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Apple iPhone 11 REACTION!!
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The All-ROG Gaming PC!
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  • Toxic_ Vapor_
    Toxic_ Vapor_ 10 minutes ago

    Yes I love iPhone

  • Jack is not in the box
    Jack is not in the box 11 minutes ago

    The Pros of Partitioning a Hard Drive: 1. Ease of Reinstallation Keeping your Windows system files separate from your personal information makes it easy to perform operations on Windows. For example, it’s relatively trivial to reinstall Windows when it’s on a separate partition. All you have to do is format your Windows partition and reinstall the OS. Your installed programs and files will stay where you left them. If you like, you can even clone your Windows partition so you have an exact copy of your OS setup to return to. 2. Simpler Backups Backing up your files is vital. While putting files on a separate partition isn’t an actual backup, it can make your backup scheme much simpler. Like with your Windows installation, you can clone the entire partition to have an exact copy of its data. For a simpler approach, you can point your backup app to protect the entire drive, instead of having to pick and choose individual folders. 3. (Potentially) Improved Security Partitioning your drive can also keep your data safer from malware attacks. If ransomware lands on your Windows partition, it would have a lesser chance of locking your personal files on another partition. You can easily reinstall Windows per above. Of course, this depends on the specific attack, so we recommend keeping yourself protected against malware in the first place. The 8 Best Security Software for Windows 10 Malware Protection 4. Better Organization Maybe you’re someone who loves to put everything in a certain place. Partitioning lets you add more dividers between data types. Perhaps you’d like to create a partition for games and apps and another for documents, music, and similar files. If you find that the organization methods available to you on a single partition aren’t enough, adding new ones could help keep your data straight. 5. Install Multiple Operating Systems We’ve discussed separating your OS files and personal data in most of the above reasons. But that’s not the only use for partitioning a hard drive. You can also add a partition to a drive to install another operating system on it. Perhaps you want to run Linux alongside Windows, but your computer can’t handle a virtual machine. You can create a new partition for Linux without touching your existing Windows system. Alternatively, you could install an older version of Windows for backward compatibility. 6. Use Many File Systems Another multi-platform use for partitioning is to work with multiple file systems. While you probably don’t need to do this with your internal drive, it makes external drives more useful if you use them with multiple OSes. For example, you might split a 1TB external HDD into partitions. Making one FAT32 or exFAT would work with Windows, while the other as Mac OS Extended would be compatible with your Mac. This lets you best use the available space for your needs.

  • kramdens1967
    kramdens1967 11 minutes ago

    Headphone jack is DONE. Get over it bitches... Like MOVE ON and quit crying already. Seriously.. the horse is dead.

  • AndrewMacedonia
    AndrewMacedonia 11 minutes ago

    damn lol !! that phone sucks !

  • Tim Trachok
    Tim Trachok 11 minutes ago

    Couldn't you dip it in mineral oil to get around the condensation problem? Seems like it would be better by a mile at dissipating the heat of thecopper, and then you wouldn't have to fool with a relay that may or may not be functioning correctly. It's also got to be worth a shot to run the thing at full blast right? whats the marginal cost of that video and can i pay it?

  • Will Lehrfeld
    Will Lehrfeld 11 minutes ago

    Awesome, i love the aquarium idea. Thanks guys, very fun.

  • Ethanol
    Ethanol 12 minutes ago

    I paired a refurbished wmr headset, rx 550, and some motion sickness resistance on my end for what I will say is the best vr experience if your standards are below even minimum

  • Mason Mulford
    Mason Mulford 12 minutes ago

    Its always strange that you assume people wont get a case on their $800 phone by default

  • TacoTakesOver
    TacoTakesOver 12 minutes ago

    Surface pro 6: am I a joke to you?

  • zungaloca
    zungaloca 13 minutes ago

    Linux nvidias bitch

  • David Mackey
    David Mackey 13 minutes ago

    On this episode, we watch paint dry, in the most convoluted way possible.

  • Sheetzn Gigglez
    Sheetzn Gigglez 13 minutes ago

    That merch plug was really smooth.

  • justAguyDs
    justAguyDs 14 minutes ago

    Is US JAH

  • Ricardo Pesenti
    Ricardo Pesenti 15 minutes ago

    After the Firestrike scores i thought the winner was clear, but damn those 3 game benchmarks with the poor multi-GPU scaling destroyed dimitrius. Great and super entertaining scrapward wars series! But a more detailed comparison of the two systems at the end or just before the benchmarks would have been nice.

