Don't Hug Me .I'm Scared
Don't Hug Me .I'm Scared
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Wakey Wakey...
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Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 6
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Don't Hug me I'm Scared
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  • Dallas Walker
    Dallas Walker 22 minutes ago

    Let's all agree to never think creatively again

  • Mableh Piano
    Mableh Piano 27 minutes ago

    1:40 I thought I heard Justin Bieber

  • Mableh Piano
    Mableh Piano 30 minutes ago

    5:28 *His name is Malcom*

  • Epic Gamertool
    Epic Gamertool 31 minute ago

    2:26. Reeeeeeee

  • Emo Potato
    Emo Potato 35 minutes ago

    Yup I’m on the weird side of TheXvid

  • Mableh Piano
    Mableh Piano 47 minutes ago

    Aight so I was laughing until the screen darkened at 1:47

  • patas gempleis
    patas gempleis 58 minutes ago

    soy el unico que hable español :'v

  • ğhøůł miku
    ğhøůł miku Hour ago

    Trauma me with psycho and crazy videos xD v:

  • Fire Fusion
    Fire Fusion Hour ago

    1 like = one vid dhmis will post

  • Not Shrimpo
    Not Shrimpo Hour ago

    I swear I’m either cursed by satan or on lsd god I hope it’s lsd

  • Jacks
    Jacks Hour ago

    Wait what? This has to do with Conan O'Brien? How. Must. Watch. Now.

  • Cups on my ears
    Cups on my ears Hour ago

    thats not enough _t i i . i m e_

  • Triball
    Triball Hour ago

    EXPLANATION: This was a pilot for a DHMIS TV series. The video above was a trailer for the pilot which was shown off at Sundance. If it went successfully, a full show would've been made, but we have no idea where it went since then.

  • Illuminocalypse
    Illuminocalypse Hour ago

    What the canned-duck is "aspic"? Judging from its appearance, it looks to be jello with either meat flavor or some kind of weird grain flavor.... either way it looks absolutely horrendous... I dunno what white sauce is either.. I keep getting an image in my head of something akin to chicken or turkey gravy, but I very much doubt it tastes anything like that.

  • Illuminocalypse
    Illuminocalypse Hour ago

    "Food is talking!" Why yes, weirdly low-voiced kid with ambiguous-but-clearly-there mental handicap... yes it is...

  • Illuminocalypse
    Illuminocalypse Hour ago

    0:46 - I dunno why, but this quick part where the bread slice guy just randomly drops the utensils he's holding, and just keeps the same vacant, twacked-out expression on his face and doesn't say anything REALLY cracks me up :P I think it's a combination of the timing, the sound the dropped utensils make, and the totally vacant expression on his face throughout that does it XD

  • Yellow Emerald
    Yellow Emerald 2 hours ago

    Captions say that people called michael the ugliest boy in town a fake soda

  • David Villamil
    David Villamil 2 hours ago

    😝😝 Please

  • David Villamil
    David Villamil 2 hours ago

    Please more

  • Linda Newlands
    Linda Newlands 2 hours ago

    ummmmmmm at 1:09 u can see spongebob at the window

  • Strawberry Weegee
    Strawberry Weegee 3 hours ago

    I’m only nine years old and I watch ur videos it’s not for kids tho

  • Jellyman Herder
    Jellyman Herder 3 hours ago

    Ig we still waiting

  • Jellyman Herder
    Jellyman Herder 3 hours ago

    Lmao the Red guy was the camera guy

  • Louie from Hocotate
    Louie from Hocotate 4 hours ago

    I would watch this.

  • K o f f e e !
    K o f f e e ! 4 hours ago

    Wow, i like it!

  • Jellyman Herder
    Jellyman Herder 4 hours ago

    I like the red guy

  • Jellyman Herder
    Jellyman Herder 4 hours ago

    The paper be hating on the yellow dude

  • Layla Gore
    Layla Gore 4 hours ago

    Bro it's still been one whole year like...what happened are they doing it all at once or like cuz idk

  • Fandoms_ Lgbt_Witch
    Fandoms_ Lgbt_Witch 4 hours ago

    The future doesnt exist... ... ... ...Everything's cool, its the future (Sorry if anyone else commented that)

