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  • Johnnie Thompson III
    Johnnie Thompson III 2 seconds ago

    Jimmy boy...

  • Helder De Almeida
    Helder De Almeida 6 seconds ago

    You already band them. Trump is dumb as f***

  • Faux Craig Singhouse
    Faux Craig Singhouse 8 seconds ago

    There's a disaster in Syria because of Trump and Fox and Gym Jordan are worried about an ex-VP's son. Sad!

    THE FREEDOM AFFECT 9 seconds ago

    Bye bye Bernie Hello Pocahontas, get ready to defend your papoose story.

  • MegaRudyray
    MegaRudyray 14 seconds ago he basically just told an American president to go to hell? Awesome. Another proud day for America. Who wouldnt want 4 more years?

    RAYMOND JAGT 14 seconds ago

    Very interesting bullet bracelet you have their Nancy Pelosi I'm guessing that you and all your buddies are going to be wearing them in the house. and I'm also guessing that this is how you're going to sneak a bullet into restricted areas and attempt an assassination you should not be allowed to wear these things in the house or anywhere else..

  • Melody Poor
    Melody Poor 16 seconds ago

    Senator Lindsey of the State of Israel: I hope u will lose the next elections bcz u r not serving the interest of the U.S.

  • A horse with No Name
    A horse with No Name 16 seconds ago

    Would you trust Lindsay to babysit your kids? NOT ME!

  • Sharon Peterson
    Sharon Peterson 18 seconds ago

    Nancy, you are really stumbling over your words. You are not conducting a legally sanctioned proper impeachment hearing. You are breaking all kinds of proper protocol. Go Home!

  • American Patriot
    American Patriot 20 seconds ago

    Well finally at least they haven't engaged in FAKE news. To add to Sam's comment, God forbid anything happened to President Trump. The Left would be stomped on like roaches.

  • hoochymama
    hoochymama 21 second ago

    Lebron is a moron but a Basketball savant. He should stick with Basketball and let the MBA from MIT with an undergraduate degree at Northwestern have some input on a major event on the World Stage.

  • Michael Torres
    Michael Torres 22 seconds ago


  • Maca Rena
    Maca Rena 23 seconds ago

    How y'all like the Russians moving into Syria? Wonderful president if you're russian.

  • Magic Man
    Magic Man 25 seconds ago

    IMPEACH THIS LIAR...he`s putins puppet

  • Carol Bogdanowitz
    Carol Bogdanowitz 25 seconds ago

    Bernie Panders with the ole rai-shism talk

  • first day
    first day 28 seconds ago

    Ahhhhhhh!!!! For once shut your mouth. US diplomacy will do more harm.

  • mike white
    mike white 32 seconds ago

    Take a ball away from LeBron and what is he just another black man

  • literatious
    literatious 37 seconds ago

    It's all just clickbait

  • plmvirginiauva
    plmvirginiauva 38 seconds ago

    The Democrat party is a criminal organization that should be banned from the US.

  • Alice Robinson
    Alice Robinson 41 second ago

    Nike money from China for the NBA

  • Sam Nardo
    Sam Nardo 42 seconds ago

    The biggest story Jeff is that your nothing but an America and constitution hating socialist propagandist for the America haters in the democrat party. Journalism and CNN is an oxymoron.

  • Ronald CQ
    Ronald CQ 45 seconds ago

    JW needs more power in defending our country

  • Trump 2020 Trump 2020
    Trump 2020 Trump 2020 47 seconds ago

    Yes I go to hell to save or construction and our president! Puerto Rico with President Donald J Trump!

  • Ted Zambrano
    Ted Zambrano 49 seconds ago

    Thank you Trump and his Administration for Making America Great. Obama did noting.

  • Jason Fritsch
    Jason Fritsch 49 seconds ago


  • Tarik Smith
    Tarik Smith 53 seconds ago


  • Myranda Lopez
    Myranda Lopez Minute ago

    What a bimbo

  • P.D. Evans
    P.D. Evans Minute ago

    Careful you're talking about a country where a word turns into a sentence

  • Alexander Stephens
    Alexander Stephens Minute ago

    Pot calling kettle Herr Carlson

  • Jim S
    Jim S Minute ago

    Cant comment now have to take a schiff

  • Lawrence of America

    FEAR NOT!!! TRUMP T=TRUMP R=RUNS U=UNDER M=MARY'S P=PROTECTION Our Lady's Peace Plan, Over Atheistic Communism...Family Rosary The Triumph of Mary Begins With President Trump the Great! The Right Man, At the Right Place, At the Right Time WWG1WGA…Q

  • elgen0314
    elgen0314 Minute ago

    Hey! you old scumbag........your job is to work WITH the President, not against him and the American people. You make me want to puke.