  • AMV12S
    AMV12S 15 minutes ago

    What about this test into i7 4790K vs FX-9590?

  • Elrayn
    Elrayn 16 minutes ago

    Sadly your measurements aren't precise enough to be considered scientific...

  • Shaydes Of Blue
    Shaydes Of Blue 18 minutes ago

    Just got my hp omen and trying to learn technology. I'm so behind that I'm just plain lost.

  • SOVEREIGN \-_-/
    SOVEREIGN \-_-/ 18 minutes ago

    Linus, music files in production are larger & gb’s are common

  • 『Blank』
    『Blank』 18 minutes ago

    Bruh Paul and Bitwitz was really close to my home UwU

  • tyler acevedo
    tyler acevedo 18 minutes ago

    why didnt yo guys insulate the resevior and tubing?

  • Inch _
    Inch _ 19 minutes ago

    Nice wink at 2:10 about IHS solder quality.

  • Dziki Klapek
    Dziki Klapek 20 minutes ago

    I'm from Europe and I don't really understand you Americans, but I wanted to say that this video is dumber than wrestling.

  • Cyrus Hale
    Cyrus Hale 20 minutes ago

    But why use peltier cooling with a fan or water loop? For a silent system sure.

  • Chase van de Rheede
    Chase van de Rheede 20 minutes ago

    I've watched alot of this channels videos in the pass few weeks... Each video I expect the linus pause, look at the camera, wait for the camera, BEGIN 🤣🤣

  • Pippipylup
    Pippipylup 20 minutes ago

    5:22 We're going to use blender here for the test. Linus: *Opens Cinebench*

  • Edgar Medina
    Edgar Medina 20 minutes ago

    No entendi ni vergas, me distraje viendo los ojitos pispiretos del gordito.

  • Dean Smith
    Dean Smith 21 minute ago

    Go bake a pizza, come back after its' done and catch the end. then you can eat your pizza knowing you used your time wisely.

  • Miles11we
    Miles11we 21 minute ago

    Actually the magnet could have told you if it was stainless.

  • Lukaroast
    Lukaroast 21 minute ago

    okay FYI guys! tap your threads in your drill press, get a spring alignment tool to assist. youll never have a nonconcentric tap again.

  • Metcalfe's Law
    Metcalfe's Law 22 minutes ago

    Painful AF..It must be so hard for that guy Anthony to bite his tongue.

  • slik T.
    slik T. 22 minutes ago

    wait, so, these numbers let people who aren't even in the room, know how much cooling a computer needs? APPLE!!! somebody come look at this ! lol

    ANGRY GAMER KID 22 minutes ago

    how do you think i feel my 600$ laptop has 2 FUCKING GIGS OF RAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Francisco Villagomez
    Francisco Villagomez 23 minutes ago

    Will this work for iphone data loss? I have some pictures that have not been backed up but are super valuable. My phone got stuck on a bootloop and have been told that it is likely a software error and that my data is likely gone. Any suggestions on where I can send my device?

  • Andrew Tran
    Andrew Tran 23 minutes ago

    This seems like more of gamers Nexus alley

  • yumri4
    yumri4 24 minutes ago

    Maybe you can do this again with the amount of water measured precisely before hand. The test you run being a stress test for production instead of a benchmark for blender though that will require 16GB of RAM minimum. The RAM speeds being the same on each run for both companies. The part about a thermo dye really didn't work so leave that out all together. And have a way that will move around the water with a more power efficient pump thus giving off less heat. Using about the same motherboard design if it is just to test the chip and not the motherboard + chip. So many others were missed in this to actually be a good point of reference.

  • AnonymousRocker
    AnonymousRocker 25 minutes ago

    Intel fanboys in 3 2 1...

  • theos
    theos 25 minutes ago

    I was a fool to think there was no sponsor when Linus paused, I should've seen it in the description. Lmao When isn't there a sponsor.

  • Manan Sawhney
    Manan Sawhney 26 minutes ago

    Why isn't a Anthony a Professor at some big University?

  • Aidan Kealy
    Aidan Kealy 26 minutes ago

    But can it trace rays?

