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  • Venom
    Venom 33 minutes ago

    Putlockers movies Netflix Toggle Google play movies & TV TheXvid Google Download Safari

  • Age of Leviathan
    Age of Leviathan 5 hours ago

    Im on a budget so what is the most reliable best but affordable VPN?

  • decided
    decided 10 hours ago

    my bandwidth is about 83Mbps and my vpn i use get around 80Mbps and I've noticed playing siege that there was almost no difference. I checked everything to see if it working properly and it was. And I was connected to Denver Colorado from Florida so i was quite surprised.

  • Beefy Beef
    Beefy Beef 11 hours ago

    Hi buddy. Great video. I'm curious, 1. If I have several virtual machines installed on 1 physical host computer, do those virtual machines have the same mac address as the physical host machine? 2. Does vpn software software hide mac addresses in addition to IP address? Cheers!

  • Leo Steel
    Leo Steel 11 hours ago

    Wow x VPN, didn't expect that, appreciated though Tom

  • N H
    N H 12 hours ago

    What happend to your intro? Now how will people know who is tge creator of VPN tier list ?

  • Nathanael Wassmann
    Nathanael Wassmann 12 hours ago

    X-VPN sounds like a total scam!

  • decided
    decided 12 hours ago

    dang how'd you get that wallpaper?

  • Moonclaw Gaming
    Moonclaw Gaming 15 hours ago

    I used to use it, I'm only a child. I shall not use it again, will I get arrested? Please answer!

  • Maxime
    Maxime 17 hours ago

    hello from france airvpn is stable and working too in windows xp with open vpn

  • Phillip Malone
    Phillip Malone 18 hours ago

    This video is brought to you by... adidas. xD

  • Jake Golding
    Jake Golding 18 hours ago

    Thanks for the video. I will admit I am still trying to understand everything there is with VPN's. I was hoping that you could answer a question for me? In the video you had mentioned buying a streaming ip address for Netflix, I am unclear if buy doing so allows you then watch and unlock all of Netflix. Meaning you then can watch other content that may be available in other countries or geography areas then where you are currently located? One other question, the main reason why I am looking into a VPN is to watch NBA Basketball. In your honest opinion would be Torguard be the best option or would you go with another VPN provider?

    • Tom Spark Reviews
      Tom Spark Reviews 18 hours ago

      TorGuard is all around a good pick for most every use. If you want to use streaming, you can use code "netflix" and get the streaming bundle which is new. You can always ask questions to TorGuard live chat, and that is the fastest way to get your questions answered :)

  • Centre Man
    Centre Man 19 hours ago

    did you use vpn for gaming Tom?

  • CrACklaND
    CrACklaND 20 hours ago

    i was just saying bruh XDD why is the world really out to get people.

  • JJ
    JJ 21 hour ago

    i hate this vpn because it scammed me. i paid 40 dollars but the vpn won't work. connects but i cannot open browser becos it shows no internet. so hotspotshield is scam with poor service scamming vpn

  • Pupik
    Pupik Day ago

    Thank u

  • MrKartoffel
    MrKartoffel Day ago

    Can someone tell me, how many server they have in Germany?

  • Marc Ihab
    Marc Ihab Day ago


    • Marc Ihab
      Marc Ihab Day ago

      And im not trolling at all btw.

    • Marc Ihab
      Marc Ihab Day ago

      And a I 👍 the video😉

    • Marc Ihab
      Marc Ihab Day ago

      @Tom Spark ReviewsIm Plopclop 😃 and i want peaple to not FRICKIN wast their money on any other VPN😉. And Im also a fan♥️.😂😂😂

    • Tom Spark Reviews
      Tom Spark Reviews Day ago

      can't tell if troll or just superfan... lol

    • Marc Ihab
      Marc Ihab Day ago

      Also love u man♥️

  • EMB 2017
    EMB 2017 Day ago

    I was this close to signing up. Thank you!

  • Isak Johansson

    EU must die

  • The cow Official Gaming

    How to open the fail?

