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  • taotaomulike
    taotaomulike 3 hours ago

    These people does not understand Mother Nature and attempt to challenge it! Look this is what they got!

  • the dragons guardian

    Age restriction..

  • walking dead jacob
    walking dead jacob 7 hours ago

    Welp laddies and gentlemen we have learned our lesson don't piss mother nature off

  • justin wojciechowski
    justin wojciechowski 11 hours ago

    @9:13 That is more a disaster than an unexpected wave JS.

  • Jenu Twai
    Jenu Twai 11 hours ago

    Me be sure those ain't mini tsunamis

  • justin wojciechowski
    justin wojciechowski 12 hours ago

    @ 2:45 Was That Phu Ket 2004? That was nuts and soo sad

  • Κώστας Γκάγκτζας

    Fucking stupid people

  • BurnickTV
    BurnickTV 18 hours ago

    sorry but ppl in 00:54 are just too dumb

  • Sasha Blackbird
    Sasha Blackbird 20 hours ago

    2:33 It's a cruel thought but they look like fucking ants running 🤣🤣

  • Cebu Moto Vlog
    Cebu Moto Vlog 22 hours ago

    Plss Subscribe my channel .. Newbie here

  • Naah Vianna
    Naah Vianna Day ago

    Brasileiro, escandaloso como sempre. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 (Obs: tbm sou!)

  • ミスターハーデス



    0:53 Oh you’re very though huh?

  • Mike B
    Mike B Day ago

    Just for future reference, never stand on jagged rocks when huge waves are coming at you

  • Mike B
    Mike B Day ago

    What to take from this video, you can't fix stupid.

  • katie cavanaugh

    why tf are being running towards them

  • Jeth Manio
    Jeth Manio Day ago

    One of them looks like a tsunami

  • Samara Villon
    Samara Villon Day ago

    Tsunami 🌊

  • 1NICK23
    1NICK23 Day ago

    Omg this looks like so much fun

  • Robloxgirlz
    Robloxgirlz Day ago

    I think 2 were tunami waves ??? 😐🤨

  • Saul Is cool
    Saul Is cool Day ago

    this video want to make me spit

  • VIKI. TV
    VIKI. TV Day ago

    Omg beautiful

  • Gładki
    Gładki Day ago

    I say one Word haha

  • LIA y sus primas :v

    Si seguimos de pendejos asi nos moriremos we :v

  • Ra Do
    Ra Do 2 days ago

    Oh mon dieu c'est un sounami

  • Zara-Lee Hamilton
    Zara-Lee Hamilton 2 days ago

    1:00 I wish I was there 4:12 guy in sunglasses get wet people filming doesn’t get wet 😂😂😂😂 5:22 everyone is all happy watching the waves Wave:Get the fuck outta here 9:52 that’s a big one

  • Sharon .MB
    Sharon .MB 2 days ago

    Some people really ask for it. Standing on a rock watching the wild sea? I mean come on!!!!

  • Mg (Meagan)
    Mg (Meagan) 2 days ago

    Ya know, I really want to watch this video but I have a HUGE fear of oceans.... I have legit had many nightmares about a tsunami happening in front of me, or just drowning, or getting attacked by something in the ocean... So as much as I would love to sit here and watch this I’m honestly legit so fucking scared to.

  • Joseph Trevino
    Joseph Trevino 2 days ago

    4:49 thank god they fell the other way

  • lamisis1
    lamisis1 2 days ago

    En serio y se rien pero que gente tan ignorante, esas olas tan altas y ellos como si nada. 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️😟

  • Sheryl Argonzola
    Sheryl Argonzola 2 days ago

    People’s stupidity ,, they know it’s not safe in there , they do want to die faster..

  • Diana Silva
    Diana Silva 2 days ago

    Aki é Brasil

  • Miss Pipeliner
    Miss Pipeliner 2 days ago


  • cattywampus
    cattywampus 2 days ago

    common sense not so common but that being said city folk that never grew up at the coast have no idea and cant really tell when a wave is going to be massive before its too late growing up at the sea i know when its safe and when to run like fuck

  • idk idk
    idk idk 3 days ago

    Age restriction video? WTH??

