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Eden | Teaser | Netflix
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  • geek one
    geek one Hour ago

    I'm so proud of Naoki

  • Jesse Diaz
    Jesse Diaz Hour ago

    Needs more booty on Selena.

  • Martin MS
    Martin MS Hour ago

    That song brings me into old GTA San Andreas days...

  • Samuel Hickey
    Samuel Hickey Hour ago

    Peter Beale is doing alright for himself

  • tylko ja h
    tylko ja h Hour ago

    It emezing i love it

  • White Night
    White Night Hour ago

    lol they changed the title

  • sepi sania
    sepi sania Hour ago

    WDUM by final season??? We want more!

  • Lorène T.A
    Lorène T.A Hour ago

    Date announcement ?? Really Netflix!

  • Kitaela Kalima
    Kitaela Kalima Hour ago

    She looks like JLO instead of Selena Quintanilla ...

  • Jacob Ortega
    Jacob Ortega Hour ago

    But is she Mexican?

  • Stephen McAllister

    from the comment section, looks like a lot of people are upset with the story and not using her real voice. gonna be a flop. only the Mexicans will like this. only appeal to a small audience.

  • jacques taljaardt

    Gerald not the main character in a "Witcher" story? Pass.

  • ou8121988
    ou8121988 Hour ago

    Upvote this comment if you're from Corpus Christi, TX

  • Gareth Oconnor
    Gareth Oconnor Hour ago

    Love it

  • Ella Robinson
    Ella Robinson Hour ago

    Noah xx

  • Naji Tawk
    Naji Tawk Hour ago

    Greetings from Lebanon 🇱🇧, a similar revolution is happening in my country and this film is very inspiring and motivating.

  • SalesPros
    SalesPros Hour ago

    another gun slick movie... common !!!

  • Geoff Foster
    Geoff Foster Hour ago

    People are always hating on Hoffa. They use the fact that he had ties to the mob as a stick with which to beat him. Now, I can't defend some - maybe even many - of the things he was involved in. But when you are facing down corporations who have the cops and organised crime in their pockets - what are you supposed to do? Because you know they are going to beat you within an inch of your life, fire you and put your wife and kids out on the streets. The guy was hardcore and unlike most of the phoneys who made the lifestyle choice of Occupy - Jimmy (at least in the early days) wouldn't disappear in a puff of smoke the moment s*** turned ugly. The ultimate test of Hoffa and the Teamsters is whether its members benefitted in terms of pay, working conditions etc. from the day he arrived till the day he vanished. Sure, Jimmy and the Teamsters were no angels. But as the saying goes - if it's a choice between a crooked mobster or an "honest" politician - take the mobster every time. At least they give something back to the community whereas D.C. is all take, take, take.

  • What?
    What? Hour ago

    *I don't think America has place for these peoples* - NATIVE AMERICANS

  • Shinika Best
    Shinika Best Hour ago

    Can't wait to watch it!!

  • Zaltan 1234
    Zaltan 1234 Hour ago

    English propaganda

  • kindnessisgold
    kindnessisgold Hour ago

    I never skip the intro, the music and retsuko dancing and bobbing her head is too satisfying to watch

  • Garry Dy
    Garry Dy Hour ago

    Who finish this? Is this still good to watch after the revealation of the I land?

  • Michał N
    Michał N Hour ago

    Maybe NETFLIX will explain to us how the German people who committed the crime of genocide during World War II evolved into a stateless Nazi?

  • Milan
    Milan Hour ago

    Cant wait for the Witcher fans to be called racist when this fails.

  • David Magna
    David Magna Hour ago

    Well, at least they got Selena's duke right

  • Kim Jong -Trill
    Kim Jong -Trill Hour ago

    She doesn't look bad, but she doesn't have that glow that Jennifer Lopez did.

  • Ryan Gangadin
    Ryan Gangadin Hour ago

    Yup. Rosita gonna die from water.

  • Michał N
    Michał N Hour ago

    For illiterates with NETFLIX, US citizens and the whole world. On September 1, 1939, Germany invaded Poland and on September 17, 1939, Russia. Poland ceased to exist. Where did you get these maps from?

