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Inside The Sopranos
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Sopranos on the Set
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Sorry !
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The Horror - BF1
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  • UrbanGamer000
    UrbanGamer000 4 minutes ago

    By far the best episode of this show in my opinion

    RAFENROLLA Hour ago

    Im just here for jessica because she is so damn cute

  • why do u care
    why do u care 3 hours ago

    3:08 Steve Dickson 🤣🤣😂 who else saw that

  • Blonde Souls
    Blonde Souls 5 hours ago

    Seeing elderly people cry makes me cry

  • Cohesive G-unit
    Cohesive G-unit 10 hours ago

    Update 9/19: sold to some other ppl and gonna rebrand as evergreen inn, to be open 5/19

  • Aubrey Fillia
    Aubrey Fillia 11 hours ago

    So late but I hate the employees in like every episode. It’s always ‘pity me!’ ‘Its the owner’s fault’ and then they like suck Gordon’s dick. Like the employees in this case were whining they don’t get paid but they live there rent free which is payment in it itself. I love when the owner asks one of them what they’ve done they just dodge the question and further shift the blame.

  • Alexander Aquino
    Alexander Aquino 13 hours ago


  • w wwaluigi
    w wwaluigi 14 hours ago

    10:17 for when gordon feeds layla

  • Perry D
    Perry D 18 hours ago

    Dammit who’s chopping onions around here?

  • Space Potato
    Space Potato 19 hours ago

    Her singing voice sounds like Celine dion With a cock inside her throat

  • Donald Alcorn
    Donald Alcorn 21 hour ago

    That was great! Blaaaaaah

  • Angel Smith
    Angel Smith 22 hours ago

    I’ve never felt bad for goldfish

  • Pedro Balcazar

    At 20:47 there’s a black figure

  • Allen James
    Allen James Day ago

    🤣🤣 no hard feelings sir but this is for boo boo yogi a real one

  • alterperversersackkk

    *Chef says literally anything* India: Ok

  • lia argo
    lia argo Day ago

    Wow, Gordon Ramsey is rather fit O.o

  • Kaiser Zephan
    Kaiser Zephan Day ago


  • Alexander Iliev

    This is what happens when you let Dr. House run a hotel.

  • Yzzami
    Yzzami Day ago

    He’s like bob ross or mr rogers. So wholesome

  • Fatin Faiaz Isty

    "Layla? Is that your turd in the pool?” -woof woof (runs away affirmatively)

  • Fatin Faiaz Isty

    4.9/5.0 as of September 2019. Really going well this one

  • Dream Girls Daily

    R.I.P. goldfish!

  • Dream Girls Daily

    I'd still smash Rina.. I just want to hold her as she cries and tell her everything will be ok! lol

    • It's ch.illmatic
      It's ch.illmatic 18 hours ago

      Dream Girls Daily tf? She ain't even that good, the botox makes it worse

  • Dine Don05
    Dine Don05 Day ago

    Sept 21 2019, hotel chester's rating - 4.8/5

  • Tatiana Spencer
    Tatiana Spencer 2 days ago

    At least he half way can take criticism unlike some of the other people

  • Heather Zeller
    Heather Zeller 2 days ago

    Awweee he seems like a really sweet guy actually

  • Richard Eligan
    Richard Eligan 2 days ago

    I look at these hotel hell shows and wonder If they allowed black people to stay in them back in the day. Why would I feel welcome now??

  • Sara
    Sara 2 days ago

    Gordon is really out here turning boys into men in just 24 hours.

  • Smattless
    Smattless 2 days ago

    18:57 Listen to that worthless whore. Typical 'femist', a child that accuses you of everything the filth can think of, paiting herself as a poor little victim, the moment you criticize her absurd behavior. In an episode full of thrash, she is the most wortless piece.

    YOR RAKSA 2 days ago

    If I were Gordon, I would buy that restaurant and loan it without interests to that indian lady and let her repay me back monthly in suitable amount. But whatever thanks so much for Ramsay

    YOR RAKSA 2 days ago

    What happened to that Brazilian chef?? Is he normal??

  • bethoneybee
    bethoneybee 2 days ago

    Anyone whose child was in therapy with this woman needs to APOLOGIZE to their child!!! And check for learned psychopathic tendacies.

  • Darth Zeltroth
    Darth Zeltroth 2 days ago

    You think President Ulysses S Grant would join in on the party?

  • Smattless
    Smattless 3 days ago


  • Zuri Lopez
    Zuri Lopez 3 days ago

    this made me tear a bit

    • Zuri Lopez
      Zuri Lopez 2 days ago

      im a business owner and trsut me we have 10x more stress thatn regular 9 to 5pm employees

    • a l a n a
      a l a n a 2 days ago

      Hopefully not for the woman

  • Ken Lee
    Ken Lee 3 days ago

    The colour schemes used to redecorate are really quite ugly (eg that horrible fluorescent medium green in the 'modern' room). I also don't understand this manic obsession with 'modernity'. For a historic hotel like this one, what's wrong with using period/period-type decor, furniture and bedding but that is well-maintained (new even) and comfortable. The lighted-up Murphys sign at the reception makes the place look cheap and how are those black and white photos of trees framed in cheap-looking ikea-type photo frames reflective of a historic place...

