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BRUNCH at 7-ELEVEN Thailand
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  • Rebecca H
    Rebecca H 3 minutes ago

    Rather sad that you don't like broccoli. I love it and eat it all the time 😊 this was another amazing episode. You looked really happy always nice to see. Thank you for sharing ❤

  • Ian Pilkington
    Ian Pilkington 5 minutes ago

    C'mon Mike, why would you ruin that dipping sauce by putting it on Broccoli?!

  • Linnaia Jervis
    Linnaia Jervis 10 minutes ago

    ? of the day... why is the rice Blue?? BTW We enjoy the variety of your show. It springs many ideas for dinner. Keep having fun and keep filming!

  • S H3
    S H3 15 minutes ago

    I would like to see you adventuring in Vancouver, BC China town.

  • bannedfromtv
    bannedfromtv 17 minutes ago

    lol Mikey eating a salad!

  • Irene Flores
    Irene Flores 19 minutes ago

    He looks so happy after that struggle. 1:37

  • Hung Ly
    Hung Ly 19 minutes ago

    I like all Thai food look at you eating I'm hungry too😎😎😎

  • Santiago Diaz
    Santiago Diaz 20 minutes ago

    This is the first video you made that didn't annoy me surprisingly!?

  • Joe Polchlopek
    Joe Polchlopek 21 minute ago

    Your channel makes me so hungry!!!!!

  • Barb B
    Barb B 23 minutes ago

    I truly appreciate everything you do. You introduce me to so many new things to try. Plus things to figure out how to make GF and vegan. Also, I had just seen those edible flowers (the ones you said you eat like a vegetable) at the market the other day. Now I know what to do with them.

  • kiana quinn-charron
    kiana quinn-charron 23 minutes ago

    Go too vancouver since you live in Seattle there amazing food there of everythinf pho sushi is amazing Indian food go to antons pasta place it’s amazing

  • Rebecca H
    Rebecca H 30 minutes ago

    This was a really amazing episode 😊 truly beautiful places and such a rich history. Thank you so much for sharing ❤

  • mike
    mike 32 minutes ago


  • Paivi Project
    Paivi Project 33 minutes ago

    Omg that Korean Ribs looked absolutely mouth watering. So fun that you got to meet Keith too. Sounds like he is one helluva chicken thrower hah haa. Very cool and I'm so hungry now 👍😋 Sounds like the Try Guys are going fantastic 👍👍

  • Broken-_-NeKo
    Broken-_-NeKo 34 minutes ago

    im movimg to tokyo japan

  • melrose mainit
    melrose mainit 36 minutes ago

    Always hungry everytime I watch your vedio

  • Red
    Red 46 minutes ago

    Yumm 🤤🤤

  • The Perfect Reject
    The Perfect Reject 48 minutes ago

    I really like the way you present even the simplest things... Your video made street foods in the Cebu Night Market like they are straight from a five-star restaurant.

  • Chingg Pannawat
    Chingg Pannawat 51 minute ago

    I love Mike Chen !!!!!

  • Trung Duc Phan
    Trung Duc Phan 56 minutes ago

    Chinese dipping sauce: “I feel betrayed”

  • jean
    jean 59 minutes ago

    Cool kite! 👍🏻

  • Vaughn Son
    Vaughn Son 59 minutes ago

    who the fuuuuuuuck is filming him dude i’ve been asking since forever

  • qr zhang
    qr zhang Hour ago

    Whenever I see mike’s full name, mike “xingchen” I’m reminded of the starry night after heavy rain, “xing chen” means starry sky in mandarin

  • qr zhang
    qr zhang Hour ago

    The moment one switch up a date to both handful of night market’s amazing food, we know there’s no turning back like a single live alone lady with cats

  • Jahnavi Paneri
    Jahnavi Paneri Hour ago

    Mike you have the best channel ever ❤️!! You shows bestest food around the world 😍😍!!

  • hello moni
    hello moni Hour ago

    Idk if pork should be rare😬😬

  • Naomi Newton
    Naomi Newton Hour ago

    Hey mike.... take me with you on a trip 🙃😬😂💞

  • Sasha Melendez
    Sasha Melendez Hour ago

    Omg this camera is so clear!!

  • Dorien GREEN
    Dorien GREEN Hour ago

    Black meat!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 you mean dark meat!! We know what you mean soul brother!! Lol

  • Queen of Hearts Land of Joy

    He has the worst table manners!! It makes me cringe when I see him eat.