  • Andrei Dinu
    Andrei Dinu 3 days ago

    4:53, shes ass is KO

  • Joe Wood
    Joe Wood 3 days ago

    The stupidity of the smartest creatures on the plant wow

  • Momentum Stocks
    Momentum Stocks 3 days ago

    1:45....was that Blouberg or Green Point S.A. I recognise it

  • Cody Brown
    Cody Brown 4 days ago

    Dude!!! At 2 minutes where is that?????

  • Dawn Stephenson
    Dawn Stephenson 4 days ago

    Do people not realise how powerful water is, even a few inches of fast running water can take you off your feet.

    • Dimitri Vasilev
      Dimitri Vasilev 10 hours ago

      Dawn Stephenson no they stand in one spot laughing stupidly and when the wave comes, they start screaming

  • 李白
    李白 4 days ago


  • Clint gamer
    Clint gamer 4 days ago

    Baby is crying in sound 1:11

  • Tony Lang
    Tony Lang 4 days ago


  • axis hope
    axis hope 4 days ago


    • 李白
      李白 4 days ago


  • shermdeazy
    shermdeazy 4 days ago

    5:50 sketchy

  • fpp
    fpp 4 days ago

    Those people at 4:57 running toward the wave... I can't relate at all

  • RejaK Sitrep
    RejaK Sitrep 4 days ago

    4:55 “And on this devastating day, many parents went home without their children. Catch us next time on.... River Monsters”

  • Cristóbal JP
    Cristóbal JP 4 days ago

    1:29 "se fueron weón" 😂🇨🇱

  • Ben Shaffer
    Ben Shaffer 4 days ago

    in the first clip the person recording sounded like a monkey and an elderly woman crying at the same time howwwwwwwww?????

  • Maruchan Nuudle
    Maruchan Nuudle 4 days ago


  • salesandsesh
    salesandsesh 5 days ago

    2:12 where in the world is that. seems like paradise

  • Lucas Guedes
    Lucas Guedes 5 days ago

    3:19 is that brazillian

  • ʝнσρє вαву

    *so funny because some were actually tsunami*

  • 이택현
    이택현 5 days ago


  • Мизинчик Чимина

    Бля, все видео смеялся с операторов, которые смеялись ехвзсзызвжвыжажыл боже

  • Nessa
    Nessa 5 days ago

    9:21 I’m Convinced they were told it was king tide or something so they all went to have a look. That wave was hella scary !

  • Nessa
    Nessa 5 days ago

    Those two standing on the rocks ... just disappeared

  • Peeweetheparakeet
    Peeweetheparakeet 5 days ago

    This is why the beach gives me anxiety, especially in California

  • Otchy Ibarra05
    Otchy Ibarra05 5 days ago

    3:21 gotta go fast

  • maldita_chinita
    maldita_chinita 5 days ago

    The danger is in the backwash. It'll suck you out to the sea. You on a rock + huge incoming wave - SIT THE FUCK DOWN!

  • Red Baron
    Red Baron 5 days ago

    1:20 - 4:40 - 5:56 If you're that stupid and heedless of the danger then you should die and remove yourself from the gene pool.

  • Dave Hudson
    Dave Hudson 5 days ago

    People never cease to amaze me about how stupid they can be. Some of these they know what they are in for but the others where people just watch the wave come in. Come on how stupid can you be?

  • Wook5ter
    Wook5ter 5 days ago

    Unfortunately the couple at 2m 50secs were never seen again. :-(

    • Red Baron
      Red Baron 5 days ago

      Or fortunately, depending on how you look at it. After all, if they're that damned stupid, do you REALLY want them to survive and have kids?

  • Clyde Balcom
    Clyde Balcom 5 days ago

    I give that video a 10 "Wait, What?"

  • QIIAfitux [GD]
    QIIAfitux [GD] 6 days ago

    The biggest is Algeria, 13th september

  • リスのしっぽ
    リスのしっぽ 6 days ago

    I wish we all were going to die.

