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The ACE Family
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  • gaudard stanley
    gaudard stanley Minute ago

    The same thing Elle

  • Liam Hensworth
    Liam Hensworth Minute ago

    Look Austin just cheats on you , and y’all act like the perfect family when that newborn you have in your fucking stomach is a waste of fucking sperm cells, you fucked the wrong girl again Austin, also Catherine you should think of getting checked for stds because you’re not the only girl Austin has fucked these past whole months and even years

  • tajon78
    tajon78 3 minutes ago

    I’m sorry but your tears all

  • Yahia Yz
    Yahia Yz 5 minutes ago


  • tajon78
    tajon78 5 minutes ago

    That’s good but I’m not that so I can dance way better than that OK Purrfect oh perfect I’ll

  • Rodrigo Natera
    Rodrigo Natera 5 minutes ago

    This song is stupid

  • tajon78
    tajon78 8 minutes ago

    When the dances that

  • Andancq
    Andancq 8 minutes ago

    2020 never even let me wake up! This was never in a million years expected..🥺💗

  • P
    P 9 minutes ago

    Y'all are just NOT good people... The guy's a major dick! GREED! Such greedy people.. It's so sad to see.

  • sonic and mario fan 124 3


  • Jenna Stama
    Jenna Stama 11 minutes ago

    Omg STALKERS😖😟😟😟😟

  • Cherif Barry
    Cherif Barry 11 minutes ago

    We all love you god bless you

  • Danijah Curry
    Danijah Curry 11 minutes ago


  • Jaquelin Acosta
    Jaquelin Acosta 13 minutes ago

    The ace fam loves you more than fat cake😂

  • Naudia Pearson
    Naudia Pearson 13 minutes ago

    I'm so happy for yall😘😘😘😘😘😂😂😂😂😂

  • bigsexyred1985
    bigsexyred1985 14 minutes ago


  • Teniqua Johnson
    Teniqua Johnson 14 minutes ago


  • Fatima Mukhtar
    Fatima Mukhtar 15 minutes ago

    I liked 5 and 4, but mostly 4

  • Alex Felix
    Alex Felix 16 minutes ago


  • Teniqua Johnson
    Teniqua Johnson 19 minutes ago

    Hey ACE FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A to Z tv Richardson
    A to Z tv Richardson 22 minutes ago


  • Alondra Arellano
    Alondra Arellano 23 minutes ago

    Same watching in 2020 after finding out Catherine is pregnant again

  • bigsexyred1985
    bigsexyred1985 23 minutes ago


  • Makayla Duncan
    Makayla Duncan 26 minutes ago

    What that's allsome

  • Saniayh Watson
    Saniayh Watson 27 minutes ago

    cathrain is going to win

  • DEMOn Fly
    DEMOn Fly 28 minutes ago

    I love move sooo much

    • DEMOn Fly
      DEMOn Fly 27 minutes ago

      I love your move sooooooooo much

  • mario Sanchez
    mario Sanchez 28 minutes ago

    Happy birthday elle

  • giomaris santiago
    giomaris santiago 30 minutes ago


  • giomaris santiago
    giomaris santiago 31 minute ago

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU happy birthday to you happy birthday dear ELLE happy birthday to you

  • Anabella Lamour
    Anabella Lamour 32 minutes ago

    I can see why so many people don't like the ace family. They have such a beautiful, blessed family. I've never watched a video were I've seen such a bond and connection between a father and daughter. So many people watch family channels as an escape from their own. And when they see something like this, they're jealous. I don't have a father in my life, and watching this makes me I wish I did. Keep going ace family. These haters are gonna hate because you're beyond better. ❤

  • 2027 Camila Sanchez Garcia

    Who's watching in 2020? When Catherine is pregnant again:-)

  • Amani _noob2
    Amani _noob2 33 minutes ago

    2020 anyone?

  • rocio martinez
    rocio martinez 35 minutes ago

    Catherine where is this new channel?????

