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  • Ney zl
    Ney zl 26 days ago

    YoungShin wow cute momen Park Shin Hye.. Saraghae

  • Baia Lyngdoh
    Baia Lyngdoh Month ago

    park shinhye I ' m your fan I like you so much ❤️💖

  • Emma Manansala
    Emma Manansala 2 months ago

    I like yong hwa for shinye....and lee min ho is mine <3

  • Huyền Nguyễn
    Huyền Nguyễn 2 months ago


  • nicole multiii
    nicole multiii 9 months ago


  • Scarlet Red
    Scarlet Red 9 months ago

    Park shin hye and lee jong suk has a good chemistry...

  • Chona Loriño
    Chona Loriño 11 months ago

    When I saw it lmh after recieve the award his eye look them psh receive the flowers from jyh,n psh refused to walk first b4 lmh, he knows psh waiting jyh to walk w/her. I think he got jealous.

  • Matthew E.
    Matthew E. 11 months ago


  • Naomi Alice
    Naomi Alice 11 months ago

    Is this adrama or

    • Yaya Nad
      Yaya Nad 8 months ago

      Movie... "My annoying brother"

  • Snowy Ball
    Snowy Ball Year ago

    when she smile she look like her mother

  • Cecilia Gauna
    Cecilia Gauna Year ago

    Me encanto te quedo hermoso

  • Ricardo Espinosa

    Como extraño mi Jung Yong hwa Hojalata que esté bien vendiciones

  • Giann Kintin
    Giann Kintin Year ago

    I LOVE this couple!!!

  • Carmen Banks
    Carmen Banks Year ago

    JJS looks chubby before!

  • Fanny Martínez
    Fanny Martínez Year ago

    1:56 que episodio es? ?

  • Рыскул Джанабулоы


  • Atih Setiati
    Atih Setiati Year ago

    LMH Has no manner

  • heart eyes
    heart eyes Year ago

    when you just ship them so hard but the ship just won't sailing.

  • Aby Kyungsoo
    Aby Kyungsoo Year ago

    whts yong hwa say to shin hye hahaha its hi crush😍😍😍 char i hope sooo yongshin forever

  • jaxustay
    jaxustay Year ago

    Lee Jong SUk So fare

  • Melvin Pij
    Melvin Pij Year ago


  • Nhadzma Ismail Jalaidi

    So cute song jang yung hwa park shin hye also good couple lovely💖💕💑

  • Rahaf saad
    Rahaf saad Year ago

    شنو هذا فيلم او مسلسل 😕

  • Ceci Gauna
    Ceci Gauna Year ago

    sup al español

  • kisses darlene
    kisses darlene Year ago

    Yongshin fighting!

  • Melanie Asero
    Melanie Asero Year ago

    I like shinkeun forever love love keunshin😍😍😍😍

  • Nhadzma Ismail Jalaidi

    Wow fight then lovely more cute💐💑💕

  • Goodhi Goodhi
    Goodhi Goodhi Year ago

    q suka

  • raewel29s
    raewel29s Year ago

    yongshin the best

  • Ceci Gauna
    Ceci Gauna Year ago

    me encanta los y me encanta él vídeo y él tema

  • wengie afridi
    wengie afridi Year ago

    young sina couple forever

  • Jax Sniglar
    Jax Sniglar Year ago

    I miss this couple, Pinocchio couple :( :( I miss shinhye also comeback to drama chaebal uri unni

  • Arpita Roy
    Arpita Roy Year ago

    oh how perfect they are for each full of friendship and support !!as a girl i clearly can see love in her eyes for him

  • Nada Mahmoud
    Nada Mahmoud Year ago

    I wish to be good work

  • Loraine
    Loraine Year ago

    Yung andito pa rin ako nanonood at patuloy umaasa 😢😢

  • Daniela Del Valle
    Daniela Del Valle 2 years ago

    D.O es muy buen actor en esta película 🎥.

  • ladies code shinee
    ladies code shinee 2 years ago


  • Jun Jun Balisi Jr.
    Jun Jun Balisi Jr. 2 years ago

    Yooonggshiiinnn 4ever hope thet real

  • Aline Silva
    Aline Silva 2 years ago

    Psh é só amiga deles!

  • Noor Noor
    Noor Noor 2 years ago

    yongshin forever..😙

  • Donna Joy Jarne
    Donna Joy Jarne 2 years ago

    i'm still supporting this couple until now, and I am contented with what I have heard lately :) ...they make my heart smile :)

    • Donna Joy Jarne
      Donna Joy Jarne 2 years ago

      Yong shin Jung Hye I wish one day I'll just wake up hearing news about them getting married. hahaha

    • Yong shin Jung Hye
      Yong shin Jung Hye 2 years ago

      coinsedence and code is real😉 slowly revealing dear

    • Donna Joy Jarne
      Donna Joy Jarne 2 years ago

      Yong shin Jung Hye. I've seen it before. hehe I'm just glad that I did not stop supporting my dooley couple.

