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    She was lovely in Gypsy. But with 60's hair, make up and clothes, she's an absolute Goddess. I love her voice as Christine too. A great show with top lines, like "We're Up To Our Eyes In Homosexuals And Spies" & "F*ck A F*cking Duck" lol. Sophie's a brilliant actress and gorgeous. She reminds me a bit of a young Natalie Wood in this x

  • Manuela Costa Lima

    I absolutely loved this interpretation of an old classic! Dracula and his bloodlust never looked so fiendishly delicious.

  • Shaun
    Shaun Hour ago

    Brilliant show I love it

  • Ropsana Khanom
    Ropsana Khanom Hour ago


  • Mehnas Saleem
    Mehnas Saleem 4 hours ago

    First two episodes were just friggin amazing but the third was like a slap to the face.

  • Drama_ Queen
    Drama_ Queen 4 hours ago

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Drama_ Queen
    Drama_ Queen 4 hours ago


  • glenys wall
    glenys wall 7 hours ago

    Love the show and host brill couple

  • lukeydukeful
    lukeydukeful 7 hours ago

    For fucks sake, don't torture us - PLEASE follow up with a second season!!!! ABSOLUTELY brilliant, outstanding job indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Antonio Bromelini
    Antonio Bromelini 7 hours ago

    This series is rubbish! Poor acting, awful story line, dialogue is laughable, piss poor performance. The only upside is the views of Mallorca.

  • Diego Auntrova
    Diego Auntrova 8 hours ago

    Dracula is hot

  • Ray ,
    Ray , 10 hours ago

    Ok..this.. made me smile :)

  • Медина Узденова

    Who are these two guys?

  • Swastik
    Swastik 12 hours ago

    I was fascinated by the practical make up effects.

  • J K
    J K 13 hours ago

    Next: Spy in the Whitehouse! 😏

  • Jdixon
    Jdixon 15 hours ago

    I'm so ready

  • Baba-yaga
    Baba-yaga 16 hours ago

    You ruined the Doctor Who char J. Whittaker.

  • Ryan C. Reed
    Ryan C. Reed 18 hours ago

    I cried a bit. What great guys. ✌🏻❤️

  • Angela B
    Angela B 19 hours ago

    I don't think the show needs to continue, it was amazing but at the same time I wouldn't mind seeing what lead to Dracula's decrepit appearance at the start of the show.

  • Harold Dominguez
    Harold Dominguez 20 hours ago

    Such a disappointing third act. Just ridiculous

  • B i g U w U
    B i g U w U 22 hours ago

    Claes Bang is very Smexy (U 3 U)

  • Wolfie SilverMoon
    Wolfie SilverMoon 22 hours ago

    After watching this i kinda fell in love with Count Dracula and i wouldn't mind being one of his wives. Yes I did cry my face off when he killed himself.

  • Hank Valencia
    Hank Valencia 22 hours ago

    She’s 37 now, yet at this shot 3:12 acts like 18. What a coincidence because she was 18 when ‘Yellow’ was first released... Brings back memories, eh?

  • Lee Logan
    Lee Logan 23 hours ago

    They knocked it out of the park 😍

  • bubba chuck
    bubba chuck 23 hours ago

    i remember her from no country for old men! great actress!!

  • Annabelle Gatehouse

    This and the other practical effects reminded me of one of my favourite movies- The Thing. Very well done. Shame the final episode was a nosedive in quality.

  • Henry T
    Henry T Day ago

    Coldplay tho, when that drum and guitar kicked in. So much emotion kicking in. Love this song

  • duncan rmi
    duncan rmi Day ago

    I'm conflicted.... all my adult life, I've diligently paid my license fee to support programming like this. I came to this show late- just a couple of weeks ago- & grabbed it all onto my ipad so I could watch it. one thing & another, finally got started this week, & got halfway into the second episode. went to pick up just now & they're all deleted, & unavailable. so do I keep paying my license fee, or do I tear the license up in a rage, as I'm now disposed so to do? note to the commissioning editors for factual programming- if this is a co-pro with limited rights, please say so, front & centre, & don't pretend it's the BBC's work when it isn't.

