The ACE Family
The ACE Family
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  • Adrianna Crazy Life
    Adrianna Crazy Life 54 minutes ago

    I love it all but if I had to choose it would be Alaia and Elle under the blanket those smiles melted my ❤️

  • Ryan Ross
    Ryan Ross 55 minutes ago

    Your oldest daughter is so smart that mad me smile and laugh that was so cute she new it better then adults wow good for her

  • Tianna Trainer
    Tianna Trainer 57 minutes ago

    Who is better? Like ace family Comment lebrant fam!

  • Azaryanna Wright
    Azaryanna Wright 58 minutes ago

    Can you do another basketball charity event please

  • mevangelinsta mellow
    mevangelinsta mellow 59 minutes ago

    I am the only one that really like the video clip and the song💙💜

  • Melissa Gonzales

    I love you so very much Ace family

  • hekbois
    hekbois Hour ago

    It's too good

  • leanne skelton
    leanne skelton Hour ago

    Elle Lottie 🙍🏽‍♀️🤴🏽👸🏽

  • Lillian Stephanie Romero

    Omg I know the answers to all these questions 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Splash _CSC
    Splash _CSC Hour ago


  • Danish Ali Wadhani

    you got him gooooood :) cannot stop laughing

  • Hawra A
    Hawra A Hour ago

    You guys are so sweet with your fans ily guys so much ur such an inspiration for success 😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰

  • Raquel Ribeiro
    Raquel Ribeiro Hour ago

    They were asking the wrong ace family members 🤣

  • It’s Yehona
    It’s Yehona Hour ago

    You guys are so CUTE🥺💘

  • devynnrw
    devynnrw Hour ago

    They were horrible yo!!! Im mad! I knew every single question dog! I NEED $1,000!

  • Вальо Георгиев

    First name of the channel was Austin and Catherine vlogs, Elle is 3, Alaïa is 1, last video is the new intro, you guys didn't take a class in middle school i think bc you are like 2 years apart or something.., the worda for the intro song are: someone told me love was only in the movies it doesn't exist real life these days now..??, orange lambo, blue camaro, red range rover, white jeep and another white but i don't remember the brand, you start with: hey ace familyy, finish with: we'll be back with more videos, peace!, ace stands for austin, alaïa, catherine and elle, the full names of your daughters are Elle Lively McBroom and Alaïa Marie McBroom, you started doing youtube in 2016 and your first video was Q&A. EASYYYYYY.

  • Rock Khan
    Rock Khan Hour ago

    Nice Ace family....👍👍...y people dislikes, nothing going wrong...

  • Essra Albaruni
    Essra Albaruni Hour ago

    It’s amazing

  • Holly Smith
    Holly Smith Hour ago

    Omg I love the new music video ❤️❤️❤️

  • Andrew Campos
    Andrew Campos Hour ago

    My birthday is on Christmas 12/25/2000, can I have $1,000 😭please 🙏

  • P Boshle
    P Boshle Hour ago

    Austin you beheaded the unicorn

  • Elekcia Casteal
    Elekcia Casteal Hour ago

    21:30 It sounds like a speedracer from Star Wars!!!

  • Kittycat Cutie
    Kittycat Cutie Hour ago

    Love celebs who Do Somme good things i think this is just inspiering a LOT of other people to Do the same❤️

  • Desiree Carranza

    I was cringing when they got them wrong !!!!

  • Eland Life
    Eland Life Hour ago

    Who else just saw the drawer move

  • Lashay Glen
    Lashay Glen Hour ago

    The room is amazing

  • Im Joshin Ya
    Im Joshin Ya Hour ago

    Sorry but who is going to answer these😂😂

  • Alison Otakho
    Alison Otakho Hour ago

    All these questions were sooooo easy . I literally got everything right ...

  • Anijah Craigslist and


  • Emma Galloway
    Emma Galloway Hour ago

    Catherine: this is for our newborn Austin: chilllll You can just imagine his face ahhaha

  • Caoimhe Mc Connell

    I love you ellie

  • Gabriela Guzman
    Gabriela Guzman Hour ago

    i wouldve crushed those questions AHHHH i wish i was there lmao

  • Given Grace Flores

    i think i would win if catherine and austin ask me those questions!!

  • amara khan
    amara khan Hour ago

    My favourite part is in music where you can hear the horse voice that makes feel really... Lots of love ❤️ from India 🇮🇳

  • Naseer Ahmed
    Naseer Ahmed Hour ago

    I love the ace family❤😘😍🤗

  • Keillah Kagumba
    Keillah Kagumba Hour ago

    Hey ace family you guys are the best my inspiration my motivaters my big idol Austin McBroom. Ace family fan till I die.

