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  • Gabrielle Howee
    Gabrielle Howee 35 minutes ago

    sometime catching a beautiful snowflake with the pattens of moving wind and water is catching frozen with your tofu broth..

  • Gabrielle Howee
    Gabrielle Howee 39 minutes ago

    y;your cook is not seasonal with produce..8..havd a snowbwll in the sauce water for start.1..

  • Rain Alfonso Enrile Lopez Craige Jung Kim Park Choi

    I love your reaction to pancit canton tho

  • TheTripstraps
    TheTripstraps Hour ago

    he would be a perfect friend or boyfriend, he apreciates good food ( and is handsome ofcourse:D)

  • Sadi Mohammad
    Sadi Mohammad Hour ago

    I Don't know why i just felt i was tortured

  • Annonymous Anonymous

    Makes me jealous

  • jfeiow lqqmwl
    jfeiow lqqmwl Hour ago

    "I like this chicken feet so much I wish it had more toes." LMFAO

  • Dionisius Abel
    Dionisius Abel 2 hours ago

    Ahhh Chinese Food.. Its make me crazy when i ate that!!

  • Sol Christian Sayre
    Sol Christian Sayre 2 hours ago

    Man this guy's punchlines are witty hehe

  • Markson Png
    Markson Png 2 hours ago

    You make me want to go to *Singapore* But my pocket is *poor*

  • Tamara Young
    Tamara Young 2 hours ago

    Thank you so much for these videos. I travel for a living and used to look forward to all this different food but now I have Celiac and can only eat a few things at Whole Foods and Pret., and cook at home. Strict orders from my Dr. So now I live vicariously through you! I’ll even forgive the Seafood diet joke at the end!

  • White
    White 2 hours ago

    i looooove chinese! I am russian who's in love with asian culture

  • Mhedy Pilapil
    Mhedy Pilapil 2 hours ago

    Food lifestyle

  • allen phillips
    allen phillips 2 hours ago

    NOT being stereotypical... But tell me he doesn't look strikingly like Jackie Chan?????

  • Mhedy Pilapil
    Mhedy Pilapil 2 hours ago

    Always eating that is so yummy your so lucky

  • becomeaudible1
    becomeaudible1 2 hours ago

    I’ve been to this buffet 3 times in years past. The first time it was amazing. The meat and desserts were the best in town. Everything was just fantastic. The second and third time, all of the meat was pretty dried out and tasteless. It looked like something had changed. Also, the desserts the last two times looked beautiful but really were not very good. I will not be going back. So many other buffets are considerably better. Try the buffet at the M resort. It is consistently excellent, and MUCH cheaper than the Wynn.

  • Pastel Princess
    Pastel Princess 2 hours ago

    I love his commentary, he makes everything sound delicious!!...but also I have no spice tolerance so I take everything he says with a grain of salt.

  • Jeimmy Roberth
    Jeimmy Roberth 2 hours ago

    Muy bien amigo se ve que si sabes de verdadera comida deliciosa .... La gastronomía peruana te atrapa de principio a fin porque no tiene comparación y no lo decimos solo nosotros tambien lo dice el mundo continuamente 💪🔴⚪🔴✨✨❤

  • OceanBlue Heart
    OceanBlue Heart 3 hours ago

    😲Dammit😲 Bro you just ended my Diet Plans

  • Kikoy Oneone6
    Kikoy Oneone6 3 hours ago

    "The asian inside me.." no, you are asian inside and out.. and, by the way, i'm asian..

  • Ian Crawford
    Ian Crawford 3 hours ago

    No one: Mike:👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈

  • ultimate gamer
    ultimate gamer 3 hours ago

    It really sucked watching this while I was hungry. (It really did)

  • Richard Lew
    Richard Lew 4 hours ago

    Taiwan's food is so rich that the Chinese government had to ban this video

  • yuto shun
    yuto shun 4 hours ago

    This is the one time Japanese food looks bland to me besides like a couple of items but it does sound like it’s good!!!

