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True Geordie Responds.
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  • UComments
    UComments 12 minutes ago

    David Icke is an absolute top bloke. I'll eventually read his books, have a list I want to get through first.

  • sam newton
    sam newton 29 minutes ago

    I am going to report this video to the Grammar Police.

  • phantoml881
    phantoml881 45 minutes ago

    ninja isnt the first mainstream gamer what the hell? Pewdiepie was

  • Kunga Zopa
    Kunga Zopa 49 minutes ago

    MITHRAS was (one of the similar) the name of one of the deities whose life and story were similar to the Jesus Christ story. Archaeologists have found statues of Mithras in Greece and Rome/Italy predating the time Jesus was purported to have lived.

  • Ragou182
    Ragou182 55 minutes ago

    TG hating on City and Pep once again bore off

  • Kunga Zopa
    Kunga Zopa 56 minutes ago

    Then the prisons in the USA were privatised to claim the costs from the taxpayer and to throw into prison all the casualties of this drug business, they are making money at each stage!

  • phantoml881
    phantoml881 58 minutes ago

    im sorry ninja but you're not a athlete... i mean you're a damn good gamer but you're a gamer not an athlete

  • Whoever I Want To Be

    Aye, but yiz didn't explore the John & Tony Podesta, George Soros (same keyhole eye as Madeleine) and Sir Clement Freud mixed with Spirit Cooking and Satanic ritual abuse connection. Where was the moon that night? Blood on tiles under a window? Remains (bones) kept in a ziplock bag in a holdall in the wardrobe, then removed and dumped after a hire car ride at a later date? They had the means! They had the high society connections! What are we yet to see in depositions re: Epstein and what was under that Temple on his island? Think about it.

  • Mathew Ball
    Mathew Ball Hour ago

    ''Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and Something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever.'' - Lance Armstrong -

  • Savio Jardim
    Savio Jardim Hour ago

    Man United quite lucky says Geordie forgets to say we were so much better than spurs before Deles goal. Agenda is unreal

  • Savio Jardim
    Savio Jardim 2 hours ago

    Great goal by Dele would have been cruel to rule it out however the rule states if it hits the arm and leads to a goal it has to be ruled out

  • Spankmesanta A
    Spankmesanta A 2 hours ago

    Why is Laurence getting so arrogant lately the minute someone disagrees with him he starts shouting and talking really fast over people

  • Destroy22two
    Destroy22two 2 hours ago

    After Dark Ninja = The BEST Ninja!

  • Colin Mclean
    Colin Mclean 2 hours ago

    Overall, Klopp has been to four European finals and a Super Cup in his career so far. Two successes out of five appearances. Also has a chance at World Club Cup. Wenger one final, nothing. Put some respect on Jurgen Klopp's name.

    • Colin Mclean
      Colin Mclean 19 minutes ago

      If reaching a euro final without winning does not count, the score still remains Klopp 2, Wenger nil. Klopp is a much better manager than Wenger was.

    • Mason J
      Mason J Hour ago

      Reaching a final isn't a trophy. Only won this final cos he played the biggest bottlers in world football. Hope this helps

  • james murillo
    james murillo 2 hours ago

    The fat dancer from Take That

  • Hugh Neutron
    Hugh Neutron 2 hours ago

    This is the shittiest reply ever. Fortnite requires movement, editing, building, rotating and hitting shots. There are not ”positions” in Fortnite. A kickers job is LITERALLY to kick. Horrible analogy, kind of embarrassing.

  • Savio Jardim
    Savio Jardim 2 hours ago

    Gazzaniga was poor for that first goal but pulled off 4 other great saves to keep spurs in it

  • Savio Jardim
    Savio Jardim 2 hours ago

    Rory laughing about OGS when the guy schooled lampard twice😂😂😂😂😂

  • Manlike Rudolph
    Manlike Rudolph 2 hours ago


  • Savio Jardim
    Savio Jardim 2 hours ago

    When winks puts in the third😂😂😂😂😂 instead they were dominated by McTominay and Fred

  • sam Collinson
    sam Collinson 2 hours ago

    Shaun Attwood part 4?

