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  • Jonathan Lim
    Jonathan Lim 6 hours ago

    I actually quite like these strict parents, especially the strict dad who has compassion on the ill disciplined kids' addictions

  • Chris Randall
    Chris Randall 7 hours ago

    I love that Diane Keaton is on strict parents

  • Jake Sargent
    Jake Sargent 8 hours ago

    Is it me is that Peter griffin and the house is the same 😂😂

  • Me Rau
    Me Rau Day ago

    Those gauges are scary 🤓

  • Alune NutZ
    Alune NutZ Day ago

    Why am I binging this 😕

  • Monty Wormald
    Monty Wormald Day ago

    Bluto scared whatever

  • Monty Wormald
    Monty Wormald Day ago

    What the fuck is wrong with the word stupid fucking idiots

  • Jatt's Opinion

    These parents are 100 percent to blame........why do they fund these children to party..??.lol... they don't work so blatantly it's thier mum n dad's that are paying for them to party's pretty obvious stop giv8ng them money ....stop enabling them to take the piss lol....simples

  • Nihat Gurung
    Nihat Gurung Day ago

    Be like Bill. Born in Nepal, Get slap and punches , that made Bill nice!

  • 0 000
    0 000 2 days ago

    this dad needs to hire some fucking employees, how pathetic

  • Crazy Crazy
    Crazy Crazy 2 days ago

    These teens are a whole mood lol

  • Undead Abyss
    Undead Abyss 2 days ago

    I had a single mother, who would ground me whenever me or my brothers fucked up, we got grounded to our room, only ever been hit a handful of times. We turned out alright, and my mother did an amazing job for a single mother of 3.

  • Lin Vans
    Lin Vans 2 days ago

    I am 100% sure I would NOT have this behaviour in my home. They can GET OUT of my home in the clothes they stand in and there is no revolving door in my home.

  • jess rose
    jess rose 3 days ago

    the mom isn't that strict and she has good morals but the dad was just using his job to get authority and be controlling

  • Impulse
    Impulse 3 days ago

    @ WorldsStrictestParentsFullEpisodes those kids that have good manners will land up moving out at a young age, they will go wild, they will do all the things they missed out on when your not around, they will have 3somes, they will experiment with every drug, they will be kids!

  • Saara Mazyar
    Saara Mazyar 3 days ago

    Her eyebrows have left the chat.

  • Saara Mazyar
    Saara Mazyar 3 days ago

    MoThER Of JESuS , these teens are hella annoying. Like they think that they're cool, but in reality they're just annoying asf

  • Abbie Lockley
    Abbie Lockley 3 days ago

    Does anyone else think that Carly looks like Britney from glee? 😂

  • helo benmelo
    helo benmelo 4 days ago

    Their kids also need help wtf

  • Louise Nelson
    Louise Nelson 4 days ago

    Slick Rick is a silly little attention seeking boy. Lol any attention is better than none. Poor little soul.

  • Asmaa Khayyat
    Asmaa Khayyat 4 days ago

    carly looking kinda like sandra bullok

  • Veronica Moellering

    She's me in and out. I dont show emotions either. I only when everyone is asleep.

  • mikael pewdershrmerdt

    dude this guy can play

  • Logans Computer Co.

    OMG, as someone who has respect for adults, this show kills me to watch and see how selfish and little respect some of these teens have for the adults

  • Amanda Hauhnar
    Amanda Hauhnar 5 days ago

    Idk why i like Zach 😂

  • Lizzy
    Lizzy 5 days ago

    fuck blue lives

  • • Gypsical Moon •

    The the dad needs to learn how to say please and thank you tbh.

  • Hlombe Mabunda
    Hlombe Mabunda 6 days ago

    I wish Zach had siblings, that way, he'd be able to show and to receive love

  • Hlombe Mabunda
    Hlombe Mabunda 6 days ago

    Zach's mom did not show any affection that's why her son is messed up.

