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LaLiga Dikir Barat
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  • Harryshah 123
    Harryshah 123 6 hours ago

    Laliga minat berukk sungguh.🤣.liga x dk saingan. Apa² pun EPL tetap hebat .

  • De Howitzer
    De Howitzer 10 hours ago

    la la la ligaaa, the best league in the worlddd

  • Lionel Messi
    Lionel Messi 10 hours ago

    Itu aja sy ulang ulang

  • s s
    s s 11 hours ago


  • Ikmal Firdaus
    Ikmal Firdaus 12 hours ago

    Real Sociedad played really good. Odegaard what a player!

  • sl0wh4nd81
    sl0wh4nd81 12 hours ago

    Unselfish messi

  • Luis Cortes
    Luis Cortes 15 hours ago

    Greetings from 🇲🇽 México.

  • Kiki Alfa
    Kiki Alfa 19 hours ago

    🤣🤣 #Cules_nomony😂😂

    CATALANS Day ago

    Lautaro secretly wants suarez jersey for a while now. Let see if we can get him next summer.

  • CMS Channel
    CMS Channel Day ago

    Krna dh viral kat facebook aku kemari.. hahahaha

  • Roy Ogink
    Roy Ogink Day ago

    Bra kanal

  • IN THE
    IN THE 2 days ago

    ชอบๆ ถูกใจสิ่งนี้

  • Troll Troll
    Troll Troll 2 days ago

    Greenwood nice play, he is having a great future ! :)

  • Kids Collie
    Kids Collie 2 days ago

    OMG I just heard Robbie Wessels song playing there at 8:00 LOL

  • Sarthak Sharma
    Sarthak Sharma 2 days ago

    What a guy

  • Jumin Engkiron
    Jumin Engkiron 2 days ago

    Psg verry good

  • Muhammad Hafiz
    Muhammad Hafiz 2 days ago

    Negeri Kelantan dikenali seluruh dunia

  • Siu Sik
    Siu Sik 2 days ago

    Mata and greenwood should be in starting 11

  • figure108
    figure108 2 days ago

    Back here bc LFC buying Minamino

  • Kan Man
    Kan Man 2 days ago

    Without Pogba, so called world cup champion team member............ man utd is even better~~ hoho MU does not need those expensive and arrogant member(s)

    • Newhand not NOOB
      Newhand not NOOB 2 days ago

      @ckheric with pogba, it is easier to win weaker team in pl

    • ckheric
      ckheric 2 days ago

      look at the league table and think again what you have just said.

  • Ari Wibawa
    Ari Wibawa 2 days ago

    Liga petani

  • S S
    S S 2 days ago

    Erdogan🔝 Adolf🔚

  • tom0900060
    tom0900060 2 days ago

    Greenwood is so good

  • The Assassin
    The Assassin 2 days ago

    Neymar nice lol

  • Mr Rockstar
    Mr Rockstar 2 days ago

    Biso sek demo

  • Innoxent Osama
    Innoxent Osama 2 days ago

    Isco made a big mistake

    FSBS JR 2 days ago

    dapat tahu ni dari twitter 😂😂

  • Get Naenaed
    Get Naenaed 2 days ago

    England’s future no.10

  • Olivier Max
    Olivier Max 2 days ago

    degea carton rouge !!!!! prochain match paris va vous défoncer !!!

  • Muhammadnubhan wajdee


  • Shahmok Shahwit
    Shahmok Shahwit 2 days ago

    Those player wearing baju melayu is neat

  • ikhwanrt
    ikhwanrt 2 days ago

    🤦‍♂️ delete delete

  • Royal Empire
    Royal Empire 3 days ago

    EPL is the best League in the world

    • Harryshah 123
      Harryshah 123 6 hours ago

      Truth..laliga x de saingan asyik Barca real jerr tumpuan . EPL bnyk saingan ..

    • Royal Empire
      Royal Empire 22 hours ago

      Aku x support lgbt aku support club n liga tu banyak pesaingan

    • Ari Wibawa
      Ari Wibawa 2 days ago

      @Mr Rockstar Yee lu yg sewot cok

    • Mr Rockstar
      Mr Rockstar 2 days ago

      Support LGBT

  • De Howitzer
    De Howitzer 3 days ago

    this should be the new meme. haha

  • Sanjut Jat
    Sanjut Jat 3 days ago

    Lagu ni main time player masuk ke?

