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  • John Wright
    John Wright Minute ago

    Is it Bluetooth

  • Angel Redondo
    Angel Redondo 2 minutes ago

    I have a SE. thinking of getting this one

  • Guac Amole
    Guac Amole 7 minutes ago

    Yeah, I'd say it would be nice

  • Anony Mouse
    Anony Mouse 7 minutes ago

    OMG, if that guy says "Hey Guys, it's Austin" one more time.... Yes Austin we know it's you, it's been you since you started your channel, do you have to let us know EVERY! FLIPPING! TIME?! It's getting so annoying I'm going to have to learn coding and create an app which automatically fasts forward past the ads and the first 10 seconds of Austins intro.

  • Samuel Isaksson
    Samuel Isaksson 10 minutes ago

    Magic! 0:18: nay 2ds xl, 0:20: 2ds xl appearin out o thin air

  • Garsett Larosse
    Garsett Larosse 10 minutes ago

    Excellent, practical review. I know which one to buy now.

  • Meow Meow
    Meow Meow 15 minutes ago

    You meant.. PSP XL..

  • Preston Hamilton
    Preston Hamilton 18 minutes ago

    Petition for this to be the specs of Project Scarlett 👇🏻

  • wasteland wonder
    wasteland wonder 21 minute ago

    Ken gets them all in Japanese do that you don’t know what they say and only he understands them so you have no use for them

  • l a l i s a
    l a l i s a 24 minutes ago

    who else is watching these so you could tell how good it is and start asking your parents to buy it? just me? oh k

  • Lilly DogeYT
    Lilly DogeYT 28 minutes ago

    I bought my self a ps4 pro for my birthday at the begging of the year now I’m saving up for a gaming computer I’ll make sure to tune in regularly considering how much I use technology

  • Monty Hucknall
    Monty Hucknall 29 minutes ago

    1:01 and it’s also thinner

  • luqman 123
    luqman 123 31 minute ago

    Can’t believe i’m watching this at iPad 2018

  • Pineapple Productions
    Pineapple Productions 34 minutes ago

    Imagine just bringing all this to a lecture xddddd

  • vdan 360
    vdan 360 35 minutes ago

    Me:*watches all the review videos and doesn't buy anything*

  • Firek - Hotline Miami
    Firek - Hotline Miami 36 minutes ago

    Switch V2 > Lite Lite sucks, it doesn’t Have most features that normal switch had, no dock mode, no stand It would be good for 100$

  • i will spam
    i will spam 39 minutes ago

    wait austin can use that other computer to like test usb or sketchy stuff

  • Jacobytes
    Jacobytes 41 minute ago

    gotta love how Ken is wasting his boss' cash

  • tremonster1
    tremonster1 47 minutes ago

    People are still wasting their money on iphones?

  • Varad Bhatt
    Varad Bhatt 48 minutes ago

    Austin, please don’t ever say slofie, or try it that way

  • C u
    C u 49 minutes ago

    No the pro is the one to get

  • pumpuppthevolume
    pumpuppthevolume 50 minutes ago

    ooor don't get this one

  • Wistbacka
    Wistbacka 50 minutes ago

    Can I install windows on that thing?

  • 100T Ghost
    100T Ghost 52 minutes ago

    as a kid I had a lightning McQueen tv

  • The Garma Family Experience

    yo you had me laughing bro

  • JadynWuzHere
    JadynWuzHere 53 minutes ago

    Buy the Normal Switch, I only play Portable Mode, But there might be games I want the t.v. For And All games work for it

  • Donald Roberts
    Donald Roberts 54 minutes ago

    For $699.. That's definitely a steal.... And wait till Thanksgiving when all the phones go on sale... It probably be 499...🤔

  • Eww Oppp
    Eww Oppp 55 minutes ago

    is the ipad pro 1st gen still worth it ?

  • Chirumiru
    Chirumiru 56 minutes ago

    Shoutout to Ken's Asuka shirt

  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee 56 minutes ago

    > Bar none the best 30$ headphones uhhhh KZ ZSX and CCA C12 (same company) and ZS10 Pro?

