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Types of People at the Beach
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When You're The Third Wheel
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Types of Pedestrians
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Types of Co-Workers
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Types of Gamers
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Types of Siblings
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Broke People Problems
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FIFA Fans Be Like...
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Is Starbucks Racist???
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  • Lucas Barclay
    Lucas Barclay 31 minute ago

    The guy who spills your food over you.

  • Tayyabain Nazir Year 7
    Tayyabain Nazir Year 7 39 minutes ago

    I like the broke guy

  • Jesus Flores
    Jesus Flores Hour ago

    Lol Gary Camison

  • ZaitZ
    ZaitZ Hour ago

    Dope Video Bro Best Part Was The Lonely Waiter!

  • leanne hirst
    leanne hirst 2 hours ago

    You should do types of TheXvidrs

  • Otis Grant
    Otis Grant 2 hours ago


  • jeffy seeysis56
    jeffy seeysis56 2 hours ago

    I want to wear clothes Danny Boy I want to forward Boy Third close

  • jeffy seeysis56
    jeffy seeysis56 2 hours ago


  • jeffy seeysis56
    jeffy seeysis56 2 hours ago

    D JC fuu FC g FC

  • Mushroom Marshmallow

    Its art

  • Parham Khosravi
    Parham Khosravi 3 hours ago

    Absolutely love your videos You are so creative and funny You are the funniest and creative TheXvidrs on the internet Keep up the good work

  • Parham Khosravi
    Parham Khosravi 3 hours ago

    Absolutely love the videos You're so funny and creative You are the funniest and creative TheXvidrs on the internet Keep up the good work👍

  • moira mudzongo
    moira mudzongo 3 hours ago


  • Wasabidasayian
    Wasabidasayian 4 hours ago

    Dressing up as a Acacutski i see u fam

  • Parham Khosravi
    Parham Khosravi 4 hours ago

    Nice vid😍

  • carla's Wäffle
    carla's Wäffle 4 hours ago

    Ashley: oh my God you guys are so cute I know Danny would never- Danny: " drinks " Ashley: oh my god DANNY!! Me:hehe🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣

  • moira mudzongo
    moira mudzongo 4 hours ago

    My favourite was part 2. He went to jail for 4 years. DUDE YOU GETTING MESSED UP PRETTY BAD😂😂😂😂😂

  • moira mudzongo
    moira mudzongo 5 hours ago

    He is bad at getting lady's numbers. He's weak. Wow HE IS MESSED UP 😂😂😂😆

  • moira mudzongo
    moira mudzongo 5 hours ago

    Time for part 2😃😃😃😃

  • moira mudzongo
    moira mudzongo 5 hours ago

    I love watching free refills

  • welcome to Fun World face first

    0:34 my name is Pierre My name is pierde

  • FaZe goat
    FaZe goat 5 hours ago

    We need a water boy on our team lol 😂 I live in Vaughan Ontario y’all da best

  • moira mudzongo
    moira mudzongo 5 hours ago


  • Scorpio
    Scorpio 5 hours ago

    Are we gonna ignore the fact that this man was cutting a banana

  • Jordan Mcginness
    Jordan Mcginness 5 hours ago

    Jordan mom

  • Jocelyn Nicole
    Jocelyn Nicole 5 hours ago

    My birthday was before 13 it was 11

  • Ninja Kids Face Gamers

    Why aren’t u guys at 1M Subscribers

  • Confirm
    Confirm 6 hours ago

    Does Ranvir have his own channel or do you guys share this channel

  • moira mudzongo
    moira mudzongo 6 hours ago

    Gosh. Call the cops

  • ManBru
    ManBru 6 hours ago

    I love the tries rolling made me laugg

  • J&jarren The goat
    J&jarren The goat 7 hours ago

    What is that song they play at the end

  • Laura Diazjjguuy
    Laura Diazjjguuy 7 hours ago


  • Xbox 69 Nicolas
    Xbox 69 Nicolas 7 hours ago


  • Yolanda De Duenas
    Yolanda De Duenas 8 hours ago


  • Ambreen shahmeer
    Ambreen shahmeer 8 hours ago

    What your song

  • Emanuel Rauda
    Emanuel Rauda 8 hours ago

    the person that gets your order bad

  • xd_jaquan_ xDxD
    xd_jaquan_ xDxD 8 hours ago

    *takes one sip of water* Waiter: *flips over table* Yo FaM yOu nEeD sOmE wAtEr? I gOtChU

  • Rosa Jauregui
    Rosa Jauregui 8 hours ago

    You forgot the waitress that try’s to take your girl

  • Jireh Leilua
    Jireh Leilua 9 hours ago

    do when your boyfriend is smackdown tag team champions please

  • AshleyNicole's vlog
    AshleyNicole's vlog 9 hours ago

    Danny is kind of annoying im sorry but I kind of hate danny

  • Supreme Xanmil
    Supreme Xanmil 9 hours ago

    You forgot the waiter that Orders his choice of food

  • Francisco Ramirez
    Francisco Ramirez 9 hours ago

    The mean waiter

  • Julian Coria
    Julian Coria 9 hours ago

    He said I’ll tern of the heat so it’s cold

  • Thomas Ocana
    Thomas Ocana 10 hours ago


  • koala kid
    koala kid 10 hours ago

    Part 2and3and4and 5

  • Richer Gay
    Richer Gay 10 hours ago


  • Abrar Talukder
    Abrar Talukder 10 hours ago

    Loved this vid bro keep it up!

