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  • Manipulative Person
    Manipulative Person 2 hours ago

    I like when Im so desperate, I try to get tips from the internet and the uploaders just make fun of it while Im pretty furious enough about my grades. :'D

  • mohab tarek
    mohab tarek 4 hours ago

    i've taken vector spaces 2 years ago and finlay i understand it this day. thank you so much

  • David Lobo
    David Lobo 4 hours ago

    I have no idea how I found this but this is amazing 😍 I am in love

  • Quote
    Quote 4 hours ago

    I love your videos so much! The quality is top notch and your are very sympathetic

  • Ojas Sri
    Ojas Sri 7 hours ago

    So nice and beautiful too

  • Argus Choy
    Argus Choy 8 hours ago

    Thanks for that so i can finish my history project

  • M Dutta
    M Dutta 8 hours ago

    please tell the background music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • players
    players 9 hours ago

    carnot cycle = in first process volume of piston will increase; in second increase with lowering temperature; in third volume decrease in forth volume and temperature increase.

  • Voltar Alcala
    Voltar Alcala 9 hours ago

    I love python for its data structures and data types.

  • Lee Young
    Lee Young 11 hours ago

    Awesome video, how would you like to Beta read my work?

  • shawnerz98
    shawnerz98 11 hours ago

    Recursively reminding myself that I will not make a joke about a fuzzy wuzzy mess in my hands...

  • neelsnneelu P
    neelsnneelu P 11 hours ago

    I love u 😘😘😘😘 Castro

  • suspended suplex channel

    Please explain |x| = x when x>0 = -x when x<0 It's ok but as |x|= √(x²)....(i) and "if and only if" (this condition is given in my book) I understand it like e.g. 'all congruent triangles are similar but all similar triangles are not congrent' here be like y implezes z but y is not implized by z or z not implizes y and hence iff is not satisfied. But like √(+2²)=+2 similarly √(-2)²=-2, then why negative value is not taken into account. What is the reason, is it a hyperreal function and its negative value is restricted by transfer principle or it is related to some kind of Riemann surface!!!🙏🙏

  • Neur0s1s
    Neur0s1s 12 hours ago

    My favorite text editor is Atom. I'm going to try VIM now.

  • suspended suplex channel

    Though video is new but the background of thumbnail looks like some cover page of old classic book written by gh Hardy

  • ambresh biradar
    ambresh biradar 12 hours ago

    There no math to randomly choose anything

  • Michael Craig
    Michael Craig 13 hours ago

    6:23. I am a old user rediscovering SQL and I am wondering why you created a subquery under the select clause, instead of making a nested right under your existing query.

  • Sophrosynicle
    Sophrosynicle 15 hours ago

    Hi Socratica, I'm Sophrosynicle. We've met before, in a past life.

  • Mikołaj Mirski
    Mikołaj Mirski 15 hours ago

    She snap’s louder than Thanos :P

  • Rose's Roses
    Rose's Roses 15 hours ago

    It's sad how man Americans don't know the difference and still write alot. So this is good to have it readily accessible.

  • By Way Of Deception
    By Way Of Deception 18 hours ago

    wth? Bollywood move snuck in there at the end?

  • Ghalem
    Ghalem 19 hours ago

    ALLAH AKBAR !!!!! wow!!

  • Ken Sasaki
    Ken Sasaki 21 hour ago


  • Adam Maniam
    Adam Maniam 22 hours ago

    u r very good

  • SwinginBlues
    SwinginBlues 23 hours ago

    thanks for the awesome video. This is a real eye opener for me and explains some things in a concise (and entertaining) manner, that I have not understood before. I'm already checking out your other videos.

    • Socratica
      Socratica 21 hour ago

      We're so glad you've found us!! Thanks for watching!! 💜🦉

  • Mert Ertuğrul

    This is great

  • Mert Ertuğrul

    She is so cool

  • Mert Ertuğrul

    She is sooo good

  • Túri Tamás
    Túri Tamás Day ago

    look like the job is not finished :( otherwise excelent explanations (even if I did not need one, I enjoyed it)

  • nazir kano
    nazir kano Day ago

    where can i get the quantum mechanical model

  • By Way Of Deception

    Man her voice is trippy. It’s good to see that ex machina found a job.

  • Cybernetic whitehat-student

    Ok this was mind blowing!!!! This video made my day..It's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's too cyber! I love it!

  • kinraade
    kinraade Day ago

    Let epsilon be less than zero

  • किसनाराम ठोलिया नागौर राजस्थान वाले जाट

    It's an absolutely way to teach us and made us more effectively

  • armwars
    armwars Day ago

    I found you

  • Reed L
    Reed L Day ago

    That first class service joke, only a true programmer understands

  • Laura Xavier
    Laura Xavier Day ago

    this video scared me

  • Alessandro Barbosa

    I love this girl!

