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  • Ghost Smoke
    Ghost Smoke 4 hours ago

    Walking into a forest where people killed themselves and they're scared by a spider 😆. On a real level though, I hope everyone who died in that forest has found peace! The spider isn't even that big, idk why they did this if they get so scared. We all know that forest is extremely haunted... that's why I would never go into that forest.

  • Makayla ꎭ
    Makayla ꎭ 4 hours ago

    that guy was so chill , they are so lucky 😂

  • keepcalmitsjulia
    keepcalmitsjulia 4 hours ago

    Elton: can I throw it in the ocean Corbyn: what no?! Corbyn is like the parent that Elton doesn't listen to

  • Ori wymore
    Ori wymore 4 hours ago

    stream chicago by first and forever

  • V S
    V S 4 hours ago

    Grown men acting like little girls!

  • Luis Vera
    Luis Vera 4 hours ago

    The upside down cross really has no symbolism to it, you'd need more a Satanists cross for things like that

  • toney motionless
    toney motionless 4 hours ago

    22:14 there’s a orb that drops from the ceiling to the floor

  • keepcalmitsjulia
    keepcalmitsjulia 4 hours ago

    I really need to know yall were safe about doing spells 😂😂 like honestly witchcraft ain't a joke

  • Brigette Fergus
    Brigette Fergus 5 hours ago

    Omg Corey and Andrea 😍

  • Tiarnee Lester
    Tiarnee Lester 5 hours ago

    am i the one at 5:00 that wanted to say thats what she said!!

  • Lone wolfxxX
    Lone wolfxxX 5 hours ago

    At 45:36 corben was moving his head but his shadow behinde had no movement Or is it just me

  • Chantelle Johnston
    Chantelle Johnston 5 hours ago

    Someone else pointed out from 10:11 there are definitely two people on the roof 😩

  • Phantom Visuals
    Phantom Visuals 5 hours ago

    The heavy feeling that Corey was having was either: a) a psychic message being sent to him through emotions and the spirits expressing how they died or b) lack of an appropriate amount of air mixed with paranoia and fear

  • gemma. _
    gemma. _ 5 hours ago

    the thing that bothers me most is that Elton literally FILMED Aaron swaying and closing his eyes and barely mumbling when Corey asked him what it said, and Elton just watched, and SAID NOTHING.

  • qwert lkjhg
    qwert lkjhg 6 hours ago


  • I Am Wednesday Adams

    U guys are gonna find a jack in the box next Who else I waiting for the subtitles at the bit to to say "we weren't dead, until... "

  • RathUwu
    RathUwu 6 hours ago

    Lowkey concerned why nobody in the video asked Aaron if he was alright

  • I Am Wednesday Adams

    I wasted a tone of money on Raffle tickets It's my mates b'day soon, and the date I saw is 1 week until it's her b'day

  • Harsh Life
    Harsh Life 6 hours ago

    If the girl was sooo scared then she shouldn't have joined them

  • gemma. _
    gemma. _ 6 hours ago

    8:39-8:45 does anyone else see that shadow of the person walking infront of Elton toward the end of the hallway, or is it someone's shadow?

  • This Guy
    This Guy 6 hours ago

    Elton you are a tough son of a gun! Wowzers! How long did the waxing last? How long was your face sore? I want to wax my beard but I'm a sissy...Also you have some nice friends you can count on.

  • ItsieDoll
    ItsieDoll 6 hours ago

    Is that van abandoned? Lol it’s in every suicide forest video I’ve seen from TheXvidrs Also!!! Do you guys hear that 2:58 - 3:01 ?! Or is it just me??

  • Jessi Zorns
    Jessi Zorns 6 hours ago

    Ok but why did no one point out how Aaron was acting during the spirit box???? Like they just let that go???