  • Rosa Luna
    Rosa Luna 11 hours ago

    When he was selling Tickets in the bathroom I saw the camera

  • Manuel Avnilov
    Manuel Avnilov 11 hours ago

    what about the talkative dude

  • Bulmaro Domingo Ramirez

    2:25 that was not danny

  • mende59
    mende59 11 hours ago

    If dislike these videos, then why are they watching it? 😂😂. At 4:02 it's really funny😂😂. Wth why would you jump on a car? 😂

  • Lizardo's World
    Lizardo's World 11 hours ago

    My favriot Part of the video was "the bhirt day one

  • Ovais Yusuf
    Ovais Yusuf 11 hours ago

    my favorite part in the video is when they say that ranvirs beard does not connect and the song at the end

  • Cathy Woodruff
    Cathy Woodruff 11 hours ago

    Y'all are awesome

  • keysane somalia
    keysane somalia 11 hours ago

    My favorite part of the video is the beef ting . yo. kepping going nice with the video.

  • Abu Muzzakir
    Abu Muzzakir 11 hours ago


  • Daisydodge squad squad

    I like the stalker guy

  • Æsway
    Æsway 12 hours ago

    Fück Me Yesss Daddyyŷ

  • Liezl Acuna
    Liezl Acuna 12 hours ago

    🥤Free Riffils 🥤

  • Dragon Castro
    Dragon Castro 12 hours ago

    Micaela Velasquez castro I hate dane

  • Ethan Briley
    Ethan Briley 12 hours ago

    you got love you

  • Ethan Briley
    Ethan Briley 12 hours ago

    you are the best and danny i like wwe to

  • Āĺāńā Pəŕßāūđ

    Love you guys

  • Æsway
    Æsway 13 hours ago

    Fück Me Yes Daddy

  • CAP Sports
    CAP Sports 13 hours ago

    Marks Pronunciations Quesadilla = Quesadila Chicken Curry = Curry Chicken 😂😂😂

  • Ahmad Khan
    Ahmad Khan 13 hours ago

    THE 24/7 IS MINE!!!!!!!!!

  • furless,critical lega
    furless,critical lega 13 hours ago

    I can understand what they say because I learned their language

  • furless,critical lega
    furless,critical lega 13 hours ago

    Your adopted fam LMAOOOOO

  • FaZeLamarYT
    FaZeLamarYT 13 hours ago

    Don't forgot it's your boi Naruto the hokage!!!

  • Harvey Hollow
    Harvey Hollow 13 hours ago

    I loved the I’m taking care of u tonight hahahahaha so funny

  • Danilo Cerezo
    Danilo Cerezo 13 hours ago

    Choked slam

  • Sam Safwan
    Sam Safwan 13 hours ago

    Shut up 💩

  • A & M Tv
    A & M Tv 13 hours ago


  • Mega dragon Gaming let’s play and have fun

    Some of the people look like in Dan and ryias video

  • cath kavanagh
    cath kavanagh 14 hours ago

    The stunt people look nothing like echother

  • Alexander Dattilo
    Alexander Dattilo 14 hours ago

    Azaswswswswswwswswswsswsssessdswsswsw2222222#2s#was the most addictive one and zzsxxxxxxsl

  • gaming guy #1
    gaming guy #1 14 hours ago

    fav part was the ill be taking care of you tonight

  • Doge
    Doge 14 hours ago

    0:34 DAMMMMMM

  • best fortnite pro
    best fortnite pro 14 hours ago


  • Benjamin Panyasha Chidongo

    Can you make vedios every day

  • Peggy OBrien
    Peggy OBrien 15 hours ago

    Did he do that to kill him

  • Fouzia Shaheen
    Fouzia Shaheen 15 hours ago

    Best youtuber ever!!!!!!!😜😋😝🤔🤗

  • humza • 10 years ago

    All girls are the same

  • Harry GAME
    Harry GAME 15 hours ago

    310 k good job my guys

  • King Kai Nim
    King Kai Nim 16 hours ago

    Roses are red Dandy’s gay to Bc he’s gay he likes u to Like if you like free refills

  • harvey bradley
    harvey bradley 16 hours ago

    Is the one with the nicco shirt riyas brother

  • Veron Gordon
    Veron Gordon 16 hours ago


  • Veron Gordon
    Veron Gordon 16 hours ago


  • Funhy_man 190
    Funhy_man 190 17 hours ago

    Danny is so weird Edit:I hate him

  • Omar Khaled
    Omar Khaled 17 hours ago

    best youtubers outhere i love you guys very much and congrats on 310k guys i am always there watching your videos

  • Grace Hicking
    Grace Hicking 18 hours ago

    can you give me a shout out congrats on 300k

  • A & M Tv
    A & M Tv 18 hours ago


  • HumzyRazaq YT
    HumzyRazaq YT 18 hours ago

    TYPES OF WAITERS ___________________

  • HumzyRazaq YT
    HumzyRazaq YT 18 hours ago


  • Fentures
    Fentures 19 hours ago

    Ranvir:oh sh** my tyres are flat. Danny:I got a tyre from my car is told you I will take care of you. I was laughing so bad!

  • Peggy OBrien
    Peggy OBrien 19 hours ago

    Subscribe if you are the coolest 👇

  • Robert Mccallum
    Robert Mccallum 19 hours ago

    What’s better like fortnite comment pub g

  • HoaNhiVi BangTam
    HoaNhiVi BangTam 20 hours ago


  • jeffy seeysis56
    jeffy seeysis56 20 hours ago

    I like your videos with that I want to give away give away I want you play Playstation on iPhone

  • Vekash Maraj
    Vekash Maraj 21 hour ago

    Big fan ranvir but don't tell danny he's annoying ....can I get a shoutout