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  • Bigg X
    Bigg X 13 minutes ago

    NExT BOX

  • NECRO 666
    NECRO 666 Hour ago

    Lol and the only one complaining is is the best the only thing ps has are some titles

  • Chaddy B
    Chaddy B Hour ago

    Take a drink every time Zalker says XboX.

  • Sapper1-3G
    Sapper1-3G Hour ago

    So can I put tape over big brother from watching me?

  • Pony Slayer
    Pony Slayer Hour ago

    Why don't they just go by their code names as THE product name? These products would be EASY to identify by code names. Want the cheaper 4k device? Get a Scorpio. Want the latest and greatest? Get a Scarlett. They could even have different color SKUs. This Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X.... is terrible! What is this, a bunch of freshmen college interns coming up with this stuff? Microsoft's marketing definitely needs an overhaul next gen. I'm in marketing as a living. Clear and concise communication is EVERYTHING.

  • SuiZide King
    SuiZide King 2 hours ago

    Swaying towards the Scarlett, but I want to see who ends up with the power crown. That will decide what I buy first...💪🏼

  • Stiven_PH
    Stiven_PH 2 hours ago

    Highest framerate for 500$ wheres your proof?

  • Christopher Hill sr
    Christopher Hill sr 2 hours ago

    I actually love the name Scarlett I did with scorpio also and was disappointed with xbox one I just hope they're more creative this time then

  • Jon Jones
    Jon Jones 2 hours ago

    No one has specified if it’s high or ultra texture settings

  • Macafee
    Macafee 2 hours ago

    By saying “4K AND 120fps” I feel like they’re implying “either or” as In 4K at 60 AND 1080 at 120. I really hope the next gen consoles can run at a MINIMUM of 4K 60FPS with ray tracing and be able to maintain that bar for every title the entire lifecycle of this generation or these consoles won’t be future proof at all.

  • Carbon suicide mtb
    Carbon suicide mtb 3 hours ago

    I know Sony are lying about the capability of the ps5, only idiots would trust Sony's claims, they are consistent liars

  • Entertainment
    Entertainment 3 hours ago

    Honestly yeah I hate the Xbox one name... and the name just scares me when hearing it and gives me flash backs to e3 2013... Xbox 360 was probably the best console name ever created and they go from that to Xbox one... Xbox one x is definitely a good name however it’s long and most likely confuses some people, I don’t think calling it Xbox two would be bad but I mean they should just call it Xbox 4 since it’s the 4th console... but that just sounds ehhh Xbox X would be a good name however X means 10 and it’s not there 10th console and Xbox one x already uses the x... I honestly don’t know. No way of predicting what Microsoft will name there consoles.

  • Entertainment
    Entertainment 3 hours ago

    Just imagine a game build for Xbox Scarlett only imagine how smart the AI will be.. reactive to your actions and adapting to your play style as you fight them changing the way they fight and even running away if they see your too strong! Cpu extra power means so much for how games are made

  • Filipe Silva
    Filipe Silva 4 hours ago

    Xbox One One

  • Malik Hassanaah
    Malik Hassanaah 4 hours ago

    What it seems like their really holding out on is the gpu! Like they got a t-flop or two to add based on what PlayStation 5 finalizes if that's at all possible. 8 or 9 t-flops would be really really nice with the power of these new cpu's. Man 6 t-flops was awesome on the One X! Even though its not truly being fully utilized do to PlayStation 4 pro. A nice amount of games have been playing the middle ground between the two gaming machines.

  • Rationalific
    Rationalific 4 hours ago

    It's good that they are going for 120 fps, but in reality, I think that 60 fps will be the "regular" frame rate for a long time to come, since if you keep it there, the graphics can be improved somewhat. There is always a tug of war between graphics and frame rate, and you have to give up in one place to get gains in the other.

  • Six1Eye
    Six1Eye 5 hours ago

    The xbox scarlett the more I hear is just gets better and better and gets me hyped for nxt gen console, only problem I have with MS and worry is if this new AAA games or exclusives be also available on PC via game pass if so, then why would I bother buying a xbox scarlett if I can just play this games on my pc game pass, I'll be better offer getting a ps5, this, is not a very clever decision done by MS adding game pass on PC is gona ruin its sales on consoles and there games. Am I wrong to worry? Look at gears 5 I dnt need to own a xbox to play it or spend more then a pound to play it, is not looking so good for xbox scarlett if MS takes this approach for the next gen console imo.

  • Nightmare Edge
    Nightmare Edge 5 hours ago

    Dont you all know Sony just trying to throw some stuff out there to see how they measure up. Dont do it Microsoft its a trap like last gen.

    BITTY BOO 5 hours ago

    Wow man really! Seriously? Microsft confirmed this months ago! They said this months ago man! Why are you acting like this is new huge news when it isn't! Aaron has said the same thing before just like microsft has said! I predict tomm he will Fart and in his fart he says scarlett will have 9Tflops of power and I bet you will make a video saying xbox scarlett huge xbox news microsft confirmed scarlet 9tflops of power! Come the f on man give me a break! Enough with this horshit videos brah!

