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  • *Kawaii_Pickles *
    *Kawaii_Pickles * 6 months ago

    How do you open it? ;-;

  • cute rat Lup
    cute rat Lup 11 months ago

    Professional staff

  • cute rat Lup
    cute rat Lup 11 months ago

    Fujifilm 富士 。

  • stepitup
    stepitup Year ago

    Hey guys, I just came over here to say that your video on Momentos of life really sucked ass! No only did I give it a dislike but I unsubscribed to your channel. The dead baby scene was way the F over the top of poor taste. You are out of here. If you hadn't disabled the comments I would have said this there. Real bad taste dude! Did you ever think that some people have lost their babies? Yeah, no, I think not! A hole

  • Emily Gubanez
    Emily Gubanez Year ago

    Can you please show is how to connect the camera to the apps????

  • LoveWinti
    LoveWinti 2 years ago

    <3 love it.

  • JoyRich
    JoyRich 5 years ago

    i love fujifilm coz its made in japan that's why i love x10 I'm going to get the x100s soon

  • MrBlingBlingNr1
    MrBlingBlingNr1 6 years ago

    Thx for the video. I had troubles removing this ring, but this is very easy and helpful

  • Erkan Gülerci
    Erkan Gülerci 7 years ago

    So you suggest that we should consider it as normal to go restoration of production immediately after a terrible disaster where thousands of people killed .No we can not normalize this .Or we must not to do so .Would you do the same if you live a similar disaster in the city you live? Delaying production a few days will not bankrupt a company .Companies demand more from employees day by day and find a good reasons to support their demand.Then this demands normilize and become rule.

  • Erkan Gülerci
    Erkan Gülerci 7 years ago

    Production ain't be the priority when there is such a big disaster effecting whole country.If you can think restoring the production and satisfying customers in a few days after a deadly disaster while many people killed outside ,this will prove that there is something going wrong in terms of humanity.What can I say ?

  • stekks
    stekks 7 years ago

    @ooharloo no

  • Harlowe E
    Harlowe E 7 years ago

    Is the sticky blade problem still around in the current made ones?

  • spambryan17
    spambryan17 8 years ago

    Respond to this video... He said "it was good" never mentioned fuji was god

  • complicatedjason
    complicatedjason 8 years ago

    I thought the employers are too demanding, many people already had their relatives lost and family destroyed, yet Japanese bosses want them to start work immediately..I dunno

  • miliziametallica
    miliziametallica 8 years ago

    good men

  • Phizogphoto
    Phizogphoto 8 years ago

    Fuji has gone in the right direction with tonality being more important than silly pixel counts(for size of sensor) and gimmicks like video. Sad there is no S6 Pro; just like my S5 in a D200 body but with this new sensor in DX size, bigger buffer, faster menus and white balance trim in warm/cool (would love a 500th/sec flash sync too but know 'tis prob. not poss.). And.....why has no brand of camera made the pop-up flash be able to swivel towards the ceiling at least in one orientation?

  • edkin123
    edkin123 8 years ago

    Thank you to the employee there... I'm so happy for the camera. It is fantastic. However please hear the noise out there. The firm ware is still hiding the potential of the camera, even after the major update. good job to the factory line employees.

  • ThreeDee912
    ThreeDee912 8 years ago

    Sugoi! Cheesy video, but good work repairing everything and getting back on track.

  • jakewhaat
    jakewhaat 8 years ago

    was this filmed in 1986?

  • jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

    someday, i can buy it with my low incoming.

  • rhchan99
    rhchan99 8 years ago

    good job

  • popboard
    popboard 8 years ago

    This video looks like it was made in 1993. I guess a vintage looking camera called for a vintage looking promotional video lol.

  • bearmode
    bearmode 8 years ago

    on the 7th day, god created the X100. and it was good.

  • WilzWorkz Wilson Wong

    arigato! Although mine was purchased before the quake, I am happy what Fujifilm has done with this camera and bring much joy to the users.

  • smarcosgarcia
    smarcosgarcia 8 years ago

    MADE IN JAPAN. It's all said. Amazing people and amazing product. Congrats.

  • deckardstp
    deckardstp 8 years ago

    thank you fuji for making this awesome camera. i really enjoy it every single day!!