  • Paokhi
    Paokhi 4 hours ago

    The future doesnt exist :(

  • Elmo Missing!!!
    Elmo Missing!!! 4 hours ago

    **tony the talking clock has left the chat**

  • Shadowskully
    Shadowskully 5 hours ago

    2:08 the infinity gauntlet made a cameo 🤭

  • Sad Times Indeed
    Sad Times Indeed 5 hours ago

    2:43 Hehe *H A R D E R*

  • IkonikGaming 2000 // MarioYesBorisNo

    TIME is changing all the TIME

  • Something Stories
    Something Stories 5 hours ago

    2019? Anyone

  • Maddy the queen
    Maddy the queen 5 hours ago

    What am I doing with my life

  • Luis Fernandez
    Luis Fernandez 6 hours ago


  • Somly Seuen
    Somly Seuen 6 hours ago

    Tony was right... *tHe fUtUrE dOeSn’T eXiSt*

  • Dinicu Cosma-Miha
    Dinicu Cosma-Miha 7 hours ago


  • un_unicornio paso_por_aquixd

    well, now I have a trauma that I'm not even going to get away with therapy :'D

  • Jack Rochford
    Jack Rochford 7 hours ago

    Do we have to wait until the next 13 of September or something or this to happen or what

  • Wodofox El shido :v
    Wodofox El shido :v 7 hours ago

    New season pls

  • fake_dark Boi
    fake_dark Boi 7 hours ago

    So far no announcement about this, but I hope this is going to be for reals

  • Nour Hassan
    Nour Hassan 7 hours ago

    I prefer survival

  • hęřøbřįňę ğąmęř ğąmępląýş

    ....WTF IS THIS SHIT?!?!?!?

    • hęřøbřįňę ğąmęř ğąmępląýş
      hęřøbřįňę ğąmęř ğąmępląýş 50 minutes ago

      @Alex K ok you win :|

    • Alex K
      Alex K 54 minutes ago

      @hęřøbřįňę ğąmęř ğąmępląýş oddly entertains me though to be honest

    • hęřøbřįňę ğąmęř ğąmępląýş
      hęřøbřįňę ğąmęř ğąmępląýş Hour ago

      @Alex K ....blood in this video Ť-Ť

    • Alex K
      Alex K Hour ago

      @hęřøbřįňę ğąmęř ğąmępląýş you just laid an opinion on the internet, you will rue this day

    • Alex K
      Alex K Hour ago

      @hęřøbřįňę ğąmęř ğąmępląýş excuse me did you just insult the sketchbook are you planning to tell me that spinach can is not the cutest little thing are you willing to speak to me about the fact that tony the talking clock does not have the most catchy song you dare rebel against me i will crush all your bones with my- ahh i give up thinking of things to say

  • İlham
    İlham 8 hours ago

    2019 but still waiting...

  • Duende Chan
    Duende Chan 8 hours ago

    *I don't know if I need to be laughing or scared*

  • просто Vain
    просто Vain 8 hours ago

    this video trailer for the upcoming movie right?

    • Skymo Studios
      Skymo Studios 6 hours ago

      просто Vain I don’t think so....

  • Duende Chan
    Duende Chan 8 hours ago

    *wut? Xd*

  • ZANCTIONザンクティオン

    They most likely have a shit ton of episodes ready

  • Carisma monique
    Carisma monique 9 hours ago

    Lmao the Red guy say " wait a sec stop talking " at 2:07 😂

  • SuperRobloxMan777
    SuperRobloxMan777 9 hours ago

    2:41 when you realize tomska was an executive producer for this episode

  • sebastian torres
    sebastian torres 9 hours ago

    what song is that called

  • aminoacidcereal
    aminoacidcereal 9 hours ago


  • Bubbalubba
    Bubbalubba 9 hours ago

    It hasn’t kicked in and the comments are scaring me Edit: oh

  • green.
    green. 9 hours ago


  • How can I help you, King Dedede?

    *_why is this in my reccomended_*

  • Bubbalubba
    Bubbalubba 10 hours ago

    I’m stoned rn boutta watch all these, never seen em before. Will report back.

  • Macaroni
    Macaroni 10 hours ago

    "now let's all agree- to never be creative again" that was hilarious

  • Leon Lollipop
    Leon Lollipop 10 hours ago

    Me during the star test 1:39

  • Darth V
    Darth V 10 hours ago

    What is wakey wakey

  • Gxcha_fallz
    Gxcha_fallz 10 hours ago

    Im so glad i watched this when i was 7😅 now im obsessed with scary stuff

    • Alex K
      Alex K Hour ago

      i think i watched this when i was 7 too, and i like dhmis

  • Carolina Gonzalez
    Carolina Gonzalez 10 hours ago

    Wtf. Wtf. Wtf. Wtf. Wtf..

