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Thrift Store Makeover #4
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A Super Fantabulous Q&A
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P.O. Box Opening 4!!!
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  • Nazia Baqi
    Nazia Baqi 5 minutes ago

    Omg I needed this I hate my cousin he is just the most annoying person me and my sister has tried so much to get away from him and he taalks soo much I cant even understand why and he follows us

  • Roberto Quesada
    Roberto Quesada 8 minutes ago

    okay this seems stupid but im 8 so my question is who is billgates?

  • Totally_Innocent
    Totally_Innocent 9 minutes ago

    *Why is no one talking about how she looks like ash from Sally face*

  • Abiosawus
    Abiosawus 12 minutes ago


  • Biljana Grubić-Dedijer
    Biljana Grubić-Dedijer 16 minutes ago

    I Clicked The Bel too c:

  • Biljana Grubić-Dedijer
    Biljana Grubić-Dedijer 17 minutes ago

    OMG YAY I WATCHED YOUR VIDEOS MORIAH I LOVE YOU!!!!!! Do you love me? c: I LIked your videos moriah and subscribed :3

  • Galaxy Cat
    Galaxy Cat 18 minutes ago

    3:49 thats why i dont own any glitter... Only for getting crazy with slime😜

  • ItsFunneh gacha
    ItsFunneh gacha 21 minute ago


  • Lilliana Paltan-Gaines
    Lilliana Paltan-Gaines 24 minutes ago

    Moriah: So today I’m on my couch Me: No really Einstein

  • minecraftgeek 725
    minecraftgeek 725 27 minutes ago

    If you want it to last longer, put tide free and gentle liquid detergent in the slime🤪😋🥳

  • Avery Smith
    Avery Smith 27 minutes ago

    Moriah: “you probably have other things you want to do today....” Me: “”

  • Demona Demigra
    Demona Demigra 30 minutes ago

    Use the cloud jewelry thing and put some mini squishies in there

  • Amethyst_Warrior Schl
    Amethyst_Warrior Schl 31 minute ago

    Great now I want Moriah to paint an acorn. 😑

  • Luna Star Moon
    Luna Star Moon 34 minutes ago

    WTH How are you so good at drawing OMG your Amazing GG

  • falak afrin zara
    falak afrin zara 34 minutes ago


  • Unicorn squad!!
    Unicorn squad!! 35 minutes ago

    im hungry now...

  • Amanda Myers
    Amanda Myers 37 minutes ago

    You are the best

  • Jacklin Radison
    Jacklin Radison 40 minutes ago

    This is sooooo true. Well not with me but my friends!

  • Debbie Barnard
    Debbie Barnard 42 minutes ago

    paint normal colors then add the glitter

  • uzma hassan
    uzma hassan 42 minutes ago

    Why are u not offererd a job yet? UR. SOoo. GOod

  • Mengguat Ng
    Mengguat Ng 43 minutes ago

    Add toothpaste

  • Abi Benfield
    Abi Benfield 47 minutes ago

    Moriah your nails are amazing I can’t believe you grow them naturally your soooooo cool

  • Abi Benfield
    Abi Benfield 48 minutes ago

    Moriah your nails are amazing I can’t believe you grow them naturally

  • Vivian Arroyo
    Vivian Arroyo 50 minutes ago

    4:54 my squishy

  • Abi Benfield
    Abi Benfield 52 minutes ago

    I think the fox has a shock collar because it a killer!! PS Fox’s are my favourite animal

  • Raquel Najera
    Raquel Najera 52 minutes ago

    Omg 😱😱😱

  • Debbie Barnard
    Debbie Barnard 53 minutes ago

    the eyes re cute

  • Gacha girl 21 Duhr
    Gacha girl 21 Duhr 53 minutes ago

    ‘I’m going to make myself a bed’ *says that while standing in front of a perfectly fine couch*

  • • Båd Drxęåmš •
    • Båd Drxęåmš • 54 minutes ago

    The "droppy dropper" is called a pipette 😂the only reason I know that is because I had a science tools test monday

  • Mashmallow Spinkle

    The wobbling you had with the clay was meaning that it wasn’t centred

  • Mashmallow Spinkle

    As someone who does pottery, this kit was just.... just.... HORRIBLE

  • Ansano latif
    Ansano latif Hour ago

    Anyone watching this in 2019???

