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  • GamingGamest
    GamingGamest 4 hours ago

    Who thought it said Razor

  • Deep Kumar Bora
    Deep Kumar Bora 4 hours ago

    If you want to waste, wait don't waste. Give it to our Orphan Supporting NGO

  • Joseph Borne
    Joseph Borne 4 hours ago

    2:37 THAT DOODS FACE HAHAHAHA!! - hes like "wtf why is this Austin dood following me and yelling phone specs at me.

  • InaneWarrior107
    InaneWarrior107 4 hours ago

    The specs r mid range! But itโ€™s a foldable so itโ€™s worth $1,500! Why?????

  • Teckzus Feralupus
    Teckzus Feralupus 4 hours ago

    What's the real purpose of this? I mean, in the Galaxy Fold you had a phone that could turn into a tablet. Now you get a phone that can turn into... A smaller phone?

  • InaneWarrior107
    InaneWarrior107 4 hours ago

    Youโ€™ve gotta be kidding, the specs suck, and people r going Gaga for this Bc itโ€™s a foldable?

  • King Kross KTK
    King Kross KTK 4 hours ago

    at 3:20 all i noticed was the lady in the back.

  • Stephen Lister
    Stephen Lister 4 hours ago

    old processors, poor specs, no 5g, DOA! Looks like it took years of dev, now it outdated before it's even introduced.

  • Cyber
    Cyber 4 hours ago

    Great video

  • Jon
    Jon 4 hours ago

    I may have to buy this. I loved my razr, I remember when the original razr came out it was a status symbol, you were cool if you owned a razr

  • Brett Burrows
    Brett Burrows 5 hours ago

    Can't use a iBoring so sheep, can't change anything I want to.

  • CLoTiC Dexus
    CLoTiC Dexus 5 hours ago

    This man is jacked

  • jJuiZz The Second
    jJuiZz The Second 5 hours ago

    Can Lew and Austin start a co-host war?

  • aidsinmycar
    aidsinmycar 5 hours ago


  • Grayson Hunt
    Grayson Hunt 5 hours ago

    Im in the broke section

  • Wimo Tapia
    Wimo Tapia 5 hours ago

    I canโ€™t stop thinking you hair looks like you stick half of a wick on your head with 3M tape.

  • Amran Khan
    Amran Khan 5 hours ago

    Clone Musk!!!

  • Devara FT
    Devara FT 5 hours ago

    Austin: "there's actually a real use for the Razr" Also Austin: "The Razr is not a practical choice"

    KANNEN MILLER 5 hours ago

    Surface go runs Windows ipads do not!

  • Michael Hickie
    Michael Hickie 5 hours ago

    It's a grower not a shower.

  • Krutarth Y G
    Krutarth Y G 5 hours ago

    OnePlus 7t

  • El Fez
    El Fez 5 hours ago

    Came for the review . .left because of the almost yelling level of presentation.

  • William Bishop
    William Bishop 5 hours ago

    FFS I just bought a new phone, now I want this more ahah

  • Mister Nibba
    Mister Nibba 5 hours ago

    Where is this guy's neck?

  • John Luca
    John Luca 5 hours ago

    Jerryrigeverthing has entered the chat

  • DontDelay Persona5Royal

    Petition for Ken to make anime vids thanks man of culture

  • Ethan Hughes
    Ethan Hughes 5 hours ago

    Fp Austin looks like he touches kids

  • big chungis 9000
    big chungis 9000 5 hours ago

    Smh canโ€™t believe Motorola and Samsung be out here copying features the iPhone 6 had years ago, like bending.

  • inks
    inks 5 hours ago

    Here is for the people who wanted Austin to do a ASMR video: 12:18

  • starrxkitti
    starrxkitti 5 hours ago

    that was my first phone im-

  • Santhony Cheng
    Santhony Cheng 5 hours ago


  • jeroen
    jeroen 5 hours ago

    lol almost as loud as early linus

  • Sho'Nuff, The Showgun of Harlem


  • Neellav Gogoi
    Neellav Gogoi 5 hours ago

    Elon's lost little brother

  • Natsumei
    Natsumei 6 hours ago

    $1500 for 4G and midrange spec? No, thank you

  • Skylar Novak
    Skylar Novak 6 hours ago

    I rather buy an old ass Razr phone on ebay. It doesn't have that satisfying flip because of that stupid screen.

  • Ernande Silva
    Ernande Silva 6 hours ago

    MEUS PARABร‰NS IRMรƒO ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  • Ernande Silva
    Ernande Silva 6 hours ago


    WGACA 6 hours ago

    Speak for yourself. Why would I want a folding phone? I already have a phone. A want a folding tablet and phone in one. But the Apple sheep will just praise any folding non Samsung phone product just cause they don't want Samsung to succeed before Apple.