  • J El
    J El 6 days ago

    why american people say wow? are they human? or dogs?

  • J El
    J El 6 days ago

    human stupidity has no limits. They are waiting for this wave, and after it comes, some of them laugh?

  • Loubna Ferrariste
    Loubna Ferrariste 6 days ago

    4:07 any directioner?😶

  • Astrid Latoki
    Astrid Latoki 6 days ago

    Jimmy how u not dead rn? U legit got time to record dis instead of run?

  • Charlie gruchy
    Charlie gruchy 6 days ago

    Watching people die... And many unnecessarily

  • BurstO
    BurstO 6 days ago

    Lol everytime... When the wave is close enough, then they start to run xD

  • Juan Vanegas
    Juan Vanegas 6 days ago

    9:42 :O

  • Low battery
    Low battery 6 days ago

    This is why I don't go in the sea

  • itsnellyrod
    itsnellyrod 7 days ago

    why was that guy laughing? was pretty scary... anyway...

  • 자삼용왕
    자삼용왕 7 days ago

    파도 무섭다..ㅠㅠ

  • jimin has got no jams

    daym im really scared of waves, all my nightmares have waves, why am i even watching this wish me luck k so my anxiety went 📈 but im ok yeah-

    • Gacha Turtle
      Gacha Turtle 2 days ago

      I’ve went to a wave pool before the waves aren’t that high but the waves in the wave pool were really powerful

  • LazySkull
    LazySkull 7 days ago

    1:28 those people are so dead. wave probably slammed them into the rock

    • Red Baron
      Red Baron 5 days ago

      Hopefully they did so before spreading their defective genes by breeding.

  • mr luigi
    mr luigi 7 days ago

    BONDI RESCUE where are you?

  • Dinithi Amanda Samarasinghe

    God damn people just smiling for their deaths

  • Egg doggo
    Egg doggo 7 days ago


  • Legendary WuffDoge
    Legendary WuffDoge 7 days ago

    Half of these look like mini tsunamis

  • Eric Munoz
    Eric Munoz 7 days ago

    I wonder if ants feel like that?

  • Skyla Santos
    Skyla Santos 7 days ago

    Omg jump scare

  • Alien Abductor
    Alien Abductor 7 days ago

    Stupid people

  • Chris Vaughan
    Chris Vaughan 7 days ago

    I hate beaches and seawater it’s too powerful to consider it as fun!

  • Lsd Billie Eilish
    Lsd Billie Eilish 7 days ago

    The power of my Ocean Eyes <3

  • Natali Darazi
    Natali Darazi 7 days ago

    С морем не шутят

  • Jorge Touris
    Jorge Touris 7 days ago

    A super wave

  • Heartbreakin
    Heartbreakin 8 days ago

    A few from Cabo I see.

  • Danilo Borges
    Danilo Borges 8 days ago

    03:21 aff tomar no cu

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson 8 days ago


  • creator Space
    creator Space 8 days ago

    It's done well.

  • DMJ 822
    DMJ 822 8 days ago

    All of these big wave videos should be renamed “people are stupid”.

  • Gee Gee
    Gee Gee 9 days ago

    One of the reasons why I am so scared of oceans 😔

    • Think Twice
      Think Twice 5 days ago

      Gee Gee come to the Mediterranean Sea it’s way way different

  • Victor Suarez
    Victor Suarez 9 days ago

    Only thing that is funny for me is how women solve everything screaming..😂😂

  • Beu Fa
    Beu Fa 9 days ago

    00:40 This one was pretty expected.

  • PooDot StinkPants
    PooDot StinkPants 9 days ago

    Hi random person reading the comments...yes you....don't mind us, we're just adding another unexpected wave :) 👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋Have a lovely day!

  • Aiko The Great
    Aiko The Great 9 days ago

    Kahibaw ng naa nay dakong balud gapadung nila hala mo lantaw man hinoon tarus tarus gyud

  • Bill Miser
    Bill Miser 9 days ago