  • Marlen Martinez
    Marlen Martinez 3 days ago MAMMM

  • Stop Stalking Stop it now,


  • kevin Poo
    kevin Poo 3 days ago

    What an mean woman!

  • Gourav soni
    Gourav soni 3 days ago

    1. Gordon eat the dish.. 2.This restaurant is not fully fuckedd up like others showed in Kitchen Nightmare..... 3.Indians are King in making food......and last thing reatuarent is beautiful as this is not like other English or american fucked up restuarents where frozen and fresh are the main Issue...... by the way Fuck Britishers

  • Honey. bee
    Honey. bee 3 days ago

    I live in this town. I will admit that I'm not a fan of this man.

  • Rommel Abundo
    Rommel Abundo 3 days ago

    It’s very inspiring to see Gordon Ramsey cooking and serving at the same time to the tourists. A very pleasant attitude, quite focused and yet determined to show the owner what hard work can do for you. As I’ve always said “hard work can’t kill you unless you’re organized” and Chef Ramsey proved it. 👍

  • Oliver Morrow
    Oliver Morrow 4 days ago

    *mosaic of semen*

  • Lo En
    Lo En 4 days ago

    As much as he fucked this Inn up he does seem like a genuine guy that actually cares. Which doesn't happen often on this show. Also his staff are so fucking loyal I can't believe it. Actually teared up a bit at some parts

  • Do Slagter
    Do Slagter 4 days ago

    It so sad because they lost so much due to such a tragic accident. I am so happy Gordon got to help them because they deserved the help! I am happy to see that they are still going strong! I wish them the best of luck!

  • gaffnaldo1
    gaffnaldo1 4 days ago

    Break in? My arse. Nobody watching this has fallen for that

  • Hilrie kemp
    Hilrie kemp 4 days ago

    Yo I love dis fucking guy lol, when he busts out those tiny chairs and table oh my gawd dying

  • ll
    ll 4 days ago

    I feel like Gordon Ramsay has a dog just so he can use it to create insults against people: •“I wouldn’t feed that to my dog” •“I would shit myself asking you to run my dog up the hill, let alone a hotel”

  • 1stToBeHuman
    1stToBeHuman 4 days ago

    I think vanda just needs a good dicking and she’ll be better. Reena is a lost cause

  • keyia
    keyia 5 days ago

    I think is freakin hilarious how the "housekeeper" is so appalled about how dirty the place she forgot that it's her job to clean 🤣🤣🤣

  • Lily
    Lily 5 days ago

    I laughed when Gordon says you must be the lap dancer🤔🤔??🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • MuyBurrito
    MuyBurrito 5 days ago

    Vanda seems like she’s amused by the whole situation. It’s sad.

  • Shar O
    Shar O 5 days ago

    15:37 Heard that line in the other 4 Hotel Hells I've watched tonight. Lol

  • One Time
    One Time 5 days ago

    Dont be mean to suki

  • Manny Perea
    Manny Perea 6 days ago

    These two ungrateful bitches 🖕🏽

  • mikey or something
    mikey or something 6 days ago

    gordon: i really should be wearing gloves also gordon: *rubs his face with his hands after touching it*

  • H.v Nova
    H.v Nova 6 days ago


  • Isabella Peterson Veeder

    I live in New Mexico

  • Mericia Richardson
    Mericia Richardson 6 days ago

    Where the hell did David go?? D:

  • Amanda Rose
    Amanda Rose 6 days ago

    Honestly It felt like the owner was suffering from depression..

  • Cate Niles
    Cate Niles 6 days ago

    When Gordon took it upon himself to make appetizers for the guests I legit cried 😭❤

  • DoubleU159
    DoubleU159 6 days ago

    $20 to who ever can get me Jessica’s @

  • Marcel C
    Marcel C 6 days ago

    Lovely people.

  • Nicholas Chesser
    Nicholas Chesser 6 days ago

    Gordon takes a puff: “It’s dry and bland”

  • oliver Aranda
    oliver Aranda 6 days ago

    I thought Gordon was going to be nice to me? 👇 like if hate the two girls

  • B. Lonewolf
    B. Lonewolf 6 days ago

    Vegetables can totally be sexy! Just ask any lady who's left the grocery store on Friday or Saturday night with an extra-large cucumber or zucchini!

  • trump 2020
    trump 2020 6 days ago

    That nasty bitch needs to go back to India. They have the worst attitudes towards white people.

