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Purgatony Coming To YouTube?
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  • JK 47
    JK 47 5 minutes ago

    Left because he look like a man willing to the guy on the right live and continue to hate dogs just to show his level of evilness

  • dodiswatchbobobo
    dodiswatchbobobo 8 minutes ago

    I can’t afford VRV or PEEN or Dropout or whatever, but as TheXvid gets more and more terrible at paying the people who make videos for them, the videos get worse and worse. So I’ll just start watching regular shows again, maybe go on a streaming service like I’m some old-ass millennial in my forties or something...

  • dodiswatchbobobo
    dodiswatchbobobo 12 minutes ago

    Ad stops at 0:25 and starts up again at 1:16 for anyone who wants to avoid the contenty bit in the middle

  • Teeter Totter
    Teeter Totter 24 minutes ago

    Left he’s probably a Chinese dictator and he probably eats dogs

  • the zombie angels 1017
    the zombie angels 1017 24 minutes ago


  • Aleesha Jasmine
    Aleesha Jasmine 26 minutes ago

    This is crazy

  • Fossil
    Fossil 35 minutes ago

    I just realized that is isable as a human

  • Deany Goode
    Deany Goode 36 minutes ago

    7:15 Purgatony anyone?

  • Century
    Century 36 minutes ago

    Right. Killing the dictator will only cause instability in the country making it worse. Killing the guy who doesn’t like dogs sends a message to all the dog haters of the world.

  • Keter
    Keter 38 minutes ago

    This won’t happen to me because I don’t have a Peen EveN ThoUgh iM A MALE

  • boof stain
    boof stain 42 minutes ago

    1:05 aw shes so cute, look at her hop

  • Aaron Villanueva
    Aaron Villanueva 43 minutes ago

    Kids penis was long because he was watching makeing out videos so long

  • MankDemes
    MankDemes 44 minutes ago

    Right: because dogs are amazing

  • Devin Thompson
    Devin Thompson 47 minutes ago

    left for if we kill him we are no better than him

  • Patton Warren
    Patton Warren 50 minutes ago

    Left: The dude is definitely a dog hater too or abuses the animals, which is far worse than just disliking them. Besides, the man on the right may have a good reason like trauma or severe allergies?

  • Bennie
    Bennie 53 minutes ago

    Whats the music?

  • chiroptera626
    chiroptera626 54 minutes ago

    Left: dislike is merely an opinion (albeit a wrong one). The dictator is actually doing bad things to people, and probably dogs too.

  • Vincenzo Siesto
    Vincenzo Siesto 56 minutes ago

    Him shows dog Me kill the dad

  • Sun God Ra '
    Sun God Ra ' 57 minutes ago


    CAPTAIN 58 minutes ago

    RIGHT, HE'S A BAD PERSON AND doesn't deserve to live in our society!!!😁

  • Spotted Ears
    Spotted Ears Hour ago

    Left: I'll have to agree with everyone else on this.

  • Starmadien2019
    Starmadien2019 Hour ago

    That water slide is killer.

  • Old Gregg
    Old Gregg Hour ago

    More purgatony plz.

  • Yeetus Deletus
    Yeetus Deletus Hour ago

    What's the song in 5:10

  • Abel Lopez
    Abel Lopez Hour ago

    8m so saddddddd

  • Ninon
    Ninon Hour ago


  • Sninctbur
    Sninctbur Hour ago

    Gandhi has completed the Manhattan Project

  • Bass Galaxy
    Bass Galaxy Hour ago

    We all knew where this was going once the dad took off his belt, but that ending was totally unexpected. 😐

  • Nicholas Kenning


  • Muscle Man
    Muscle Man Hour ago

    I want that dad's whole VHS collection from dont go to space Like if you actually know what VHS is.

  • The SHIZAMuel
    The SHIZAMuel Hour ago

    As a fellow golfer myself, this speaks to me.

  • Jack Davenport
    Jack Davenport Hour ago

    I was like hmm seems two happy

  • Krispey Bowl
    Krispey Bowl Hour ago

    Is Explosm ok?