  • Tlot Pwist
    Tlot Pwist Hour ago

    Could you stop rewriting History? Henry V was a savage who ordered civilians and captured knights to be slained. Like many kings before and after him, in many nations, he was just a provider of death, violence and misery. Not some medieval hippie against war

  • Wonie Blue16
    Wonie Blue16 2 hours ago

    Already messing it up Only Selena's voice should be used but I'm going to watch it because of Selena and she deserves this and more You know how it goes ANYTHING FOR SELANAS 👍🏾💪🏾💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Angelo Henrique Fernandes

    I love mille

  • Agnieszka Adamska
    Agnieszka Adamska 2 hours ago

    @Netflix Chciałabym wyrazić swój sprzeciw wobec prezentowanej mapy w serialu "Iwan Groźny z Treblinki". W czasie, o którym mowa terytorium Polski było okupowane, a odpowiedzialność za obozy ponosiły nazistowskie Niemcy. Mapa pokazana w serialu nie jest zgodna z przebiegiem owczesnych granic. Domagam się poprawienia tego rażącego dla mnie- Polki, błędu i wyraźne sprostowanie na początku każdego odcinka.

  • Michał N
    Michał N 2 hours ago

    ow many German criminals and their associates have found shelter in the US, Russia and Israel? Good material for the series.

  • Ivan Ivanovich Ivanovski

    Geralt won't be main character. Netflix is pulling a bait and switch. Focus is on Ciri and Yen

    • Jaroslav Mihok
      Jaroslav Mihok 2 hours ago

      no ... these girls will have only bigger part compare to the games ant the books ... it will be still the witcher

    PARTNEROFICE 2 hours ago


  • jtan163
    jtan163 2 hours ago

    Son of a ... gun ...

  • Lone Cowboy
    Lone Cowboy 2 hours ago

    Man, how I've missed 2d animation!

  • Brian Anderson-Payne

    "Mike, I want you to be careful with him!!" ha ha ha ha ha

  • kubilay bahasi
    kubilay bahasi 2 hours ago

    Yennifer like shit ! Ciri very old for begining story.. I havent expectaion netflix.

  • Melkar 123
    Melkar 123 2 hours ago

    Anyone wanna steal a car and just go?...maybe broke into an empty house,dance,drink and never go back

  • Rossana Graca
    Rossana Graca 2 hours ago

    I had to check the channel a couple of times to see if this wasn’t Terrell’s TheXvid channel! It really is great to see him doing for Netflix! Good for you Terrell!

  • Born to Die
    Born to Die 2 hours ago

    I think Lucas is kinda brave and witty too.🤣🤣

  • Iris Torres
    Iris Torres 2 hours ago

    They will only b one woman to play selena ever n that will always b jlo ok bitches.. u better get intune lol

  • Neelam Gautam
    Neelam Gautam 2 hours ago

    Which song is in this trailer

  • Trina Dugger
    Trina Dugger 2 hours ago

    Cant wait to see it!!

  • Piku Jaan
    Piku Jaan 2 hours ago

    Emraan Bhaijaan Kamaal kr diya

  • Hani Hassan
    Hani Hassan 2 hours ago

    It's hard not to take The Departed into account when reviewing this. I still can't get over the fact how great the movie was. But damn the lineup in this movie!

  • Clinton Towne
    Clinton Towne 2 hours ago

    this feels like my reality..

  • SBF Movies and short films

    you wait, you do wait. Don't even think about skipping this. Okay putas?!!

  • Vihaan Ramesh
    Vihaan Ramesh 2 hours ago

    Just finished season 2. At this point, I'm only watching because of how much of a train wreck this family is. A cheating wife, spoiled drama queen daughter, autistic son who yells at people even when theyre helping him and a dad who abandoned his family. Makes me happy I dont have a family like that.

  • Euphoric Lights
    Euphoric Lights 2 hours ago

    This supernatural. Just like when loose control by missy eliot came out. I was stoned and the sound was like a new dimension, couldn't believe it.

  • sizlax
    sizlax 2 hours ago

    Season 6.. are you fuckin kidding me with this.. why can't they bust out seasons like this for cartoons that are actually funny? Like brickleberry (cancelled after three seemingly short seasons..), paradise PD, F is for family .etc.. I only ever watch this show when I'm super depressed and super tired and not able to enjoy anything that I actually want to watch..

  • Magnus Langslet
    Magnus Langslet 2 hours ago

    *Dies of fall damage in the second episode*

  • doug12345doug
    doug12345doug 2 hours ago

    This is a really shit trailer. Wonder if birbigs signed off on it.

