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2018 Year In Review
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Ray and Liz's Story
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Diana's Story
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  • Sheeba Lionel
    Sheeba Lionel 8 hours ago

    This preaching blessed me

  • sarah malaki
    sarah malaki 8 hours ago

    Thank you 🙏🏻

  • Mark Simon
    Mark Simon 16 hours ago

    I'm in this alone irl

  • Mark Simon
    Mark Simon 16 hours ago

    I give up

  • Mark Simon
    Mark Simon 17 hours ago

    It's impossible to be quite ive tried

  • Mark Simon
    Mark Simon 17 hours ago


  • Mark Simon
    Mark Simon 17 hours ago

    Congratz man for overcoming heroine I've stomped that out myself. Where are you located

  • Tomi Wole
    Tomi Wole 17 hours ago

    Great message !!

  • Emmanuel Ashton
    Emmanuel Ashton 21 hour ago

    Great message ,Thanking God for you answering the call to ministry.🙏🙏

  • Cooking and Crafting with Chris

    How can you not have a renewed love for Jesus after his explanation of transgressions and iniquity; wounds and bruises.

  • neesha .t
    neesha .t Day ago

    love this so much pastor rich, great ideas here

  • kingtendoable
    kingtendoable Day ago

    Up Next.. How God preserved Daniel in the Lions den.. Mr Rich's jeans however did not survive the episode.

  • N. Norris
    N. Norris Day ago

    Im excited about your presence Love!

  • Nakita Sahota
    Nakita Sahota Day ago

    Father God, today I pray for your son Brian norton.. I pray for him to feel the peace that you bring, for the love that you show and for the light that you are. I pray for him to be blessed in abundance I pray for him to be cared beyond deepest measures. I pray for him to see you in everything.. even in the darkness I pray for his heart and for you to fill it with you.. thank you lord, I look to you always and ask Abba forever and always you be by his side as you promised.. thank you in Jesus precious holy name!!! Amen amen amen

  • Silvia sores ipanema Silvinha

    Meu DEUS me segura,é de arrepia perfeitoooo😍

  • Lady_Pree
    Lady_Pree Day ago

    I needed this! I actually looked for this video a while ago and it was gone. Made me sad because I needed to hear this again. I’m so glad it’s back up. Thank you 🙏🏽 ❤️

  • peter paul
    peter paul Day ago

    대박!! 할렐루야!!

  • that girl
    that girl Day ago

    You better preach👏👏👏👏👏

  • elvirsonchik
    elvirsonchik Day ago

    GOD is number ONE 🙏💛

  • 4um484
    4um484 Day ago

    POWERFUL! Glory to GOD

  • Anna Cencora
    Anna Cencora Day ago

    I just saw you preach 🙌 at Rod Parsley's church it was awesome 👍 so I looked you up and wanted to listen to you more. Great message 👍 thank you and God bless you 🙏💟

  • Toch Nelson
    Toch Nelson Day ago

    This is going to be a daily message for this year

  • Patrick Norris
    Patrick Norris 2 days ago

    So good! You guys always blow up such great content! I know from my own leadership experiences, I want to be healthy to do ministry and leadership, however sometimes I get hijacked by a stubborn nervous system and past wounds. What helped me tremendously, besides amazing content like this, is understanding the deeper neurobiological happenings and tools to use for recovery. FYI - A GREAT RESOURCE FOR WHY PASTORS/LEADERS STRUGGLE EMOTIONALLY AND PSYCHOLOGICALLY - An exploration into a leader's neurobiology, psychology and theology might begin to answer questions for them. Check out a great resource called Red Ink Revival Leadership Platform at redinkrevival.com . Also check out this video presentation on WHAT DRIVEN LEADERS ARE DRIVEN BY - thexvid.com/video/Uyp6HivsM3o/video.html - that looks through the lenses of neuroscience, psychology and theology. It could be exactly what passionate leaders are looking for. Thanks for giving us a huge advantage in leadership with all the wisdom you provide!

  • Lynda Villarreal
    Lynda Villarreal 2 days ago

    Church are the People, not the building. You can have church anywhere there are two or more whispering and coming to Jesus. Pray for all our brothers and sisters in Christ and all who have yet to come.

  • Élen Barbosa
    Élen Barbosa 2 days ago

    What a comforter video!!!