  • Robinho Delgado
    Robinho Delgado 6 hours ago

    What the hell happened

  • Maggie O'Moore
    Maggie O'Moore 6 hours ago

    20:28 someone tell me why the fuck there's a woman's voice joining Corbin when he says "me" I can't be the only one who heard that

  • Leo Productions
    Leo Productions 7 hours ago

    When Aaron was standing over the teddy bear it creeped me out

  • Alondra Granados Cardenas

    he saw his shadow or the way he looks in the camera because his shadow was not moving but the guy was

  • Moonlight Bae
    Moonlight Bae 7 hours ago


  • jeremy harms
    jeremy harms 7 hours ago

    "You guys wanna see a dead body?" Lol

  • Tony Dinh
    Tony Dinh 7 hours ago

    It would be time to kick their asses. Grab weapons and beat their fucking asses!

  • Aaron Hrndz323
    Aaron Hrndz323 7 hours ago

    This is the scariest fucken video on TheXvid y’all should be ina movie

  • Daniel Dawson
    Daniel Dawson 7 hours ago

    The noise at 43:54 was a seagull

  • Dipali Sharma
    Dipali Sharma 7 hours ago

    around 11:08 to11:15 i heard screaming

  • PandaHatez Youz
    PandaHatez Youz 7 hours ago

    Spirit orb at 40.55

  • TurtleTime
    TurtleTime 7 hours ago

    26:06 sounds like multiple people said "what happened" at the same exact time completely monotone..

    HULK21JULY 7 hours ago


  • Pheonix Lambo.
    Pheonix Lambo. 7 hours ago

    61k like x

  • Cobra God
    Cobra God 8 hours ago

    It’s corbans shadow

  • Chloe Gathercole
    Chloe Gathercole 8 hours ago

    When the spirit box says “its coming” what it meant was a storm. Because after you hear it say its coming and corey asks whats coming its say “the storm”.

  • Lilli’s Life
    Lilli’s Life 8 hours ago

    is it just me or i’m fine with watching this but when i watched the lighthouse episode i cried i felt something with me, but with this i just don’t understand why everyone is freaking out

  • Vanisa Velasamy
    Vanisa Velasamy 8 hours ago

    i saw a shadow at 6:01

  • Obey God
    Obey God 8 hours ago

    Scaring ppl in a hunted house is the funest shit in earth

  • Testy
    Testy 8 hours ago

    I have no clue what it was but a man needs $400 for pc parts ya know?

  • Christina Tuiolosega

    Them:”curiosity kills” Elton:”I don’t give a fuuuu**” 😂😂

  • Scott Davis
    Scott Davis 8 hours ago

    Watch where u film ya all absolutely crazy this type of shit will get u killed Silent hill SHIT .....

  • Cierra Bass
    Cierra Bass 8 hours ago

    No offense to Corey but like the theory of what happened is that you literally brought Corey with you If you need more information lmk cuz its a whole essay that I can email

  • Wonderland
    Wonderland 8 hours ago

    Abandoned asylum where many people died is always a perfect place for a demonic entity to make its own territory.

  • Saeko Raven
    Saeko Raven 8 hours ago

    There is 0 evidence of anything paranormal caught!!! 1) Corey and Aaron are easily manipulated by their own fear so anything they say they hear is already discredited 2) camera malfunctions are not proof of the paranormal, u cannot prove that a spirit caused the malfunction same goes with the k2 meter 3) it's an old building of course there will be sounds and sounds will echo and change as they carry through the huge building 4)the app is untrustworthy u cant prove it actually sees spirits 5) 0 apparitions were caught on camera Cant ask people to prove it wasn't paranormal when u cant prove it was paranormal....if that is their logic than no one will win the money.

  • Samuel Walker
    Samuel Walker 8 hours ago

    Couldn't see anything their camera skills suck

  • Ariana Asatrian
    Ariana Asatrian 8 hours ago

    22:28 you can hear someone say no answering corey's question

  • Tracey Shaw
    Tracey Shaw 8 hours ago

    Absolute waste of time watching this

  • 112retard
    112retard 8 hours ago

    Elton is a piece of shit tbh, thats why he isnt in the vlog squad anymore

  • KON DI
    KON DI 8 hours ago

    I'm done scaring people

  • XxinsanexX
    XxinsanexX 8 hours ago

    They are breaking the number 1 rule at the water park NO running

  • Belinda Frazier
    Belinda Frazier 8 hours ago

    When you walk over the bones did any of you hear those noises i would had flipped out then left..