  • Jesus Savior
    Jesus Savior 5 hours ago

    i just wanna know which is more powerful ps5 or the next xbox

    • David
      David 4 hours ago

      Scarlett is. They already said it and alot of developers have said it.

  • Ryan Hill
    Ryan Hill 6 hours ago

    I'm going out on a limb here and say it will only be called "Xbox"

  • kahnsealable
    kahnsealable 6 hours ago

    I think it's going to be Xbox Infinity.

  • .
    . 6 hours ago

    They need to do the same thing the nintendo do with the SWITCH. A commercial with a little game play of games a oficial name.

  • Skippy McGee
    Skippy McGee 6 hours ago

    So what? I won't buy it... their exclusive games are trash.

      PHXNTXM 6 hours ago

      Hopefully, the newly formed Xbox Game Studios can change that next generation. Otherwise, yeah. You know Xbox games have been bad this generation when hardcore Xbox fans are begging for more and better from Microsoft.

  • Widya Santoso
    Widya Santoso 6 hours ago

    Following the Surface Neo and Duo... it'll be called the XBox Trio... Holy trinity :D

  • DarkLordAlu
    DarkLordAlu 6 hours ago

    I just know next Generation PS5 and Xbox Scarlett just going to be a great time to be a gamer I know Sony's going to deliver but waiting to see what Microsoft has to offer with these 15 Studios decent video

      PHXNTXM 6 hours ago

      DarkLordAlu I completely agree. Sony has laid the foundation for their most iconic and incredible game franchises from early on in PlayStation brand history (God of War, Uncharted etc.) and they’ve gone on to create newer and more innovative franchises this generation (Spider-Man, Horizon Zero Dawn etc). With Sony, you know exactly what you’re getting and personally, that’s why I’m so excited for the PS5. With Project Scarlett, the uncertainty of its future game lineup may deter some, but it leaves me hopeful. Microsoft currently has a blank canvas that they can paint with new and fresh IP. All they have to do is seize the opportunity and their insistence to win next generation has me insanely hyped.

    TROZJAN 6 hours ago

    Just be called X as there’s nothing greater than X

    • .
      . 6 hours ago


  • Matthew Lauer
    Matthew Lauer 7 hours ago

    The name for the new console will simple be called Xbox. Been saying this since before E3 this past summer.

    PHXNTXM 7 hours ago

    I’m hoping that 4K60 becomes more prevalent on consoles, but even despite all of their new power, I have a feeling that 1440p60 will become the new 1080p60. Whereas, 4K30 will become the mainstay average output for both consoles with a majority of games. Hopefully, I’m wrong though. I just don’t want to put all of my hopes into 4K60 next gen console gaming, only for Microsoft and Sony to not hit that benchmark.

    • Jon Jones
      Jon Jones 2 hours ago

      andrewtt03 yeah but when games become more demanding near the mid gen it’ll probably start dropping to 4K 30fps. The games will look a lot better tho. Just like at the start of this gen games looked mediocre but now some of the games look absolutely jaw dropping

    • andrewtt03
      andrewtt03 4 hours ago

      4k60 will be easy for xbox. We already have that this gen with some games. Go ahead and get excited.

    INFURIOUS ONE 7 hours ago

    Xbox XXX

  • jlcigm
    jlcigm 7 hours ago


    INFURIOUS ONE 7 hours ago

    What are you a moron. You think Microsoft is talking about simple smaller or last generation games playing 4k 120fps?? That's stupid!! Of course Microsoft is talking about AAA Next generation games playing 4k 120fps. At least on Scarlett we'll be getting that!! No way PissyS5 will!!

  • Kirk-Da Rooster Gordon

    I'm pretty sure Microsoft will push for Halo Infinite multiplayer to run at 1440p 120fps

    • Jon Jones
      Jon Jones 2 hours ago

      PHXNTXM I wonder how big the maps gonna be to, and is it gonna me just filled with enemies or are there gonna be a bunch of outposts with survivors

      PHXNTXM 6 hours ago

      Halo Infinite Campaign = 4K60 Halo Infinite Multiplayer = 1440p 120fps I can see it. It just makes me wonder what the graphical quality of Halo Infinite will be. I wasn’t impressed by the game’s graphics in the E3 trailer, so I’m curious as to how impressive it’ll actually be come launch. Granted, I don’t focus on graphics when it comes to Halo, it’s still a valid point.

  • Kirk-Da Rooster Gordon

    My predictions the Xbox Scarlett will launch with Halo Infinite 4K 60fps with a open world story campaign and 1440p 120fps in multiplayer and the Scarlett it will also launch with Forza 8 8K 60fps Microsoft will be pushing 120fps and some 8K for next-generation

    INFURIOUS ONE 7 hours ago

    Tech Demo for PissyS5 frames dropped 25-30fps with Ray Tracing on😖!! That's pathetic😕!!

