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  • keeganshigh
    keeganshigh 10 seconds ago

    How did that red headed chick land this gig? She is not attractive.

  • Soviet who Cuts
    Soviet who Cuts 3 minutes ago

    Hey I’m really fucking late but brushing your teeth is important to health. Smell isn’t so yea fucckkkkk you

  • Ai Shin Cruz
    Ai Shin Cruz 5 minutes ago

    It's a Christmas movie.

  • Kaleela Edwards
    Kaleela Edwards 7 minutes ago

    My mom was slerping i should be asleep i shouldnt of watch this

  • Selene Edits
    Selene Edits 9 minutes ago

    This is a realy old movie

  • infinity
    infinity 10 minutes ago

    You didn't sin when Leta says "I love you" to both Scamander brothers

  • Kitchy715
    Kitchy715 11 minutes ago

    I don't love Tom Hanks

  • Stephanie Blasenak
    Stephanie Blasenak 11 minutes ago

    7:08 - are you sure that's not a mud pot? Either way, they're dead.

  • MilitaryGeneral
    MilitaryGeneral 11 minutes ago

    No Lycans were harmed in the making of this video

  • David Merlin
    David Merlin 11 minutes ago

    To the guy that made this video: It’s a MOVIE dumbass!

    TRASHY GAMING 13 minutes ago

    9:17 That made me laugh so freaking hard because i can just imagine one mom go like "oh good lord" in the theatres

  • Kitchy715
    Kitchy715 14 minutes ago

    I love your channel but, c'mon we all know it was his desperation that made him write help, not his reasoning.

  • opugilist
    opugilist 15 minutes ago

    "Ends with white boy rap". That's racist.

  • CoRe_Apple
    CoRe_Apple 17 minutes ago

    how does the piliot know where to go if he does not have photagraphy

  • Feel Good Fights
    Feel Good Fights 17 minutes ago

    Since you always point out stupid stuff that makes no sense, here’s something for you: Why u gotta say God’s Name in vain 1,000 times every video? Why bleep “the F word” if you’re going to say that? Makes no sense.... God’s Name in vain is the only REAL “cuss word” you’re literally damning God every time you say it. It’s even one of the Ten Commandments(rather you believe in them or not) just makes zero sense to think it’s okay to say that but not “the F word” don’t bleep anything if you’re gonna say the worst thing you possibly could say 🙄 .. now you could say you don’t believe in God (but then why use his name) also if you don’t believe in God then you would be making a truth claim that God don’t exist which would in turn be the same thing as somebody saying God does exist(a truth claim also) either way if God does exist you will have to answer one day for damning him to thousands of people’s ears (some children) who actually might also start saying it because they heard you.... think about it Broski 😐 🤔

  • Blue Wolf Inifinite
    Blue Wolf Inifinite 19 minutes ago

    Trump has entered the chat: Cinemasins:DIIIIINNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG

  • 【HørrørGәmer37】
    【HørrørGәmer37】 19 minutes ago

    It sucks that shelters are killing animals due to "overpopulation" when there are only 900 million dogs in the world but there are 7.6 billion humans in the world. WHAT THE HECK, SOCIETY?!

  • Orcas Gaming
    Orcas Gaming 20 minutes ago

    Takes in mind he is facing his fears Does not mention the plane is at such a rate of climb a supersonic jet going 2 times the speed of sound could not get that far before losing altitude due to gravity, take in mind propelled aircraft could only go 300 to 400 mph without a turbo engine, and a duel engined fighter jet can not even reach close going 1200 mph

  • Notorius B.I.G
    Notorius B.I.G 20 minutes ago

    Seriously, why didn’t this movie pick up on the battle dilios led at the end of the first movie?

  • Steven Ross
    Steven Ross 22 minutes ago

    Man. This movie was a big part of my childhood. But after watching this CS, I realize how good Man of Steel is in comparison.

  • The default Alcaraz
    The default Alcaraz 25 minutes ago

    Movie: girl u have ur kittie boy u have ur dog Me: I don’t see a dog nor a car

  • debunkthejunk1
    debunkthejunk1 26 minutes ago

    Gal Gadot -100

  • Henry Henryson the 47
    Henry Henryson the 47 26 minutes ago

    Up is the perfect movie, therefore it has no flaws.

  • Orcas Gaming
    Orcas Gaming 26 minutes ago

    First of all, battleships, lots of them without escort or an aircraft carrier. The planes would not have any chance to get through any armor without cannons or bombs, even one ship is to much to handle, especially when one ship is that armed, they also showed 25mm cannons, they do not have such accuracy or a fire rate close to what it showed, its WW2 Disney, there is no such thing as laser targeting yet, especially on Japan’s ships, even the ships are closer to German ships than any Japanese ship I’ve seen.