  • Jayymzz
    Jayymzz 8 hours ago

    It hit 250k bro

  • Leila Wilson
    Leila Wilson 8 hours ago

    Elton: it would be like sam saying I could eat Colby sandwich and he has no idea to eat his sandwich. Colby: thats f****d up. Sam: well you could eat his sandwich all you want. Colby:🤨😑 what?

  • Ashllie Dayton
    Ashllie Dayton 8 hours ago

    Corey....bro love you man but WTF did you do to your hair the braids are wayyyy better

  • Juin Springs
    Juin Springs 8 hours ago

    Corey was like the only on who didn't really scream on the first tube sledding 😂

  • Nickol V.
    Nickol V. 9 hours ago

    38:53 spirit box said NEXT SOMEONE'S ELSES TURN TO USE THE RODS

  • kalesa weatherby
    kalesa weatherby 9 hours ago

    a horror movie in the making

  • Ryan Friedlos
    Ryan Friedlos 9 hours ago

    i think corey had the best haka

  • Sydney kerstiens
    Sydney kerstiens 9 hours ago

    For everyone watching this, this ride that you see is amazing I ride it with my and friends all the time. they make it worse than it actually is:)ps not trying to through shade at all.

  • Jeramiah Joss
    Jeramiah Joss 9 hours ago

    U should look there a plnachet in ur next abened place u got bring Sam & Colby and Corey and the rest of the gang once again if ur brave enough to see u ur next vdeo good luck. = )


    Corey: I'm CoLd Me: Bish dood tomarrows low is F*CKING 27 Reee

    ARI CRISTINA 9 hours ago

    The spirit was definitely using Aaron for energy, like Corey his head was hurting and after the video ended Elton said he was feeling depleted! Also the spirit or whatever was their was calling out to Aaron. During the spirit box when Aaron was closing his eyes and swaying he was barely talking all he was doing was pointing and mumbling but in the lighthouse video Aaron is usually talking when they do that bit and also during that time with the spirit box, it looked like Aaron was going to throw up. Just keep on observing Aaron. It’s all very weird but he definitely had something attached to him this time.

  • Ashllie Dayton
    Ashllie Dayton 9 hours ago

    So that place is known to be dangerous for many many many reasons. Coming from an empath and someone who is a spiritual magnet. I would NEVER EVER set foot in that place ever!!! I actually watched an episode of Ghost Hunters where Zach almost became possessed and tried to come at Aaron with a knife! So definitely will watch this a second time but you guys seriously should get yourself cleansed for your safety all of you. Yall are amazing for what ya do 🥰🙏🙏 just be safe

  • Michael Jacob
    Michael Jacob 9 hours ago

    Imagine you’re exploring the suicide forest and out of nowhere you see dead people surrounding your ass 💀 Shit I’ll act like if i was dead trying to act like them 😭

  • Shadow Lord
    Shadow Lord 9 hours ago

    "You guys ready? This another super advanced move" *faceplants*

  • T Lock
    T Lock 9 hours ago

    39:07 there is an orb that goes off of coreys right shoulder

  • Lindsay Simmonds
    Lindsay Simmonds 9 hours ago


  • Luis Peralta
    Luis Peralta 9 hours ago

    Camera man *we’re not leaving* stfu.

  • Tiffany Howard
    Tiffany Howard 9 hours ago

    please if you see a cat or dog please don't leave them there take them with you and drop it off at the vet!

  • Infamous Jeii
    Infamous Jeii 9 hours ago

    I think her favorite words to say are “oh my god” or “what the fuck!”