  • Ahmed Aljazri
    Ahmed Aljazri Day ago

    Thanks Tom for reviewing

  • Blacklist
    Blacklist Day ago

    if I do not buy a streaming IP would I still be able to stream USA Netflix?

  • Dryjok Vernyi
    Dryjok Vernyi Day ago

    Nice review

  • Centre Man
    Centre Man 2 days ago

    this vpn company have many bad reputation in the past.

  • Jek bembo
    Jek bembo 2 days ago

    i use torguard and i bought it with your promo code (thanks) i use the highest option encryption and my internet Speed is only 50 Mbps and i get 44-46 Mbps, so there's no speed cap

  • Leo Steel
    Leo Steel 2 days ago

    Easy hide ip next Tom

  • JohnSmithClark
    JohnSmithClark 2 days ago

    So is there actually a problem with the service itself or is everyone just complaining about cancellations?

  • ndp197
    ndp197 2 days ago

    will my computer get a virus from using it? :/

  • Carnyzzle
    Carnyzzle 2 days ago

    Too much logging for my tastes.

  • Nathanael Wassmann
    Nathanael Wassmann 2 days ago

    In my humble opinion, HideMyAss sucks!

  • Mr Dalton
    Mr Dalton 2 days ago

    great one my brother

  • fabz nalam
    fabz nalam 2 days ago

    Does it work on Stream or any online games to play in different server? Thanks for the answers.

  • Borrowed Time
    Borrowed Time 2 days ago

    Tunnel bear no longer offers a free test on it's web site. I've also noticed that most of the vpn's that doo offer a free test that it's down to 5 days or 24 hours to test which really isn't realistic. Freedom has even fewer servers now and if i am not mistaken a year sub for freedome went down to 30$ this summer. Not to mention many of their servers are DDOS-ing the heck out of any one watching youtube videos. Nordvpn also got block by several art sites including deviantart on several occasions which is getting to be a problem. Even for all the prestations of Cyberghost vpn's past it still have some of the best service although i wish they would have remained Romanian instead of being bought out. As for the pricing and plans, it depends where you are in the world. In Canada the 2+ year plans offer the most value and those VPNs usually have far more servers to choose from. Freedome has three servers in Canada and none of them work particularly well if at all so that kind of drops a vpn's value. I am trying torguard for 6 months and results are variable compared to cyberghost vpn. Torguard like freedome doesn't have a shift server feature and they have to disconnect and reconnect to a different server and i have monitored leaks with both. There is a work around but it's not something you can explain to the layman.

  • edsonPOKER
    edsonPOKER 2 days ago

    please dude you can answers my questions? i realy realy got to know if with this vpn i can do my rewardeds surveys please in here where am i, is a total inferno to do this whit a vpn or any other things, are so fucking expensive plese dude answer me, i need your help!

    • edsonPOKER
      edsonPOKER 2 days ago

      @Tom Spark Reviews Well I guess I'll try torguard, thanks for the info, you are very kind in answering and clarifying my doubts, I will not hesitate to use the discount when making the purchase!

    • Tom Spark Reviews
      Tom Spark Reviews 2 days ago

      @edsonPOKER You can try it with surveys, and often residential ips do really work well with restricted sites. however i do not have experience with surveys, so u can always try and refund with TorGuard if u want. remember use code "tomspark" for 50% off discount!

    • edsonPOKER
      edsonPOKER 2 days ago

      @Tom Spark Reviews my questions are the following: with this vpn can I do my surveys without being banned at this time ?, does it work well with residential ip ?, i see that your video is something old and the pages reinforce your vpns locks constantly and i don't know If this method works for me today, I really need to know in the country I am in, it is too restrictive for this kind of thing, Thanks for answer this i am happy because you respond me!

    • Tom Spark Reviews
      Tom Spark Reviews 2 days ago

      What is the question lol

  • Quatie
    Quatie 2 days ago

    I tried Brave the other day and loved it but it didn't have a cast button so I can cast to my Google Mini.