  • Ryugo7 7
    Ryugo7 7 Hour ago

    Has Mikey ever tried 🐊 meat before?

  • Steve McQueen
    Steve McQueen Hour ago

    Butterfly pee ok then

  • hok sok han
    hok sok han Hour ago

    Pls come to Cambodia

  • Alasdair Montgomery

    Mike just eating all the food I grew up with and now I'm missing my home

  • Hồng Vân
    Hồng Vân Hour ago

    Thai food is very spicy, isn't it?

  • karenamanda1958
    karenamanda1958 Hour ago

    😍 noodles & Mike!

  • Jonathan Flora Galván

    I love brains and eyeballs tacos am I weird? lol!

  • Ayy Dafuq
    Ayy Dafuq Hour ago

    Why do i hear BA Brads its alive intro in the intro also🤔

  • Mohala Santharamohana

    Hunt fairies hahahahahaha! THIS is why i just cannot resist you Mikey <3

  • Douglas Street
    Douglas Street Hour ago

    YUM, and a great video series too. Great job.

  • Dustin VanHoose
    Dustin VanHoose Hour ago

    Just pause it on 12:32 and as along as you look at the picture you can here his laugh 😆😆😆

  • John Locatelli
    John Locatelli Hour ago

    Next destination: Montreal 🇨🇦

  • Birds Are Fake
    Birds Are Fake Hour ago

    stick to the food

  • Benson Wang
    Benson Wang Hour ago

    No one making the "it's OVER 9000" joke. Disappointed!

  • Raymond DAVIS
    Raymond DAVIS Hour ago

    Kob Khun Khrap not Kob Khun Kha, unless you are a chick lol

  • Jojo Regalado
    Jojo Regalado Hour ago

    I've been watching your Philippine videos. You missed one real delicious Filipino dish, it's Binagoongan, made of shrimp paste and pork.

  • John Okamoto
    John Okamoto Hour ago

    Wait, did I just hear Mikey say he would eat BROCCOLI if it had that sauce on it???? That MUST be great dipping sauce! 😁

  • Nhung Crosbie
    Nhung Crosbie Hour ago

    You made me so hungry for Thai foods!

  • Joshua Daniel
    Joshua Daniel Hour ago

    Ngl, I have a crush on her.

  • Nou Jai Yang
    Nou Jai Yang Hour ago

    I’m sorry but this dude always remind me of Jackie Chan.

  • Nicholas Patterson

    That lady seemed so nice and excited to show you her food. Nice host.

  • Douglas Street
    Douglas Street 2 hours ago

    I'm about to eat my hand.

  • Jay Ganesh
    Jay Ganesh 2 hours ago

    Daddy chen :)

  • Tysu Chu du
    Tysu Chu du 2 hours ago

    I love the market videos.

  • Henry K. Lau
    Henry K. Lau 2 hours ago

    One of your very best videos! That meal at the farm was amazing and is now on my bucket list.

  • Linda Birdbike
    Linda Birdbike 2 hours ago

    great video! Love Thai food.

  • stregadisalem
    stregadisalem 2 hours ago


  • ThatPerson 1
    ThatPerson 1 2 hours ago

    Here I am eating my instant ramen.....

  • Its_Araiz
    Its_Araiz 2 hours ago

    Sauce that Mikey would put on broccoli. That’s better than 3 Michelin stars.

  • TheCatnipisaLIE
    TheCatnipisaLIE 2 hours ago

    I can't travel, or have spicy food, so I'm living through you on a way. 😁

  • Janelle R
    Janelle R 2 hours ago

    16:52 LMAOOOOOOOO😂😂😂😂😂

  • Farang In Thailand
    Farang In Thailand 2 hours ago

    i had already my breakfast, watch your video makes me hungry again!!

  • Smokey Brown
    Smokey Brown 2 hours ago

    In China everything is math even the microwave.

  • Obvi Dayana
    Obvi Dayana 2 hours ago

    Not being rude but you look like Jackie Chan

  • SoJ1RoTV
    SoJ1RoTV 2 hours ago

    12:35 idk if i would call those noodles. more like rice wrapped with meat n veggies inside

  • Timetobot peeple
    Timetobot peeple 2 hours ago

    Don't take this offensive, but ASIAN food is the best!!!!! Who else agrees??

  • eb1888
    eb1888 2 hours ago

    Info on the last restaurant or resort, please.

