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡"

  • Nicholas Colvin
    Nicholas Colvin 12 hours ago

    lebron lookin at AB like this sisqo blonde mustache wearin lol

  • Lex Stacks
    Lex Stacks 12 hours ago

    What an idiot.. Shannon sharpe is a huge Lebron fan. I think Shannon is doing very well. Also, AB don't have an ego? Really bro..

  • Chris mil
    Chris mil 12 hours ago

    AB definitely be having those receiving yards he craves in prison.

  • Phillip Barbour
    Phillip Barbour 12 hours ago

    a bunch of jerks talking to each other

  • Jaymin McDonald
    Jaymin McDonald 12 hours ago

    Why the inmates can't run the asylum.

    GRIMLOCKED1 13 hours ago

    Go rape somebody

  • James Hepperly
    James Hepperly 13 hours ago

    Wow, big heads, all in the room are a complete joke

  • Houston Strong
    Houston Strong 13 hours ago

    Narcissistic at its finest

  • Big Lou
    Big Lou 15 hours ago

    I live in Pittsburgh. So glad this asshole is gone!

  • Rex Lin
    Rex Lin 16 hours ago

    Le Bron regretting this interview now. Lol.

  • Hvac sales1
    Hvac sales1 18 hours ago


  • Joel Smith
    Joel Smith 18 hours ago

    Jesus what am I listening too? Are they speaking English

  • Mohamed Dobrova
    Mohamed Dobrova 18 hours ago

    Lebron at 0:40 haha Classic face of "inviting the wrong friend to your christmas party". AB lyin through his blonde stach throughout this too haha

  • # gm_fran_tmc
    # gm_fran_tmc 19 hours ago

    🤔Some of y’all definitely spook to soon.💯

  • KingCarson
    KingCarson 20 hours ago

    Powerful moment and great people in one room!!!!

  • BeyBeyKid Adeyemi
    BeyBeyKid Adeyemi 20 hours ago

    What a fuckin LAME

  • Team Wells
    Team Wells 21 hour ago

    The guy with the milk mustash probably couldn't even speak on television day in and day out. He doesn't have an ego, yet he records himself working out.

  • Chest Rockwell
    Chest Rockwell 21 hour ago

    Thank God for the sickle cell

  • Julio Jones
    Julio Jones 21 hour ago

    talking ab sports ain't a job that all men talk about (work) is an reason to get away from the wife

  • Ebony Ferguson
    Ebony Ferguson 22 hours ago

    He speaking facts without speaking he knows what he can and cant say.......

  • Cecil Robinson
    Cecil Robinson 23 hours ago

    Lebron and meek knows to keep there mouths closed

  • Gimme a minute I’m thinking

    People gone hate you anyway do you

  • Gary Fields
    Gary Fields 23 hours ago

    Why did it say in front of lebron James

  • You Can do it
    You Can do it Day ago

    Shannon sharpe , healthy and doing TV is good, he didn’t blow his money, just what AB will do

  • KnobbyThaGreat

    💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿 this the results of knowing your worth

  • john ng
    john ng Day ago

    What's wrong with being a tv commentator? Get paid big bucks to do something retired players probably do every Sunday anyway (love of the game doesn't die). Low stress and high pay/fame

  • 412 VW
    412 VW Day ago

    0:55 LJ speaks the truth....slaves become slave masters. #integrity all people are opportunists

  • Bryan Mares
    Bryan Mares Day ago

    just an idiot lol 😂waste

  • Junior vong
    Junior vong Day ago

    AB doesn't like how Shannon Sharp carry himself but he sound just like shannon. The way he talk and Shannon is not a woman beater or a rapper which AB is accused of. Blacks who don't know how to act when getting paid $$$.Him and Mayfield are gonna be this year talk about players drama, oh not to mention attention desperately seeking attention OBJ. Thant is another bitch to add to that group of people I just mentioned seeking

  • J J
    J J Day ago

    I personally feel like we should take the time to.understand AB . That's all it takes . No one is perfect .💯.

  • JustCallMeViv
    JustCallMeViv Day ago

    My how the pot is calling the kettle black... Antonio that’s a reference to you...

  • Tsm Karisma
    Tsm Karisma Day ago

    Who here after he got accused of rape?

  • Dj illy
    Dj illy Day ago

    This is literally one of the best shows literally because nothing is off limits.

  • Jose Araiza
    Jose Araiza Day ago

    The more Antonio Brown speaks the more he shows he's the biggest liar who lacks even the slight bit of character. Go to War Antonio, more like your a habitual draft dodger.

  • mr hansen
    mr hansen Day ago

    Bitch session

  • Barry Jones
    Barry Jones Day ago

    AB - I dont have an ego...... Says the dickhead referring to himself in the third person

  • Julio Quatro
    Julio Quatro Day ago


  • Will Clark
    Will Clark Day ago

    Bron looked like he wanted to jaw that man soon as he said Shannon hahahaha Antonio 🤡

  • John Garcia
    John Garcia Day ago

    Bro, how does telling someone to go home cause they complaining that they banged up, disrespectful?

  • Shawn William
    Shawn William Day ago

    I like Shannon Sharpe but AB was telling the truth, the Hennessey & Backwoods was Cooning

  • The Sentinel
    The Sentinel Day ago

    Pennywise in his true form.

