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  • Black Wolf
    Black Wolf 14 hours ago

    "You become a moustache" 😅😂😅

  • Viatris Z Studios
    Viatris Z Studios 2 days ago

    that was upload on my mom birthday, my loves techno hehe

  • American Patriot
    American Patriot 2 days ago

    Mines a lot longer but its thin at the end. How do I grow it thicker

    • Matt Tastic Music
      Matt Tastic Music Day ago

      Are you trimming the middle and leaving the sides long? Or growing all of it? And do you oil it? You could look into beard vitamin products.

  • M.A Hawkins
    M.A Hawkins 3 days ago

    Got the tabs?:)

  • Tengris Archer
    Tengris Archer 5 days ago

    Great Video! I told myself so many times that I will let my beard grow to wear a ( slight) handlebar moustache but I always give up and shave after 1-2 weeks. This time I WONT shave at least 6 weeks , promise to myself and the internet. I will update this comment!! :))

  • Aurelio Dutto
    Aurelio Dutto 5 days ago

    I've grown a handlebar mustache in three months. It's now beautiful and elegant. It's the best conversation starter ever

    • Aurelio Dutto
      Aurelio Dutto 5 days ago

      @Matt Tastic Music 💪🏽😄

    • Matt Tastic Music
      Matt Tastic Music 5 days ago

      Aurelio Dutto Haha! Good to hear! Gotta love the Internet, and it’s cool to know that I had a positive impact in someone’s life. I never expected this video to take off like it has, but I wanted to make it to share what I learned before I shaved, so that maybe it would help someone else. Stache life is a fun life. Keep killin it dude! 👍🏻

    • Aurelio Dutto
      Aurelio Dutto 5 days ago

      @Matt Tastic Music it's certainly has given me a boost in confidence👍 The moustache isn't going anywhere, I love it and has made look even manlier. I remember watching this video back in April and think to myself "mmmh I should try it" Best decision ever!

    • Matt Tastic Music
      Matt Tastic Music 5 days ago

      Oh yes, people will definitely start conversations with you. 😂 The important thing is that you remember what that mustache confidence feels like if your stache journey ever comes to an end. Enjoy the ride. 👍🏻

  • Juicy Oranges
    Juicy Oranges 8 days ago


  • EM
    EM 9 days ago

    Dude, that was awesome. Well done.

  • shaft med
    shaft med 10 days ago

    Awesome please do it longer than that

    • Matt Tastic Music
      Matt Tastic Music 8 days ago

      Thanks! I’ve wanted to just go in the woods for awhile and record a long flute piece. I need to do that...

  • Fnaf_The_Plush
    Fnaf_The_Plush 16 days ago

    It’s cringy but it’s good and I like how plankton played the ukulele

  • Noisy Chap
    Noisy Chap 18 days ago

    Keep that fucking stache bro

  • Vishal Kumar
    Vishal Kumar 20 days ago

    You look like such a white trash without Moustache. That Moustache was a compliment but you shaved it off

    • Vishal Kumar
      Vishal Kumar 20 days ago

      @Matt Tastic Music man. If you got the level of sarcasm that my comment had. Then hats off to you. Many people just don't get it😂

    • Matt Tastic Music
      Matt Tastic Music 20 days ago

      Thank you Vishal for providing this input. I did ask for it, so I guess I can’t complain. 😂

  • Steven Farrington
    Steven Farrington 21 day ago

    I really enjoyed this video and then my jaw dropped at the end. Still recovering from the shock.

  • Shooters141
    Shooters141 23 days ago

    This is kind of stupid.

    • Matt Tastic Music
      Matt Tastic Music 23 days ago

      Because of this video, Ringo Starr’s hairstylist invited me to come to Toronto for a hair show where I played jaw harp while models catwalked around me. You may not like it, but it’s made for a fun and interesting life. What is kind of stupid is the negativity. 🤘🏻

  • Jeremy Ginsburg
    Jeremy Ginsburg 25 days ago

    Nice man! Just bought a few in Vietnam and I’m loving your vids! Thanks!!