  • rebekah van fleet

    I have the same fear

  • Alexandria Ames
    Alexandria Ames Hour ago

    I think the pandas 🐼 thinks need a make over. Plz plz plzzzzzzzz If u do the panda u r the best TheXvidr ever actually you are already the best TheXvidr Like if u agree

  • Catherine Mercer

    1 Do a full cake out of the slices 2 festive apple 3 and you should do a cat family

  • Zainab Pietersen

    Do something with clay

  • Jason Ferreira
    Jason Ferreira Hour ago

    I think you should of had this family live inside the cottage (Love your vids!!!!!!)💖💖💖💖

  • Megan Phuar
    Megan Phuar Hour ago

    It was the mushroom

  • Melissa Carroll
    Melissa Carroll Hour ago

    Why is she wastes so much foam on a tiny little strawberry, ( tip just use a little bit of foam maybe a little bit bigger than the size of the thing your making, then shape it)

  • Mia Potgieter
    Mia Potgieter Hour ago

    Big donut pleaseeee!!!🍩🍩🍩

  • Unicorn squad!!
    Unicorn squad!! Hour ago

    u r so funny, i luv ur vids

  • ShannIan Tan
    ShannIan Tan Hour ago

    No one: Moriah: wOn’T yOu rUb yOuR fInGaS dOwN mAh sPiNe

  • Planet Dot
    Planet Dot Hour ago

    Do the unicorn donut!!!! Like so moriah sees it!

  • Katherine Medley

    Can you do poop squishy‘s or the milk cartons plz.

  • Alexandra Gomez
    Alexandra Gomez Hour ago

    Its awesome i love it💜❤

  • Alexandra Gomez
    Alexandra Gomez Hour ago

    Love your videos❤💚💜(probaly not going to respond)

  • Alexandra Gomez
    Alexandra Gomez Hour ago

    Did you cut your hair ???

  • • Karma Chan •

    2019? Anyone? No? Just me? Okeh. This is how many squishes Moriah has : | | | V

  • Indriya Ramadhani

    It's so funny😹

  • Tao Ma
    Tao Ma Hour ago

    I want you to do the unicorns

  • Renaissance Lease

    It really looks good!!!

  • Ivana Banana
    Ivana Banana Hour ago

    2:20 SaltEcrafter Identified

  • Bella Nunes
    Bella Nunes Hour ago

    I do not like watermellon

  • Molly Edmonds
    Molly Edmonds Hour ago

    i have that little tiny lamb the ear ripped off too

  • Gacha Angel
    Gacha Angel Hour ago

    you cut your hair

  • Cherry Inkling
    Cherry Inkling Hour ago

    Oh my gosh! I have the same cat ice cream but it's fluffy!

  • Amy Cheung
    Amy Cheung Hour ago

    The burger looks like Hello kitty

  • Puppin Candy
    Puppin Candy Hour ago

    Moriah: "frosting? icing? whats the difference?" -our planet is dying add pops up- me: "why."

  • Ansano latif
    Ansano latif Hour ago

    Why do you sound so tired???

  • xxdxmnkalexx
    xxdxmnkalexx Hour ago

    I’m 8 and I love ur channel!!!!

  • ᴀᴋᴀʀɪシ
    ᴀᴋᴀʀɪシ 2 hours ago

    𝙸 𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚠𝚑𝚎𝚗 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚙𝚞𝚝 𝚕𝚒𝚔𝚎 𝚢𝚘𝚞𝚛 𝚘𝚠𝚗 𝓶𝓮𝓶𝓮𝓼 ☻

  • granolabear13
    granolabear13 2 hours ago

    When you pushed the button, I got an add 😂😂

  • Gacha Gurl
    Gacha Gurl 2 hours ago

    Moriah,WE TWINS

  • Lizzie_ Gachaverse
    Lizzie_ Gachaverse 2 hours ago

    6:10 That was definitely the best choice of music you could do I felt like my soul was ripped out

