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  • Ekjot Kaur
    Ekjot Kaur 44 seconds ago

    Correct moriah the pipeing tip goes on the in side. You have over mixed the batter

  • Liz Gregory
    Liz Gregory Minute ago

    The puppy is so cute i would love merch of it. And you should call it a pupkin! LOL!

  • Joseph Vasquez
    Joseph Vasquez 6 minutes ago

    My cat is gone now I cried a lot

  • Atley Coleman
    Atley Coleman 7 minutes ago

    When you smooshed the cake my anxiety went⬆️

  • StevenJr. That other weird guy

    I swear to God, she is the most entertaining person I've ever watched

  • midnight_ walker
    midnight_ walker 10 minutes ago

    i miss the squish roasting

  • Rylee Philippidis
    Rylee Philippidis 12 minutes ago

    them banana things was pjs and bananas one of my fav shows when younger

  • Neon Whiskers
    Neon Whiskers 12 minutes ago

    Moriah your videos are funny. Plus you do amazingly creative stuff i think your channel i growing so good by the way im eight

  • Lil’ Doop Lil’ Doop
    Lil’ Doop Lil’ Doop 14 minutes ago

    The squishy ghost is back!

  • kit kat
    kit kat 15 minutes ago

    who the HECK is that cat and where is Opie

  • Painty Bruch
    Painty Bruch 21 minute ago

    Everyone in the comments is surprised when she said ONLY one and half day, i mean only the ones who paint on things will understand that it's really not that much, i mean i am really surprised that it only took one and half day

  • Fifaawesomepants
    Fifaawesomepants 21 minute ago

    3:09 So I was sitting there, barbeque sauce on my titties

  • Galaxy Midnight
    Galaxy Midnight 21 minute ago

    When you find a TheXvidr that has the same first name as you yes my name is also moriah

  • LPS Moon
    LPS Moon 23 minutes ago

    @Anis Karimi I got Moriahs Favorite squishy and I'm not lying. Edit, why does this have 10m views, but you dont have 10m subs.

  • JJ Slay
    JJ Slay 23 minutes ago

    No one: Moriah : I got a new toy!!!!!!!!!! Me: 😳

  • Stephanie schlegel
    Stephanie schlegel 24 minutes ago

    It helps to put a crumb coat which is a super light layer of frosting that makes the crumbs stay in place

  • Tahlia Janey
    Tahlia Janey 26 minutes ago

    😍❤️💋 i love you r vidos

  • [Loreley]
    [Loreley] 27 minutes ago

    4:49 - The blue mushroom is the one that her friend made-

  • Mae Berries
    Mae Berries 27 minutes ago

    oH It's So cUtE 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kelsey Ingram
    Kelsey Ingram 27 minutes ago

    You should put the pipping bag in a cup to fill then you don’t have a whole bunch of frosting at the top of the bag to massage down also for a drip chocolate gonache

  • Kaemia Kajea
    Kaemia Kajea 27 minutes ago

    *Looks at Moriah's cake* *look at the crap I called the cake I made* SHE SAID HER BAKING SUCKS!?! WELHL LOOK AT MINE *TRIGGERED*

  • Lil’ Doop Lil’ Doop
    Lil’ Doop Lil’ Doop 28 minutes ago

    She looks so tried when she shows her editing!🤣😳🙈

  • Tahlia Janey
    Tahlia Janey 28 minutes ago

    How do you paint with a paddle pop stick

  • Stephanie schlegel
    Stephanie schlegel 29 minutes ago

    When you sift you take a spoon and stir it around and it comes out much easier, not trying to hate just wanna make it easier even tho you will probably never see this

  • MonkeY Moo
    MonkeY Moo 29 minutes ago

    Moriah Do a house tour!!

  • Taylor Gachagamer
    Taylor Gachagamer 30 minutes ago

    I kind of lobe all the designs except the boy

  • Hope Disney
    Hope Disney 31 minute ago

    Why did they ruin it?!?! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • ʙᴜʙʙʟᴇᴛᴇᴀシ gamez

    I just remembered something Georgie if there long lost son😱!