    • Yong shin Jung Hye
      Yong shin Jung Hye 2 years ago

      just Check it or this name below @marshmallow_yongshin @snow7ys @ssnz7_effect 0622

    • Donna Joy Jarne
      Donna Joy Jarne 2 years ago

      Yong shin Jung Hye why? what's in there? hehe

  • Ani LopesS
    Ani LopesS 2 years ago

    la termine fisicamente mental nunca /u\ la acabo de ver y aun no me puedo controlar no puedo dejar de llorar k alguien me abrace

  • Erna Wati
    Erna Wati 2 years ago

    park shin hye so miis jung hwa bestfriends until now forever best 👫❤❤👏👏

  • Donnaflor Quevedo
    Donnaflor Quevedo 2 years ago

    How sad that JYH love somebody else not PSH.. Saranghae my only PSH..

  • Soshibap Zealovelyz
    Soshibap Zealovelyz 2 years ago

    cool video duck

  • Mariecris Aranjuez
    Mariecris Aranjuez 2 years ago

    Shinhye wish that yong hwa will give her flower in front stage was really granted..if they are really in a secret relationship for me is good for them I hope they will continue that secret relationship it's their choice and own happiness as a fan of shinhye its sounds good that shinhye was involve with Jong hwa they both perfect as a couple and I hope that also in real life..keep that closeness yong shin..I hope theirs another drama for YONGSHIN..please, please,please!!!!!!!

  • arlene
    arlene 2 years ago

    Tambien era mas logico que saliera con el que con LMH.Ya estaba comprometido con Suzy y estuvieron juntos en la mesa conversando.

  • arlene
    arlene 2 years ago

    Esas no furon personales.

  • the hoang
    the hoang 2 years ago


  • iNfiNity_jaN nice
    iNfiNity_jaN nice 2 years ago

    The video and these two.. It's perfect.. I really love this ship ever.. Hope to see them in a drama again.. 😉😉

  • Francesca Pancho
    Francesca Pancho 2 years ago

    Lee Jong Suk😍

  • fairyzkun
    fairyzkun 2 years ago

    yo me deje engañar y pensé que era de comedia normal,me voy a llorar

  • Tami Khoukha
    Tami Khoukha 2 years ago

    this movie soo good i loved 👍👌

  • fanseungki
    fanseungki 2 years ago

    Deberia sentirme feliz porque el video es muy lindo pero son recuerdos hermosos y eso me pone triste, quisiera que 2017 sea bueno con ellos dos y vuelvan a tener contacto.

    • Erendira C
      Erendira C 11 months ago

      Realmente fueron pareja?? Siempre creí que eran sólo rumores

    • Arleth L.R.
      Arleth L.R. 2 years ago

      fanseungki Todos esperamos q algo así se dé.. sería lo mejor enverdad, deseo mucho que estén juntos son increíblemente compatibles y hacen una linda pareja.. nos tienen nostálgicos a todos, tristes. Y sí totalmente d acuerdo ojalá este 2017 se encuentren y esa historia pausada sigá adelante y se caaaaseeennn porfaavooor😍

  • fanseungki
    fanseungki 2 years ago

    Excelente! Gracias

  • Otabek Alihanov
    Otabek Alihanov 2 years ago


  • Maria C Mestres
    Maria C Mestres 2 years ago

    Yo no creo que PSH este enamorada de JYH. El si de ella, pero ella lo tiene como un amigo y asi lo trata. El se pone nervios de oir hablar de ella y ella lo trata con mucha naturalidad y confianza. Y las canciones hablan de un amor perdido siempre. Igual que JGS. Hasta Hongki le pregunta en un video si el amor entre ellos es imposible. Y ella le dice. Yo se hace rato que es imposible.

  • Taetae Kiks
    Taetae Kiks 2 years ago

    please new drama for dis couple.. pleas...... love yongshin fighting..

  • Tami Khoukha
    Tami Khoukha 2 years ago

    i love this couple .yongshin forever 💑💑👍👍👍

  • Samantha Gamayo
    Samantha Gamayo 2 years ago

    i cried

  • Bernie Avila
    Bernie Avila 2 years ago

    This love story is ongoing, it is so admirable how subtle they make it look but their love and dedication and respect for each other is phenomenal. True Love is painted all over these 2 people's lives as they unfold yet nobody seems to notice. This love story is even better than Romeo and Juliet, it is played out so beautifully , secretively yet it explodes everywhere if you are peeking through a looking glass. It very heart-rendering (Grammar aside, this means to me like my heart would explode from joy) if you can read between the lines. IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! Whoever is following this ship better stick around for a beautiful ending.

    • Leonila Gonzales
      Leonila Gonzales Year ago

      Very well said Bernie Avila.....I'm also waiting for that moment... Its getting exciting and I know the time is near...its worth the wait...

    • hyejung 1029
      hyejung 1029 2 years ago

      Bernie Avila what a nice advice...of course we will patiently hwaiting since YongKing obviously show care and feelings to our Queen Shin..thanks for the advise...