  • giomaris santiago
    giomaris santiago 36 minutes ago


  • Jesus Zavala
    Jesus Zavala 36 minutes ago


  • Felina Robinson
    Felina Robinson 37 minutes ago


  • Ashanti Tejeda
    Ashanti Tejeda 37 minutes ago

    im in the kiwi team all the wayyyyy lmaoooo

  • Joel Chavez
    Joel Chavez 40 minutes ago

    I can’t believe them bro she didn’t reveal her real name so her name isn’t Catherine it’s dolores so it’s all y’all choice

  • Rach Char
    Rach Char 41 minute ago

    That made me cry! After the long wait! Congrats, Ace Fam! 😘👏👶

  • Joani Winrow-Walker
    Joani Winrow-Walker 41 minute ago

    So glad you saw the giddyup giddyup giddyup that’s my favorite song I listen to that every day but not every day but I’m fake because it is my job like this is such class Mrs. Hatch TheXvid DJ so cool I want to kiss

  • Sara Castro
    Sara Castro 41 minute ago

    I’m not mad about the baby 👶🏼 🥳 congrats but don’t u think ur going a little to fast with kids no offense I LOVE ❤️ the ACE family.Its just u still have a baby and then another one

  • panpious Pingol
    panpious Pingol 43 minutes ago

    Elle your so cute I can stop watching this...I love you age family

    JAM FAM 45 minutes ago

    HOLD UP WHAAAAAAT?!?!?! Last time I watched the ace family, they just had Alaïa and look where we are now?!

  • LSebastien
    LSebastien 46 minutes ago

    A normal person would love their child regardless of their gender so I don't understand 'reveal' videos like this this. Would their reaction have been different if they found out it was the opposite gender? No? THEN WHAT IS THE POINT?

  • Ester Ramos
    Ester Ramos 46 minutes ago

    The title for the video wrong lol isn’t fiancé not husband they ain’t married sooo

  • dennis surgeon
    dennis surgeon 47 minutes ago

    my favourite part was all of it foreal

  • Nahomy Campos
    Nahomy Campos 47 minutes ago

    Yo se me hace la cara a la niña 👶🏻 a las dos y

  • bigsexyred1985
    bigsexyred1985 48 minutes ago


  • Tricia Gabrielle
    Tricia Gabrielle 50 minutes ago

    Elle you are strong and beautiful and adorable it is rough

  • Bighippolawdog YT
    Bighippolawdog YT 50 minutes ago

    Austin: We got matching booboos Me: I see that new drip

  • 100k subscribers with no videos Ayyy


  • Evan Vanderwerf
    Evan Vanderwerf 52 minutes ago

    Hey Austin didn’t you cheat on her multiple times ha ha 😅😅

  • alma perez
    alma perez 55 minutes ago

    alaia looks so cute u gysdid a grat job i didnot like it i love it so much

  • Nahomy Campos
    Nahomy Campos 56 minutes ago

    No 👎🏾 no 👎🏾 que yo no 👎🏾 no 👎🏾

  • plam.135
    plam.135 56 minutes ago

    4:56 hahahaha

  • Alicia Sanabria
    Alicia Sanabria 57 minutes ago

    U guys need some privacy like us U don't always have to show us Ur privcy

  • I’m Damarion Eccleston
    I’m Damarion Eccleston 57 minutes ago

    10:20 Austin boys wouldn’t want that

  • dennis surgeon
    dennis surgeon 57 minutes ago

    his sweater looks so cuddly....(i dont know if that's a word but...) and cozy

  • Francesca Lajom
    Francesca Lajom 57 minutes ago

    I live Philippines

  • Erika Chavez
    Erika Chavez 58 minutes ago

    Alaia is so CuTe

  • Mazilyn Mccloud
    Mazilyn Mccloud 58 minutes ago

    am happy for u guys

  • Mazilyn Mccloud
    Mazilyn Mccloud 59 minutes ago

    that's soooo nice

  • Rachel Mcbride
    Rachel Mcbride Hour ago

    Austin having a breakdown trying to not cry. Catherine being positive and telling everyone their perfect😂😂😂

    MALAYLA HAAG Hour ago

    It was so weird to see cathrine using the bathroom also who’s watching this 2019-2020

