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Trolling Is A Art
Views 44K9 days ago
Funny Comparison Pictures
Views 300K15 days ago
Life Is Full Of Surprises
Views 270K21 day ago
It’s A Trap
Views 57K23 days ago
Nature Is Full Of Surprises
Views 453K25 days ago
Looks Can Be Deceiving
Views 234K26 days ago
When Everything Goes Wrong
Views 285K27 days ago
Crappy Design Fails
Views 94KMonth ago
Drama Is Everywhere
Views 159KMonth ago


  • skskskzk 43
    skskskzk 43 27 seconds ago

    0:13 now thats the Thanos portal in minecraft

  • Olivia 123
    Olivia 123 Minute ago

    Hate monday

  • Egle Sakalauskaite
    Egle Sakalauskaite 2 minutes ago

    My cat Prince saved a chicken from a hawk and was sitting near her for 5 minutes.

  • António Silva Channel
    António Silva Channel 2 minutes ago


  • Kemar Wynter
    Kemar Wynter 3 minutes ago

    I want them all

  • Fired Blaze
    Fired Blaze 3 minutes ago

    1:12 murder

  • ale_monte__ Instagram
    ale_monte__ Instagram 5 minutes ago

    1:10 i'm sorty to tell you that the original is "tu quoque, Brute, fili mi!" That means:"even you, bruto, my son!"

  • Attika
    Attika 5 minutes ago

    soooo adorable and a really nice choice of music. thank you <3

  • Ixis W
    Ixis W 7 minutes ago

    These Donuts :0

  • Ashly Menard
    Ashly Menard 7 minutes ago

    The people behind these are definitely geniuses!

    KUNTALIKA ROY 7 minutes ago

    Great!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁

  • mlgfuzzywizard
    mlgfuzzywizard 9 minutes ago


  • Anime and Games Fan
    Anime and Games Fan 10 minutes ago


  • Jad Alawieh
    Jad Alawieh 10 minutes ago

    School has started but happiness has stopped

  • • Lorry Cyutiiee •
    • Lorry Cyutiiee • 11 minutes ago

    Who is Here before 1000 views?? *me*

  • Patrick Eriksen
    Patrick Eriksen 12 minutes ago

    And i ah-wow-

  • Mousebunny ROBLOX
    Mousebunny ROBLOX 12 minutes ago


  • Shama Mahajan
    Shama Mahajan 14 minutes ago

    C🍪🍪kie monster 😍🤣🍪

  • Papyrus
    Papyrus 17 minutes ago

    *Laughs in pet rock*

  • the wall
    the wall 21 minute ago

    there still some good ppl in the world and that make me happy

  • AuriGnal
    AuriGnal 22 minutes ago

    Your these videos make me feel a lot good about living on earth

    ANITA PAWAR 26 minutes ago

    It it have logic so it won't be cartoon 😅😄

  • Halle Irwin
    Halle Irwin 35 minutes ago

    My yearbook quote would be "Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz, I NeeD SLeEp!!"

  • DiceElla Да
    DiceElla Да 45 minutes ago

    These moments are sad... and ends with happy memories that you had with someone...

  • Electric lion yeet
    Electric lion yeet 49 minutes ago

    He Protec he attac most importantly he big as hec

  • SuperSpaceKitty99
    SuperSpaceKitty99 55 minutes ago

    0:54 I actually have that at my school too. I think it's supposed to be there? Cause all the schools I go to have those

  • Quadro Warstar
    Quadro Warstar Hour ago

    0:49 that strawberry looks hella weird. I don't think I'll be able to bite into it.

  • tihzho
    tihzho Hour ago

    0:32 That kind man is Muslim. To all the Islamophobes I lived in Jakarta Indonesia which is 89% Muslim and down the street from my apartment was a devout Muslim community. They were the nicest people you could meet.

  • Samuel Fletcher
    Samuel Fletcher Hour ago

    Number 11 is not a doggosaurus rex it’s a Australien dog

  • Upośledzony Pies

    I cry

  • Avijit Shee
    Avijit Shee Hour ago

    Its littlebit emotional😔

  • Burnt Cheeto
    Burnt Cheeto Hour ago

    Stephen was the very definition of childhood.