  • chienie 90z7
    chienie 90z7 2 years ago

    d tunggu

  • 나의노력을 믿기어떠한 순간에도

    욕이 안어울린다

  • chilena 2017
    chilena 2017 2 years ago

    Roy Kim.

  • Maria C Mestres
    Maria C Mestres 2 years ago

    Quien canta por favor?

  • Shy Era
    Shy Era 2 years ago

    his brother playing his guitar and park shin hye singing hehe whatta awesome sibling..

  • Titian Indah
    Titian Indah 2 years ago

    yongshin drama pleacee

  • Tran Lu
    Tran Lu 2 years ago

    yongseo is real

  • 하진영
    하진영 3 years ago

    가을 밤 맥주두깡에 막 눈물이...

  • Loréna Blanco
    Loréna Blanco 3 years ago

    the sweetest video alive <3 ♥

  • war war
    war war 3 years ago

    yongshin forever

  • Zme sk
    Zme sk 3 years ago

    Yes!!!! YongShin forever

  • Louielynne Tamayo
    Louielynne Tamayo 3 years ago drama for yongshin couple....!!! love them much..they're perfect!!!

  • 작은별*너의
    작은별*너의 3 years ago

    💋CNBLUE💋fighting !!!!!!

  • Fonda Allie
    Fonda Allie 3 years ago

    OMG! after watching very carefully over and over again, I think LMH was jealous of Jung Yong Hwa when he handed PSH the flowers and give her thumbs up…LMH only had eye on her as she walk pass behind him to get her flower from JYW…The only time LMH looked at her on stage. She refuse to walked off the with LMH and go with Jung Yong Hwa instead, and LMH looked back to see them before they disappear into the walk way. She rejected LMH because she's having too much fun at work, and cannot bother with any relationship now. You go girl PSH….show them you don't need them...

    • Tess Mendoza
      Tess Mendoza 5 months ago

      Yup, I think so too. LMH could be very friendly & amiable but I noticed with JYH, he is cordially but cold.

    • arlene
      arlene 2 years ago

      No, is't not really!

    • Is Wanti
      Is Wanti 2 years ago

      U are right sis fonde Allie 😂 oppa get jealous W Yong Hwa .

    • Renzi B.
      Renzi B. 2 years ago

      I think so.. LMH jealous coz JYH find the way to give the flower again for PSH at Baeksang Award.

  • Alejandra Barahona
    Alejandra Barahona 3 years ago

    YongShin forever💙

    JEN TIU 3 years ago

    love will find ways for them to meet,, if their hearts are in-tune.. i believe in yongshin..fighting!!

  • Selene Glez
    Selene Glez 3 years ago


  • Aileen Catz
    Aileen Catz 3 years ago

    What song tittle please~?

  • Rovelyn i Fegurac
    Rovelyn i Fegurac 3 years ago

    can't you please love each another yungshin for ever

  • Rovelyn i Fegurac
    Rovelyn i Fegurac 3 years ago

    yungshin my favorite couple

  • Rovelyn i Fegurac
    Rovelyn i Fegurac 3 years ago

    super cute

  • cecilia Hernandez
    cecilia Hernandez 3 years ago

    me encanta la musica de cnblue gracias por los videos

    DANIAR DWI SASONGKO 3 years ago

    soft song..... :) :) :) ;)

  • Diego Mantovani
    Diego Mantovani 3 years ago

    I love youu

  • Diego Mantovani
    Diego Mantovani 3 years ago

    PSH ... <3

  • Tahsin Bano
    Tahsin Bano 3 years ago

    they are my favorite couple

  • Tracy Cruz
    Tracy Cruz 3 years ago

    we really miss them,, right?? hope there will be another project that suits for them as a couple... i love yonghwA!! and i adore shinyhe.. yongshin till the end.. fighting✊✊✊✊

  • Dwight Dareen Retuya

    song title please

  • Apoka__ lip
    Apoka__ lip 3 years ago

    You know you are driving me freaking crazy xD im just done

  • Reymart Credito
    Reymart Credito 3 years ago

    new drama for yongshin please!!!!!!!!!!!! YongShin please be real!!!!!!! YongShin Forever!!!!!!!!!!

  • leeginejung
    leeginejung 3 years ago

    Hoping for more YongShin moments this 2016... please... <3

  • Tracy Lai
    Tracy Lai 3 years ago

    yongshin!!! my favourite pair of couple ❤️❤️❤️ xdd

  • Jessie He
    Jessie He 3 years ago

    I totally ship this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Susi Ana
    Susi Ana 3 years ago

    I miss you my dolly couple wish you have new drama together <3

  • 혀니
    혀니 3 years ago

  • Susi Ana
    Susi Ana 3 years ago


  • VânAnh Nguyễn
    VânAnh Nguyễn 3 years ago

    đéo tải được

  • Jelliene Agpaoa
    Jelliene Agpaoa 3 years ago

    what is the title of the background song?

  • Rizka Irawan
    Rizka Irawan 3 years ago

    iam going crazy<3 btw thanks for high quality video of baeksang award. i've already search it but no one uploaded the video in high quality. thanks: )