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  • Vanisha Bhosle
    Vanisha Bhosle 3 hours ago

    man you got me for mango ice cream I am Indian

  • foxandfox 11
    foxandfox 11 3 hours ago

    1:27 he is ochkao

  • blue soul
    blue soul 3 hours ago

    "you're a weeb" Me: well yes but no But yes

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 3 hours ago

    I was disappointed that the anime sound board doesn’t really exist

  • DaCatQween
    DaCatQween 3 hours ago

    Starbucks: You're a spoiled brat that's always on your phone Kid in the corner: (surrounded by designer clothing and tons of Apple products) *I'M NOT THAT SPOILED*

  • Xian 2 The Max
    Xian 2 The Max 3 hours ago

    What about Kirby: Right Back At You?

  • what the frivck
    what the frivck 3 hours ago

    *for some reason all the girls like him* *all the girls like him* *like him* Me:byakuya

  • GachaSoph Productions


  • Darciukas
    Darciukas 3 hours ago

    Jojo was straight bullseye lol

  • Yukino Hatake
    Yukino Hatake 3 hours ago

    oh and a lot of them use Tiktok....... Uhhhhmmm yeahhhhhh 😅🤣

  • Tomi y Adri los traviesos


  • Gacha Marissa/Pikachu

    i cant remember his name either but ur right the one from SAO is scary *not that i get scared but i used to* Kakashi isnt scary *about to do shadow clone jutsu* no one in Pokemon is scary excepy Lysander he wanted to restart the world

  • Sergio gamer 246
    Sergio gamer 246 3 hours ago

    Wait is your name really Marcus? My friend is named marcus

  • Lunarumbreon
    Lunarumbreon 3 hours ago

    couldnt toga have those cheap zombie limbs or whatever their called, you know the chocalate limbs with blood inside

  • McKenna Carpenter
    McKenna Carpenter 3 hours ago

    "You want the ship to be LukaxMarinette what the hell is wrong with you--" *Multishipper intensifies*

  • Finncelen Wathen
    Finncelen Wathen 3 hours ago

    I guess I’m 5 years old

  • Gacha Marissa/Pikachu

    i dont get happy meals anymore -_- *is glad i dont like Sonic the resturant*

  • s t r a w b e r r i i m i l k i e


  • Kiyoko Tomura
    Kiyoko Tomura 3 hours ago

    3:39 I literally have her in my profile pic

  • Almost too gay to function

    i am todoroki i facepalm a lot i still dab i have social anxiety

  • Anna Caruso
    Anna Caruso 3 hours ago

    Udnyne: mipha gone wrong Me: wait, thats illegal If you didnt get it, mipha borns in 2017, while undyne in 2015, did you just predict the future?

  • GachaSoph Productions

    I'm annoying? Check. I'm a kid? Check

  • Kalos Xamos
    Kalos Xamos 3 hours ago

    MVPerry: You drink Water you are poor Germans: Pathetic!

  • Cutie_ Puding
    Cutie_ Puding 3 hours ago


  • Gacha Marissa/Pikachu

    i wasnt 8 when i found out about minecraft i do have alot of time on my hands considering breath of the wild is almost completed its not likely i have a crush on Lillie i dont get scared :3 nope my friendships dont end bc of Mario Kart thanks i was on Ocarina Of Time yesterday yes im impatient but i also play Mario games

  • SpecificNeo Animations

    I like.. goats.. Because they are so fcking ugly And weird

  • Sans the Cat!!!!
    Sans the Cat!!!! 3 hours ago

    I love the snail that says "Oh Yeah" at the beginning. HOI PEOPLE READING!!!!

  • Kalos Xamos
    Kalos Xamos 3 hours ago

    Me living in Greece studying in a music school be like: wtf is half of these subjects?????

  • Lunarumbreon
    Lunarumbreon 3 hours ago

    ummmmmmmmmmm why is frog girl eating her own legs?

  • areta vaidi
    areta vaidi 3 hours ago

    Can somebody kill me now?