  • Lorre Williams
    Lorre Williams Minute ago

    You mean assume

  • Aida E. Valdes
    Aida E. Valdes Minute ago

    You don’t get credit for that Peloser. President Trump does!!!!!!! TRUMP 2020!!!!

  • Espen Christensen
    Espen Christensen Minute ago

    Le`Dork the new fake.

  • Ocasio-Cortez4prez2022

    Oh, so some MSM dinosaur thinks I'm ignorant. Got it. Time to rethink my whole life.

  • Paul Janssen
    Paul Janssen Minute ago

    How brain-dead can you be and still breathe air I feel sorry for the staff that have to work for these people's

  • Miggy Rodri
    Miggy Rodri Minute ago

    If Gaetz showed up with DJTs tax returns I’m sure they’d let him in... this for that

  • Cherry Hogenmiller
    Cherry Hogenmiller Minute ago

    BS Read the fine Line. How much in their Pockets.

  • algon44
    algon44 Minute ago

    And your president sided with Putin over America! Tucker, you're such a ball licker, we know you're just trying to distract from the abysmal day Trump had today due to all of today's testimony. 😆😅😂

    RFISH RFISH Minute ago


  • harry camper
    harry camper Minute ago

    Democraps use "depositions" to hide discussions and keep meetings secret while at the same time demanding private phone call transcript between POTUS and world leaders. The treasonous grubs are becoming desperate due to Bill Barr having some of them in his cross hairs. Can hardly wait for the AGs findings to be handed down and acted upon.

  • John Nunez
    John Nunez Minute ago

    It was a good letter, a great letter... it was the best letter ever written.

  • A horse with No Name

    Why does Tucker always look like he could use an enema?

  • Robert Allen
    Robert Allen Minute ago

    Graham is a joke

  • Burley Lien
    Burley Lien Minute ago

    Money matters

  • stumpsitter
    stumpsitter Minute ago

    Come hell or high water. Trump2020

  • Stuart Kaye
    Stuart Kaye Minute ago

    That's the most incredible piece of double-speak I've ever heard! What unmitigated LIES!

  • Bob Bezotte
    Bob Bezotte Minute ago

    She just goes from dumb to dumber!! and thinks voters are the Dumbest

  • Mike Huston
    Mike Huston 2 minutes ago


    WILLIAM OATS 2 minutes ago

    Shouldn't Morey just shut up and dripple? He is after all a basketball guy1

  • 10 Minutes to Roulette Fortune

    There is only one option.......pulling the grid on CNN and bring in the Supreme Court.

  • A.G. Barr II
    A.G. Barr II 2 minutes ago

    Two career politicians talking crap!!

  • Rafael Martinez
    Rafael Martinez 2 minutes ago

    did trump tell you to say that “It was a Perfect Letter” “ The Letter was perfect”

  • Monika Hancock
    Monika Hancock 2 minutes ago

    Oh look , Mrs. Too goody shoes!

  • Sandra Johnson
    Sandra Johnson 2 minutes ago

    Get her out ! Big mouth brine !

  • mr. kojak
    mr. kojak 2 minutes ago

    Shhhhhhh. I need space jam ll to play in China

  • JXS SE
    JXS SE 2 minutes ago

    Let Turkey face Russia, if Turkey suffer let them be, US should no more help them as Turkey don't listen.

  • william skrainski
    william skrainski 2 minutes ago

    0:02 WOW.......that's an old picture.....

  • Douglas
    Douglas 2 minutes ago

    I am sick of both sides acting like idiots. "the deep state". Cmon man, the deep state has been here since before George Washington...lmao

  • P.D. Evans
    P.D. Evans 2 minutes ago

    Looks like the NHL is the only league with civilized players. Of course they're mostly Canadian. Which explains why they didn't throw hissy fits when invited to the Whitehouse.

  • Marc Baker
    Marc Baker 2 minutes ago

    The NBA wants money from China China can cost the NBA billions all together now yassa Hong Kong who?

  • Longsnapper 53
    Longsnapper 53 2 minutes ago

    Sorry Barbie LOL............

  • grant jordan
    grant jordan 2 minutes ago

    Yes we will

  • Linda Green
    Linda Green 2 minutes ago

    Do these fools ever check the thumbs up or down on these videos?

  • AK
    AK 2 minutes ago

    Basically we don’t care abt. Kurds, but we should send more solders to protect oil fields.

  • mojo mojo
    mojo mojo 2 minutes ago

    Fox News is why this country is falling apart... people believe this’s owned by a foreigner... and they are evil... they are for the rich not the working poor.. disgusting network

  • Mike H.
    Mike H. 2 minutes ago

    Total hypocrisy from an idiot who knowd only to play ball, and the balls of the dog eating chinese.

