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Fun With Audio - Strings
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  • Mandy Hull
    Mandy Hull 21 minute ago

    This is very good but it’s 19th century

  • Jedaiah Zinzo
    Jedaiah Zinzo 23 minutes ago

    you dont even learn about rambo til after he loses the bike and whos to say that being a "super soldier" means youre a robot? seriously,you sinned the movie for the sheriff having access to pretty sure this video was made just to say dick so much, and i only watched half of it. i think this was a good idea for a show but its not good by any means..

  • Ronnie Speck
    Ronnie Speck 24 minutes ago

    He actually didn’t give a sin for the intro

  • Lawrence Rodriguez
    Lawrence Rodriguez 24 minutes ago

    Peter Banning's son was in Dick Tracy.

  • A Canadian Pumpkin
    A Canadian Pumpkin 25 minutes ago


  • Quik
    Quik 26 minutes ago

    How do you even find these sins

  • sIueth
    sIueth 26 minutes ago

    Half the beings in the Earth doesnt mean every planet gets cut in half in population so its actually very very very unlikely that Earth would get effected as much as the movie portrays.

  • Brian Parker
    Brian Parker 27 minutes ago

    It’s a kids movie relax they don’t know how a plane works and it’s supposed to be funny

  • Lawrence Rodriguez
    Lawrence Rodriguez 28 minutes ago

    "Slutty scuba mermaids?" Remove all 77 sins.

  • Charles Anderson
    Charles Anderson 28 minutes ago

    She wan't recording in the beginning of the movie she was broadcasting. He wasn't holding a pair of underwear it was a fucking hat. I feel like someone didn't even watch the fucking movie.

  • Dacyr
    Dacyr 29 minutes ago

    I fucking loved this movie.

  • jacobowenby90
    jacobowenby90 30 minutes ago

    Not a hover car it's more like a bearing powered by a magnet.

  • Lawrence Rodriguez
    Lawrence Rodriguez 30 minutes ago

    Jesus, Spielberg. What were you smoking on this one?

  • Sean M
    Sean M 30 minutes ago

    5:55 ok is that a tell or he reading minds wtf

  • Privatizität
    Privatizität 31 minute ago

    Hey we learn english in school. So yeah germans should have at least a basic understanding of english

  • Lawrence Rodriguez
    Lawrence Rodriguez 32 minutes ago

    To die would be an adventure. Death is the only adventure.

    TGWTRE4 34 minutes ago

    I 100% totally agree with a Musicvideosins channel, just saying...

  • Joel Carrasco
    Joel Carrasco 35 minutes ago

    While this movie may be a little sexist, there is a game you play and some people just never got the playbook and don’t know how to get started 😂. I thought it was pretty good.

  • Catalyst-Chris
    Catalyst-Chris 36 minutes ago

    4:14 yeah... right Because you would know what pigeons say when they fly low

  • Whitney Lee
    Whitney Lee 37 minutes ago

    Does he not know those to Russian / German dudes killed the man by breaking him in half, it was him, not them

  • Dark Flame
    Dark Flame 37 minutes ago

    This is awesome

  • duncan maclachlan
    duncan maclachlan 38 minutes ago

    This film was great fun

  • Tabitha Bolling
    Tabitha Bolling 38 minutes ago

    I cant believe you didn't give it a sin for the big ass tiger going to live with the crazy cat lady

  • Super loser
    Super loser 40 minutes ago

    It should've had all of the second for a sin

  • 41 minute ago

    Sure, it looked good. But holy fuck did this film fucking suck.

  • Firestorm 308
    Firestorm 308 41 minute ago

    Nothing on the basilica rolling like a wheel after falling a distance enough to powder it?

  • Contrast
    Contrast 41 minute ago

    I just realized that when Tim explained reproduction to the baby, he said "you can eat some cookies and then you can eat some cake". Kind of a weird way to explain sex and reproduction.

  • MOhsen Vardan
    MOhsen Vardan 42 minutes ago

    Tbh some of your reviews are really shitty . Its one if them.

