Night Scape
Night Scape
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  • akash jacob
    akash jacob 23 minutes ago

    could you tell me the location of this building

  • MCFCRuss Sinfin
    MCFCRuss Sinfin Hour ago

    i'm surprised he could get that much air with bollocks of that size

  • Gede Harylasa
    Gede Harylasa Hour ago

    Wooooooaaaaaa ??????

  • Andy Goodings
    Andy Goodings 5 hours ago

    Cringe af kids tryna act hard 😂

  • Tarel Grant
    Tarel Grant 5 hours ago

    You tried to tail whip my scooter

  • Tarel Grant
    Tarel Grant 6 hours ago

    Hi harry/nightscape im tarel I saw u at steel warriors

  • zac vandenboom
    zac vandenboom 12 hours ago

    Your content is bloody addictive

  • Danijel Jovic
    Danijel Jovic 13 hours ago

    spectrum? 1:26

  • Daniel John
    Daniel John 14 hours ago

    Obviously fake but sick

  • Ozzy josh
    Ozzy josh 16 hours ago

    That was in Sutton I live near

  • Condy Loid
    Condy Loid 17 hours ago

    Is that bearded guy Gomez from Trollstation?

  • Condy Loid
    Condy Loid 18 hours ago

    At 14:00 you can see how fuckin wide the jump he did was! Like what the actual fuck...

  • Balastid
    Balastid 18 hours ago

    6:21 you can see 2 kids on logan pauls side covering they're ears

  • PhAnToM WaTcHeR
    PhAnToM WaTcHeR 19 hours ago

    Nightscape I met one of your mates at Clapham South Station he told me he used to go adventuring with you when you were "just" Harry. (He heard me and my friend talking about you.)

  • テーマアキコ
    テーマアキコ 23 hours ago

    What if u standin at the edge then an earthquake starts

  • Jall And You
    Jall And You Day ago


  • ldiasdiasdias
    ldiasdiasdias Day ago

    Do you have any especific reason to have a 50mm and a 40mm?

  • Affy Slick
    Affy Slick Day ago

    This video was real af. Love it.

  • andres 420
    andres 420 Day ago

    You crazy my guy.!

  • Wahyu Nur Wibowo

    Mantab bang, bisa di tiru caranya buat maling

  • Knappyhead Jay

    Hey night scape I’m a young inspiring pakourist but I’m more of a technical runner so that means I don’t really do flips and stuff.. partly because I’m kind of afraid to try again. And what I mean by try again is that when I was younger I was doing flips and I landed on my neck and almost broke my collar bone and so I stopped trying flips and went to doing more speed and technical parkour.. but anyway I want to learn how to flip again.. how should I start? Please reply THANKS👍🏾😁

  • robert
    robert Day ago

    That was bloody amazing

  • Leon Goodman
    Leon Goodman Day ago

    Night scape is class‼️

  • Ijatjahat Ijatjahat

    This is crazy man

  • the_skull637
    the_skull637 Day ago

    Love the Very realistic stomping there 😁

  • MGmantelio
    MGmantelio Day ago

    Yuo crazy dude😱😱

  • Sub to me for a cookie?

    the humans with the most balls were the builders😐

  • isterino martin

    Can u traying Stanford bridge

  • Y Y.
    Y Y. 2 days ago


  • toptip786
    toptip786 2 days ago

    Pussys ran like women

  • Mamunur Rahman
    Mamunur Rahman 2 days ago

    That’s not the Thames. That’s the docks.

  • nibba toilet
    nibba toilet 2 days ago

    they deserved it after calling the uk weak

  • Italiks
    Italiks 2 days ago

    Man I’m so happy that you are taking your brand to so many cool new places, but I do miss the og rooftopping videos with cool paper transitions and the “what’s good people” intro. I understand that as you get more famous and more attention is called to what you do it gets much harder to infiltrate roofs but those videos were the best.

