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  • Ayda Stewart
    Ayda Stewart 9 minutes ago


  • Mira Al Shoum
    Mira Al Shoum 17 minutes ago


  • Apam Merlo
    Apam Merlo 58 minutes ago

    no Latinas thank you. Could have sat there: Lupita Nyongo, Salma Hayek, etc.

  • Christina Estrada

    gina saying we can’t vilify people being ignorantly sexist or racist is so stupid. everyone at that table has the resources possible to educate themselves. same for everyone in hollywood.

  • Keval Vora
    Keval Vora Hour ago

    I hate David Mander. Whenever he comes, he never lets people talk

  • Keval Vora
    Keval Vora Hour ago

    I feel there was a small ego clash between Ted Sarandos (Netflix) and Richard Plepler (HBO)

  • Lyntia Shorter
    Lyntia Shorter Hour ago

    Love the way he said "Sexxy" #Priceless That smile love him💕💖💕💖💕💖💕💕💜💕💖💜💕💖💕

  • Lyntia Shorter
    Lyntia Shorter Hour ago

    Future wife😊

  • Lyntia Shorter
    Lyntia Shorter 2 hours ago

    Yes The shirt does make you look sooo sexxy and I love this interview you look Great #iluvitandyou#😊

  • bluemoon_31
    bluemoon_31 2 hours ago

    i'm so happy don cheadle and jim carry are in this

  • Super Fan
    Super Fan 2 hours ago

    I too love mint chocolate chips ice cream!! I lot of people say its disgusting, but it's actually very good. Glad to know I'm not the only one who likes it! ❤🍦

  • Super Fan
    Super Fan 2 hours ago

    Green or black olives? Or both?

  • Super Fan
    Super Fan 3 hours ago

    No one gonna talk about the engine in the background? (1:25 - 1:32 and 2:04 - 2:10

  • Cole Edits
    Cole Edits 3 hours ago

    Never seen more sleezy suits in one room than this video.

  • Mellie Dela Cruz
    Mellie Dela Cruz 3 hours ago

    The media is so biased against the Marcoses. She stuck to her storiy because that is the truth!

    • ally koleen
      ally koleen 2 hours ago

      Mellie Dela Cruz what truth??? That they are thieves? Cause they are lol

  • Taylor Loper
    Taylor Loper 3 hours ago

    Pedo movie much...

  • Unlocked
    Unlocked 3 hours ago

    no one: jimin: body shaking with the force of his MMMMMMMM 1:19

  • Anna Gomez
    Anna Gomez 3 hours ago

    WTF, whyyyyy pass Mary J??????

  • Debbie Junot
    Debbie Junot 3 hours ago

    Love both of you ladies. I just wish you would not curse so much. i think the show would be stronger without it.

  • skeetavint
    skeetavint 3 hours ago

    GD he's sexy JEEEEZZE!

  • hobby gamer
    hobby gamer 3 hours ago

    aww too short that was gr8 ! I'd probably say my fave is that, Ho1000c

  • Mafia Hairdresser Jon-David

    I love her!

  • Liz P
    Liz P 4 hours ago

    Why does James Franco look so pissed when Gary Oldman started talking? Wth the host cutting Gary Oldman off?!?!!

  • Katie Lesesne
    Katie Lesesne 4 hours ago

    I can't stand the interviewer to begin with. More Harriet stories? Why bother if they are all going to be played by people who don't even understand the struggle that she was fighting for and that continues today.. They are two delusional people if they think it will lead to anything positive going forward. She talks about people being able to change the world - why doesn't she go back to her own country and change the world there instead of coming over here?

  • Morpheus !
    Morpheus ! 4 hours ago

    If we could send a Terminator back to this interview date......

  • Dorian Graye
    Dorian Graye 4 hours ago

    Fucken Embarrassment‼️

  • dave lightSaber
    dave lightSaber 5 hours ago

    madd White pple .

  • Irobinson86
    Irobinson86 5 hours ago

    God damn she’s beautiful

  • AD Pz
    AD Pz 5 hours ago

    I totally believed now that white people are idiots.

  • Ponninftw
    Ponninftw 5 hours ago

    never realized how weird Hugh Jackman's ears are..... yes I'm nitpicking ok.

  • Sebastian Sebastian
    Sebastian Sebastian 6 hours ago

    Well, what do ya know...Roundtable of Draco's. 🐲🌋

  • Paul Todd
    Paul Todd 6 hours ago

    Truer words never spoken. People saying "Well, at least I'm not..." when putting another down. Must be nice to be so good and right. Can we not just not trespass on others? If only the good die young, why are you still here?