  • The Makeupist
    The Makeupist 6 days ago

    Is it just me that was like: hum modern was before the 60’s

  • luster 5
    luster 5 7 days ago

    I don't like the house keeper lady, seem's like she didn't give a dam about the house, and just played it out. Pretty sure she is not doing a whole lot on the House Keeping part and I don't blame. Just a little shady and cringy when she kind of fake not know the place is a shit hole and no one get's pay so no one care to work.

  • Edwin Sanchez
    Edwin Sanchez 7 days ago

    Thought Gordon was gonna buy the hotel and give it to the general manager 😂😂😂

  • Selena
    Selena 7 days ago

    i reckon most of them didn't want to see the room president grant slept in i think they all wanted to see gordon

  • thefatman69fude
    thefatman69fude 7 days ago

    Of you don't pay the employees why are you surprised when they steal from you? Lol what a joke. Lady pay your employees!! If you don't then seriously I feel no sympathy for you what so ever. That's the most scummy thing you could do. Crazy bitch

  • Gabe Rodriguez
    Gabe Rodriguez 7 days ago

    He reminds me of Paul Rudd’s anemic brother

  • Kadyn Chan
    Kadyn Chan 7 days ago

    David sounds like Nino from Miraculous Ladybug. 😮

  • Victor Tavera
    Victor Tavera 7 days ago

    Gordan ramsy has masteres talk no juistu

  • Dominus Limo
    Dominus Limo 7 days ago

    Whenever I watch hotel hell I always say to myself “Oh it can’t be that bad, I could spend one night there” But not this Hotel

  • david anaya
    david anaya 8 days ago

    Cali: I'm gonna sing something from Cher. Gordon: Ahh I love her Cali: *starts singing* Gordon: laughs 😂😂😂😂😂

  • It’s James duh Huh

    Most people think Gordon is a bad guy yet he spend a lot of money on this hotel

  • Squidee
    Squidee 8 days ago

    oh my god i am nutting right now gordon is so hot naked

  • bebshie chan
    bebshie chan 8 days ago

    OMG !! this episode warms my heart ❤️

  • Hector Of Texas
    Hector Of Texas 8 days ago

    Wow, what a couple and bravo to Gordon!!

  • Chaz’s Neigan
    Chaz’s Neigan 9 days ago

    Wow they r seriously spoiled; they do not deserve Gordon’s help

  • Anna Lee-Hewing
    Anna Lee-Hewing 9 days ago

    What about room service?? Aren’t they going to hire cleaners?? Without anyone to clean the rooms the place is only going to last for another 2 weeks

  • Keagan N
    Keagan N 9 days ago

    Gordon indeed, has a fuzzy and warm soul, always ready to help others. All about him being condisending is all bullcrap.

  • Christ. N
    Christ. N 9 days ago

    Norm. Lol the way he sounds. Feel sorry for him. Just how he strings his sentences.

  • Don Sharma
    Don Sharma 9 days ago

    This was such a good bad the rating were so why the cancelled it..

  • JustCasually
    JustCasually 10 days ago

    If anyone is wondering, the owner sold off the hotel to someone else about two years ago and the new owner has been doing a pretty good job with it!

  • Beckysaurus the 3rd
    Beckysaurus the 3rd 10 days ago

    There's no way this would get aired nowadays with all the "find your bollocks" stuff. Gordon's a great role model for lads

  • AMVgrow A Marijuana Vision

    Was her name...

  • Marcus Cheung
    Marcus Cheung 10 days ago

    2:33 I can't be the only one who also didn't know hula-hoop teachers existed right? On second thought, maybe Layla's should open hula hoop classes for dogs

  • AMVgrow A Marijuana Vision

    His staff is living in the inn, right... They stay there for free? (like wat? They dont have there own home? I guess not...) If so, no salary is kinda in its place n they'll b " Live-in-maids " (A thing in Rich households/anime^^) but if they have to pay to stay there n then dont get pay'd... then i get there b*tch'n

  • 720jlconner
    720jlconner 10 days ago

    With everything this family has been thru, they deserve every success. Its so cool that Gordon got them that apartment. Thats a classact move all the way.

  • Kay Tee
    Kay Tee 10 days ago

    He could of cleaned up the yard

  • Adrian October
    Adrian October 10 days ago

    Best insults ever

  • Sean Mathews
    Sean Mathews 10 days ago

    7:17 he called the kebab a schlong and a donkey's dick 😂

  • Nick Funkhouser
    Nick Funkhouser 10 days ago

    He sits so close to the steering wheel. Dreadful and disgusting.

  • Rk pena Villamor
    Rk pena Villamor 11 days ago

    Rot in hell Bitches

  • JG
    JG 11 days ago

    When £72,000 equaled €102,000 better days :(((

  • Andrew Wyatt
    Andrew Wyatt 11 days ago

    Holy boss has a twin. 🤮🤮🤮

  • Ananya Misra
    Ananya Misra 11 days ago

    When I searched : Hotel Hell Brats... This is the first thing that came up.