    FRISK 3 hours ago

    2:42 U right

  • My uncle is my dad F

    Bruno: you're Mexican Me: Awebo que si hdp estoy mamadisiMoooOOOOOOOoO

  • Laura Superstar life gacha

    #snailgang Can you do a Christmas video?

  • Georgina Casals-Handal

    Hey I’m a girl and my favorite video game is roblox and I did not get my boyfriend in roblox I don’t even have one and I don’t want a stupid boy

  • Millena Moura
    Millena Moura 3 hours ago

    "You love cats" Yes, i love cats😺

  • 【リュウナナ】ryUU7

    Love vanilla "You are vanilla" Also loves chocolate "you think that you are more adventurous than vanilla but you're not" ... So sea salt caramel flavor is not adventurous?

  • diego converti
    diego converti 3 hours ago

    is nightmare foxy?

  • J hart
    J hart 3 hours ago

    Yeah the Dimitri is accurate.

  • M i l k T e a
    M i l k T e a 3 hours ago

    2:09 My Name Is Milk Tea And I Have An Anime Profile Pic How is That possible?

  • Guest 0
    Guest 0 3 hours ago


  • 《shiningsxtars》
    《shiningsxtars》 3 hours ago

    McDonald’s and Wendy’s are the only thing that’s accurate for me-

  • StarTyger Nebulla
    StarTyger Nebulla 3 hours ago

    You don't know the Hartzler family brand of eggnog. IT'S DAH BOOOOOMMMMBBB Diet sodas are actually worse for you than the originals.

  • No one And
    No one And 3 hours ago

    The background music is amazing.

  • areta vaidi
    areta vaidi 4 hours ago

    Stil waiting for black Budler Sebastian and pokémon team rocket James

  • areta vaidi
    areta vaidi 4 hours ago

    Me: waiting for thanos

  • SushiMeows
    SushiMeows 4 hours ago

    When he said Momo and Mina I was thinking Twice

  • • lemøn •
    • lemøn • 4 hours ago

    Caramel Or Carmel 🤔 😂

  • jay jay
    jay jay 4 hours ago

    Freddy:steak Chica:pizza Bonnie:carrots Foxy:KiDs

  • Kxaveris
    Kxaveris 4 hours ago

    2:27 yum yum drugs

    ROKYROAD711 4 hours ago

    Litten and I are going to be real friends then...

  • Shadowrider 10
    Shadowrider 10 4 hours ago

    Levi is clearly about doing the chores at home !

  • R/ Shulk3r
    R/ Shulk3r 4 hours ago


  • Rachel Browne
    Rachel Browne 4 hours ago

    Tsuyu fav food is frog legs” wait but isn’t she eating her own legs cus she is a frog

  • areta vaidi
    areta vaidi 4 hours ago

    Kakashi, Guzma and matt I acually were able to beat him in tabletennis Xd Took me 4 months ;( :)

  • memes for days
    memes for days 4 hours ago

    what about frugo

  • Lewis
    Lewis 4 hours ago

    0:26 That’s not a banana.

  • areta vaidi
    areta vaidi 4 hours ago

    3:54 ah sheet

  • •Todo Anime•
    •Todo Anime• 4 hours ago

    No lie fam I thought Todoroki would like Frozen!😆

  • darryll tandy
    darryll tandy 4 hours ago

    Imagine you going to the toilet and you see Phantom BB drinking the toilet water.

  • Dat Yeet
    Dat Yeet 4 hours ago

    What your waifu says about you 4 and put konosuba waifus

  • Cookie Alex
    Cookie Alex 4 hours ago

    Listen to Rock music True That kid that listens to music in back of the buss Truth Too much time on electronics True Do drugs- -no Social anxiety? Nah bruh xd -yes...

  • Dat Yeet
    Dat Yeet 4 hours ago

    Part 4 and konosuba pls

  • Kingkevin47
    Kingkevin47 4 hours ago

    what ur fav quirk says about you

  • Chaos The Water Boi
    Chaos The Water Boi 4 hours ago

    Plushtrap = Tattletail PlushTrap (EthGoesBoom): WHA- *stammers for 5 seconds* WHAT!?!

