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  • Taief Hossain
    Taief Hossain 5 hours ago

    Disney's GTA 6

  • Matthian Henning
    Matthian Henning 5 hours ago

    im sorry artemis fowl looks dog shit sorry if u disagree

  • Recklesss
    Recklesss 6 hours ago

    reys lightsaber skills are complete utter trash still nice

  • Bootes Void
    Bootes Void 6 hours ago

    14:04 War Pigs 🤘😎🤘

  • Noble Price
    Noble Price 6 hours ago


  • joly cath
    joly cath 6 hours ago

    Gal est la seule WW qui remplace vraiment bien Lynda Carter MA WW quand j'étais petite👍👍👍✨✨✨💜💙💜💚

  • XENTO 0007
    XENTO 0007 6 hours ago

    What if anakin was reincarnated as rey and rey/ anakin will bring balance to the force in this movie I mean anakin wouldnt be the chosen one for no reason

  • foreignmilk
    foreignmilk 6 hours ago

    free guy is the worst looking crap i can imagine

  • Ahmedرو Abdalmalik

    The xjwuir jdu8r 😘😘😘

  • foreignmilk
    foreignmilk 6 hours ago

    black widdow looks like absolute trash

  • foreignmilk
    foreignmilk 6 hours ago

    bond looks like absolute trash.

  • Satpal Singh
    Satpal Singh 6 hours ago

    Black widow Ben 10

  • XvP unlawfulspoon
    XvP unlawfulspoon 6 hours ago

    Wait since the ghost is here and ashoka is alive I wonder if will she be in the movie

  • Matyas Fekete
    Matyas Fekete 7 hours ago

    I feel so bad for Moran

  • paramusica3
    paramusica3 7 hours ago

    D Craig is just not my cup of tea when it comes to James Bond.

  • Spring O Matic
    Spring O Matic 7 hours ago

    Lol I laughed for so long when Georgie just quickly got the boat and said "See ya later!" And the IT frowned and swore... 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂

  • Jemel Cornista
    Jemel Cornista 7 hours ago

    Star Wars The Rise Of Disney

  • Lorens Rewolle
    Lorens Rewolle 7 hours ago

    isn't that voice emperor palpatines

  • Russell Tate
    Russell Tate 8 hours ago

    Not a DC fan but this looks nice..i liked the 1st WW.

  • I love dragons
    I love dragons 8 hours ago

    At least we see what looks like the Knights of Ren. *sigh* More running with those damn lightsabers... someone's arm should get cut off.

  • DialatedPupils
    DialatedPupils 8 hours ago

    Age Out: The music score sounds like Hans Zimmerman.

  • Alan Brownjohn
    Alan Brownjohn 8 hours ago

    So boring

  • Faisal Shamim
    Faisal Shamim 8 hours ago

    I love you maleficent

  • Amirrul ewan
    Amirrul ewan 8 hours ago

    no mushu?? 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ i need mushu

  • Sa Ya
    Sa Ya 8 hours ago

    Please please PLEASE stop putting Ryan Reynolds in action films and stick him back in rom-coms where his pretty soft face belongs!!

  • Pa one
    Pa one 8 hours ago

    We : Nice movie. Stupid Indians filling the whole comment section : Who came here for big dog? #backoffindia

  • Rimuru Tempest
    Rimuru Tempest 8 hours ago

    Taylor Swift seems to have curvier and curvaceous figure here than she does in real life.

  • Aynur Aldıkactıoglu


  • M.H- Productions
    M.H- Productions 9 hours ago

    Nice movie

  • Rimuru Tempest
    Rimuru Tempest 9 hours ago

    Pretty sure I’ve seen Togo before but with more dogs

  • AstroRahul MOE
    AstroRahul MOE 9 hours ago

    I like what am seeing and hearing... cant wait.

  • The Raknarok
    The Raknarok 9 hours ago

    3.35musoc nick pls

  • shyamala nagaraj
    shyamala nagaraj 9 hours ago

    I'll be seeing this just 4 jim carrey many of u??then

  • Todd Good
    Todd Good 9 hours ago

    Please don't ruin ww.

  • Tshepang Siyase
    Tshepang Siyase 9 hours ago

    "History isn't kind to people who play God" - 007

  • Fenris pro
    Fenris pro 9 hours ago

    I think the previous Dolittle was Eddie murphy right? I found out from Ellen show about Rdj's new movie

  • Normal Person
    Normal Person 9 hours ago

    Wow they made space into real thing because of that movie

    TEAS TEA 10 hours ago

    Is this why Marvel put her movie before Black Widow? Because she's a SJW woke character?

  • Chris C
    Chris C 10 hours ago

    2:05.... OH, what's wrong? where the old unifrom?

  • Farjana Rahman
    Farjana Rahman 10 hours ago

    Wow finally she got her hero 😘😘

  • Josiah Lomax
    Josiah Lomax 10 hours ago

    -how are you not dead? -I have no idea!?

  • Harsh babu Harsh babu
    Harsh babu Harsh babu 10 hours ago

    Avenger move is my only harsh babu

  • Akash Verma
    Akash Verma 10 hours ago

    Anyone noticed Ironman looking at Cap when he weilds the Hammer...😂😂

  • Jacob Ramirez
    Jacob Ramirez 10 hours ago

    The second one but with Knuckles and the other 1st fit

  • XxNaMyahXx XxThompsonXx

    I think miles is my animated crush 😶😮😐😖💓💓

  • David Urban
    David Urban 10 hours ago

    A woman jedi? Ugh. Hope this is the last of this shit series. Just utter crap

  • hatsumi rou gacha
    hatsumi rou gacha 10 hours ago

    Film nya kaya nyata cuy

  • Phatec
    Phatec 11 hours ago

    Really excited to see Grand Theft Auto... I mean “Free Guy”.