    • Matt Tastic Music
      Matt Tastic Music 20 days ago

      Jeremy Ginsburg Yeah! Check out Oberton Pro. They’re the best. 👍🏻

    • Jeremy Ginsburg
      Jeremy Ginsburg 20 days ago

      @Matt Tastic Music any tips on where i can get a good harp shipped to thailand? ths $3 vietnam version is already buggin me...

    • Matt Tastic Music
      Matt Tastic Music 25 days ago

      Cool! Yeah they’re really fun. Lol. Thanks for kind words!

  • Ryan Rouberte
    Ryan Rouberte 28 days ago

    Do Axel Foley's theme on this instrument

  • juan tamad
    juan tamad 28 days ago

    I like it Let’s do it again

  • AM W
    AM W Month ago

    The most unlikely pairing! You have made my day.... you look like you had a lot of fun! Thank you <3

    • Matt Tastic Music
      Matt Tastic Music Month ago

      Hey! Thanks so much for the kind words. I made this video just because it was fun and never expected it to takeoff. Take care and make sure to subscribe for more!

  • 3zekiel16
    3zekiel16 Month ago

    Surprise Gilligan ending

  • Nick's Harpery
    Nick's Harpery Month ago

    In my opinion she's trying to hard

    • Matt Tastic Music
      Matt Tastic Music Month ago

      Oh, I don't know. I think she did the most amazing jaw harp cover of Radioactive on TheXvid. haha. Thanks for watching!

  • tony232cool
    tony232cool Month ago

    is it jaws harp or jews harp.

    • Matt Tastic Music
      Matt Tastic Music Month ago

      Both. I say jaw harp most often because it makes more sense for people who are unfamiliar. But the instrument is known by dozens of names over many different countries. Thanks for watching!

  • Michael Riley
    Michael Riley Month ago

    Can you go into more how you do that riff. (Blowing in and out train beat)? Thank you!!!

    • Matt Tastic Music
      Matt Tastic Music Month ago

      It’s a quick double exhale and inhale from the diaphragm. So try to quickly do it with really, I mean REALLY shallow breaths. Follow me on IG if you have any questions. @matt_tastic_music. Good luck!

  • Freder Engelh
    Freder Engelh Month ago

    Im glad that you shaved it so easily, because for me, the more time it passes, the less i want to shave It, its been a year now.

  • Panda Rush
    Panda Rush Month ago

    Very impressive and outstanding. I hope you did another video like this!

  • Brandon Niette
    Brandon Niette Month ago

    Yeah I went to the website and they don't have any more of the jaw Harp they don't know when they will have them back in as far as I know what they are saying because it's in Russian

  • Brandon Niette
    Brandon Niette Month ago

    Yeah it would help if you posted a link for that jaw Harp

  • MiroslavGrosser
    MiroslavGrosser Month ago

    Here is an invitation for YOU to join this challenge to find the HIGHEST OVERTONE we humans can sing with our voice OR play on an instrument in order to RAISE THE ENERGY here on this precious planet, please check the video here:

  • Eric Dement
    Eric Dement Month ago

    You monster!!

  • Trent Arnold
    Trent Arnold Month ago

    00:24 Fred Goldman!!

  • CandyCaineB
    CandyCaineB Month ago

    Fun time! Can't go wrong with house music and live instruments

    • Matt Tastic Music
      Matt Tastic Music Month ago

      No sir, you cannot. Looking forward to getting the latest set online!

    KÖLL EN Month ago

    The equivalency of doing a cover with a kazoo.

    • Matt Tastic Music
      Matt Tastic Music Month ago

      Lol! I may be biased... but I think this is at least ONE step above a kazoo! 😂 Thanks for watching!