    • Jon Jones
      Jon Jones 3 hours ago

      INFURIOUS ONE the next Xbox would do the exact same thing, I don’t think you know how hardware works

    • Jon Jones
      Jon Jones 3 hours ago

      INFURIOUS ONE was it a playable demo or a cinematic demo, Sony would of just boosted the visuals to the absolute max and by doing that it makes the frames go down. But people will be even more impressed by the visuals

      INFURIOUS ONE 6 hours ago

      @Anthony Driotes Well I wouldn't buy PissyS5 Day One. I'd wait and see what PissyS5 is doing with performance first. Cause No way would I buy a Next Generation system in 2020 that's going to be 30fps in any game.

    • Anthony Driotes
      Anthony Driotes 6 hours ago

      In the article the journalist says that it was early into development

  • IronSith LordRed
    IronSith LordRed 8 hours ago

    Man it’s good to be a gamer. So much to look forward to on both sides of the field. I love Xbox and it’s my console of choice. To play exclusives and 3rd party games and my PS4 pro is strictly exclusive only. You have to respect both sides this next gen. It’s going to one heck of a ride playing video games this next generation.

  • Millenia Williams
    Millenia Williams 8 hours ago

    Yeah. If it has one in the console name. Sony fanboys/HATERS will just call it Xbone 2!😔 Anyways. Microsoft most likely waiting for XO19 to drop info on the console. I still like the name Xbox Scarlett.

  • Achilles 1996
    Achilles 1996 8 hours ago

    Just wait a year or two until really heavy games come out, it'll be like this gen, when ps4-xbox1 launched they were running the first games on 60fps, then after a year they would only run the new games at 30fps or lower in some cases. The thing that "concerns me" the most tho is that if rt will be always on , cause if it is then it's going to be bad in the future, since rt lowers the overall performance greatly. But anyway for me it's back to pc time, I'll keep my ps4, and maybe when ps5 pro or xbox Scarlett x comes out maybe I'll buy one of the two consoles.

    • Jon Jones
      Jon Jones 3 hours ago

      Achilles 1996 yeah I remember at the start of this gen games still looked just like Xbox 360 games, isn’t really til the mid and the end where you see the true power of the consoles

  • Timothy Clark
    Timothy Clark 8 hours ago

    My 4k HDR television only supports 60 htz🙁

    • Zalker 87
      Zalker 87 2 hours ago

      @Macafee I say in my video that some smaller indie games might be 4k 120fps. Not the huge AAA games.

    • Macafee
      Macafee 2 hours ago

      No confirmation that it will be able to do more than 4K 60FPS. They said 4K AND 120fps implying the console cannot do 4K at 120fps. I’d like that to be true but considering the price range of consoles it most likely won’t especially if it is achieving Ray tracing at the same time.

    • Zalker 87
      Zalker 87 8 hours ago

      Yup they're future proofing the console

  • Horse Seat
    Horse Seat 8 hours ago

    Damn if this 4K 120 FPS comes out I will never touch a PlayStation ever again

    • Horse Seat
      Horse Seat 3 hours ago

      Mario bake my ball sack

    • ExtraHalo736479
      ExtraHalo736479 3 hours ago

      Mario Baker You don't get to comment until people actually understand what you're saying. Assuming you're talking about the consoles being unable to hit 4K@120fps I beg to differ when it comes to backwards compatibile games. It's going to be just like the Xbox One X with backwards compatibility in which the backwards compatibility will support native resolutions and high frame rates with ease and new games will most likely use a checkerboard resolution and 60fps and possibly higher depending on the developers preferences and the settings they add. These new features will heavily impact backwards compatibility with a new variety of feature combinations Native 8K, checkerboard 8K, 4K, 1440p, 1080p, 720p, 120fps, 60fps, HDR, AA, ray tracing, better physics, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, Variable Refresh Rates V-sync, ect. the list goes on and on. Don't go saying ray tracing will not handle on console because it's a custom hardware ray tracing that is optimized for consoles and NOT the heavy frames hitter ray tracing on PC. I guarantee you ALL of these features will be available on consoles especially with backwards compatibile games and if a game isn't enhanced for Scarlett it'll still be pushed to its very limits when it comes to frames and resolutions along with load times and upscaling so on so forth. So yes 4K@120hz is GUARANTEED to be in consoles depending on how developers enhance their games whether they fully enhance games for Scarlett or only add features such as 4K@120hz or ray tracing just like the Xbox One X. Oh I know you're going to get in your emotions and reply out of negativity but I do discourage you as I'm only stating facts based off of the Xbox One X which I'm a current owner of and facts always wins over emotions. There was also a prototype version 1 of the PS5 running 4K@15fps-30fps ray tracing and heavy AA and was stated as "The best thing I've ever seen in my entire life" followed by many uses of "fucking" awesome "fucking" this "fucking" that to the point it was annoying and they said it was unfinished and it's guaranteed to see higher refresh rates due to it only being a work in progress build as I had previously mentioned it being a prototype.