  • Atle Nilsen
    Atle Nilsen 2 hours ago

    You know that person you see on the street and you want to punch him in the face for no reason??? I see two of them here

  • D C
    D C 2 hours ago

    Hugh is a absolute mug you don’t kno duck all above it footy you little joke. Knockout competition that your club has never been close to winning hahaha only 3 teams in the premier have won it in 100 odd year history you clown how many teams have won the league even Leicester won the league hahaha then what happens when they wnet in the champions league year after they got smashed. Chelsea won about 4 leagues before they won it. It’s clearly harder to win the European cup fact. Ask barca

  • ItsJustOlives
    ItsJustOlives 3 hours ago

    TG brings out the best in people’s personalities. Every interview he does makes me like and respect that person even if I didn’t really like them at the start

  • Dead Meme
    Dead Meme 3 hours ago

    Laurence has ligma

  • Kim Morrison
    Kim Morrison 3 hours ago

    Lawrence's face when TG was talking about Liverpool and the invincibles, is exactly how I feel 😮😟😊

  • Ethan Brooks
    Ethan Brooks 3 hours ago

    Annoys me Lawrence says alexis Sanchez exposed JT when he actually got sent off for kneeing Sanchez?

    EAMCFC 3 hours ago

    Get one of our proper fans on instead of him

  • Kye
    Kye 3 hours ago

    Go follow funny_memes_uk2019

  • Yusuf Fulat
    Yusuf Fulat 3 hours ago

    Anyone else go straight to pornhub after 10 minutes of watching this?

  • Ndombele 14
    Ndombele 14 3 hours ago

    Silly to say Rashford suits the England system better then Kane. Kane is the target man with runners off him not to mention his passing quality which Rashford doesn’t possess.

  • Kyllian
    Kyllian 3 hours ago


  • keegan773
    keegan773 3 hours ago

    Everton are going to have the best ground in the Championship.

  • 1Leggo9my9Eggo2
    1Leggo9my9Eggo2 3 hours ago

    Rafa for the England job is an incredible shout. His European experience is elite level, he would play to England’s usual strengths as well and make that defence way better than it is now. The only thing that would stop something like this happening is the FA’s incompetence and neglect towards the England national team and rafas motivation to still manage at the top level of club football (even though he’s in China, that’s probably a short term thing for money). I would love something like that to happen though

  • Tóki Klakk Olsen
    Tóki Klakk Olsen 3 hours ago

    Rory was definatly right in the john terry argument

  • Kashef Khan
    Kashef Khan 3 hours ago

    Came for the debates, stayed for the great chat during games. I do now mute games and listen to the kick off during games. I've been Liverpool through and through since 1991 but have to say, Rory is the man.

  • Hydham
    Hydham 4 hours ago

    3:11:05 Lawrence😁

  • Hydham
    Hydham 4 hours ago

    Undoubtedly the best ever kickoff episode. Need more of Flav.

  • Exhaling Demon
    Exhaling Demon 4 hours ago

    Low key OG Fifa is so much better than the new versions

  • Exhaling Demon
    Exhaling Demon 4 hours ago

    PES is more realistic than FIFA…

  • Tony Montes
    Tony Montes 4 hours ago

    i love the revolution talk boys keep it up

  • Morgan Spence
    Morgan Spence 4 hours ago

    Honestly I feel bad for him, not everyone is into the standard stuff and if he wants to enjoy the more freaky side of all that then he should be allowed to do so in private. The woman that exposed him should rot

  • Hydham
    Hydham 4 hours ago

    2:57:12 Sir Bobby Robson

  • Hydham
    Hydham 4 hours ago

    2:56:00 Flav😂😂😂

  • Tris
    Tris 4 hours ago

    Can you put the name and social media deets of the guys who come on the show cos I don't know who the spurs guy is?

  • tom houston
    tom houston 4 hours ago

    Love Flav, would be a great addition to the KO

  • gunnarson44
    gunnarson44 5 hours ago

    I got your back Hugh. Rory basically takes the opposite position on Klopp v Wenger than he did for including Terry on team of the decade over Van Dijk. Total disregard and disrespect for Wengers longevity here. P.s. I am a Chelsea fan.