  • Baby love
    Baby love 6 days ago

    I also has a nick name called Killer 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣his face OMG 😳🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Calum Doak
    Calum Doak 6 days ago

    Well i mean she doesn’t “work” cause she doesn’t make any money

  • Fluffy Pandaas
    Fluffy Pandaas 6 days ago

    Great!! But when I got to the end I saw how you were all talking... was that just acting, is that not true!!??🤔🤔

  • Gamer L
    Gamer L 6 days ago

    Like this family

  • Drake McKay
    Drake McKay 6 days ago

    this guy obviously pre packed a bowl before he left to come home to, his forced T break gave him some clarity and +100 to his motivation

  • O_D_D 1
    O_D_D 1 7 days ago

    Zach should be a rapper

  • Thund3rbolt
    Thund3rbolt 7 days ago

    At home i don't work,she does i'm the child and she provides for me it's her job???? but my job is to wake up late,do nothing and drive the car of course,ISN'T driving the car MOM'S JOB!!!

  • Gracy Devi
    Gracy Devi 7 days ago

    ariel sounds so sweet

  • Thund3rbolt
    Thund3rbolt 7 days ago

    Everything in life is a joke??? SERIOUSLY DUDE??? Let's see that when your parents kick you out of the house!! The girl tells her mom to shut up??? I would have slapped her and threw her out! and then she'dhave to get a job to pay for her tickets not her mom! Does she think her mom is her servant? stupid trash!

  • Drake Poovey
    Drake Poovey 7 days ago

    25:28 camera crew lady or ??

  • Monty Wormald
    Monty Wormald 7 days ago

    So what the fuck does the mother do FUCK all

  • Thund3rbolt
    Thund3rbolt 7 days ago

    The 18yrold is living in the wrong decade! Hippies were around in the 60"s! I am an asshole and she is a bigger one referring to his mom??? If he was my son he would have been thrown out of the house!! he would be forced to get a job to support himself,find a place to stay and then maybe i'd pay him a visit to see how he is doing!!! I am AMAZED at these parents and their patience for putting up with their unappreciative and irresponsible children who disrespect them!

    • Typical Gamer
      Typical Gamer 3 days ago

      Thund3rbolt yes I know and when i have kids they will not be useless,disrespectful POS like zach

    • Thund3rbolt
      Thund3rbolt 3 days ago

      @Typical Gamer It's up to you to have normal kids that's what iv'e been telling you,kids aren't born like Zack!

    • Typical Gamer
      Typical Gamer 3 days ago

      Thund3rbolt yes I do agree with you but if I would have to choose between having children like him or have no children I’d rather have no kids

    • Thund3rbolt
      Thund3rbolt 4 days ago

      @Typical Gamer You know it would be wrong not to have kids.As a mother i used to talk to my sons when they were little i wasn't strict, i was gentle but they learnt that there are limits! It's wrong for parents to allow their children to talk in a lousy manner,call them whatever comes to their mouth and not take action because the kids grow up believing the particular attitude is right!

    • Typical Gamer
      Typical Gamer 4 days ago

      Thund3rbolt yeah exactly even though I’m not a dad if my kids are like that I’d rather not have kids or beat them up to perfection and yeah zach does look like a hippie or a TikTok Emo kid I fuckin hate those dudes

  • Thund3rbolt
    Thund3rbolt 7 days ago

    I don't care about my mom? Why doesn't the mom kick her out????

  • Monty Wormald
    Monty Wormald 7 days ago

    Just say fuck u lot I wait till I get home my home

  • Thund3rbolt
    Thund3rbolt 7 days ago

    Why is someone considered STRICT when trying to make lazy teenagers who like to party all the time without lifting a finger to do a little "housework"? Shame on both for making fun of the principals the pastor has!

  • Demonic Creature
    Demonic Creature 7 days ago

    Zach is a mood and has dead eyes that I can look in to while talking 🤭he wud look so attractive with shorter hair !

