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  • leftcoast lover
    leftcoast lover 3 minutes ago

    I Love This Guy. He Had Enough, as we all have, but had the Balls.

  • Antony Campbell
    Antony Campbell 4 minutes ago

    I remember these planes me and my partner at the time think we was 18yrs old and are first holiday by are selfs any way we got a flight with these and the same thing happened lose of air so we had to go Bk to cypress lucky the captain was on point and we landed safely even the cabin crew was going mad and praying saying good by but we landed safely don’t think it was long after this accident the man we was sat next to his cousin was on this plane thank god we were safe, but that day I will remember for the rest off my life. 🙏🏻❤️

  • Bobby Paluga
    Bobby Paluga 18 minutes ago

    One small poor decision not to divert destroyed countless lives. Maintain your fuel reserve, check your altitude and speed settings, take nothing for granted. It’s not difficult to fly an aircraft there are a few items that must be monitored the cost is too high if you don’t. As a pilot this incident made me very angry

  • Sn0wy
    Sn0wy 26 minutes ago

    2:58 The GCC has banned any traffic from Qatar including airspace. So Qatar Airways no longer flies to the UAE.

  • Crazy Rabbit man John
    Crazy Rabbit man John 34 minutes ago

    Battlefield three sucks the campaign is so easy

  • Crazy Rabbit man John
    Crazy Rabbit man John 34 minutes ago


  • rewi tahana
    rewi tahana 36 minutes ago


  • Ali Krasniqi
    Ali Krasniqi 54 minutes ago

    Miracle of Hudson??? Sully skills!!! That’s it.

  • Wylie Coyote
    Wylie Coyote Hour ago

    Did you make a video for Flight 4590?

  • rewi tahana
    rewi tahana Hour ago

    Very sad 350 air bus is the future flying...

  • Cherri Patson
    Cherri Patson Hour ago

    the captain ignored the advise of the copilot twice at least to go around. but the captain decided to go for it anyway landing at too high a speed to slow down after the plane bounced a few times. this was just plan selfness and wrong 2 years doesnt seen long in jail. since some passengers burned alive rip thier souls.

  • 15seconds99
    15seconds99 Hour ago


  • Martin Kolstad
    Martin Kolstad Hour ago

    I worked on the Apu auxiliary power unit made by Honeywell, got an email thanking us for doing a good job. Animation neglects to show the unit hanging out of the belly

  • michael greene
    michael greene Hour ago

    Better check car(plane) fax before buying your next used aircraft.

  • Warren Chambers
    Warren Chambers 2 hours ago

    Not bad for his 1st solo with zero experience ever for even a second. "Flying" why it's so easy even a baggage handler can do it.

  • michael greene
    michael greene 2 hours ago

    Tragic, but amazing that 54 survived. Stupidity and incompetence kills.

  • Coolyguy27
    Coolyguy27 2 hours ago

    This is the episode I saw on the twilight zone.

  • Kalei K
    Kalei K 2 hours ago

    Did a firefighter lose his life in this incident?

  • Falcongrl89
    Falcongrl89 2 hours ago

    0/10: Worst. Pilot. Ever.

  • 음악 좋아하는학생

    I want to use add-ons.

  • Joseph De la torre
    Joseph De la torre 3 hours ago

    I believe the pilot was grounded not by Japan, but by the U.S. putting pressure on Japan to ground him.That will not continuously work in the future.

  • Stargazer Sally
    Stargazer Sally 3 hours ago

    I wanted to thank you for making these incredible videos. I never would have imagined that I would become so fascinated with this topic and it seems I can't stop watching and some twice. This should be on television at the least. Again, thank you for your hard and exceptional work.

  • Life is Music
    Life is Music 4 hours ago

    My brother is the one who took out the body of that pilot. I remember him explaining this horrific incident.

  • Lion Bear
    Lion Bear 4 hours ago

    ok, so those idiots who say 'you can do what ever you put your mind to' well. this time you were right. sort of

  • Coolyguy27
    Coolyguy27 4 hours ago


  • Troodon
    Troodon 4 hours ago

    Nobody going to mention the Florida Panthers plane? The Florida Panthers didn't exist until 1993.

