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TFIL is changing...
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  • Amanda Morgan
    Amanda Morgan Minute ago

    Why is watching them drive so like hot kinda cos it’s like they are actually mature ❤️😂

  • Gen Christensen
    Gen Christensen 13 minutes ago

    I hate to see this but I love cats and dogs and animals😿😿😿

  • Daniel Crisman
    Daniel Crisman 29 minutes ago


  • Amy Miller
    Amy Miller 43 minutes ago

    in police stashon

  • Emma Garrett
    Emma Garrett 50 minutes ago

    Sometimes Elton you make me question you? 😂 also I love ur vids!!

  • pun pun paws
    pun pun paws 51 minute ago

    ahh yes, 30 minutes of "ELTON, ELTON, OMG ELTON STOP, ELTON!!!"

  • •Moon Child•
    •Moon Child• 53 minutes ago


  • Olivia Axman
    Olivia Axman Hour ago

    OMG same here... its a black figure then 'it' walks away......

  • Jojie Sangann
    Jojie Sangann Hour ago

    4:23 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️

  • Indianna Herbert

    Really Elton

  • Jojie Sangann
    Jojie Sangann Hour ago

    i love them so much😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Different Heaven Music

    I think TFIL should deserve a more subscriber I donate $10000 to TFIL!!!! THATS IT!

  • Different Heaven Music

    I feel very happy when you all gather together and enjoy together!!! Stay blessed Love you all

  • Anthony Ussery
    Anthony Ussery 2 hours ago

    If you think about it you got witches and warlocks. Yeah you don't have any powers like in movies but you can do different things with different things. Some see the dead and can speak to them. Some feel energy like no one else can, it's very real and Corey is that warlock. It mostly works when he's touching the board.

  • Burn Cigarettes
    Burn Cigarettes 3 hours ago

    It was around winter and I tried doing an over night challenge at my school but I forgot about my foot tracks and I got a 230$ fine

  • nathalia anderson
    nathalia anderson 3 hours ago

    25:54 it legit is a steer not a bull. it has no testes

  • MurderinkAustralia
    MurderinkAustralia 3 hours ago

    Hahahahaha! this video is pretty shit.

  • LaterDMAN2006 DAMN
    LaterDMAN2006 DAMN 3 hours ago

    26:56 raid area 51 and this is where were at now

  • Alexia Lewis
    Alexia Lewis 4 hours ago

    In the beginning everyone was being irky like they don’t even talk that much on the tv shows they made about this place

  • Ronyb30
    Ronyb30 4 hours ago

    Elton: Stretching Corey: Yup Sam: This is the most beautiful thing in the world

  • Jesse Leon Guerrero
    Jesse Leon Guerrero 4 hours ago

    Or battery

  • The trionyx 5
    The trionyx 5 4 hours ago

    There is snow on my peehole

  • Jeziah Kellcurcy
    Jeziah Kellcurcy 4 hours ago


  • Xfurrywolfx
    Xfurrywolfx 5 hours ago

    Inuyasha my favorite

  • Errnex
    Errnex 5 hours ago

    9:46 is the part you are here for! Have an amazing day!

  • Morgan Victoria
    Morgan Victoria 5 hours ago


  • sophie curtis
    sophie curtis 5 hours ago

    do you have any idea how cruel Bull Riding is ?! It's excruciating pain for the horse or bull you ride because the only reason they buck is because the girth is so tight around them it's hard for them to breath and bucking relieves the pressure.

  • chris gibbo
    chris gibbo 5 hours ago

    good to see you guys in Australia

  • Maze M
    Maze M 5 hours ago

    When Elton started puking I thought I was gonna be sick

  • Georgie Tully
    Georgie Tully 5 hours ago

    11:36 Colbys face was disgust face 😂

  • Tanusha Ismail
    Tanusha Ismail 6 hours ago

    Colby literally went from mature to kid the second Sam started shaking the EMF device..

  • Dark Gamer
    Dark Gamer 6 hours ago

    FFF!! That spider scared the crap out of me!!! Hahahahaha!!!

