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Meme Templates Are EASY
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KFC Dating Simulator
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Area 51 Raid
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I Quit Youtube For This
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This Has To Stop
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I'm Sorry To Do This
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  • Nathen Mayer
    Nathen Mayer Hour ago


  • Johanna Elizabeth

    Why did I relate to this on so many levels ... so beautiful

  • ItsDopamine05
    ItsDopamine05 Hour ago

    Dude I’m friends on Xbox with bobby0066

  • The French Grenadier

    Valiant Hearts is a beautiful game but horrid

  • aaron untalan
    aaron untalan Hour ago

    Me and my brother had a nerf war to this song when i was a kid lol

  • Lalanakker 2594
    Lalanakker 2594 Hour ago

    I’m so confused, but it looks so cool 😂😂

  • Nick And nich
    Nick And nich Hour ago

    Good song UwU nothing like I’ve heard what happened? To… Your precious best friend is he… D.E.D? Like mine? Buuuut good song Yea I’m gonna get my friends and M.A.K.E THEM sub to you UwU Love ya vids make better You will always do better I know so B.Y.E

  • Cromwell Cruz
    Cromwell Cruz Hour ago

    That dry run at the beginning shows how treating the Android (Daniel) as human by the family made it think human thus revolting.

  • Ben Travers
    Ben Travers Hour ago

    I have so many questions

  • Yolanda Kemp
    Yolanda Kemp Hour ago

    The best

  • Brian Patrick BPM Moore Jr.

    Jack should play one of his own band's songs

  • keythorn
    keythorn Hour ago

    Jack - “Goodbye, Lamborghini!” “Lamborghini” - **is a MacLaren**

    DARREN GREEN Hour ago

    Jack:wait i dont know if dat worked *doesnt notice enchanting table pulling words from da books* I dont even know if dat worked*still ignores enchanting table*

  • Dipy •
    Dipy • Hour ago

    I need BOTH OF THOSE 🤔👀

  • Katy Stone
    Katy Stone Hour ago

    Yo this was super cool. I was hesitant to watch it because im just not that interested in this sort of content, but this was actually amazing. The shooting is beautiful and it has already evoked so much emotion. Wonderful work Sean!! So excited to see more!

  • Robert Luis
    Robert Luis Hour ago

    There is one piece of evidence that Markus truly is Robo-Jesus: The absolutely cool white jacket he wears ever since he met Connor face-to-face.

  • Issy O'Brien
    Issy O'Brien Hour ago

    remember when he said he didnt like minecraft...

  • Dino [GD & More]


  • Paulo V. O. Moreira

    night in the woods was one of my favs mostly because of the voices, became my headcanon even

  • Mr. Spoop
    Mr. Spoop Hour ago

    ''AuAagH fuck yeah dude''

  • Mr. Spoop
    Mr. Spoop Hour ago

    I love cat-Jack

  • M Isa
    M Isa Hour ago

    Is this video shot on an anamorphic lens?

  • Sara Awji
    Sara Awji Hour ago

    Kangaroo actually tastes very good!

  • Lackofsanity 1
    Lackofsanity 1 Hour ago

    I feel like another good song to play would be The Red by Chevelle

  • Mr. Glopy
    Mr. Glopy Hour ago

    Is jack teasing us for the jacksepticeye movie?

  • Alixer
    Alixer Hour ago

    Shaemus: "Finally, after all these years, I escaped from that screaming lunatic and have started a family of my own, good thing I'm so far away, he's never gonna find me. **Portal appears and Jack emerges** Shaemus: "Are you fricking kidding me?"

  • Cali4nia
    Cali4nia Hour ago

    HOLY HECKING MINECRAFT THIS IS SO GOOD i have nothing else to say stop reading this comment

  • game maniac
    game maniac Hour ago

    None of you guys notice that jack drives a prius

  • Myka Thompson
    Myka Thompson Hour ago

    Is it dog prof

  • Killer456912
    Killer456912 Hour ago

    Is this shot in Ireland?

  • Kaylie Muska
    Kaylie Muska Hour ago

    Jacksepticeye is great

  • Pay Way
    Pay Way Hour ago

    That video was so sad bit yet an amazing peice of art thank you for making it

  • OatmealBoi
    OatmealBoi Hour ago

    Sitting here eating ramen and watching jacksepticeye. Life is good.

  • Paul Kelly
    Paul Kelly Hour ago

    7:21 😂

  • Melasong
    Melasong Hour ago

    Hugs for Chase he needs them

  • gãméř bôï
    gãméř bôï Hour ago

    Wow! Didn't understand anything,,,, yay!!!!!?????¿‽'4#)741)74@/+5#(/&jgzlyiekuatyorayriakryayriayriaoyarpuarouraiayrfouauososutoyis

  • Anton Jensen
    Anton Jensen Hour ago

    Still need 825k likes before the video ends guys, cmon! I need to go home!

    SUP GAMER Hour ago

    13:00 if u have seen on the other side u really got a heart attack😂😂😂

  • Li At Sea
    Li At Sea Hour ago

    it makes me so, so happy that TheXvidr songs exist again It gives life such a positive feeling again!

  • Oozy The Animal
    Oozy The Animal Hour ago

    Felt like watching life is strange all over again

  • Nanda giri
    Nanda giri Hour ago

    0:34 who is that? another jack?

  • Kevin m
    Kevin m Hour ago

    i remember watching this in 2016 feels so different rewatching it now

  • 1310938
    1310938 Hour ago

    I’ll be frank. I am extremely confused but I do like where this is heading. I’ll figure it out.

  • abdullah doğan
    abdullah doğan Hour ago

    try to talk to sans or senses

  • Phantom 2003
    Phantom 2003 Hour ago

    3:21 Jack’s reaction when he saw the kangaroo is priceless 🦘 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Daniell Pacheco
    Daniell Pacheco Hour ago

    Use lily pads for your farm on the water

  • Michael Brent Williams

    What's the intro song, guys??

