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  • tralala
    tralala 4 hours ago

    everytime i go to sleep i always dreamed about her idk why WTF is wrong with me help

  • Tenshi Hinanawi
    Tenshi Hinanawi 6 hours ago

    Why is Mac stone controversial?

  • Annie Yang
    Annie Yang 6 hours ago

    Looks like Margot Robbie Acts like Eva Green Sounds like Hayley Atwell Love her❤️

  • champ flowahbomb
    champ flowahbomb 7 hours ago

    LOL they're so hilarious you'd laugh all day with them

  • Larissa Oliveira
    Larissa Oliveira 8 hours ago

    that's it i'm in love

  • Francis Ramos
    Francis Ramos 8 hours ago


  • Тб Тб
    Тб Тб 9 hours ago

    Don’t leave ur phone anymore plz

  • Dang
    Dang 11 hours ago

    5:43 maura the absolute legend she is

  • Marjorie Coleman
    Marjorie Coleman 11 hours ago

    He's very talented and humble! This is what the fashion world needs!!! Great interview by Naomi. 💟

  • Hope Fitzwater
    Hope Fitzwater 12 hours ago

    I love this!

  • Maurizio Marcialis
    Maurizio Marcialis 12 hours ago

    Victoria... Appeal

  • todd vincy
    todd vincy 13 hours ago

    mckensie davis eyes

  • Ellie Fraiser
    Ellie Fraiser 14 hours ago

    Emma Watson is very nice

  • RandomMike
    RandomMike 14 hours ago

    Wow! She is breathtaking ✨ keep the good vibes

  • R N
    R N 15 hours ago

    Can we have the products used please?!

  • Yılmaz Yılmaz
    Yılmaz Yılmaz 15 hours ago

    Al bunu evlen

  • baldr
    baldr 15 hours ago

    She acts just like her mom

  • Charlotte Rawlins
    Charlotte Rawlins 16 hours ago

    Is she married? She's so pretty and perfect. Like what God imagined a ballerina to be.

  • Sharmin Jahan
    Sharmin Jahan 17 hours ago

    She's laid back kinda girl. I love her

  • Jules Thackway
    Jules Thackway 17 hours ago

    Stick to the day job Kate!!

  • El Largan
    El Largan 17 hours ago

    British vogue * plays American country music throughout the whole video *

  • kanika israni
    kanika israni 17 hours ago

    I love Maura’ laughter so much.

  • elxndkzhf soxn
    elxndkzhf soxn 17 hours ago

    16:50 i thought my screen froze😂


    She on *BRITISH* vogue and yet she from florida

  • jonny snow
    jonny snow 18 hours ago

    I love english has a French person I really want this accent is so hot 🥵 and classical, she is so beautiful her beauty is so naturally 🥰🥰🥰 (Et j’aime quand elle parle français, i really love when she talks French)

  • Jose Cruel
    Jose Cruel 18 hours ago JENNER

  • Jose Cruel
    Jose Cruel 18 hours ago


  • 태이TAE
    태이TAE 18 hours ago

    This makes me feel like i’m watching modern Hermione opening her bag though.

  • hanna4920
    hanna4920 18 hours ago

    Can anybody say product placement?

  • Olivia Booth
    Olivia Booth 18 hours ago

    I can’t pack light either

  • Heather Taylor
    Heather Taylor 19 hours ago

    True inspiration, that’s miss Lupita

  • David John
    David John 19 hours ago

    Stop glamourizing alcoholism, is no one paying attention?

  • Olivia Booth
    Olivia Booth 19 hours ago

    SHES MY IDOL!!!!

  • The solar system and Ashton

    My personal favorite was the pop-it pig

  • Tyney Ukulele
    Tyney Ukulele 19 hours ago

    She is SO Hermione. 🤣

  • valeyrac
    valeyrac 19 hours ago

    at this point i‘ve accepted that i‘m completely in love with her

  • Maisa Vilanova
    Maisa Vilanova 19 hours ago

    Lupita é fantástica!

  • Nathan Rener
    Nathan Rener 21 hour ago

    I am pretty sure it is an extension bag..

  • Patricia Casal Rodríguez

    I cook almost everyday and this does not look real, sorry. I like her outfit, though...

  • marvin raphael monfort

    Wonderful! Thankyou for featuring karen! She's so gorgeous and eloquent! She's so right about imperfections because she was always quirky looking but i see here now why designers love her - that inner sparkle!

  • Kan Lumé
    Kan Lumé 22 hours ago

    2:00 that shall be my wallpaper

  • Tóth Kristóf
    Tóth Kristóf 22 hours ago

    She looks kinda like an old, red haired version of Milly Bobby Brown :D

  • Dily Pratiwi
    Dily Pratiwi 22 hours ago

    Very stunning, humble and minimalist person as an fashion chief editor. I like her talk and appearance 😊

  • Rosa Orozco
    Rosa Orozco 22 hours ago

    She’s so boring

  • Yen Bui
    Yen Bui 23 hours ago

    I love her hair ! ❤️

  • Dily Pratiwi
    Dily Pratiwi 23 hours ago

    Whatever we are, we have to be ourselves. Love ourselves. We are human with humble and honesty. Just enjoy and remind every happiest moment in our life. That's positivity value I got from these video. Great 👍

  • pritha sarkar
    pritha sarkar Day ago

    She is so skinny !

  • Aurélie
    Aurélie Day ago


  • Dita Permatasari Gtg

    omg i love her 🥰

  • Alka M K
    Alka M K Day ago

    Love her!