  • Ri Ri
    Ri Ri 4 hours ago

    You make me hungry always😂 everything looks so delicious 😋

  • Brandi Dodson
    Brandi Dodson 4 hours ago

    Is the beef raw???

  • Shantrel White
    Shantrel White 4 hours ago

    In the words of ICE CUBE..Today Was A GOOD DAY😃😃😃😃

  • Ida Flores
    Ida Flores 4 hours ago

    Thanks for visiting my city ❤❤❤. BTW The best gumbo is homemade .

  • 杰茜卡ジェシカ

    *Dang I'm salivating.* 🤤🤤🤤 I think it's totally worth an EpiPen shot! Lol 😂

  • dsgrsggjgfj
    dsgrsggjgfj 4 hours ago

    Mikey if you're still in vegas. Try Japanese curry zen (literal name) A lot of people here love that place.

  • Blade Destroyer1
    Blade Destroyer1 4 hours ago

    What am I doing here?? I dont even like seafood

  • Elise Medina
    Elise Medina 4 hours ago

    WTH! how are you still fit?

  • Victor Tong
    Victor Tong 4 hours ago

    don't watch this at night

  • Blade Destroyer1
    Blade Destroyer1 5 hours ago

    i found a way to counter getting hungry!! Fill up on water before watching

  • Migs
    Migs 5 hours ago

    Next time you visit Philippines please try Goto in batangas and lomi . You'll love it . Best time ro come here month of January to february coz the weather is not too hot. And visit baguio also

  • tennisdeity33
    tennisdeity33 5 hours ago

    In Vegas right now and you really sold me on that awesome Korean seafood grill! Bad news though: as of Sept 12th, they’re no longer serving the seafood grill :(. They only have AYCE kbbq now (meat only).

  • Pittsburgh 412
    Pittsburgh 412 5 hours ago

    Believe me, I can easy eat 125 bucks in king crab. So that's not a bad deal and it all looked so damn good lol

  • Ven Murkmaem
    Ven Murkmaem 5 hours ago

    I'll be coming to Vegas in a little under a week, so I'll be visiting these places if I can afford to. wonderful!

  • vandinni
    vandinni 5 hours ago

    Weird request but can you do a foodie review of disney world from cheap to expensive. Takumi-Tei. Love your channel, especially New Orleans.

  • Mike Skelly
    Mike Skelly 5 hours ago

    Lobster, an excuse for consuming large quantities of melted butter w/ garlic and lemon juice. Nice with rice vinegar, soy, hot oil and ginger too. But, if properly seasoned, it can be a treat by itself...

  • S. S.
    S. S. 5 hours ago

    For all dessert lovers out there :) 10:48 20:48

  • ライカ•
    ライカ• 5 hours ago

    14:47 Mike: all day long, all night long and then the next day for breakfast That's exactly how Filipino moms think.

  • Backyard Ballistics
    Backyard Ballistics 5 hours ago

    So is the Bacchanal better than the Wynn??

  • Hellz S
    Hellz S 5 hours ago

    Helllloooo...... Any progress on dumpling plushy toys?? 😊😊😊😊 I really really would like to buy one 🥰🥰🥰 or two 😂 🥰🥰🥰

  • daishi15
    daishi15 5 hours ago

    Lobster and Lamb L&L Surf & Turf

  • Jennzz 1of5
    Jennzz 1of5 5 hours ago

    Love watching vintage Mikey videos!!! He is such a freaking professional now, I've learned so much about International traveling, to what to eat in a million countries!! From boston chowder to Seattle catfish lol and every asian food court inbetween!! My oldest daughter is in grad school in LA. And thanks to Mike's videos I've been able to tell her where to go to get REAL CHINESE food!! Since im way back here in Indiana and i cannot cook for her, she can at least get yummy foods based on Mike's videos, i do ship her care packages with easy to make stuff from my local Asian grocery store, but home cooking cant be shipped!! Thanks Mike 💜🤗💜🤗💜🤗💜🤗💜🤗💜

  • Marvin Kho
    Marvin Kho 5 hours ago

    Mc Donald's burger in the Philippines are so tiny. Try it to believe.