  • Anthony Rosa
    Anthony Rosa Month ago


  • Negar Sarmast
    Negar Sarmast 2 months ago

    Hi Matt, thanks for the video. I am so interested and wanna buy be and start ASAP. However I have a question, I have veneers on my front teeth? How risky is playing harp with veneers? Is it gonna hurt my teeth? Is there any way to prevent damage? Can you please help me 🙏🏼

    • Matt Tastic Music
      Matt Tastic Music 2 months ago

      Hello! Thanks for watching. I don’t know a lot about veneers, but I do know about jaw harps and teeth. When played correctly, the harp should not be moving up and down against your teeth. Also, it is important to leave enough space for the reed of the harp to go in and out of your teeth. If you do these two things correctly, then you will not damage your teeth. I have a video titled “how to hold the jaw harp” which explains this more in depth. Hope this helps!

  • Rachel Bennett
    Rachel Bennett 2 months ago

    Fuck man I need to get back into my jews harp.

  • Matthew Atchley
    Matthew Atchley 2 months ago

    Sounds familiar

  • Religious candy bar
    Religious candy bar 2 months ago

    I got one of those first ones can’t fit my teeth on it and only use my lips is that ok?

    • Matt Tastic Music
      Matt Tastic Music 2 months ago

      Hey! So you don’t get as loud of as sound when you just use your lips. What is the problem your having with your teeth?

  • jed hatcher
    jed hatcher 2 months ago

    is that a sensenheimer mic? im growing mines to get silly kisses! Skates up ETC....after u get needles stuck in my back! the just doing it to make people smile as gay as it seems????i dont give a fuck

  • Bradley Leacock
    Bradley Leacock 2 months ago

    Ok so I know your a professional ? Is as you mentioned does the jaw harp go against the teeth? I saw some other videos that have said it could damage teeth so I guess what I'm asking is do your lips hold the harp and dont press it against the teeth ? I'm confused lol

    • Matt Tastic Music
      Matt Tastic Music 2 months ago

      Yes, it goes against the teeth. The only time it will damage your teeth, is if you close your teeth while that reed is moving in and out. Check out my video called “how to hold the jaw harp.” Should help answer your questions. Thanks for watching!

  • Murat D
    Murat D 2 months ago

    Haha this made me happy for some reason lol

  • jon reich
    jon reich 2 months ago

    That. Was. Awesome.

  • Ser Swag
    Ser Swag 2 months ago

    But u can’t grow a beard? 😢

  • Max Powers
    Max Powers 2 months ago

    Upsides to having a handlebar mustache - people come up and talk to you Downsides to having a handlebar mustache- people come up and talk to you

    • Matt Tastic Music
      Matt Tastic Music 2 months ago

      Haha! There were actually more downsides that I filmed. But I thought they could be potential fodder for online trolls. Also kept my video time down. Judging by the comments on this video, I think it was a good decision. Thanks for watching! 😂

  • Jessica R Newhook
    Jessica R Newhook 2 months ago

    I just got the first harp style delivered

  • Marc Eibel
    Marc Eibel 2 months ago

    The apax of insanity!!😂

  • Jimmy Buffet
    Jimmy Buffet 2 months ago

    Huge mistake. I thought you were a gentleman. Oh how wrong I was.

    • Matt Tastic Music
      Matt Tastic Music Month ago

      Geez, Jimmy Buffet. That was a little harsh. How many margaritas you been drinkin!?

  • David Dávila
    David Dávila 3 months ago

    DUDE WTF I did NOT expect that at the end

  • Paul Bales
    Paul Bales 3 months ago

    Very awesome! Thanks. I am just learning and excellent ideas and cool version of great songs are just what I was looking for to practise. Great job

    • Matt Tastic Music
      Matt Tastic Music Month ago

      Hey! Thanks so much for the kind words!!! Good luck with your jaw harp journey!

  • Kaivey
    Kaivey 3 months ago

    Perhaps he was shy.

  • KarlHeinrichs1983
    KarlHeinrichs1983 3 months ago

    I wanna just cut his hair after looking at that mane. Upside down he'd look like a wet mop. He can play Ozzy and clean my toilet at once! Pronto tonto!

  • KarlHeinrichs1983
    KarlHeinrichs1983 3 months ago

    Nix on that noise!

  • blacknapkins
    blacknapkins 3 months ago

    I don’t have very expressive eyebrows, will I still be able to learn?