  • MoochieJr
    MoochieJr 42 minutes ago

    I actually have to take breaks watching this video because it's exhausting. So I am eternally content that I didn't watch the actual movie.

  • Josny13
    Josny13 42 minutes ago

    8:44 Know what's really disturbing? That dude standing just right of the center of the screen alone and frozen in place, like the wind of The Happening just hit him.

  • VikingRaider
    VikingRaider 45 minutes ago

    Does this man make videos just to piss people off and bitch about things?

  • Ass Goblin
    Ass Goblin 45 minutes ago


  • Yves Dimitrov
    Yves Dimitrov 46 minutes ago

    You’re just a salty little man

  • Misfits74
    Misfits74 46 minutes ago

    Yeah fuck you Bucky. Crap

  • Juli !
    Juli ! 47 minutes ago

    Please do "John Wick 3" (boy, this movie is full of sins)

  • Ryan Knutsen
    Ryan Knutsen 47 minutes ago

    “Who takes their first date to subway” a broke-ass college student you bitch that’s who. Eating out anywhere is a goddamn treat and you have the snark to complain? I actively *want* Tree dead

  • bluerosegurl
    bluerosegurl 47 minutes ago

    Do you know how quickly hair grows??

  • mingpowman76
    mingpowman76 48 minutes ago

    The music just sounds like typical generic pop shit

  • Misfits74
    Misfits74 50 minutes ago

    Deep frying the kebab is an inside British joke. In parts of Scotland usually the rougher parts of Glasgow we have Chippie shops, Fish and Chip shops. Some of these places will deep fry a Mars Bar in Batter for a chippie dessert lol. And thr joke is the S it's are unhealthy ve beause we Deep fry everything. So deep frying a kebab is a reference to that joke

  • saurabh SINGH
    saurabh SINGH 50 minutes ago

    A ship can't float at 29000 feet?

  • Mikayla Mitra
    Mikayla Mitra 51 minute ago


  • Tim Gomolka
    Tim Gomolka 57 minutes ago

    If there's narration/exposition, then it's a sin. If something happens without any explanation, then it's a sin. Catch 22 I think! The back scratching was done as part of the 'dance' for the song.

  • Ozilus
    Ozilus 57 minutes ago

    This is a disgrace for all geeks...

  • Zarian Johnson
    Zarian Johnson Hour ago

    Can you do everything wrong with 'Joker' (2019)

  • mylife 23
    mylife 23 Hour ago

    Uhhhh the Wonka in this is umm...... Creepier.

  • Jade Juniper
    Jade Juniper Hour ago

    THANK you for commenting on how the movie uses mental illness as a joke. It pissed me the Hell off. Max has anxiety but is suddenly "cured" because Harrison Ford told him not to have it anymore? Good grief.

  • Storm
    Storm Hour ago

    Luke: *gets the high ground* Vader: obi-wan has taught you well

  • Zanemob
    Zanemob Hour ago

    This movie should have been a dark comedy...

  • Max Interior
    Max Interior Hour ago

    I love how on this video there is an add for a bra that cost the same price as your sweatshirt, $25.

  • Tsurai kemono
    Tsurai kemono Hour ago


  • Zanemob
    Zanemob Hour ago

    One of the dumbest, "horror" movies I've seen. It's almost on the same level as Troll 2...

  • Trump Republicans

    With cinema sins I don’t have to watch the movies

  • Simon Callan
    Simon Callan Hour ago

    Too many of the sins seem like desperate clutching at straws

  • Kat Mando
    Kat Mando Hour ago

    What an idiot jerk get your facts right Yank Taylor is smoking a cigar

  • haydenjumper08
    haydenjumper08 Hour ago

    CinemaSins should sin CinemaSins for making me buy Deadpool 2

  • motodog242
    motodog242 Hour ago

    This is my favorite movie from a time where "children with supernatural powers are being hunted by the Government" books were being made... no one's original, Maximum Ride was cool.

  • Rievious Retrograde

    6:30 "Segregated seating. Imagine a world where you go to a NASCAR race and are forced to sit with only the people who taste exactly like you do." Cinema sins only a cannibal curious.

