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19 Fun DIY Beauty Hacks
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20 Fun DIY Beauty Hacks
Views 1.1M2 months ago
13 Funny Summer Hacks
Views 3.4M2 months ago


  • Gamming world with Tanishq Kaushik

    Is that lady bug mad So irritating

  • ly ហ្វុង
    ly ហ្វុង Minute ago


  • Angela Napier
    Angela Napier Minute ago


  • Joel Nichols
    Joel Nichols 4 minutes ago

    Why the second one makes no sense

  • Mia Phillips
    Mia Phillips 11 minutes ago

    I love the hair brush one

  • Citlalli Pimentel
    Citlalli Pimentel 13 minutes ago

    Like si no hablas inglés😀😅🤣😂

  • Chloie kids TV
    Chloie kids TV 16 minutes ago

    Love your channel .my daughter shes 5years old and she watches your videos everyday I believe you have inspired her to start her own channel. 👍

  • Shanthi Menaka
    Shanthi Menaka 16 minutes ago

    0:00 I like the music

  • Joel Nichols
    Joel Nichols 19 minutes ago

    What happened to marsh mellows,he has the biggest forehead

  • Mary Caudill
    Mary Caudill 22 minutes ago


  • Justin Nash
    Justin Nash 23 minutes ago


  • Justin Nash
    Justin Nash 23 minutes ago

    Why is her name Red head

  • Marissa Guerrero
    Marissa Guerrero 29 minutes ago

    Why didn’t they pay?

  • Candace Velasco
    Candace Velasco 32 minutes ago

    The gun is fake

    FGEETV JAELYNN 34 minutes ago


  • Pink Princess
    Pink Princess 35 minutes ago


  • Sky _cloud
    Sky _cloud 42 minutes ago

    “Add a rinestone to be a brace” babahahahahahahha I laughed so hard. It’s bracket

  • Josh the 1
    Josh the 1 43 minutes ago

    That's not how you do it Go like this (Lift your leg up behind you). Spin around for about a second. Stop. Double take 3 times. Pelvic thrust to your left, then back to your right. Stop on your right foot as you come back to your right after the pelvic thrust. (Don't forget it!) "Bring it around town" by spinning your torso in a circle around the air. Do this, and that, and this, and that, this and that, this and that, and then... (Jump around for about 6 seconds). Blow your bubble by either lightly blowing for detailed extravagant art or screaming for a large bubble (which is what Squidward had done in rage).

  • Gregory Dalling
    Gregory Dalling 43 minutes ago


  • Keira York
    Keira York 44 minutes ago

    holo everyone its me Cristine again got to get those troom troom views! Reply is you know what i am talking about

  • Pastel_pancake For life
    Pastel_pancake For life 45 minutes ago

    6:23 a bit shaving foam??

  • Dominic Martin Aclo
    Dominic Martin Aclo 47 minutes ago

    The name of the shopkin is Apple Blossom

  • Jaharia Parharm
    Jaharia Parharm 47 minutes ago

    Are the kids are jump on the couch

  • Kelly Devera
    Kelly Devera 48 minutes ago

    Mix sugar into glue does that mean it's edible

  • Jody Charles
    Jody Charles 49 minutes ago


  • Jaden Colmen
    Jaden Colmen 54 minutes ago

    Fortnite is better

  • Allison Montes
    Allison Montes 54 minutes ago

    I do not have hot glue guns

  • anaa cruz
    anaa cruz 57 minutes ago

    I'm marvel

  • Pastel_pancake For life
    Pastel_pancake For life 57 minutes ago

    PLASTIC STRAWS???!!!! SAVE THE TURTLES SKSKSKSKSKS AND I OOP and where the heck are u getting sand??? Go to the beach

  • Cristobal Ramirez Contreras

    No entiendo 😡🤯🤯🙇‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • Lanusenla Longkumer

    Sorry minecraft fans

  • Lanusenla Longkumer

    Are you guys mineral fans too?

  • teresita Rivera
    teresita Rivera Hour ago

    i dont like the gummy fish

  • teresita Rivera
    teresita Rivera Hour ago

    but i love so much the unicorn

  • Julian Hernandez

    Being good is good but I like the bad mermaid😀

  • teresita Rivera
    teresita Rivera Hour ago


  • Ella Martin
    Ella Martin Hour ago


  • Jamine Delacruz
    Jamine Delacruz Hour ago

    If we did Those diy in the Philippines they are going to judge you

  • praise Efusanya
    praise Efusanya Hour ago

    I love both of them

  • this is princess lover

    I love marshmello😋❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • The Bozo’s
    The Bozo’s Hour ago

    Fornite way better

  • Miguel Velasco
    Miguel Velasco Hour ago

    Why your vids are super cringe

  • Random Potatoe
    Random Potatoe Hour ago

    Is WooHoo Ur New-ish Channel

  • Jawad_the_bos Jawad_the_bos

    I vote for both of them who do you vote for?

  • Edgar Lemus
    Edgar Lemus Hour ago

    Never get fire in your hand truth or dare?

  • Sha-Deyenne Werleman

    good mermaid LOVE

  • Mr Claw
    Mr Claw Hour ago

    Did she just say Platform 9 and three fouths instead of quarters?!!??