  • Syko275
    Syko275 9 hours ago

    Yoo the acting is so corny 😂 just like them mfs on Ghost Adventures

  • Jenoco
    Jenoco 9 hours ago

    “iTs NoT a DuCk” LMAO 😂😂💀

  • Tyler Bergman
    Tyler Bergman 9 hours ago

    Want a legit answer man Elton your fucking with the wrong shit

  • Brandon Pifer
    Brandon Pifer 9 hours ago

    The goat pendant is just Baphomet, the symbol of the Church of Satan (and NO they aren't devil worshipers, just sarcastic atheists lol).

    • Brandon Pifer
      Brandon Pifer 9 hours ago

      Baphomet loves everyone so nothing to worry about

  • Jude Reeve
    Jude Reeve 9 hours ago

    Has Evans camera ever picked up anything that can be seen or nah?

    HAZZA 10 hours ago

    Your gonna find fucked up shit now give me $1000

  • ***smal lamp**
    ***smal lamp** 10 hours ago


  • Jacquelyn Oblea
    Jacquelyn Oblea 10 hours ago

    I think I see something black standing in the middle and it’s gone

  • AshKrory
    AshKrory 10 hours ago

    An upside-down cross is more Christian than an right-side up cross but okay. If y'all would ever like some education on the occult I would be more than happy to help. I've been studying it for years Edit: No hate! I love you guys and your videos

    LIL VEON 10 hours ago

    You're safe with us in the comments welcome...

  • Jackie Morrell
    Jackie Morrell 10 hours ago

    I'm new to this channel, but does Elton always act like a poor man's Zak Bagans all the time? Not a good thing IMO. I like some of the other guys though.

  • Silas Scherer
    Silas Scherer 10 hours ago

    Augusto Rodriguez fuck that I heard ittttt

  • Cindy Smart
    Cindy Smart 10 hours ago

    The ghosts probably choose Corey first but Corey was being complicated and they choose Aaron instead because Aaron isn’t saying anything about what he is feeling and not causing problems

  • Sirius Black
    Sirius Black 10 hours ago

    I went through the video a few times and there was a shadow following you and there was a girl laughing in the background if I win send the money to 1013rdavewestHalstad,MN

  • Bob Miers
    Bob Miers 10 hours ago

    Him: kids should never have too see that Logan Paul: hold my sushi

  • IndigoIceDragon
    IndigoIceDragon 10 hours ago

    I felt super bad vibes and energy when I saw that doll and I wasn’t even there. Ur a dumbass Elton but I still love you

  • Lucidd_Nightmares
    Lucidd_Nightmares 10 hours ago

    Jakes silent giggling as he watches his friends slowly die internally is the greatest thing ever

  • The Chub Chub Doge
    The Chub Chub Doge 10 hours ago

    how does a waterfall freeze? Like, I’d want to see it in a time lapse.

  • shivangi singh
    shivangi singh 10 hours ago

    Was i imagining it or was it one of you guys i saw at 8:38 in a distance.

  • CrazyGirl23 23
    CrazyGirl23 23 10 hours ago

    Corey's reaction to almost being kissed at the end had me dying 😂😂😂

  • Kaitlin Richelle Zimmerman

    Elton: look at all the birds they're just circling me in bed eating skittles: the birds work for the bourgeoisie

  • Jenoco
    Jenoco 10 hours ago

    Ouch, that’s heartbreaking 💔😭

  • Kaitlyn Nicholson
    Kaitlyn Nicholson 10 hours ago

    At 10:00 sounds like someone said hello

  • Cindy Smart
    Cindy Smart 10 hours ago

    It’s kinda sad you know? Most of those people were treated horribly and died because of it. It’s sad knowing most of those people died that way. What if that was a child’s spirit that was connected with the bear. It’s a sad feeling when you think about it.

  • Rose Kilts
    Rose Kilts 10 hours ago

    I had noticed that Arron was acting weird then you can see an orb fly by Aaron right around the same time Corey said “did that just say Corey!?” And the spirts seems to have fun messing with you guys and the equipment and herd noise down the hall making noises😬

  • Ronda Coleman
    Ronda Coleman 10 hours ago

    Great video but you guys really need to be careful. Aaron was not doing well there for awhile. Things could have become serious.