  • Cindy Rivera
    Cindy Rivera Day ago

    Loved the series! I would love to see a second season but as a prequel , i was not a bug fan of Dracula on the modern day

  • Scott Reynolds

    I am so excited for this, it looks like theirs an episode set entirely in a police car?

  • Bleacher McAdams

    Cheating liar

  • Darren Grimmer

    I’ve just bumped into this show. It is hilarious. Fantastic

  • Jayne Rushton
    Jayne Rushton Day ago

    And it all goes back to BAD WOLF!

  • Fia Durhuus
    Fia Durhuus Day ago

    did the creator of the netflix hannibal series make this too? if so, i wouldn't be surprised.

  • Agent Other
    Agent Other Day ago

    Death in Paradise in Doctor Who have a lot in common

  • karnak50
    karnak50 Day ago

    Im undead not unreasonable

  • Shaun Saintey
    Shaun Saintey Day ago

    Whats the song??

  • Dale Long
    Dale Long Day ago

    Next bond?

  • Simon Croker
    Simon Croker Day ago

    cold play and jodie whittaker , double the shit in a single video. the beeb knows how to exceed it self.

  • Emilia Robson
    Emilia Robson Day ago

    Apparently very unpopular opinion: I loved episode 3.

    • Kira K
      Kira K Hour ago

      Emilia Robson Me too. The story with Lucy was great& his comments about the 21th Century were funny.

  • Mike Waz
    Mike Waz Day ago

    Ben Miles, Sophie Cookson i might have to check this out

  • SIR
    SIR Day ago

    The Dracula untold and Dracula Netflix has special place in my heart ❤️

  • Yolo
    Yolo Day ago

    "Oye what's occurring "..... 😂😂 love it!!

  • Oleh
    Oleh Day ago

    Yeah. That's it. Do you feel it? It's Inside no. 9

  • W. N.
    W. N. Day ago

    One of the worst series and worst depictions of Dracula I've ever seen.

  • Leigh Wilbraham

    Matthews hair dye ....

  • Robin K
    Robin K Day ago

    Loved all of it, accept for the dutch accent. As a neighbouring country with so many english speakers I expected better. Agatha sounded like my polish german teacher in dutch high school.

  • Craig Elliott
    Craig Elliott Day ago

    Living room, living room, living room, living room...

  • A.S Sorout
    A.S Sorout Day ago

    What's the name of the song in episode 3 club scene

  • abvfoak
    abvfoak Day ago

    That guitar riff has been my favorite since I was 6 years old, I would have bawled as soon as Jonny plugged in

  • big wong
    big wong Day ago

    I enjoyed it very much up to the point where he comes out of the water. So many things they could have done and they fucked it up for me with living in the present. I was disappointed .

  • Galactic Dreamer & Other Stories

    0:14 on subtitles *what are we going to do Sheriff*

  • Carolyn O'Neal

    Hoping for a season 2. Must have Sister Agatha, too.

  • katheryn Quispe Villalobos

    son las mejoreeees <3 <3 desde Perú

  • bemygetaway
    bemygetaway Day ago

    two decades and still obsessed with Coldplay

  • Samoatupo
    Samoatupo Day ago

    Way to go boys. Just made her day. Amazing

  • Andrew Phillips

    He is the worst of the detecives

  • citizen kiwi
    citizen kiwi Day ago

    plus he's not even a vampire in in the end i mean sunlight doesn't kill him he can see his true reflection and also he's also to invunerable i mean i he's always afraid of death all along instead and died with female van helsing so lovely so beautiful amazing oh wow so awesome

  • citizen kiwi
    citizen kiwi Day ago

    the third episode made it not worth it because of how shit it is

  • Fallen Leaf
    Fallen Leaf 2 days ago

    season 2 plz

  • Sarah Foster
    Sarah Foster 2 days ago


  • Paul Gilroy
    Paul Gilroy 2 days ago

    Best show on TV.