  • Aria.Sterling
    Aria.Sterling 3 days ago


  • jainal jamalul
    jainal jamalul 3 days ago

    astalavista, gracias to this song. salam from johor, sand gudang.

  • ho chun Chan
    ho chun Chan 3 days ago

    Why can can music Lmao

  • Shahrul NS
    Shahrul NS 3 days ago


  • Booker T
    Booker T 3 days ago

    1:56 Syirik dowh dorang nyanyi Messi, the god of football... Wlupun tidak berniat iktiqad dlm hati yg Messi tu sbgai tuhan, bila nyanyi lafaz ayat tu automatik dah jadi syirik bg tukang karut yg nyanyi ayat tu...

  • starsecream
    starsecream 3 days ago




  • Akim
    Akim 3 days ago

    tukor title "el-classico" dikir barat

  • Muhammad Azali
    Muhammad Azali 3 days ago

    Kemah dikir barat hahaaha

  • lotus evra35
    lotus evra35 3 days ago

    Peminat messi demo ni.. Sepatutnye EPL the best league in the world..

  • Nash Entertainment
    Nash Entertainment 3 days ago

    I love malaysian traditional music

  • Khairulamirin Suhaimi


  • Ahmad Aqil
    Ahmad Aqil 3 days ago

    La la la liga tok mung

  • ahmad syukri17050497

    Mana kelantan dalam liga??

  • Mohd Zaki
    Mohd Zaki 3 days ago

    Use me as a wtf button

  • aditya supardi
    aditya supardi 3 days ago

    The best league in the word is primer league😑

    • liverpool fans
      liverpool fans 2 days ago

      Yes epl is best league in the world

    • Notaxmar Jr.
      Notaxmar Jr. 3 days ago

      I don't think PL is the best league in the world... La liga is better even there are only 4 or 5 big teams while pl has 6,7 teams... La liga can make the spectators feel the greatest football in the world

  • Awie Nexxous
    Awie Nexxous 3 days ago

    Aku ingat chanel luar negara rupanya orang malaysia

    • fitri yie
      fitri yie 3 days ago

      Awie Nexxous sporean tuu

  • abdulthepemes
    abdulthepemes 3 days ago

    Dafuq! 😂

  • J. Me
    J. Me 3 days ago

    Cam buduh je!!! Pundek

  • bro mus general
    bro mus general 3 days ago

    Kna nyanyi depe messi, ramos ni.

  • Rodrygo Goes1982
    Rodrygo Goes1982 3 days ago

    El Magnifique

  • HAK7M Channel
    HAK7M Channel 3 days ago

    Kemah ore Kelate kito 👏😍

    • aman rasid
      aman rasid 3 days ago

      singapura rasonyo ni buke klate

  • Ejat Nawi
    Ejat Nawi 3 days ago


  • rafiq rosli
    rafiq rosli 3 days ago


  • izzad hairi
    izzad hairi 3 days ago

    nate gapo niy , supo berok doh

  • •ınnocent person•

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 nice arh👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Santiago Bernabeu Victor y Ravi


  • Santiago Bernabeu Victor y Ravi


  • Alec Tang
    Alec Tang 3 days ago

    Congratulations Atalanta. From a disappointed Inter fan.😞

  • OlCrafty69
    OlCrafty69 3 days ago

    Chelsea 4-4 Ajax

  • OlCrafty69
    OlCrafty69 3 days ago

    Chelsea 4-4 Ajax

  • OlCrafty69
    OlCrafty69 3 days ago

    Chelsea 4-4 Ajax

  • Titus Yung
    Titus Yung 4 days ago

    Why he does not use his hands to pick the ball up?

    • Gregory Tang
      Gregory Tang 3 days ago

      Titus Yung cuz balls always stay down

  • Sampson Chan
    Sampson Chan 4 days ago

    Salah : who says I only score on left foot?