    • Mario Baker
      Mario Baker 4 hours ago

      Horse Seat if u think any of these consoles doing 4k 120 at the same time u dumb as shit

    • David
      David 4 hours ago

      Sony said they were focusing mainly on 4k 60 fps. I dont know if theyre gonna wanna hit that high.

    • ExtraHalo736479
      ExtraHalo736479 7 hours ago

      Well that's what HDMI 2.1 is 8K@60hz/4K@120hz/1440p@120hz/1080p@120hz so on so forth

  • ThatPixelGuy
    ThatPixelGuy 8 hours ago

    "insane frame rates" never played a PC before?

    • Zalker 87
      Zalker 87 8 hours ago

      High on a console. What part of that do you not understand?

  • Joe Mitchell
    Joe Mitchell 8 hours ago

    I think we're in for a treat. It's easy to be negative about this generation but we got some incredible games on both platforms.

    • Alien Tech
      Alien Tech 7 hours ago

      Also agree an I'm getting both just because I collect all the systems that I feel matter to me

    • Zalker 87
      Zalker 87 8 hours ago

      I agree.

  • Nasty Daddy Daddy
    Nasty Daddy Daddy 8 hours ago

    Hey there Mr Z...nice vid as always...i dont know what to get first yet...ps5 or Scarlet...i know that Sony was showing of a tech demo running at 25/30 fps...why doesn't Microsoft do the same thing but with better fps?....they said that they wanne be the best with show it i say...we don't need bla bla bla...but if they can do all that what you said in this vid then Microsoft has a +1 for me...realy looking forward to XO...

  • R C
    R C 8 hours ago

    Getting Scarlett day one.

    • Entertainment
      Entertainment Hour ago

      kahnsealable at a minimum they will be high end PC specs already confirmed wtf are you talking about :/ zen 2 is the strongest cpu avaliable in the market and Xbox Scarlett is using next gen RDNA which will be a step above Navi 10 but below 2080ti and 1080ti :/

    • Robert DeVore
      Robert DeVore 2 hours ago

      We too!

    • kahnsealable
      kahnsealable 3 hours ago

      @Entertainment Lol. You might as well get a PC now then. Because they will not be High End PC specs.

    • Entertainment
      Entertainment 3 hours ago

      R C not buying either console at launch. Will have to see what games are avaliable wether specs are actually as they say because if they aren’t imma just get a PC.

    • Danny Ruiz
      Danny Ruiz 3 hours ago

      Be my guest waste your money SMH

  • Teddyballgame
    Teddyballgame 8 hours ago

    That makes sense since you need a powerful CPU for high frame rates. Let Sony have its day. I hope that means tons of new games after the release for the next-gen console. Crapgamer will find a way to hate this Xbox Scarlett news.

    • Widya Santoso
      Widya Santoso 3 hours ago

      @tmorri603 Yeah, I was just having a dig at CGR, he'd use any excuse to rubbish Xbox and Spencer.

    • tmorri603
      tmorri603 5 hours ago

      @Widya Santoso You are right. He would do something like that but I don't expect Phil to say anything about Scarlett. This is about the Surface not a game console. Scarlett will have its day.

    • Jesus Savior
      Jesus Savior 5 hours ago

      crapgamer use to hate sony

    • Widya Santoso
      Widya Santoso 6 hours ago

      You know Crapgamer went too far when he dissed Xbox and Phil Spencer for not announcing anything at the Microsoft Surface launch in New York! "Why isn't anything being announced? Where is Xbox Scarlett? Phil Spencer doesn't care!" (He didn't but it would be the sort of thing he would say.)

    • tmorri603
      tmorri603 8 hours ago

      I know. That's why I dropped his channel. When he started talking bad about Xbox, he had to go.

  • J Lisinski
    J Lisinski 8 hours ago

    All I know is that anyome who thinks the next Xbox will be called "Xbox Two" are cringy as FUCK

  • Paul irons
    Paul irons 9 hours ago

    Just call it xbox. It's an ecosystem. Like apple

  • Mr Glass
    Mr Glass 9 hours ago

    Well since they had a mid gen refresh they could call it Xbox 5

    • Secret Sauce is overrated
      Secret Sauce is overrated 47 minutes ago

      I like Xsphere or Xtriangle. Think outside of the 'box'.

    • Timothy Clark
      Timothy Clark 8 hours ago

      I like Xbox Next

    • tmorri603
      tmorri603 8 hours ago

      It will be Xbox but they won't follow the Sony model with a number. The number one will be dropped but what they will use is still up in the air. I still like Infinity but we will see.

