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  • Robyn Hannah
    Robyn Hannah 12 minutes ago

    Hi what would happen if I rly quickly put my hand under that

  • Michael Groenendijk
    Michael Groenendijk 41 minute ago

    This video is awkward in multiple ways

  • mas blangkon
    mas blangkon Hour ago

    waw. ..amazing video friend. ..

    LONDO MANCING Hour ago


  • Nestor Jr. Abalos
    Nestor Jr. Abalos 2 hours ago

    why dont you morons try to cut your skulls to find out if any brain is there?

  • Swarnagiri tube
    Swarnagiri tube 2 hours ago

    Young coconut

  • Katie Giles
    Katie Giles 3 hours ago

    Wow your gonna destroy a perfectly good anvil when there are kids starving in Africa?!

  • Feri Hermawan22
    Feri Hermawan22 3 hours ago

    Wong edyaan dikoceki ngae bedok ae wes iso slurr lapo ngae alat aneh aneh malah buak isi seng nang njero kelopo iku bro *translate pleasee.... And your Iq auto upgrade 1 stack

  • Panot TV
    Panot TV 4 hours ago

    Fresh daw

  • pradeep jha
    pradeep jha 5 hours ago

    So, basically you want us to buy all those cutting machins and water flow tm destroy the coconut.

  • Arclight Media
    Arclight Media 5 hours ago

    Fresh?? Thats not fresh..

  • Mickey & Melissa Ison

    DORKS "

  • Ce TeRi
    Ce TeRi 6 hours ago

    Look like not fresh ..

  • Haya Batoon
    Haya Batoon 7 hours ago

    Not fresh coconut

  • Mitchell Mamola
    Mitchell Mamola 7 hours ago

    You ever get your name called in a video and it scares you? Because I did.

  • Diesel Power
    Diesel Power 7 hours ago

    why does nobody else know you can just flip your filter and use the other side when it gets dirty

  • tiny
    tiny 7 hours ago

    so fun fact if you spray it into an empty water bottle you can pour the super cold liquid into a bucket of water and get an explosion, so that stuff explodes with contact with water, water jet not needed

  • Elijah Roush
    Elijah Roush 8 hours ago

    Mitchell ASMR...

  • Musadiq pasha
    Musadiq pasha 8 hours ago

    Waste of time

  • Dennis Kierulf
    Dennis Kierulf 8 hours ago

    Plus cut neuclear missile

  • Tundra Jockey
    Tundra Jockey 9 hours ago

    Could this is theory cut up a hooker in small enough pieces to flush ???...Asking for a friend !

    TARGET PSC 9 hours ago

    This not fresh coconut

  • Conrad Etherington
    Conrad Etherington 10 hours ago

    That pineapple looks so good

  • Joe Rittmeyer
    Joe Rittmeyer 10 hours ago

    I wonder if thoes cut outs were cut with a waterjet.

  • kimuseni
    kimuseni 10 hours ago


    RLKBEAST 10 hours ago

    The paper was always hugging the rocks because they were friends then scissors cut paper the the rock get revenge on the scissors

  • Technopanda 101
    Technopanda 101 11 hours ago

    Carve a pumpkin with it

  • David Smith
    David Smith 11 hours ago

    What the hell is going on with dudes hair at one point in the video the top of his head is shaved and the sides are not hen and other parts the video he has hair what the f***

  • daniel gonzalez
    daniel gonzalez 12 hours ago

    6:50 not the leather

  • TrueNorth2606
    TrueNorth2606 12 hours ago


  • Raffy Macario
    Raffy Macario 13 hours ago

    Fresh kuno haning baho eon 😂😂

  • Raffy Macario
    Raffy Macario 13 hours ago

    Pano naging fresh don e eonot eon don nga niyog

  • OG Dex
    OG Dex 13 hours ago

    Why you have to try all 3😶😶😶😶😶

  • Asianbeast
    Asianbeast 14 hours ago

    Samsung hater..stupied video if you cant afford the shit's.😂

  • Sky Corrigan
    Sky Corrigan 14 hours ago

    So the rails are curved from the factory. I always wondered if the naturally curved after a lot of use.

  • Sky Corrigan
    Sky Corrigan 14 hours ago

    Does the water in the tank get stagnant or it slowly filtered so it constantly circulates?

  • Me Em
    Me Em 15 hours ago

    I have no hope for their “combined brain power” when they asked “who’s Troy”

  • nuller87
    nuller87 15 hours ago

    This channel is WAY to much talking, and WAY to less cutting.

  • Mooshie Mooshie
    Mooshie Mooshie 15 hours ago

    I find the thumb trigger stupid asf

  • John Landon Ainsworth
    John Landon Ainsworth 16 hours ago

    Sand Paper

  • Rolablox
    Rolablox 16 hours ago


  • Flow Isle
    Flow Isle 16 hours ago

    He just stuck it in piss then put It in root beer and started sucking 😂🤦‍♂️

  • tankerboysabot
    tankerboysabot 16 hours ago

    You made a tip less caltrop. (Walking target)

  • pvtsnoballz
    pvtsnoballz 16 hours ago

    What was that composite material

  • big cats1
    big cats1 16 hours ago

    It’s piss

  • daniel gonzalez
    daniel gonzalez 17 hours ago

    5:50 it might be meth indeed

  • Jeff Cutlip, Jr,
    Jeff Cutlip, Jr, 17 hours ago

    I've been following y'all from almost the beginning and the pineapple cut has to be the absolute coolest cut you've done. That was perfect.

  • Connor Neely
    Connor Neely 17 hours ago

    Do you need to replace the grates?

