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    HAYAO LEONE Hour ago

    high IQ CHAD master race humour

  • zackcraft
    zackcraft 4 hours ago

    the sad part was the comics on o&a never got paid. Patrice never made a cent.

  • Aaron Beavin
    Aaron Beavin 7 hours ago

    Stav is so cute

  • Liquid Sunshine
    Liquid Sunshine 7 hours ago

    Ttripping on acid in this city must be great

  • Unism
    Unism 9 hours ago

    15:18 *Nick* "Make sure you bring lube to řæp me" *Mullen*

  • Unism
    Unism 10 hours ago

    8:41 *Bug* : "He's.. he's a brother of the shirt game." _When you try to say something clever or cool but it comes out terminally rēťąřďəđ, but your friend isn't really listening so it slides, but then you upload it online and all the real ones know it's proof you're a bug_

    • Järvinen
      Järvinen Hour ago

      BROTHERMAN tier... yet another reason to think of Adam as the Opie/hole of the show

  • wEoOOmPSm6aAG4BXE2ki
    wEoOOmPSm6aAG4BXE2ki 10 hours ago

    Gay twitter drama

    • Roman
      Roman 4 hours ago

      Hey it's me, Cool wEoOOmPSm6aAG4BXE2ki

    • sam smith
      sam smith 7 hours ago

      No longer twitter drama when somone loses their IRL job.

  • Geoff Tarkanian
    Geoff Tarkanian 11 hours ago

    thanks king

  • Acting on Morals not Orders

    35:34 Anthony's accents lol

  • Benard Man
    Benard Man 12 hours ago

    Bomb ass photoshop shout out gerbiez shout out kenworth kid shout out spade

  • jimi aguirre
    jimi aguirre 12 hours ago

    Welcome to Cucktown

  • sam smith
    sam smith 12 hours ago

    Shout out Riggins

  • sam smith
    sam smith 12 hours ago

    Sucks that he will be out of the money but creativity SNL sucks balls. Shane will kill it on his own terms. It shocks me people still caring about SNL as a pinical of a comedians career

  • grayRain
    grayRain 13 hours ago

    Classic Opie and Anthony was the best example of and is the benchmark of the pod format.

  • earl pipe
    earl pipe 19 hours ago

    If there's any timetravellers watching, snatch up Nick and drop him off in the O&A studio on a Patrice day. You don't have to worry about picking him back up either, bro

  • Tanner Barrett

    What article did nick write

    • Elon Bust
      Elon Bust 21 hour ago


  • Nut City
    Nut City Day ago

    Honoured that you used my art bro

    • Nut City
      Nut City Day ago

      @Kevin Garlick didn't mess with it. Apparently they used to give opie giraffe neck on promo shots

    • Kevin Garlick
      Kevin Garlick Day ago

      For real though did you make adams neck longer he legit looks like a penis with hair

    • Elon Bust
      Elon Bust Day ago

      Nut City GL

  • BxxDxx Hoodoo
    BxxDxx Hoodoo Day ago

    All 3 of you definitely tried fapping to Transsexual Hypnotic Sissy Manipulation videos.

  • BxxDxx Hoodoo
    BxxDxx Hoodoo Day ago

    Im 36 and this is unepic. I'd kick the FUCK outta myself retarded if i was as gay as you three amihoes.

  • BxxDxx Hoodoo
    BxxDxx Hoodoo Day ago

    Have you cool zoomers ever jacked off into your OWN mouth?

  • wEoOOmPSm6aAG4BXE2ki

    The image is funnier than the segment

  • FromHere On
    FromHere On Day ago

    This thumbnail explains why Cum Town will remain in obscurity despite decent content. No one person can both steer the ship and provide the comedic content at the same time. Solution: Adam possessively takes over production, and Nick shows up focusing solely on being funny. ...Also, Stav must neither go to the gym nor eat better.

  • DC
    DC Day ago

    Adams voice is enraging

  • Tyler Brooks
    Tyler Brooks Day ago

    One of the best title images of all time

  • James Thomison

    The impression wasnt that bad

  • Randy Bobandy
    Randy Bobandy Day ago

    wow. you made lil jimmy uglier.

  • Blaise St-Amant

    Stav Jimmy looks on point!