  • blue midnight wolf
    blue midnight wolf 33 minutes ago

    Use almond bark it's basically chocolate made for baking

  • Mark Jason
    Mark Jason 33 minutes ago

    I'm getting 5 for my famley

  • Rosé May
    Rosé May 33 minutes ago

    I can’t bye one because I was going to get it for my dad my he died😢

  • Jerica Presley
    Jerica Presley 34 minutes ago

    The dollops look like pumkins

  • mmckevitt36
    mmckevitt36 34 minutes ago

    Puts milk in before cereal Me: -_-

  • Brian dale
    Brian dale 36 minutes ago

    moira:lera me:luara

  • Itz Dxlaware
    Itz Dxlaware 37 minutes ago

    The Ice Cream part is actually a cake pop.....

  • Madelynn Hennessy
    Madelynn Hennessy 39 minutes ago

    She traded sprinkles for flowers 🤯 what just happened

  • Rylee’s Lee Life
    Rylee’s Lee Life 39 minutes ago

    I think the one her friend made was the pineapple

  • Sochi
    Sochi 42 minutes ago

    It just annoys me that people in the UK and EU and a bunch of other places in the world can't even get a chance to order its just USA and Canada every time and a good amount of her subscribers are never going to be able to buy that again even if they really wanted it. 😔

  • Everett McCoy
    Everett McCoy 42 minutes ago

    Duckyyyyy one so cute make murch

  • Mossears133
    Mossears133 42 minutes ago

    “These I guess” Wowie this _is_ old

  • Brian dale
    Brian dale 45 minutes ago

    fat panda

  • Xxxgachalife xxX
    Xxxgachalife xxX 45 minutes ago

    I actually like those because I know I can’t do anything with pottery because I wouldn’t even be able to figure out how to use the pedal or anything to make it spin. 😂😂

  • Pikachu Vlogz
    Pikachu Vlogz 46 minutes ago

    Paint on a car

  • Frank Lafaiki
    Frank Lafaiki 47 minutes ago

    I always eat mochi cause I’m from Japan but I only eat sometimes

  • The Challenge
    The Challenge 47 minutes ago

    I did this it is amazing I LOVE YOU YOU DESERVE LOTS MORE SUBS .

  • paige williams
    paige williams 49 minutes ago

    i would put it phone all them

  • Isabella Chitruszko
    Isabella Chitruszko 49 minutes ago

    I love this part 🤣😂😂🤣15:34 to 15:36

  • Brian dale
    Brian dale 49 minutes ago

    its pickle

  • AB Farrow
    AB Farrow 50 minutes ago

    This reminds me of a thing we have in (the town I live in) called (the town I live in) rocks where people paint/draw on rocks and hide them somewhere in town and people find them. I'm not sure if people are supposed to hide them again or just keep them but the one time I found one(by that i mean my friend gave it to me) I kept it. Now I kind of want to make one and put it somewhere.

  • ththeog
    ththeog 50 minutes ago

    What is that type of clay

  • Hannah Sahara
    Hannah Sahara 50 minutes ago

    Can you make mak cake pleeeeeaaase!!! Also I love your vids. I want to be an artist like you!

  • Kandyglittergun
    Kandyglittergun 51 minute ago

    What’s your email?

  • lEgS ?
    lEgS ? 51 minute ago

    I am not educated in da bake-Moriah 2020

  • Hailey’s Crafted World
    Hailey’s Crafted World 52 minutes ago

    I was drawing something random and it look’s like Pickles The Dinosaur

  • Thea Lani
    Thea Lani 53 minutes ago

    You make me smile

  • Malee' Tyler
    Malee' Tyler 53 minutes ago

    you should do a series where you decorate your mini squishies

  • anna jensen
    anna jensen 57 minutes ago

    No i want a pink opi waaaaaa

  • Natalie Craig
    Natalie Craig 58 minutes ago


  • Hailey’s Crafted World
    Hailey’s Crafted World 59 minutes ago

    I was drawing a something random and it looks like “Pickles The Dinosaur 🦖

  • Shawna Wilson Gray


  • TalkyElm 3679
    TalkyElm 3679 Hour ago


  • IdaT G
    IdaT G Hour ago

    I Think you should make a pickle the dinosaur zoom zoom!!