  • Francesca Lajom
    Francesca Lajom Hour ago


  • Dezja Adams
    Dezja Adams Hour ago

    I like this song

  • Ezbey Pineda Isais

    I love every o one of your video s

  • V
    V Hour ago

    Catherine is very pretty

  • Ezbey Pineda Isais

    You are my 1st favorite TheXvidrs

  • Jenna Stama
    Jenna Stama Hour ago

    Oml Austin🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sarah Sheedy
    Sarah Sheedy Hour ago

    I rate ye a 10

  • LoLNetflix PlayMore

    Omg my mom has a lots of baby clothes for boy

  • Rocio Lopez
    Rocio Lopez Hour ago

    Have you seen the things nickado avocado is saying about you guys dont worry we will stand up for you guys

  • Nahomy Campos
    Nahomy Campos Hour ago

    🥳. Like

  • Mari Alonzo
    Mari Alonzo Hour ago

    Is Jake Paul in there

  • Jennifer Zavala
    Jennifer Zavala Hour ago

    2020 anyone ?

  • weronika ziarnik

    i legit jus realized how long this video is

  • Sofia Moreno
    Sofia Moreno Hour ago

    I'm crying

  • Bighippolawdog YT

    Austin, Catherine you guys are my favorite couple you tubers and you guys really help me and inspire me to be better every day and you are amazing. You guys should do what you do and love it, there shouldn’t be people on this earth that it even goes across there minds to even wanna take someone’s personal belongings. There are some really bad people on this earth and you guys are one of the better people in this world and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I love you guys so so much and if you see this, hope Elle and Alaia are doing good and can’t wait for the baby boy!

  • Chazna Kawenga
    Chazna Kawenga Hour ago

    Catherine: aw it's adorable look at it Austin: *giggles* djdhesjijejejwnej you could've had a Tesla

  • giomaris santiago

    Austin:what did dada say Elle:ignores*

  • Tiffany Binge
    Tiffany Binge Hour ago

    I love your song

  • itzzz.YouTube Fam

    Y'all should not be mad I mean like if ur famous and stuff how would u feel letting everyone know ur personal life

  • Damero Pickett
    Damero Pickett Hour ago

    I know part of it giddy giddy up

  • avocado person
    avocado person Hour ago

    so i don’t know if y’all follow them in insta...but Austin recently posted something about how they were working on something for a while (they also mentioned it this year in day 1 of ace mas) and then recently catherine posted something about the company ownthelight...ownthelight made their documentary....their documentary took a while to make.....YALL THEIR MAKING ANOTHER DOCUMENTARY!!!!!!!!! also this is probably not right it’s just me saying things so don’t judge but i love you ace fam❤️

  • Tricia Fredrick
    Tricia Fredrick Hour ago

    The Ace family should be able to share what they want to share. And if they want to keep things private, that's their decision. We all have to remember that their family is in the spotlight all the time. And I'm sure they want to have some stuff private and make it special for their family.

  • Gustavo Mares
    Gustavo Mares Hour ago

    Cute but no boys better like her

  • bigsexyred1985
    bigsexyred1985 Hour ago

    Aww Soo sweet beautiful gift

  • Desara Gjoka
    Desara Gjoka Hour ago


  • S Haq
    S Haq Hour ago

    She kept it quiet as she had gender selection IVF done and wanted privacy. There's clinics in Los angeles that do this.

  • patty evans
    patty evans Hour ago


  • Natalee Thompson

    Hey I am new to this channel

  • dek niys
    dek niys Hour ago

    awhh 😭❤️

  • Flor Reyes
    Flor Reyes Hour ago

    4:40-4:47 is where Alaïas name came from

  • Taylor Noel
    Taylor Noel Hour ago

    There are memes of ur daughter going around

  • Kalli Seibert
    Kalli Seibert Hour ago

    Looks like Elle got a date💏

  • Claudia Pérez
    Claudia Pérez Hour ago

    It’s been one year I get just get notified 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Denisha Ladega
    Denisha Ladega Hour ago

    I hit the subscribed and the like button...and your one of the TheXvid's , in the world.