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Circus Cake Tutorial!
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Llama Cake Tutorial!
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  • Gaviota Margarita
    Gaviota Margarita 2 hours ago


  • Tamara Serrano
    Tamara Serrano 4 hours ago

    I love it!!!😍😍

  • Sabrina Theisen
    Sabrina Theisen 13 hours ago


  • Shova’s Kitchen
    Shova’s Kitchen 16 hours ago


  • Daya Jalath
    Daya Jalath 17 hours ago

    Beautiful cake ideas..🙋😳😘😋

  • Erika America
    Erika America 18 hours ago

    So good🥰🎄

  • Stellamaries Onukwulu
    Stellamaries Onukwulu 18 hours ago

    Job well done! They’re all so cute and perfectly executed. I love the penguins the most. Thanks for the tutorials

  • Sara Sarita
    Sara Sarita 19 hours ago

    Amazing it's beatiful 😘 😍

  • Byron Chandler
    Byron Chandler 20 hours ago

    Wonderful compilation, Charity. Joyeux Noël, sweetie.

  • Adriana Reyes
    Adriana Reyes 20 hours ago

    Soooo cute!. Could you please make a Yorkie? 😍 Please! Please!

  • Regina Proença
    Regina Proença 21 hour ago

    Uau.... maravilhoso.... parabéns!!! Obrigada por compartilhar conosco essa benção 👏😍🍹🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷😁😁

  • Rebbecah Israel
    Rebbecah Israel 21 hour ago

    Amazing Cake 💜 You

  • Gina Friend
    Gina Friend 21 hour ago

    Cute, sweet and absolutely precious!! 💜 Have a fabulous day, girl! 🤗

  • Eshop WEBmoda
    Eshop WEBmoda 21 hour ago

    haiooween is the cool and you too is the funny halloween in the oct 31 scary halloween bye bye

  • dawnny chii
    dawnny chii 22 hours ago

    First,Noice or nice

    BBCAKES 22 hours ago

    You make the cutest cakes 🤗🤗🤗

  • leah marie
    leah marie 22 hours ago

    Wait what, you made the Lego toys? 😳😁 I thought they was real Lego toys. That is awesome! And I love that.

  • Marizza Fouts
    Marizza Fouts 22 hours ago

    Phenomenal cake as always. Thank you for this tutorial. Would love to see you make an Australian Shepherd or a Golden Retriever. Looking forward to your next masterpiece.

  • Biscuit em 5 Minutos
    Biscuit em 5 Minutos 23 hours ago

    Great job, it's amazing!

  • Madiha I
    Madiha I Day ago

    This is beautiful!

  • ximena gm
    ximena gm Day ago

    Is adorable

  • Jojo's Recipe
    Jojo's Recipe Day ago

    Oh my God so cute 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Angelena Jones

    Absolutely love this cake!

  • Ivana Vlahovic
    Ivana Vlahovic 2 days ago

    He is so cute😍 . Well done. Now I'm waiting for a kitten cake:))

  • nacera nacera
    nacera nacera 2 days ago


  • diana nicholson
    diana nicholson 2 days ago

    Beautiful can you do a cat please in a different colour stocking thank you

  • Allison Resendiz
    Allison Resendiz 2 days ago

    Mmmmmm... Delicioso😮

  • Briana F
    Briana F 2 days ago

    This is so stinking precious. I don't know how you do it

  • Lorrie Smith
    Lorrie Smith 2 days ago

    The doggies are adorable and I would love to see a puggle❤️

  • Call Me Disappointment

    My mom and i own a Pastry shop in mexico and we mostly make fondant cakes. (Well my mom makes the cakes and I work on fondant details) How is your fondant so beautiful and smooth? You have an extraordinary talent and your creations are beautiful! Definitely helpful and entertaining!

    • The Lovely Baker
      The Lovely Baker 2 days ago

      Thank you so much!! I make my own marshmallow fondant (recipe is linked in the description box).

  • Marie Collier
    Marie Collier 3 days ago

    Yes always more cakes from you!

