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  • Xyn Guol
    Xyn Guol 3 hours ago

    Same interviewer from Logan's interview. Dude's just trying to get words out.

  • Xyn Guol
    Xyn Guol 3 hours ago

    The interviewer was kissing straight cheek.

  • Elizabeth Ortiz
    Elizabeth Ortiz 3 hours ago

    All about the media

  • NeeNee TheKittyKat
    NeeNee TheKittyKat 3 hours ago

    It’s going to register

  • The Real Deal Neal
    The Real Deal Neal 3 hours ago

    Paul Logan is always a loser

  • Gaming 100
    Gaming 100 3 hours ago

    You know KSI is getting head from his secret Girlfriend

  • Joseph S.V
    Joseph S.V 4 hours ago

    Logan : dont remove 2 points I win, quick maths bro Me : 54+2 is 56, ksi got 57, *quick maths*

  • slumdog
    slumdog 4 hours ago

    Logan P: Punch Drunk and Concussed! I dErP fiNK I LOst

  • Andrew Austin
    Andrew Austin 4 hours ago

    I'm actually sick soooo

  • Caleb Creator Official

    Nobody: 6ix9ine Being Released: *It doesn't feel like I told on anyone*

  • jimmy jimmy
    jimmy jimmy 4 hours ago


  • Sam Chowdhury
    Sam Chowdhury 4 hours ago

    Boss: Why did you lose the fight? Loser Logan: It wasn't my fault Boss: Well whos fault was it then? Loser Logan: You never gave me enough time

  • guy sumpthin
    guy sumpthin 4 hours ago

    I don't feel like u lost , cuz u knocked him wobbly and the ref gave him 5mn to recover? Dirty is right !

  • Missty Kotha
    Missty Kotha 4 hours ago


  • I Wildflower
    I Wildflower 4 hours ago

    Cause He FINE! IDC

  • Julian
    Julian 4 hours ago

    I cant see liverpool losing more then once, but i definitley can see them drawing 6 times 30-7-1 would be my guess, oh wait..

  • diego_is_ bored
    diego_is_ bored 4 hours ago

    He still made his money, let’s be honest they both one this one

  • F B I
    F B I 4 hours ago

    Logan I'm actually planning on killing you in front of your brother and then slitting his throat Sweet dreams

  • Ernesto Lujan
    Ernesto Lujan 4 hours ago

    That’s bullshit how could Logan Paul loose to KSI😡😤

  • Corvan Westbury
    Corvan Westbury 5 hours ago

    I think. I think his a sore loser 😪 keep blowing hot smoke up ur ass

  • johnseyefish
    johnseyefish 5 hours ago

    well he did

  • Lilian
    Lilian 5 hours ago

    KSI punched Logan so hard now he’s kinda hot...

  • Harry Holloway
    Harry Holloway 5 hours ago

    God:you're dead Logan:I don't feel like I'm dead

  • Phant4sm
    Phant4sm 6 hours ago

    you got your ass kicked you shittalking noob

  • Yafet Tadesse
    Yafet Tadesse 6 hours ago

    He lost

  • GTRenegade04YT
    GTRenegade04YT 6 hours ago

    Dude about to cry 🤣🤣

  • Tony Cole
    Tony Cole 6 hours ago

    And they say America is the most powerful country, with guys like this it changes to “the thickest country!”

  • Imfreaking outman
    Imfreaking outman 6 hours ago

    my bookie feels like he lost

    GRAMPS 7 hours ago


  • R20966
    R20966 7 hours ago

    You lost.

  • Christian Colindres
    Christian Colindres 7 hours ago

    u suck

  • Jazzy Moe
    Jazzy Moe 7 hours ago

    He reminds me of michael Scott rn lmao

  • mira nda
    mira nda 7 hours ago

    sometimes fighters get paid more to loose on purpose

  • youthful ash
    youthful ash 7 hours ago


  • Joe
    Joe 7 hours ago

    Lol remember when JAKE was the disappointment? I mean he still is but this knob just completely overshadows him now

  • 10000 subs with no content challenge p

    Ur such a lier fam

  • life of daennz
    life of daennz 7 hours ago

    Union ist Liebe!

  • Hazzarinio
    Hazzarinio 7 hours ago

    1:39 "Beat the boys" ugh that pissed me off

  • Stewart Nicol
    Stewart Nicol 7 hours ago

    BBC SPORT. BBC SPORT? BBC SPORT, REALLY? The same BBC Sport that used to produce Cricket Test Matches, Live football, Aw why am I raving about this? BBC is shite.

