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Apple iPhone 11 REACTION!!
Views 2.2M2 months ago
The All-ROG Gaming PC!
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  • Taimat CR
    Taimat CR Minute ago

    Yo linus hit DIY Perks for some tips on doing anti vibration brackets for your pump

  • Anonymous Trutherz
    Anonymous Trutherz Minute ago

    The compaq portable PC would be so cool to upgrade the parts and make it run black arch linux somehow. Imagine a core i9 running in that thing. No one would ever know it is worth hundreds of dollars if you just upgraded all the parts.

  • Aleistar Markóczy
    Aleistar Markóczy 2 minutes ago

    yay a portable raspi..

  • Grizz
    Grizz 2 minutes ago

    Radeon VII's FTW!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • kycoalminer35
    kycoalminer35 2 minutes ago

    go into the bathroom and take your wifes nail polish remover to wipe off the blue left on the motherboard tray.

  • Orbic
    Orbic 2 minutes ago

    He’s going to grow up and be the best Florida man.🥺 We got to kidnap him for the next raid

  • MrZackappl e
    MrZackappl e 2 minutes ago

    Can I have a PC? I’m a broke boi and I have a acer Aspire E-15 it cant even run roblox at half graphics settings with out lag....

  • Héctor Chávez
    Héctor Chávez 2 minutes ago

    Where is Anthony and why we haven'y seen him recently?

  • Lars Hardware Tests
    Lars Hardware Tests 2 minutes ago

    Linus: I have the fastest Mac on the Planet. Calvin Harrs: Hold my 2019 Mac Pro

  • jakethreesixty
    jakethreesixty 2 minutes ago

    I'm going to hazard a guess and say Nicolas isn't going to last very long at LTT 😅

  • Phase Panther
    Phase Panther 2 minutes ago

    @Linus I'm curious. What would happen if you used a Tec cooler with a custom heat sink tower while submerged in mineral oil? The fins on the tower should help dissipate the heat into the oil, and the Tec which is great at cooling until it reaches it's capacity should keep the CPU cool. As long as you have a decent radiator system to cool the oil, I see it working well. I do work with mineral oil and truly respect it for it's heat conductivity and electrical insulation properties. Do note. I am by no means defending Tec's for the average consumer build. I am just thinking of ways around the limitations it has.

  • Zack
    Zack 2 minutes ago

    Wait, that’s illeagle

  • Agris Matejuns
    Agris Matejuns 2 minutes ago

    Linus send me @ekwb wc kit my pc is loud in game mode rx5700 xt reference is noisy

  • KOLE
    KOLE 2 minutes ago


  • HardBoiled
    HardBoiled 2 minutes ago

    LTT: building a Mac with the same clean Mac aesthetic Also LTT: SLAP SOME RGB IN THERE

  • Necrovarius
    Necrovarius 2 minutes ago

    Linus got a new Screwdriver!?

  • DavethePerv
    DavethePerv 2 minutes ago

    Hi guys. i'm new to the channel and i wish i'd found you earlier. I recently got ripped off buying a gaming PC, i' m old and know nothing about computers. it is certainly a mistake i hope not to make again. i'm currently saving for another PC build, and i have found your videos very helpful for my future build

  • Lukas
    Lukas 2 minutes ago

    „But can it run Minecraft?“

  • Exnatic
    Exnatic 2 minutes ago

    Linus leaking the most expensive mac design

  • Brad Vernon
    Brad Vernon 2 minutes ago

    This needs to be THICKER YEAH I’LL MAKE IT THICKER 😏

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku 2 minutes ago

    *How To Water Cool a Thermal Throttled Mac:* 1) Throw it into the ocean 2) Build a PC 3) Enjoy!

  • Tales From The Grotto
    Tales From The Grotto 3 minutes ago

    No worries, your almost a year late on scrapyard wars too...

  • Tyler Kussee
    Tyler Kussee 3 minutes ago

    You know what they say about small hands; .....great for cramming components into a pc case!

  • Harwinder Singh RupaL
    Harwinder Singh RupaL 3 minutes ago

    At 10M subs. Linus will switch to Mac

  • axe693axe
    axe693axe 3 minutes ago

    What would be the difference between LG gram and my current laptop...? I would have a laptop.

  • thomasshh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Linus driving stick turns me on

  • Holo Scope
    Holo Scope 3 minutes ago

    Why didn't you get a smaller motherboard????

  • Lloyd Garmadon
    Lloyd Garmadon 3 minutes ago

    lOL Apple be like: "Say sike rn"

  • Sajid Alam
    Sajid Alam 3 minutes ago

    Linus Echo Tips

  • jeff martin
    jeff martin 3 minutes ago

    nov 11 building hmmm usa sales last years stock hmmm

  • Kevin Osborne
    Kevin Osborne 3 minutes ago

    This is taking tooooo long

  • Kyeo
    Kyeo 3 minutes ago

    Imagine hitting 10 million subscribers before Christmas.