  • Karlie Moosomin
    Karlie Moosomin Hour ago

    Elle is such a character 😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  • Thamina Nasimi
    Thamina Nasimi Hour ago

    Those aswners were so easy!

  • Nadia Meintjies
    Nadia Meintjies Hour ago

    Is mommies name Rebecca? Alaïa is the cutest

  • Its Lilzx
    Its Lilzx Hour ago

    Come to the ukkkkkk🙏🏻❤️

  • Macaylah young
    Macaylah young Hour ago

    Can you guys come to Brisbane Australia, would be a dream come true to me and my little sister 🤞🤞❤️

  • Esther Cruz
    Esther Cruz Hour ago

    This vid made me so saddd 😣😣

  • Eteuati Lui
    Eteuati Lui Hour ago

    Bruhh if this was me I wouldn’t even hesitate to answer any questions

  • Given Grace Flores

    im inlove in your intro song!!😍😍😍😍 ilove you ace familyyyy💕

  • shairavi shah
    shairavi shah Hour ago

    Hey Ace Family, Me and my husband have come to LA for our honeymoon. Both of us love you guys. Really hoping to meet you guys. Please let me know if it’s possible. Really big fans from India. Can’t wait to see you guys. 💕💕💓💕💓

  • Kathy Passmore
    Kathy Passmore Hour ago

    i wat your man Typhon his lady Guinea for 24 hours ???? and need 1,000,000,00 melon likes and my name is George Passmore please

  • Natalia Santa Ana

    ❗️❗️Me and my mom watch you every day and we would get every question you ask correct and last year you kept saying her name "Rebecca" but then Catherine would say a different name for the daily giveaway and that happened twice last December. Now a year later today you mention her name again "Rebecca"!! ❤️❤️

  • Amy Croucher
    Amy Croucher Hour ago

    it’s honestly so stressful when you know the answers😂❤️

  • Kathy Passmore
    Kathy Passmore Hour ago

    Go on The Royalty family on TheXvid them got good please

  • Atish Mohajeer
    Atish Mohajeer Hour ago


  • Alina Kardash
    Alina Kardash Hour ago

    Your Babys are sooo sweet ! 😘❤

  • Mashael Althonayan

    The best intro sooo far

  • Jillian Claire
    Jillian Claire Hour ago

    I was literally yelling every answer.... I love your family. I’ve felt so alone lately so thank you for posting your videos and sharing your lives with us, it helps.

  • Éla's Games
    Éla's Games Hour ago


  • Georgia-Madison X Klue


  • uche progress
    uche progress Hour ago

    It's not fair 😔...what of those who doesn't have the opportunity to see you guys, I literally got all the questions correct... I think you guys should do a repeat of this but chatting with fans on Instagram for a limited time

  • Irisha Kirana
    Irisha Kirana Hour ago

    the questions are so easy wtf :-( i dont think theyre real fans

  • Bella Bennette
    Bella Bennette Hour ago

    Someone told me, love was only in the movies, it don't exist in real life these days though. But you showed me.... These are how many people that can complete the lyrics ⬇️⬇️

  • nexolol 1
    nexolol 1 Hour ago

    I really like the new intro 😭❤️

  • Aundrea Loera
    Aundrea Loera Hour ago

    Omg I love the intro

  • Emely Barillas
    Emely Barillas Hour ago

    year: 2016 what class did yu have in ms: they met in college how old are the girls: alaïa: 1 elle:3 name of their channel when they started: austin & catherine vlogs lowk wish i was in this video like omg i could’ve won $1000😭🤣

  • Sarah Miyamoto
    Sarah Miyamoto Hour ago

    ahh i knew every single question!!! 😂 you guys didn’t meet in middle school, the last vid was the new intro, you guys started in 2016 on youtube and the first name of your youtube channel was austin and catherine vlogs! :D this was so fun to watch and i hope one day i will be able to meet you guys! ly guys so much 💖

  • Renee Swanepoel
    Renee Swanepoel Hour ago

    Lol i think austin only needs to know the word besos 😗

  • Rosmarie Szutta
    Rosmarie Szutta Hour ago

    I wish I would live in la so I would have a chance to see you guys ❤️

  • sultanah sa
    sultanah sa Hour ago

    i love how the girl in black told the girl “16” in arabic so they couldn’t understand😂😂she cheated her without them knowing. it’s in 24:36