  • Midway7 Monster
    Midway7 Monster 9 hours ago

    "XBOX XL" 😊

  • Jeanmarc Louis
    Jeanmarc Louis 9 hours ago

    Great vid

  • Ondre
    Ondre 9 hours ago

    What are you talking about??? MS has BEEN dropping hints about Scarlett for months. Why do y'all TheXvidrs keep acting like Sony is the only one talking about the next gen console?

    • Zalker 87
      Zalker 87 8 hours ago

      Because its a back and forth between them. Check my other videos I talk about Scarlett a bunch

  • Dovakin Ethesda
    Dovakin Ethesda 9 hours ago

    Xbox 120FPS tm.

  • 9 hours ago

    4k 60fps with Ray tracing on and superior animations and AI is what we will see nextgen. Think we will still see some 30fps games for the best graphically pushing games, but 4k 60fps I think will be the standard. Lower end graphical games and indies will hit 90 and 120 fps at 4k.

    • Jon Jones
      Jon Jones 3 hours ago

      INFURIOUS ONE when people make cinematic demos, they lock the frame rate at 24fps to make it more cinematic and boost the visuals to their absolute max

      INFURIOUS ONE 5 hours ago

      @ExtraHalo736479 PC's gamers are going to have to upgrade GPU's to have optimization Ray Tracing.

      INFURIOUS ONE 7 hours ago

      Tech Demo for PissyS5. Frame rates dropped to 25-30fps with Ray Tracing on. That's Pathetic!! Only a IDIOT would buy PissyS5 to drop back TWO generations in performance.

    • Castle Clash
      Castle Clash 8 hours ago MS is confirmed to have dedicated cores from one of their team members. Sony has said Ray Tracing Accelerated by the GPU, could just be bad wording explaining their RT....again. I wouldn't assume it for sure until specifically confirmed by Sony.

    THE SCALLIWAGG 9 hours ago

    Come on Microsoft we get it, you're going to have the most powerful console, same as the X is now. None of that will mean anything without great exclusive games. Sorry Microsoft but I'm not going to lay down £500 or more for another promise that those Sony matching exclusives will be coming in a few more years after the Scarlett release. Spent this entire generation waiting on Microsoft to get their shit together and now I'm all out of patience.

    • Jon Jones
      Jon Jones 2 hours ago

      Timothy Clark ps4 controller is actually quite good, it’s the ps3 one that was shit. I own a PS4 and Xbox one controller, they both feel nice to use, if anything for me the PS4 controller is better because I prefer where the dpad is, feels a lot easier to use the dpad faster while running with the PS4 contoller

    • Anthony Driotes
      Anthony Driotes 6 hours ago

      @Timothy Clark sony is updating the controller for the ps5

    • Timothy Clark
      Timothy Clark 8 hours ago

      So negative. You do realize Microsoft has doubled thier first party studios? Good luck gaming on Platstations shity controller. Plus you won't have gamepass!

    • Some Guy
      Some Guy 8 hours ago

      Why have you been waiting? Plenty of great games out there.

    • Donny contino
      Donny contino 8 hours ago

      Then don’t buy it. Simple.

  • Flemming Allan Thomsen

    nice video zalker name for Xbox i think will be Xbox X2 or Xbox X2.5 maybe a hint that next new gen after launch will be 2025 i don't know i want games & studio's and don't really care about a Name but Xbox One Name has been damaged there's no way to denie that fact lol

  • AH
    AH 9 hours ago

    Well if the games look like sea of thieves and crackdown 3 I'd expect 120fps..we are hitting 4k 120fps...and on what game are you achieving this could be fuckin pacman or battletoads

  • True 77
    True 77 9 hours ago

    Stoked for next gen! Microsoft has been so consumer friendly lately, so I'm excited to see how the platform will look as a whole console/accessories/services.

    • Jon Jones
      Jon Jones 2 hours ago

      Carbon suicide mtb haha ok buddy, does bloodborne count, not 1st party but is exclusive

    • Carbon suicide mtb
      Carbon suicide mtb 2 hours ago

      @Jon Jones yeah, I'm sure it compares to halo or gears with their thousands of players and eSports leagues, Sony can't make a good online game, they never have and never will, fact is fact, to ignore it is stupidity

    • Jon Jones
      Jon Jones 2 hours ago

      Carbon suicide mtb half a game? I have a lot more bang for my buck playing fallout new Vegas then I have playing any multiplayer/single player game

    • Jon Jones
      Jon Jones 2 hours ago

      Carbon suicide mtb isn’t the last of us meant to have a good single player and multiplayer. I personally didn’t play the multiplayer because it ain’t my thing but I heard it’s good

    • Jon Jones
      Jon Jones 2 hours ago

      Carbon suicide mtb let’s be honest halo and gears campaigns have been pretty mediocre since gears 3 and halo reach. The new gears campaign was good but not as good as the OGs. Secondly not every single player game needs multiplayer, multiplayer in god of war would just look stupid

  • Raiden
    Raiden 9 hours ago

    Welcome to 2009 console players.