  • r9000333m
    r9000333m 7 hours ago

    I'm buying a jersey: Workers of the World Unite!!

  • Puppet lover
    Puppet lover 7 hours ago

    me: fails a test also me: i don’t feel like this is an L

  • emmanuel olaiya
    emmanuel olaiya 7 hours ago

    ksi cant fight because he is a bitch and i am not a Logan fan but Logan has more experience than ksi logan was a high school fighter

  • Charlton T
    Charlton T 7 hours ago

    Vik didn’t put his heart and soul into his tie

  • RoSe
    RoSe 7 hours ago

    Ha still lost cough cough lost millions dollars either way still lost find another excuse please I want to listen

  • David
    David 7 hours ago

    Feelings are facts to some people.

  • Vision plan
    Vision plan 7 hours ago

    *Logan* : falls Also logan : I don't feel like I fell

    • Puppet lover
      Puppet lover 7 hours ago

      Why is the reporter sucking up to Logan?

  • Danny Only Highlights

    who cares really!!!! take the L you LOST buddy pfffft TRASH

  • Brentlus
    Brentlus 7 hours ago

    Logan lost

  • derpi938
    derpi938 7 hours ago

    LOL he was sick bros

  • rocker4577
    rocker4577 8 hours ago

    Not sport, celebrity garbage. More quality bbc propaganda. Dont pay the license fee!

  • T4c0_N1nj4
    T4c0_N1nj4 8 hours ago

    But you did

  • Marciano Amas
    Marciano Amas 8 hours ago

    Logan talking like he is fighting a 12 year old kid at the end he loses of the 12 year old kid

  • Richard Hayes
    Richard Hayes 8 hours ago

    His ego is bigger than my huge penis.

  • Alfie Mccormack
    Alfie Mccormack 8 hours ago

    "I don't feel like I filmed a dead body" well that's that then

  • ImmortalPat
    ImmortalPat 8 hours ago


  • Dale Brennan
    Dale Brennan 8 hours ago

    Never plays always something wrong with him time to get rid sick ove the stupid carry on while he picks up the money could have someone else in the squad instead that will actually do something for city on the pitch

  • PinZ0_Th3_G0d -FlameOG-

    Wheres ur bandana?

  • Hans Hoerdemann
    Hans Hoerdemann 8 hours ago

    It's not up to you or your mommy who won.

  • Jordan Taufa
    Jordan Taufa 8 hours ago

    Awww poor baby born by a whore lady, take the L.

  • maoribrotha53
    maoribrotha53 8 hours ago

    That point deduction was definitely bs. That was just a shove and even taking one point off would’ve been a bit much. Funny thing is, a one point deduction would’ve made it a draw.

    • maoribrotha53
      maoribrotha53 8 hours ago

      karlo Wow. What a terrible event for officiating lol.

    • karlo
      karlo 8 hours ago

      maoribrotha53 the ref waved it off as soon as the fighter fell to the ground, and it was in the first round. he didn’t even check the guy on the floor he just pushed the guy to the corner and waved it off

    • maoribrotha53
      maoribrotha53 8 hours ago

      karlo That would’ve been because the fighter couldn’t continue, not because it’s protocol to end the fight. KSI could’ve said he can’t continue after the shove and he would’ve won by disqualification. But in the end, that shove was nothing. Barely worth looking at.

    • karlo
      karlo 8 hours ago

      actually it wasn’t bullshit, logan hit him with a uppercut whilst holding his head and then hit him on the back of the head. he should’ve been disqualified but he wasn’t because he was part of the main event. on the undercard someone hit a fighter on the back of the head and they called the fight off.

  • Alabaster
    Alabaster 8 hours ago


  • CC110 Worldwide
    CC110 Worldwide 8 hours ago

    Logan Paul: *”i don’t feel like I lost”* Six Year Olds: *I knew he didn’t loose*

  • Jack JUMKA
    Jack JUMKA 8 hours ago

    Gracious in defeat, fair enough to him

  • King_Shay
    King_Shay 8 hours ago

    Logan: “I would beat KSI 9 times out 10” Also Logan: *Loses 2 times to Ksi*

  • CWMH Playz
    CWMH Playz 8 hours ago

    Why is the reporter sucking up to Logan?

  • Dilly Pickle
    Dilly Pickle 9 hours ago

    I mean a boxing loss isn't as bad as the suicide forest video.

  • Mandy Milton
    Mandy Milton 9 hours ago

    Hype can make lump of dog shit look like a diamond..... Stick to proving drivel content....