    RADOX TRANCE 26 minutes ago

    wtf I just watched

  • Shaun Beakley
    Shaun Beakley 26 minutes ago

    i finally joined the forum guys

  • katasiapa
    katasiapa 26 minutes ago

    1:04 when Linus forgot their sponsor

  • Essjaythegreat
    Essjaythegreat 26 minutes ago

    Can you please review the CRG90 if you haven’t already? Thx xx

  • frollard
    frollard 27 minutes ago

    before video done... You have tonnes of watercooling equipment. Just make a closed loop with a milk jug instead of a radiator and insulate it all. Yes, the pump will add a few watts but that's negligible and you can subtract it by calculating the pump consumption. That way you get high efficiency extraction of heat from the cpu. edit: 11:00 they do this but instead of using thermochromic ink...just plot the temperature over time. That's literally the total count of energy joules.

  • TJ Marx
    TJ Marx 27 minutes ago

    Is Linus really an android like Poppy? 😲

  • Lukaroast
    Lukaroast 27 minutes ago

    LINUS builds an ENAIL??? lol

  • Anatoly Vasilyev
    Anatoly Vasilyev 28 minutes ago

    As a scientists, a was appalled by watching this. Just to think that with all the money, people and authority LTT has, they don't bothered by producing this kind of content. They could've done something useful here: took a basic calorimetry measurement and maybe inerested someine in science, as well as provided some valid data for tech community. Instead they produced this trash... Converted some advertising dollars to salary for people who could ve done something good instead of selling mugs and incompetent "experiments". This really ruined my day :(

  • Aaron 572
    Aaron 572 28 minutes ago

    This experiment methodology is unecessarily complicated and inaccurate I don't understand why you did this

  • ArkaynAdrian
    ArkaynAdrian 28 minutes ago

    Thumbs down for this being just a long winded mess. I normally enjoy the silliest LMG vids but this was just frustrating and unhelpful. In saying that, I do think the TDP on both are pretty much the same if not worse on Intel as the industry has eluded too forever BUT it is one of those things where you should never use it to choose one over the other in real world use. In short both expensive high end CPUs that are both great.

  • ericmonroe2
    ericmonroe2 29 minutes ago

    69 nice

  • Daniel Jensen
    Daniel Jensen 29 minutes ago

    This was a great series, would like to see it again in the future, maybe every couple years.

  • Mike Bracewell
    Mike Bracewell 29 minutes ago

    One feature I want more than any other: UNDO! WhyTF does Android not have a built-in text undo/redo feature - like IOS? And Windows 10? And Linux? And, just about every OS since,1990? Drives me NUTS!

  • Jerey j
    Jerey j 30 minutes ago

    What was up with you grabbing at your pocket every 20 or so seconds?

  • zoemayne
    zoemayne 30 minutes ago

    lol this is so bad lol i love it

  • Pythonissam
    Pythonissam 30 minutes ago

    Linus: "they are planning a kitchen reno." Subtitles: "they are planning a kitchen renault." subs were sponsored by mercy inc.

  • Cursed Owls Gaming
    Cursed Owls Gaming 30 minutes ago

    Why not just use a current clamp on the eps 12v? Gamers nexus does this and the intels with MCE enabled drastically use more power then the ryzen cpus. More power=more heat.

  • Joseph Tischer
    Joseph Tischer 30 minutes ago

    Ring about to get sued by ADT for trade dress

  • Kirinketsu
    Kirinketsu 30 minutes ago

    > always buys higher TDP CPU because that means it is better at overclocking dont you know.

  • DIdirectors
    DIdirectors 31 minute ago

    fuckin a his wife was brutal

  • 60AT Rws
    60AT Rws 31 minute ago

    How are you manually overclocking monitors? Please tell me how to do this

  • RackBaLLZ
    RackBaLLZ 31 minute ago

    I think Anthony and I are on the same page when I say, "This video was a complete waste of time."

  • chairmandrek82
    chairmandrek82 31 minute ago

    A high school chemistry lab can do this better than you. That's why I'm entertained

  • Connor Board
    Connor Board 31 minute ago

    But pixel has had for ages!!!

  • N colvin
    N colvin 32 minutes ago

    So... Anthony made a computer calorimeter. Neat.

  • Ev1L ANGER
    Ev1L ANGER 32 minutes ago

    Alains with 1 nano second mice looking at this like “lol peasants”

  • Luis Miguel Londoño Montoya


  • Rick
    Rick 33 minutes ago

    BRING BACK ANDROID PI GESTURES. The two button mode is NOT THE SAME. Worst change in android in years imo. Can't use any gestures with custom launchers too which is crap.