  • Janet Pollard
    Janet Pollard Hour ago

    No anime or undertale costumes? *sigh*

  • Staniel Stoyanov

    2:04 i was sure that bulgarians can do something (i am from bulgaria) and our country is stupid AF and i am happy to see this cat happy and alive i am also happy that finally from so long time a person showed that we are something more than idiots.......

  • Dog Lover
    Dog Lover Hour ago


  • Jade Delport
    Jade Delport Hour ago

    9:03 😂

  • Spin YEET
    Spin YEET Hour ago

    Don't listen to other mean people Love yourself we ❤️ you 🥰

  • snowbabygirl priv

    Stephen hillenburg died from als

  • Bonnie x3
    Bonnie x3 Hour ago

    If i found out who shooted that poor doggy 17 times i will set him on fire to burn alive 😀😓

  • kalyx takimoto
    kalyx takimoto Hour ago

    No guffy!!!! Hes innocent hes not jesus!!

  • Random person who likes Undertale

    I can relate to most of these and I have no idea if I should be crying or laughing right now

  • aftab khan
    aftab khan Hour ago

    I remember watching this vid a year ago

  • Chiken Nugget
    Chiken Nugget 2 hours ago


  • Nicole Johnson
    Nicole Johnson 2 hours ago

    1:27 she can turn into a boy- And she even looks like a boy-

  • Ms Olivia
    Ms Olivia 2 hours ago

    1:19 did an amazing job on painting the nails 😍

  • Jeya pradha
    Jeya pradha 2 hours ago

    Have courage and be kind

    • Jeya pradha
      Jeya pradha 3 minutes ago

      @FunnyPig So true

    • FunnyPig
      FunnyPig Hour ago

      Yes, sometimes showing kindness need a little courage too

  • Alabaster Kros
    Alabaster Kros 2 hours ago

    It's so nice to know people care✌

  • MAA Gaming Channel
    MAA Gaming Channel 2 hours ago

    I love you stephen hilenburg RIP

  • Aidil Hitam
    Aidil Hitam 2 hours ago

    R.I.p father of spongebob

  • Thang Nguyen
    Thang Nguyen 2 hours ago

    Show some respect,you not a threat

  • AB Farrow
    AB Farrow 2 hours ago

    I feel old even though I'm only 14...

  • AB Farrow
    AB Farrow 2 hours ago

    I remember/still do some of these!!!!!!! Some weren't things I remembered because I was too young or they weren't my time...

  • Julie S
    Julie S 2 hours ago

    # 16 : what is funny with this one ?

  • Ria Abella
    Ria Abella 3 hours ago

    We love stephen hilenburg even your not here we stil love you😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Alyssa XxX
    Alyssa XxX 3 hours ago

    *30. This kid really doesn’t like weddings* Me: I’m with you broda

  • Only a man
    Only a man 3 hours ago

    This is not even sad. Many people are overreacting.

  • jlanish
    jlanish 3 hours ago

    this one made my day ^^ "they're underused".so right! you know what? i never wait for seeing them; i do them."do more, see more" feels wonderfull :) thank you!

  • Foo Jie Cheng
    Foo Jie Cheng 3 hours ago

    27 I don't really mind coz I love the lemon

  • Colin Chan ET
    Colin Chan ET 3 hours ago

    9:05 What is SCP 1162 doing there?

  • Faith Garcia
    Faith Garcia 3 hours ago

    You: pictures that can warm you up even when its freezing outside Me: its hot in here Stranger: ItS gEtTiNg HoT iN HeRe sO TaKe oFf AlL yOuR ClOtHeS Me: nevermind (puts on jacket and sips tea)

  • Sunlight TT
    Sunlight TT 3 hours ago

    I have 2 bunnies but they always ignore me ;^;

  • GamerDoggo
    GamerDoggo 3 hours ago

    This video really showed that its normal to be scared of emotions

  • A L
    A L 3 hours ago

    Just see this video make me really miss my pets...

  • Mimibun 21
    Mimibun 21 3 hours ago

    I felt bad for lizard the birthday girl doesn't mean her name is for an insect doesn't mean they have to call her loser :(

  • Keira - Home
    Keira - Home 3 hours ago

    1:00 at my school the that got molded under the play ground slide is a lizard

  • i hate lolis
    i hate lolis 3 hours ago

    0:00 alright who killed a danganronpa character?