    • Silver Byo
      Silver Byo 4 hours ago

      Dark Gamer

  • sunil deshpande
    sunil deshpande 6 hours ago

    31:24 the noise “do you wanna stay ” did anyone hear that

  • Blake Simpson
    Blake Simpson 6 hours ago

    How do we know that they actually lived and slept there maybe they built it themselves the world may never know because we werent there during that time so how do we confirm he was there

  • brooke rayner
    brooke rayner 6 hours ago

    Im not doing it again (Go's on it again XD)

  • Makayla Armenta
    Makayla Armenta 7 hours ago

    2019 dangmatts girlfriend Sarah is in this video

  • Karl Dato
    Karl Dato 7 hours ago

    Yes it's scare to spend the night in a dense forest that has a rep. But you guys are just a bunch of posers, especially the dude who's doing the filming. He never shuts up, with his monotonous voice.

  • Lynette M
    Lynette M 7 hours ago

    *HELLLP!!!* A R E Y O U D R O W N I N G????!?!?!?!?!??!

  • Kara Schily
    Kara Schily 7 hours ago

    You guys are idiots😂

  • Tiffany Bushey
    Tiffany Bushey 7 hours ago

    2k more likes fr

  • Andrew Fager
    Andrew Fager 7 hours ago

    I never dislike your videos guys but this was so fake and so easy to tell it was fake that im disapointed

  • Janaya Andao
    Janaya Andao 7 hours ago

    Fact: that spider was the one kiling those people. They are either having heart attack or getting bites all over until they're dead. Kid. But my heart is at its fastest beat while watching this. Like it was on that fast beat the whole time I was watching this.

  • Summer Clare
    Summer Clare 7 hours ago

    Colby looks adorable in this video

  • Chaise Samargis
    Chaise Samargis 8 hours ago

    And tht was a pure setup nobody is gonna tell u to go deeper into this abandon city to see a bunch of missing kids on a side of a house they were gonna be just like those kids on tht wall if they didn't dip at the time they did

  • Chaise Samargis
    Chaise Samargis 8 hours ago

    Rule number 1 from being in the hood when it's dead silent and then dogs start bark thts when shit is gonna go down

  • Sarah b
    Sarah b 8 hours ago

    I love everything about TFIL!!

  • Abigail Walker
    Abigail Walker 8 hours ago

    Okay. At 18:27 please tell me that you guys see the black creature with glowing eyes on the right sude of the screen!?!!?!?! Cause I am legit screamed when I saw it.

  • Hope Reeves
    Hope Reeves 8 hours ago

    Did they ever go back for their blankets? 😮 they should.

  • Abigail Walker
    Abigail Walker 8 hours ago

    They literally broke so many rules, no wonder they are so haunted. Corey literally said don't take your hands off without saying goodbye and that is exactly what they go ahead and do. Ugh!!!! I feel for them and I love them but they make me so freaking mad when they do this.

  • xxYEET Itzmaribelxx
    xxYEET Itzmaribelxx 8 hours ago

    how can they abuse tigers like they need to be in jail or something

  • Karla Grey
    Karla Grey 8 hours ago

    elton befor the video "im going to kill meh friends today

  • G-ah
    G-ah 8 hours ago

    doesn't matter where u pause the video it looks like the thumbnail for a porn video. but i aint here complaining

  • Andrew Fager
    Andrew Fager 9 hours ago

    Go back to suicide bridge!!!!!!!!!!

  • LilPotatoGacha 01
    LilPotatoGacha 01 9 hours ago

    Why is it that the only time the were a believable couple is when they were sleeping

  • ฯ Fohdoh ฯ
    ฯ Fohdoh ฯ 9 hours ago

    I remember this firstly coming out

  • BlueBarry 5555
    BlueBarry 5555 9 hours ago

    So how much do you want the boys to shit their pants Elton? Elton: yes

  • lauren van der hoven
    lauren van der hoven 10 hours ago


  • taylor Beck
    taylor Beck 10 hours ago

    That is awesome news 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • lauren hector
    lauren hector 10 hours ago

    am i the only one who still couldn’t find sam at 9:53

  • Sofia Barco
    Sofia Barco 10 hours ago


  • Sofia Barco
    Sofia Barco 10 hours ago

    I love uuuuu

  • Des Flannery
    Des Flannery 10 hours ago

    9:35 someone care to explain what happend to corey?