  • Rubia M Rincón
    Rubia M Rincón 3 days ago

    Simplemente hermoso

  • The OreoKing3656
    The OreoKing3656 3 days ago

    I barely found your channel and I love your videos

  • Celeste Gerber
    Celeste Gerber 3 days ago

    You are truly a gifted artist! Beautiful work!

  • favoloso_mama 1
    favoloso_mama 1 3 days ago

    Awww what an adorable cake!!! 😍😍😍

  • CakeAngel
    CakeAngel 3 days ago


  • Shirley Corkrum
    Shirley Corkrum 3 days ago

    Wow this cake is so cute I love it thank you so much for sharing ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • ayotunzy
    ayotunzy 3 days ago

    Super cute 😊

  • kitty kate18
    kitty kate18 3 days ago

    She is amazing! Edit:you are pro ❤

  • Noreen Abel
    Noreen Abel 3 days ago


  • classylady2212
    classylady2212 3 days ago

    This is the cutest! I love it!!!

  • Alexandra Facio
    Alexandra Facio 3 days ago


  • American Baker in Germany

    This is adorable!

  • Liliana Medina
    Liliana Medina 3 days ago

    It`s amazing, you are amazing

  • Helens Caketastic Creations

    aawwww this makes a change from the usual teddy in a stocking xx

  • ScottyTubeHD
    ScottyTubeHD 3 days ago

    The frenchie is so cute! I love it so much 😍

  • Emma Warren
    Emma Warren 3 days ago

    So cute, i was watching with my autistic non-verbal son and he was trying to guess the animal. We had hawoo (elephant) oo oo (owl) then when he finally realised it was a dog he said oof oof... He's not said that one before 💕 deffinatly a big 👍 from us! xx

  • Samantha Juarez
    Samantha Juarez 3 days ago

    I love the little stocking! Omg so cute! Total dog lover

  • Ornella Maraj
    Ornella Maraj 3 days ago

    Amazing love it. Keep them coming. Thank you for sharing

  • Thalias Cakes
    Thalias Cakes 3 days ago

    Thanks again for collaborating with me I love your puppy he’s adorable 😍 🙌🏼🎄!

  • Char's Fashion-Nation

    That's to darn cute to eat

  • Sabrina Theisen
    Sabrina Theisen 3 days ago


  • Debbie Hughes
    Debbie Hughes 3 days ago

    super cute..... how about a cocker spaniel or cockapoo :)

  • Rebbecah Israel
    Rebbecah Israel 3 days ago

    So Cute 💜 You

  • Selene Malek
    Selene Malek 3 days ago

    Who can possibly dislike this video? It's the cutest thing ever!

    • Gina Friend
      Gina Friend 3 days ago

      Nothing to fret over. There are trolls.

  • Rene Roberts
    Rene Roberts 3 days ago

    I love him!!!!

  • Emy
    Emy 3 days ago

    Semplicemente MERAVIGLIOSO!!!!!😘

  • Karolita Alcaino
    Karolita Alcaino 3 days ago


  • Gina Friend
    Gina Friend 3 days ago

    Hey girl .. Frenchie Rules!!! 🐾 Cute agree, but You're a PRO!! Excellent Details! ❤ love, love, love

  • SunshineHurricaneMix

    Yay, it's my birthday and you made me a cute French bulldog cake! I love it :) You are so talented, when I grow up I want to be like you. (I'm 33).

  • Byron Chandler
    Byron Chandler 3 days ago

    What a beautiful stocking cake, Charity. Your voice is very beautiful and sweet. Have you considered making a cute little piggy cake?

    • SunshineHurricaneMix
      SunshineHurricaneMix 3 days ago

      Hey, we follow the same bakers! I liked your comment on another video earlier. It's my birthday so I'm just pretending all these cakes coming out today are my b day cakes :)

  • Karina Matus
    Karina Matus 4 days ago

    the pennywise cake was cool I just don't like that there is a lot of fondont

  • Carole Fraze
    Carole Fraze 4 days ago

    Holy....just wow

  • D Bakergirl
    D Bakergirl 4 days ago

    And for how many days can the lace be stored?