  • Ofeq 2003
    Ofeq 2003 Hour ago

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Poseidon doesn't hate Percy he loves him - it's just Zeus f***ed up logic that the more the parent (the godly one...) love his (or her) child the further away he (or she) need to stay away... (that most probably the reason why he made Talia a tree rather then straking with lightning the monster who came after her... LOLOLOLOL)

  • ray Johnson
    ray Johnson Hour ago

    6:09 that’s what she said

  • Nickonator
    Nickonator Hour ago

    2:25 maybe people in the arcade talk about tomb raider and Lara Croft and since Ralph dosent know what she looks like and all she knows is that she's a character in a game that's why he said that.

  • Mr_Mega_Troll Hi

    6:36 well, not going to get that out of my head.

  • Mid Night
    Mid Night Hour ago

    I personally hate this the fact Max raised the kid alone pissed me off, the mom didn’t bond once with the kid letting him walk alone on the sidewalk and her hair! don’t even get me started she literally looks like a 6 year old who grew up having daddy issues..that white female dog is just annoying as the rest she literally wants to do it with Max and I’m pretty sure most kids understand what she wants. I hate movies like this yet I still take my f***** time to watch it if your reading this, comment what you hate the most about this movie.

  • Miranda Thompson

    3:30! My favorite line in the whole video! :-)

  • Ariel Richardson

    weird that the cinemaSins guy don't notice the easter egg of the picture of the real life father of the rock with him in 15:25

  • Tristan Hachgenei

    How can you hat this movie

  • Popplio 3323
    Popplio 3323 Hour ago

    Thank god I can use multiplayer. With how yt has been if this was labeled as Kid friendly i wouldn't be surprised.

  • V
    V Hour ago

    Hey I have a suggestion, Audio Sins, another channel where you take lyrics of songs and listen to the shi* y music then find everything wrong with it.

  • Steffen M.
    Steffen M. Hour ago

    When you said “Gru’s advantage in a 69” I laughed so hard! That’s something I can’t get out of my mind!😂😂😂

  • Eddie Ford
    Eddie Ford Hour ago

    12:12 Jeremy Piven? That's Jeremy Clarkson (The Grand Tour)

  • Melissa Fifer
    Melissa Fifer Hour ago

    Okay so the Santelli on the original one was about four sins more than this ... fix that

  • Josny13
    Josny13 Hour ago

    Song at 16:08? Damn. I'm so happy that stupid phase in movies has passed. The one where there are all kinds of book based movies about fucking teens standing up against the bad grownups who put them in odd experiments. Never liked the actress playing catpiss (cba to remember her name as that would require more effort than she puts into giving her characters personality). She comes across as someone who is constantly aware that she is supposed to act. She puts no personality in her roles. She can emote, sure. But that's not character. That's base line. It's always so "smoothed around the edges" resulting in the most bland performance. It could use some.. divergence, ironically. Pause this video at 6:05 and that's all she is. If you're supposed to be fearless, you better have a dead emotionless stare, and yawn at the fact that there's a knife next to your ear. If you're supposed to be shocked, then she's doing the bare minimum, if that. "Eyes and mouth open." 15:16 Plot twist. He knows because everything has been a simulation and he's outside watching it all, being fat eating popcorn. This is only his ingame avatar.

  • Mo Bogdan
    Mo Bogdan Hour ago

    +1 sin, gets her foot trapped in coral but doesn't immediately start bleeding profusely

  • happypikachuhugger8778

    CinamaSins would make a good emperor. Change my mind

  • Raymond Biskner
    Raymond Biskner Hour ago

    So, I know CS doesn't let Jeremy out much, but those "spinning watches begging for attention" is to wind them. Those are all "automatics" meaning they are wound watches which have complications inside of them which take the natural movement of the wearer and use it to keep the winding spring wound.

  • Daniel Andrade
    Daniel Andrade Hour ago


  • Nefluf V
    Nefluf V Hour ago

    Max talking to these rabbits and sheep and cows: HEY MAX YOU WANNA KNOW WHAT YOUR FOOD IS MADE OF?