  • Herbertsiegl Die steirische Eichel

    Best dracula

  • Ronin's Dog
    Ronin's Dog 2 days ago

    I hated the 13th season of Doctor Who but after watching this i'm going to really enjoy the 14th season. Isn't that what you're chasing here BBC. About as subtle as a Sherman tank through Georgia

  • gamernewsTV
    gamernewsTV 2 days ago

    where can i watch this in the us

  • Danny McMillan
    Danny McMillan 2 days ago

    I don’t know about you girls, but I do love abit of fur

  • Mia Joseph
    Mia Joseph 2 days ago

    It feels like I have been waiting YEARS for this. Cannot waitttttt

  • Heads Training
    Heads Training 2 days ago

    Can't Wait for this been waiting so long! Love all of there work from the League Of gentlemen to pyschoville To inside no9

  • Nathalie Grieves
    Nathalie Grieves 2 days ago

    Yippee love it

  • Ali Kovacs
    Ali Kovacs 2 days ago

    Well done jodie

  • Shaun Saintey
    Shaun Saintey 2 days ago

    Could someone please tell me the name of the reggae song in the background?

  • tony lock
    tony lock 2 days ago

    Love this show but not as good now moony no good and that little Police woman with the big hair just ruins it

    Game PUNISHER 2 days ago

    Dracula needs to suck the 4 dislikers DRY OF BLOOD

  • Adam
    Adam 2 days ago

    Where’s Chris Martin?

  • Pablo Mansini
    Pablo Mansini 2 days ago

    Best iteration in a long time

  • Lee Jones
    Lee Jones 2 days ago

    been waiting ages for this when is it out?

    • Lee Jones
      Lee Jones Day ago

      @Emilia Robson Thank you that's great been waiting ages for it.

    • Emilia Robson
      Emilia Robson Day ago

      Lee Jones early Feb :)

  • Strange Strange
    Strange Strange 2 days ago

    Far and away one of the best things left on TV that hasnt fizzled to mediocrity, I really can't wait wowowow!

    • Alex Rodriguez
      Alex Rodriguez 2 days ago

      I know, it's one of the only shows at the moment that isn't afraid to get under your skin and make you think

  • Alex Bennett
    Alex Bennett 2 days ago

    Is this out yet???🇳🇿

  • L L
    L L 2 days ago

    The actor and crew was fantastic. It’s a shame about episodes 2 & 3. It’s as if the director, writer and producing team gave up after the first episode

  • E Ethan
    E Ethan 2 days ago

    Can someone please tell me what the kid is saying?

    • James Price
      James Price 18 hours ago

      "Grandma's knickers" - Grandmother's undergarment.

    • Emilia Robson
      Emilia Robson Day ago

      arlandriasj that’s what I heard

    • Squalorz
      Squalorz Day ago

      "Where's my sneakers" basically asking where his trainers are.

    • arlandriasj
      arlandriasj Day ago

      Grandma's knickers I think

    • Lloyd E
      Lloyd E 2 days ago

      E Ethan “wah mar snickers”

  • zeearagorn
    zeearagorn 2 days ago

    what about 3dfx and green box tech? these are really necessary?

  • Irrelevant Genius
    Irrelevant Genius 2 days ago

    on bbc2 and iplayer.... when? Seriously who releases a trailer that then prevents viewers from being able to plan to watch the show?

  • Jeffrey Zain
    Jeffrey Zain 2 days ago

    THUMBS UP if you think the third episode fell flat.

  • Jeffrey Zain
    Jeffrey Zain 2 days ago

    I’m glad I’m NOT the only one who’s disappointed with the third episode. But since Claes Bang and Dolly Wells were so good, I’m willing to close one eye and ignore the ridiculous finale. - 16 JAN 2020 EDIT: And the SFX was sooo good!

    • Jeffrey Zain
      Jeffrey Zain 50 minutes ago

      Kira K - I’m not sure what others think, but it’s my least favourite episode because: ■It feels rushed ■The first two episodes were artistically and beautifully crafted with superstitious mumbo-jumbos, and all of a sudden, the episode finale looks like a CSI meets Grimm meets Supernatural - don’t get me wrong, it’s great, BUT it sticks out like a sore thumb in comparison with the first two episodes

    • Kira K
      Kira K Hour ago

      Jeffrey Zain I actually don’t understand why people are hating episode 3. Just because it took place in modern time? The story with Lucy was great& terrible to watch at the same time. It really showed how sadistic Dracula is in this show. The only thing, that sucked was the ending.