  • Guardian Angel
    Guardian Angel 3 days ago

    Tom. I took a look at your VPN Tier list again for refference. There are SO many things i'd like to point out but won't. I would however like to ask ''why'' as a Subscriber of yours ''why'' is VyprVPN Reputation scoring a 5 when Golden Frog as of the last 2 years to currently state they keep logs for 30 days. It should be more like 3.5 with the reason why. They do not state that on VyprVPN, but Golden Frog who owns VyprVPN does. Here's the link: 6th Paragraph down. We count on you for your Accuracy. But that's not currently accurate on your Tierlist. Have you contacted VyprVPN to ask them thier exactly what thier current Log policy is? Signed, a fan. Thanks.

    • Tom Spark Reviews
      Tom Spark Reviews 2 days ago

      Watch my videos on 5 and 14 eyes. Jurisdiction doesn't mean anything. IT's more important to find a transparent VPN like TorGuard or AirVPN or even Windscribe

    • Tom Spark Reviews
      Tom Spark Reviews 2 days ago

      They updated the policy so it's a good no log VPN. The company at hand is also very legit and friendly.

    • Guardian Angel
      Guardian Angel 3 days ago

      Tom. It appears Golden Frog has updated thier Policy as ''no logs'' here , Second paragraph down. We count on you for your Accuracy of facts. Reviewing so many VPNS, it might be difficult to keep you records updated. So far, although I don't agree with NordVPN being near the least best out of some pretty horrid VPN list of around 42 you've reviewed. Especially since most of the VPNS are based in the US including your number UNO spot TorGuard, based in Florida. What about the 5 eyes?

  • Karakaplan
    Karakaplan 3 days ago

    Your pricing comparison is stupid. NordVpn is 3,17€ but torguard is 5€. You gave 1 star to NordVpn but 5 stars to Torguard????!!!! Do you live in vice-versa world?

    • Karakaplan
      Karakaplan 2 days ago

      ​@Tom Spark ReviewsTorguard is $10 while NordVpn $12 is. How can Torguard 5 stars while NordVpn 1 star is? This is total absurd and biased. In the list also other higher priced VPNs have more stars than lower priced ones. This is affiliate thing or?

    • Tom Spark Reviews
      Tom Spark Reviews 2 days ago

      NordVPN is $11.95 a month. The 3 year plan is $110 upfront, not $3 a month. In three years, the avg cost is $3 a month. So it would be like buying a car and the guy is like its only $3 a month, but it cost 30,000 upfront and u are paying for 833 years...

  • 279 ft
    279 ft 3 days ago

    Whats the best VPN For Andriod??

    • Tom Spark Reviews
      Tom Spark Reviews 2 days ago

      Check out the vpn tier list, all the vpn rankings hold true for all apps

  • Lucas Gama
    Lucas Gama 3 days ago

    I am not in US and I would like to download the cw app to watch some series. Is the basic plan (us VPN) for cactus vpn sufficient? Would you recommend it for this purpose?

  • Jair Cruz
    Jair Cruz 3 days ago

    I was just about to buy the $126 3 year plan and was looking for a video to add a coupon code but judging by the comments on here, I’m lucky to come across this video as my first video !

  • lostcowboy5
    lostcowboy5 3 days ago

    So, here is what I didn't like about your video, you only talked about it. I did not see you test the app. Like start it up and then do a dna leak test, or whats my IP address, or any other tests to determine that it is not private or secure. Even if you hate their policy, you should do basic testing of the app. It is my understanding there are three modes of the app. the dns routing, the plus warp+(10GBs) and after the 10GBs is used up, it defaults to plus plain warp for free. So let me do some testing for you. My internet connection is 206 Mbs down and 11 Mbs up on the speedtest app. I will only enable the and see what speed I get. I got 128 Mbs down and 11 Mbs up. Now to turn on Warp+, and test again. I got 52.7 Mbs down and 11 Mbs up. Now to fire up my browser's and go to With nothing enabled my ip address starts with 47. with only dna enabled my ip address stayed the same, 47. But when I enable the warp+ my ip address changes so it starts with 8. But when I go to, it does come up with my real ip address. I tested that with both chrome and firefox apps. Now when I used my IPVanish app, it gave me a new ip address, but the site did not think it was my ip address, but a third ip address. My speed test with IPVanish was 51 Mbs down and 11.1 Mbs up. So I proved that the app will not hide your real IP address on but it does hide it on I will let them know about that.