  • Amy Schuhmann
    Amy Schuhmann 2 days ago

    The last 5 mins are fire 🔥

  • Supagenki
    Supagenki 2 days ago

    The message always hits home. Missed many sundays here in Spain, trying to take it all in on my own. Letting desire and everything else take the wheel. Thanks for the message Rich! Love from Spain as always!

  • Zaniah Reyes
    Zaniah Reyes 2 days ago

    “I need the Holy Spirit to speak promises over me,I need the Holy Spirit to give me new dreams, and ideas,I need you Holy Spirit”❤️❤️amennn

  • sarah malaki
    sarah malaki 2 days ago


  • Big Ty8
    Big Ty8 2 days ago

    this isn't an opinion the men need longer shirts....especially with tucked in tshirts.

  • Big Ty8
    Big Ty8 2 days ago

    the leader is a poslished tye tribbett. i hear the vocal tone.

  • Big Ty8
    Big Ty8 2 days ago

    the vocal dynamics....my God!!!!!

  • Living with Mitrick

    Building A HEALTHY Organization is always needed, GREAT advices!

  • Fienie Vidi Vici
    Fienie Vidi Vici 3 days ago

    Was crying on the commute home, because this sermon was so good and sooo relatable!! Thank you, Vous Church crew, for this upload! #hallelujah 🙌🏽❤

  • sarah malaki
    sarah malaki 3 days ago


  • Fienie Vidi Vici
    Fienie Vidi Vici 3 days ago


  • Damian Espinosa
    Damian Espinosa 3 days ago


  • Mercy Natasha
    Mercy Natasha 3 days ago

    Needed message at the appointed time. From kenya.

  • Aarón Juárez
    Aarón Juárez 3 days ago

    Super helpful! Thanks!

  • Karla galan
    Karla galan 3 days ago

    I love this church and this pastor soooo much. I grew up in church, I started going to church since I was about 7 years old in our home town in Habana, Cuba. Then we came to this country and I kept going to many churches, I feel like he’s the only pastor I’ve ever heard being so real, he’s message is always so clear and he always brings up he’s real life issues like he’s marriage. And I appreciate and love that.

  • Kagiso Mokoena
    Kagiso Mokoena 3 days ago

    I just love this woman. She has this calm about her. She's graceful, anointed and beautiful.

  • Élen Barbosa
    Élen Barbosa 3 days ago

    Tnks ❤🔥

  • Nolubabalo Ngqoba
    Nolubabalo Ngqoba 3 days ago


  • Rianna Babb
    Rianna Babb 3 days ago

    "1 of the most difficult places to be in life is not when others don't understand you; it's when YOU don't understand yourself." Ooohh. PREEEAACCHH! I felt that. I remember those times. I see it in students. Ugh. Yess. Truth

  • LamboEv
    LamboEv 3 days ago

    Praise God, Rich is so talented.

  • LamboEv
    LamboEv 3 days ago

    Rich is great, takes the truth of the Bible and brings it to the people. I pray he takes after his uncle David Wilkerson and brings his supporters to the truth through tribulation and the end times that are to come. Love you, Rich. You are awesome and God tells me you are extremely bright and intelligent. You play cool and loving, but you are playing the long game. I see you amping up your ministry to become more advanced in the Word as your following continues to grow. You will not forsake God, not for this world, or fleshly material desires. You are a true man of God, brother.

  • Élen Barbosa
    Élen Barbosa 4 days ago

    I am only in 9:50 minutes and i am really impacted by what God does through your life. Thank God!!!❤🔥

  • Galy Bunch
    Galy Bunch 4 days ago

    I was introduced to the pastor and the church through my daughter, she is in Florida and I am in New York. I see the videos and I love them they are my hour of peace. Thank you so much. I have a request, I will like to hear just one song after each and beautiful sermons, but I do understand if it’s not possible. I am happy listening to the word of God through you guys. Wish you all the best.

    • Elizabeth Rhea
      Elizabeth Rhea 8 hours ago

      I bet it isn't possible because of copyright rules on TheXvid.

  • Davina-Pearl DOTMH
    Davina-Pearl DOTMH 4 days ago

    powerful... the youth needs to hear this!

  • Diana Machado
    Diana Machado 4 days ago

    This message convicted me in so many ways and it also made me have a beautiful revelation. Thank you so much

  • Colton Banks
    Colton Banks 4 days ago

    Two things. 1) great message 2) the only pastor I’ve ever witnessed show his underpants on stage.