  • Pablo Jose
    Pablo Jose 2 minutes ago

    Sam looks like the devil, so he's probably right, but he only says it because Trump supporters can clearly see the coup attempts the Democrats keep throwing at the President, and that is NOT the narrative we are supposed to be following.

  • Thomase Synek
    Thomase Synek 2 minutes ago

    It is not legal.

  • Stoner Phoenix
    Stoner Phoenix 2 minutes ago

    Like Trump will listen to his pet.

  • Down 10
    Down 10 2 minutes ago


  • Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson 2 minutes ago


  • Angry American
    Angry American 2 minutes ago

    Michael! -i mean Michel!

    BOBBY ANDERSON 2 minutes ago

    I would follow Trump to the Pearly Gates of Heaven. Not hell.

  • Klb912410
    Klb912410 3 minutes ago

    Guiliani is a servant of God. Trump is doing Gods work. Trump is God. Be loyal and the divine trump will lead us to the holy land. Trump wants to rid the world of communist like the democrats. He wants to stop them from destroying America. Trump is protecting from evil Democrats. If you have friends and family following these communist Democrats you must talk to them and make them see the error of their ways. Follow Gods words through mr trump.

  • vusisemwayo
    vusisemwayo 3 minutes ago

    Everybody is an activist until you touch their money....

  • Sammy Miami
    Sammy Miami 3 minutes ago

    if i wher trump all the treoter dems evilli will deport to mongolia 1 wey ticket never come back

    BJBDF 3 minutes ago

    Anyone who thinks that climate change is the #1 priority, or even real, is too stupid to be the President.

  • Ali Maher Chaabi
    Ali Maher Chaabi 3 minutes ago

    This is one big lie, the Kurds have been exposed for this fake news. 1 The video was staged and fake. 2 Where The F*** will ISIS go? 3 They are no treat because the don't have any money or weapons.

    PAPOOSELAKESURFER 3 minutes ago

    More and more she slurs like Mueller, alcohol has pickled too many brain cells? Schiff's face looks like Hunter has provided his real, often practiced skills with pocket mirror and rolled up century bill?

  • mari brenner
    mari brenner 3 minutes ago

    BTW, Brazile, Biden is now a CITIZEN!!! STOP calling him V.P., you simpleton°

  • Jim Watson
    Jim Watson 3 minutes ago

    I have been saying for Months now Democrats will side with Foreign Countries and Leaders against Trump!

  • Sable Jase
    Sable Jase 3 minutes ago

    "It was a good letter" oh ok lol

  • penguinistas
    penguinistas 3 minutes ago

    And yes, I would trust al-jazeera (and RT) over CNN every day of the week.

  • Kyle Mason
    Kyle Mason 3 minutes ago

    V for vendetta

  • David Brand
    David Brand 3 minutes ago

    Fox spits on it's audience again by presenting Donna Brazille. Pfff

  • J Hughes
    J Hughes 3 minutes ago

    He is still lying.

  • Danno
    Danno 3 minutes ago

    LOL. Globalist Baier was hoping for negative comments regarding President Trump. He did not look happy.

  • Melanie Alsop
    Melanie Alsop 3 minutes ago

    you suck nd so does shift..your both a joke

  • Jonathan LaRiviere
    Jonathan LaRiviere 3 minutes ago

    The facts Tucker quoted were 100% said by the AOC team. They weren’t in the Green Bew Deal document but they were on the FAQ page put on AOC‘a website about the GND. They took it down because it was absurd. Please look up “Don’t Walk, Run Productions” for the best GND and AOC coverage there is.

  • Ron Miller
    Ron Miller 3 minutes ago

    Perhaps Lebron James is the "house" speaker - so to speak! And we know what house that is. If only the others knew too. He is shining on the masses.

  • ESAD
    ESAD 3 minutes ago

    yes we would trump is awesome

  • Joe Clayton
    Joe Clayton 3 minutes ago

    did lebron even graduate form high school? this dude is dumb as a post he acts like he's smart, i'd love to see his academic record from high school he's only good in the nba because the league and the refs let him travel, carry the ball, charge and whine. he's not worthy to carry Jordan J-strap

  • Songs Forever
    Songs Forever 3 minutes ago

    Your going to hell idiot look in the mirror u look like hell

  • S Ash
    S Ash 3 minutes ago

    One pres on Fox News everybody knows the rules

  • Jameel Ali
    Jameel Ali 3 minutes ago


  • Petro Phishhed
    Petro Phishhed 3 minutes ago

    TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL over satanic LIARS & CHEATS. The party’s OVER punks!!!

  • Marilyn Woodall
    Marilyn Woodall 3 minutes ago

    Rhino graham

  • Robert Bradford
    Robert Bradford 3 minutes ago

    Uhm, excuse me but how would the Iranians taking the oil fields boost their economy? They can't sell the oil, so how does that work?