  • HonneyBear
    HonneyBear 27 minutes ago

    Pretty sure them getting transported to the cemetery explains how the beast is able to travel super far in short periods of time?

  • Cardiac Yew3804
    Cardiac Yew3804 30 minutes ago

    8:57 friendly reminder that bullets penetrate multiple targets

  • The Fire Turkeys
    The Fire Turkeys 30 minutes ago

    This looks like the live action part is recorded with an iPhone 4

  • Voltaic Fire
    Voltaic Fire 31 minute ago

    The last time it took someone this long to Pooh they died of fatal constipation.

  • Lis Sanguinan
    Lis Sanguinan 33 minutes ago

    Oh. Boo who. this clown doesn't understand poetic cinema and a great work of our time when he sees it. Is it not enough to simply see a bunch of hot people in various stages of undress??? To be scared but horny at the same moment? "Ooohhh I'm a dumb critic and forgot how to have genuine fun!" Shut up Boo Boo the Dang Fool.

  • Squishy Chicken
    Squishy Chicken 33 minutes ago

    Bruh they have videos shorter then 16 mins?

  • Silent Gamer
    Silent Gamer 37 minutes ago

    Almost everyone in this movie are asshole

  • Michael Afton
    Michael Afton 38 minutes ago

    You missed it when his headphones disappeared in one of the first mins of the movie

  • Unknown
    Unknown 38 minutes ago

    There's nothing wrong with it because its science fiction

  • Rafael Morales
    Rafael Morales 39 minutes ago

    I'm sorry for giving you a thumb down cinemasins but this video deserves it.

  • amanda gorte
    amanda gorte 41 minute ago

    I was just about to wach the deap blue sea

  • Steve Hardley
    Steve Hardley 42 minutes ago

    We want ENDGAME nigga!

  • Daniel Galbusera
    Daniel Galbusera 43 minutes ago

    So Han was apparently old enough to remember his dad working in a corellian YT model freighter factory, but not old enough to know his own fucking surname? oh but "i hAVe nO pEoP..." sure, whatever

  • Ryry Molander
    Ryry Molander 45 minutes ago

    Bro such a hater

  • Leah T.
    Leah T. 48 minutes ago

    He actually did accidentally killed the bully at the very beginning but never found out

  • Ace Nunez
    Ace Nunez 48 minutes ago

    Go To ScHoOL

  • Erick Soza
    Erick Soza 51 minute ago

    Movie sin correction - 0 Edit:he gives it an extra cinema sin every ten seconds litterly skip 10 seconds you’ll see

  • pariot 456
    pariot 456 52 minutes ago


  • Sans
    Sans 53 minutes ago

    How dare you this is better than any movie other competitors this and shrek

  • Erick Soza
    Erick Soza 54 minutes ago

    Movie Sin counter correction: 0

  • debunkthejunk1
    debunkthejunk1 56 minutes ago

    Pretty sure the area announcer was a rip off of the pod racing announcers in Episode 1

  • Merpedy Perpedy
    Merpedy Perpedy 59 minutes ago

    Delete this video, NOW

  • Yana Affiliates
    Yana Affiliates 59 minutes ago

    4:44 I think she was feeding the dog, not a baby.

  • Shay Ogun
    Shay Ogun 59 minutes ago

    1:15 Also...any male training in the nude must factor in the sheer random, wayward and largely uncomfortable and distracting movements of his awkwardly swinging junk...

  • RantOnReality
    RantOnReality Hour ago

    You should take off a sin because mike in the beginning looks so cute

  • White Knight
    White Knight Hour ago

    I wish the would make a good film about a wild deadly Earth

  • Riley Butler
    Riley Butler Hour ago

    Everything wrong with Ghostbusters 2016..... it was made.

  • Tactics 101
    Tactics 101 Hour ago

    This is a great movie in my eyes😁

  • zack Jones
    zack Jones Hour ago

    I honestly hate your content.

  • Judson Gaiden
    Judson Gaiden Hour ago

    Captain Planet sucks. Even as a kid, I rooted for Dr. Blight.

  • FishingWithPj
    FishingWithPj Hour ago

    How is this a bad movie it’s one of the best horror movies in history

  • Dez S.
    Dez S. Hour ago

    15:04 my school

  • brett gagle
    brett gagle Hour ago

    Imagine some messed up person knows about their situation and pretends to be the demon.

  • Adrock 99
    Adrock 99 Hour ago

    If it ain't broken don't fix it! The Original Ghostbusters is amazing.And I refuse to watch this reboot.

  • Papa Stalin
    Papa Stalin Hour ago


  • Auntie Semite
    Auntie Semite Hour ago

    Even when I did listen to music, I thought the only Whites that liked rap were the ones that wanted to be Black, except when it came to getting into a good school, getting a job, having any interaction with police...