  • Prince
    Prince 2 hours ago

    0:30 Dat Ass!!!

  • Mary Ford
    Mary Ford 2 hours ago

    People believe in magic its magic I don’t

  • clément joubert du cellier

    As a french you can believe me this movie is full off shit... it's a shame too represente the french kingdom and people like that. Frenchbashing again... you rosebeef have to learn history please, whit all my respect bonne journée.

  • Jack and Ntombi
    Jack and Ntombi 2 hours ago

    A day in the life of an Interracial Family...😶

  • Istasis Mishra
    Istasis Mishra 2 hours ago

    nice trailer anna

  • Karma .Bitch
    Karma .Bitch 2 hours ago

    😱 yeeeees!

  • James
    James 2 hours ago

    Def gonna watch dis bitch!

  • Dan Theo
    Dan Theo 2 hours ago

    Embarrassing to watch. Must be like a hollywood humiliation ritual to power level!

  • Louise Ekström
    Louise Ekström 2 hours ago

    Them: Taking up hydroflasks out of their bags. Me: Skskskksk

  • N1D
    N1D 2 hours ago

    Where is cat eyes of Whitcher ? Or is it now not a canonical element of Geralt's appearance ?) Oh sry 2019 year. A book, a game, some fan fiction all this shit just limits the creative look.

    • N1D
      N1D Hour ago

      @Jaroslav Mihok Nice. U are from Netflix?)

    • Jaroslav Mihok
      Jaroslav Mihok 2 hours ago

      he has cat eyes ... Cat-like eyes that grant very acute nightvision - witchers can constrict their pupils to see in blinding light or open them to see in near pitch darkness. This nightvision can be further enhanced with the cat potion, but in general, it is good enough by itself to not require further enhancement

  • Robz Joke
    Robz Joke 2 hours ago


  • letter bytes
    letter bytes 2 hours ago

    they sound so matured now

  • No
    No 2 hours ago

    "I had them filed down", thats basically what game gerald would say, fecking genius

  • Atheer AL Lami
    Atheer AL Lami 2 hours ago

    I honestly think he could’ve won the competition if he didn’t change deracinations .

  • matkaGrogan
    matkaGrogan 2 hours ago

    Can't see yanks that are fed on McDonalds and Holywood nonsense will love this subtle art-house gem in general. But perhaps that is a great example of social engineering, huh? Next step: Bresson's Mouchette please !

  • GeneralZod99
    GeneralZod99 2 hours ago

    I was hoping that this was a remake/reboot of the 1995 TV show starring Bruce Greenwood. My name is Thomas Veil..... or at least it was. I'm a photographer. I had it all. A wife Alison, friends, a career. And in one moment it was all taken away. All because of a single photograph. I have it, they want it, and they will do anything to get the negative. I'm keeping this diary as proof that these events are real. I know they are. They... have to be.

    GLOSH DIY 2 hours ago

    Yeeee Terrell❤️

  • ØG Liliana
    ØG Liliana 2 hours ago

    Asperisimoooo 🚀

  • Gwenyth Ice
    Gwenyth Ice 3 hours ago

    someone edit antoni listing dogs with lizzo's song boys please my crops need watering

  • mr. house
    mr. house 3 hours ago

    Willam was first captalist

  • Lil fire Marcel Topic

    I only watched this show because the trailer had the guy in the arcade from stranger things but now this show is my favourite damn the righter is a fing god ❤️

  • mmr Blmbngn
    mmr Blmbngn 3 hours ago

    What happened to the men of the present? Didn't know children had already done great things at such a young age.

  • dawn palmer
    dawn palmer 3 hours ago

    This was the best battle rap they both did their thing

  • Dante Guerrero
    Dante Guerrero 3 hours ago


  • gregkrazanski
    gregkrazanski 3 hours ago

    another disgusting looking 3d anime

  • BetterBurnOut
    BetterBurnOut 3 hours ago

    What's wrong with their face.

  • Amber
    Amber 3 hours ago

    hotdog! this looks so good, can't wait

  • Iconic King
    Iconic King 3 hours ago

    Ummmm what’s this ?

  • Benn Darayta
    Benn Darayta 3 hours ago

    Is this series still on going?

