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  • Michael Murphy
    Michael Murphy 23 minutes ago

    These videos are so much fun. I'm having a grand time I

  • mobin alhassan
    mobin alhassan 2 hours ago

    how we can creat .json file using python and in this video you add 1 dicr and if i want to add dicr after dicr so how i can do..

  • Michael Murphy
    Michael Murphy 2 hours ago

    Did you know there are some applications where logging is a legal requirement? The FAA requires aircraft software to write logs. I'm sure banking software requires logs too. But it's not uncommon for python to control drones and the code must write logs!

  • Ritvik Garg
    Ritvik Garg 3 hours ago

    This video really helped me..thanks wanna know more bout this stuff

  • Canon Wright
    Canon Wright 4 hours ago

    You can read a lot of free books on Libby or Hoopla. Favorite books: The Lord of the Rings and The Moviegoer. Books I stay away from: Anything - star wars. I can't stand the style their written in.

  • Grimace427
    Grimace427 5 hours ago

    I am not currently an avid reader and I fully admit to indulging in distractions of the electronic variety(including youtube videos like this one) but I can still remember my favorite book I read in highschool; Green Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson(part of a series). Was truly immersive from the very beginning and really fostered my love of science fiction.

  • Nirupadi K
    Nirupadi K 6 hours ago

    Mam if some sets satisfies the axioms of group what it's meaning

  • xxx xxx
    xxx xxx 7 hours ago

    Te sale mejor hacer videos en español... Los latinos usan más TheXvid que los de hablá inglesa...

  • Você Precisa Saber
    Você Precisa Saber 9 hours ago

    Eu adoro ouvir o seu inglês ....

  • Schuf17
    Schuf17 10 hours ago

    Hi , nice work. Do you have any videos on Django ? Please let me know. Thank you.

  • Michael Murphy
    Michael Murphy 13 hours ago

    I need to follow some of the advice in this video. I was reading and having fun. Then I came across a book I felt like I was supposed to read. It's not for me. I should move on and read a book from an author I know I like.

  • Michael Murphy
    Michael Murphy 13 hours ago

    Super fun video!

  • Jerry Gundecker
    Jerry Gundecker 13 hours ago

    When you take prep courses in Pre-law, this is what you hear. When you take study classes in High School, this is what you hear. Miss Socratica here, knows what she's talking about. Listen to her.

  • Semper Fidelis
    Semper Fidelis 13 hours ago

    I like tensors

  • Michael Murphy
    Michael Murphy 13 hours ago

    I recommend reading in excellent lighting. I read under three bright bulbs (2500 lumens each). They have a blue-ish 5000k color temperature. It's like reading in sunlight. I like how the lights wake me up a bit, especially in winter, when the days are shorter.

  • Chu Alicia
    Chu Alicia 14 hours ago

    Can you explain more about The Fundamental Theorem of Finitely generated Abelian groups? Do you mean cyclic groups are subgroups of Abelian group btw?

  • Manjula C N
    Manjula C N 15 hours ago

    Ma'am plz do videos on centralizer problems

  • Samuel Essang
    Samuel Essang 15 hours ago

    I'm a mathematician of high pleasure... I've not seen such a remarkable lecturer like Socratica... Keep it up!

  • alnot01
    alnot01 15 hours ago

    Algebra is the study of algebraic structures. An algebraic structure consists of a base set of abstract entities, which are often themselves sets, operations with varying arities that are closed under the base set and whose domains are Cartesian powers of that base set, and some axioms setting out some assumed properties of those operations. For example, a group is a set G, and two operations closed under G, a unary operation called group inverse denoted by parenthetical enclosure, and a binary operation called group product denoted by concatenation. Group product is assumed to associate, and there is a neutral element 0 such that 0a = a and (a)a = 0. If group product also commutes, the group is abelian. If product commutes and associates, (a)a = (0) and (ba)a = (b)a, the resulting algebraic structure is Boolean algebra.

  • Chu Alicia
    Chu Alicia 16 hours ago

    Help me,, Why is N a subset of y-1Ny? (7:25)

  • Heisenberg
    Heisenberg 17 hours ago

    Thank you so much for your good and neat work. Love you from Thailand.

