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  • Juan
    Juan 3 hours ago

    "As I far as I'm concerned, you can drop off the world. It's a promise" WTF

  • KhaoNeu
    KhaoNeu 3 hours ago

    got 1 minute into this video, you should stop making videos

  • Tara Blackmore
    Tara Blackmore 3 hours ago

    If there was a 10-year reunion for my school, I was not invited, lmao. Let's see what happens in 3 years :P

  • bum bam
    bum bam 3 hours ago

    I still haven't seen you do a video of everything wrong with new ghost busters, one of the worst movies ever made.

  • Sérgio Henrique
    Sérgio Henrique 3 hours ago

    how much did twinkies pay to have them in the movie. with a dedicated scene ! ahah kids this days will nvr know wut cinema is. they grew in the commercial age lel

  • Dr. I. B. Safe
    Dr. I. B. Safe 3 hours ago

    Sin #55 is COMPLETELY VALID!!!

  • Drew Henson
    Drew Henson 3 hours ago

    In response to Sin 78 at 8:37, those doors are the Great Hall, therefore that is the one wall in all of Hogwarts that every student will see, which makes it a great place to put notices like that. Whether they put them there in the book as well I can’t remember, but I do remember that it’s on the Gryffindor Common Room notice board in the book.

  • Shibbir Choudhury
    Shibbir Choudhury 3 hours ago

    Nothing wrong with this movie.. don't like, don't watch..

  • Kokuyous3ki
    Kokuyous3ki 3 hours ago

    Check for GTA hot-coffee. That was left in the game too. So yea, a forgotten half-done bonus level is easily possible. Hell, it's everyday sh*t.

  • Dhanraj Mingar
    Dhanraj Mingar 3 hours ago

    Hanuman is a Hindu god

  • like 30 cats
    like 30 cats 3 hours ago

    dude I'd be her friend so fast. she's so sweet and obviously in need of one

  • TM
    TM 3 hours ago

    Makes sense, CinemaSins uploads a video before the CinemaSins channel came out.

  • Suflysflash Reviews
    Suflysflash Reviews 3 hours ago

    We need to show more love for that Halle Berry German shepard fight scene in the comments. I jizzed my pants watching that incredible action and choreography. They need to come back for the next one and I can die I peace.

  • NinjaNezumi
    NinjaNezumi 3 hours ago

    To answer your sin there, yes, housekeepers/cleaners/janitors rarely work more than 4 hours a day at any one location. They often have a schedule that moves them through 3 locations for an 8-12 hour day.

  • Tom Trainor
    Tom Trainor 3 hours ago

    I would have loved to see a script for this written by Aaron and Jeremy where the sin counter is arguing with itself between Jeremy’s professed love and adoration for this movie and Aaron’s more critical no story all action view

  • Leonardo Lapuente
    Leonardo Lapuente 3 hours ago

    1:30 sadly, he died on his on ejaculate

  • Jonathan Pabon
    Jonathan Pabon 3 hours ago

    How did you gloss over the knife in the eye scene that shit was brutal

  • Johann Edwards
    Johann Edwards 3 hours ago

    He better say nothing is wrong

  • Leonardo Lapuente
    Leonardo Lapuente 3 hours ago

    Cover you self in peanut butter, anything but that

  • Jeremy Pierre Tv
    Jeremy Pierre Tv 3 hours ago

    It's five syllables

  • David Destefani
    David Destefani 3 hours ago

    That's not Zdeno Chara, that's Boban Marjanović. Once again CinemaSins shitposting lies.

  • Whiterun Soldier
    Whiterun Soldier 3 hours ago

    Your channel is like the youtube equivalent of "Theres a guy whoes fun a partys"

  • Aidan Frei
    Aidan Frei 3 hours ago

    0:57 so right Pepsi sucks

  • John Pellerito
    John Pellerito 3 hours ago

    This movie was trash, let's be honest

  • PrettyGingerWitch
    PrettyGingerWitch 3 hours ago

    This film and Bird Box are just pointless. Some horror movies deserved to be picked at. You should do The Human Centipede next!

  • Doomz Day
    Doomz Day 3 hours ago

    Please do dora the explorer 2019 movie

  • Joshua Coe
    Joshua Coe 3 hours ago

    This movie is beautiful. It has a ton of "he survives this" but it ultimately deserves like 70 sins at most. You can tell they had to stretch some sins pretty thin to count them

  • CircleNoob101
    CircleNoob101 3 hours ago

    Movie with the most sins off!

  • Cadeem the dream
    Cadeem the dream 3 hours ago

    The movie was great point blamj6

  • Skabelundify
    Skabelundify 3 hours ago

    The movie was terrible. But you sure rag on a lot of things that were actually in the book.

  • Bartosz Sz.
    Bartosz Sz. 3 hours ago

    The first part was the best. 1) Great characters. - John, Wiggo, little tarasov etc. 2) Good acting and fight scenes - time of fight well balanced. 3) Great moments - Gas station, Francis the bodyguard, Jimmy the guard, Viggo's phone call. NONE of these were present in da sequels.