    • Rattle Snake
      Rattle Snake Day ago

      Hahahahahhehehehehehehehhahhaha hhahahahahehe hahahaheheheheheh hehehehehhahahahah

  • jimi aguirre
    jimi aguirre Day ago

    Ladies and gentlemen the millennial Three Stooges. I wish Tom Myers was still alive so he could roast these guys awkwardly

  • vV 0m3g4 Wolf
    vV 0m3g4 Wolf Day ago

    Walton and Johnson were the worst.

  • Michael Cameron
    Michael Cameron 2 days ago

    Funniest thing Adam has ever done.

  • True Gooner
    True Gooner 2 days ago

    I remember Jim Norton listening to a story by... I think Mark Normand... anyways, Norton just starts fucking babbling about how horny he is for Cincinnati women. Normand is saying this funny story about his appearance on some Ohio morning show, Norton goes "Oh those Cincy girls man, fucking hot, they don't even know it." Just keeps going, anyways real horny energy to Norton, even though he looks like Golum, gotta respect that I guess.

  • Alejandro
    Alejandro 2 days ago

    shane gillis is objectively funny

  • the dude
    the dude 2 days ago

    Gettin on my knees to pray to moloooch....

  • Joe C
    Joe C 2 days ago

    Hail Dinapoli

  • Batt Fink
    Batt Fink 2 days ago

    haha fools wildin out

  • Talkernate History
    Talkernate History 2 days ago

    The N² Reactor

  • Oloff Music
    Oloff Music 3 days ago

    This was truly a magical moment, the look on Ian's face says it all. The timing of those lads turning up. Superb. Ian and Tim's gayness makes them immune to the Cum Town curse.

  • Von_Nightmare_ Luciferian

    Those audience hecklers need to DIE, I am sure they did, TYPE O is NOT carnivore, how drunk were those idiots.

  • tree pteradactyl
    tree pteradactyl 4 days ago

    Uh oh spaghetti O

  • bb77077
    bb77077 4 days ago

    These guys suck dick.

  • Pete P
    Pete P 4 days ago

    RIP Shane big dog love you go irish

  • Tefft Dawg
    Tefft Dawg 5 days ago


  • lefthandcigg 425
    lefthandcigg 425 5 days ago

    “Silly faggots,dicks are for chicks” Trix rabbit

  • Chip Chipperson
    Chip Chipperson 5 days ago

    FAWK YEAH my muddah loves scorch

  • brutallyhonest123
    brutallyhonest123 5 days ago

    Owen Benjamin is really turning into Michael Biehn’s character in The Abyss

    HYPER BOWL 5 days ago

    9 year old army rise up

  • quietguy
    quietguy 5 days ago

    I was skimming through your channel and randomly clicked on this. It was a pleasant surprise, I used to love Daggermouth and had never heard this. Funny discovery, especially for someone randomly listening to cum podcast clips.

  • Czolgosz, Workin' Man

    boys with pedophiles getting coffee

  • James Kelly
    James Kelly 6 days ago

    stupid Kevin, "Nice pants" good one

  • nick
    nick 6 days ago

    Did SNL not do any research before hiring?

  • Necro Orcen
    Necro Orcen 6 days ago

    'Drop an atomic bomb on them' lol Btw these guys are terrible, Nick gives them all these great lines and they laugh and end on silence.. and uhmm yea The first rule of broadcasting, no radio silence!! Its your freakin podcast, carry it

  • alen
    alen 6 days ago

    is this some podcast?

  • alen
    alen 6 days ago

    what is this in my recommendations

  • No_Nuts
    No_Nuts 6 days ago

    Stav sounds extra fat on this episode

  • 9shrimptail
    9shrimptail 6 days ago

    A nun dated

  • Denzil Vallance
    Denzil Vallance 7 days ago

    The helmet proves, if proof were needed, Kevin's genius. Although Brian is now dead to me, this did make me somewhat nostalgic for the days of excellent, drunk Brian.

  • Peanut Bear
    Peanut Bear 7 days ago

    This is retarded. Don’t watch

  • dammitjenkins20cars

    feed nanna

  • fadedP
    fadedP 7 days ago

    nice pants

  • Russell Johnson
    Russell Johnson 7 days ago

    based asfuck

  • Justin Gentry
    Justin Gentry 7 days ago

    We have to protect Shane! Cum town/matt&Shane alliance... Assemble! Lmao 😂

  • Degenerate
    Degenerate 7 days ago

    elliot rodger was attractive. All he had to do was wait a few years for the kpop craze, lift weights and get a better personality and he would have drowned in pussy.