  • Donn West
    Donn West 3 days ago

    I enjoyed your review and have watched a few of your videos, so as soon as my subscription to my present VPN runs out I'll try this one. Thanks!

  • Christopher Tyre Videography

    $20?! Lool.

  • Donn West
    Donn West 3 days ago

    Thanks this was great

  • Donn West
    Donn West 3 days ago

    Nice video and very informative. I now ask as to why Netflix or Hulu don't allow it's use with their services and I have problems using it with the torrent program Transmission. Are their any VPN's where they all play nice?

  • aAáÁAA
    aAáÁAA 3 days ago

    shit... I have bought the 3 year NordVPN plan from Pewds in April when the countdown clock said 9 hours left. It is still _only_ up for 9 hours... Am I retarded or something 28:40 that made me haha, thank you

  • BucketsAMF
    BucketsAMF 4 days ago

    I just wanna finish Lost... Why the fuck is this so hard?

  • R̴a̴B̴i̴T̷e̷C̴

    A few Years ago I found a windscribe promo code online for 50GB/month for free and that's basically the reason why I'm using windscribe. The free plans of the other providers all have pretty low data volumes.

  • Lawrence Kpokou
    Lawrence Kpokou 4 days ago

    Torguard is great and I also use express vpn

  • Apple watch And extra

    best review on youtube

  • The Bearded Seeker
    The Bearded Seeker 4 days ago

    luv Brave. been using it for a few months, no complaints.

  • Mr Dalton
    Mr Dalton 4 days ago

    great work my brother

  • The Bearded Seeker
    The Bearded Seeker 4 days ago

    my Avast subscription has expired and i was going to go with PIA until i saw this video.

  • Ken Harris
    Ken Harris 4 days ago

    I like your 80’s vibe!

  • Jimmy Ing
    Jimmy Ing 4 days ago

    Love the drama. More news please!

  • clint mannion
    clint mannion 4 days ago

    hey dude im from the uk what vpn would u recommend for streaming ie kodi anybodys else advice would be great

  • Mirpur216
    Mirpur216 5 days ago

    £20 for a tier 3 VPN, tough decision

  • Antar Keith
    Antar Keith 5 days ago

    Thanks, man. Almost signed up for that 3 year-er deal. Now, it's a no year-er.

  • future_Tarzan
    future_Tarzan 5 days ago

    yea thats cool man but how to get free games :P

  • princezorldo
    princezorldo 5 days ago

    Aren't and with WARP two separate things? WARP specifically mentions in-app that "Your Internet is now private," while as a DNS server only does not.

    • KingMich9
      KingMich9 3 days ago

      Thank you for actually recognizing that.

  • Saied Karmally
    Saied Karmally 5 days ago

    Hi. Amazon prime video doesn't work in my country . Can this VPN solve this problem ?

    • Saied Karmally
      Saied Karmally 4 days ago

      @Tom Spark Reviews Is it included in the normal subscription or do i have to pay for it as an additional feature?

    • Tom Spark Reviews
      Tom Spark Reviews 5 days ago


  • Jeff Ogden
    Jeff Ogden 5 days ago

    Hey Tom, I’ve learned a lot from your videos-thanks for creating them. I think I’m ready to give TorGuard a try. I’d like to try for a month and see how it works. Can the discount codes be used for a single month, then used again later if I decide to commit longer term? Thanks.

  • J
    J 5 days ago

    ive tried using only proxy and still got letters from comcast with exact movie titles.

