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Glossier Play Campaign (BTS)
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big gay bloom tour
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My First Pride Parade
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48 hours in seoul & tokyo
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where have you been, troye?
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The Whole Story
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How To Have Sex. Safely!
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#WILDparty Livestream
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EASE ft. Broods TEASER
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gettin' things off my chest
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Announcing My Album.
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Coming Out (Part 2)
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Making Special Cookies?
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Dear Future Me
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My Toe Fetish: Explained
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My Ghost Story.
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Let's Talk About Sex
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Becoming You
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I Don't Wanna Be Your Boy.
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Coming Out
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  • Trxshy Kun
    Trxshy Kun 3 hours ago

    I never realised he sang this song lmao

  • Farand Lerony
    Farand Lerony 5 hours ago

    Your face look like miley cyrus

  • Sharon Novak
    Sharon Novak 5 hours ago

    I love Gay people!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️love yourself and live!!!!

  • Mikaela Scuderi
    Mikaela Scuderi 6 hours ago

    Omg the reaction to the tiny lady driving still makes me laugh 😂

  • janat Appasova
    janat Appasova 9 hours ago

    I'm here after movie "spud"

  • 温荷
    温荷 11 hours ago

    Still watching it💙

  • ligma dad
    ligma dad 21 hour ago

    5:33 shut the fuck up

  • Kaiya Alexander

    TRETHANY IS ALIVE AND WELL. This was adorable. Troye pulls off makeup better than I ever could

  • Kaiya Alexander

    I'm laughing so hard I'm crying X'D

  • kedrinhsark
    kedrinhsark Day ago

    Jeez, what a strong mesaage there. I never thought of this kind of conversion therapy stuff happening around.

  • Charlotte
    Charlotte Day ago

    i got a couple of photos for you! ;) 😂 if you know, you know

  • Charlotte
    Charlotte Day ago

    LOL OMG TROYES TUMBLR IS THE BEST TEEHEE 😂 if you know, you know

  • Charlotte
    Charlotte Day ago

    baby, i got a couple of questions for you ;) 😂 if you know, you know

  • Kaneki Katsuki

    There is literally nothing wrong with being homosexual

  • Chewbacca The first

    Omg I love your voice!❤️🥰

  • TIFNY '
    TIFNY ' Day ago


  • cassie lucia
    cassie lucia Day ago

    how is this video 6 years old 🥺

  • Arlet Sandoval

    I did it and I cried cause it look sooo weird

  • 투명케찹병
    투명케찹병 2 days ago

    Wow this is the first video that I found troye! So lovely video😭❤

  • Jessalyn Collins
    Jessalyn Collins 2 days ago

    Omg HES so freaking adorable I cant😭

  • spofify
    spofify 2 days ago


  • Simran Daswani
    Simran Daswani 2 days ago

    You are amazing im here from kiss me cover to your youth! Its been a LOOOOoooOong journey with you troye! LOVE YOU! 2019!!!

  • Mike Stritzke
    Mike Stritzke 2 days ago

    Hello, I am deaf, alone home and 55 older a gay. You are cool young boy. I cant wait for movie " boy erased " .

  • 温荷
    温荷 2 days ago

    Sooooooooo cool

  • Verónica Lodge
    Verónica Lodge 2 days ago

    His Photoshop look like Miley Cyrus.

  • Sloan Heald
    Sloan Heald 2 days ago

    some of you didn’t listen to this religiously in 2015 and it shows

  • Food Is nice
    Food Is nice 2 days ago

    that did nothing I'm still attracted to troye

    BEAUTY_ TAEKOOK 2 days ago

    now it's 2019 and i read "my my my BTS" godamnit i thought i missed something, it's its "oh my my my you got me high so fast" but then i look at the time, oh its 2018 never mind but troye x BTS will happen mark my word bitches

  • Franceline Hufana
    Franceline Hufana 3 days ago

    This song makes me so chill

  • obietags
    obietags 3 days ago

    2019 .. hooooh .. gosh .. I find in 2019 .. 🙎🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • Uzumaki Hana
    Uzumaki Hana 3 days ago

    I want to go for a swim in YOUR sea of love ;)

  • olivia dd
    olivia dd 3 days ago

    why does he still sound like an angel,,,,

  • MinmatarDE
    MinmatarDE 3 days ago

    Once upon a time...

  • miss jeon kookie
    miss jeon kookie 4 days ago

    omg!!! I really thought that's BTS not behinds the scenes !! lol!!