  • Ariana Erickson
    Ariana Erickson 2 hours ago

    We or u did the pig

  • E in DREAMS
    E in DREAMS 2 hours ago

    I'm going to have nightmares about those cabbage patch kids tonight!😓

  • doki doki tea
    doki doki tea 2 hours ago

    The jelly critter kits are those “jiggly things” in your art room tour

  • Sienna’s Countdown

    Do the giant peach the giant donut and do the dragon so he can be pickles BEST FRIEND and call him Avocado 🥑

  • Melany Colin
    Melany Colin 2 hours ago

    Stitch is my FAVORITE character ❤️❤️

  • ava Griffin
    ava Griffin 2 hours ago

    The two peaches, the big pink donut

  • Tabitha Johnswood
    Tabitha Johnswood 2 hours ago

    Face book is Instagram for old people

  • melodiyah dsouza
    melodiyah dsouza 2 hours ago

    {\_/} ( •-• ) ( >🍋

  • Milly animates/ MillyYT

    Resse and Lilly are COSUINS

  • Lily Sabulsky
    Lily Sabulsky 2 hours ago


  • Andie Frazier
    Andie Frazier 2 hours ago

    The only reason I don't like watching these is that I can't have the squishiest she makes. THEY LOOK SO GOOD WHEN THEY ARE DONE

  • Kitty Sisters
    Kitty Sisters 2 hours ago

    Did you lose wayt

  • Shaheeda Abrahams
    Shaheeda Abrahams 2 hours ago

    Who else thinks that moriah should react to her old video's?😂 Like if u agree👍

  • Lilli Press
    Lilli Press 2 hours ago

    You’re so good at drawing

  • Asmr ;
    Asmr ; 2 hours ago

    You are REALLY great at drawing!

  • Sky Falls fallon
    Sky Falls fallon 2 hours ago

    Im hungry

  • GalaxyGirlGrace
    GalaxyGirlGrace 2 hours ago

    Um... why?

  • Angelique Jessie
    Angelique Jessie 2 hours ago

    Makeover all of the Hamburgers!!!

  • Andie Frazier
    Andie Frazier 2 hours ago

    I like the unicorn's colors! Showed these videos to my older sister. Told her she wouldn't think Moriah was funny (Cause she doesn't find humor in the things I do) But we laughed, and we loved them, and now she wants to do squishy makeovers.

  • Top_ Tenz
    Top_ Tenz 2 hours ago

    You’re a good drawer

  • Darce D
    Darce D 2 hours ago


  • Cella Bonetti
    Cella Bonetti 2 hours ago

    What an amazing person, artist and youtuber. Luv you ME❤️

  • Sisters Forever
    Sisters Forever 2 hours ago

    When u said tht it was the end of the vid I tapped the screen to actually see if it was the end of the video 😂😂😂❤️❤️

  • Jaida .slime
    Jaida .slime 2 hours ago


  • Margaret Markham
    Margaret Markham 2 hours ago

    Next time do 48-96

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    Claire da bear 101 3 hours ago

    2019 anyone

  • Panda Girl
    Panda Girl 3 hours ago

    How many people love her

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    Jaynie Simone 3 hours ago

    September 2019? Anyone ? Just me

  • TigerLollieSwirl Fun666

    Had to end so soon 😫😩

  • Natalie030685
    Natalie030685 3 hours ago

    can you do the sheep,unicorn,bear and cat thing

  • MintyChu 보다 QwQ
    MintyChu 보다 QwQ 3 hours ago

    Ahhh ok

  • Sherilee Zwisler
    Sherilee Zwisler 3 hours ago

    Can you make a serial box squishy

  • MintyChu 보다 QwQ
    MintyChu 보다 QwQ 3 hours ago

    Who loves Moriah? Ok I need 5 Comments and 4 likes

  • anna gonzalaz
    anna gonzalaz 3 hours ago

    I loveeee the cat drawing

  • Smile XD
    Smile XD 3 hours ago

    Paint the squishys you used half way through

  • Anita Greensill
    Anita Greensill 3 hours ago

    You should do your milk collection