  • daniel gonzalez
    daniel gonzalez 18 hours ago

    Snail goat tshirt is siiiiick

  • Xerter Xerteros
    Xerter Xerteros 19 hours ago

    Has it already been 3 since I've started watching you guys? Time flies man. Keep it up and greetings from Germany ♥️

  • fahri darwin
    fahri darwin 20 hours ago

    Kelapa so jaha ini

  • DonFrmDa 5
    DonFrmDa 5 20 hours ago

    Oh fuck no u big trippin🤢

  • Christa Hammer
    Christa Hammer 21 hour ago

    I wanna see you guy cut a chevy or ford big block v8 in to 4ths

  • Mbois ilakes
    Mbois ilakes 21 hour ago

    Buat nyemprot mulut teman yang sukangejek pasti ampuh

    BAMA BOY SMITH 21 hour ago

    May get me a big ass ball of that man,for um,,,personal study 😂😂😂😁😁😁☄

  • BoilerBloodline
    BoilerBloodline 22 hours ago

    I believe the time has come for you guys to freeze a big ass piece of beef and then water jet it into the shape of a cow and then cook it. This goes without saying but a precooked taste test is not recommended on this one. Now...cut/jet some MEAT! Lol!

  • Vampire King
    Vampire King 22 hours ago

    To prove it can cut any thing make it cut Minecraft bed rock

  • Dustyn Romero
    Dustyn Romero 23 hours ago

    What happened to Mitchell's curly hair I know it's been a while but still TF lol

  • azrix
    azrix Day ago

    so that water can also cut your finger

  • Neb Adasab
    Neb Adasab Day ago

    Fresh Hahahha WTF

  • Jarvalicious
    Jarvalicious Day ago

    Could you make spiral or curved cuts around a circular object with that?

  • Shakib Hossain Experience

    do a slow motion of the nozzle

  • Rohit kumar
    Rohit kumar Day ago

    Video start 3:40

  • neighbor . - J -

    Seeing those holes in the watermelon so clean...brought back some bad memories, just about lost my finger to a water jet, cut to bone before I knew what happened. Felt like a thousand BBs hitting at once. Took months to heal. Stay safe...

  • Hayden Mcfarland

    Missed the chance to title this, “Fruit Ninja”.

  • gdob9099
    gdob9099 Day ago

    Congrats you made the tesseract

  • SpasDragon
    SpasDragon Day ago


  • Nâthân davidson

    I had my ear buds for this one. I kinda regret it

  • Michael Terrell

    Can you slice deli meat with a waterjet?

  • Eric West
    Eric West Day ago

    I can't imagine how bad that would still hurt wearing the composite armor and getting hit.

  • Arron Svoboda
    Arron Svoboda Day ago


  • kaney
    kaney Day ago

    I cringed so hard when he sucked that pee up

  • juan pablo asci lafont

    wash a car with the waterjet

  • juan pablo asci lafont

    wash a car with the waterjet

  • Jon T
    Jon T Day ago

    Lol You could have cut a few windows and a door into that pineapple than sank it in the bottom of your tank

  • Blain Eno
    Blain Eno Day ago

    Have you guys ever carved a pumpkin for Halloween? Of course it would probably be a double side jacket-o-lantern but it would be a fun challenge.

  • Kevin T.
    Kevin T. Day ago

    I bet you guys could make one hell of a jackolantern for Halloween

  • theres another way but some people wont seek it

    It's not a scam 🙄🙄🙄

  • The Kid
    The Kid Day ago

    Inside outside like no one knows what coconut looks like

  • T L
    T L Day ago

    I would subscribe but y'all talk more that old men at a Barber shop

  • Daniel Ramsey
    Daniel Ramsey Day ago

    I watched the McNeilus plant cut AR plate for concrete mixer drums with lasers. Smoothest cut possible!

  • Snowball րհilօძεղძɾօղ


  • Chicken man
    Chicken man Day ago

    Ww2 waterboarding

  • PrimalRenegade17

    New tittle: How to minimise waste when preparing a pineapple

  • Aaron Fraser
    Aaron Fraser Day ago

    I work at a water jet company and cleaning the tanks are a bitch, especially when they fill up after a month of non stop work coming in....

  • Oddball Dynamics.

    How do you know that was a real watermelon and pineapple? It wasn’t licked tested.

  • Sea_Sku11
    Sea_Sku11 Day ago

    3:27 THE NOISE IT MADE!!!!!! 🤮

  • Subscribe for Stonks

    “It’s like corn syrupy or something” yes it is indeed corn syrup.

  • mr AJ
    mr AJ Day ago

    Stop this .......one small mistake game over of man .....near death

  • Generation Cube


  • Ashley
    Ashley Day ago

    you guys should cut a durian

  • Justin Higgins

    waterjets are fascinating I ran a calypso hh 126 for about 7 years and I would all ways cut weird shift with it, it's not the water that cuts it's the sand or Garnett that cuts the water is just a vehicle for the sand

  • Derek Peltier
    Derek Peltier Day ago

    How fast is the water coming out in fps?

  • Chris Khatibi
    Chris Khatibi Day ago

    Yo bet you can’t peel a banana with the water jet! 🍌

  • Dr. Dank
    Dr. Dank Day ago

    I can’t tell if the slats in the tank are curved, or y’all are using some weird camera lens

  • Nunya Buisness

    I knew you guys weren’t just nerds with a water jet! Good shooting 👍

  • John Possum
    John Possum Day ago

    PS I love pineapple in my Sweet n Sour. You should make some WJSnS!

  • John Possum
    John Possum Day ago

    How come the crossmembers survive? Can you show any really old ones from the old machine and did they get blasted away? Or what keeps them from doing so?

  • mundaneDisaster

    What even is the purpose of turning the jet?

  • Nex us
    Nex us Day ago