  • Ann Brown
    Ann Brown 4 hours ago

    Stay outta the ocean. Stay outta the air. They're both out to get you. It's a wonder Wilber & Orville didn't crash into something that fine day at Kitty Hawk😠🦇

  • Kashif Tasneem
    Kashif Tasneem 4 hours ago

    Some one please clarify is the hull loss same as total loss..?

  • Isaac Duke
    Isaac Duke 4 hours ago

    This is a ridiculous story. There's absolutely no proofs to either theories.. I did NOT enjoy watching it.. Waste of my time.. Should not be included in your channel, as I now doubting to watch more.. 👎👎

  • Isaac Duke
    Isaac Duke 4 hours ago

    Why there's no narrator or voice guideness for your video ? Trying to read ALL the story is a quite annoying, as a video / tv should include a voice, otherwise I might as well read the article or a book.. Perhaps consider adding it... Thank you.

  • Isaac Duke
    Isaac Duke 4 hours ago

    Why there's no narrator or voice guideness for your video ? Trying to read ALL the story is a quite annoying, as a video / tv should include a voice, otherwise I might as well read the article or a book.. Perhaps consider adding it... Thank you.

  • Binge Flix
    Binge Flix 4 hours ago

    Flight & Cabin Crew incompetence, once again

  • Isaac Duke
    Isaac Duke 4 hours ago

    Why there's no narrator or voice guideness for your video ? Trying to read ALL the story is a quite annoying, as a video / tv should include a voice, otherwise I might as well read the article or a book.. Perhaps consider adding it... Thank you.

  • TheZahnFactor
    TheZahnFactor 4 hours ago

    I hope that one pilot burns royally in hell for being incompetent.

  • Brian Wijeratne
    Brian Wijeratne 5 hours ago

    They should have a display with all the warnings, easy and clear to read out because all these buttons, nobs and sound cues seem very confusing.

  • Kevin Owsley
    Kevin Owsley 5 hours ago

    Very sad that poor guy. We can do better to demystify and destigmatize mental health issues. ATC did a great job. The one problem i had was ALL THE FRIGGIN COMMERCIALS. Sheesh guys, really?

  • Typhoon Cooper
    Typhoon Cooper 5 hours ago

    Damn that flight simulator is incredible. I can imagine all the low end computers melting on that.

  • Dave Scott
    Dave Scott 5 hours ago

    Sky King...RIP buddy!

  • michael dixon
    michael dixon 5 hours ago

    The weather here will make you wanna snap sometime.

  • Nickel Hawk
    Nickel Hawk 6 hours ago

    Just thought I would ask who runs this channel a pilot?

  • Betty Houk
    Betty Houk 6 hours ago

    My washing machine plays a little tune when done ! A car 🚗 has a gps that tells a person directions to get to their destinations ! Why not in Airplanes beeps and whistles are old timer stuff !

  • Ronald 240Bravo
    Ronald 240Bravo 6 hours ago

    How does if feel like working for British airlines? ....... It sux 😑👎

  • Brian
    Brian 6 hours ago

    My uncle, Mitch, was one of the passengers of a 2018 flight from Denver to Dallas which was had weather, and the pilot got on the loudspeaker and WARNED everyone on the plane that they were REQUIRED to be restrained by belts for the remainder of the transport. This was completely and utterly insane, but there were no injuries that Mitch was able to detect.

  • TVTruther
    TVTruther 6 hours ago

    reminds me of Hillary Clinton....

  • MrGillymac
    MrGillymac 6 hours ago

    Why didn't the plane go into the mountain and evaporate leaving zero trace of a plane crash like 4 planes did on 9/11. .. o ya cause there where no planes on 911 atleast zero evidence of a plane crash .. no I saw it on the tell lie vision so it happened ... God bless the family's and humans who died on this real event ..

  • Serra Mogatas
    Serra Mogatas 7 hours ago

    GTA Games my goodness..

  • Ld Kauaiii Lady
    Ld Kauaiii Lady 7 hours ago

    My mom was on the plane

  • Kelvin Lacewell
    Kelvin Lacewell 7 hours ago

    Truly ""PULL UP~PULL UP"" has too be thee most horrifying English language a pilot has too here when a aircraft is going down

  • Tom Trench
    Tom Trench 7 hours ago

    Americas worst accident was letting terrorist on a plane and hijacking it going into the twin towers

  • RedneckSpaceMan
    RedneckSpaceMan 7 hours ago

    All those lives lost for the sake of $50 worth of grease.