    • Dawson Perkins
      Dawson Perkins 3 days ago

      decently weird enough.

    • Lisa Batista
      Lisa Batista 4 days ago

      Colton Banks The number 2... I mean, it’s ok that we are trying not to be religious with all these rules and limits, etc, but c’mon...😩 Too much for me...

  • Supagenki
    Supagenki 4 days ago

    wow, wow, wow, WOW! The message tonight rich was straight from the bible! Faith is tested refined and purified in pain, and shone in belief. If there was anything I ever miss about living in Miami its 1 my family and 2 going to VOUS! Love from Spain VOUSE team!

  • Miss Harris
    Miss Harris 4 days ago

    Unlimited access to our Father Jesus 🙌🏾

  • Justin Carter
    Justin Carter 4 days ago

    Amen! PREACH bro!!!! 😁

  • Tonetta Clay
    Tonetta Clay 4 days ago

    Feeling not equipped to do God's work. Wow. That's the truth and I'm learning this now. Right now!

  • Tonetta Clay
    Tonetta Clay 4 days ago

    I needed to hear this today. You just said God gave me instructions and you ignored it the first time maybe second, but listened on your own time. I'm learning to listen when told as well. This spoke to me.

  • Tonetta Clay
    Tonetta Clay 4 days ago

    I came across this video today and I'm glad I did. Everything made sense. Thank you!

  • marared822
    marared822 4 days ago

    This was a great message and a blessing to me this am thank u God bless u and ur family 🙏

  • George L. Steven
    George L. Steven 4 days ago


  • Luvdiamondz Xoxo
    Luvdiamondz Xoxo 4 days ago

    Yes God!!! Show up and show out!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 this was amazing. 💥

  • Agnieszka Kozioł
    Agnieszka Kozioł 4 days ago


  • Lisha Lobo
    Lisha Lobo 4 days ago

    Woaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 😭❤

  • John Burk
    John Burk 4 days ago

    Check out the Abide Christian meditation app and their channel on TheXvid also

  • i Phamp
    i Phamp 4 days ago

    Hello, frm Borneo Island. So since September 2019, I have been abandoning my personal time with God. I usually will spent time around 11pm till 1am for bible study, because that is how I fight my daily battle. Yknow growin pain and hormones ( mostly the battle frm within 🤪) . My only point is, I needed this Pastor Rich !!! Tq for staying commited on your calling! Tq for staying alive through your pain Pst! Tq for your time to meditate!... bc this is SO Good! Living water 🙏

  • Élen Barbosa
    Élen Barbosa 5 days ago

    How beautiful Words and how wise she is. God Bless you!!❤🔥🙏🏽

  • Justin Carter
    Justin Carter 5 days ago

    Hallelujah 🙌 PREACH bro!!! This message gave me a whole new outlook on life and what it truly means to be SAVED!

  • Udyog Khadka
    Udyog Khadka 5 days ago

    I know most of the Crichton people also sexual.they are thinking.always impossible.amen

  • Udyog Khadka
    Udyog Khadka 5 days ago

    Some one laughing listening your speech.i don't like they. Your speech is very nice.you teaching policy very good.i am understand about the god deeply recognize for Jesus.amen thank you

  • Kreepa Stha
    Kreepa Stha 5 days ago


  • V 6
    V 6 5 days ago

    1:32:30 ye talking hypothetically and putting ppl on zombie mode 🙌🏾

  • Rebeca Gonzalez
    Rebeca Gonzalez 5 days ago

    💕I LOVE it💕

  • Élen Barbosa
    Élen Barbosa 6 days ago

    How wonderful video. I really appreciate it🔥🙌🏽

  • Paul Awesome
    Paul Awesome 6 days ago

    Great message this Sunday. What the Gospel should look like in a very practical, real way in our lives.