  • Jory Cassel
    Jory Cassel 8 days ago

    Nick thinks he’s wayyyyyyyy smarter than he is. He’s really funny but his self righteousness is quite annoying

  • Dassa Besso
    Dassa Besso 8 days ago


  • Sam Nelson
    Sam Nelson 8 days ago

    All zoomers know this shits in a death spiral we cant be touched

  • LeedleDuck
    LeedleDuck 9 days ago

    I fucking love that theyve read Blood Meridian

  • LeedleDuck
    LeedleDuck 9 days ago

    Zoomers arent actually nihilistic. Its turned into a trend like having depression or anxiety, none of them realize what theyre actually saying

  • brandon darr
    brandon darr 9 days ago


  • Joey Schwartz
    Joey Schwartz 9 days ago

    Aside from the whole 'world collapsing around them' thing, I think age has a lot to with it. If you weren't blackpilled at 21 you were a big fucking nerd

  • Kristopher Levine
    Kristopher Levine 9 days ago

    “Not this time” gets me every time

  • Badtanman
    Badtanman 10 days ago


  • daddy don't like terrorist israel and saudis

    dude the fact he can turn that quietly thoughtful moment when he sees his grave into the gps bit again makes me die every time it gets better as you know whats coming hahaahhahahhaha

  • Maddog8148
    Maddog8148 10 days ago

    Go to school pal.

    LOOOOY 10 days ago

    Nick is right there is no discernible difference between the two

    • Bobby Danger
      Bobby Danger 8 days ago

      LOOOOY It's a little too soon to tell

  • uRepent
    uRepent 10 days ago

    Ryan Celcius influence in this footage

  • Dean Gulberry
    Dean Gulberry 10 days ago

    lol they start out the pod with Hebrew bashing, then they talk about Roman Polanski and don’t mention he’s Jewish. And then they say he’s polish! Lol. I still enjoyed watching the ghost writer, great suspense political movie.

    DOPAMINE 11 days ago

    10:05 _"You don't think toxic PC thinking has shoved people who wanted to be moderate Liberals over to the Right out of anger and disgust? You don't think that that happens? "_ - Joe DeRosa This is the best thing said in the conversation. I'm a leftist and the far left is responsible or putting Trump in the White House.

  • DrNo0
    DrNo0 12 days ago

    I'm late 94 almost zoomer. Adam is somewhat right Nick too not really much of a difference maybe older millennials are probably I'm the ones I'm most out of touch with

    • Brian Silverstein
      Brian Silverstein 9 days ago

      @DrNo0 people born in 95 are 24 and grew up drastically different from zoomers. if you're 24 you remember 9/11, the dial up noise, and tons of late 90s / early 2000s shit

    • DrNo0
      DrNo0 11 days ago

      @jnnx I thought it started 95 doesn't matter I don't think it's that much of a difference between both gens from my point of view except youngest gne z and older millennials

    • jnnx
      jnnx 11 days ago

      If you are late 94, you are nowhere close to being a Zoomer, Millennial.

  • cmz8706
    cmz8706 12 days ago


  • Melt
    Melt 12 days ago

    Where's this footage from/where do I find more? Does something for my brain

    • Elon Bust
      Elon Bust 11 days ago

      Melt so true

    • Melt
      Melt 11 days ago

      @Elon Bust youre cool

    • Elon Bust
      Elon Bust 12 days ago

      Melt thexvid.com/video/H2hG8KotK4k/video.html

  • cauchamar
    cauchamar 12 days ago

    I know virtually nothing about Bonnie's stand-up but I used to watch her appearances on Gutfeld's Fox News show Red Eye and she was one of the funniest performers I've ever seen on TV, ever. Like, brilliant. Every single line, she killed. When she had to ad-lib, she killed. Killed every delivery of every line, every bit of timing was perfect, every bit of performance was perfect. She was much funnier on Red Eye than the disgusting Dice character has ever been in any context. I say this as someone who doesn't find women funny, doesn't find Vos funny, and hates feminist etc. Bonnie killed on that show every time. There's still a compilation I think on here of some of her appearances (tho missing some of the best).