  • Logan Bradley
    Logan Bradley 57 minutes ago

    Thankfully I bought this one

  • Bengsue Yang
    Bengsue Yang 59 minutes ago

    What is his channel? Lol

  • LegoAlex400
    LegoAlex400 59 minutes ago

    I would porbably get it when theres more colors and when theres a price cut, like around 100-150

  • Name
    Name 59 minutes ago


  • Jayblue873
    Jayblue873 Hour ago

    9000$ laptop=1080p screen. 1600$ laptop=4K screen lol

  • Juan Suárez
    Juan Suárez Hour ago

    Scamed by wish... And TheXvid gives me wish advices hahaha

  • Isaac Nilsson
    Isaac Nilsson Hour ago

    I got a wish ad watching this... nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope

  • Bullrunner15 Games

    0:33 hey at lest he’s honest

  • Dex
    Dex Hour ago

    My iPhone X is better... Even if my Face ID doesn’t work anymore because a water demon got into my phone.

  • Nocifer
    Nocifer Hour ago

    watch the slofie video at 2x speed and he'll sound like a motorcycle 💀💀💀

  • Michael Chen
    Michael Chen Hour ago

    7:41 omg you’re holding all my dreams :o

  • Shawn Corey rosenburg

    damn that's a creepy ass thumbnail.

  • FrenchFriez
    FrenchFriez Hour ago

    0:25 wowwowowowowow look at how better tHe cameras

  • Lambo Levi
    Lambo Levi Hour ago

    I cant imagine owning a switch and not being able to play on 1080p on a TV period if you have original adding this for portable is fine but to get this before the og switch is a bad move I love playing portable but the fact on the tv Is just so great you need the option hence the name "SWITCH"

  • Destination Unknown

    I Decided to watch your video because I'm interested in the switch lite, Then the almighty God Jon made a cameo and I instantly hit the Subscribe button, Jon is a Elder of the Internet and is loved by everyone in my house hold!

  • Markiso Wickstorm

    Nah, this ain´t it. iPhone X for another year. iPhone 12 120hz, No notch next year

  • Savage Sebastian

    Just bought mine in silver/ white

    GOLDEN SPARK Hour ago

    Nah I'ma stick with mah Nokia 3310

  • Krish Patel
    Krish Patel Hour ago

    i am an iPhone 6s user and i don't think that i need to upgrade as it still does eveery thing i need it to and also beacuse of IOS 13 it has gotten a bit faster so i am happy with my iPhone right now, and that's what i like about Apple is that their phones last alot longer than other phones.

    GOLDEN SPARK Hour ago

    Why buy an iphone at all???

  • scotty thompson
    scotty thompson Hour ago

    cool video tech talk Austin about the iPhone does the iPhone 11 cellphone have a removable battery

  • Bob Langord
    Bob Langord Hour ago

    The inside of kens hat is from yuru camp

  • Reetam Chowdhury

    Is he wearing LTT merch?

  • dane
    dane Hour ago

    nobody be talking about a laptop. the most op console ever.

  • tommy d u b b s
    tommy d u b b s Hour ago

    How do you say hey guys this is Austin with the exact same cadence

  • dkimmortal
    dkimmortal Hour ago

    Is wifi 2x2 or 4x4 wifi

  • Inceptual Games
    Inceptual Games Hour ago

    Using the dpad instead of select on a nes game. Lol!

  • dkimmortal
    dkimmortal Hour ago

    Pleaaasseee tell us network reliability of intel vs Qualcomm, is the difference negligible?

  • Tomate N
    Tomate N Hour ago


  • Hardik Saini
    Hardik Saini Hour ago


  • LoLUnderstated
    LoLUnderstated Hour ago

    I dont care about oled, but a higher resolution display and a real charger included wouldve gone a really long way. This wouldve been the perfect iphone.

  • Carnage Overdrive

    Gotta kick my Lil brother of the main switch so he gets the smaller one

  • Nuno Torres
    Nuno Torres Hour ago

    Building the ultimate switch lite

  • LoLUnderstated
    LoLUnderstated Hour ago

    Good video. Retarded thumbnail.

  • Our proud prime minister · 27 years ago ·

    I have the Wii u, its even black like yours.

  • Isaiahman 2008
    Isaiahman 2008 Hour ago

    The REAL question is, can they run roblox?

  • Gaurav Bhalerao
    Gaurav Bhalerao Hour ago

    The best slow motion selfie yet. (Yeah I'm not gonna call it that disastrous name Apple have given it)

  • Trainer Jack
    Trainer Jack Hour ago

    Should I get the XR or 11? Difference is about 175$ (Canadian) 799 to 979

  • Nico Jiménez
    Nico Jiménez Hour ago


  • Tech Explained
    Tech Explained Hour ago

    I’m still keeping my Xr till 2020 iphone 12

  • AnarickTheDevil
    AnarickTheDevil Hour ago

    Everyone else: Don't buy a graphics card off wish. Austin: I'm gonna buy this gtx 1060 from wish and see if what everyone else says is true. When it turns out to be fake: surprised pikachu face.