  • Zayd Member
    Zayd Member 5 hours ago

    Rorys absolutely done hugh then

  • Hydham
    Hydham 5 hours ago


  • rorykelly45
    rorykelly45 5 hours ago

    Ninjas a legend! 👍

  • Tris
    Tris 5 hours ago

    This show is getting better and better - well done guys

  • Bowlesy
    Bowlesy 5 hours ago

    The best podcast you've ever made 😶

  • callum peers
    callum peers 5 hours ago

    how can u put pep in the top 4 after arguing about oil money the man spent sooooo much fucking money to win the prem then the one season he hasnt spent money hes no where to be fucking seen

  • Hydham
    Hydham 5 hours ago


  • David
    David 5 hours ago

    First 20mins = humble pie

  • Hydham
    Hydham 5 hours ago

    2:11:10 hugh wizzy

  • Will Broom
    Will Broom 5 hours ago

    This show should get more attention than it does. 10X more interesting and entertaining than Sky and BT's shows. Keep going lads

  • Andrew Riley
    Andrew Riley 6 hours ago

    Man City is the prem’s version of PSG

  • This isC4RL
    This isC4RL 6 hours ago

    Epic, only started watching for the fisrt 10 mins etc , next minute its 3hrs later. That was awesome guys

  • Hydham
    Hydham 6 hours ago


  • -vibrant Chode
    -vibrant Chode 6 hours ago

    Couldn’t help but shed a tear when he talks about his teacher reminds me of my grandad

  • Zoidberg
    Zoidberg 6 hours ago

    Tottenham let your accumulators all down hahahahahahahahahaha

  • Romel Negut
    Romel Negut 6 hours ago

    Fucking hell, the fixtures for Liverpool starting with 26.12 and finishing with 23.01 are huge no matter what some will say. If they somwhow manage to win all those fixtures plus the Bournemouth away and Watford at home, they have pretty much one hand on the trophy. I do believe that Liverpool should take the Clubs World Cup seriously. It's a piece of silverware after all and every single trophy counts.

  • alex martin
    alex martin 6 hours ago

    Would watch this show if Hugh wasn’t on it. Such a hypocritical childish twat. Has no idea what’s he’s on about

  • Hydham
    Hydham 6 hours ago

    Make flav permanent please

  • Zak
    Zak 6 hours ago

    Klopp is a better European manager than Wenger

  • beatriz
    beatriz 6 hours ago

    lmao hugh is not that deep man chill out

  • Anthony Lloyd
    Anthony Lloyd 6 hours ago

    Everton should of had a pen at 2 1

    • Tee Pot
      Tee Pot 3 hours ago

      Anthony Lloyd wrong that’s the 2nd best player in the world which means he can’t commit fouls. Also Trent could of got 2 straight reds, now you might think at least that’s 2 yellows but again you’d be wrong. Can we just hand them the trophy now to save us all the inconvenience of pretending it’s a fair competition.

  • OnTrack Stack
    OnTrack Stack 7 hours ago

    If This is Spinal Tap gets remade Rory should be cast as David St Hubbins

  • Sandip Rimal
    Sandip Rimal 7 hours ago

    hope your channel goes down everybody unsubscribe this channel..

  • Sandip Rimal
    Sandip Rimal 7 hours ago

    fuck you

  • Motunrayo Kabiawu
    Motunrayo Kabiawu 7 hours ago

    x10000000000000000000000000 LOVE for Ninja after this, such a Great Person. Hope to meet him one day.

  • tiezalbo
    tiezalbo 7 hours ago

    Can I just point out to Hugh that Klopp's net spend at Liverpool is only 70m, not half a billion. And I say that with no disrespect to Wenger and I do think that Rory was being way too harsh on him.

  • Scouse5
    Scouse5 7 hours ago

    Hughes argument is so flawed its unbelievable did he forget klopp has a league title with dortmund spending next to nothing and also reached a European final with them never mind the success he's now enjoying at Liverpool however I would say arsene we ger revolutionised football in this country and is definitely comparable to klopp just not in European football.

  • justagamer53
    justagamer53 7 hours ago

    Ninja:"wives forcenCD"

  • Jimmy O'Hare
    Jimmy O'Hare 7 hours ago

    Just ordered my David Moyés shirt. Lads, I've started muting the broadcast (Sky Sports/BT Sport) and listening to The Kick Off because this is significantly more entertaining. Get Jermaine Jenas on there for bants and you're laughing.

  • French Gooner
    French Gooner 7 hours ago

    Being the best gamer is amazing let's not take anything away from Ninja and other e-sports guys. But let's also not ignore the dictionary definitions of 'athelete' and 'sport'. "Physical exercise" is literally in both definitions, plus what Ninja and these other guys are doing probably deserves its own recognition.