  • Sebastian Sebastian
    Sebastian Sebastian 6 hours ago

    @5:35 Listen...he said, "No, I'm part lizard". Yes, everyone on this panel are Anunaki Entities who have commited heinous crimes!😠

  • platinum.skies
    platinum.skies 6 hours ago

    I can’t stand Lena and Gina. They need to fall off the face of the earth

  • melshane Mcforrest
    melshane Mcforrest 6 hours ago

    ahuh.... that's the reason why the audience would be able get to see great actors on the same movie its bcoz the director's already pick them for the role

  • Thea Koss
    Thea Koss 6 hours ago


  • melshane Mcforrest
    melshane Mcforrest 6 hours ago

    when Christian Bale talk ... all was very quiet and just listen to him...the mode was so serious

  • happy expat
    happy expat 6 hours ago

    cheated diahann carroll for 9 yrs. she left her husband and he stayed with his wife. no kudos to him or any cheaters, pus he is a swirer

  • CAM
    CAM 7 hours ago

    “i think that goes for latinos” SHUT UP GINA

  • Nasra Rage
    Nasra Rage 7 hours ago

    Gina is so annoying

  • ToxicLullaby
    ToxicLullaby 7 hours ago

    This dude looks exactly like brue with the hair a light beard

  • ToxicLullaby
    ToxicLullaby 7 hours ago

    I wish this was done after it was announced he was Batman but I know that'd never happen

  • Project UniCore
    Project UniCore 8 hours ago

    Alicia *ZING-THING* Keys

  • ToxicLullaby
    ToxicLullaby 8 hours ago

    Why have I never seen this

  • T D
    T D 8 hours ago

    Real talk desegregation is one the worst things for blacks in America

  • chunkychinn
    chunkychinn 8 hours ago

    Brilliant, thankyou

  • Kori Hu
    Kori Hu 8 hours ago

    May Betty White live forever.

  • Gabriel Campos
    Gabriel Campos 8 hours ago

    Man, Zach is a gem.

  • Joey Marino
    Joey Marino 8 hours ago

    She was great! Loved her.

  • Danny Creech
    Danny Creech 9 hours ago

    RIP Mr Lahey

  • Madeline D'orleans
    Madeline D'orleans 9 hours ago

    I'm already a bojack character ! my life sucks !

  • shearcuttingmutt mutt

    This jewish lady took over history channel and vice and turned them into fake news and history brain rotting bullshit

  • Arrios Mcafee
    Arrios Mcafee 9 hours ago

    I love avan no matter what he is my boy.

  • Rig Squad
    Rig Squad 9 hours ago

    This was amazing and i am sure i am not the only one wishing this was much longer.

  • Kori Hu
    Kori Hu 9 hours ago

    This is a fantastic roundtable. And listening to Mel talk about the Magnificent. Wow. I want to see it immediately. The Welfare cheese was good. That wasn't a good lesson.

  • mizel washington
    mizel washington 9 hours ago

    I'm here for Oprah, and loved it.

  • Julius Maloney
    Julius Maloney 10 hours ago

    So much time for this.

  • Bruno Lars
    Bruno Lars 11 hours ago

    The new movie blade runner was slow and confusing

  • Jose Sifontes
    Jose Sifontes 11 hours ago

    So these are the idiots who made this game

  • Janet Matthews
    Janet Matthews 11 hours ago

    I like most people did not like the acting or the history rewrite attempt....What book did you read? Im so angry about this movie if I could met you I would sit you down and have a talk as I reframe from losing temper.... you......You dont even know how she got the black outs.So to educate you...Harriet in real life was repeadely raped and lended out to other white slave owners....and was hit in the head when she had had enough to save herself she like many trauma victims found a place to go to subconciously.....All of you should be shamed...and Cynthia people didnt like you in this part because you could not relate to a slave experience...and it showed in your performance.....and to have anyone see this movie would be a insult to all..especially our Black people..thanks for setting us back another 400 years.😪😔😔😔😔😪😔😔😓😔😔😪.

  • Flumbles Mum
    Flumbles Mum 11 hours ago

    32:20 I've never seen someone miss a point by such a large margin.

  • Cedar Parks
    Cedar Parks 11 hours ago

    I liked this talk. Then I saw the movie and that reframed the whole conversation so much that I had to come look at it again and see how such good intentions could end up with such a termination on the franchise. SO disappointed in the new story. SJW's win again. BAH HUMBUG!

  • Janet Matthews
    Janet Matthews 11 hours ago

    Everyone needs to get that...but Harriet needs to be could you be a part of something so tried rewriting racially bias...and supremist bound....and factually incorrect!.......shame on all of you.😔.

  • Mark Goulding
    Mark Goulding 12 hours ago

    Love Mel so much

  • Im ov
    Im ov 12 hours ago

    I'm sorry...but Black Panther ain't shit related to their true culture -_-

    • Im ov
      Im ov 12 hours ago

      @AlwaysRetr0 True also

    • AlwaysRetr0
      AlwaysRetr0 12 hours ago

      it also isn't shit compared to the brilliant films the other actors have done

  • krokanjer
    krokanjer 12 hours ago

    "Is it true that there was friction on set and certain fractious fractions of the crew fractioned in to factions. Is the friction factional, or are the factions fictional?"