  • Kaushik Pardeshi

    Present participle:- I saw a man carrying a basket full of fruits. Gerund:- He thought shouting would make people take him more seriously.

  • pop 141
    pop 141 Day ago

    Do a video on Python requests module.

  • Sir.GamesALot
    Sir.GamesALot Day ago

    don't know what to say about this. Confusing, but good

  • Dhruva Malekar

    Such innovative style of teaching....I was scared of SQL joins till date...then I found Socratica!!

  • Sara ar
    Sara ar Day ago


  • Saif Khan
    Saif Khan Day ago

    using this for a test rn lol

  • Areej Anwar
    Areej Anwar 2 days ago

    Thanks a lot... I request you to add more content on biology

  • shawnerz98
    shawnerz98 2 days ago

    "Holy Close Encounters, Batman!"

  • Marcial Glori
    Marcial Glori 2 days ago

    👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 infinite......

  • HansLemurson
    HansLemurson 2 days ago

    This video provides a Pupil Tuple-Scruple Loophole.

  • HansLemurson
    HansLemurson 2 days ago

    This video is highly favorable.

  • TechsoLab Academy
    TechsoLab Academy 2 days ago

    love you madam ... you are really the best ...i have never seen like you in abstract.. algebra as well as with respect to teaching style.....gorgeous

  • Fran F
    Fran F 2 days ago

    The gist of Galois theory in under 10 min! The groups might be simple, but this video is certainly not. Outstanding work, as usual Socratica...

  • David O
    David O 2 days ago

    I really want socratica to be siri's voice

  • Landon S
    Landon S 2 days ago

    Damn.. The coder is a Vim master

  • MS. Carolyn
    MS. Carolyn 2 days ago

    How do you save code written in command prompt?

  • TheFunnyBuddy
    TheFunnyBuddy 2 days ago

    Only thing on my computer desktop is Recycling bin.

  • Naveed Hunzai
    Naveed Hunzai 2 days ago

    In love with Python because of You Socratica, May you live forever in the realms of Big Data :)

  • Brandon Battye
    Brandon Battye 2 days ago

    Do Homology!!

  • Zakar Fariy
    Zakar Fariy 2 days ago

    How can you tell which one is an element or not. Or metals

  • Julia jean
    Julia jean 2 days ago

    abstract-algebra reminds me of trying to understand monads XD.

  • Fatom Farhan
    Fatom Farhan 2 days ago

    Hello .. I'm using sublime text and python3 to write my script i tried to open ftp link using the steps you mentioned non of them worked and the wired thing that when i execute the code my terminal just stopped working ... do you have any idea why would that happen ? and how can i fix it ?

  • Djoulisa Benjamin
    Djoulisa Benjamin 2 days ago

    Good luck😂

  • Kar Ann Chew
    Kar Ann Chew 2 days ago

    I don't get the lines: size = lambda planet : planet[1] planets.sort(key=size, reverse=True) Could anyone enlighten me please?

    PARIS A. ROMAN 2 days ago

    Beautiful girl, I love the way you speak.

  • Geoff Lovig
    Geoff Lovig 2 days ago

    5:10. Is a Mars Bar sold on Mars still a Mars Bar or does it become a Mar’s bar due to copyright infringement? Will it still taste the same?

  • Fionán Byrne
    Fionán Byrne 2 days ago

    Love these high production short coding tutorials. Good stuff 👍

  • 박찬우
    박찬우 2 days ago

    I am Park ChanWoo, a Korean amateur mathematician. I made a mathematical formula. I made [Sieve of Eratosthenes]'s Congruence. (에라토스테네스의 체)에 대한 수학공식.

    • Socratica
      Socratica 2 days ago

      Thank you for sharing! 💜🦉

  • Pradeep Bisht
    Pradeep Bisht 2 days ago

    Hands Down !! What a great way to teach something !!

  • omprakash mohapatra

    If i say ‘i am trying calling you’ is it correct?

    • omprakash mohapatra
      omprakash mohapatra 2 days ago

      Socratica thank you

    • Socratica
      Socratica 2 days ago

      Not quite, but close! Here are some sentences that could work: I am trying to call you. I tried calling you.

  • Olly Salanson
    Olly Salanson 3 days ago

    Yay I haven’t seen one of your videos in ages, glad it popped up

    • Socratica
      Socratica 2 days ago

      We're so glad one of our videos appeared for you - it's so unpredictable on TheXvid! If you want to see all our SQL videos, here's the playlist page:

  • OPtimal
    OPtimal 3 days ago

    Even putting multiple loop and if statements is readable in python. Wow!

  • Kethelly Conte
    Kethelly Conte 3 days ago

    Saudades de quando vocês faziam vídeos em português também.

