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  • pthesmith
    pthesmith 4 hours ago

    She had empathy for the buffalo. It was a beautiful gesture.

  • J J
    J J 4 hours ago

    We only bow down to the true God through the Son Christ Jesus with the free gift of salvation where we are justified by faith and saved by grace. Christ the God Man is the head of the church not a carnal man...

  • Binda Lee
    Binda Lee 4 hours ago

    Wow intelligent herds.. Matriarch tried to save and wake the buffalo up..

  • Jessica Lengyell
    Jessica Lengyell 4 hours ago

    Are they saying Tunisia? Tunisia is in North Africa, no where near Rome!

  • Salma Jabbar
    Salma Jabbar 5 hours ago

    I love ❤️ t rex

  • Tanner Wallace
    Tanner Wallace 5 hours ago


  • Salty Steel
    Salty Steel 5 hours ago

    Is the bird ok? Did it recover? Sending my best wishes! Lol

  • Slappy Fistwad
    Slappy Fistwad 5 hours ago

    use teamwork next time

  • Harsha Harsha
    Harsha Harsha 5 hours ago

    My vegan neighbour when I am having chicken 😂😂

  • fucking weeb
    fucking weeb 5 hours ago

    First, this was a war Now it's an anime and game based on this war-

  • Hassan Hammad
    Hassan Hammad 6 hours ago

    And my Love friends July is in A Pink dress

  • twin H power
    twin H power 6 hours ago

    Even in iran iraq war iraq pilots did this and hit the ground :/

  • Toastie
    Toastie 6 hours ago

    so... no head?

  • shuaibu alfa
    shuaibu alfa 6 hours ago


  • Said Toshimaru
    Said Toshimaru 6 hours ago

    Everyone's a gangsta till...

  • Yvng Hommie Cjsocoolsocooldraft

    Is booth dead

  • almaz kabdolov
    almaz kabdolov 6 hours ago

    Both sides are intelligent enough not to interfere with one another "till the end"

  • Codie Middaugh
    Codie Middaugh 6 hours ago

    Aluminium burns at 1000 degrees. Still not hot enough to melt steel... those beams were also cut at angles yet Smithsonian or any other news anchor is willing to talk about that. The passports, the missing wreckage from the plane that "crashed" in shanksville PA. Or the wreckage the supposedly disintegrated at the Pentagon. Or the false report of building 7 falling when clearly it still stood... or the fact building 7 fell, PERIOD. Look people this false flag attack was done by the US government. It happened so the owner of the buildings was claiming bankruptcy and he could claim the billions of dollars in insurance. It was ALSO done so a police state could be brought upon the American people. And so future "attacks" could be considered terror attacks and more laws can be placed onto the american people. The US government is pure evil and only the 1s incharge are truly living free.

  • SDM Arcugos
    SDM Arcugos 6 hours ago

    Communist Revolution

  • Rishabh Kumar
    Rishabh Kumar 6 hours ago

    Love the last look she gave to the lions.

  • J Sixx
    J Sixx 6 hours ago

    I mis loaded a DC-6 too aft. After rotation, full forward control wheel, and nose was still rising. Called for METO, Clinb, cruise, as in one word. Sharp Engineer, Charlie Hood, could tell what I was thinking. Flew to destination. When we parked, nosewheel was in the air, plane balanced on the mains.

  • Adriana Satran
    Adriana Satran 6 hours ago

    Absolut adorabile! 😘 🤗 ❤️

  • Not J
    Not J 6 hours ago

    The Puritans weren't tolerant of something? I'M SHOCKED! Actually, it's the ONLY thing I've ever known about the Puritans. They kind of sound like current day Trumpers. It'll take a long time for the denial to fade and the shame to set in. If ever.

  • Elvira Talbot
    Elvira Talbot 7 hours ago

    She dropped the mic by taking a dump

  • Toshi 6000
    Toshi 6000 7 hours ago


  • Jason Juneau
    Jason Juneau 7 hours ago

    Where's the movie about these guys? I would assume a levee is harder to land on since it's more narrow. Plus, this pilot only had one eye.

  • Lara B
    Lara B 7 hours ago

    Thank God everybody survived

  • Collin Im
    Collin Im 7 hours ago

    1:10 “tower look to the south, there’s an aircraft crashing.”

  • trankt54155
    trankt54155 7 hours ago

    The earth is all we have and everything (humans and nonhumans) compete for what is on it with whatever it takes.....

  • y l
    y l 7 hours ago

    Everybody's are going to London in my place of work. But, I wanted to visit Yorkshire England. I just don't know which airport I have to go. Which place I have to start my 20 days adventure. I'm coming from Alberta Canada. Pls have some great advices.

    VOZAMARAK TV 7 hours ago

    I love the elephant's trumpet sound! It's so cool.

  • Jonathan rizo
    Jonathan rizo 7 hours ago

    Amazing. It’s not the lion king, it’s the elephant ruler !

  • MsBizzyGurl
    MsBizzyGurl 7 hours ago

    "...stunned archeologists." Uh huh. Like their education never included the subject of sea changes.