    C4NNON 4 LIFE 7 hours ago

    How bloody scary is that when the day the plane crashed it was my birth when i was born😰😰😰😰

  • A G
    A G 8 hours ago


  • el nino
    el nino 8 hours ago

    Why a triple engine wide body jet for 30 minute flight is beyond me ! The same job could have been done by a 737

  • Emmett Cunningham Jr.


  • Ben Thair
    Ben Thair 8 hours ago

    I watched a couple videos from this channel and was about to subscribe until I saw this video.

  • Kobe Beef
    Kobe Beef 8 hours ago

    The MD-11 doesn’t have much spring thingys :/

  • transformersbannana
    transformersbannana 8 hours ago

    I think you over-milked the intro quite a bit. Other than that, good video!

  • Diesel Ramcharger
    Diesel Ramcharger 8 hours ago

    gotta love all the back story for the infallible pilot who turned out to be a complete fucking dumb ass.

  • RJ S
    RJ S 8 hours ago

    Whoever thought a Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 was capable of some of those aerobatic maneuvers? If he had survived he could've got a job extreme testing aircraft. Respect for him not to take any other innocent people with him too.

  • Σερτζιο Καραι

    Do about Olympic air flight 411 miracle

  • Leny Freeman
    Leny Freeman 8 hours ago

    This guy sounds like he was smoking weed.

  • kevin mason
    kevin mason 8 hours ago


  • Jaime Coria-Esquivel

    I don’t trust any plane model that starts with dc

  • Betty Cooper
    Betty Cooper 9 hours ago

    Money talks Bull shit flies ( Shame on the entire air port) You couldn't pay me to board a plane on a day as this 😡

  • Carol Morris
    Carol Morris 9 hours ago

    The only words I can conjure up are RIP

  • Dude Broski
    Dude Broski 9 hours ago

    Hey Hollywood! Here is a good movie. Lets get 30 mins of tom hanks freezing to the side of a plane please.

  • Lukas
    Lukas 9 hours ago

    I particularly feel for the guy who took off in this plane. He was suicidal and you can tell based on how he is talking and his actions. He did not want to hurt anyone but himself. He probably knew this would be the last thing he was going to do. I give credit to the guys on the ground who made him feel at peace when flying. :(

  • bibasik7
    bibasik7 10 hours ago

    Thank you for acknowledging that the story has no evidence. If it was real, why weren’t any of the passengers interviewed?

  • Richard Davies
    Richard Davies 10 hours ago

    Is this someone with no self worth? With his flippant attitude, I guess that Maybe he wanted his life to be worth the loss of one crashed airplane. The damage he did also includes the illogical security that all the airports in the area have been instituting. All the area airports in the area like Boeing and Paine fields have increased security making it difficult for legitimate private pilots to get access to airport aprons. This is illogical because the guy that stole the airplane was a legitimate non pilot employee with access to to the ramp. The problem is not with pilots who fly their own or company airplanes. My opinion

  • Mark Giblin
    Mark Giblin 10 hours ago

    NTSB always find reason to blame the pilots even when they acted in an exemplary manner and a pilot can not be blamed for a display that has ZERO CONSISTENCY across the industry. From my point of view, too many cooks are spoiling the broth and these figures should be COMPUTER generated and the loading crew HELD ACCOUNTABLE for their loading.

  • Binge Flix
    Binge Flix 10 hours ago

    The new in-flight entertainment system did them in.

  • Binge Flix
    Binge Flix 11 hours ago


  • James Young
    James Young 11 hours ago

    Pilots should not be able to start their engines without first entering a security code that's unique with each flight.

  • Ellenor Malik
    Ellenor Malik 11 hours ago

    Just a month & a day after the 11th of September disaster, poor training kills 260.

  • william radford
    william radford 11 hours ago

    Awesome graphics. 4:09, JAL's lovely boing 747 cargo, flight 1628 with the mystery aircraft a head of the 747

  • Yeen Str8
    Yeen Str8 11 hours ago

    Ok now @TheFlightChannel, now shit now. I like 2 read but damn not 2day. Hire a niqqa 2 narrate sumtimes. God damn me... 😂😂😂

  • Jaime Coria-Esquivel
    Jaime Coria-Esquivel 11 hours ago

    I live 5 minutes awa

  • Lopamudra Ray
    Lopamudra Ray 11 hours ago

    This case was discussed in NGC. The copilot committed suicide. After this incidence it became mandatory for all pilots to go for routine mental health check ups . Don't know whether this policy was implemented or not .