  • Khoa Tran
    Khoa Tran 3 hours ago


  • AuriGnal
    AuriGnal 3 hours ago

    My salute to thee artists. Such an imagination

  • Gacha_ Blue
    Gacha_ Blue 3 hours ago

    2013:Yay my lil dog mocha is here! 2019:crying and praying for him in the good place in the sky.. 😭

  • Mikae Kane
    Mikae Kane 3 hours ago

    The snail part melts my heart, despite of being hated most of the time but this person seems to really love the nail their pet quq

  • VR1 Vai Rup
    VR1 Vai Rup 3 hours ago

    I watched it without realising I was early

  • Luna She Wolf
    Luna She Wolf 3 hours ago

    they are my favourite artist, their art shows more meaning than most art I see on the internet. its truly heartwrenching

  • Believer Wolf
    Believer Wolf 3 hours ago

    With splat natural the first one is what happened to me my pillow was stained blue

  • Timothy .Hyplex Dev. Walton

    0:59 yes

  • Hisstag 11
    Hisstag 11 3 hours ago

    2:54 this lady is a FREAKIN GENIUS!!

  • ame buta
    ame buta 3 hours ago

    loved them all but that wolf was amazing.

  • V e n t u r d o s u s

    9:35 “Son, I don’t feel so good.” The comment section got sad so…

  • - VS034257 Jasmine
    - VS034257 Jasmine 4 hours ago

    Their kindness will never die, their spirit, too! And no one will forget the little things to a huge things that you've done. If you think you're house too little, Appreciate it, some one won't have a house like you. They still happy with their life because kindness people are always near them. 😉 ( Sorry if my English kinda bad )

  • Jadey Jackson
    Jadey Jackson 4 hours ago

    I didn't even click on and I'm crying

  • Ord1nary Dude YT
    Ord1nary Dude YT 4 hours ago

    "They grow up so fast.."

  • Chilldude
    Chilldude 4 hours ago

    The first one was my favirote :)

  • Gaurav Sharma
    Gaurav Sharma 4 hours ago

    Your video always make me feel why its worth living :)

  • dustinfisher29
    dustinfisher29 4 hours ago

    ..... Like my tomcat.... 10years and 6,5kg earlier....

  • janna_riego mercadejas

    Number #7 is kinda creepy

  • Antoine 123
    Antoine 123 4 hours ago

    Man the first picture

  • Edreen Pasang
    Edreen Pasang 4 hours ago

    Not all hero wear cape and mask .

  • Nerviger Affe
    Nerviger Affe 4 hours ago

    Who disliked this vid!

  • Agatha Eclesia Keinatya

    This vid is very underrated....

  • Farhan Labib
    Farhan Labib 4 hours ago

    In my opinion, a little kindness and polite manner is all it takes to make this world a warm place. You can't get mad when someone politely and sincerely apologize for their mistakes.

  • Ema Gosaric
    Ema Gosaric 4 hours ago

    When i was a kid i saw a puppy when i was walking home....i put him in the backpack and suprised my mom cuz she always wanted a dog

  • Ɱყɬɧıƈąɩ Ɠɩơཞყ

    aww so sweet..

  • Ahya Fikri
    Ahya Fikri 4 hours ago

    0:49 I hope she just moved away bc it will pretty dark if the last week mean "died" :(

  • BlueLight_Gamer :3
    BlueLight_Gamer :3 4 hours ago

    Omg this really touch my heart...😭😭😭

  • Darkness Silence
    Darkness Silence 4 hours ago

    aww these r just extraordinarily simple thing thagt has vast kindness...thanks

  • Kao 360
    Kao 360 4 hours ago

    3:06 *L O O K A T T H I S P H O T O G R A P H* *LOOK AT THIS PHOTOGRAPH* LOOK AT THIS PHOTOGRAPH Look at this photograph

  • AJ Woodard
    AJ Woodard 4 hours ago

    "Believe it or not, this spider is one of the least dangerous spiders in Australia." Exactly, that's why I'll never go.

  • Darkness Silence
    Darkness Silence 4 hours ago

    you made me like at the first one

  • Killer anime toon India

    There is no problem in Nobita's hand.We can watch doraemon sins. Am I True doraemon fans?