  • bananabuttersomethin

    "Why did the Barbie dolls not let the Ken dolls join the party?" I can think of a few reasons...

  • Auntie Semite
    Auntie Semite Hour ago

    The Sentence for this movie shouldn't have been Cheddar Bob Bullet Removal, but Living in Detroit.

  • Ander
    Ander Hour ago

    Ironic, here we are, you and I and your knife. That Alanis Morissette line absolutely killed me.

  • luccabaialuna _
    luccabaialuna _ Hour ago

    I knew this guy had no idea of anything he was saying as soon as he didn't know that gravity slows down time...

  • Pace Broz YT
    Pace Broz YT Hour ago

    It's blank

  • Samir Petrocelli

    0:24 That's solved beyond any doubt. The ghost is anyone who's following the intruder guy upstairs. He can also see dead people, remember? Gotcha there...

  • peachez Kiko
    peachez Kiko Hour ago

    How do you enjoy movies?

  • Tyler Daniel
    Tyler Daniel Hour ago

    I lost it when the whale hit the boat

  • Brendon Urie’s Musical KPop Trash

    Damn I still vividly remember the first time I watched It. I was around 6 or 7 at my grandma’s. She told me that I could go in my room (she had rooms for us for when we came over) and watch a movie on my TV while they were making Thanksgiving dinner. Me and my little sis went on the TV and we saw It. Us being idiots were like “it’s a clown this movie will be so much fun!” Ever sense then I’ve had an irrational fear of clowns, talking to strangers, and sleeping anywhere near books

  • Judson Gaiden
    Judson Gaiden Hour ago

    Why was the word "laser" ever used in any Star Wars movie? In our world, it's an acronym like "radar." 10:11 Less Freudian, more Jungian.

  • Waffles
    Waffles Hour ago

    everything wrong with coraline please

  • Vienette
    Vienette Hour ago

    Still love Aladdin

  • Waffles
    Waffles Hour ago

    do everything wrong with Coraline plssss

  • Sirlagsalot
    Sirlagsalot Hour ago

    I wouldnt normally comment this but a minigun is not a 50.

  • Pandaiskey
    Pandaiskey Hour ago

    best first good

  • Jimmy Langdon
    Jimmy Langdon Hour ago

    1:00 by accident*

  • Alexander Goodman

    Sins list 0

  • Pengun 37
    Pengun 37 Hour ago

    9:00 That is actually a very common thing in game development.

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker Hour ago

    You have way too much time on your hands bro

  • Blake Schlegel
    Blake Schlegel Hour ago


  • Brian Michael Finn

    "I'll be seeing you around." ...technically, he does, if you believe the events of the tv series, at least.... but still........ no.

  • HØØDIE _810
    HØØDIE _810 Hour ago

    U suck

  • Aaron Bradley
    Aaron Bradley Hour ago

    I sin and comment on your stupid sinning videos- which is to say I don't sin all. But king Ralph -1. 100000sins for the knowledge and hilarity

  • AsrielTheGoat 98701

    Did she say FORTNIGHT!?

  • Logic Of life
    Logic Of life Hour ago


  • Aaron Linton- Chambers

    What about the terrible cgi ? 😒

  • Quintin Sharpe
    Quintin Sharpe Hour ago

    Trust me the show is a lot better than the movie.

  • Ella Badenoch
    Ella Badenoch Hour ago

    +1 sin Wait... if there all bro and sis, doesnt that mean that the smurfs have a crush on their own sis? Yuck

  • Jimmy Langdon
    Jimmy Langdon Hour ago

    6:36 Wolverine kills people. Remove one sin.

  • Wilson23
    Wilson23 Hour ago

    One of the most stupid films that got overhyped by media for a very clear reason. Sin was to make such predictable boring shit.

  • mark van dijk
    mark van dijk Hour ago

    13:10 Happen Happen

  • don't care
    don't care Hour ago

    You need to subtract a sin for hot that warrior chick was, I mean that body in the 90s was pretty damn amazing!

  • Unreleased Music

    Hop off there dick white bou

    DJ ARSENAL Hour ago

    Book was great Movie was decent

  • Just a Taco
    Just a Taco Hour ago

    *_LORD OF THE RINGS!!!!!!_*

  • Itsmesc 123
    Itsmesc 123 Hour ago

    Everything Wrong With A Wrinkle In Time It's honestly more like Everything IS Wrong With A Wrinkle In Time Gosh I hated that movie

  • Tammy Wilkins
    Tammy Wilkins Hour ago

    Florida Hurricane,California forest fire,flint mi at a water fountain

  • amanda gorte
    amanda gorte Hour ago

    How do they have food

  • RighteouslyRoastedRigatoni

    How dare this man has the audacity to say something is wrong with Shrek.

  • VenomHDX
    VenomHDX Hour ago

    This dude just don’t like this movie holy