  • Abdou Drk
    Abdou Drk 6 hours ago

    Its bullshit makeup mirror design. A folding phone should be a normal phone that can turn into a tablet whenever you need it in my opinion at least

  • Tim Mcmurtree
    Tim Mcmurtree 6 hours ago

    Lol nope. Outdated processor Plastic screen thats going to scratch and look like trash 6 gigs of ram Terrible battery life Motorola also makes it so we already know itS going to feel cheap

  • WhoRanZone TV
    WhoRanZone TV 6 hours ago

    are you the brother of @roomieofficial ?

  • kumbandit
    kumbandit 6 hours ago

    "We have very old drivers from >>previous year<<" Yeah, that's basically from the stone age...

  • Byaquta Bidheya Behera

    "IN RESPONSE TO THE VIDEO TILTLE-" Nah,folding phones are still not at a level where I would consider them to be my daily driver. They are still pretty much first gen products and have a long way to go before they are more suitable and accessible for the general consumers. Currently,I don't see anyone else other than tech enthusiasts and deep pocket geeks using foldable phones. With time foldable devices sure hold a great promise.๐Ÿ˜„

  • Itz Kyubbi
    Itz Kyubbi 6 hours ago

    I got the same gameboy but mine ain't like yours

  • Abdullah Badawood
    Abdullah Badawood 6 hours ago

    0:45 me : penneywise stop , don't eat the popcorn pennywise : '' Isn't It fresh enough for you ? it was fresh enough for georgie "

  • muroy fli-ppc-apx
    muroy fli-ppc-apx 6 hours ago

    Use blender greace pencil.

  • Bob Linux Olsen
    Bob Linux Olsen 7 hours ago

    Bro, you need to open up the top button on your shirt. It looks like youโ€™re choking ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  • worth
    worth 7 hours ago

    apple really just has this pseudo-industrial design that SCREAMS corporation, although honestly is representative of the fact that their marketing is little more than scaled multi-level marketing without a payout. says this bias towards microsoft. inside actual corporations though, you will see microsoft computers everywhere, and really the mac is an aesthetic choice for more fashionable employees. with thousands of employees though, infrastructure is generally dated and still runs windows, so microsoft has plenty pr with users of regular volatility with products that are tech related. or i just hate apple. you decide. and check out my beats if you got some time. ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ™

  • Da Chop Up
    Da Chop Up 7 hours ago

    Man the OG flip was the best phone I ever had when it got stolen man was I pissed

  • Dylon
    Dylon 7 hours ago

    Just the og razr But just futuristic

  • Bilbosere
    Bilbosere 7 hours ago

    Was i just explained what cds are i feel insulted

  • Dank Lord Saladin
    Dank Lord Saladin 7 hours ago

    Im here because of sTaDiA

  • Nap Map
    Nap Map 7 hours ago

    Our tv is up to 8k

  • Air Espenilla
    Air Espenilla 7 hours ago

    Like for the Drake meme

  • Dipanjan Biswas
    Dipanjan Biswas 7 hours ago

    Now this is practical.

  • xXEren 06 MuseXx
    xXEren 06 MuseXx 7 hours ago

    i dare you to cry

  • RAFPega
    RAFPega 7 hours ago

    lmao puts mask on and immediately watches mindfield

  • Rau
    Rau 7 hours ago

    Not one guy watching Austin 3:30

  • David Del Rosario
    David Del Rosario 7 hours ago

    I remember as a kid I had a standalone version of the Game case. It was blue. And there was a rabbit.

  • Ritesh Baranwal
    Ritesh Baranwal 7 hours ago

    Hey Austin this is Guys

  • - _ - E
    - _ - E 7 hours ago

    Austin : We'll have 80% more ads two years from now Everyone : We have adblocker TheXvid's Dec 10 TOS : I'm gonna stop you right there

  • NRGpony
    NRGpony 7 hours ago

    Why are phones so fucking expensive now? Is $1,000+ phones gonna start becoming a thing now? Does nobody like owning stuff?

  • Nuren Zayyan
    Nuren Zayyan 8 hours ago

    Austin: Can we stop doing mystery tech Ken: but im not finished using all your cash

  • Hans Nystrรถm Pastor

    Que majo el marques, what a sweet guyseems to be mr brownie marquese

  • Alem Kalender
    Alem Kalender 8 hours ago

    Why would anybody want this?

  • Toby Boss
    Toby Boss 8 hours ago

    Austin : everything looks suspicious...