  • SneakyGonzales
    SneakyGonzales 9 hours ago

    Epstein: *kills himself* Also Epstein: I don't feel like I've killed myself

  • SuperStar12
    SuperStar12 9 hours ago

    If he won I promise you he would’ve been bugging

  • KingKiller Monk
    KingKiller Monk 9 hours ago

    Does it look like I was left off bad and boujee?

  • Your Average Weeb
    Your Average Weeb 9 hours ago

    Logan probs doesn't care that he lost cause he still got loads of $ from it.

  • Smosh TM
    Smosh TM 9 hours ago

    Of course he doesn't

  • Nathan Kelly
    Nathan Kelly 9 hours ago

    Vik a G what a speech man, shows he has a genuine heart

  • Ibo Jr Berzenji
    Ibo Jr Berzenji 9 hours ago

    Waitress: what would you like to order? Shannon Biggs: let’s go ham

    • karlo
      karlo 8 hours ago

      ugh i really thought this was over

  • FaZe KING
    FaZe KING 9 hours ago

    Logan Paul's dog dies: Logan:I don't feel like he died

  • Shelby Postrk
    Shelby Postrk 9 hours ago

    When you miss the last question on Kahoot and jump down 17 places

  • Abhay Suji
    Abhay Suji 9 hours ago

    No one cares

  • RagaSHOT
    RagaSHOT 10 hours ago

    This manchild is the biggest fool on TheXvid. Shame on all these news outlets for giving him press after he went to Japan to make fun of hanging suicide victims.

  • Emily An
    Emily An 10 hours ago

    He don’t feel like he lost because he hasn’t seen the internet yet

  • [ Untitled ]
    [ Untitled ] 10 hours ago

    Logan:”If they never took the two points away I would win” 5 days later: “Comission confirmed 2 points didn’t matter” Logan: “•__•”

  • op shawty
    op shawty 10 hours ago

    I feel like he should have won tho🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Yo Fidz
    Yo Fidz 10 hours ago

    Logan Paul shuuuuuuuuuush

  • NINJA 996
    NINJA 996 10 hours ago

    Thought he was gonna die cuz of his lungs🤣🤣🤣

  • Caleb Ramsey
    Caleb Ramsey 10 hours ago

    No hate on KSI but KSI looks like me with wrestling I only use like 3 of the moves I learn or practice but in practice I be looking technical as fuck

  • Petter Blakstad
    Petter Blakstad 10 hours ago

    You can see JJ itching to put his bandana back on. But still, LET'S GO CHAMP.

  • Gamergoon
    Gamergoon 10 hours ago

    Hey lad, Welcome to the red side of Manchester!

  • Ken Harrison
    Ken Harrison 10 hours ago

    He threw several illegal punches, felt he still should’ve won... What a fucking loser.

  • berlin white
    berlin white 10 hours ago

    There's absolutely no love lost between us (BFC Dynamo) and them but they are were they are on merit, so credit where credit is due.

  • M E
    M E 10 hours ago

    I have no idea who this guy is but it’s pretty funny watching him flip the interviewer off at the start.

  • Sterling20073
    Sterling20073 10 hours ago

    Nobody: Everybody: ^^^Lets kill that off it's old now, sick of seeing it. Logan didn't lose

  • Kingmemz 68
    Kingmemz 68 10 hours ago

    Sub to me if Logan is a cry baby

  • nskdkdk jfjdjdkd
    nskdkdk jfjdjdkd 10 hours ago

    Respect from Leicester

  • Jackson K
    Jackson K 10 hours ago

    Yeah but you lost

  • Jesse Ausling
    Jesse Ausling 10 hours ago

    It didn't feel like an L cause he got millions of dollars

  • Chantel TheQueen
    Chantel TheQueen 10 hours ago

    You win some and you lose some, Lol

  • mccarraa
    mccarraa 10 hours ago

    It's fake, like WWE

  • Mir Media
    Mir Media 10 hours ago

    Winning on points isn't really a win. He shouldn't have punched him on the back of the head.

  • Zärã Sházēėñ_
    Zärã Sházēėñ_ 10 hours ago

    4:07 he's shook

  • Liban Azan
    Liban Azan 10 hours ago

    Arnold's defending like school boy but attaching everyone knows does well

      MODERN DAY JESTER 9 hours ago

      And which league do you play in exactly? Some of these people ey 😂

  • Hannah Jones
    Hannah Jones 10 hours ago

    you did us proud babatunde