    • cauchamar
      cauchamar 12 days ago

      Then again that was like - 6 or 7 (more?) years ago. I fear to think what Bonnie is now in this political climate and as an aging chick who was attractive.

  • CIA Defector
    CIA Defector 12 days ago

    Adam loves using that word problematic.

  • Will Miller
    Will Miller 12 days ago

    Zoomers are more right-wing than millennials.

    • Weaponized Bruh-tism
      Weaponized Bruh-tism 5 days ago

      I think zoomers are still in a stage where they're sort of "looking up" to millenials, of which cancel culture, being perpetually offended and woke are pretty big linchpins. My guess is were gonna see a lot more zoomers pulling away and going "dude can you shut the fuck up about the patriarchy for a second?" or whatever once they get to their mid-late twenties.

    • kwirk
      kwirk 6 days ago

      @Will Miller articles where, on Breitbart

    • packr72
      packr72 7 days ago

      Will Miller Lol, generation Z has a positive opinion on socialism dude, 61%. They’re also as a whole to the left of millennials. www.pewsocialtrends.org/2019/01/17/generation-z-looks-a-lot-like-millennials-on-key-social-and-political-issues/

    • askl23
      askl23 7 days ago

      Gen Z are secret conservatives

    • Will Miller
      Will Miller 8 days ago

      @Genetic Dogshit there were articles saying that they were more conservative than any other generation of there age.

  • Bobbleheads56
    Bobbleheads56 13 days ago

    Im gonna guess that cockfield isnt actually white 🤔

  • multiplesifl
    multiplesifl 13 days ago

    And I'm a Gen Xer sitting here, like, "Look at you guys caring about stuff and trying. Wack!" :P

  • Dylan Young
    Dylan Young 13 days ago

    Whatever dude this shits boring who cares

  • lordcrunk
    lordcrunk 13 days ago


    • bellejunie
      bellejunie 8 days ago

      shut up zoomer

    • Jory Cassel
      Jory Cassel 8 days ago

      Yang is fucking retarded

    • wut
      wut 11 days ago

      hell yeah i want my yangbucks and beatermaids

    • Urzona
      Urzona 12 days ago

      go hit a wasps nest

  • John Doe
    John Doe 13 days ago

    Adam isn't right. I fell for the meme at first but zoomers are genuinely awful

  • ChakraZulu210
    ChakraZulu210 13 days ago

    Milli Vanilli was the realization of all Joseph Mengele's dream.

  • Carson
    Carson 13 days ago

    This footage is fantastic

  • Purp_SSB
    Purp_SSB 14 days ago

    I went to UCSB in 2013, Elliot Rodger tried to kill girls at the Alpha Phi sorority house but nobody let him in the door

    • BxxDxx Hoodoo
      BxxDxx Hoodoo Day ago

      Dammit. More zoomers reproducing. *Sips* 🃏🎭🃏🎭🃏🎭🃏🎭🃏🎭🃏🎭🃏

  • Richard Sam Jordan
    Richard Sam Jordan 14 days ago

    The laughing makes this unlistenable

    • taylorsmithR
      taylorsmithR Day ago

      Richard Sam Jordan shut the fuck up bitch

  • Elon Bust
    Elon Bust 14 days ago

    Tom Myers makes money every time you watch this video

  • JablowmeShaddix
    JablowmeShaddix 14 days ago

    I love stav’s laugh

  • Google account 1
    Google account 1 14 days ago

    I'm gunna bust

  • Wee Woo Wee Woo
    Wee Woo Wee Woo 15 days ago

    HE’S GOT A KNIFE!!!! *pop *pop *pop

  • stever macsoucher
    stever macsoucher 15 days ago

    Fun fact fraiser was a huge alcoholic and pill head. But as soon as the show started rolling he could sober up

    • Elon Bust
      Elon Bust 15 days ago

      stever macsoucher the character was? Wild backstory.

  • Wolf of Walney
    Wolf of Walney 15 days ago

    Dave crushed him with truth, Kevin is a spoilt brat.

  • James Hilton
    James Hilton 15 days ago

    You guys almost matter

  • James Hilton
    James Hilton 15 days ago

    A 30 second bit turns into who the fuck knows cause these dumb twats did the same mock for?.?... to fucking long you hack fucks.