  • James Whitehead
    James Whitehead 3 minutes ago

    Don't need two 24 pin connectors? Come on you pleb. go for it!

    JT TUNAGE 3 minutes ago

    Srry ill stick with lg headset cause i tried the airpods and there ass srry apple not for me

  • Juneao Alfred
    Juneao Alfred 4 minutes ago

    Don't ever judge people by how they talk and look. Linus is a good man..

  • NEO geek
    NEO geek 4 minutes ago

    is the guy that was outing the fish tank together still there?

  • GitDat
    GitDat 4 minutes ago

    This monitor doesn't exist, so there was no upgrade.

  • Mac Rehab
    Mac Rehab 4 minutes ago

    When is scrapyard wars happening

  • RS Goldguy
    RS Goldguy 4 minutes ago

    entire video of sexual innuendos. Loved it

  • Scanner Dorkly
    Scanner Dorkly 4 minutes ago

    Upgrade the motors to 775, replace the gears with metal ones, and overvolt to 36. Speedy speedy tiny wheely

  • Monolith Fan
    Monolith Fan 4 minutes ago

    I don't have a laptop & I can not find the link and what you said was way to complicated & quick to understand.

  • BMV
    BMV 4 minutes ago

    i want that shirt

  • Will Nevertell
    Will Nevertell 5 minutes ago

    no post no benchmark?

    RE-DESTRO GAMING 5 minutes ago

    its 2 AM in india and i was waiting for your video :)😊

  • Tophan
    Tophan 5 minutes ago

    Poor background music choice in this episode.

  • Alaa Tariq
    Alaa Tariq 5 minutes ago

    Come down dude

  • Comp Wiz2007
    Comp Wiz2007 5 minutes ago

    Natural Gas BBQ grill... "NO"

  • loai yamani
    loai yamani 5 minutes ago

    get me the LG gram boy =D

  • Diego Kausel
    Diego Kausel 5 minutes ago

    shouldve put an RGB apple logo instead lol

  • weiner schnitzel
    weiner schnitzel 5 minutes ago

    nice echo at start

  • phizz
    phizz 5 minutes ago

    Linus: *casually sponsoring a $1000 gpu..*

  • Алексей Гриднев

    14:05 - he really should have said "but, there is one more thing"

  • Psy Olivium
    Psy Olivium 5 minutes ago

    should've made the LTT logo as a water distro plate, that would have been even better :')

  • Not_Kevin
    Not_Kevin 5 minutes ago

    I miss Anthony :(

  • PsychoLucario
    PsychoLucario 6 minutes ago

    still couldn't bother wiping off the machinist ink

  • loai yamani
    loai yamani 6 minutes ago

    good project though :D

  • TheIq2gamer
    TheIq2gamer 6 minutes ago

    Please add Part 3 to this so we know it is apart of the hackbook pro series. Was confused for a sec til I started the video.

  • Greta Thunberg
    Greta Thunberg 6 minutes ago

    That segway hit me hard. Was not ready.

  • Ashish Patel
    Ashish Patel 6 minutes ago

    Apple: this hurts my feelz, time to report this.

  • Juan Pablo Munoz
    Juan Pablo Munoz 6 minutes ago

    I realize this is supposed to show how overpriced the Mac is....but I’m kinda appreciating it more...

  • lynchad8746
    lynchad8746 6 minutes ago

    This build is beyond me i think i might need it

  • deminybs
    deminybs 6 minutes ago

    Suprised air testing your loop isn't as popular as it could be, I do plumbing in new construction and we always air test our water lines, doesn't keep electricians from drilling into them down the road but hey can't have it all xD

  • Luca Maddalena
    Luca Maddalena 6 minutes ago

    ahahhaha replacing the logo 😆

  • Julian
    Julian 7 minutes ago

    The new Guy is much better than Jake !

  • MultiWirth
    MultiWirth 7 minutes ago

    My Acer laptop doesn´t thermal throttle at all. It keeps up it´s 3,0Ghz boost clock at 4 cores load or up to 3,5Ghz for one or two cores with no issue. Also while stressing the gpu. It rocks an 1050ti and i5 7300HQ which is quite poweful. The laptop isn´t even that thick but has a good cooling solution i guess. Reaching max. temps of 61° C gpu and 80 °C cpu

  • Comp Wiz2007
    Comp Wiz2007 7 minutes ago

    ASRock and AMD... Appropriate...