  • Ben Terrell
    Ben Terrell 3 days ago

    Great video. This is my current course so I greatly appreciate the clarity

    • Socratica
      Socratica 2 days ago

      Thank you for your kind words! Good luck in your course this term!! 💜🦉

  • E
    E 3 days ago

    Perche non fai in tutorial con kali linux

  • Kingsley Etornam Anku

    my favorite channel for programming

  • Alison S
    Alison S 3 days ago

    My first book was elite by Kiera Cass.

    • Alison S
      Alison S 2 days ago

      @Socratica Yeah it is.

    • Socratica
      Socratica 2 days ago

      That's a great series!! 💜🦉

  • Alison S
    Alison S 3 days ago

    Help! Help! I love reading books but my mum is like-" Stop reading! Go and study. What about your grades. Exams are close." And this ends with a book snatch. I do study and have a perfect timetable for studying. So why my mum doesn't allow me to read books. BTW, the best ebook app is - any book . Here, you can read books for free.As much as you can.

    • Alison S
      Alison S 2 days ago

      @Socratica Thanks a lot for understanding me.

    • Socratica
      Socratica 2 days ago

      That's hard. We want to show respect for our parents, but sometimes they don't remember what it's like when you are working so hard in school and you really do need a mental break! Maybe watch our Pomodoro video with her, to help her understand that it's much more efficient if you take breaks when you study. Take care and keep reading!! 💜🦉

  • Chris Blackmore
    Chris Blackmore 3 days ago

    I can't wait to get paid next week so I can send some serious money your way! I love these videos so much.

    • Socratica
      Socratica 2 days ago

      That's incredibly kind of you. Thank you so much for thinking of us. We're so glad you're watching!! 💜🦉

  • uniqueluna
    uniqueluna 3 days ago

    Harry Potter

  • Sophia Liu
    Sophia Liu 3 days ago


  • Santos Molina
    Santos Molina 3 days ago

    Explain more!!!

  • Sebas V
    Sebas V 3 days ago

    Imposing higher taxes on food is not a good idea , how can i know the subject here it does not function as you said with these kind of phrases I hope that you can answer my cuestion

  • Jacob Zimmerman
    Jacob Zimmerman 3 days ago

    First time viewer. Interesting format. It's definitely a more unique format. While I enjoy it, I can't say that it's the most useful format for me

  • G. Faustini
    G. Faustini 3 days ago

    Os videos do canal br é tão antigo que o cabelo dela ainda tá curto.

  • Platinum Preowned LLC

    Very High-Quality Videos! Thank you

  • yahya
    yahya 3 days ago

    A true masterpiece! Thank you.

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  • Jiangdong Collignon

    hahah I LOVE her!!

  • ლუ კა
    ლუ კა 4 days ago

    მიყვარს შეჩემა მიყვარს..

  • Billy The Kid
    Billy The Kid 4 days ago

    Voodoo people???!?!?!?! Magic people!!!!!!

  • Acapella by Bipan
    Acapella by Bipan 4 days ago

    I love her 😍😋

  • frankman2
    frankman2 4 days ago

    So, AI is finally teaching Python. Loved the human avatar it chose.

  • Le Phuoc Thang
    Le Phuoc Thang 4 days ago

    omg that is perfect and lucid

  • Dummy Dumb
    Dummy Dumb 4 days ago

    Can't believe that lower case L had a stroke.

  • Kenneth Brewer
    Kenneth Brewer 4 days ago

    This was very clear.

  • Olawale Oyeyipo
    Olawale Oyeyipo 4 days ago

    Why, why do people dislike videos?🤦‍♂️

  • Joseph Green
    Joseph Green 4 days ago

    “What is this? An example! Be still my beating heart.” This lady is my hero.

  • Mio Sone
    Mio Sone 4 days ago

    Correct me if I'm wrong because I'm confused also about the last sentence given. But I think, basing from the other video I've watched, she said, there's a difference between choosing a complete subject and a simple subject. You have to based it on the verb which is the word "inspired." So the question for me is what made them inspired.... who is Michael Phelps.... He is a swimmer, therefore, the simple subject is the "swimmer." Feel free to correct my explanation or answer to whoever will stumble upon this video, I would be glad and yeah, sorry for my bad english.

  • Ivandro Ismael Gomes Jao

    She looks like a Brazilian actress from TV-Show Mutantes, the one that has power of seeing future I believe!

  • Muhammad Hashim
    Muhammad Hashim 4 days ago

    Geography also

  • EpiCuber7
    EpiCuber7 4 days ago

    How do you know those are the only cyclic groups? What about, for example, the even integers = <2>? Or any examples with multiplication (such as the group of all integral powers of 2)?