  • Jack Puhar
    Jack Puhar 4 days ago

    what happened to lukaku?

  • redskinsux
    redskinsux 4 days ago

    Just a day at the office for super-human Hamid.

  • Atlantic Music
    Atlantic Music 4 days ago

    2 goals in a row!

  • geewhizhk
    geewhizhk 4 days ago

    is it just me, or there were a few opportunities Salah could have laid it out for Mane?

  • peaky fookin blinder

    serial bottlers ajax

  • Brahim Nassiri
    Brahim Nassiri 4 days ago

    Top 😎😎

  • Janloyd Llorada
    Janloyd Llorada 4 days ago

    What a goal!

  • jmlukaku
    jmlukaku 4 days ago

    great upload

  • Marc Hechter
    Marc Hechter 4 days ago

    give it up.. try ping pong or some sheeeit, cause ONE THING IS FOR is not even ur sport.

  • Marc Hechter
    Marc Hechter 4 days ago

    go phack all of u together,,, how about that? U fakking midgets of football... uefa cup is TOO MUCH for you... how about u decide to DISOLVE this club? call it a day

  • Marc Hechter
    Marc Hechter 4 days ago

    ..and then picture a BIG FHACKKING FINGER POINTING at you,.... u are SHIT.... ur fans ARE SHEIIIIT... ur so called pussy ass ULTRAS ARE SHEIIIIT,

  • Marc Hechter
    Marc Hechter 4 days ago

    eh? ...right now, I hope that whole fhaking team has an accident on the way home. Inter is a JOKE... ALL OF THEM,... fhack u SO MUCH,..... that blue MILAN side, close ur eyes right... please, when u read this, close them now

  • Marc Hechter
    Marc Hechter 4 days ago

    and a DISGRACE for football. Honestly, i have more faith in a fhaking school-team than INTER. Ahhh Lukaku... great man... super... thanks for bringing INTER back on track.... why dont u take the same ONE-WAY flight to brazil with that retard CONTE ?

  • Marc Hechter
    Marc Hechter 4 days ago

    Until today I was an Inter fan... but i tell u what.... FHACK YOUR TEAM... every single one of them... FHACK CONTE ... a loser clown ... and FHACK INTER as a WHOLE.... u idiots should be playing Seria B and hopping to win the fhacking useless copa italia ... thats where u are... u are a DISGRACE for fans.

  • Ludjee Jean
    Ludjee Jean 4 days ago

    Come on Lyon

  • Vicen
    Vicen 4 days ago


  • Nazim Kt
    Nazim Kt 4 days ago


    STORM X 4 days ago

    Navas made Real Madrid pay

  • Dylan Erasmus
    Dylan Erasmus 4 days ago

    South Africa was underestimated, look who's laughing now.

  • Dienor Moktar
    Dienor Moktar 4 days ago

    vinicius jr are on fire 🔥

  • Saqib Ahan
    Saqib Ahan 4 days ago

    Let's see

  • Ar Mada
    Ar Mada 5 days ago

    Fucking hell Barcelona is scary

  • Booker T
    Booker T 5 days ago

    4 own goal in 3 clashes between them...WTF...

  • G B
    G B 5 days ago

    Stupid bastard editor cut out the funniest bit. You know... the punchline. Hint for the future. They come at the end. 🤯

  • Phillip T
    Phillip T 5 days ago

    Neymar matured

  • Knock-knock, Who's there?

    2:03 Commentator just quoted the late Aaliyah😇

  • Safwan Z
    Safwan Z 5 days ago

    A man from Argentina, who is cleaner than Neutrogena with his finishing...

  • Adhiatma Setiawan
    Adhiatma Setiawan 5 days ago


  • Notaxmar Jr.
    Notaxmar Jr. 5 days ago

    I hope neymar and mbappe will leave psg at the same time this january

  • Apeet 69
    Apeet 69 5 days ago

    Wheres Ander Herrera?

  • Support BMF
    Support BMF 6 days ago

    What a neymar-inspired come-from-behind goal which led to another important win at montpelier...still people wanna compare mbappe with neymar....although neymar is spoilt boy but when he is at the top of his game he will put all efforts to win each game