    • Matt Tastic Music
      Matt Tastic Music 3 months ago

      In time, yes. You can also consider eyebrow workouts. Would you like to buy my DVD on the subject?

  • alex subdias
    alex subdias 3 months ago

    Lol! This is too good

  • Ladco77
    Ladco77 3 months ago

    So much cheese.

  • Tom Servo
    Tom Servo 3 months ago

    forget cow bells, we need more jaw harp

  • Benny Carbstrong
    Benny Carbstrong 3 months ago

    There are two names in Danish: 1. Jødeharpe = jew’s harp 2. Mundharpe = mouth harp

  • Benny Carbstrong
    Benny Carbstrong 3 months ago

    Well, Matt, you are good looking no matter what. That face of yours will always get noticed. I think I’m officially in love... 😁

    CHAIN SMOKERZ 3 months ago

    *IBRAHIMOVIC* Seeeezh...

  • Live/life Improvisational L.I.M.P. Thru5Th

    Oh yeah now i'll do the Kraftwork stuff or each its own versions....,darn this is fucking funny by the way... !?

  • Live/life Improvisational L.I.M.P. Thru5Th

    Is this the harp itself or did u just edit in some distortion into the sound on the video or did u have a pedal underneath ur desk???

  • Guadalupe Galindo
    Guadalupe Galindo 4 months ago

    U killed ur face

  • Kai Schiller
    Kai Schiller 4 months ago

    @Cody Nass To be honest: it might seem helpful to you and he seems to be a nice guy, but there is a problem with jew harp tutorials: most are made by people who are starters themselfs, managing the first few sounds, thinking "whoah, I got it, lets make a tutorial!" - its like somebody playing his first two chords on a guitar and claims himself a teacher. Would you take him for serious? One example: he's plucking in the wrong direction - if you got a really high quality harp of maybe 100 Dollar it might be possible and sometimes it is used as a special technique in some situations, but its never recommended to do it regulary - it is simply not the right way because it doesn't work if you go on to complex rhythms and melodic playing and with a low quality harp like in this video (seems to be an interesting design, but the quality of sound and possibilities are really low - its a vietnamese manufacturer who actually produces the traditional Hmong-Harp Dan Moi which is cheap but great, but he fails with "common style" harps like this) it causes strong inharmonic sounds and a perculiar feeling. Don't teach others if you don't know the basics. Next point: the tongues position is not important for a deep sound if your throat is opened (which is the "standard setting") and under muscular control - I tested it to check myself not to be biased, and I am not. The tongues position becomes important when it comes to advanced overtonal melodic playing. There are a few other points like this. There are tons of high quality playing on youtube to watch and compare, for example the channel of "Oberton Pro" "Bebbcorp" (both are also specialized dealers), or the virtuosos Uutai, Spiridon Shishigin or Aksenty Beskrovny. I'm glad to see somebody who is interested in this great little instrument, but "starters confusing starters" can't be the intention..

    • Matt Tastic Music
      Matt Tastic Music Month ago

      @Kai Schiller I appreciate the kind words. That showed a lot of character. You can follow me on insta if you ever want to talk harps. @matt_tastic_music. Thanks again and let's work on building this community! - Matt

    • Kai Schiller
      Kai Schiller Month ago

      @Matt Tastic Music Hey Matt! It was just too early for an tutorial. But your'e right - my comment was harsh, aggressive, maybe offending. I personally hate people who are acting like this - superior just to make themselfes feel better. Shocking to recognize this kind of behaviour on myself (now, when I read my comment again), but it was the case, without a doubt. I try to overcome this. On that day I was frustrated, sometimes TheXvid seems like an invitation to act this out, but its not the proper way to cope with issues. And in addition sometimes I take the harp thing too damn serious. It's about the joy of creating sounds, not less and not more. It's just idiotic to offend the people who share your unusual interest instead of establishing a prospering community. You make me feel ashamed.. Excuse me and thank you for making me think again..