  • Arman Mijic
    Arman Mijic 4 hours ago


  • Arman Mijic
    Arman Mijic 4 hours ago


  • Arty Alchubs
    Arty Alchubs 4 hours ago

    For persona 5 that is 100% my brother. He has never once played the game but wants to, and obseses over it. He was even Joker for halloween.

  • narancia ghirga
    narancia ghirga 4 hours ago

    bro the cherry one... I’m glad you remembered him

  • Che Melanson
    Che Melanson 4 hours ago

    Gaster should have been font changing

  • Kirlian Spoel
    Kirlian Spoel 4 hours ago

    doki doki my life into pieses

  • Neko-chan Butterbean Warrior

    *asriel: The Steven Universe Movie* *me: I LOVE SPINEL!!!!!!!!* *Spinel: AT LEAST YOU DIDN’T GET ABANDONED AT PINKS GARDEN!!!!!

  • DarkFeathers Animation

    Okey i love your videos😂😂

  • Majning CZ
    Majning CZ 4 hours ago

    3:39 that temmie up there 😀

  • caitlin_ gacha11
    caitlin_ gacha11 4 hours ago

    I'm British and I have no clue what some of the are but my favourite one is rolo and it's so true

  • 「 lαlιи 」
    「 lαlιи 」 5 hours ago

    You said Bruno, I said " *arrivederci.* "

  • elemental wolf
    elemental wolf 5 hours ago

    Milk Before Cereal

  • caitlin_ gacha11
    caitlin_ gacha11 5 hours ago

    That's mean to rats I have two and there so cute and CLEAN.😕😔

  • Skylar Adams
    Skylar Adams 5 hours ago

    Shoji: His heart pressure being taken

  • XxNingyoOkamixX
    XxNingyoOkamixX 5 hours ago

    I only go to events every now and then as characters I know very well One time, I cosplayed as Hani from Ouran and I'm a boy, what does that say about me?

  • Skylar Adams
    Skylar Adams 5 hours ago

    At first I thought Bakugo's would be Losing To Deku

  • Lost Boy
    Lost Boy 5 hours ago

    #snailgang with my luck I'll never make it on but its worth a try any am I right???

  • Kyicha Watson
    Kyicha Watson 5 hours ago

    Queen bee

  • kira niemann
    kira niemann 5 hours ago

    Uuuuuuh tik tok

  • Ela Solarova
    Ela Solarova 5 hours ago

    C A R A M E L

  • Francesco Marchitelli

    no the favorite Chara' s food is chocolate

  • Yellow Pikmin88
    Yellow Pikmin88 5 hours ago

    Twice: DEADPOOL 2!!!

  • yeet
    yeet 5 hours ago

    he likes milk so everything he's ever said is automatically invalid

  • M E
    M E 5 hours ago

    2:37 I got an Hershey's almonds with a half of an almond in it the rest was just chocolate. I cried

  • fast boy playz
    fast boy playz 5 hours ago

    Wheres lemon god damm it Edit:never mind i mised the lemon sry

  • nice nice
    nice nice 5 hours ago

    Sadly yes I like nice cream

  • rodra 007
    rodra 007 5 hours ago

    The lacrosse one is so true LMFAOOOOO

  • Jakob MewsCooL
    Jakob MewsCooL 5 hours ago

    iF yOu MaIN fOx YoUR A FuRy! What about people who play melee??? (I know this video is a joke, im just a 15 year old triggered furry)

  • Lux Ko.
    Lux Ko. 5 hours ago

    League of Legends: you are asian Me: *cries in Spanish*

  • Jolita Žukauskienė


  • Cheart /
    Cheart / 5 hours ago

    Bear : You love giving people hugs Me : *Well.. That is true..*

  • Imhkmg Jbumg
    Imhkmg Jbumg 5 hours ago

    i like Miku cuz im love her voices o_-

  • elsa
    elsa 5 hours ago

    0:25 yESSSSS 1:48 Actually not, but his personality really attract me.

  • ChRiS ReY
    ChRiS ReY 5 hours ago


  • Imhkmg Jbumg
    Imhkmg Jbumg 5 hours ago

    im your fan

  • Saddathy
    Saddathy 5 hours ago

    Rocky road for the win