  • x1pyroveride
    x1pyroveride 11 hours ago

    R.I.P. Bebo <3

    HUNG MIN 11 hours ago

    Don't depends on Autopilots learn how to fly manually can save lives under emergency situations. If u loose airspeed, the airplane becomes a piece of rock. Boring installed too much advance technologies that don't really work. MCAS?

  • Richard Jennings
    Richard Jennings 11 hours ago

    I sure hope that the families of the victims sued the living bejeezus out of Kenya Airways.

  • Vince Sbardella
    Vince Sbardella 12 hours ago

    I retired with 22,600 flight hours, all accumulated in flight segments of 2 1/2 hours or less, resulting in multiple takeoffs and landings per day, and numerous missed approaches in all weather events. It's unimaginable to me, that thoroughly trained professional pilots would allow themselves to act upon their perceived spatial sensations, rather than responding to the information provided by their flight instruments. That was the cause of JFK, jr's crash, and he was a 100 hour non-instrument private pilot.

  • ben dunn
    ben dunn 12 hours ago

    white out or not the still must have had radar

  • Elaine Blackhurst
    Elaine Blackhurst 12 hours ago

    Why am I addicted to this channel yet I’m a nervous flyer as I see on here so many things can go wrong yet I think ok I can’t change my destiny Superb film ❤️🇬🇧✈️🇺🇸😂

  • Fred W
    Fred W 12 hours ago

    So everyone died. It didn't say???

  • I Am Cosmos
    I Am Cosmos 12 hours ago

    Florida man.... why?

  • soter305
    soter305 13 hours ago

    What he did is NOT to be applauded. He endangered countless people with this stunt and cost a company millions of dollars for his whimsical pleasure seeking. It’s too bad that he cannot be held accountable for what he did.

  • Gohibniu Goh
    Gohibniu Goh 13 hours ago

    Would be a shame if a couple Russian airliners were shot down by Lilliputian separatists.

  • Max Tangen
    Max Tangen 13 hours ago

    really good video

  • Jakub Zgłobicki
    Jakub Zgłobicki 13 hours ago

    niezły film

  • Vladas Mazelis
    Vladas Mazelis 13 hours ago

    Non-idiots don't waste your time watching this nonsense.

  • Dancing Bear
    Dancing Bear 13 hours ago

    Justice for Srebrenica!

  • David Wheatcroft
    David Wheatcroft 13 hours ago

    As soon as steep nose down attitude, POWER OFF to reduce rate of descent. Then roll wings level and pull hard for the horizon. This a/c had a "hard wing", no slats. Not good in icing conditions.

  • Mark Clark
    Mark Clark 14 hours ago

    If the plane vanished from radar just outside of New York......How is the Bermuda Triangle involved? Lol

  • fuffoon
    fuffoon 14 hours ago

    The cockpit discussion reminds me of the scene from The Right Stuff with all the confusion on the radio while fishing Gus Grissom out of the ocean. Same book, different page.

  • Armin Parekh
    Armin Parekh 14 hours ago

    The pilot was very clever. In his dictionary, right meant left.

  • 100K subscribers with 0 videos

    What flight simulator do you use

  • Steven Gordon
    Steven Gordon 14 hours ago

    When you list the pilot name and age, should also include how many units of liquor and grams of coke they did before takeoff. Jus a suggestion

  • leigh pierce
    leigh pierce 14 hours ago

    nose down = airspeed, airspeed = lift. seems like common sense to me. what were they thinking!

  • Mark Giblin
    Mark Giblin 14 hours ago

    NEVER ceases to surprise me at just how inept aircraft designers are... all these warning systems and not one computer that can take over to save the say... really makes you wonder what aircraft designers are thinking, EVEN if a captin or co-pilot leaves the cockpit, there MUST be an entry key that they can use to open the door REGARDLESS of any counter measures. SO FUCKING SIMPLE that I wonder how many people would be here today for those measures...