  • PairaGamers
    PairaGamers Hour ago

    Why doesn’t anyone mention that since you can’t do video out that it means NO GAME CAPTURE and NO STREAMING your gameplay.. Also, you won’t be able to use devices like the (already shipped) mClassic. I took my OG Switch and used Velcro to attach it to the back of a 11” 1080p portable monitor. I have a portable dock and a Pro Controller. I posted a short video on it if you care to see.

  • Cody Wise
    Cody Wise Hour ago

    Did anyone get a Pennywise feel when he did the slofie 😂😂

  • PasteIlo
    PasteIlo Hour ago

    idk if i should get a turquoise one or wait for the limited version

  • AlexDaManGames
    AlexDaManGames Hour ago

    I'm going to stay with my one plus 7 I guess

  • Chris Monaghan Music

    Kids today don't know the struggle of playing a gameboy with no backlight past 7pm

  • hellomynameis
    hellomynameis Hour ago

    I cant stop laughing at the thumbnail wtf🤣🤣

  • fabian puello
    fabian puello 2 hours ago

    Hey Austin, this is guys!

  • fereirra _
    fereirra _ 2 hours ago

    Unlike last year model. This newer iPhone 11 share the same specs except for the telephoto camera soo not that big deal for me 😁

  • Rydoge 21
    Rydoge 21 2 hours ago

    But...but...but...the midnight green looks so good😬 Jk lol I would put a case on it anyways

  • Dmitriy Chaikovskiy
    Dmitriy Chaikovskiy 2 hours ago

    just wait for pixel 4

  • Hex_ vector gameplay

    Apple made iPhone 8,iPhone x but were the hell is the iPhone 9. If someone says oh the ipohen x r is the 9 no is not

  • Anil Ch
    Anil Ch 2 hours ago

    Buy? Paisa tera baap dega??

  • Wan Zachary Wan Isa
    Wan Zachary Wan Isa 2 hours ago

    I’m still using my iphone 7plus. So Apple does not need to feel nervous just yet 👍

  • Syed Tanwir Ahmed
    Syed Tanwir Ahmed 2 hours ago

    heard there is no vibration feedback for the lite. is it true? if yes, then its a major deal breaker for me.

  • Tony
    Tony 2 hours ago

    Hey Austin! Itd be awesome to see a review on the asus zenbook!

  • kalef1234
    kalef1234 2 hours ago

    will be a nice upgrade for 3 years when i can afford a used one

  • Rinpuia Ralte
    Rinpuia Ralte 2 hours ago

    No one cares about the phone. I want Ken's shirt.😂😂

  • Maikel K
    Maikel K 2 hours ago

    Wait wut...but but you said i shouldn't buy a new iPhone? I'm confused

  • David Anderson
    David Anderson 2 hours ago

    im still using the 6s wuth no problem. cant decide between the 11 or samsung a50

  • David O
    David O 2 hours ago

    Why buy an iPhone 11 when you can wait for the s11e and get that instead?

  • Crashy dorifto boi
    Crashy dorifto boi 2 hours ago

    0/10 no arabic ringtone.

  • Faja Man
    Faja Man 2 hours ago


  • rfdzn
    rfdzn 2 hours ago

    G502 And no fuccking MOUSEPAD use it ffs

  • Prohawk gaming
    Prohawk gaming 2 hours ago

    Hey Guys This is the Frog Camera

  • Casman
    Casman 2 hours ago

    I feel like improvements in Phone camera quality is starting to get pointless. Most people look at photos on their phone screen so you can't really tell the difference in quality between a 2 year old flagship phone and a pro level DSLR most of the time. Plus you can't really zoom in on Instagram photos to see the details. Like when I watch this video on my 4K monitor I can definitely tell the iPhone 11 camera is great, but watching it on my s10+ it kind of just looks like any other phone camera from the last 2 years. The real benefit to great phone camera like this is people who look at photos close up with a nice big monitor and go over every little detail. But for 90% of the other regular people, it really doesn't matter because they consume all content on their tiny phone screen.

  • Ralph
    Ralph 2 hours ago

    I thought you were over smartphones.

  • Unlimited Bits Gaming

    "I'm never gonna take it that deep." - Austin Evans, 2019

  • Dhana Ardian Yulindra


  • Mahesh Walatara
    Mahesh Walatara 2 hours ago

    What's that big shoulder fired camera?