  • jessica caillouet

    Is anyone else concerned that if you really put super glue on a controller and might get stuck I mean some little kid might try It, and get stuck \_( " )_/

  • Marianne Tugano
    Marianne Tugano Hour ago

    Yum can you make a cookie

  • Mark francis San juan

    ilike evil mermaid

  • Nan
    Nan Hour ago

    I love the evil ones

  • Jadelyn torres vlogs :D

    I like the dark D.I.Y one p.s I am not much of unicorn fan but this looked very interesting

  • Sandra Tzoc
    Sandra Tzoc Hour ago


  • kim eun
    kim eun Hour ago

    good mermaid

  • Nicole Shipton
    Nicole Shipton Hour ago

    Minecraft is my first game I ever played and I still play it it's my favorite game and it will be my favorite forever

  • Camille Chi
    Camille Chi Hour ago

    I just lost so many brain cells

  • Daniel Says fnaf

    Make more zombie vids

  • Najla Mohamed
    Najla Mohamed Hour ago

    megan thats curly

  • Treyleigh Howard


  • Dale Kingsley
    Dale Kingsley Hour ago

    Dont go camping in the forest because jason the killer is in there Im warning you guys

  • Martin Lyn
    Martin Lyn Hour ago

    This one is so funny

  • Yasaman Kabiri
    Yasaman Kabiri Hour ago

    I’m on rain bow unicorn

  • Khadija Mir
    Khadija Mir Hour ago

    You guys are so smart love you 😍

  • gacha awarn37
    gacha awarn37 2 hours ago

    1.teabag 2. voice 3. eggs 4. Erassdsss

  • Maryum imam
    Maryum imam 2 hours ago


  • Storyshift Chara
    Storyshift Chara 2 hours ago

    Skateboards are kinda dangerous.... Just my opinon! -Especially with a pet on it-

  • Armando Adame
    Armando Adame 2 hours ago

    The unicorn 🦄 nails were the prettiest!!!!🤪😍🥰😊❤️ Edit: like if you love ❤️ the nails! And try to make it blue 100 times 👇🏽

  • Crystal Jimenez
    Crystal Jimenez 2 hours ago

    Omg that fish one killed me 😆

  • Amanda Alas
    Amanda Alas 2 hours ago


  • Andrew Mink
    Andrew Mink 2 hours ago

    Subscribe troom.troom

  • Danna Moya
    Danna Moya 2 hours ago

    I know what is Ms. Gonzoles' secret ingredient: Food Coloring!😂😂😂

  • Kevin Xu
    Kevin Xu 2 hours ago

    the fact I can

  • Luianny German
    Luianny German 2 hours ago

    This Is very jugementel.and those "friends" Are fake. Your teaching kids how to be a brat and change themself for other people opinions


    Mmmm this makes me hungry!!! 👇🏻

  • Emily G
    Emily G 2 hours ago

    The ending song on this video sounds really close to some parts of Avicii - Waiting For Love.

  • Smart Gaming
    Smart Gaming 2 hours ago

    I'm Going To Get Braces In The September 21st 2019

  • Yasaman Kabiri
    Yasaman Kabiri 2 hours ago

    I love your hacks sooooooo much! I’m not forcing you guys to agree😇😊☺️

  • Grandpas Jams
    Grandpas Jams 2 hours ago

    The so much because I know a app like rivet but you need a monthly subscription and on rivet you don't need dat

  • Emily G
    Emily G 2 hours ago

    I'd really like to see Jenna Marbles or Cristine try some of these "hacks".

  • Ianna Manuel
    Ianna Manuel 2 hours ago

    is so cate i wishi i have that to

  • Cristian Villanueva
    Cristian Villanueva 2 hours ago

    How cCute🐯I

  • Alison Burgee
    Alison Burgee 2 hours ago


  • Alison Burgee
    Alison Burgee 2 hours ago


  • Martin Lyn
    Martin Lyn 2 hours ago

    But I don't have borax not shaving cream or gel or anything like that

  • Antonny Volcy
    Antonny Volcy 2 hours ago

    bloopers funny funny

  • Shaylee Spradlin
    Shaylee Spradlin 2 hours ago

    bad is better

  • Dani y sus juguetes
    Dani y sus juguetes 2 hours ago

    Hi no hablo ingles pero a un asi son los mejores🎉🎊🎁💗💖💘

  • lidang 89 Nami
    lidang 89 Nami 2 hours ago

    i like unicorns

  • Crystal Chandelier
    Crystal Chandelier 2 hours ago

    Where did she buy a black burger bun? If she burnt a normal bun, that might cause foo poisoning!

  • JustAGacha Tuber
    JustAGacha Tuber 2 hours ago


  • win win
    win win 2 hours ago

    He sounds like a gurl =,= Funny xD

  • Stacey Johnson
    Stacey Johnson 2 hours ago


  • Awkward Creeper
    Awkward Creeper 2 hours ago

    *nom nom nom* *OH* lolololololoololoololololollololoolololl

  • picklechu pancake
    picklechu pancake 2 hours ago

    Wow just wow

  • GunsnRiverPops GunsnRiverPops


  • Cb Unicorn
    Cb Unicorn 3 hours ago

    Glue it to the "BASE BALL BAT" sorry but I know you.meant "cap" but I had to!

  • wineth dormido
    wineth dormido 3 hours ago

    Yup me! Craft n creations i just did

  • Gacha Lupita Luime
    Gacha Lupita Luime 3 hours ago

    *of course they would let us bring makeup to school (not)*

  • ram vinesh
    ram vinesh 3 hours ago

    I'm Riyanshi and I'm 6.

  • Marina Lewis
    Marina Lewis 3 hours ago

    You like nice and beautiful