  • TheToademGolem Gamez

    Is it me but ever other place but America has better food no offense but sorry like Mexico japan brazil India but then again America has good spots there and then.

  • Samuel Anderson
    Samuel Anderson 6 hours ago

    I'm glad you enjoyed your stay at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. The Wicked Spoon is also a great place to eat.

  • OG Readmore
    OG Readmore 6 hours ago

    So glad you updated the buffet... your original video got me hooked on your channel.

  • Mel Zee
    Mel Zee 6 hours ago

    The other guy looks like stone Jimmy Fallon, lol

  • Dave Illah
    Dave Illah 6 hours ago

    Bacchanel was the best food I ate in Vegas all week.

  • ivan mora
    ivan mora 6 hours ago

    What a life

  • M Music
    M Music 6 hours ago

    That perfect trifecta of king crab, crab bisque and cheesy bread = foodgasm!

  • Caprice G
    Caprice G 6 hours ago

    You are truly amazing!!!

  • Kenly Mendoza
    Kenly Mendoza 6 hours ago

    Pizzeria San Marcos in Rome. Look it up. Won't dissapoint.

  • Qassem Patalon
    Qassem Patalon 6 hours ago

    i'm suffering from gout by just watching this

  • Brandon Stadler
    Brandon Stadler 6 hours ago

    Let me know when you come back ill point you to some amazing places

  • Seth Borges
    Seth Borges 7 hours ago

    Under dressed, and high fived a supermodel at a classy joint... I think you’re my hero. ps love your channel, best by far 👍🏼

  • Chris Robles
    Chris Robles 7 hours ago

    Does anyone know if you get too pick how cooked it is? Like well done?

  • Jessica JonesSterling

    For $125 I'm eating till they kick me out the place

  • james
    james 7 hours ago

    7:59 was that the b from orange is the new black that is always crying

  • Jesus Torres
    Jesus Torres 7 hours ago

    Mike didn’t get the chance to try coctel de camarón and agua chile since he loves seafood so much and I’m made he didn’t enjoy chicken mole and carnitas

  • NEStars 91
    NEStars 91 7 hours ago

    How do you eat so much

  • ajstyles62
    ajstyles62 7 hours ago

    I wish I could travel and taste the food u try every time u make my mouth water 😌😌😌😌keep up the good vids bro hopefully 1 day I'll have that opportunity

  • Surjodoy Ghosh Dastider

    10:17 This tastes infinitely better than ramen And then Japan happened...

  • cypher 702
    cypher 702 7 hours ago

    Nom nom nom

  • cypher 702
    cypher 702 8 hours ago

    I eat it allyummy

  • cypher 702
    cypher 702 8 hours ago

    Get in my belly yummmm

  • Walton Marzan
    Walton Marzan 8 hours ago

    Lodi Mike, i know its been a year but i think 4:44 is not a chicken skin, its a deep fried pork intestine called Chicharon bulaklak. And pork dinuguan is best with pansit and puto👍. Thank you for visiting Philippines!

  • darcie al
    darcie al 8 hours ago

    The ASMR in this video is the best thing

  • Rui Ma
    Rui Ma 8 hours ago

    I don't want to make you guys envious, but Chinese 711 is basically the same as Japanese, and we got better fresh Chinese dishes here. Great price also.

  • Mr. Samsquanch
    Mr. Samsquanch 8 hours ago

    11:12 I straight up thought you said powdered sugar mayonnaise lol.

  • Cal Gary
    Cal Gary 8 hours ago

    You better check your Cholesterol levels after eating all that!!

  • Eva Roberts
    Eva Roberts 8 hours ago

    I have no idea why you picked up that knife when you knew good and well you were going to eat that lamb like a drumstick.

  • Camille Hoopes
    Camille Hoopes 8 hours ago

    I like these two guys with you so much. They seem like fun to go eat with. They know all the right places too!

  • I’m Dead
    I’m Dead 8 hours ago

    I’m laying in my bed thinking about what I should get for my next meal for my days *While my mans goes to a buffet* He living life

  • Loni Baylor
    Loni Baylor 8 hours ago

    Is that scallion pancake at 14:10? Looks Amazing!