  • Norma Grixti
    Norma Grixti 3 hours ago

    Amazing and touching everyone should have a Pooh in their lives ❤

  • Masta Theif
    Masta Theif 3 hours ago

    The chick deserves to give the dude another kid

  • Cece Games
    Cece Games 3 hours ago

    What Tim says to Boss Baby when explaining the birds and bees (listen carefully) "You get some cookies, and put them in the cake" WTF???

  • Md. Zubair Yacoob Lasania


  • Wanderingwalker 1990

    Just can’t take bronn seriously with that accent 😂

  • Wanderingwalker 1990

    Maybe the reason dudes don’t immediately shoot John is for reputation sakes? Any hitman can pull a trigger but it takes a true pro to put John down in CQC.

  • Hilrie kemp
    Hilrie kemp 3 hours ago

    We all want that spin off sir those dogs we're bad ass

  • Saraya N.
    Saraya N. 3 hours ago

    This is the worst movie ever

  • Deyvide Araujo
    Deyvide Araujo 3 hours ago

    and also, about 70% of the Brazilians politics don't know how to speak English. The goddam president doesn't know

  • Deyvide Araujo
    Deyvide Araujo 4 hours ago

    prós BR de Platão ... o melhor e os cara "brasileiros" do filme falando com português com sotaque 🤦🤦 to the Brazilians in the house, the funny thing is the supposed "brazilian" peaple in the move speaking Portuguese with an accent lol

  • Khoi Vo
    Khoi Vo 4 hours ago

    10:15 that DUH killed me, lol

  • Mike R.
    Mike R. 4 hours ago

    Sniffing the hair wasn't even in the script. That's just how Crispin Glover rolls.

  • Azazel Dreciare
    Azazel Dreciare 4 hours ago

    Horse gun. The most effective gun in melee combat situations.

  • Dhananjay Gupta
    Dhananjay Gupta 4 hours ago

    this might be the least number of sins given to a good film! loved it!

  • BIGSHA2010
    BIGSHA2010 4 hours ago

    Fuck you the movie is good .

  • Sebastian Klein
    Sebastian Klein 4 hours ago

    These are no mistaktes... you are just talking something...

  • Pennsylvania District Railfan

    that version of IT sucked!

  • Darth_Hepsy
    Darth_Hepsy 4 hours ago

    How the fuck did this have fewer sins than Cars?? Cars was a good film, 2 was dugshit

  • FramesPerSecond
    FramesPerSecond 4 hours ago

    I did see Booksmart and yes it was funnier than John Wick 3

  • 1.21 Gigawatts
    1.21 Gigawatts 4 hours ago

    Anyone else eagerly awaiting the CinemaWins version of John Wick 3?

  • david mewborn
    david mewborn 4 hours ago

    Only 88 sins that’s really good.

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith 4 hours ago

    "tailwinds like you could never imagine" Yeah, because crosswinds and headwinds aren't a thing.

  • BCG 6 20
    BCG 6 20 4 hours ago

    Don’t remind us sinima sins don’t remind us

  • matohibiki
    matohibiki 4 hours ago

    Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy. Bulletproof suits, remember? Bulletproof vests are for when you're dressing down, and John Wick is a high-class killer of... Just about everybody that isn't a dog.

  • Viktor Engelmann
    Viktor Engelmann 4 hours ago

    5:16 is stupid because A) it sounds like Morpheus would have gotten more time if he had helped Neo more (i.e. the time is a REWARD, not a punishment) and B) Morpheus had helped Neo BEFORE he was excommunicated. Granted they he knew Wick was going to kill a member of the high council, but it was never established that killing members of the high council was forbidden in their society - quite the contrary - said member of the high council himself had sent Wick to kill a member of the high council before (using a marker no less!) and was REWARDED with taking his sisters place in the high council.

  • LeJebait
    LeJebait 4 hours ago

    Capital D Colon

  • Greg Belcher
    Greg Belcher 4 hours ago

    One more sin: They never sell the diamonds. How do they get paid? No respectable wholesaler would buy diamonds without paperwork. Maybe the jewelry and camaraderie was payment enough.

  • Azazel Dreciare
    Azazel Dreciare 4 hours ago

    @ the First sin. Me: *Nervous chuckle* yeah you are absolutely right. We did nothing. I know nothing. Lucky to alive and safe.