  • Brian Walendy
    Brian Walendy 12 hours ago

    My cousin got in a fight with him... Idk that I believe said cousin, but he says he won. Jeff is like 6'6", and van Damme like 5'6", but that doesn't mean much.

  • paul 63s
    paul 63s 13 hours ago

    she's fat...why is he even chatting to her?! ;p :))

  • shay love
    shay love 13 hours ago

    Such a good show

  • Linda Pow
    Linda Pow 13 hours ago

    What about bringing a few round tables together and re creating the I Pornographer series seems like Love beats Violence at the moment. Sign of the times maybe! sure is a winner If We can win on this political arena.... David Icke says You can!

  • Zayalla Fantasy
    Zayalla Fantasy 14 hours ago

    This was so rich, heartwarming and interesting. Thank you ~

  • maddymud
    maddymud 14 hours ago

    “couple of outlets and you had to be liked by those particular people” = Sheila Nevins at HBO ruling with an iron fist. I like a lot of Nevin’s aesthetic but how could she not love LG

  • Back in the Saddle
    Back in the Saddle 14 hours ago

    Love Gary Bussey! Awesome. Fantastic beyond words in The Buddy Holly Story.

  • Eugene Gorsky
    Eugene Gorsky 14 hours ago

    They used Cameron to sell this crap to people !

  • ele ge
    ele ge 14 hours ago

    where is eddie murphy?

  • AlwaysRetr0
    AlwaysRetr0 14 hours ago

    Chadwick Boseman is the master of inanity

  • Shyann Martin
    Shyann Martin 14 hours ago

    You know they're meant to be together when they both start humming the Jurassic Park theme song!

  • The Line
    The Line 15 hours ago

    I love what she's about

  • Conan Inflable
    Conan Inflable 15 hours ago

    the creator make the voice for the frog?

  • Moumita Debnath
    Moumita Debnath 17 hours ago

    So good. :) ♥

  • SandraRecordings
    SandraRecordings 17 hours ago

    I love Reeses top, looks so good on her ❤️

  • John
    John 17 hours ago

    they are freaks and quite boring

  • Mannan Rai
    Mannan Rai 18 hours ago

    Find someone who looks at you thr way James looks at Williem. Very nice interview tho.

  • nagi champa
    nagi champa 18 hours ago

    Funny thing is I knew Barry Zuckerkorn before the Fonz!

  • Lostwanderer 0606
    Lostwanderer 0606 18 hours ago

    The irony of them all being trans.

  • 8888zod
    8888zod 18 hours ago

    10 minutes in and i'm so invested in the conversation but not sure if i'm going to make it through with all this interruption. i'm literally heating up, i'm so upset. someone help me lol

  • Shailesh Rana
    Shailesh Rana 18 hours ago

    "We're already making a character around you. We're just gonna need nude photos of you from every conceivable angle."

  • Freddie Mack
    Freddie Mack 18 hours ago

    Cynthia talk about your ass

  • Freddie Mack
    Freddie Mack 18 hours ago

    That movie was screwed up and made up

  • daniel skjelsda
    daniel skjelsda 19 hours ago

    I can't wait to see the season 5 of Lucifer is the best and my favorite serie i ever have seen i love you Lucifer and i hope you make alone season because this is the best i have seen

  • wooster
    wooster 19 hours ago

    It’s amazing how some people becoming more handsome when getting old.

  • Jason Rowles
    Jason Rowles 20 hours ago

    Hey Hollywood Reporter......... Do you EVER READ COMMENTS? Your main host is dreadful....!!!!!!!! I have never, ever seen a host so bad...... I wont even go into why, there are a LOT of other comments here explaining that, and on all the other Round Table videos here on TheXvid. Please, sort it out, its embarrassing.

  • Ollie McHugh
    Ollie McHugh 20 hours ago

    Great video. But Cambridge University is in Cambridge; not London.

  • Rishi Caaseeram
    Rishi Caaseeram 20 hours ago

    This geezer is the king of demand and supply he creates a demand then controls the supply I mean power doesn't really come on every week

  • Bob Langford
    Bob Langford 20 hours ago

    How’d you like to die today Motherfucker?!?!

  • Stankyg55
    Stankyg55 21 hour ago


  • LMK_TheDon
    LMK_TheDon 21 hour ago

    Did it not upset anyone else that Don Cheadle said “what like Wonder Woman?” When Sacha said that guy made him a bulletproof clipboard. 🤒🤒

  • Maori Warrior
    Maori Warrior 21 hour ago

    She's really awesome and been amazing in her roles. Loved her in WUTIH.

  • Sushant Sneha Vinchurkar

    Both John and Emily are Pitch Perfect ? :P

    NEWROCKEROFFICIAL 23 hours ago

    "the movie not the drug" Yep that's definitely something someone says when they're no stranger to a few wiz fizes.