  • BACHATA nightclub
    BACHATA nightclub 8 hours ago

    Who else ate while watching this video!?

  • spike378
    spike378 8 hours ago

    Dim sum already means dim sum in chinese. Why she saying like it's not chinese. Also dim sum means touch your heart not catch.

  • Third Heaven
    Third Heaven 9 hours ago

    You didnt show how much chicken they gave only the gizzards

  • JunSol
    JunSol 9 hours ago

    Had to stop watching. Got too hungry. Too jealous to continue. Bye bye

  • Lei Zhang
    Lei Zhang 9 hours ago


  • David Wu
    David Wu 9 hours ago

    How do u keep ur shape Mike. Cuz u seem to eat much more than you weigh lol

  • BarneyThePurpleBear
    BarneyThePurpleBear 9 hours ago

    This man just ate the Curry of Life (Naruto Fans)

  • Ben Grinberg
    Ben Grinberg 9 hours ago

    Mike, i often have to do long hours of solitary study of Chinese. When its too much i put your videos on in the background. Xie Xie

  • Angelo Da Conceicao
    Angelo Da Conceicao 10 hours ago

    I can eat that in 20 minutes

  • Joe Dugas
    Joe Dugas 10 hours ago

    RIP Carl Ruiz "the Cuban".....another foodie.

  • cinexeon
    cinexeon 10 hours ago

    Hey, Mike! Where the hell is that 百味陝西 place please? I can’t find it on Google Map. Thanks

  • VoraThe WARRIOR
    VoraThe WARRIOR 10 hours ago

    Mike i have sauce recipe for hotpot 1 part garlic 2 part scalions and clantro 1 part chili oil 2 part hot bbq and sesame ouil

  • Rod Cruz
    Rod Cruz 10 hours ago

    Can you get in at sterling buffet even without reservation?

  • B. W. Starkey
    B. W. Starkey 10 hours ago

    That MonsterX Burger's Bacon looked UNCOOKED !!! NEVER EAT UNCOOKED RAW BACON !!!

  • Gabrielle Howee
    Gabrielle Howee 10 hours ago

    the fu..ur sa fan c. y gamma ur di cas ur we....mon mon bon bon...we ..ur mon; tu c gamm.....grh....ursa..

  • B. W. Starkey
    B. W. Starkey 10 hours ago

    When You went to Burger King and had 7 More BIG Burgers , was that all in the same day ?? Man, You ate 14 Burgers in One Day ??? Are You trying to Kill Yourself ? I have a Burger about once or twice a month , sometimes I might go 3 months or more without eating a Burger anywhere ! I eat more Chicken & Turkey than Beef !

  • Jennifer 6strings
    Jennifer 6strings 10 hours ago


    • Jennifer 6strings
      Jennifer 6strings 9 hours ago

      I don't agree that u only eat lobster...GLUTTONY IS A MORTAL SIN....ppl have lost all respect.... Even for their own body

  • B. W. Starkey
    B. W. Starkey 10 hours ago


  • Luckyna Sourn
    Luckyna Sourn 10 hours ago

    How much per person? I wish I can bring my family there.

  • B. W. Starkey
    B. W. Starkey 10 hours ago

    When you left McDonalds , I was surprised that you had any room for anything else after eating 7 Burgers and yet You had a Large Strawberry Ice Cream Cone and then You go to a Burger King to eat more !! ????? It's a wonder that You aren't as BIG as the late great Ralphie May , the Comic !

  • Jackson Walter
    Jackson Walter 10 hours ago

    0:38 my sister vloged like that before on our family's last Vegas trip and her GoPro dropped off the balcony.

  • B. W. Starkey
    B. W. Starkey 10 hours ago

    OH MY GOD !!! HOW do You Eat 6 or 7 Burgers at one sitting ??? I could only eat 2 , or maybe just 1 and half of another and I would be STUFFED !!! HOW DO YOU DO IT ???