  • Vazzer Gaming
    Vazzer Gaming 7 hours ago

    How the fuck is pep a knob ?? Spurs fan your full club is a fucking joke

  • Jae Hudson
    Jae Hudson 7 hours ago

    The way you guys gassed up man u to lose at the start 😂 arsenal fan here, hugh you are quality 😂

  • Curtis Smith
    Curtis Smith 7 hours ago

    Couldn't listen to this guy eat any longer. Fuck me that was just pure annoying

  • Travis Plumtree
    Travis Plumtree 7 hours ago

    Looking for goal time stamps ... can only see argument time stamps 😂

  • Dylan Jones
    Dylan Jones 7 hours ago

    Long story short True Geordie doesn’t like Harry Kane because he’s scared he’s gonna break his precious Alan Shearers goalscoring record.

  • The Nostradamous
    The Nostradamous 7 hours ago

    Ive been saying david moyeth since he went to spain, glad it can now be a nationwide joke rather than just me and my mates 🤣

  • Sloth lotsofsloths
    Sloth lotsofsloths 7 hours ago

    Kind of always wrote ninja off by what I saw online but he comes off really bang on on this podcast. Seems like a really nice and humble guy. Great podcast as always

  • ImpracticalGaming
    ImpracticalGaming 8 hours ago

    Loz, I love you, but you're talking nonsense. We have to play 2 games in the club world cup anyway why not go and win it? Plus we get that sweet badge on the kit of world champions. Big teams go for all the silverware they can get

    SSJSHD GAMER 8 hours ago

    2:42:05 Laurence sippin’ that tea while there’s storm Hugh beside him 😂

  • Albin Lundholm
    Albin Lundholm 8 hours ago

    Shut the fuck up about Terry, Rory

  • Mark Anthony Drummond

    A lot of this resonated with me and was a great podcast. Thank you guys for putting this out!

  • MrAndyamato
    MrAndyamato 8 hours ago

    Klopp has been to 3 champions league finals. AW been to 1

  • ryan clark
    ryan clark 8 hours ago

    Get Brian off the beers for these lads! Grealish like Cristiano Ronaldo and the only class they've seen since? Forgetting Rooney's overhead kick? Rashford scoring week in, week out this season? Have a day off mate and stick to the UFC😂

    • Mason J
      Mason J Hour ago

      Rashford scoring penalties every week. Hope this helps

  • Mari Therese Reyes
    Mari Therese Reyes 8 hours ago

    I understand Hugh being emotional over Arsenal recently but his words against Klopp are totally wrong. Klopp wasn't also given a lot of money by FSG (VVD and Alisson was from the Coutinho money and no first team signings last summer) and how is the Champions League a tin-pot competition - balancing league matches with matches from the champions of the best leagues in Europe? And resulting to speculation (Klopp must have good doctors) means you already lost the argument. Rory was correct. Hugh needs to take a rest from football. And I have much respect to Arsene Wenger but no need to slag off one of the best managers around like Klopp.

  • Snake Hddjj
    Snake Hddjj 8 hours ago

    These man literally don’t realise that we (Liverpool) have never won the Club World Cup and If we won it we would be the first club ever to win the international treble (Champions league, super cup, Club World Cup) and players would love to play in that competition

  • Team Kopish
    Team Kopish 8 hours ago

    Great show again lads💪🏽

  • robert obaga
    robert obaga 8 hours ago

    The disrespect you lot have toward Rio and Vidic. my word. Those two were the best CB's in the EPL in our generation.

  • Som Dutta
    Som Dutta 8 hours ago

    My fav youtube football commentators, apart from the folks from Red Men TV and James Wallcot

  • Sam Howe
    Sam Howe 8 hours ago

    Big up Flav

  • Putra Septiadi
    Putra Septiadi 8 hours ago

    2:48:08 Best Hugh's fraudulence moment xD xD xD

  • Abdirahan Ahmed
    Abdirahan Ahmed 8 hours ago

    Chelsea vs Aston Villa 1-0 50:45 1-1 1:08:36 2-1 1:32:30

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson 8 hours ago

    Hahaha really Wenger to Klopp? Klopp has already proven himself a superior manager in every regard. Pep, Klopp, Jose, Fergie are all greater managers than Wenger

  • LOS Locos
    LOS Locos 8 hours ago

    Every time I watch them I feel only geordie knows something about football All the rest are just talking nonsense

    • LOS Locos
      LOS Locos 7 hours ago

      Will 57 everything is an opinion

    • Will 57
      Will 57 8 hours ago

      LOS Locos sometimes i feel the opposite as some of geordies analysis are based on opinion not actual fact