  • Karen Davis
    Karen Davis 4 hours ago

    Agit pie

  • TheDarkAntares
    TheDarkAntares 4 hours ago

    Where’s the “I got the high ground” sin when obi wan kills darth maul lol

  • P4nek
    P4nek 4 hours ago

    Its not fucking italia its CROATIA ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Nase Labott
    Nase Labott 4 hours ago

    Genuinely solely looked for this video in the hope you saw how absolutely ridiculous the idea from her was to go out of the cage and up to TRY and hear those on the boat KNOWING there are sharks literally in that area. That annoyed me so much

  • lauramac90
    lauramac90 4 hours ago

    This movie was my childhood 😁😁

  • Nandita Mondal
    Nandita Mondal 4 hours ago

    "l don't care how much you love someone, you should always love civilisation more" ....Loved that line😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Aran Erem
    Aran Erem 4 hours ago

    The movie is awesome

  • ItsMeLMLP YT
    ItsMeLMLP YT 4 hours ago

    is anyone else sad that annabeth hasnt been in any trials of apollo books or is that just me?

  • Dylan Sandoval
    Dylan Sandoval 4 hours ago

    John Wick wants to know your location

  • dashy227
    dashy227 4 hours ago

    Backlash time

  • Miles Lambert
    Miles Lambert 4 hours ago

    Why does thanos, while using multiple infinity stones, semi struggle to solo Cap, struggle to solo Tony and fail to solo thor with stormbreaker, but when he has a damn double sword thing he solos all three at once

  • Mocha
    Mocha 4 hours ago


  • Sadık Ugurlu
    Sadık Ugurlu 4 hours ago

    I can not wait to see your video about the tv show “SEE”

  • Necip Fazıl Karapınar

    Dat Seinfeld reference :)

  • James White-Aldworth

    Hilarious. Best one yet. Shut up only black guy I know.

  • Matthew Bloom
    Matthew Bloom 4 hours ago

    Ivy getting past the police to speak to Bruce. Then talking loudly enough for the police who are almost next to her to hear her reciting her plans to herself as they walk her back downstairs😂😂😂

  • Mason Frey
    Mason Frey 4 hours ago

    I’m sorry but can we get an Everything Wrong with Speed yet?

  • saddisman
    saddisman 4 hours ago

    The scene with hailey is unnecessarily fueled

  • Brett Wilson
    Brett Wilson 4 hours ago

    If I was doing this video I would have added 1,000,000 sins the second Halle Berry showed her face

  • Princess Horny clown

    How can thanos snap with his thumb in his pointer finger

  • jono aji
    jono aji 4 hours ago

    and also too much breathtalking

  • Martin Kusimo
    Martin Kusimo 4 hours ago

    8:29 - Lol great minds think alike 🤣

  • Aaron De La Torre
    Aaron De La Torre 4 hours ago

    Nothing. Absolutely nothing! Is wrong with John wick. Hate.

  • Princess Horny clown

    Vormir is the soul realm

  • Junko's Basics In Despair

    not gonna mention the nip slip when Carrie was drying herself

  • Matthew Bloom
    Matthew Bloom 4 hours ago

    You missed a major one!! When Barbara looks at the picture frame trying to guess password and the photo has no 'Peg' signature. Then they cut back to it and it miraculously says it?!?? 😂😂😂

  • Briody
    Briody 4 hours ago

    The park Gestapo sent me

  • Garrett stalnaker
    Garrett stalnaker 4 hours ago

    This is prolly the dumbest one yet. “All the things wrong with cars” is dumb because it’s a fucking cartoon.

  • jlw
    jlw 4 hours ago

    man that movie was just :0

  • KzS_ Guenther_Luetjens

    What`s wrong? Easy, it's just too pc.

  • Aalam Dhillon
    Aalam Dhillon 4 hours ago

    Absolutely Nothing

  • Jeeyeong Park
    Jeeyeong Park 4 hours ago

    Peter Jackson HAHA

  • Tem S
    Tem S 4 hours ago

    The only one who can beat john wick is a dog

  • NoBreadNation
    NoBreadNation 5 hours ago

    12:19 someones been watching the birdman😂😂

  • Mmcd 333
    Mmcd 333 5 hours ago

    3:22... greatest scene ever

  • AYX AYo
    AYX AYo 5 hours ago

    What are you talking about, I can’t see nothing you’re pointing out, everyone knows a John wick movie is made without a flaw, Like if you also think the same way

  • Kelvin Neodama
    Kelvin Neodama 5 hours ago

    That sanctuary claim scene though: why didn't he pull John off the curb and into the road?

  • drewpamon
    drewpamon 5 hours ago

    12:54 if they did something without your consent you by definition did not sign up for that. Ding

  • Able871
    Able871 5 hours ago

    Padme: “you’re breaking my heart” Anakin: “oh padme.... it’s pronounced neck”

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 5 hours ago

    Cinema sins I need to give you 100 sins for not sinning this movie for the unrealistic sizes of their pistol clips Specifically the part when they meet the guy who makes markers and the coins, wick and the chick shoot off like 20+ rounds before reloading and for that size of gun that seems extremely unrealistic; They only reload when it's convenient for them basically giving them infinite ammo, so why reload at all? Despite the entire movie being completely unrealistic to begin with.

  • Colin Cinella Reviews

    That knife scene is fantastic