  • seema pathak
    seema pathak 10 hours ago


  • Irenegaming 1975
    Irenegaming 1975 10 hours ago

    What is the song in the background

  • queen of pickles
    queen of pickles 10 hours ago

    Food,water,friendship........ alcohol

  • Rosario Pagnotta
    Rosario Pagnotta 10 hours ago

    Stay over night in cory’s house

  • Kelton Williams
    Kelton Williams 11 hours ago

    Hi my name is Kelton we have the same name A little because if you but a k in your name it will be the same and I love you and Cory Sam Colby

  • TheGodGamer TGG
    TheGodGamer TGG 11 hours ago


  • Call Of Tubers
    Call Of Tubers 11 hours ago

    Sup tfil what is your favorite place to go

  • Geeky Carlys
    Geeky Carlys 11 hours ago

    Lol I’m a type O blood 🤣 blood twins ? 🤷🏼‍♀️ 🤣

  • anna bach
    anna bach 11 hours ago

    the title should be " corbin being stupid overnight"

  • leannescotty
    leannescotty 11 hours ago

    That’s pretty insane that he starts throwing up as the audio interference gets super intense. Something was affecting him...

  • why am i logged into this

    I would see if this should get a controversy but even im not autistic enough to watch this and i actually have autism

  • Sofia Barco
    Sofia Barco 11 hours ago

    Where is coby

  • Solby4life - SamAndColby

    I felt so bad for Colby because in the beginning he was so out of it and really didn’t want to be there Also his voice 😩 I’m not sure if he was sick or if he just about to cry 😭

  • anna bach
    anna bach 12 hours ago

    6:44 looks so fun

  • brayden jordan
    brayden jordan 12 hours ago


  • Cheyanne Da bomb
    Cheyanne Da bomb 12 hours ago

    14:40 I love Colby’s voice when he’s sick

  • Mimi Rivera
    Mimi Rivera 12 hours ago


  • Amber Allen
    Amber Allen 12 hours ago

    I think you should have a competition for who gets to name the tiger

  • Sara Heise
    Sara Heise 12 hours ago

    21:11 Elton looks like a struggling grandma 😂

  • ouuu Valery
    ouuu Valery 12 hours ago

    pinche RICKYYY !!!!!

  • Johannie Stories
    Johannie Stories 13 hours ago

    No one Absolutely no body *dogs barking* Corey:I hear wild dogs

  • Ava Guzzone
    Ava Guzzone 13 hours ago

    Me thinking that I walked exactly where scotty walked

  • Brown Sugga Nique
    Brown Sugga Nique 13 hours ago

    Andrea faces 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Galaxy Wolf
    Galaxy Wolf 13 hours ago

    Heath: look at how big they are Me: that’s what she said Me after realizing: wtf is wrong w me😂

  • Andrew Fager
    Andrew Fager 13 hours ago

    This video deserves so many more likes

  • Makayla Grace
    Makayla Grace 13 hours ago

    They found a Japanese Sam 😂😂😂 @13:13 they even have the same body shape

  • StarGachaTube
    StarGachaTube 13 hours ago

    Watching this in September of 2019 and knowing Sam's haunted I'm like...... DUDE IT WON'T FOCUS CAUSE YOUR HAUNTED!!!!!;;;;;!!!!!!

  • Rhianna Dolan
    Rhianna Dolan 13 hours ago


  • Royce Pena
    Royce Pena 13 hours ago

    8:51 "go get riding lessons" *walks away like he just dropped the mic* legend

  • Simone Doxtator
    Simone Doxtator 13 hours ago

    Sometimes I just wanna hug Cory because he does this stuff for his friends (CORY YOU'RE A GOOD FRICKIN' FRIEND)

  • Chanel Rose
    Chanel Rose 13 hours ago

    Okay when the audio started tripping out. Scary as fuuuuuuhhhk.

  • JNB217
    JNB217 13 hours ago

    A Lamborghini? Well I Think So? I Hope!

  • Mya Beals
    Mya Beals 14 hours ago


  • Leo Haunz
    Leo Haunz 14 hours ago

    I live in Alaska!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bryt Dani
    Bryt Dani 14 hours ago

    i'm not the only person that saw a shadow run quickly by the Ouija board at 19:57 to 20:00 slow it down to 0.25 and watch the Ouija board closely and like when you see it.

  • SpongBob SquarePants
    SpongBob SquarePants 14 hours ago

    27:47 - 27:49 Demogorgan?!

  • Keels Sims
    Keels Sims 14 hours ago

    I wanted to quit soccer but now listening to this everyday before school makes me not want to quit soccer thanks so much this song encouraged me so much to keep doing what I love

  • Nicolette Lytle
    Nicolette Lytle 14 hours ago

    24:50 "it smells like eggs" -- so I'm mostly just getting this from watching Supernatural but I've also looked it up before and there is some truth to it but I've heard that if there's sulfur around, that's also a sign that there's ghosts/demons around, and sulfur can apparently be mistaken as smelling like rotting eggs