  • khronosfateless
    khronosfateless 33 minutes ago

    The wink.

  • Havok
    Havok 33 minutes ago

    This actually helped me build my PC, thank you Anthony. Your instructions are clear and precise, and you dont move too quickly. You are awesome, keep it up.

  • Ryan Taylor
    Ryan Taylor 33 minutes ago

    Intel actually has a whitepaper on how they calculate TDP: basically, the key takeaways are that they are calculating at the base clock so no turboing and that they are calculating using "general use applications" so probably not hitting it with an all-core blender render.

  • Kyle Morton
    Kyle Morton 34 minutes ago

    Logitech also has a cheap cherry switch board

  • ThndrShk2k
    ThndrShk2k 35 minutes ago

    Try the TECs as the radiator rather than the CPU block

  • slik T.
    slik T. 35 minutes ago

    linus with power tools

  • Thoringer
    Thoringer 35 minutes ago

    You guys are such Chills!

  • McFly0097
    McFly0097 35 minutes ago

    2:10 habbit, or wink

  • Varnoozie
    Varnoozie 35 minutes ago

    14:57 nice

  • 2 subs with no picture
    2 subs with no picture 35 minutes ago

    Fun video and all, but wouldn't it be much more accurate to just measure power draw?

  • Guy Incognito
    Guy Incognito 35 minutes ago

    2:55 I never thought I'd say this, but.... Anthony, you MONSTER.

  • Plasma Torchic
    Plasma Torchic 35 minutes ago

    You could have gotten a more exact solution by filling one solution with ink and thermal compound to double one and then pour half lol

  • DaSnipeh _
    DaSnipeh _ 36 minutes ago


  • nitijen berbudi
    nitijen berbudi 36 minutes ago

    ltt drop is back

  • Seth Shaffer
    Seth Shaffer 36 minutes ago

    If you have same ambient would you really need the insulation?

  • NerdyPi
    NerdyPi 36 minutes ago

    The biggest issue with TEC cooling is everyone does the obvious idea of just slapping one directly to a CPU which is a terrible design for them. TECs are most efficient when the difference between their hot and cold side isn't very large. This is the exact opposite of what the cooling solution needs to be efficient. I have a much more interesting design in mind for a TEC cooling solution; problem is that I don't think I have the money to even buy the TECs that I'd need, let alone the CNC mill to make the heatsink designs.

  • B bert
    B bert 37 minutes ago

    Anthony, you're again too fat...

  • CPPCrispy
    CPPCrispy 37 minutes ago

    I like the idea of what you guys were trying to do but, like other have said, the methodology isn't there.

  • Marco Sheesh
    Marco Sheesh 38 minutes ago

    Just look at how much power it draws....

  • n i c e .
    n i c e . 39 minutes ago


  • slik T.
    slik T. 39 minutes ago

    the rise in temp, or the ryzen temp?

  • Joker
    Joker 39 minutes ago

    Zip-ties ??? I believe they are called tweezers good sir. The verge said so, and their a tech channel.

  • wondras
    wondras 39 minutes ago

    Why was there any expectation that this would work? Putting a flat water block on a TEC is no different from putting it on a flat CPU, except that you’ve added a lot more heat in the process. I think it’s great how you guys experiment and learn, but sometimes a “thought experiment” gets you there a lot quicker.

  • dap
    dap 39 minutes ago

    Did someone actually say that? lol aww poor Linus. Fuck that guy.

  • Stand: The Wall
    Stand: The Wall 39 minutes ago

    I sense a hostile business takeover from the way Anthony has been looking at Linus the whole time.

  • Jake Waddoups
    Jake Waddoups 39 minutes ago

    Nice... nciX

  • Aidan Michalos
    Aidan Michalos 39 minutes ago

    Wasn't expecting this video to be a honors chemistry review

  • Nero
    Nero 40 minutes ago

    Yay more Anthony

  • bbmatias22
    bbmatias22 40 minutes ago

    Anthony looking at you like he about to whop yo ass 😂

  • 41 minute ago

    do it with budget processors

  • Muggy BoneHead
    Muggy BoneHead 41 minute ago

    Would this run Skyrim?

  • Thoringer
    Thoringer 41 minute ago

    Really? So, just measuring the power input on your CPU power wires wasn't good enough as a solution? Because... it would be too precise???