  • cat 777
    cat 777 Hour ago

    Tip: if u want Moriah to choose ur box make it sented and rainbow Tip: if u want Moriah to choose ur squishie, RIP ITS HEAD OF!!! (jk but if u do want Moriah to choose it, cut it with scissors)

    • cat 777
      cat 777 Hour ago

      Oh yeah and make it a big box

  • Makay Gaming
    Makay Gaming Hour ago

    If it is dry you can moist it with some lemon juice it will add flavor and make it moist,use a paper towel to make the icing smooth,and make tho first blob on the bottom and then use fondant to make the scoop and use a toothpick for texture on the scoop

  • Mexican_Icecream_Brand

    The monkey squishy has been my favorite recently🧡💕, I think you should name Her Gloria, no rhyme or reason I just have a good feeling : )

  • Jillian See
    Jillian See Hour ago

    I always fall asleep after watching your vids at 1:00 o’clock in the morning and then At school my phone is dead 😫 but I love you vids ❤️

  • sofia
    sofia Hour ago

    It would have not turned green if you did not put the egg yolk. It is a white cake so you do not have to put the yolk🍳

  • Cecilia Abate
    Cecilia Abate Hour ago

    You’re right the orange and donut were much bigger

  • Samalina 20
    Samalina 20 Hour ago

    Viewers: Oh, that's a lot of scissors. Moriah: In here there is a suspicious amount of scissors, *_that I use to murder people_*, anyway,

  • jennifer newton
    jennifer newton Hour ago

    Its summer in ausyraila

  • Cecilia Abate
    Cecilia Abate Hour ago

    I wish dear was room for purple 😢😜

  • jennifer newton
    jennifer newton Hour ago

    That's how we say it in austraila

  • Anna Lysowycz
    Anna Lysowycz Hour ago

    I am so sad that pickle doesn’t deliver to australia

  • jennifer newton
    jennifer newton Hour ago

    Its autumn

  • jennifer newton
    jennifer newton Hour ago

    Its autumn

  • cat 777
    cat 777 Hour ago

    Eustace? Is that u?

  • gaming bub
    gaming bub Hour ago


  • Abbey S
    Abbey S Hour ago

    You:this cupcake liner is whack. Me:I can’t even draw a cat.

  • cat 777
    cat 777 Hour ago

    Squishies that I can use in squishie MaKeOverS

  • jennifer newton
    jennifer newton Hour ago

    I love this episode I love the dounut one

  • Zach Hellcat
    Zach Hellcat Hour ago


  • 愛愛ItzMao-Kat

    Actually olive oil is still vegetable oil yes and to those who don't understand that and are triggered by her it is real you can use olive oil to cook a cake don't shame her for doing that.

  • Pinasthi Rinonce

    NEED PART 2 PLS!!!💞💞🤧🤧

  • Kitty_ lovebread

    LOL I think that "bomb" wants to ruin your filming session ;D and after you said "the next ingredient is..." I was like "CREAM!!!" LOL

  • Yareli Peralta
    Yareli Peralta Hour ago

    Next time crumb coat and chill the cake to make it easier to handle.

  • Mason 6654
    Mason 6654 Hour ago

    I like the penguin popsicle

  • Editor Minnie
    Editor Minnie Hour ago

    Moriah: You guys are gonna judge me Most of the viewers: We already judge you

  • Unicorn princess 123

    Do you the ice cream Norwall🐳

  • Natasha Hamilton

    Next time do a iPad mini case :3

  • gaming bub
    gaming bub Hour ago


  • Toot-toot42 meep


  • Cecilia Abate
    Cecilia Abate Hour ago

    I ❤️ pickle I’m really mad that I can’t get the plushie ps: I am caught up with you’re videos

  • Alexis Jovanovski

    I hate unicorns and I’m a girl

  • Halle Bear
    Halle Bear Hour ago

    I loved the macacake!!! Sooooooooo much!!!

  • Sophia
    Sophia Hour ago

    if you use a spoon while sifting it makes it go faster

  • LPS.Adrianna. TV

    U are the best TheXvidr everrrrr

  • Gv Lester
    Gv Lester Hour ago

    7:34 that’s how old my mom was when she got married

  • Aris Laydia
    Aris Laydia Hour ago

    Its a PEGASUS!!!

  • 【Lego And Stuff】

    I don’t know if you’ll ever read this but just in case- Hi Moriah! I’ve been saving my pocket money for the last year, but I didn’t know what I wanted to spend it on. So when I saw this video I was like “I WANNA MAKE THAT POOL FLOATY!!!” . So I bought all the supplies that you use and recommend with my own money :) The package with the paint has arrived but I’m still waiting on the squishies to come! You really inspired me even though it was to make a squishy🤣🤣 So yeah, thanks😊 P.S - I can’t wait to start making ittttttttt!!!!🤩🤪 P.P.S - Is Opie a ragdoll?

  • JoJo *_*
    JoJo *_* Hour ago

    You will never get fired Because you will fired yourself