    • Matt Tastic Music
      Matt Tastic Music Month ago

      Hello. I appreciate your love of the harp. This video was made years ago, and I am actually sponsored by Oberton Pro and push high quality harps. Bebbcorp is also a good dude. I hope your love of the instrument does not continue to impede on the happiness of others playing it. Best wishes and keep on harping.

  • Ronald Gray
    Ronald Gray 4 months ago

    I need one in the key of E. Do they sell them with the key listed?

  • Cmdr Derrida
    Cmdr Derrida 4 months ago

    What a tragic ending...sob sob

  • Jae Dee
    Jae Dee 4 months ago

    This is beautiful! It was great meeting you at Hannah's! 😊

    • Matt Tastic Music
      Matt Tastic Music 4 months ago

      Hey thanks! Great meeting you as well! You are a bundle of perspective.

  • theblackpacomurder
    theblackpacomurder 4 months ago

    I got the Snoopy Harp and i cannot make any single good sound and my teeth hurts now

    • Matt Tastic Music
      Matt Tastic Music 4 months ago

      Yeah. That’s your problem. It’s not the instrument, not you, my friend.

  • Kermit Fingers
    Kermit Fingers 4 months ago

    Your ukulele playing is really good I hope some day I’ll be that good

    • Matt Tastic Music
      Matt Tastic Music 4 months ago

      Thanks!!! And you will. Just make practice fun, and it’ll never feel like practice. :)

  • zepbigfoot bearcove
    zepbigfoot bearcove 4 months ago

    This is form of ancient Babylonian spell casting. Do not watch this video.

  • My Fit Mind USA
    My Fit Mind USA 4 months ago

    Awesome 👍 😊

    RESCUE MEDIC 4 months ago

    We just got a letter

  • Bird Flox
    Bird Flox 4 months ago

    do you know if the harps that are sold on amazon like these are reliable and good?

  • Adam Stadler
    Adam Stadler 5 months ago

    Grow it back dud3!!!!

  • littlegreen 715
    littlegreen 715 5 months ago


  • Jasper/Miles/Walter
    Jasper/Miles/Walter 5 months ago


    FRAZLES C 5 months ago

    Hawking was involved at the start.

  • James Rawson
    James Rawson 5 months ago

    I think it sounds crazy cool at 1.25x speed

  • Xavier Rivera
    Xavier Rivera 5 months ago

    When I heard that buzzing at 5:16 I felt screaming NnnoOooo!!!! in slow motion...😱🤦🏻‍♂️

    KOFTA QUEST 5 months ago

    LOL! Ridiculous! Can’t be unseen! Do it again! LOL!

  • Meacham Meacham
    Meacham Meacham 6 months ago

    Do Metallica

  • Casey Stine
    Casey Stine 6 months ago

    You just inspired me to buy one. Thank you. Long hair longevity

  • Robin Woodward
    Robin Woodward 6 months ago

    You don't wear a suit? should go with the whole Gentleman image

    • Matt Tastic Music
      Matt Tastic Music 6 months ago

      Oh I wear suits. Tonight was St Patrick’s day and I was wearing an all-green suit and tie. I dress up even when I party! ☘️👔

  • Happy Squad
    Happy Squad 6 months ago

    U work for them?

  • derekflow
    derekflow 6 months ago

    Thanks for mentioning the cheaper harps not producing a sound. I got one as a gift and was wondering why it barely makes any noise

    • Matt Tastic Music
      Matt Tastic Music 6 months ago

      For sure! No use wasting time on a poor quality harp when you could be rocking out on a nice one! Thanks for watching!

  • TITINA Biyakiki
    TITINA Biyakiki 6 months ago

    I love it

  • royksk
    royksk 6 months ago

    I think you've missed a very important step: where to position the harp in relation to the teeth. Not a good video.

    • Matt Tastic Music
      Matt Tastic Music 6 months ago

      I have good news! I have an entire video on where to position the harp on your teeth! Check out my 3rd most recent upload “How to Hold the Jaw Harp.”