  • alt ll4lO5lO3lO4ll6
    alt ll4lO5lO3lO4ll6 7 minutes ago

    so its good if you use adguard and giant font? good for me most i use is forums and discord and texting edit: and i strap a amp to it for music. pepeJAM

  • Sumit Shah
    Sumit Shah 7 minutes ago

    no doubt LTT is coming in market against *others*

  • Nicholas Tan
    Nicholas Tan 7 minutes ago

    I looked at the thumbnail and my eyes didn’t burn. Nice.

  • Alexander Lele
    Alexander Lele 7 minutes ago

    you should make it hac instead of hack

  • SeenCreaTive
    SeenCreaTive 7 minutes ago

    The clickbaity title before the change...

  • SkylerXV
    SkylerXV 8 minutes ago

    what was that thing called that allowed 4 m.2 drives in one pci??

  • shimon asefa
    shimon asefa 8 minutes ago

    Dam sunnnn i very like this video

  • Anonymous Trutherz
    Anonymous Trutherz 8 minutes ago

    Imagine the servers this guy could run if he repaired all that technology to work again then sold it on ebay and bought something that could actually run a server on.

    • Anonymous Trutherz
      Anonymous Trutherz 6 minutes ago

      The man who could hack the world using a couple hundred 8bit computers all running off the same power cord.

  • Unders
    Unders 8 minutes ago

    For the time lost on this , I could justify just buying the bastard thing from Apple.

  • Jodia Xenva
    Jodia Xenva 8 minutes ago

    Perfectly Fitted to Your Apple Case 😎

  • Lac
    Lac 8 minutes ago

    1000$ monitor stand

  • Garga
    Garga 9 minutes ago

    clickbait much?

  • Daniel Scarpaci
    Daniel Scarpaci 9 minutes ago

    The reason this won't happen, broadband networks are too expensive for the companies that own them to upgrade, basically the infrastructure is the problem, high fidelity network use will likely not be possible for a long time until we somehow overcome wired internet limitations.

  • Juju
    Juju 9 minutes ago

    Dark Mac? Fitting to the Dark Mode of Catalina

  • Trevor
    Trevor 9 minutes ago

    i like the fact i got the linus honey ad on a linus video lmao

  • Jacob Moller nielsen
    Jacob Moller nielsen 10 minutes ago


  • Real Racer 03
    Real Racer 03 10 minutes ago

    Where is Anthony?

  • Vernon Ingram
    Vernon Ingram 10 minutes ago

    1:01 'But because of how crAMPED everything in this build is gonna be, we actually need to install all the components of it in a specific order.' ITX/ SFF community: *laughs incessantly*

    XBOXRULES 10 minutes ago

    apple is for people who don't know any better.

    • ``````````
      `````````` 7 minutes ago

      XBOXRULES Dell is for people who don't know any better.

  • Scott G.
    Scott G. 10 minutes ago

    Correction: Soft tubing does not look sharp.. And, "Make sure you make an "unintentional" mistake so that we can milk out another video.

  • Rolands Naglis
    Rolands Naglis 10 minutes ago

    I really really want to see how linus will maintenance this thing as it progresses

  • CarolusBuchwurm
    CarolusBuchwurm 11 minutes ago

    Why wait for the measurements to work if you can milk it for yet another video in the series...

  • Life82
    Life82 11 minutes ago

    Part 2

  • BadKarma 714
    BadKarma 714 11 minutes ago

    4:00 talk about Sagging I bet you can't wait for this Sag way to our sponcer Dickies if your a cholo and you like to Sag Check out Dickies the pants that all gang member's love lol

  • Adriel Cruz
    Adriel Cruz 11 minutes ago

    Why are you guys keep on building extremely expensive computers over and over what do you use those for 🙄??????????

  • Holo Scope
    Holo Scope 11 minutes ago

    Or Go Big!

  • Ratzambibi - Strucid
    Ratzambibi - Strucid 11 minutes ago

    Fast and Mac can’t be used in the same sentence.

  • Khaled Asas
    Khaled Asas 11 minutes ago

    you need some sound foams on this walls

  • Houdini
    Houdini 11 minutes ago

    I remember on my 386SX the only way to add more ram was a ISA board with memory on the card. Way older than this, probably before Linus was born.

  • Boom Baby
    Boom Baby 11 minutes ago

    Who is this new guy?

  • ORIOLESFan02
    ORIOLESFan02 11 minutes ago

    I want to try to do this challenge without actually destroying the case and using another piece of metal. But for right now, I don’t have a lot of money and can’t afford PC parts

  • Yzzoxi
    Yzzoxi 11 minutes ago

    Subtitle in intro: GO HOME Me: But.... .. I am home...

  • BlueGamer 308
    BlueGamer 308 11 minutes ago

    Apple "Innovating" LTT Innovating (2:30)