  • Joel Olivant
    Joel Olivant 2 days ago


  • Sergeant
    Sergeant 2 days ago

    This guy had 7k subs when he posted this.. now in 2019 he have 1.04M, amazing

  • Trolling Gamer
    Trolling Gamer 2 days ago

    I hate the Paul’s but the fact that England audience had to act crazy just to prove their point is kinda gay. All the Uk has to know is if American and Uk went to war we would eradicate you’re country within a week and without having to physically be there

  • Sport Game HD
    Sport Game HD 2 days ago

    Sneaking into a westh ham stadium part 2

  • XxLarni_PlayzxX
    XxLarni_PlayzxX 2 days ago

    This was straight out of line from KSi fans now I’m a fan but I would never dream of doing that, it’s because they are older teens probably drugged up

  • SogTheGreat
    SogTheGreat 2 days ago

    My birthday that made

  • Gh0sT BrawlStars
    Gh0sT BrawlStars 3 days ago

    You are crazy? WTF

  • Ronnie Biggs
    Ronnie Biggs 3 days ago

    Goes outside with Google bag ,moped rider snatches it .

  • HONEY Project
    HONEY Project 3 days ago

    Got em man, cheers boss

  • HONEY Project
    HONEY Project 3 days ago

    Got em man, cheers boss

  • West Ham News
    West Ham News 3 days ago


  • youtouzz
    youtouzz 3 days ago

    why this video only have 2,1 million views????

  • Max MORRIS
    Max MORRIS 3 days ago

    It didn't seem that long ago when he uploaded this

  • Tai DaSilva-Jenkins

    RIP JOHNNY ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Wan K
    Wan K 3 days ago

    1.04m wow

  • solomon ramirez
    solomon ramirez 3 days ago

    Rip Johnny

  • Trang Vu Thuy
    Trang Vu Thuy 3 days ago

    RIP Johnny

  • Kirsty Clitherow
    Kirsty Clitherow 4 days ago

    "You comfort zone is one of the most dangerous places you can stay in, you're not progressing, you're not learning, you're not experiencing. You're just staying in the same place, its just comfortable."

  • Naywou
    Naywou 4 days ago

    Hi, a friend of mine (a cataphil who knows everybody) knows the robber. It was intended since the beginning that he wanted to rob you and abandon you, he even asked my friend to do that with him. He left you in a really famous place, so he's almost certain that you're going to meet someone else to take you out. The guy sold your stuff (about 5000€ apparently) to another guy. My friend doesn't talk to him anymore since it was so disrespectful

  • Diego Spagnuolo
    Diego Spagnuolo 4 days ago


  • Fahrul Iksan
    Fahrul Iksan 4 days ago

    Kagak takut jatoh apa bang?

  • Bobs Biy
    Bobs Biy 4 days ago

    Lu yang naek gua yang ngeri. Kan goblok

  • SoccerSkillz RL
    SoccerSkillz RL 4 days ago

    Rip Johnny 😭

  • 梁卓樾
    梁卓樾 4 days ago


  • John Gayfer
    John Gayfer 4 days ago

    RIP Johnny Turner

  • Louis Cooper
    Louis Cooper 4 days ago

    Rest in peace Johnny😪🙏🏽💙

  • Seranii Billings
    Seranii Billings 4 days ago

    Who got triggered when he said steel and flint instead of flint and steel great video btw man

  • justin 2202
    justin 2202 4 days ago


  • Gé rare deux par deux

    Lourd 🙃

  • Uck4DLBlack London
    Uck4DLBlack London 4 days ago


  • j0hn
    j0hn 4 days ago

    Rest in Peace Turner 😢❤🙏

  • Toby Wickham
    Toby Wickham 4 days ago

    i always put lens caps in the camera case or somewhere in the backpack haha

  • Trang Vu Thuy
    Trang Vu Thuy 4 days ago

    RIP Johnny Turner

  • S.M BOR
    S.M BOR 4 days ago

    how I have a dream photographer but I have no camera

  • Two of Them
    Two of Them 5 days ago

    I live in Slovenia,next time msg me and ill give u the best tour ever

  • Daniel Oakley
    Daniel Oakley 5 days ago

    OG nightscape, respect

  • The Clutch
    The Clutch 5 days ago

    1 mill

  • don’t read my comments

    Shame on me for thinking this would be real

  • BArBAdos Fan
    BArBAdos Fan 5 days ago

    This is simply...insane...Nighstcape's exploits simply cannot be measured by the standard yardstick of us mere mortals.