  • ibikunle gabriel
    ibikunle gabriel 17 hours ago

    Reading is magical, no gainsaying the fact. Please make more sql videos. Loving it!

  • ibikunle gabriel
    ibikunle gabriel 18 hours ago

    Please make more sql videos. Thanks

  • nicvampire kusmerchuk
    nicvampire kusmerchuk 18 hours ago


  • harshavardhan rajopadhye

    I read Brief History of Time whole night without sleep & I was fresh next day 😊 I love to scribble on books with pencil 👍 Thanks for great content

  • DassKla4
    DassKla4 18 hours ago

    good tutorial but youre creepy

  • Filip Ve
    Filip Ve 18 hours ago

    Read a book before you sleep and your subconscious mind takes you where you really wanna go ...

  • Gerardo Moscatelli
    Gerardo Moscatelli 18 hours ago

    If school teachers and journalists could just start by explaining this simple concept : black hole = massive star with escape velocity > C. Thank you so much !

  • Stay Clashy
    Stay Clashy 19 hours ago

    This video proved to be very can i support you?

    • Socratica
      Socratica 14 hours ago

      You are so kind, thank you for considering supporting our work! We do have a Patreon: If you would prefer to make a one-time donation, you can also use Socratica Paypal: Thank you for letting us know you found our video helpful. It really does inspire us to make more videos! 💜🦉

  • Alexander Alvarez Paredes

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I just wanted to ask you if you could put the subtitles in Spanish so that we can better understand your explanations all of us who are Spanish speaking. You can do it yourself in your sql videos. Thanks very much.

  • Rui Lima
    Rui Lima 20 hours ago


  • Ice Fall
    Ice Fall 21 hour ago

    I got to stop idly flipping thru TheXvid channels.

  • Sohom Bhattacharjee
    Sohom Bhattacharjee 22 hours ago

    the most succinct video ever. THANK YOY

  • i blocked ads to watch this video

    The concept of reading a book has been so foreign to me. I have always hated reading books even since I was a child. I can't think of doing anything more boring than reading a book. The best that I could possibly do is listen to an audiobook version of it. But to sit down and read a book from cover to cover is something that I never done and never will. I avoid reading at all costs. I am from in text-to-speech programs on my computer and on my phone. If anything is longer than two sentences long I'm not reading it. The computer is reading it out loud to me

  • zork
    zork 23 hours ago

    You should use PEP8 to avoid giving people bad habits.

  • Frederick Henderson

    Much simpler that the other methods I found, even ones from a prominent geometry website.

  • Israr ullah
    Israr ullah Day ago


  • Vikram Chaudhary

    You are a Happy and peaceful Soul🤗

  • hanu man
    hanu man Day ago

    the first thing to do in morning nice

  • arwaaj khan
    arwaaj khan Day ago

    it feels like: saabdhan rahe satar rahe :):):)

  • Katya Matviyiv

    Isaac Asimov's Foundation series is an amazing book!

    • Socratica
      Socratica 14 hours ago

      Ooh one of our favourites!! We once met a fellow named Hari and we resisted asking him if he was named for Hari Seldon but it was very hard. 💜🦉

  • Noor Chaudhary

    Love Socratica❤

  • My wood
    My wood Day ago

    Watching from Bangladesh

  • Rhys Horner
    Rhys Horner Day ago

    Wheres that postgres docs audiobook available?

  • T A R S
    T A R S Day ago

    How about uploading audio stories with that sweet voice, Liliana?

  • Ennio Gonçalves

    love u

  • Launch Pad Astronomy

    Thank you for an inspiring video. Reading isn’t just essential for being a good student, it’s essential for living.

    • Socratica
      Socratica 14 hours ago

      We feel the same!! We're so glad we're spreading this message together. 💜🦉

  • John B.
    John B. Day ago

    Thank you my beautiful lady 😊😁

  • Zabi Arayyan
    Zabi Arayyan Day ago

    to be honest i did not really find it helpful. she could come with an easy example but i don'[t what the hell she is on about?