    • Sio Head
      Sio Head 2 days ago

      Jeffrey Zain Exactly how I feel

  • Sean Morris
    Sean Morris 2 days ago

    Something I loved is that Claes gets to look like all three of the big live action Draculas- Bela's tuxedo and ring, Christopher Lee's cape and eyes and Gary Oldman's makeup.

  • ZMO
    ZMO 2 days ago

    Is anyone kinda eager to see a season 2 where they show if he actually got to England aboard the Demeter successfully? Or is it just me 👀🤔

  • Nipun
    Nipun 2 days ago

    It’s back!

  • Jim Hopper
    Jim Hopper 2 days ago

    Claes is a perfect mix of Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee

  • DAP123
    DAP123 2 days ago

    SPOILER! It’s time we knew who came up with the third instalment concept. Moffat or Gatiss? Whoever it was needs to be held accountable for spoiling what came before in episodes 1 and 2.

  • Mariano Amarilla
    Mariano Amarilla 2 days ago

    please! I need more episodes like the first 2. The third one was too bad. too. I take myself out of context completely. this Dracula looks much better in his epoch. Bring it to the present, it definitely didn't work.

  • assembled 18
    assembled 18 2 days ago

    Jodie needs to be cast for musical film or TV show.

  • Earth Suit
    Earth Suit 2 days ago

    made me tear up. Lovely thing to do all round.

  • Shea Butterfly
    Shea Butterfly 2 days ago

    I’m obsessed with this music!

  • Kuripot Si Talim
    Kuripot Si Talim 2 days ago

    *_Why Claes Bang reminds me of Bela Lugosi?_*

  • Jortiz
    Jortiz 2 days ago

    “Johnny, there is nooo baaaabyyyy”.

  • Dinescu Lucian
    Dinescu Lucian 3 days ago

    It is like a dream, and they 💩 on it on the third episode....Thank you for setting up a fantastic show and then using it as toilet paper on the last episode! I would say more however it's spoilers and some would never forgive me!

    • TK45236
      TK45236 Day ago

      I've already seen it, so you don't have to worry about spoiling it for me.

    • Dinescu Lucian
      Dinescu Lucian Day ago

      @TK45236 I was since it started soo awesome, bloody and brutal....Then blam! Gonna give spoilers it starts in the past, Victorian era I believe and that goes so cool, second episode about a ship and a mistery with a cool dream sequence and in the third(or Turd 💩 how I like to call it) episode Modern age....We move from the beautiful Castle and great effects as Dracula gets younger, to the ship with a misterious pasanger and a great chess sequence of the first two episodes to a shy guy wanting to shag a girl....I partly understand what he was trying to do, still it works as well as a nut in the wall. Not to mention a lawyer sequence in the third episode that makes NO sense.....

    • TK45236
      TK45236 Day ago

      I wasn't surprised how it ended given that Moffat was involved.

  • 140694 1994
    140694 1994 3 days ago

    Agatha:Why you kill people? Dracula: why you picking flower? Me: priceless!

  • 章猫文Melvin
    章猫文Melvin 3 days ago

    Why do these Netflix shows look so video-ish ? Totally takes away the horror factor.

  • Jack Oates
    Jack Oates 3 days ago

    So, a police themed episode, a casino themed epsiode, what looks like an experimental epsiode with a youtube style on. Those seem to be the 3 out of the 6 that were interesting. There looked like a football themed and ghost episode. And one with a family looks like it will be a good series.

    • Alex Rodriguez
      Alex Rodriguez 10 minutes ago

      @Emilia Robson Without giving anything away, from what you've seen would you say it's darker than last series?

    • Emilia Robson
      Emilia Robson Day ago

      All I’ll say is the football ep is brilliant (called The Referee’s A W****r) and the police one (The Stakeout) may just be one of my favourite No 9s.

    • Alex Rodriguez
      Alex Rodriguez 2 days ago

      The roulette wheel is just to promote the show, you can see at the end all the numbers are nine's so there isn't a casino episode. I think it's a really cool way of advertising you don't see it often. Suppose it's to show how much they stand out.

  • Kirsty Roberta
    Kirsty Roberta 3 days ago

    This needs a little time to breathe. Just wait.