  • RayTube 22
    RayTube 22 5 days ago

    Hey harry your friend mr robinson is my geography teacher

  • CopiousAmountsOfStoke

    Crazy to see how far you've come since when you first started 👏👏

  • Luis Stoya
    Luis Stoya 5 days ago

    fucking amazing

  • w w
    w w 6 days ago

    A good photographer doesn't have to edit pics.

  • Draw with Juicy
    Draw with Juicy 6 days ago


  • Mark Barker
    Mark Barker 6 days ago

    Why are all the lights on where are the security guards some thing funny going on the music sucks as well

  • YouuDunGoofed •
    YouuDunGoofed • 6 days ago

    been a minute since I heard that intro

  • Danny O'Shea
    Danny O'Shea 6 days ago

    such a sweet vid - how do you manage to avoid all motion blur in your subject when you’re shooting a long exposure?! Obviously you use a tripod but surely you can’t stay that still for 20-30 seconds when you’re crouching on a skyscraper beam that’s hanging over the edge of London city, I’d be wobbling over the place😂do you merge multiple photos together for certain edits? Cheers man, appreciate what you’re doing, love from Australia

  • Zig233
    Zig233 6 days ago

    Why did they demonetize the channel?

  • TAPP Channel
    TAPP Channel 6 days ago

    this is sick

  • Misha Parker
    Misha Parker 6 days ago

    You pronounced the word Slovenia like 140 plus times it felt like it was a brand Slovenia you are advertising, but thanks for your work guys! Welldone.

  • SamBevo
    SamBevo 6 days ago

    Rate your creations and think everything you said really was spot on however, if you’re claiming everyone who wants to be creative might enjoy photography, shouldn’t you encourage them to generate their own style and create their own edits and presets instead of using yours? That might not make sense but I know what I mean 😂

    • SamBevo
      SamBevo 2 days ago

      David m3 maniac I agree

    • David m3 maniac
      David m3 maniac 2 days ago

      Sambevo. That makes total sense as that is what sets you apart from others. Whats the point of everyone having same presets. Just a money spinner and i understand why he done it. Since being demonotised he needs to make money as his trips cost money.

  • Brandon hunt
    Brandon hunt 6 days ago

    18:44 is just a fuckin car passin

  • The Mobile Travels
    The Mobile Travels 6 days ago

    More videos like this please 😄 love all your videos but I feel like you have a lot to offer us doing these types of videos ☺️

  • JJTO625
    JJTO625 6 days ago

    They just don’t give up do they !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Luc Quevauvilliers
    Luc Quevauvilliers 6 days ago

    Bro this video has inspired and encouraged me to persue photography, I just want to know when the sale on your presets will end I cant afford it right now but I want to eventually buy all the packages. Thanks for this video

  • Nazia Altaf
    Nazia Altaf 6 days ago

    Your friend is my geography teacher (mr johnson) he has like blonde hair and a bun in loxford

  • Galbert
    Galbert 6 days ago


  • Xalaz 40
    Xalaz 40 6 days ago

    Jeaaaaaa jeaaa jeaaaa flex flex flex flex Negro Gang member alle Luciano folgen mada fack📿🤯💪🏿

  • Ronin 80
    Ronin 80 6 days ago

    "Literally Stranded in the Catacombs" Yet still being a daft Ally Law You-tuber wannabe and wasting your battery's on making videos, if this is our next generation we are so screwed. . .

  • Alex Dett
    Alex Dett 7 days ago

    Awesome 🤘

  • Edward King
    Edward King 7 days ago

    That looked so scary

  • Andrew Garin
    Andrew Garin 7 days ago

    Anybody knows that there was a couple go their before you descover that place, and the couple was performing on the top, that was so scary

  • Andrew Garin
    Andrew Garin 7 days ago

    Anybody knows that there was a couple go their before you descover that place, and the couple was performing on the top, that was so scary

  • mike watters
    mike watters 7 days ago

    What about the crazy men who built the chimney

  • Mxtthxxww
    Mxtthxxww 7 days ago

    Anyone else miss the climbing skyscrapers nightscape 🥺

  • F
    F 7 days ago

    these are the kind of videos i enjoy! 🙌🏼 now i want to try this also 🤗

  • AN -MS
    AN -MS 7 days ago

    So helpful. Ty for that. 👌🏻