  • Your Solar Girl
    Your Solar Girl 6 days ago

    Haha!! I love their stories on marriage. And, I'm a single parent. Single-single parent. Absent "other parent." Never married, only wanna do it one time. So, some married couples act all high and mighty. Ya'll know what I'm talking about. But, they seem humble. Praise God! 🙌 However, I feel poor just looking at their church members on Instagram. They're all dressed up, Miami culture, Instagram-worthy styles. I live in Florida, so if I ever attend, I will feel like I need a new outfit just to get the Word. I noticed how Kayne wears a simple sweater, even though he's a multi-millionaire. I loveeeee that. He knows what he's doing to guide people to Christ. Anyways, I love Vous, even if it's all Miami style for the gram on the front. Im just being honest in my feelings based on what I see online. Keep up the God work, Vous! I see your church growing stronger. 🙌🙌

  • Udyog Khadka
    Udyog Khadka 6 days ago

    Thank you sister i am listening to your beautiful speech right words about the god.i can use my life for your great words amen

  • Andres Lautner
    Andres Lautner 6 days ago

    This message is a great blessing for me. Thank you , Pastor

  • Bryce Gray
    Bryce Gray 6 days ago

    The Name of this Church says it all. Vous. Its all about You, these are the messages we love to hear, its all about ourselves, our life, our destiny, aka its not about Jesus.

  • JelaneyTaters
    JelaneyTaters 7 days ago

    I love sadie! This is great

  • Jyoti Das
    Jyoti Das 7 days ago

    what if a person you got married is bad and you found the other person good and worthy

  • Jyoti Das
    Jyoti Das 7 days ago

    i want to ask if someone husband or wife dies that person can marry other..

  • The blackie Barbie
    The blackie Barbie 7 days ago

    What if I had with someone I end up with him like we got married??

  • Sakie 4YESHUA
    Sakie 4YESHUA 8 days ago

    I enjoy listening to this woman of God. But I am sorry to state that I keep on getting distracted when I stare at her. When are we 'black' people going to be liberated mentally and stay away from buying other people's hair. Are we just not comfortable with what God gave us?

  • Mark Simon
    Mark Simon 8 days ago

    This must be for me 4 years and a huge opposition

  • Jovanna Torres
    Jovanna Torres 8 days ago

    This is so good. Thank you Carl Lentz for your passion, May God continue using you to speak His Word to all of us that are broken.

  • MaddyMundo
    MaddyMundo 8 days ago


  • Kenisha Brown
    Kenisha Brown 8 days ago


  • Cece Bebe
    Cece Bebe 8 days ago

    Thank you, Pastor Rich. This message is a blessing. You heard well!

  • Mr Ifektive
    Mr Ifektive 8 days ago

    Who is older? He or Natalie?

  • MsPine_ Applexo
    MsPine_ Applexo 8 days ago

    I needed this word, what a timely reminder ❤️

  • joseline sibanda
    joseline sibanda 9 days ago

    Powerful word 👏👏🙌🙌🔥🔥🙏🙏 Thank you!

  • Lisha Lobo
    Lisha Lobo 9 days ago

    M so happy. ..Thank you so much

  • Eden Rose Dayuha
    Eden Rose Dayuha 9 days ago

    I’ve had my first tears in 2020 watching this sermon. Thank you Pastor Rich! You don’t know how this message, especially your last illustration have spoken so much HOPE in me. I get so frustrated and disappointed with my growth many times,. But thank you for giving me this WORD. Still crying while even typing this . 😭😢

  • Reetika Singh
    Reetika Singh 9 days ago

    He is faithful.

  • Reetika Singh
    Reetika Singh 9 days ago

    I repented an reached the throne of glory.The highest level.And now I am fallen a little.My father saved me.

  • Reetika Singh
    Reetika Singh 9 days ago

    And if i had worshiped GOD i would be having my awakening now.Only if i didn't turn to evil

  • Reetika Singh
    Reetika Singh 9 days ago

    It was supposed to be fast.

  • Reetika Singh
    Reetika Singh 9 days ago

    Reminder:We are supposed to love lord the GOD with all our heart,body and mind.You are supposed to be persecuted or be rejected for the lord.But I resisted the rejection,denied God and tried to save myself.

  • Julita Serano
    Julita Serano 9 days ago

    Love the whale recounting and connection. Appreciate you sharing your struggles with us Lecrae, thru this and your music. Thank God.

  • Leticia Seixas
    Leticia Seixas 10 days ago

    #single and secure because I’m 12 baby !!!!😂

  • Amanda Hope
    Amanda Hope 10 days ago

    By the way love you Rich so much!! I Listen to you every day from El Paso Texas❤️ wish I could physically attend your services! But thank God for youtube 🙏