  • GlitchmareYT
    GlitchmareYT Hour ago

    9:19 look at the husband when he walks up the stairs... Me mega confused.

  • Noob Epic
    Noob Epic Hour ago

    when the princess was dancing with the prince he was just emotionless his face 😐 princess's face 😍

  • Bass Galaxy
    Bass Galaxy Hour ago

    Her reactions are priceless! 🤣

  • XxGhostxX
    XxGhostxX Hour ago

    Is sad Larry dead now?

  • Bass Galaxy
    Bass Galaxy Hour ago

    I couldn't imagine getting spanked with a ladder. 😐



  • Michael Blake
    Michael Blake Hour ago


  • Nitrogen Sulphide
    Nitrogen Sulphide 2 hours ago

    There should be an episode where sad Larry becomes happy Larry

  • Bass Galaxy
    Bass Galaxy 2 hours ago

    Where do astronauts go to get drunk? 😎 "The Space bar!" 😂

  • Michael Blake
    Michael Blake 2 hours ago

    poor larry

  • Bass Galaxy
    Bass Galaxy 2 hours ago

    At least the tooth came out. 😐

  • Sara Vasselli
    Sara Vasselli 2 hours ago


  • Ahegao Akunie
    Ahegao Akunie 2 hours ago

    Lol the girl everyone wants is a whole ass lesbian 😂😂😂😂

  • haloharry97
    haloharry97 2 hours ago

    My cousin hold her breath, when she wantted something, I was baby sitting her, she did this to me, I just ignored her and she passed out, 1st thing she started to breath again, I just sitting there like nothing happend, she never done it again when I was there.

  • Anthony Decesare
    Anthony Decesare 2 hours ago

    Can we not get compilations plz?

  • Unknown Servant
    Unknown Servant 2 hours ago

    Left; you could collapse South Sudan in one bolt

  • The Raisin
    The Raisin 2 hours ago

    It's gonna wear off in January 2025. Hope it hurts real bad until then. If it becomes too much to bear, pull an Epstein.

  • Bass Galaxy
    Bass Galaxy 2 hours ago

    The sun saved the son. 😐

  • CiSien x
    CiSien x 2 hours ago

    let me get my ladder

  • TV not HD
    TV not HD 2 hours ago

    Why is no one making werid ass jokes with "dinner with the folks," Cause that one is weird af

  • Abfig arts
    Abfig arts 2 hours ago

    Left cause idk

  • Jacob Campbell
    Jacob Campbell 2 hours ago

    Right: he doesn't like dogs. What happens is he abuses the helpless dog

  • Tetsu Akimichi
    Tetsu Akimichi 2 hours ago

    6:40 How?

  • Tetsu Akimichi
    Tetsu Akimichi 2 hours ago

    3:37 Finish her!

  • Tetsu Akimichi
    Tetsu Akimichi 2 hours ago

    0:46 Such a good father

  • The fan of Kirby
    The fan of Kirby 2 hours ago

    It was the plan all along

  • Max Bartlett
    Max Bartlett 2 hours ago

    The end of the set ending was kind of funny actually

  • Dat Mai
    Dat Mai 2 hours ago


  • Dat Mai
    Dat Mai 2 hours ago


  • Youri Stevens
    Youri Stevens 2 hours ago

    Right: What kind of sick individual genuinely doesn't like dogs? That includes hotdogs. Even the chinese love hotdogs. So basically, this guy is worse than whole china. And maybe even beyond. Just think about it......have you EVER met someone who doesn't like hotdogs in general?

  • Max Bartlett
    Max Bartlett 2 hours ago

    When I got to the beginning of the sad ending I heard a gun sound

  • Corbin green
    Corbin green 3 hours ago

    👌 got them

  • SuperDonavanbros Gaming

    My name is Donavan and I feel that duck

  • eighthundredsuxtytwo

    is there more larry episodes on vrv?