    • Jon Jones
      Jon Jones 3 hours ago

      Raiden come on I own a pc but these spec are pretty impressive, we should be happy just means games are gonna look a lot better for everyone

    • Timothy Clark
      Timothy Clark 8 hours ago

      Yes but sometimes graphical fidelity takes a hit when you prioritize fps. For Me I liked to balance high graphical and high special effects over fps.

    • Sanjay Syam
      Sanjay Syam 9 hours ago

      Haha, good luck running Halo Infinite at 4K/120 on a 2009 PC let alone a current gen one.

    • Zalker 87
      Zalker 87 9 hours ago

      LOL! 120 Frames 2020 CONFIRMED!

  • Choices
    Choices 16 hours ago

    Camera for streaming btw. great fucking idea. 🙌🏼 you guys are truly terrible fans.

  • DARK sceppy Gaming
    DARK sceppy Gaming 18 hours ago

    The arkham games are the best so I think they will make a batmans past game or a game about Robin taking over from batman or it could be the arkham knight turning good so he could take over batman accept he kills

  • LR
    LR 21 hour ago

    I don’t even think it looks good. Graphics may be nice from a far but that doesn’t count. Textures fall flat up close. Blood can look like red paint. Grass texture is blurred. It is what to expect from a console but where people think think game looks good it doesn’t. Aswel as the controls it’s visually poor.

  • rageinthecage 34

    We might need the camera for vr like the psvr

  • item
    item Day ago

    Why does no one talk about the shop, 6-7 days for a weapon skin is ridiculous

  • Bobby Cosby
    Bobby Cosby Day ago

    But according to the fanboys they'll do nothing with their new studios or they'll just make mobile, single, and double a games. I don't know if people actually pay attention to what Microsoft is doing with all these acquisitions. Just think about every studio they have picked up. Ninja Theory- Makes Story Driven Linear RPGs Compulsion Games- Wonky Open World RPGs Playground Games- Open World Racing Games but with a history of making RPGs Undead labs- Open World Survival RPGs Obsidian Entertainment- Open World RPGs Inxile- Strategy Survival Style RPGs, correct me if I'm wrong. Never got into Wasteland Double Fine- Looks like a Open World RPG, Once again correct me if I'm wrong, never played any Double Fine games The Initiative- Building Themselves up to be making Story Driven RPGs And if that's not enough look what The Coalition and 343 appear to be doing The Coalition- With Gears 5, they made it more Open World with RPG elements 343- Stated that Halo Infinite is going to have more RPG elements involved in the game In ending what I see is Microsoft is doing is preparing themselves to make Story Driven Open World RPGs, where I think they stand more of a chance against Sony. Also before anyone says I'm just a fanboy, I also have a PS4 pro and love the exclusives they bring to the table.

  • Anth Lucas
    Anth Lucas Day ago

    2:29 he said v.i.a instead of via

  • David Liggins
    David Liggins Day ago

    All we want to know..Is it going to be a massive leap forward from the X for actual graphics & gameplay to be worth upgrading..I doubt it & we want to know the cost..£500 for a casual gamer is too much for any console?...

  • Brandon Macomber

    The duo sloop mode is my favorite arena mode! Its definitely better than galleon battles

  • Samuel Marceau
    Samuel Marceau 2 days ago

    Well that makes sense, they're basically starting from scratch and I don't expect that game before Fall 2021 at the earliest.

  • Devin got The Box
    Devin got The Box 2 days ago

    Oh so your toxic on the seas? Haha see you out there. Never left this game since beta and flex day 1 patch 🌹💯

  • Nicholas Castillo
    Nicholas Castillo 2 days ago

    I don't hate the game that much and I understand why some people like it I liked the campaign but multiplayer is lack luster and unbalanced, it's also ridden withol over priced cosmetics and emotes, steam and Microsoft reviews speak for them self, the community is divided right now from the hardcore players to the new comers/ laid back gamers. And both have valid points on the game of what's right and what's wrong

  • Sid Tobin
    Sid Tobin 2 days ago

    Do u get amount of points every month

  • Duncan Self
    Duncan Self 2 days ago

    It gave you f/a to do on release lol

  • Duncan Self
    Duncan Self 2 days ago

    I know a lot more about the PS5 than new Xbox, it's Microsoft that's been silent lol

  • Jgoldz
    Jgoldz 2 days ago

    Just going to wait to buy Gears 5 once it goes on sale during Black Friday without a doubt.

  • StarbuckUnited
    StarbuckUnited 3 days ago

    I dislike TheXvid algorithm. Always fighting to keep what I want up top of my relevance list. Gonna starts giving all u guys I loves to follow random comments bump on each vid. Enjoying ur reviews vids lately btw.