  • Aljo Gaming
    Aljo Gaming 7 days ago

    zach is the funniest dude ever

  • ItzAdil
    ItzAdil 8 days ago

    Basically free labour

  • Salamandra
    Salamandra 8 days ago

    I feel like Zach's mom might've been part of the problem too. He makes it seem like he didn't like the fact she didn't even know him at all. She didn't know he had goals in his life, she didn't even care enough to spell her own child's name correctly after 18 years of knowing him.

  • Alyss Kennedy
    Alyss Kennedy 8 days ago

    It’s really annoying that the kids are so shocked that they can’t smoke. 99% of the episodes you can’t bloody smoke.

  • ItzAdil
    ItzAdil 8 days ago

    "keeping fit" this man looks like that fat chipmunk Theodore

  • Ybirds Beats
    Ybirds Beats 8 days ago

    Ricky was kind of a cock head, but he came back without his trousers on and straight away bowled a strike lmaoo

  • JMAN
    JMAN 8 days ago

    Ricky looks just like Adam Devine

  • Slippin Jimmy79ツ
    Slippin Jimmy79ツ 8 days ago

    Cringined so hard when I saw them roll that wall 😠

  • KizzyKitty Rap Up1778

    5 minute shower? Wtf 14:44 how did they know he was behind them did they see his shadow? 14:39 what was on there

  • ʙᴀsɪᴄ ᴡʜɪᴛᴇ ɢɪʀʟ

    I laughed at Zach the whole time lmao

  • Cameron Gray
    Cameron Gray 9 days ago

    “Just because ur religious doesn’t mean you can take it out on me” 😂😂

  • Raging Ebola
    Raging Ebola 9 days ago

    12 kids ...

  • Raging Ebola
    Raging Ebola 9 days ago

    Those parents are so mean to these two lil angels !! :PPP

  • Grady Moxley
    Grady Moxley 9 days ago

    This was one of the best people I've seen on this show, she was lighthearted, funny, kind, but she didnt back down, she didnt push over, she really did care

  • RIP Juice Wrld
    RIP Juice Wrld 10 days ago

    Anyone else see Brand Gex has come online at the start if the second minute

  • Brandon Dow
    Brandon Dow 10 days ago

    Love to smash Katie and hear her scream and moan

  • Nick Sanderson
    Nick Sanderson 10 days ago

    Has this guy not heard of a palm sander you could do that job in a third of the time it took them to sand it by hand

    • Chaardvark
      Chaardvark 8 days ago

      It's more about principle and learning respect and being willing to do hard work than actually completing the job

  • AJ Brown
    AJ Brown 10 days ago

    Just me or does the da look like the man from toy story

  • Ji K. M.
    Ji K. M. 10 days ago

    "I have no control over this child at all." Said by most white parents.

  • Grace Reynolds
    Grace Reynolds 11 days ago

    I actually hate this bitch🤣

  • exploringBG
    exploringBG 11 days ago

    "Police officers dint judge people by looks" Me: dresses up as a crack dealer

  • Harmony Neil
    Harmony Neil 11 days ago

    The host family were the ones who decided to have so many children, so if you don't want so much housework to do don't have so many children if any. I've never agreed with children being made to do housework either, because last time I checked they were children not parents and are probably tired out after the programming I mean education system known as school and have to do homework on top of that. It's one thing if the children choose or offer to help, but quite another if the parents or whoever is supposed to be looking after them to expect the children to do that stuff automatically.

  • Lucy Madden
    Lucy Madden 11 days ago

    People.take there vision for graunted im visualy impared almost losing my vision.i can only see out of one.eye and its just as hard some times x

  • Forger wayne
    Forger wayne 11 days ago

    Wtf she looks like a barbie doll in the thumbnail tbh

  • Jacob_Meier
    Jacob_Meier 11 days ago

    How the fuck can her mom call her out on suicided that is fucked.