  • Jared B
    Jared B 5 days ago

    You should probably get a commission on my renewal because I was going to go with NordVPN but you took a huge dump on them, almost literally based on your review descriptions (I'm still not totally convinced that's correct, btw). Either way, a year and a half ago, I decided on PrivateVPN and, I mean, it worked well enough for my purposes. I was pretty much dead set on "upgrading" to NordVPN but found your channel. You gave PrivateVPN a positive review _and_ they were a lot cheaper (got 14 months at $3.19 per month--that was a renewal promotion) _and_ I already had everything set up on my devices, so fuck it--I renewed.

  • Monita
    Monita 5 days ago

    Thank youuu!!!

  • Vaper
    Vaper 5 days ago

    Do you run leak tests? Also you could check out GooseVpn. No logs & unlimited connections. Smaller server park tho. Great speeds with ikev2

    • Tom Spark Reviews
      Tom Spark Reviews 5 days ago

      Yes I do. I don’t really Mention the test because I only really mention them if something is leaking or not

  • free software or fuck yourself

    For the pricing alone you should rate them a 0.5 wtf .....

  • Peter Suarez
    Peter Suarez 5 days ago

    Had the free version of WindScribe for a month, just got the Premium version. Speeds seem fast, had no drop off's, unlimited connections, good for families. Price for 1 year is middle of the road, but you can get up to 20gb's with the free version if that works for you. So far, I'm very happy with WindScribe. Thanks for your reviews TS!

    KAIJUKING23 5 days ago

    I downloaded windscribe for my laptop only but was wondering if I have to do anything else but turn it on and click on a country server.

  • Mirpur216
    Mirpur216 5 days ago

    Not that I support the alleged drug dealer, but what's the point of these services if they so readily hand over information about you to any agency requesting I was under the impression that these services held no information about you thus had nothing to give if they were harassed by government agencies

  • Brandon Penrod
    Brandon Penrod 5 days ago

    Where is your promo code?

  • DEADPOOL usa
    DEADPOOL usa 5 days ago

    That vpn provider is the 5 eyes =O

  • M K
    M K 5 days ago

    Really helpful review thanks!

  • Lars Rozendaal
    Lars Rozendaal 5 days ago


  • Paul Siegenthal Fotografie

    If you expected otherwise then you are not really qualified and have no clue about jurisdiction works.

  • Marcin
    Marcin 6 days ago

    I had PureVPN for 3 years on Win7 (bad), Win10 (no issues at all) and on three different Android phones where except for short time periods it worked well but 90% of time it had problems with connecting, kept disconnecting, reconnecting to different countries, connecting to different country from selected ones. Overall in my experience it is not satisfactory even for free.

  • Marcin
    Marcin 6 days ago

    I can't email non Tutanota addresses?

    • Eksimilio
      Eksimilio 5 days ago

      @Tom Spark Reviews I assume you need to send them password through some other channel first for them to open your tutanota mail.

    • Marcin
      Marcin 6 days ago

      Yeah, I just see you corrected yourself before I asked.

    • Marcin
      Marcin 6 days ago

      @Tom Spark Reviews Yes I can, I have already signed up.

    • Tom Spark Reviews
      Tom Spark Reviews 6 days ago

      You can I misspoke

  • BOLG
    BOLG 6 days ago


  • mambang berasap
    mambang berasap 6 days ago

    tutanota 💪

    • mambang berasap
      mambang berasap 5 days ago

      @Mirpur216 both are good. tuta is open source and they don't have access to your account/password

    • Mirpur216
      Mirpur216 5 days ago

      Is it any better than proton?

  • Marcin
    Marcin 6 days ago

    I thought Proton has no access to emails as these are encrypted?

  • ツSleet
    ツSleet 6 days ago

    That's why I live in New Jersey where online betting is legal

  • Alex S
    Alex S 6 days ago


  • Luke Smith
    Luke Smith 6 days ago

    5:16 emailing auth tokens over GMAIL of all things... bruh. use QR, manual import or use SSH to the host containing the downloaded config.