  • moonmoon
    moonmoon 11 hours ago

    i really LOVE this

  • Sadia Pommells
    Sadia Pommells 11 hours ago

    who came here becase of tal fishman AKA reaction time

  • Gala & You, the 6
    Gala & You, the 6 11 hours ago

    So apparently, it may be over. 1 year and 9 days later, nothing seems to happen

  • FluffleAJ
    FluffleAJ 11 hours ago


  • Dyna Stix123
    Dyna Stix123 11 hours ago

    Red guy seriously got rejected hard on this one..

    • CadenACo
      CadenACo 7 hours ago

      He doesn't belong in the digital world.

  • Baka fox
    Baka fox 11 hours ago

    0:40 The future doesn’t exist {Later} *IT’S THE FUTURE*

  • Dyna Stix123
    Dyna Stix123 11 hours ago

    1:03 Banana Guards can sing?!?

  • It’s me I guess
    It’s me I guess 11 hours ago

    It wasn’t in Area 51. It wasn’t in June 13th. We’re screwed, y’all.

  • Karolle Screaton
    Karolle Screaton 12 hours ago

    it said conaco ate the end that means there to have a tv show

  • julie lopez
    julie lopez 12 hours ago

    I'm a gar

  • julie lopez
    julie lopez 12 hours ago

    Red:blue duck:red Yello guy:green

  • Geof Lewis
    Geof Lewis 13 hours ago

    Tomorrow ..

  • Dyna Stix123
    Dyna Stix123 14 hours ago

    2:23 If Fortnite steals this dance, we riot

  • Richie Mays
    Richie Mays 14 hours ago

    2:40 swastica = mc2

  • I_need_meh_milk
    I_need_meh_milk 14 hours ago


  • Dyna Stix123
    Dyna Stix123 14 hours ago

    Anyone notice, how this episode in particular is super tame from the other videos? And the Notepad doesn't actually do something creepy to the characters, but rather warning them to never be creative... Is it just me?

  • Brett Yacyshen
    Brett Yacyshen 14 hours ago

    I don't know how the hell they are going to turn this into a television show, but I can sure as hell probably tell you that the only network that is going to have the balls to pick it up will be Adult Swim.

  • Brett Yacyshen
    Brett Yacyshen 15 hours ago

    Has it really been over a year since they announced the next chapter for DHMIS? Every time I look at the calendar it always shows September 13, 2018. I'm scared.....

  • dan TDM
    dan TDM 15 hours ago

    I'm a time traveler don't hug me I'm scared will come out is 2020 September 12 wait if I tell you now what will happen in the future

  • Galaxy_ Ghost0
    Galaxy_ Ghost0 15 hours ago

    *t h e r e s m r . B l a d d e r I n t h e b a s m e n t*

  • Galaxy_ Ghost0
    Galaxy_ Ghost0 15 hours ago

    3:00 I never knew squidward was in this

  • *insert a cool name*
    *insert a cool name* 15 hours ago

    No way was this 8 years ago

  • REIBER -_-ll Ls
    REIBER -_-ll Ls 16 hours ago

    Xd que nostalgia

  • Arneox The Fox
    Arneox The Fox 16 hours ago


  • Christina Rosie Donnelly

    September 22nd still no sign of the next part

  • Bolbi101
    Bolbi101 18 hours ago

    Wow, it’s been a year already?

  • Galaxymoon
    Galaxymoon 18 hours ago

    Save the puppets

  • DesertedZwayne
    DesertedZwayne 18 hours ago

    posted on my bday :0

  • CrypiseRB
    CrypiseRB 20 hours ago

    Yellow guy is so nice. I said "I love you too, furry boi" And he was laughing because of a bee. And he was crying when he died. :(

  • Sky Lunar cat
    Sky Lunar cat 20 hours ago

    I am a man not afraid of anything... but this scares me...

  • Bella Salas
    Bella Salas 20 hours ago

    me in Days -> 2:24

  • Bella Salas
    Bella Salas 20 hours ago

    me sing -> 1:01

  • Waffle Foffle
    Waffle Foffle 21 hour ago

    Top 10 times I’ve been let down

  • Jacob the god of stuff animal world

    It's been one year when is this going to happen it's 2019 everyone is watching lazarbeam or Ali-A you guys wake up

  • Enter First Name Here And Enter Last Name Here

    4:01 If you pause here,you can see Roy in the corner