  • SaNdO luke
    SaNdO luke 11 days ago

    He only had a beer .. fuckin hell calm down

  • Pamela Jane
    Pamela Jane 11 days ago

    Katie’s mom needs to change a bit too...if not Katie will not succeed.

  • Phillip Williams
    Phillip Williams 11 days ago

    Every episode of worlds strictest parents some people in comments believe the children who belong to the strict parents are all depress

  • Jan Erik Kristiansen

    If I ever feel like having faith in some made up fantasy, I will dig myself a grave and put myself to sleep. My decisions and future is for me to decide alone, I make way for my future and how it turns out. Have a nice life.

  • Will
    Will 11 days ago

    ricky has one pint on the weekend and thinks he’s a raging alcoholic

    TOBY MCK 12 days ago

    They say that they were giving them freedom but then they have spies

    BIG LEN 12 days ago

    Wow she took that shit out of her lip and transformed in seconds to beauty shes got potential, he looks like a potential school shooter 😂

  • AtesPeach Mokou
    AtesPeach Mokou 12 days ago

    16:46 Hey. Giant Big Banana is playing For Honor.

  • sleepy ahahas
    sleepy ahahas 12 days ago

    dude that families chill af adopt me 😂 lmao

  • Matty Hudson
    Matty Hudson 12 days ago

    those kids are snitches

  • Matty Hudson
    Matty Hudson 12 days ago

    lmao why they sanding without and electric sander is this 1750?

  • SkyFlow Original
    SkyFlow Original 12 days ago

    Do all kids smoke now days, every episode the kids are crazy on smoking, live your life and get on with it, I don’t know if it’s a Fasion for the kids but the boys on every episode have silly hair styles , how do they pick them lol, best part of this episode was the guy playing the music

  • Theresa Matambo
    Theresa Matambo 13 days ago

    Strict parents would never be a big deal in Africa coz 90% of parents are like that.

  • Bronwen Horne
    Bronwen Horne 13 days ago

    He looks like he’s from the 1960s or early 70s. She could think about modelling if it doesn’t work out to be a vet.

  • Gunny
    Gunny 13 days ago

    honestly, zach is a mood and i think everyone needs that meme energy in their life

  • expose king
    expose king 13 days ago


  • Livvy Loo
    Livvy Loo 13 days ago

    The mom is so freaking beautiful and Kali is

  • dopesickfiend
    dopesickfiend 13 days ago

    Zach is cute af

  • Budget B
    Budget B 13 days ago

    Don't be too romanticized by India because of this episode people. It's still a dangerous country in some of its parts. Just as many other countries are.

  • AbiSoulz
    AbiSoulz 14 days ago

    _”you’re missing the bus”_ *”No. The bus is missing me-* *-There’s a big* *D I F F E R E N C E”* Mood.

    TESS YVONNE 14 days ago

    Wow what a idiot zak is.......get a hair cut muppet

    ASHEET MAHARANA 14 days ago

    Sean is too much like a warden of a boarding school. Everything he needs on time, limited time honestly.😓😓👮

  • DillonXV / GoingLoqo

    You cant spell strict without ric

  • Svelove 7BG
    Svelove 7BG 14 days ago

    "the bus misses me" lmao

  • I Thompson
    I Thompson 14 days ago

    He stole the vid and uploaded it on his laptop because it says someone come online at 2:2

  • Jody Huey
    Jody Huey 15 days ago

    The end makes me soooooo happy

  • Tasneem Khan
    Tasneem Khan 15 days ago

    I like these parents wprk together play together

  • Merayah S
    Merayah S 15 days ago

    a lot of people smoke in india lol

  • Richard Van Der Graaff

    Ever seen a single emotion on that mans face?

  • Uwu Baby
    Uwu Baby 15 days ago

    The girls eyebrows doeeeee