  • dana brichtova
    dana brichtova 7 hours ago

    N I C E

  • Law Dawg
    Law Dawg 7 hours ago

    Crazy how it basically was designed by 👑God to have steak knives for teeth.

  • TrillTRIPPin
    TrillTRIPPin 7 hours ago

    Dude that calf is the luckiest mf!

  • Maurício de Morais Costa

    Muito bom ! [ Very good ! ]. Maurício, Brasil

  • infinightsky
    infinightsky 7 hours ago

    I must admit I would have enjoyed looking at and discussing renaissance art at the berghof

  • Dora Escalante
    Dora Escalante 7 hours ago

    I am the problem

  • Nikolas Francis
    Nikolas Francis 7 hours ago

    Maybe that lioness is a baron and can't have kids of her own so she adopted that calf for a little while😔

  • Tade21
    Tade21 8 hours ago

    I 💗 Elephants

  • Parikshit pore
    Parikshit pore 8 hours ago

    tense moment....well documented

  • Bob S
    Bob S 8 hours ago

    This is top tier of the most ridiculous stories involving 9/11

  • Edward Lee
    Edward Lee 8 hours ago

    she was trying to help the buffalo. get up!

  • Inspirer
    Inspirer 8 hours ago

    0:54 creeper Minecraft

  • Gymnastics Gymnasticsbrooke

    See everyone heard gunshots right but they just standing up and doing nothing they could of run

  • R P
    R P 8 hours ago

    This production is Hollywood fiction.

  • ahmad nawaz
    ahmad nawaz 8 hours ago


  • B uppy
    B uppy 8 hours ago

    The matriarch is upset a friend was eaten.

  • B uppy
    B uppy 8 hours ago

    What happened to the one elephants's trunk? It is much shorter.

  • Carinne Lilac
    Carinne Lilac 8 hours ago

    I love elephants so much, they are beautiful & intelligent 😊

  • Bruce Pedersen
    Bruce Pedersen 8 hours ago

    I can't believe The Smithsonian Channel made this lying piece of propaganda.

  • Ah-ha
    Ah-ha 8 hours ago

    0:23 oh my that elephants' trunk is so short, has it been bitten off OR is that the way it was born.

    • Quantum Mechanic
      Quantum Mechanic 7 hours ago

      @Ah-ha - A crocodile is a possibility . Certain poisonous snakes are also a possibility . I lived in Tanzania and other parts of Africa and have seen wire snares set to capture monkeys . Older elephants know to avoid snares set in trees while browsing for food . Young elephants not so much .

    • Ah-ha
      Ah-ha 7 hours ago

      @Quantum Mechanic Thank You for that info. Every country that has elephant's have cases of their trunks caught in snares. I first thought a crocodile took it off but a snare is so awful. makes me sad too

    • Quantum Mechanic
      Quantum Mechanic 7 hours ago

      Possibly a wire snare set by a poacher . Sad

  • dollayx8
    dollayx8 8 hours ago

    remember when you fishing using worm as a bait and it gone ? guess how it become in the bottom of sea

    JOSÉ DE FREITAS 8 hours ago

    In Albuquerque there is a base inside a tunnel in the mountains. And inside this underground base is an original extraterrestrial ship that the military scientists dismantled to make other ships with reverse technology. The look of the base resembles the lab called Brain where Professor Xavier from the movie The X Men. But in this case of Albuquerque the thing is very real.

  • Firstwhats Lastup
    Firstwhats Lastup 8 hours ago

    Which way to the snack bar??

  • ShadowNight
    ShadowNight 8 hours ago

    Can we talk about the dog collar on the lions?

  • Patrick Uchiha
    Patrick Uchiha 8 hours ago

    So the Native Americans were alive when Wolly mammoth were alive?

  • crazyhorse
    crazyhorse 8 hours ago

    Good old engineering genius !!!!

  • lillyspops
    lillyspops 8 hours ago

    I wonder if one of the lions gave this video a thumbs down? Who would do that?🤷‍♂️. Weird.

  • Berlin 030
    Berlin 030 8 hours ago

    Elephants are the BOSS of African wild life

  • Asma Aziz
    Asma Aziz 8 hours ago

    I think she felt the pain and trauma that buffalo went through ,even though it was not an elephant.Elephants have high levels of empathy.

  • crazyhorse
    crazyhorse 8 hours ago

    All this computerized assisted stuff is making it even more dangerous !!!

  • crazyhorse
    crazyhorse 8 hours ago

    The commentator expert from the NTSB says it's all been fixed now with non volatile nitrogen filling empty space in gas tanks, well isn't that great, tell that to the 230 lost souls that the sharks had for lunch !!!

  • NXZW
    NXZW 8 hours ago

    Oh wow man. :D

  • Michael jerk
    Michael jerk 8 hours ago

    Really gentleman! If I were the baby cow, I would decide to live with the lion.