  • B Guerra
    B Guerra 2 hours ago

    ONE more sin for doing a cinema sins on something that's not even cinema

  • Jordan Van Luttikhuisen

    The stars wouldn’t look like they are moving in space. So that’s -1

  • creepbg
    creepbg 2 hours ago

    I liked the part where he sinned the movie.

  • Davii Powell
    Davii Powell 2 hours ago

    One minute in and this video is already amazing, just that laugh alone...... :D

  • Bo Face Of
    Bo Face Of 2 hours ago

    Commentator, your thick to actual reality, aren't you, the scientific world pay for these shows so they can drip feed and speak backwards rubbish. Dgrass Tyson is a fake scientist.

  • The WatBox Gaming
    The WatBox Gaming 2 hours ago

    You did a good job getting rid of the music, but keeping the lyrics

  • Mr. Black
    Mr. Black 2 hours ago

    The Biggest Sin in the Dredd movie was: When the 2 teen boys came out to shoot Judge Dredd..... Dredd shoots them both with a "Stun bullet".....but, The Law-giver has NO Stun bullets!!!! The 6 types of ammunition that the Law-giver fires are: Standard execution on semi-auto and Rapid fire, Armor-piercing, Ricochet, Incendiary, Heat-seeker, & High explosive rounds. The second biggest sin is: ALL of the Judges are out of uniform!!!!! They're supposed to be wearing Green boots, Green knee-pads, Green gloves, and Green elbow pads, and they're supposed to be wearing a chain connected from the zipper to their badge. The 3rd the Judges Law-Masters.....The Law Master is supposed to have grotesquely FAT Thick wheels. The 4th Sin is: When Anderson got captured....Ma-Ma _didn't_ immediately kill her! She had NO reason to keep her alive!

  • Yeet the beat out
    Yeet the beat out 2 hours ago

    6:19 That’s speciest Ding

  • will_adamborn
    will_adamborn 2 hours ago

    This is more than eight minutes wtf

  • Kyle Minner
    Kyle Minner 2 hours ago

    "Hey that doesnt look like James Earl Jones!" rofl😂

  • Rio 3 and Zootopia 2

    Am I the only person in the world who hates Patton Oswalt? He’s extremely political on Twitter and it pisses me off!!!

  • david woodward
    david woodward 2 hours ago

    Also, Van Helsing was DUTCH - (DING)

  • Jessica Ashland
    Jessica Ashland 2 hours ago

    When I first saw this, I think Lilo was a boy...for some reason I was really stupid

  • Stephen Jacewicz
    Stephen Jacewicz 2 hours ago

    That suprising Midsommar outtake is a hint to the next video isn't it....

  • Dollar
    Dollar 2 hours ago

    10:34 "We were in the verge of greatness, we were *this* close"

  • Aldik Batka
    Aldik Batka 2 hours ago

    Was the librarian not a giant

  • Rãćhęl O-o
    Rãćhęl O-o 2 hours ago

    It’s existence

  • Katie Winslow
    Katie Winslow 2 hours ago

    13:13 miss a sin too how can the other Buzzs smell that burp when he in his box is the burp that strong that the other buzzs can smell it

  • Don Millie
    Don Millie 2 hours ago

    I hate this video already

  • traqn dimtrov
    traqn dimtrov 2 hours ago

    yo why does the cat need a cat hat at 14:05

  • Kanden
    Kanden 2 hours ago

    The Trinity and girl in the yellow bit was hilarious about the deja vu.

  • Sarah Villarreal
    Sarah Villarreal 2 hours ago

    *starts watching movie* Me: Ok, so this movie is about Max learning to adjust to living with a toddler around.... *A few minutes into the movie* Me: Ok so it’s actually about the importance of Max’s toy bee.... *A few more minutes* Me: Wait no so it’s really about a quest to save a tiger WTH IS GOING ON

  • Sean Barons
    Sean Barons 2 hours ago

    you ruin everthing

  • Stuck Mic Gaming
    Stuck Mic Gaming 2 hours ago

    I died at the matrix outtake XD