  • Quincy Eva
    Quincy Eva 4 days ago

    It seems like people on TheXvid prefer to watch Troye Sivan driving the car because lauv's version got more views than Troye's

  • 아열박
    아열박 4 days ago

    So...18th October 2019 and i’m here

  • trashy tracy
    trashy tracy 4 days ago

    the kids, troye, even the directors they’re all so pure ;-;

  • kitten squad
    kitten squad 4 days ago

    he looks so young here 🥺

    SXPXTTX CHIIZ 4 days ago

  • Sam Rabey
    Sam Rabey 4 days ago

    It's a shame you have abandoned your fans on TheXvid. This was your last video that wasn't music. 2 years ago. Shame as I really liked u

  • Smokin Hot
    Smokin Hot 5 days ago

    Geez outro 😭😭

  • Roberta Costa
    Roberta Costa 5 days ago

    Mt loko

  • бинауральный бегемот

    Ксавьер тупо секс

  • flowers bloom
    flowers bloom 5 days ago

    That’s it, I’ve listened to this three times today and cried every time. I’m playing this at my wedding as the first dance.

  • claud panda
    claud panda 6 days ago

    okay I still love this song <3

    • claud panda
      claud panda 6 days ago

      it's been 7 yrs already and this song is better than some of the latest love songs lol

  • prfctavocado
    prfctavocado 6 days ago

    OMG MY BABY 😭😭😂😂😂

  • SoadaPop GumDrop
    SoadaPop GumDrop 6 days ago

    It took me five years to realize that it wasn't apple juice... I feel betrayed

  • Kvar den tapte stille græt

    It was the same thing for me, towards pretty much everything you had just said. When I came out, it was very awkward, and one of the weirdest times of my life. When I came out to my dad, everything seemed somewhat normal. About three weeks later, he had came in my room and started asking me questions about what I want in terms of a family in the future. He had also asked if I was sure that I wasn’t bisexual. At the time, I was his only son. I kinda knew where this was going. It was just incredibly strange, just like a few weeks of silence on my dad’s end, and then he wants to know if I’m carrying on the family name. In terms of the delay, I experienced the same thing. I never had an actual relationship with a guy until I was 18. This guy also lived an hour away from me, since there was literally no gay guys that lived around me. I’m 19 now, and me being gay was never an issue with anyone. When I was in school, everyone pretty much knew. I’m not sure if there was any difficult experiences for you when coming out, but there wasn’t too much for me, and to this day, I haven’t had too much happen to me because of that. For the first little while after coming out was the only time it was any different than living normal day to day life. Sorry for the long message, but this video was very interesting :)

  • screw your feelings

    he is cute

  • Lázaro Ramos
    Lázaro Ramos 6 days ago

    Essa música me leva para outros planetas 😿❤❤❤❤

  • Mariah Perry
    Mariah Perry 7 days ago

    this is one of my all time fav vids and i could not tell you why

  • Katrina Samarita
    Katrina Samarita 7 days ago

    2019? I missed him uploading videos like this.

  • Aspen
    Aspen 7 days ago

    Did he say his foot sexually cramped up

  • Mario Mooz14
    Mario Mooz14 7 days ago

    2019 anybody?

  • Elisa Ds
    Elisa Ds 8 days ago


  • n0rw00d yeet
    n0rw00d yeet 8 days ago

    0:21 youre a ______

  • Azul Castrillón
    Azul Castrillón 8 days ago

    the version he performed of animal in this livestream is one of the most beautiful pieces of music ive ever heard, and ive never seen him do this version anywhere else, not even when i saw him live. i always come back to this live stream to listen to it. a truly magical moment.

  • Ale CS
    Ale CS 8 days ago

    A veces vuelvo a ver esto :'v

  • yaya
    yaya 8 days ago


  • slede love
    slede love 8 days ago

    I am sick with cancer and all I want my ex now almost my wife(she told me she wasn't in love with me anymore)to know is... The pain of losing you is way much more than the pain I feel. I love you always 💔💔

  • SoftTrash
    SoftTrash 9 days ago


  • Pizza Boy
    Pizza Boy 9 days ago

    2019 here?

  • I'm your hope, I'm your angel

    How could you be so beautiful

  • Jacqueline Lawrence

    Imagine him watching this with Jacob!!🤣🤣

  • true l
    true l 9 days ago

    He is soo cute...😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Two Gymnasts
    Two Gymnasts 9 days ago

    I like this singer

  • DelaneyNoah Pierce
    DelaneyNoah Pierce 9 days ago

    I’m watching this almost seven years later

  • Andrea Summer
    Andrea Summer 10 days ago

    i miss you so much it hurts

  • Huolalupin
    Huolalupin 10 days ago

    What a wonderfully natural and spontaneous person. Not a shred of affectation. So refreshing in these days when most young men are like immature schoolgirls, self-obsessed and plastered in make-up.