  • _Mtthew_
    _Mtthew_ Hour ago

    Wow, so we finally found out.... jack drives a Prius

  • UF Cosmic Playz
    UF Cosmic Playz Hour ago

    I love avenged sevenfold

  • SkettluMahBoi
    SkettluMahBoi Hour ago

    jacksepticeye gone rogue

  • Narsasu Python
    Narsasu Python Hour ago

    He nether even heard of that

  • Wolf 10133
    Wolf 10133 Hour ago

    Am I the only one who took in the fact that the pile of stones and the photo is like a makeshift grave for either a lost child or lost parent?

  • MaineCoonHazard .TENK

    The Farquaad castle reference got me good; who knew Sean had such tastes.

  • Craig Hughes
    Craig Hughes Hour ago

    I did it

  • Timothy Ryan Sappington

    Jack must be on a major drug trip if he traveled to a parking lot So scary

  • charline lambert

    Wait what is this..? Who is this..? Why is this? And who is Anti?? Please help I am confused

  • Crumb Les
    Crumb Les Hour ago

    Jack * teleports* Also jack: where the fuck is my whisky

  • Gasmask Mcgee [ Carl ]

    Nobody: Link from any zelda game: 0:45

  • phantom Springy
    phantom Springy Hour ago

    Jack: kills papyrus Me: meh Sans:blasts with ghaster blaster Me: I deserved that I’m just used to paps dying

  • 2000 subs with No video

    2:14 his Minecraft adventure begins

  • W.D Infinite
    W.D Infinite Hour ago

    Tha Best song evaar

  • duckii on bread
    duckii on bread Hour ago

    But I- But I- but I tried.. Why did that make me sad?????

  • Ashyboi24
    Ashyboi24 Hour ago

    i forgot that foxy goes "dub dub dub dub dub" and i bust out laughing

  • Ben Jones
    Ben Jones Hour ago

    I don't understand this video can someone plz explane

  • Tora Ogga
    Tora Ogga Hour ago

    2013 jack: *hello everyone* 2019 jack: *TOPOFTHEMONINGTOYALADDYS* I love you jack

  • Zane
    Zane Hour ago

    this actual looks like the project is going to be fucking sick

  • Kaylee Torrey
    Kaylee Torrey Hour ago

    What a cliffhanger

  • Ananda Hanif
    Ananda Hanif Hour ago

    can someone actually explain this cuz am confused af

  • Gasmask Mcgee [ Carl ]

    Hey this is pretty good... also that screaming part is hilarious...

  • Vetle Straume
    Vetle Straume Hour ago

    Oh wow. I’m stunned, this is really cool. Maybe he gets sent back in time to save the one in the photo?

  • Little Strawberry

    Oh my heart...

  • W.D Infinite
    W.D Infinite Hour ago

    Dis is like a movie trailer Edit:and i like it!! :)

  • The CjH
    The CjH Hour ago

    "But can you do this"

  • Bunny Bro
    Bunny Bro 2 hours ago

    12:19 Bender izzat you?

  • Jeanie Pikos
    Jeanie Pikos 2 hours ago


  • J Mkc
    J Mkc 2 hours ago

    2:28 I wish there was some where this quiet and peaceful where I lived

  • Naomi Whitehouse
    Naomi Whitehouse 2 hours ago

    is this gonna be like the mv of 11 minutes where he has to save his wifu and baby buba

  • Lili Lily
    Lili Lily 2 hours ago

    I found this once in a splitscreen gamemode

  • Jenny
    Jenny 2 hours ago

    That fucking adidas hat lol

  • VladMan
    VladMan 2 hours ago

    sponsored by adidas

  • Smitha Vikraman
    Smitha Vikraman 2 hours ago

    And the Oscar goes to The GAELIC GLADIATOR!!!!!!!🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆😅🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔

  • Mad Gamer
    Mad Gamer 2 hours ago

    Check the backseat of the car you will see anti 0:34

  • Hana Avocado
    Hana Avocado 2 hours ago

    Jack: **tells the same story over, over and over again** Me: **cries every time**

  • eddy lund
    eddy lund 2 hours ago

    Gday mate

  • Ethan Richards
    Ethan Richards 2 hours ago

    start in china jack

  • xXx_n00b_slayer_xXx
    xXx_n00b_slayer_xXx 2 hours ago

    3rd star is in a secret spot in the plane area on the top

  • Dark Galaxy
    Dark Galaxy 2 hours ago

    How do people type like that ._.

  • KT926
    KT926 2 hours ago


  • Itz Paz._.Gacha
    Itz Paz._.Gacha 2 hours ago

    Jack: *screams* Me: ah shit, here we go again

  • Lizard Queen
    Lizard Queen 2 hours ago

    Am I missing something? Is this part of a series?

  • Itz Paz._.Gacha
    Itz Paz._.Gacha 2 hours ago

    0:47 *SCREAMS* Me: gurl why u screamin?

  • c0nn0r 101
    c0nn0r 101 2 hours ago

    Hank has a really nice car , pretty fancy

  • Narsasu Python
    Narsasu Python 2 hours ago

    Don’t mine up because gravel will fall on you and you can suffocate I learn that the hard :)

  • isobel :/
    isobel :/ 2 hours ago

    Jack: The sheep are basically a bed, food, flag factory Felix: COUNCIL OF WATER SHEEP

  • M Extreme
    M Extreme 2 hours ago

    who is watching in 2019

  • Deathstare01
    Deathstare01 2 hours ago

    Two minds think alike

  • Aatrox The darkkin blade

    hmm, wonder what broke jack this time