  • Pulvanuller
    Pulvanuller 6 days ago

    It works with Minecraft

  • Yisu us
    Yisu us 6 days ago

    Can you please leave the link to the reddit post?

    • Tom Spark Reviews
      Tom Spark Reviews 6 days ago

  • free software or fuck yourself

    360p gang

  • E girl Respecter
    E girl Respecter 6 days ago

    So they're going to say one of the / a LARPer or someone another one of these criminal orgs yoinked the account? All too common

  • Dusty Ghost
    Dusty Ghost 6 days ago

    Well isn’t thee only important thing for them to have •a “No Data-logging” statement in their privacy policy? I do understand the problem of a VPNs’ potential to make an abrupt & surreptitious deal leading ownership of the service into the control of someone with values/principles (Or lack thereof) that may imminently result in some unfavorable/unacceptable change to its terms of agreement- -However I do feel like, (in the way that Apple pushes IOS updates) Any change made in the VPN’s Terms of Service/Privacy Policy, could only be implemented subsequent to them pushing a prompt to notify & get thee agreement of their service users ¿¿...i.e. even despite the many shortcomings regarding U.S. Domestic policy coverage of a Citizens’ right to privacy.. right?🤔 **I could certainly be wrong; I am far more ignorant on this topic than I should be.

  • Jared B
    Jared B 6 days ago

    Next time show a resource monitor of the network speeds. You sure do have some strange cuts in this video...almost like you're downloading other stuff while using NordVPN.

    • Jared B
      Jared B 6 days ago

      @Tom Spark Reviews I have no proof one way or the other. I'm merely suggesting that, in the future, when you do these, show a network resource monitor as well as the application screens.

    • Tom Spark Reviews
      Tom Spark Reviews 6 days ago


  • Leo Steel
    Leo Steel 6 days ago

    Easy Hide ip next Tom

  • Carolina Number 1
    Carolina Number 1 7 days ago

    Nice vid: I use QBit...and PIA with Sock5 proxy but The ipmagnet or checkmyip don't work. Are they no longer any good? They don't download anything and say "not working" Am I doing something wrong or is there a late, great better proggie? Or they only work when you are in the process of downloading a file?

  • Michael Y
    Michael Y 7 days ago

    Hey TOm i got problem with the Qbittorent, it said stalled all of the download, i just update to the new version still doesnt work is there anyway that u can make a content about that to fix the problem

  • Marcin
    Marcin 7 days ago

    Android version has pretty low scoring..

  • Trade With Vlad
    Trade With Vlad 7 days ago

    Does it work on the firestick using this same setup?

  • diafiro
    diafiro 7 days ago

    Hey, Tom! I've been watching your videos and really appreciate your being as unbiased as possible. I'm very very likely going to get TG this week, but I fear TG's high customizability will get me all confused when it's time to do my set up. So... would you please please please make a video with the simplest, step-by-step, explain-it-like-I'm-five, most basic set up for those of us who have not much of a clue of hot VPNs work?? Pretty please!? 😬😬

    • Tom Spark Reviews
      Tom Spark Reviews 7 days ago

      Hello there I have done lots of videos on TorGuard explaining how to use it to its fullest capacity. In order to use it quite simply put all you have to do is download it pick a server and then push connected it’s really that easy so I think you could perfectly handle it

  • Jovita Pukėnaitė
    Jovita Pukėnaitė 7 days ago

    Hello. Im trying to find vpn to use with apple tv. As I understand torguard is not good for that (only airplay), can you recommend something else? :)

  • The Expist
    The Expist 7 days ago

    i got banned for jumping off the edge and betraying my teamates even though they told me to jump off the edge and now im banned for some dumb reason

  • Shane Custer
    Shane Custer 7 days ago

    This is an interesting idea for a video series. I like it.

  • Dick Groot
    Dick Groot 7 days ago

    In the streaming bundle package, it says you get 2 free IPs in US, UK or Japan. Does that mean you have to pay extra if you want to watch netflix an IP from any other country? If so, how much extra?