  • Elena Z
    Elena Z 10 days ago

    i still watch this in 2019 when im sad bc troye is so perfect

  • Doge Meme
    Doge Meme 10 days ago

    “pro skater troye sivan”💀

  • 비에담긴거녕Geonhyeong

    Who’s here for Jacob’s man-crush on 73 questions?? 🤣

  • Andrea Summer
    Andrea Summer 11 days ago

    my baby has grown so much

  • Klara Pou
    Klara Pou 11 days ago

    You have beautifull eyes

  • Purple Gepard
    Purple Gepard 11 days ago

    I heard this song while on my way to donate my stem zells to a complete stranger who needs them to recover from cancer. It really touched me and I hope I saved the live of this Person. Live can be over so quick...

  • kawai kim
    kawai kim 11 days ago

    I love this song :)

  • hopeisavailable
    hopeisavailable 11 days ago

    I was with my friend at a sleepover at my house and she knew that I was lesbian. I was questioning whether I should tell my dad there or some other time. We were playing a game and I went "Should I tell my dad?" and she said "If you really want to." So I did. I ran up to my dad and had a lump in my throat just like Troye. I eventually said it and after I had a panic attack and I wasn't sure I he would love me the same. 5 months later. He loves me even more. It was one of the best decisions of my life.

  • hopeisavailable
    hopeisavailable 11 days ago

    You can park your horse in my bathroom, Troye.

  • Vish directioner
    Vish directioner 11 days ago

    This is sooooo beautiful

  • Melanie Ostani
    Melanie Ostani 11 days ago


  • Niki Mangus
    Niki Mangus 11 days ago


  • Riri Darkness
    Riri Darkness 11 days ago

    inget mantan cokkkkkk... dulu kalo gelud dia di discord muter ni lagu, ahhh sad😔, sekarang dia jadian sama mantan temanku, dan akhirnya mantanku dan mantan temanku pacaran 🙄

  • HiHeyHelloOhNo
    HiHeyHelloOhNo 11 days ago

    oH HEY

  • Adam O'Flaherty
    Adam O'Flaherty 11 days ago

    I am from SA

  • Sherry
    Sherry 12 days ago

    Troye, thank you for allowing us to watch your rapid transition into maniacal crazy person through the form of these weekly videos. YOU CRAZY, CRAZY (yet mildly sexy) BEAST.

  • Allison KimTae
    Allison KimTae 12 days ago

    AUGUST 7 th my birthday and now im feeling so special...

  • MinmatarDE
    MinmatarDE 12 days ago

    7 years ago... ok.. Troye you´ll get a like because it´s you and I love you but not for that killer-cake hahaha xD

  • S Rose
    S Rose 12 days ago

    Still one of my fav vids

  • Aloha Akalah
    Aloha Akalah 12 days ago

    Anyone coming back to this video in October 2019

  • Probably A Potato
    Probably A Potato 12 days ago

    Awwweeee that's gay <3

  • beste gn
    beste gn 12 days ago

    i remember when i first watch this video i was like omg troye finally uploaded and its been a 4 year this is his last youtuber video... its sad

  • I'm Nobody
    I'm Nobody 12 days ago

    I LOVE IT💜 2019?

  • hendrix4151
    hendrix4151 13 days ago

    1 Corinthians 6:9-11 New International Version (NIV) 9 Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men[a] 10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 11 And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

  • Joanna Lee
    Joanna Lee 13 days ago

    2019?? Anyone?

  • Audrey Leckie
    Audrey Leckie 13 days ago

    I am a bi girl. But I have not come out of the closet.

  • lia
    lia 13 days ago

    this song makes me real emo

  • Mad Hyena
    Mad Hyena 14 days ago

    5:15 “I felt a literal physical locking of my throat and I couldn’t speak”. That’s literally how I feel every time I try to build up the confidence to come out. If any of you have any advice tell me cause I’m sick of trying to hide who I am and it’s painful to have to live like this.

  • Raya Boicey
    Raya Boicey 14 days ago

    Werk :)

  • That Neko Girl
    That Neko Girl 14 days ago

    Am I the only one getting aro/ace vibes?

  • 1h3C0d3
    1h3C0d3 14 days ago

    Responsible of you to not be driving when filming for your your channel lol