  • Marcus Holland
    Marcus Holland 11 hours ago

    So I wonder if Free Guy has an Aviation Gin bottle somewhere laying around.

  • Marcus Holland
    Marcus Holland 11 hours ago

    Oh hey, it’s Evie from The Mummy. Haven’t seen her in forever.

  • Taintbomb
    Taintbomb 11 hours ago

    Yet another SJW fail.

  • EriK ViNsOn
    EriK ViNsOn 11 hours ago

    Is it just me? 0:46 The new double O and she's straight up manly looking!!! Really??? Especially for a 00... All men should want you and all woman should want to be you...

  • D S
    D S 11 hours ago

    A Netflix series isn't a movie.

  • D S
    D S 11 hours ago

    Hellywood always has to pervert something. The dogs name was " Balto. "

  • WatcH Now Click Here
    WatcH Now Click Here 11 hours ago

    Jumanji 3 << playnow visit : 17

  • Rafika Aisha
    Rafika Aisha 11 hours ago

    i never thought jasmine had a side job to be an agent

  • Boniface Kyalo
    Boniface Kyalo 11 hours ago

    Free guy is Deadpool without the costume

  • Zaiah
    Zaiah 11 hours ago

    holy shit the audio is so out of connection with the characters that you can tell its dubbed over

  • Delta Plays. ft
    Delta Plays. ft 11 hours ago

    I got the trailer when I clicked on the video for the trailer what the heck LOL LOL LOL

  • 002
    002 11 hours ago

    0:38 kristoff's reaction when he saw anna's upset face lmao

  • Saijai Cheunarom
    Saijai Cheunarom 11 hours ago

    Dit keer De world 🌐 love very importen jeams bond Movie star wold.. 👔 Fredom Development media 📱 I like to see you Movie you are very nice man

  • Devil Digger
    Devil Digger 12 hours ago

    I didn't get this offline.. then i downloaded this video from TubeMate.... 👎

  • Axel 117
    Axel 117 12 hours ago

    White Shoes Back In The Building white shoes calmdown

  • MadCowProductions
    MadCowProductions 12 hours ago

    the first couple looked watchable the rest look like garbage.

  • Suman Das
    Suman Das 12 hours ago

    😍It's great👍👍👍👍👍

  • Suman Das
    Suman Das 12 hours ago


  • ninjaa22
    ninjaa22 12 hours ago

    *mr robot fits a good villain*

  • Avi P
    Avi P 12 hours ago


  • Ryan Huang
    Ryan Huang 13 hours ago

    No it’s two glocks🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lamar Brown
    Lamar Brown 13 hours ago

    Robbie jones and steven Spielberg

  • Papi
    Papi 13 hours ago

    007 !

  • Noel Custodio
    Noel Custodio 13 hours ago

    3:15 looks creepy Vs 0:30

  • samuelsson sanchez
    samuelsson sanchez 13 hours ago

    1:53 what is spider man's web sticking too? XD

  • N Mars
    N Mars 13 hours ago

    Looks really cool!

  • Noel Custodio
    Noel Custodio 13 hours ago

    Now he looks like sonic ;)

  • Boomieking 2
    Boomieking 2 13 hours ago

    Loki, Look who it is!! Loki: *say sike right now*

  • RedNasty7
    RedNasty7 13 hours ago

    James Bond

  • Nebia Nakia
    Nebia Nakia 14 hours ago


  • Raymond Chung
    Raymond Chung 14 hours ago

    4:04 rey?

  • jen fay
    jen fay 14 hours ago

    Loved it

  • Wolfgang 644
    Wolfgang 644 14 hours ago

    "Ah shit here we go again"

  • Garlitz Hyperformance Garage

    I want to eat Scarlett Johansson's pussy

  • B K
    B K 14 hours ago


  • B K
    B K 14 hours ago


  • B K
    B K 14 hours ago


  • Hindi Movies 2019
    Hindi Movies 2019 14 hours ago

    Bye mana Rambo movie ko upload kia

  • Hindi Movies 2019
    Hindi Movies 2019 14 hours ago

    Bye mana rambo movie ko upload kia se ke link dado ap

  • Made_In_Heaven88
    Made_In_Heaven88 14 hours ago

    Why do trailers pretty spoil most of the fucking movie?

  • Achmad Iqbal
    Achmad Iqbal 14 hours ago

    Love the beat of the music, sound of 80's

  • Gamesu PTT
    Gamesu PTT 15 hours ago

    Cyborg now in Justice and left Titan!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jo Reddick
    Jo Reddick 15 hours ago

    Something seems a little off with the James bond trailer.


    james bond and mulan

  • Andres Garzon
    Andres Garzon 15 hours ago

    Ouu shit

  • Hercilia Soto
    Hercilia Soto 15 hours ago

    Thanos: I am inevitable Iron man: I am ....... iron man 🤘

  • SMG Hero
    SMG Hero 15 hours ago

    So when Cap returned the stones does that means there were three caps in the same timeline.

  • Duolingo PLAYZ
    Duolingo PLAYZ 15 hours ago

    My mind: aw hell yeah

  • Cleric775
    Cleric775 16 hours ago

    Imagine Batman meeting this guy for the first time.

  • Helptrick Coppy
    Helptrick Coppy 16 hours ago

    Ther is gta movie mode

  • rcsitant lia
    rcsitant lia 16 hours ago

    Forgot that Quill could fly because of his boots