  • mario313
    mario313 3 days ago

    New real Killer instinct with rare studio please Microsoft 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Desmond Coleman
    Desmond Coleman 3 days ago

    The camera just gonna stalk ppl 😂

  • Tuğbay Deniz
    Tuğbay Deniz 3 days ago

    People praising this game piss me off. It’s a 5/10.

  • Donald Black
    Donald Black 3 days ago

    I wish Cliffy Blezinski would come back to the Bizz.

  • Orlanzo Telfer
    Orlanzo Telfer 3 days ago

    they need to upgrade the kraken... it's a joke...

  • Denzel Rush
    Denzel Rush 3 days ago

    I don’t like the Xbox

  • zinou music gamer
    zinou music gamer 3 days ago

    e3 2020 teaser fable 4

  • PSG Gill
    PSG Gill 3 days ago

    I never played sot . Still ty for the information. Hope you are doing good 😀😀

  • St4r P
    St4r P 3 days ago

    Sea of thieves suck 30fps on xbox no 3rd person mode

  • Johnny The truth teller

    Sloops are now in arena mode

  • Johnny The truth teller

    I love sea of theives my favorite game of this genaration

  • Triprovoked
    Triprovoked 4 days ago

    Great game 👍

  • VNX Devil
    VNX Devil 4 days ago

    I’m not paying fot a camera

  • Matthias diamond
    Matthias diamond 4 days ago

    Zalker:"will this update bring you back to the game." Me: never left

  • josh b
    josh b 4 days ago

    I wouldn't trust him information already came out from a guy that's making a game for both consoles and PC and he was most impressed with the PlayStation 5 demo saying that even The Last of Us Part 2 and Red Dead Redemption fill in comparison to the PS5 it doesn't even come close. He also said it's by far better looking than anything he's ever seen before including on PC. Plus you also going to think PS5 and Xbox Scarlett are using the same s*** that are both used in Zen technology ryzen technology and all this other crap. However the guy that tried out the demo and other development teams have said that it's almost like instead of the second generation being the Zen 2 processor Sony's PS5 has a buff to it it's almost like a Zen 2.5 the thing is no one knows the power of the PlayStation 5 or the Scarlet however no matter which one becomes more powerful but so far it's sounding like the PS5 is going to be the most powerful Council that's not really going to matter at all cuz both consoles are going to be capable of rendering up take a they're both going to be capable of native 4K and doing up to 120 frames per second they're both going to have Ray tracing but let's face it even though the PS4 Pro is actually quite a bit weaker than the Xbox One X there are games on the pro that look better than any game on the Xbox One X because they don't have the good development teams that soon he has is going to be nowhere near the amount of games on top of that the new Halo Reach is not even going to be a launch title now you don't even have a triple A launch title Sony got two confirmed ones. The reason Halo Reach is not going to be a launch title now is cuz it now has a new development team. This is going to delay the progress of the video game and Halo reach as far as anyone knows what's going to be the only AAA title at launch of scarlet. But you can't get up here trying to damage control for the Xbox cuz I looked at several of your videos you try to come off as a neutral type of person but you always end up coming off as a Xbox guy or is there called Xbox fanboys. I mean take a look at MBG he was one of those that kept telling people wait till E3 wait till E3 wait till E3 again he went to a Playstation 4 Pro and playing Last of Us remastered Horizon zero Dawn god of war and all these other games he absolutely loves them says they don't only look better they are better games than he has played in a very long time and most the people that Xbox bought the new companies what do you get 12 most of those are double A titles I think there's like one or two Triple-A ones and they still don't have as many studios as Sony had at the beginning of PS4 but the thing is Sony has gotten way more than 25 new Studios since then. I mean you're never even going to have another Insomniac game face it you're going to run to the same problem is this generation more Halo more Gears of War and more Forza that's it. Because every time Microsoft did have a good exclusive coming out that canceled it games that people were hyped for I mean look when the new Halo came out Halo 5 the Damned thing's a flop most people that were playing it stopped playing it after a month and most of them put it on Game Pass and then just stopped those games are worn out there's nothing new but getting back into the PowerPoint it's going to be very miniscule if there is a power Gap it's not even going to make a difference what is going to make the difference is the games I don't buy a console based off the company I give a s*** less about a company brand I go where the games are that's the whole point of being a gamer and getting a game machine is for the f****** games who would have thought right.

  • fwfrazorx
    fwfrazorx 4 days ago

    I really like the game. One of the best ever I think. Too bad I got perms banned from the forums, I have a lot of ideas. I’ve been saying since the beginning we need a snow/ice area with water that hurts you, the need to wear warm gear. Maybe a yeti and furs and Viking gear. Also, I’d love to see a water type sink hole/ vortex type thing where you go into a new world. Many more ideas.

  • mad skills
    mad skills 4 days ago

    The reason sea of thieves got criticized at lunch was the overall lack of content. That's because SOT is a live service game so a lot content was already done before launch but got cut to add later down the line , because that's how live services works.