  • D Bakergirl
    D Bakergirl 4 days ago

    After baking, how much time does it need before we remove it from the mould ?

  • Amy Villalobos
    Amy Villalobos 4 days ago

    I can only hope to be this good one day!👍🏼

  • Latriea Thomas
    Latriea Thomas 4 days ago

    I like the beat

  • Dayni Ramirez
    Dayni Ramirez 5 days ago

    Love ❤️ your channel. You’re such a good teacher. You have clean, beautiful cakes!! Thank for sharing! 🤗

  • Grace Emerson
    Grace Emerson 5 days ago

    It’s my pleasure

  • Grace Emerson
    Grace Emerson 5 days ago

    I love Pennywise!!😍🤡

  • nohe jaramillo
    nohe jaramillo 5 days ago


  • Glória Chagas
    Glória Chagas 6 days ago


  • Dpn Test
    Dpn Test 6 days ago

    Thanks you a love cake

  • Kaitlyn Lescowitch
    Kaitlyn Lescowitch 6 days ago

    I am going to call her and tell her to make that it cake for my sisters birthday

  • Angel
    Angel 6 days ago


  • Keren Luna
    Keren Luna 6 days ago

    The cakes looks so real

  • Jennifer Ramos
    Jennifer Ramos 6 days ago

    Honestly, don't get why you got a few thumbs down on this cake. How about they get a thumbs down. This is pretty awsome cake. Again, great job!

  • Steve Mooney
    Steve Mooney 6 days ago

    Looks great

  • christmasina
    christmasina 6 days ago

    I am not a Star Wars fan, but fell in love with this little guy. You did an amazing job

  • Səma Namazova
    Səma Namazova 6 days ago

    Happy neş year

  • Scheerazade Benatallah

    Hi can i hâve thé récipé in french ?

  • Cintya
    Cintya 7 days ago

    Love it. 😍

  • Mel Walmsley - Little Food Cakes & Co


  • Games Youtbe
    Games Youtbe 7 days ago

    I fall asleep to these videos

  • Rachel Halunen
    Rachel Halunen 7 days ago

    That roudoft and Santa was so cuet

  • cathy17
    cathy17 7 days ago

    I love your videos 😍 Do you make your own molding chocolate?.. If so what's the recipe please 😅

    • cathy17
      cathy17 7 days ago

      @The Lovely Baker alright thank you soo much ❤

    • The Lovely Baker
      The Lovely Baker 7 days ago

      Thank you! Yes I make my own, I use Sugar Geek Show's recipe, it's linked in the description box❤️💚😊

  • ScottyTubeHD
    ScottyTubeHD 7 days ago

    Ive never seen Star Wars but OMG this yoda cake is absolutely adorable 😍 😋

  • Katywu Ste
    Katywu Ste 7 days ago

    Sorry but he’s way too cute to be the real Yoda. I still absolutely love him though, you’ve worked hard to attain this degree of skill

    SAJODA CHANNEL 7 days ago

    Belize like

  • Miriam Paschal
    Miriam Paschal 8 days ago

    Squeeeee. So cute. You totally nailed it!

  • Aiden0422
    Aiden0422 8 days ago

    Beautiful! You are so talented. Thank you for sharing this cake with us. Every time I think I have a favorite cake you make, you go on a make a better one 😂. Keep it up!

  • Rachel Eriks
    Rachel Eriks 8 days ago

    who gets bothered when TheXvidrs say," Hey guys welcome back to my channel?"

  • Livia Gonzales paulino


  • Ornella Maraj
    Ornella Maraj 8 days ago

    He is so cute. I love him. Thanks for sharing...

  • Shahed Ghreeb
    Shahed Ghreeb 8 days ago


  • Robloxplayer6 yay
    Robloxplayer6 yay 8 days ago

    I love sonic that’s why I’m sub

  • Amanda's Corner
    Amanda's Corner 8 days ago

    heart eeeyyyeeessssss!!!!!

  • Arayia Sunshine
    Arayia Sunshine 8 days ago

    8:09 is my fav