  • Isabella Njeri
    Isabella Njeri 3 hours ago

    Milleven is one of the best couples I'm not tryin to underrate the other couples their awesome too but MILLEVEN is my #1

  • stthomas555
    stthomas555 3 hours ago

    Demasiado flaca y no sabe bailar. Voz feaaaaaaa

  • stthomas555
    stthomas555 3 hours ago


  • Willloso Bo
    Willloso Bo 3 hours ago

    Her last song is my favorite specially when she start dancing "like they know me" "they can't hold me" ayyyeee

  • umaid
    umaid 3 hours ago

    I like the idea of this but no, more of the blame should be put on the consumer

  • Taylor's Attention Seeking "Dysphoria"

    This looks like a trans version of Selena.

  • Jade Pach
    Jade Pach 3 hours ago

    i didn’t notice that this was a netflix interview i just seem terrells face and clicked it..YOU BETTAH GET THAT NETFLIX MONEY TERRELL

  • Willloso Bo
    Willloso Bo 3 hours ago

    Omfg this chick is so dope an she has a cute face an a great body

  • Charlie Brewster
    Charlie Brewster 3 hours ago

    I came to the comments expecting a lot of comments about the CGI of all the faces to make them look younger and how weird it looks and it seems I'm the only one who's noticed it? It's incredibly distracting, I hope I'll be able to ignore it and enjoy the film despite the fact it looks almost like a Pixar movie.

  • Tomer H
    Tomer H 3 hours ago


  • Otus μ
    Otus μ 3 hours ago

    je viens de voir le film, bordel qu'elle merde, que ce soit l'Histoire avec un grand H qu'on a violé ou les personnages caricaturaux au possible, ce film ne merite pas la mention hstorique mais fantastique. un désastre pour "the King" qui tente de représenter à l'écran l'une des plus célèbre bataille du moyen-âge, Azincourt: - une insulte à l'histoire: La bataille d'azincourt c'est déroulé sur une plaine, un terrain plat donc, ici on est dans le film sur une topographie quasi montagneuse, de plus dans la réalité les chevalier français était embourbé sur un terrain boueux, ce qui avait permit aux archers anglais de les massacrer, dans ce film à aucun moment les français ne sont embourbé lors de leurs charge, au contraire ils arrivent très rapidement et facilement sur les positions anglaise, si cela c'était réellement passé, Azincourt aurait été une victoire française. On nous fait croire ici que les anglais nous on battut par la force de leurs bras et de leurs chevalier intrépide, il n'est en aucun cas fait mention du fait que la chevalerie anglaise avait disparu depuis longtemps pour laisser place à une armée de métier, bien organisé, ni de la chevalerie Française qui ne cherchait que la gloire personnelle, ce qui à été une cause de la défaite française: l'insubordination, ce film nous présente un bataille simple, comme les autres, alors qu'elle est un traumatisme qui fera revoir la stratégie militaire de la France et sonera la fin de la chevalerie française, ce qui n'est pas rien. Et surtout, NON le dauphin de France n'a JAMAIS participé à cette bataille, pourquoi? il est mort avant.... - Une caricature des personnages: Ici le roi anglais Henri 5 est bon, proche de c'est soldat et surtout il deteste la guerre parce que c'est mal... en réalité le roi anglais était impitoyable avec ses soldats, les menaçants de couper leurs oreilles s'il ne restait pas calme dans le camps, et n'hesitant pas à tuer sans pitié les soldats coupable d'insubordination. Ensuite, comme d'hab, les anglais sont simple et sympa, des bon gars en sommes, et les français ??? comme d'hab, des salopard dirigé par un dauphin (qui n'a jamais participé à la bataille) arrogant et sadique, dont le père le roi est une lopette qui se couche avec une facilité incroyable... Bref Netflix aurait du préciser que le film était tiré d'une oeuvre shakespearrienne, connu pour sa haine des français et c'est nombreuses oeuvres de propagande pour ridiculiser les français.

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui 3 hours ago

    " ready to shoot" dang that's cold

  • Vincent Mckinney
    Vincent Mckinney 3 hours ago

    I'm sorry but after JLos's amazing performance the story should've stopped there.🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Lysa Wade
    Lysa Wade 3 hours ago

    Dang. He’s such an amazing man ❤️

  • Louise Ekström
    Louise Ekström 3 hours ago


  • sosi co
    sosi co 3 hours ago