  • heather hill
    heather hill 8 hours ago

    This is so beautiful and I am blessed with the amazing content

  • Taylor Glynn
    Taylor Glynn 8 hours ago

    She's saying your food is mine if I want it ... Dominance ! 😩❤️

  • Olds Rocket 88
    Olds Rocket 88 8 hours ago

    The crooked FBI covering up for the Clinton administration finds no evidence of a bomb.

  • Krichek F
    Krichek F 8 hours ago

    We need more Valentino and Beni!!!!

  • Pk vlogs
    Pk vlogs 8 hours ago

    Amazing video👍👍

  • heather hill
    heather hill 8 hours ago

    Thanks for all you do on this beautiful TheXvid channel

  • tim smith
    tim smith 9 hours ago

    Don't mess with mama elephant!

  • ViralBeatbox🎤
    ViralBeatbox🎤 9 hours ago

    Those are some real fires alright 😂

  • ORFwithCRS
    ORFwithCRS 9 hours ago

    Seems the lions are boss since they stayed and the "boss" had to bail... Not really a victory for the herd in any way.

    • ORFwithCRS
      ORFwithCRS 8 hours ago

      @Aaron Irons I don't know if they typically "lean forward" as it were, but I understand your logic!

    • Aaron Irons
      Aaron Irons 8 hours ago

      Yeah not that day.. but seems like territorial animals do things for future situations

    • ORFwithCRS
      ORFwithCRS 8 hours ago

      @Aaron Irons I guess. But the lions weren't the ones who went thirsty that day.

    • Aaron Irons
      Aaron Irons 8 hours ago

      Its definitely a victory in their world

    JOSÉ DE FREITAS 9 hours ago

    In Albuquerque there is a base inside a tunnel in the mountains. And inside this underground base is an original extraterrestrial ship that the military scientists dismantled to make other ships with reverse technology. The look of the base resembles the lab called Brain where Professor Xavier from the movie The X Man. But in this case of Albuquerque the thing is very real.

  • Ciera Velazquez
    Ciera Velazquez 9 hours ago


  • slapper223
    slapper223 9 hours ago

    Ill bet the bird doesn’t have the guts to try that again.

  • Vipin V Nath
    Vipin V Nath 9 hours ago

    🦁 *.* 🐘

  • Connie Crawford
    Connie Crawford 9 hours ago

    The lions are smarter enough to avoid the stronger elephants! What a stand-0off!

  • Fredo Kush
    Fredo Kush 9 hours ago

    *Bird Lives Matter*

  • Dominic Subz
    Dominic Subz 9 hours ago

    This always happens with my mum on the freeway she always misses the exit

  • Specops915
    Specops915 9 hours ago

    "It's all a game of inches" The difference between living with nightmares or meeting death.

  • 5 M views
    5 M views 9 hours ago

    Samurai:My hands are balanced .. Enemy: But your hands are shaking 🤣

  • Darth Vader LXXI
    Darth Vader LXXI 9 hours ago

    You can still get a good equivalent to Garum. Vietnamese Nuk Mam, which is available in oriental food stores. It's a good source of MSG, the magic ingredient that made it so popular.

  • Thomas Brown
    Thomas Brown 9 hours ago

    He could of cut the fuel going to engine 1 during the overspeed right?

  • Layth Adrian
    Layth Adrian 9 hours ago

    It's hard to imagine an America with a respectful press and a Socialist president. Those were the days.

  • Kai Porter Crafton
    Kai Porter Crafton 10 hours ago

    Sad and funny at the same time,

  • psyclops
    psyclops 10 hours ago

    Thats called airgolf, he just scored a birdie.

  • Vedanshu Bansal
    Vedanshu Bansal 10 hours ago

    Master Oogway 🙏

    ITS SPINEL BOIIIS 10 hours ago

    0:19 they sit down Me: *yeah we can see that*

  • Petar Ninkovic
    Petar Ninkovic 10 hours ago

    Me: *about to fly with airplane first time in my life* TheXvid recommendation: *I'm about to end this mans whole career*

  • Eric Weber
    Eric Weber 10 hours ago

    Name me a religion that was tolerant of others back in the day?

  • Freaking Global
    Freaking Global 10 hours ago

    Tell you a secret, Einstein was actually Chinese...

  • Tomken8d2
    Tomken8d2 10 hours ago

    What of the Halo? Google Crown Chakra.

  • ولد قابوس
    ولد قابوس 10 hours ago

    Sure man in a cave in Afghanstan plan it 100% Cave man did it

  • Martin
    Martin 10 hours ago

    when they said valentino's mom was killed, i had a sudden pain in my heart

  • Jennifer Isaacs
    Jennifer Isaacs 10 hours ago

    Funny how people don't learn from history and are doomed to repeat similarly. Shrug

    • Jonathan Edward
      Jonathan Edward 6 hours ago

      We are living though current events that history has taught us lessons to, but many don't think history applies. It's like watching a fire & u can't put it out even though there is fire hose next to u.

  • Tom Wooly
    Tom Wooly 11 hours ago

    this is cruel