  • lalo rc
    lalo rc Day ago

    Who's here after that RAPE SEX ASSAULT 🤡💀💀

  • Dreux Love
    Dreux Love Day ago

    Been waiting for someone to make this point

  • Yo Gee
    Yo Gee Day ago

    Bron probably scrolled down his Phone and clicked random names and told them to slide to the barbershop 😂

  • Josh Jacobs
    Josh Jacobs Day ago

    Did AB says he have no ego

  • Will Happen 2023

    Yeah AB we clearly crying out

  • SRT8_LockDown
    SRT8_LockDown Day ago

    Shannon Sharpe would fold this dude up lol.... Shannon makes LeBron look small lol


    Fuck AB

  • 7Neiman
    7Neiman Day ago

    LeBron made a bad call he looks foolish excepting how wild and ignorant a beers bad bad look for LeBron

    • Will Happen 2023
      Will Happen 2023 Day ago

      We all did didn't he was a cancer at the time. But when u look back at it LeBron an everyone else looks a lil conservative around him

  • Corey Goodlow
    Corey Goodlow Day ago

    Bron jus put his head down like I don't got nothing to do with that lmaooo

  • Zach Jarrett
    Zach Jarrett Day ago

    Ab: I dont have a ego Dafuq?

  • Mr. Washington

    What I don't like the fact that all these men are successful and acting like females

  • Zach Pez
    Zach Pez Day ago

    Shannon Sharp > AB

  • anthony machuca

    Life on the line! Get the fuck outta hea! Joins the US Marines, the. Talk shit u punk bitch!

  • Unknown
    Unknown Day ago

    After Shannon disrespected Ginobli he is a joke

  • Tad Alex
    Tad Alex Day ago

    I still dont know wat he was thinkin with that mustache

  • Francis Ryan Macainag

    Cool fight fist on fist!!

  • Car Nation
    Car Nation Day ago

    Lmao comment section cares about rings not morals lol.....and you wonder where trump came from.he came from all that cappin and compromising yall doing...smh... Yall just gone hate the shit out the door.just uncontrollable hating .no leash with the hating. Hating dogs on the loose.

  • J Solo
    J Solo Day ago

    " I dont have an ego" 😂

  • Leonardo Eufrasio

    Antonio Brown: "Bro, i don't have ego. I'm just tryin to win" And Method Man said:"Correct me if i'm wrong, but fake thugs never last long"

  • vambo13257
    vambo13257 Day ago

    Did AB say he doesn't have an ego- he is a BShitter

  • Clark Madison
    Clark Madison Day ago

    Antonio brown, aint man enough to carry shannon Sharpes (fill in the blank)

  • fiddle mesun
    fiddle mesun Day ago

    AB has a point😉


    Coco nest there big time

  • Food For Thought

    Thank you LBJ for this interview. We finally see some of the real AB that’s not manipulated and out of context.

  • Robert Dickerson

    This dude is a damn fool but what makes me madder is all these brothers with sense up there being yes men! Now that shits sad🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Zyquirionna Mosley

    Dont speak on jerry rice..this dude a joke

  • SRJ Properties LLC

    AB damn mustache is upsetting my stomach.

  • Tj Keller
    Tj Keller Day ago

    Hey AB!!!! You got milk?

  • superstarrr121

    These guys are so stupid

  • Curtiss Gomez
    Curtiss Gomez Day ago

    Antonio talking shit about Shannon Sharpe? Bitch please. Pathetic. Biggest baby back bitch in sports. He said, "I don't have an ego. I'm just trying to win. Pffftttt come on. You don't get the ball and you start flipping coolers. Sad excuse for a football player. I have mad respect for Larry Fitzgerald he is the standard for how to be and carry yourself.

  • abortion addict 1.5

    lebron said own im triggered!!!

  • Kevin Mejia
    Kevin Mejia Day ago

    Off cameras Antonio brown and LeBron James fought 😂

  • kyle
    kyle Day ago

    Tf is on his upper lip?

  • LakerGold24
    LakerGold24 Day ago

    2:17 LMMFAO!!!! GOOD ONE AB!

  • Urmom1985
    Urmom1985 Day ago

    What language are they speaking? This is what we show our young black kids what success is? Disgusting.

    • Urmom1985
      Urmom1985 21 minute ago

      Chippi Chippi You mean “reach” this point? They play a game dude. If they spent half as much time trying to be a good father than sitting around spewing how amazing they are I would have more respect for them. Typical American blacks. That’s because all kids see is just this; oh I can be successful by rapping or fondling a ball. It’s garbage and the African American community is in ruin because of it. U should listen to Dr. Thomas Sowel, and Allen West, or Dr Ben Carson. These are real African American role models; not these clowns.

    • Chippi Chippi
      Chippi Chippi 8 hours ago

      All those dudes in that room worked their ass off to even teach this point. They successful bc of their own efforts, what's your point?

  • a truvillion
    a truvillion Day ago

    AB is a fucking moron. He claims he has no ego... C'mon man!!

  • Jason Dickson
    Jason Dickson Day ago

    What an ignorant arse

  • highspeedtubing

    Antonio is CANCER. He should be THANKING Big Ben for all those years. He couldn't BS Mike Tomlin......Tomlin knew he was toxic. At least Shannon Sharpe doesn't need subtitles for people to understand his English. Love JuJu!!!!!!! Antonio = crack HO 5 years after retirement.

  • Goldenstandard

    Meek face when he getting the cut lol

  • ACG Medical
    ACG Medical Day ago

    Antonio brown, just looks like a fuck up ---- how many chances does one man deserve ? hes on his 6th.