  • Zoe Moon
    Zoe Moon 2 hours ago

    This is now a regular in my house

  • Trilong Nguyen
    Trilong Nguyen 2 hours ago

    That’s msg not sugar

  • Linda Bakker
    Linda Bakker 2 hours ago

    100 years is ancient? 🤣

  • Dustin Atkinson
    Dustin Atkinson 2 hours ago

    Pumpkin squash?

  • keisha santos
    keisha santos 2 hours ago

    watching this while eating veggies 🙂

  • matthew mina
    matthew mina 2 hours ago

    Wait! These aren't your fish balls......then who's balls are in my mouth?

  • Lynnette Torres
    Lynnette Torres 2 hours ago

    My travel list is so long thanks to you!!! I need that food!!!! 😍🤩😍

  • FitAngie
    FitAngie 2 hours ago

    Wow that butterfly drink was beautiful 🦋😍 fantastic food, love that last meal you had with that lady l the sticky rice colour is so cool

  • Random Rachael
    Random Rachael 2 hours ago

    I wish I could be friends with Mikey :) He is such a cool guy!

  • J CaaM
    J CaaM 2 hours ago

    Mike it's a shame you went to Madrid and ate all the crap they make for tourists.

  • Carla  Hasley
    Carla Hasley 2 hours ago

    Love your hat🤠

  • Daniel Burgess
    Daniel Burgess 3 hours ago

    Mike, keep in mind that Leprechauns are the tallest of the mound folk.

    CALL3DSH0TZ AIRS0F7 3 hours ago

    That lady just watched you

  • David Bridges
    David Bridges 3 hours ago

    Bring me along please

  • طارق بركات
    طارق بركات 3 hours ago

    We want new places Mikey, we already seen episodes about Thai food so many times in your channel you know.

  • Rohit Kulkarni
    Rohit Kulkarni 3 hours ago

    Mike where do you find these hot pot spots wherever you go????? You should get a Guinness record for it.

  • stephanie bryant
    stephanie bryant 3 hours ago

    Mikey those girls are digging you! Lol! Don't break too many hearts.

  • James Williams
    James Williams 3 hours ago

    Is it just me or is "spongy" not a compliment for food especially meat right?

  • Chito Cayabyab
    Chito Cayabyab 3 hours ago

    I loved that woman's reaction after mikey took a bite on that papaya salad. 15:28. Lol

  • Alan Jose Kho
    Alan Jose Kho 3 hours ago

    Best food traveller 👌

  • Chatchawan Sukkha
    Chatchawan Sukkha 3 hours ago

    I'm glad you had a chance to visit the northeastern part of Thailand. I grew up in Udon Thani, a city couple hours north from Korn Ken. I miss Isan foods so bad. I hope you have a chance to go back and explore some more of the Isan cuisine Mikey!

  • Arnav Roy
    Arnav Roy 3 hours ago

    Can u share mehaks Instagram profile please.

  • eladsgarr
    eladsgarr 3 hours ago

    So umm what do they do with all that leftover broth at the hotpot place?

  • Karmini Parsan
    Karmini Parsan 3 hours ago

    NEVER lose your childish glee Mikey...whether it's food or exp eriences or always channel your inner child. Keep being awesome Dear🤗🤗

  • Fronter
    Fronter 3 hours ago

    Felt a bit rush on these thailand videos. Too bad, next time then.

  • Gabrielle Boucher
    Gabrielle Boucher 3 hours ago

    who else is waiting for him to eat something that he will hate???

  • paul alexander
    paul alexander 3 hours ago

    Chitlins for breakfast?😬

  • iSim0641
    iSim0641 3 hours ago

    Pû is simply adorable. I love her laugh :3

  • J3tz
    J3tz 3 hours ago

    Top 5 things I miss from moving from thailand🇹🇭🇹🇭: Strawberry mochi donuts🤤🤤 7eleven hot dogs(7/11 in general) Street food(plastic bagged coke and fish ball noodles) Rice EVERY MUTHA FRICKIN DAY(+noodles😊) And lastly: Roti saimai🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 Search it up if u want

  • Mom
    Mom 3 hours ago

    I was there a few years back. It was great to see it again and that you enjoyed it there. I live in Chicago and you probably know it snowed so today I've done a marathon catch up watching you. You always make me so hungry. Have a great one

  • Change
    Change 3 hours ago

    eat a whole meal: that was my breakfast Me: Take me withUUUUU

  • J3tz
    J3tz 3 hours ago


  • HD REX
    HD REX 3 hours ago

    he says this thing is bigger than a baby then why not just eat a baby