  • Alliah Garcia
    Alliah Garcia Day ago

    i thought that was millie bobby brown in the thumbnail at first and i had to do a hot double take

  • Gso Gso
    Gso Gso Day ago

    I loved it

  • darron marcel
    darron marcel Day ago

    1:08 looks like she'll gonna grow wings

  • Jag Kaur
    Jag Kaur Day ago


  • BrfnBricks
    BrfnBricks Day ago

    You are amazing emma watson 💜🌸

  • amie a.
    amie a. Day ago

    I always adore anyone who over packs their handbag, I wish I'm more carefree like that but I ended up cleaning my handbag every single night because I can't stand them being overly heavy and jam packed with stuff 😅

  • daddo10
    daddo10 Day ago

    British accent and speaking perfectly french.... I'm in love!!!

  • Sebastian Weaver

    She's astronomically gorgeous!

  • mia f
    mia f Day ago

    she looks like jade from little mix

  • Stacia Belcher

    My Muse. I am so lucky, I get to see 4C hair on one of the most beautiful women in the world!.

  • Pam
    Pam Day ago

    ok, now I want to watch Harry Potter...

  • Fernando Garcia

    I love this so much. Create more content please!

  • The Shotgun Shogun

    The first part of her sentences sound British and the other half sounds American

  • Denia Martinez

    Can anyone tell me what deodorant she uses? I can’t see it clearly on the picture

  • GABIOL !
    GABIOL ! Day ago

    Best of both worlds, UK and France, just perfect!

  • Lola
    Lola Day ago

    I love her vulnerability and honesty 🤍

  • Ori Romanoff
    Ori Romanoff Day ago

    amo a esta mujer, es un orgullo argentino en sí.

  • 子餃
    子餃 Day ago


  • Fran
    Fran Day ago

    That Man looks amazing and healthy

  • Fran
    Fran Day ago

    I like that she's honest

  • Amity Walter
    Amity Walter Day ago

    Emma I hope this comment finds you: Thank you for speaking about how you aren't thriving at times, and how you think someone else may enjoy a certain aspect of your life better than you. I'm not a super successful actress or a millionare but I am successful for my age. Sometimes I find myself taken back by how I'm not fully enjoying my new home or new car, and I still have "duvet days." I feel the weight of a highly critical environment. I feel comfort in the fact that you said no matter how successful you are you still have a hard time and go through life changes. I will forever be a fan of you and your work. Thank you for being real!

  • луиса яс

    that cheekbones *chef's kiss*

  • Gentleman Paul


  • Šoph 19
    Šoph 19 Day ago

    Found her quite hygienic n neat which is rarely to see in models as mostly r messy n disorganised

  • Madina Eleusizova

    He's so sassy, kind and aware in all his interviews. I adore his personality!

  • Ella Beckham
    Ella Beckham Day ago

    she still looks 18 and thats crazy

  • okurr rr
    okurr rr Day ago

    she snorts when she laughs

  • Angie
    Angie Day ago

    Half of the products are just what Vogue decided to promote this month...

  • okurr rr
    okurr rr Day ago

    she's the female version of Harry

  • Amy D
    Amy D Day ago

    'i once got chased by a giant toma'o'

  • Ellen D
    Ellen D Day ago

    I love her 😩

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  • La perche
    La perche Day ago

    Son accent est vraiment bluffant surtout que sa voix change en fonction de la langue qu'elle pratique

  • Lilly BANKS
    Lilly BANKS Day ago

    for some reason it freaks me out that she is 29 (I guess now 30 right?) i mean how did the last Harry Potter movie premiere almost nine years ago?!

  • Rowan Dixon
    Rowan Dixon Day ago

    YES i love ariana she is my queen

  • aiya daisy
    aiya daisy Day ago

    Is she Margo Robbie’s daughter or a sibling??? OMG, they look sooo alike 😱

  • Ken Coleman
    Ken Coleman Day ago

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  • Tharfiny Santos

    TAYLOR IS VOGUE.👱🏻‍♀️❤

  • Laughing With Lucky

    What a short video.

  • cathrinelanglete1964

    So dumb!

  • Искусство Лечит

    omg, I believe I read about that course of Fashion Psychology, unfortunately, I cannot afford it now, but I believe, this area is very perspective

  • Tamanna Naima
    Tamanna Naima Day ago

    Accidentally found this clip .But what a great, insightful conversation it was. I've seen almost every interview of Emma Watson but this one is distinguishable from the rest. Her take on being concerned about the surrounding and spectrum of feminism is something I root for. Clap for the interviewer,too. Splendidly done.

  • Mark Doherty
    Mark Doherty Day ago


  • Barkha Rahangdale

    FUN FACT: The purse @1:40 is the exact purse Harry was holding in those pictures of when they were out on a dinner date.. P.S. I sound like such a creep..Oh My God!

  • asuka .w
    asuka .w Day ago


  • Maria Hucci
    Maria Hucci Day ago

    OMG! KATE! I haven't seen her for years! She was ( and still is) my favourite model when I was Young.❤️Besuty as always!

  • Chloé Fck
    Chloé Fck Day ago

    Et elle est française hehe la classe

  • Pattie Bell
    Pattie Bell Day ago

    Vogue showing black faces now? Is readership that bad they now going for the black dollar?

  • aditi muktadir
    aditi muktadir 2 days ago

    And where do you keep your wand?

  • Lonis Hoti
    Lonis Hoti 2 days ago

    What meant she with "i was old enough to do not things like that"