    • S P
      S P Day ago

      @Orlanzo Telfer I gotta agree, why else do they not have the content at launch? If this game had all this content at launch, this game would have gotten so much higher sales. Sea of Thieves, like No Man's Sky just doesn't understand a fundamental aspect of gaming: updates should be what keeps players there, not what brings them in in the first place. Shame.

    • Orlanzo Telfer
      Orlanzo Telfer 3 days ago

      ​@mad skills not really Rare had talent and time ..but they were building a new game from the ground up SOT isn't like every game...they had to spend a lot of time developing things like the water...which has to effect everybody on the server the same....the ppl on the insider program will tell you they spent a lot of time just getting the game to behave right.....and look at the things that were added straight after the game launched. The meg ….bilg rats...even the Kraken isn't finished.....they haven't been holding on to the kraken for a year to add later... the game was empty at launch because they spent most of the time getting the game to feel right then later they added stuff.

    • mad skills
      mad skills 3 days ago

      @Orlanzo Telfer it's hard to believe SOT had such a lackluster launch considering rare's talent and the 4 year development cycle. So the only logical reason is that the game got cut content in order to meet the live service requirements.

    • Orlanzo Telfer
      Orlanzo Telfer 3 days ago

      no that's wrong.. SOT didn't have content cut... the content wasn't ready yet... they launched the game a year before it was Don't..

    • Galactic Guardian
      Galactic Guardian 3 days ago

      I wish more people had more common sense like you.

  • Flemming Allan Thomsen

    nice video but i just don't SOT never applied to me but UBISOFT's SKULL & BONES got my interest i don't know why but it did SOT i dont know why because i really loved the Sid Mayer's PIRATES! even the REMAKE update for XBOX original i even liked that one a lot. i am still Keeping my eye on Skull & Bones tho but yeah ZALKER nice to SOT is Being updated & maintained WELL by Rare & XGS at least they take their SOT Seriously & State of Decay 2 for that matter

    • Flemming Allan Thomsen
      Flemming Allan Thomsen 3 days ago

      @Orlanzo Telfer i know and watch dog is on my LIST & i got the 1st Watchdogs but the 2 only games ubisoft showed me this year i was interested in was WD Legions and that God and Monsters but nothing else this E3 & God & monsters looked MEH & WD legions looked good but im not sure about Gameplay & mechanics etc so UBISIOFT was disapointing this E3 no BGE2 NO SC no Skull & Bones and no new big surprise

    • Orlanzo Telfer
      Orlanzo Telfer 3 days ago

      @Flemming Allan Thomsen funny thing is Ubisoft has a ton of IPs....but because they feel so similar it seems like they don't have much...they also have Watchdogs legons coming soon...and they have farcry...but skull and bones is set to be unique..

    • Flemming Allan Thomsen
      Flemming Allan Thomsen 3 days ago

      @Orlanzo Telfer true & UBISOFT need something else then ASSASSIN'S CREED & GHOST RECON & RAINBOW SIEGE that's why i was into BGE2 & SKULL & BONES and hoping for a new Splinter Cell game too

    • Orlanzo Telfer
      Orlanzo Telfer 3 days ago

      @Flemming Allan Thomsen ye.. am interested in skull and bones too.. I liked black flags... and pirates... Hopefully Ubisoft has taken the time to expand skull and bones it's has a lot of potential.. and the pirate genre is lacking in games.

    • Flemming Allan Thomsen
      Flemming Allan Thomsen 3 days ago

      @Orlanzo Telfer i know from the trailer i saw of skull & bones e3 2017 or 2018 but it applied to me more from what i saw but I think Skull & Bones is a completely different game now we have not seen anything about it for almost 18 months but my point was just it got me interested SOT did not but Yeah BGE2 & Skull & Bones got my attention but both pretty quiet lately We will have to see what UBISOFT is cooking i guess E3 2020 But thanks for your View on SOT

  • Sr.Africano
    Sr.Africano 4 days ago

    Its just a camera, stop overeating

  • Jeanmarc Louis
    Jeanmarc Louis 4 days ago

    Damn if see you coming before you see me I’m sinking you then

  • Jeanmarc Louis
    Jeanmarc Louis 4 days ago

    Need to get back into sea of thieves just need the time

  • True 77
    True 77 4 days ago

    I still need to do the tall tales campaign. Not sure how to start it.

  • EastTexasAlex T
    EastTexasAlex T 4 days ago

    Welp, like always you are bringing facts that a lot of other people don't cover

  • PNV_ Dae
    PNV_ Dae 4 days ago

    People hate on xbox for no reason i love Xbox since my childhood and no PlayStation gonna change that

  • Lars Peterson
    Lars Peterson 4 days ago

    Phil Spencer farted. Twice.

    • Mr Glass
      Mr Glass 4 days ago

      Must be a PlayStation fanboy.