  • Carol Williams
    Carol Williams Hour ago

    I've did that before Austin 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • Rosmarie Szutta
    Rosmarie Szutta Hour ago

    Why does nobody know that 😍

  • Irfah Jamal
    Irfah Jamal Hour ago

    I looooovvveeee theeeemmm💓

  • Rosmarie Szutta
    Rosmarie Szutta Hour ago

    Someone told me

  • Riley Nicole
    Riley Nicole Hour ago

    I like it don’t get me wrong, but I think it could’ve been better. No hate though :)

  • lauragzelaya
    lauragzelaya Hour ago

    Was I the only one literally awnsering all the questions right and wishing I had been there to get them $1000?😭🤣❤️ IM OBSSESED WITH THE ACE FAMILY🥰🥳

  • Vidya Neupane
    Vidya Neupane Hour ago

    What about your golf car???Pattie

  • 56 aioochy
    56 aioochy Hour ago

    did u guys realized the deffrents between austin in the intro and the outro ? xD its like in the intro he's so energatic and the outro he's so serious xD

  • Beatriz Ibasco
    Beatriz Ibasco Hour ago

    Austin your first video is about Q&A

  • Khadz Ak
    Khadz Ak Hour ago

    Alaias face at 16:54

  • Doreen Chambi
    Doreen Chambi Hour ago

    You should have asked me these questions 😭😭

  • Simply Lia
    Simply Lia Hour ago

    It’s crazy how it seem like y’all just made the other Christmas intro last year 😩😩😩😩

  • х666х
    х666х Hour ago

    okay what the actual FUCK Austin literally RAPED a bunch of girls and there are still people who support HIM? yall are out of your minds

  • Mellissa
    Mellissa Hour ago

    I love seeing Elle growing into a mini Austin , her personality is everything ❤️❤️❤️

  • Mellissa
    Mellissa Hour ago

    Omgggg that was soo cutee ,, this intro is definitely my favourite one yet 😍😍❤️❤️❤️ love you guy’s effort as always ❤️

  • Samah Adam
    Samah Adam Hour ago

    Hi ace family

  • Wamika Costell
    Wamika Costell Hour ago

    Do you guys heard it when austin farted?😂😂😂😂 3.59-4.03

  • Maulupe
    Maulupe Hour ago

    1:01:15 Lol😂😆💖

  • Marie Darabi
    Marie Darabi Hour ago

    Im Gere after the 2ceond princess is born💕😉❤️❤️✨✨

  • Dt Arz
    Dt Arz Hour ago

    I could already win thousands of dollars i got it all right laying here in bed!!!

  • Jimena Katzer
    Jimena Katzer Hour ago

    15:47 Thank me later

  • P Boshle
    P Boshle Hour ago


  • jasvika narula
    jasvika narula Hour ago

    i dont like it a lot

  • Jose Joseph
    Jose Joseph Hour ago

    Hayyy ace family. I'm from south Africa I watch all the time

  • Bushra Naz
    Bushra Naz Hour ago

    I knew all the answers to the questions😅😅

  • Thelma Neumann
    Thelma Neumann Hour ago


  • Samah Adam
    Samah Adam 2 hours ago

    Cathrin and elle asctin do food chaleng

  • Kookie’z and Milk
    Kookie’z and Milk 2 hours ago

    this is just, im normally not a hater but bro, THIS DUDE SPANKED HIS WIFE WHO HE CHEATED ON INFRONT OF HIS FUCKING 3 YEAR OLD, send help pls-

  • Bree Foster
    Bree Foster 2 hours ago

    You guys spent Thanksgiving in my home town!

  • Amara Soumi_
    Amara Soumi_ 2 hours ago

    Don't forget to change the name to The ACEA Family😆

  • Brittney Simpson
    Brittney Simpson 2 hours ago

    Knew the answers to all the questions 😂😩 i Been watching since it was just Catherine and Austin I love you ace family !!!💕💕come to Arizona lol

  • Jamilex Suarez
    Jamilex Suarez 2 hours ago

    i would've got that 1000 lol

  • Merolina Henio
    Merolina Henio 2 hours ago

    Really late but OMG Austin and elle are so cute when they talk 😂😍 and Catherine is just drop dead gorgeous 😻

  • Moanikeala Danielson

    Omg come to Hawaii and do this😩😩❤️

  • Eli Home
    Eli Home 2 hours ago

    awwwwwwwwww ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!