  • HJ tech
    HJ tech Day ago

    Socratica I just love you and your content ! Thank you for motivating me to continue with my stories the best way possible!

  • Jonathan burrito

    All you have to be is beautiful and ill do it (Opens book)

  • Alexander Alvarez Paredes

    Excellent . Thanks very much for the explanation. Best regards.

  • Orka DRLJAČA
    Orka DRLJAČA Day ago

    Thank you for this video, but i had hard time following that you werre talking about coz of you know....damn youre cute and talking about books......aaaah cuteness is just trough the roof..... Btw if youre stuck with books, go and listen to warhammer 40k books.....narators are kickass, story is kickasa and quite "diverse"themes.....but most importantly.....the Emparor protects....

  • Joja
    Joja Day ago

    To simply put it In the year 1800 an assh*le was born he had nothing better to do with his life than math so he made it harder in order to feel like its worth it not knowing how we really feel

  • João Batista
    João Batista Day ago

    I got that habit When I lived out the country, I really understand more portuguese stunding english than own portuguese! Im not experts yep but much better now than before

  • daniel s
    daniel s Day ago

    like will be given.

    • daniel s
      daniel s Day ago

      because when the drugs have got you down, This will give you another way to read more.

  • Deva Edelman
    Deva Edelman Day ago

    Good info for my 4th grader!

  • João Batista
    João Batista Day ago

    I got This habit long ago and Now it's so amazing, is really funny how that are so cool.!

  • Joja
    Joja Day ago

    If my math teacher is only half attractive as you i can make pluto a planet

  • Cristian Meraz

    No joke, just yesterday I was thinking of picking up reading again in some idle attempt to study for my GRE that I'm taking soon. Then you guys post this video and get me hyped for it all over again! Thanks for the great content! Time to finish the handmaiden's tale.

  • vrendus522
    vrendus522 Day ago

    I'm attracted to dark haired women. Guess it's a holdover from my sister who had auburn hair and that style seemed to stick with me as something I liked.2.Your precise and handle yourself well. Again it's that type of woman. Lastly how do I know your'e not just a hologram made up to give me something I want?...Guess it's the math, very interesting, but why given to me at this date and this way as coincidence? Hmmgh, thanks anyway. Dan, have you've ever heard of group, global synchronicity?

  • Darryl Foster
    Darryl Foster Day ago

    I can't read only a few pages at a time - and certainly not while in e cafe! Somehow, I only enjoy reading at night. At the moment I'm reading the works of Robert Aickman. Great video.

  • Fathi Alojly
    Fathi Alojly Day ago

    Many thanks for your videos. They are great help in exploring new fields of knowledge.

  • Sportsquirrel
    Sportsquirrel Day ago

    Have you ever started a new book and then realize that you have read it before? I hate when that happens.

  • Jorge eduardo De los rios

    Thanks for the video, please do them in português or spanish, thank you, greats videos.

  • Manish Sharma
    Manish Sharma Day ago

    Her voice is so seductive. Love socratica

  • Justin Sankar
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  • Jerry Gundecker

    I say again, what is this?

  • Jerry Gundecker

    What is this?

  • Jerry Gundecker

    It takes a while to get the comedy of her videos. She is fun to watch...for awhile.

  • jainnamitaj
    jainnamitaj Day ago

    @2:20 if you get an error "python is not recognised as internal or external command" try using py instead of python

  • Beckibuzz
    Beckibuzz Day ago

    Hehe. I always used to hate reading because my attention span! I’ve formed a habit of reading before bed now and it’s awesome! I’m reading Heir of fire by Sara J Mass now(it’s from the throne of glass series) :) it is good and carries on from the last few books! The only problem is I can’t put it down 😂😂.

  • Jerry Gundecker

    If only she had been a teacher at my high school.

  • Chu Alicia
    Chu Alicia Day ago

    The number of right cosets is always equal to the number of left cosets, right?

  • Jerry Gundecker

    Is there anything you don't know? Wait...if there is, how would you know? You're certainly easy to listen to though.