  • յθ ƞαʍβιαʀ
    յθ ƞαʍβιαʀ 6 months ago

    Hey Zlatan

  • Boz
    Boz 6 months ago

    Excellent! Keep the harp videos coming, man!

  • Boz
    Boz 6 months ago

    Nice video, Matt. Sound advice for beginners - go to Oberton Pro and get a decent (not the Compass/Kara-Tash) Glazyrin harp. Oberton Pro have a great range and the best prices, plus they are established, reliable and trustworthy. I'd also recommend grabbing a case when you buy from them so you can safely carry your harp in style without damaging the reed in your pocket. I'd love to see even more vargan/jews harp videos from you - keep them coming, dude! :-)

  • Boz
    Boz 6 months ago

    Love the vargan clips. Keep them coming, dude!

    • Matt Tastic Music
      Matt Tastic Music 6 months ago

      Hey Boz! Read all your comments on my videos. I sincerely appreciate all the support and will be working to get more up soon! Thanks again!

  • Hege
    Hege 6 months ago

    This is brilliant!!

  • The Advertiser Friendly Robot Sheep Fricker

    I call it a flute

    • Matt Tastic Music
      Matt Tastic Music 6 months ago

      Well I think you may be alone on that one! 😂🤙🏻

  • Black Lister
    Black Lister 6 months ago

    Getting Minecraft vibes here. Beautiful music!

  • Mike Doucette
    Mike Doucette 6 months ago

    I am seeing your video two month later, I hope you are growing it back.

  • Gregory Schaub
    Gregory Schaub 6 months ago

    sexy man

  • Angelic Inspirations
    Angelic Inspirations 6 months ago

    I want one of those keyboards now! I have 7 cats I think I deserve one! Cool video BTW!

    • Matt Tastic Music
      Matt Tastic Music 6 months ago

      Haha! Maybe it will help you communicate with them! Thanks for watching haha!

  • Happy Squad
    Happy Squad 6 months ago

    I call it khomas

    • Matt Tastic Music
      Matt Tastic Music 6 months ago

      Happy Squad Oh Hey! Well hello from Ohio!

    • Happy Squad
      Happy Squad 6 months ago

      @Matt Tastic Music Well, am not from russia, but am from the US

    • Matt Tastic Music
      Matt Tastic Music 6 months ago

      Yes khomus! Where are you from? 🇷🇺?

  • Bamm Bamm
    Bamm Bamm 6 months ago

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! What kind of ending was that?!?! Lol.

  • WolfSpirits00
    WolfSpirits00 6 months ago

    Thanks bro - beautiful either way!

  • Sakha Talba Hotuna
    Sakha Talba Hotuna 6 months ago

    он будет играть или нет🤤😢

  • Сергей Борисович Литвинов

    The recording quality is terrible! It's not the sound of a Jew's harp, it's the sound of a metal ruler on a table. The Jew's harp isn't tuned to that tune. Play, you young man, not know how.

    • Matt Tastic Music
      Matt Tastic Music 6 months ago

      Well, I suppose that’s that then! Thanks for looking further, I guess! 😂🤷🏻‍♂️ I hope playing the jaw harp is as much fun for you as it is for me. Because in the end, the love for music is all that matters!

    • Сергей Борисович Литвинов
      Сергей Борисович Литвинов 6 months ago

      Dear Matt, I looked, listened to some of Your notes. Positive impressions were not added. For example, here is my game in two months, as I got my hands on the first Jew's harp. but a recent entry. however, I believe that playing on the harp I yet do not know how, though doing them myself.

    • Matt Tastic Music
      Matt Tastic Music 6 months ago

      Thank you for watching. This was recorded on a webcam microphone years ago. You will find my more recent videos to have a professional recording quality to them. Please check those out before you question my skill. Thanks.

  • Parastoo Parsa
    Parastoo Parsa 6 months ago

    Zanboorrack in Persian, which means little bee

    • Matt Tastic Music
      Matt Tastic Music 6 months ago

      Oh! Zanboorack. I haven’t heard that one before! Little bee. That makes sense! Thanks for sharing that with me!