  • Grobfoot
    Grobfoot 8 hours ago

    this phone should have no excuse to not have an insane camera, I would have expected that to be a great part of it

  • Imtiaz Mohammad
    Imtiaz Mohammad 8 hours ago

    The price is going to drop like Diplo drop beats. Just wait for it lol

  • PMFL
    PMFL 8 hours ago

    What was he saying? I got lost when I saw that beauty back there taking selfies 3:45

  • Anubhav Thakur
    Anubhav Thakur 8 hours ago

    Well honestly I am really excited about the phone, even knowing it's specs are that of an upper mid range phone. But I'd still buy this if I could spend $1500. Just because of the innovation behind it. Trust me guys it doesn't make much difference in whether you are using a high end chip or an upper middle class chip in day to day usage and gaming. And it is coming from me, a guy who is using an Asus ROG 2. We should learn to sometimes appreciate innovation, as something cool and innovative like this does not comes easily nowadays. Thanks and have a nice day ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous 8 hours ago

    Guess you'll just have to send it to me

  • Aldrich Uyliong
    Aldrich Uyliong 8 hours ago

    Reminds me of the more premium V3x I used to have during my college days. Nostalgia feels.

  • Aaron
    Aaron 8 hours ago

    Trash specs for that price

  • Sainder PPD
    Sainder PPD 8 hours ago

    And coming from mkbhd vid to here yes he doesnt like lighting condition

  • Kawaii Doge
    Kawaii Doge 8 hours ago

    It can get scratch easily.. With deeper groove at level 3

  • BoTi
    BoTi 8 hours ago

    Fuck that and fuck apple

  • TomaCukor
    TomaCukor 8 hours ago

    MKB's fame and money went to his head, he won't even speak to smaller guys now... Pathetic.

  • CHICKENfat88
    CHICKENfat88 8 hours ago

    Safari is a undercover beast on my cellphone!!! thereโ€™s been numerous times when I was able to access a random website while my friends Android choked up

  • Raios Ephi
    Raios Ephi 9 hours ago

    Unfortunately my Duo 11 failed me. So... My Vaio experience was bad

  • Pariwesh
    Pariwesh 9 hours ago

    1:07 Now that's some cool ass editing!

  • Hazqier
    Hazqier 9 hours ago

    I feel like phones nowdays keeps getting more expensive...

  • Jan Borgula
    Jan Borgula 9 hours ago

    Ok, i need that toaster right now.

  • Gavin Urey
    Gavin Urey 9 hours ago

    That voice so annoying. Can i just punch you Austin

  • Danes Vlogs
    Danes Vlogs 9 hours ago

    Yo Austin I love ur videos keep it up ur a real inspiration

  • Danes Vlogs
    Danes Vlogs 9 hours ago

    Did u know it was called a ps x

  • Muhammad Asif
    Muhammad Asif 9 hours ago

    y all of u guys sound same?

  • xaroxero
    xaroxero 9 hours ago

    YO! That Shelters tour shirt is dope! I was wearing mine while watching this. Great concert, really wish they'd drop a full album version.

  • Matthew Tincknell
    Matthew Tincknell 9 hours ago

    0 00

  • Raymond Petit
    Raymond Petit 9 hours ago

    Why can't people say it's just another foldable option? One that's not a tablet?

  • Matthew Tincknell
    Matthew Tincknell 9 hours ago


  • Aryan Adhikari
    Aryan Adhikari 9 hours ago

    To be honest every keyboard is the same

  • Mystery Bag
    Mystery Bag 9 hours ago

    I hope folding phones don't become mainstream. I like a phone that can be completely handled and used with 1 hand and doesn't need to be flipped open..Sure a folding tablet? That's cool, I like traveling and I can find use for one of them.

  • Mohammad Malik
    Mohammad Malik 9 hours ago

    I love how he's shouting the whole time, shows his dedication to tech.

  • FORTNITE boi
    FORTNITE boi 9 hours ago

    I know what gamestop that is it is in Ontario californa I go there bro

  • Ingest Ketamine
    Ingest Ketamine 9 hours ago

    i have the rii rgb keyboard and i have one that has the individual keys lit up. came with an rgb mouse, not upset.

  • FGI
    FGI 9 hours ago

    50$ products are $49.99

  • toogoodforaname
    toogoodforaname 10 hours ago

    5 names of the wagon troupe... Sh*t, Is, On, The, Nipple.

  • Gianni Martin
    Gianni Martin 10 hours ago

    of course?

  • Joshua Primmer
    Joshua Primmer 10 hours ago

    I have donโ€™t really care about foldable phones since itโ€™s just a phone with dual screens, cause you know what else had dual screens the DS and 3DS line of consoles it really is not that spectacular or unique. Sorry to stab to death your balloon just need to shove my unwanted, stupid, brain dead opinion on to this video and this is not me trying to be an ass just me speaking my unwanted opinion here.