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Working in retail part 3
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Anime backstories
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Mispronouncing a word
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When you propose to her
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Planned Parenthood
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Final Destination Movies
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Crips be like
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Arguing over the best chips
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Being a Waiter
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1 Million Subscribers!
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When the sub takes roll
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Chinese Restaurant
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God during Slavery
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To Catch a Predator: R. Kelly
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People with AirPods
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Surviving R. Kelly: The Truth
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Diversity in Hollywood
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Aux cord/Bluetooth struggles
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The First Thanksgiving Ever
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God during the Holocaust
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Getting head in a car
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When you miss a day of class
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Anime VS. Manga
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Jokes are dying
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Long Beach-Opoly
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When your friend is too woke
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PTA meeting
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When you go into your old job
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The New IPhone
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Suicide hotline
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When I ask my Dad for tacos
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Ask Griffy #1
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When your parents argue
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When you get called into work
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Woke Black women be like
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If Dora the Explorer was real
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How to Ask for Consent
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When you have bad credit
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When you get your medical bill
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When you walk in on a robbery
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When she asks, "what are we?"
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