  • Jerry Gundecker

    Is this woman a descendant of Einstein, Plato or Isaac Newton?

  • Jerry Gundecker

    So many, many women have brains in their heads. This is one of them.

  • Tutu Tutu
    Tutu Tutu Day ago

    Really need to get started on it, but tommorow 😄 it's 11 pm

  • Barbara nno:p
    Barbara nno:p Day ago

    Im curently reading “IT”, it is going to be the longest book i have ever read. It is 1166 pages😱 and soo heavy but it’s really good so far

    • Socratica
      Socratica Day ago

      We love Stephen King!! Such a spellbinding writer - so many beautifully recognized details about real life. He's really special.

  • Marcio Flavio Fonseca

    Hi Socratica friend, It's possible to make a video ˜How to read scientifc articles˜?

    • Marcio Flavio Fonseca
      Marcio Flavio Fonseca Day ago

      @Socratica Oh thanks for the reply

    • Socratica
      Socratica Day ago

      This is a wonderful idea. It took us literally years to acquire this skill - scientific articles are SO dense!! We will add this to our list of topics. Thank you for sharing this great idea!! 💜🦉

  • White Panther
    White Panther Day ago

    "How to love reading" Easy. Just prop open one of the following: 1) Six of Crows 2) Song of Achilles 3) Illusive

  • Abinet Kassa
    Abinet Kassa Day ago

    I love you.

  • narendar N
    narendar N Day ago

    Hello my Socratica friends...😘

  • The Sh33p
    The Sh33p Day ago

    thanks for helping me with understanding this law for school

  • Mansour Zamani

    Thank you so much.

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    pirhan Day ago

    Very timely. Thank you.

  • Sophia P’Hawkins

    These are greatly informative little videos! My boys were so excited to see a video dedicated to our state.


    I Have getting into reading with my 12 year old Grandson. We will be watching this together.Thanks Ray

  • João Sodré
    João Sodré Day ago

    There's only one problem, especially with philosophy books, you feel a little bit lonely, and it's kinda hard to deal with it if you're not used to it

    PAKISTAN Swat Day ago

    Amazing teacher

  • Veer Anda
    Veer Anda Day ago

    Gerund: writing comments is a good thing Participle: a good thing is writing comments

  • Spread Love!
    Spread Love! Day ago

    Oh I absolutely love reading and I read a ton of books! I always tell my sister to start reading books but she never listens to me 😑

  • 杨宽
    杨宽 Day ago

    omg her voice gave me flashback to abstract algebra nightmare.

  • Shubham Dhiman

    Like with anything, a great way to get hooked into the habit of reading is to record your successes. I used to record the names of the books in my journal. Every time I make a new entry there I get a dopamine hit seeing the serial number grow. If that's too big of a unit for you, you can record sessions (a session being half hour of uninterrupted reading).

  • Yasir Haddad
    Yasir Haddad Day ago

    greate video, Thanks a lot......

  • Ozobia Nwadibia

    Hi there. What do you think of listening to books versus reading them?

    • Ozobia Nwadibia
      Ozobia Nwadibia Day ago

      @Shubham Dhiman Hey, thanks. Happy reading.

    • Shubham Dhiman
      Shubham Dhiman Day ago

      listening is better than not reading at all. listening while simultaneously reading is better than doing the either individually in my experience

  • Aljubouri A
    Aljubouri A Day ago

    I liked the sadistic ulka coding teacher, but this one just lovely.

  • Shannon T
    Shannon T Day ago

    I love the amount of passion put into this video, I can see just how much you value reading from the way you speak of it. Btw I find you very attractive, who ever dates you is a very lucky person.

  • Mohammad L
    Mohammad L Day ago

    Hooray missing this series a lot, stunning as always 😊. I start to read books to learn and understand english more, then switch to computer & programming books. Currently reading "Gödel, Escher, Bach-An Eternal Golden Braid (1999)" my thoughts about it: I like how the author try to simplest very hard concepts by using fantasy to explains things, like letting animals 🐢 🦀 talks to each other about that hard concept. You should read it team Socratica 👍🏻🤗.

  • Supriyo Banerjee