  • Vegan Guy
    Vegan Guy 3 hours ago

    I am weed bot

  • Joshua Thebeau
    Joshua Thebeau 3 hours ago

    Left cause I agree he probably doesn't like dogs like he doesn't like the people in the 3rd world country

  • SunQueen1388
    SunQueen1388 3 hours ago

    Was...was that a biblical reference to Job in a Cyanide and Happiness video? Welp. I didn’t think I’d live to see the day...

  • Molleek god
    Molleek god 3 hours ago

    Wtf DICKS wtf wtf wtf DICKS what 😲😠

  • Adrik
    Adrik 3 hours ago


  • foureos and me
    foureos and me 3 hours ago

    Dont jump pls

  • Pacho 1581
    Pacho 1581 3 hours ago


  • Russell Gore
    Russell Gore 3 hours ago

    My God how many coats do they have!

  • Icantfindaname Caleb Anderson

    The Mother's day one: I think the kid has bipolar disorder. The mom knows, and becomes a drug addict. The mom knows it's supposed to kill her, so she nicely put the cigarette in the cake and blew it as if it were her birthday.

  • Benji Does Something

    I love the water park one

  • Henry Chapman
    Henry Chapman 3 hours ago

    Every person named Trevor that I know is gay TF??

  • Clay Johnson
    Clay Johnson 3 hours ago

    I think i just saw myself on TheXvid

  • Zomb
    Zomb 3 hours ago

    8:02 how are the badges still on?

  • Aden Spams
    Aden Spams 3 hours ago

    Not gonna lie some of them made me tear up

  • Za frog
    Za frog 3 hours ago


  • MrAnthonyg777
    MrAnthonyg777 3 hours ago

    is that a cross?? 3:18

  • EAE
    EAE 3 hours ago

    left: the guy who doesnt like dogs might like cats

    JIMMY DD 3 hours ago


  • Pierce Ellston
    Pierce Ellston 3 hours ago


  • Minecraft Miner
    Minecraft Miner 3 hours ago

    Left: Sure the right is a dick but saving those other innocent people who most likey have dogs are more important

  • Joshua Byker
    Joshua Byker 3 hours ago

    Um.. Except the fact that Satanists are literallythe least homophobic

  • Bryan Pilkey
    Bryan Pilkey 3 hours ago

    Left he might kill the dogs as well and let people like the one on the right live

  • James Russell
    James Russell 3 hours ago

    Left. Simply put he is an ass who deserves ass winged lighting justice.

  • RandyMarsh's GamingPitStop

    I'm literally JUST getting the inside joke about future law and it's like my 5th time watching this episode lol. In the 80's looney tunes had flat out RACEST episodes on TV lol, was the norm. In the 90's it was a little more cleaned up but still real loose. I remember watching good burger on Netflix, customer slammed the burger on the counter and said, "you go to HELL!" 😆😆 I was like myy GOODNESS lol. 2000's on is when tolerance started forming. And since then with shows like south park giving there take on ppl Like Bruce Jenner and such lol. But nowadays you can get a law suit against you for not treating any and all gender/sex etc etc as equals, especially in like, businesses and such. Here in this episode, with future law 😂😂, its ok to basically sleep with clones of yourself, and be sentenced to death for a crime you didn't commit.... way things are going, sounds about right 😂😂😂 Edit: it makes THIS WHOLE EPISODE that much more funny 😁😁😁

  • Jacob Bookwalter
    Jacob Bookwalter 3 hours ago

    The guy on the right because he’s worse than a dicTator. He’s a dictator that hates dogs

  • Jenn Ruiz
    Jenn Ruiz 3 hours ago

    Guy that hates dogs because dogs are for loving not hating

  • Christopher Brown
    Christopher Brown 4 hours ago

    Right because dogs are my dawgs

  • T H
    T H 4 hours ago


  • Y2K Blackout
    Y2K Blackout 4 hours ago

    8:15 - Frostmourne hungers!

  • Zombiekiller The don


  • Zombiekiller The don


  • Kirby
    Kirby 4 hours ago

    0:36 *how black holes are made by humans*

  • Zombiekiller The don